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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 8, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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handled this fire. some saying their crops have been ruined bringing crops to the meeting to show the executive. others complained their health and those of their grandchildren compromised. also they were not warned at all or early enough about the danger. the contra costa times is reporting -- i should say the county haz-mat says 18,000 emergency calls went out to warn residents that the fire was going and they should shelter in place. a richmond city councilman is among people who says he did not that call. he didn't get a call for three hours. listen to what others had to say >> this was a just a bun of jar again. it didn't -- a bunch of jargon it didn't answer. >> they give us money, without
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chevron in richmond we would be like vallejo, broke! >> reporter: most people were there to complain. you heard that last man sticking up for chevron saying they contribute a lot of money to the economy in richmond. the refinery general manager did apologize to the crowd as chevron has apologized since the beginning. it is not sitting well. chevron has promised to provide compensation to those affected by the fire. authorities are saying chevron could face fines. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> despite huge black plumes of smoke the bay area air quality management says there was virtually no air pollution, pollutants were below federal health standards even for children and the elderly. ethanol and as tone were
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detected -- and acid tone were detect. most flocked to the hospitals for respiratory problems. >> i don't have my balance correct. i still have burning in my throat. >> air quality officials say weather conditions were favorable during the incident allowing that smoke to rise and disperse. if you want to read the air report we posted it on abc7 news come. if you drove past the closed toll booths during the fire you can expect a bill in the mail. toll-takers sheltered inside, signs flashed a message reading toll-free cameras snapped pictures of license plates that passed. vehicle owners should get bills totalling $5 in the next if you days. -- in the next few days. stay with abc7 news for
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continuing coverage the latest on, twitter and facebook. part of the major street in livermore will remain closed while police investigate a deadly motorcycle crash. neighbors heard the crash 12:35 a.m. and a police officer patrolling discovered the victim a few minutes later. police believe the motorcyclist lost control of his bike approaching portola avenue. a driver told officers the biker passed him going fast moments before the accident. that driver didn't see the crash. now, livermore police want to hear from anyone who might have witnessed it. richmond police have identified a second suspect in sunday's fatal shooting of a high school football player. police say he should be considered armed and dangerous. he was let out of prison last year under a law releasing low
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level inmates convicted of a domestic violence charge. he's wanted in connection with sunday night's shooting of the 16-year-old. the he was shot while walking with a friend on west mcdonald avenue. reports say the shooting may have been gang-related. the other suspect is 29 year antioch arrested sunday on a role violation. lawyers for jaycee dugard want a judge to sanction u.s. attorneys. her legal team filed papers claiming government attorneys convinced the former chair of the u.s. parole commission to stop serving as expert witness. her kidnapper was on parole when he abducted her in 1991, he held her for 18 years before she was discovered. the lawsuit accused federal parole agents of not meeting with garrido as frequently as required.
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the state played her 20 million dollars to settle a similar suit. casino matrix in san jose will officially open. the card room officially opens today, the date of 8-8 at 8 a.m., eight is considered a lucky number in asian culture. it is expected to create 300 new jobs. sue thompson will have a live report in our 5 a.m. hour. >> eight, let's see if we can keep that number going maybe 88° temperatures in the bay area. >> i should have given her $8 to bet for me. >> on the 88° temperatures. right. good morning live doppler dry. most of us in the 50s through 7:00, we could hang on to 60s around fairfield and antioch
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and drop to 49 in santa rosa. lack of clouds even up to the coast low to mid 60s there in san francisco, everybody else in the 70s around the bay shore into the south bay and 80s in the east bay valleys. we'll hit highs around 1 to 2:00, warm 4:00 mid to upper 80s inland 90 santa cruz. mid 70s to near 80 around the bay shore, mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco comfortable by 7:00 along the coast into san francisco low to mid 60s there, 69 oakland. mid to upper 70s bay -- bay shore. let's take a look at next couple of days. poor air quality possible thursday, through saturday warmest temperatures near 100 inland mid 80s bay, upper 60s to near 70 at the coast. good morning. it is light out there.
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live look at macarthur maze from 580, 880 and 80, everything is flowing smoothly, no issues. when you stream into the bay bridge, very light traffic no metering lights, upper deck smooth sailing through the island into san francisco. we have a couple of slow areas roadwork 101 both directions through marin, strawberry and mill valley up and over the waldo down to one lane as you approach the golden gate bridge in morning. once you pass that it is smooth sailing into san francisco. no issues there. antioch highway 4 westbound now nice drive to concord with speeds at the limit, less than 10 minutes in that direction. out of the central valley a little slowing up and out of tracy on to the altamont pass into livermore, nice ride so far. next, a small earthquake
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rattles southern california. losing his job. why the president of california's fish and game commission may be removed today. new poll on the candidates' favorability shows problems for president obama and mitt romney. i'll tell without it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love.
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to your back to school list. learn more at . good morning. live shot from our rooftop cam san francisco ferry building on the left. so far so good on the roads. mike is telling us about the 80s in most spots today. he'll have the forecast coming up. down to southern california. moderate earthquake gave a late night jolt to los angeles. no damage or injuries reported. the 4.4 quake was measured on the seismograph.
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the quake struck at 11:23, two miles east of yorba linda in orange county, 35 miles southeast of l.a. it was felt throughout the region. the road to the white house takes mitt romney to iowa and new jersey today and president obama to colorado, both sides launch new attacks. we have a new snapshot of the presidential race with the latest poll. tahman bradley with details. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney face enormous hurdles. according to a new poll, romney's popularity remains low. the candidate's favorability rating has dropped to 40%. 49% view him unfavorably. as for president obama his numbers are up slightly, 53% favorable view, 43% unfavorable view. his popularity is lower among registered voters. as he try time prove their
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standing they are sparring over the -- try to improve their standing, they are sparring over the economy. >> it is like robinhood in reverse. it is romneyhood. >> reporter: romney hit back, saying president obama is out of ideas. >> he's out of excuses and illinois needs to help me make sure in november we put him out of office. >> reporter: romney is going after the president on welfare, target the obama administration's plan to let states seek a waiver from the work requirements of the welfare reform law. >> unobama's plan you wouldn't have to work and train for a job just you your check. >> reporter: the white house called the ads dishonest saying it would only grant waivers to states who could do a better job providing work. president clinton called the ad misleading and not true, pointing out romney requested changes in the laws when he
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was governor. an announcement could be imminent on vice president. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. head of california's fish and game commission is expected to lose his job today. he was criticized for shooting a cougar last february while hunting in idaho. it is legal there, but not in california he posed with the dead animal in photos. his fellow commissioners are expected to vote to remove him as head of fish and game but allow him to remain a commission member. richards said he will fight to keep his job. next, cell phone warnings. battle over what customers need to know when they buy phones heads to court. sky high bay area rental prices. if you are looking for an apartment you can afford there's an app for that why safeway will no longer
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look at sun from the coast to our inland neighborhoods, 66 half moon bay, mid 70s to mid 80s bay shore mid and upper 90s east bay valleys today. around the country, cooler in seattle, near 100 in salt lake, 113 phoenix. 80s and 90s for most of the country, minneapolis 77. philadelphia has flight arrival delays now. everybody else running green now. no yellow on the map, no widespread areas of severe weather expected. 4:48. the man who killed six people last year and shot former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will not face the death penalty.
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jared loughner was drive strength to federal court in tucson yesterday. for over a year he has been force-fed medication to control his skit friend a judge ruled the treatment -- his schizophrenia. a judge ruled treatment has made him competent. the plea will allow everyone to continue to recover. new housing numbers confirm what many of us have suspected, rent in san francisco at an all-time high. jonathan bloom went out to -- >> reporter: after six years in australia, she moving back to the united states to find a nasty surprise. >> shocking. >> reporter: the price of rent in san francisco has shot through the roof. this studio at the edge of the tenderloin district isn't the first apartment she has visited and probably won't be the last, one room, closet, bathroom and kitchen almost
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big enough to turn around in. >> this is $5095 a machine. >> reporter: for an apartment where the manager said the last tenant may have paid $1100. now rents have skyrocketed experts say it has everything to do with the job market. >> our job market here is ridiculous right now the tech industry is hiring and growing tremendously. we have a unique situation we don't have space. >> reporter: the rebounding market for tech jobs has set san francisco's rent skyward at more than twice the national average. 10% gain last year, 12% gain this year compared to 5% across the rest of the country and people are paying it. >> if you go to an open house and you have 40 people and you are not going to have a chance to get into that apartment. >> reporter: they saw the need for the free rental app. it sends awe alerts when an apartment you might want hits
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the market. >> you are the first to know of the newest listing. >> reporter: a tool that might come in handy in her frustrating quest for the perfect place. >> it is like beating my head against the wall >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc7 news. san francisco and cell phone industry will take their battle over what customers need to know when they buy phones to court tomorrow. the hearing after a board of supervisors approved a law in 2010 mandating warnings for cell phone purchasers focusing on possible health risks of using the devices such as cancer. the industry sued to overturn the law. phone companies claim research has not linked mobile device use with health problems. if you buy gas at safeway you will no longer get a discount by using your club card. there was a 3% discount.
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the chain claim the policy change is not related to a judge's ruling that blocked price reductions at one location, dixon where an independent owner accused safeway of illegal price-cutting. state law bars retailers from selling gas below their cost if they intend to harm competition. safeway released a lot of big rigs were filling up. let's check the forecast. right there, boom, we have mainly clear conditions a few clouds at the coast sausalito in the foreground, bay bridge and san francisco in the background. doppler -- showing dry conditions. 64 antioch to 50
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santa rosa else mid to upper 50s los gatos and half moon bay 52. 51 watsonville, 58 in gilroy. big story, how much the temperatures will jump today. two degrees warmer oakland. four degrees warmer concord. san francisco 71, san jose 85. fremont biggest jump 72, up to 83° today. start in the south bay mid to upper 80s, 90 los gatos. peninsula, mid 70s to almost mid 80s. menlo park 80 one of° today. mid 60s -- 81° today. 75 in sausalito, upper 80s to low 90s north bay valleys, mid 60s and sun at your beaches. mid 70s most of the east bay shore.
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mid to upper 90s east bay valleys to brentwood 100. mid to upper 90s hollister. bay 78 watsonville. monterey 69. 105 yosemite, scattered thunderstorm. 115 palm springs, san diego unusual 83, nearly 91 today in l.a. back home a day game at the coliseum, angels and a's sunny make sure you have the sunscreen. 60s most in inland valleys. the rest of us mid to upper 50s. during the overnight hours it will cool significantly. we hit triple digits tomorrow inland friday, saturday mid 80s bay, 70 coast. good morning.
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live now to 80 berkeley headed westbound past golden gate fields into the macarthur maze, no problems, it is early and traffic light in both directions on your east shore freeway. there's your san mateo bridge, a few cars headed westbound, a couple of brake lights towards the incline section, the westbound is looking good, eastbound no cars coming across at this point that's very, very light at the san mateo bridge. elsewhere, 680 southbound past north main and walnut creek drive out of pleasanton hill is a good one into the 24 interchange to the san ramon valley to the dublin pleasanton interchange. if you are traveling westbound 580 to eastbound 80 that connector in the macarthur maze closed for another 10 minutes due to roadwork. take san pablo avenue as your alternate on to powell street. menlo park-based facebook
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is venturing into the world of online gambling. first app where people can stake real money. it is only available to users in the united kingdom over 18 years of age. facebook says england is a good test market because betting is popular and regular s are strict. slot machine games will be added in the coming weeks. -- zynga is hope to introduce real money gambling versions of its poker, bingo and slot machines games in 2013. california historical society honored nancy pelosi last night. she was presented with this year's legends of california award for her groundbreaking 25 year career on capitol hill. cheryl jennings was the emcee. in 2007 pelosi became the first woman elected speaker of the house. >> none of what we could have accomplished would not have happened without the emergency
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nation, without the intellect, integrity, innovative spirit of california. that is what we all bring back to washington, d.c.. [ applause ] >> historical society also honored the california league of women voters for the work it did in paving the way for congresswoman pelosi to make history. next, investigators try to determine the cause of a house fire in santa rosa. monday's chevron refinery fire will likely mean higher prices at the pump. we'll tell you how much more you will be paying. injury for the raiders. running back to the hospital after getting hit hard during practice.
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5:01, thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. the long delayed ribbon cutting will take place to officially open casino matrix in san jose. the owners are betting on a lucky future now their permit battle with the city is over. >> reporter: people are not wasting any time getting inside. you might call it san jose's newest addition, bright lights and all. they are supposed to open later this morning. they opened a little early at


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