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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 12, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. partly cloudy downtown marine layer still causing problems at sfo, hour and 38 minute delays there. clearing around the bay even in they for a brief time. by noon, on the warm side inland valleys mid 70s, we will be looking at coastal and bay temperatures from two to four degrees cooler. wind shift going on today that marine layer deepens overnight. we still have triple digits. the numbers will be just about two degrees cooler inland. all the forecast details for the rest of your weekend and the week ahead, which includes that cooling, coming up.
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developing news this morning. the highway patrol is investigating a fatal roll over crash this morning on i-78 know benicia. a car overturned near -- near the westbound off-ramp for west military road 7:00 this morning. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene after searching the surrounding area officers are confident there was only one person in that car. in san ramon, chp says southbound lanes of 680 have roped after a fatal wreck this morning -- reopened after a fatal wreck this morning, two were killed in a crash 1:30 this morning near crow canyon road east exit. two cars veered into a construction zone slamming into a work truck. no workers were involved. gasoline spilled and one of those cars caught fire with the victims trapped inside. pg&e says it will pay to replace appliances in two dozen livermore homes that were fried by a power surge
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last week. a contractor's mistake sent too much electricity ripping through 28 homes on hudson way. livermore residents have to spend all kinds of money and bill the contractor to get reimbursed for repairs. >> the fridge, the stove, tv, stereo, electric toothbrush, fans, heating pad. >> reporter: those things went poof when a power surge sent twice the voltage to 28 homes in livermore. a pg&e contractor hotline was switching service from 12,000 volts to 21 when the extra voltage went to homes all smart meters were replaced. she took us through her home showing the things she has to replace. luckily her air conditioner was repaired, but nothing else.
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>> at this point i haven't replaced anything because i wasn't sure how they were going to reimburse. i haven't heard from anyone. >> reporter: across the street a neighbor piled up items minus her washer and dryer which were toasted by the surge. the only thing she has replaced is her washer. >> i've got my washing machine replaced i have to wait a week for my dryer. my credit card is maxed to the limit right now, so i can't get the rest of the things that i've >> reporter: they have to about it items lost and bill the contractor. these homes lost-s if not thousands. pg&e -- loft hundreds if not thousands. when the contractor switching to the new 21 line they forgot to switch the transformer from 12 to 21. >> reporter: residents wonder go the appliances are the only damage. they are worried about home's
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inside wiring. >> are we safe in our house after this power surge? is our house going to burn up in a month from now? >> reporter: pg&e apologizes and says they will make sure everyone gets compensated and homes checked. some people are still without air conditioning. contractor has not returned our calls. it appears a corroded pipe might be to blame for monday's massive fire at the chevron refinery. the chemical safety board released that finding yesterday. federal inspectors call the fire one of the most serious u.s. refinery incidents in years. chevron inspected that section of pipe in november and replaced a connector line because of corrosion. this comes as residents want to know if more could have been done to prevent the fire? >> why would that pipe corrode like that? how could that not be monitored? >> this is part of an ongoing
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investigation for us to comment on the reports are premature. the facts will bear out through the investigative process. >> federal investigators plan to conduct more tests on the failed pipe this week. they are asking chevron for last year's inspection records. >> chevron has told people filing claims they have to make appointments after the walk-in office at a community center closed unexpectedly yesterday. chevron said there were too many people waiting in line. the oil giant closed the doors an hour and 15 minutes early. some who were waiting thought it was a way to prevent them from getting help. if you need to make an appointment call chevron's claims hotline we have the number there on the screen: 1-866-260-7881. we have the phone number and the address for the office at the nevin community center at
9:07 am under see it on tv. a pedestrian is dead after being struck by a taxicab in the tenderloin neighborhood. it happened around 7:00 last night at eddie and larkin streets a few blocks from the civic center. witnesses say a minivan hit the cab, the cab plowed into the pedestrian the victim died after being rushed to san francisco general, no one else was hurt. police are trying to determine if either of the drivers involved will be cited. tonight at 6:00, a candlelight vigil in vacaville for a 16-year-old girl killed if a jet ski collision in hawaii, one week ago today. she was riding the jet ski near honolulu going about 10 miles an hour, an australian tourist slammed into her from behind going more than 40 miles an hour on his jet ski. witnesses say the 20-year-old
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was standing up on his seat before that crash. he has been charged with third degree negligent homicide. he appeared in court friday wearing a neck brace telling the judge he is very, very sorry for what happened. her stepfather is not convinced. >> the way i felt is he wasn't sorry for what he did to my child. he was more sorry that he was involved. >> he is being held on $100,000 bail preventing him from returning to australia. tonight's vigil for kristen is open to the public in andrew's park. wildfire east of fresno forced evacuation of 200 homes. burning on highway 168 in fresno county. on the way to the lake a popular sierra nevada resort this morning the 138 acre wildfire is 30% contained.
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four hundred firefighters face hot, dry conditions in steep and rocky terrain. they are getting help from four air tankers and two helicopters. straight ahead, the death toll continues to rise in iran after a pair of strongq4:m quaks jolts the country, destroying buildings and rattleing nerves. his first day as mitt romney's running mate, paul hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon.
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this morning relief efforts underway in iran after two quakes rocked the country yesterday morning 6.4 and 6.3 struck levin minutes apart 200 -- 200 miles northwest of tehran. 250 people are dead, more than 2,000 injured. several aftershocks, many are staying outside worried more buildings may crumble. iran usually experiences at least one small earthquake everyday because the country is located on seismic faultlines. republican presidential candidate mitt romney and his newly selected vice presidential pick paul ryan have kicked off their multi-state campaign tour they finished up one rally in north carolina and headed for another. jonathan karl reports from
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charlotte. the next president of the united states -- >> next president of the united states, mitt romney. >> reporter: with a running mate, a burst of energy. >> november 6th, we take our country back! >> reporter: romney touted his pick's blue collar roots and his big ideas. ♪ ♪ >> we're gonna talk about issues and a vision for america and not drag in the dirt like you are seeing from the obama campaign. [ cheering [ >> reporter: the message this is a team with serious -- serious ideas for serious times. >> we won't duck the tough issues, we will lead. >> reporter: not just ideas, like almost all vp candidates ryan took to the role of attack dog. >> unpresident obama, unemployment has gone up. household incomes have gone down and the first time in our nation's history our credit was downgraded. [ booing ] >> reporter: how did ryan get
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to virginia without anyone knowing he would be romney's pick? while reporters staked out his house friday in wisconsin, ryan snuck out the backdoor and escaped notice by going through a wooded ravine behind his house. ryan talked to reporters about that last night on romney's campaign plane. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: from there he was whisked to an airport in illinois where he flew to north carolina friday night. from there, drove unnoticed saturday morning to the announcement in norfolk, virginia. right now the romney-ryan team is on its way to another rally in highpoint, north carolina. they just made a pit stop in nascar country in front of a couple of race cars in morrisville, north carolina.
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whipping up energy among supporters in key battleground states. later today they arrive in ryan's home state of wisconsin to hold another rally on their barn storming bus tour. romney campaign co-chairman and former governor pawlenty was in the running for the vp spot as recently as last monday today he appeared to argue in favor of the romney-ryan ticket. >> i'm not disappointed i didn't get something i didn't expect many congressman ryan is bringing energy to the ticket and has a clear vision and adult approach to solving the nation's problem you don't see that from the president and his team with >> i didn't think governor romney would go so far to satisfy the most strident voices in his party that he would pick someone who is so demonstrably right week i'd log, i was wrong about that. -- i had --
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>> president obama is holding a meeting about in new political landscape while romney and ryan are calling themselves the comeback team. the obama website says: stand with barack and joe. some youngsters and families in san francisco are preparing for the start of the new school year. yesterday there was a combination health care, parenting class and backpack give-away rolled into one. an organizer says being ready for school can be a life changer. >> if you can go to school feeling like you have the tools and the supplies you need and knowing this community of people care, it makes a difference. >> the event was sponsored by a program started by the san francisco public defender's office. the program is designed to reduce the up in of kids who fall through gaps in social services. lisa argen is here with the preview of the forecast. we always talk about how when school starts the weather
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seems to heat up. >> it has been really hot. modest cool in store for east bay valleys today thanks to a little bit more of this from our sutro camera, mount tam looking at sutro. we have numbers down in the north bay, couple degrees cooler east will we be out of the triple digits? i'll let you know, next. city of petaluma celebrating their baseball team heading to the little league world series. last night big victory had one of the strangest endings. mike shumann has the highlights coming up in sports. three more people we would hike to thank this morning for taking part in the sleep train dream campaign. charles s of santa clara, candy t of concord and bruce b of fremont. just like abc7 news on facebook right now and one dollar will be donated to the abc7 sleep train
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lisa just made it back to the desk trying to update her computer models. we have a little cooling, that's what i was tying to look at. the difference between yesterday and today substantial in the north bay, 7 to 8° cooling. in the east bay a degree or two of cooling not feeling the effects of the marine layer partly sunny coit tower this
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morning with airport delays marine layer a little bit more extensive. we will look for that wind shift today allowing for marginal cooling. here's live doppler 7 hd, notice a few returns, going to get active today in the sierra nevada. possibility of not only severe thunderstorms around yosemite, up towards the north around south lake. we are looking at big time heat as well. these storms could fire up throughout the afternoon so be careful if you have friends or family up that way. 61 concord now with the sunshine, livermore 67°, 54 in the city with fog. napa, santa rosa all along the central coast cloudy in mountain view, san jose, fog does extend into oakland, fremont and hayward this morning. changes are coming. from our visible picture, we have marine layer at about 1,000 feet deep still shallow, but the flow today coming up
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more from the south instead of the north. that's why we cool off first in the north bay. areas of fog around the bay cooler around the coast and bay. inland still going to be talking mid and upper 90s perhaps not 100° around livermore and the tri-valley further towards brentwood because of this system that has brought not only excessive heat, near 100 -- 111 around san joaquin valley beginning to pull back a little. cool down for our tri-valley tomorrow through wednesday when temperatures will be coming back towards more normal. thunderstorms, look the that 102 yosemite, 86 sierra nevada. heat in the sacramento valley going to take all week until that delta breeze kicks up. right now southwest wind around fairfield, temperatures slightly cooler today. outside lands, grab the sweatshirt, brief clearing
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today, temperatures in the low 60s, fog comes back quickly, cool evening numbers dropping into the upper 50s to the mid 50s with fog out there tonight. back home, numbers will be on the warm side in the south bay temperatures here for the jazz festival in the mid 80s. 90 in los gatos to on the peninsula. sea breeze allowing for temperatures to be right around where they should be mountain view, upper 70s to near 80, 82 today, 71 millbrae, 67 downtown plenty of sun for the giants' game. nice weather there. the last day of the sonoma county fair, upper 80s here, near east bay mid to upper 70s for san leandro to oakland. nice afternoon fremont 83, over the hills this is where the temperatures have been very warm and today maybe not 105 in livermore like yesterday, 98, 76 watsonville clearing towards noon. ahead numbers will slowly come
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down that will bring us towards normal by midweek. too hot, too cold trying to get it just right. >> in the middle there, normal. thank you lisa >> let's check out sports this afternoon at 1:05 zito starts for giants against rockies. the game of the weekend series. today petaluma little league team is flying to pennsylvania for the world series after winning the west regional in southern california. good luck guys! here's the highlights. good morning. the noise you heard last night was the city of petaluma going crazy as their team beat hawaii to advance to the little league world series. one of the more bizarre endings you will see. little does he know aloha means good-bye. petaluma had to come from behind, giving california two run lead they go up 6-4. last chance for hawaii, goes
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to the wall, two runs scored. before the next pitch, petaluma appeals to third saying the runner missed the bag and they get the ". check out the he play, too close to call -- petaluma wins 7-5 and will represent the west in the world series starting thursday. >> a's in chicago facing white sox, petaluma native kick started the rally. white sox roar back bottom five, youkilis drives into center, two run shot, who says baseball want a dangerous sport? a.j. live one to the outfield white sox up 7-6. a's took their turn. see ya! 13th of the year.
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brandon follows with a shot down the line. game winning run, rbi single in the 9th, a's win 9-7 still in the wild card hunt. >> i got a lot of memories been in the world series, playoffs little league memories are special and i'm excited for those guys. >> helped himself by adding arbi sing -- an rbi in the single, --. two runs seven hits striking out six, including hernandez in the sixth. pagan heating up. two rbi triple. giants win 9-3. now a game up on the dodgers who lost to the marlins.
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i'm mike shumann, have a great day. we have a spoiler alert results from the olympics gold basketball game between the u.s. and spain look away if you do not want to know who won. when the music stops it is safe to look back at the screen. here we go: ♪ ♪ ♪ today the san francisco 49ers will hold practice during the team's annual fanfest at candle park. the park opens in two hours with practice at 2:00 this afternoon. in between fans can sample the game day amenities like food and beverage booths. also musical entertainment as well as meet and greet autograph sessions with 49er alumni. tickets available for $5 on the 9ers website kids 12 and
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under don't need a ticket. this season you will be able to catch the 49ers and raiders right here on abc7, nfl thursday night football. catch the 49ers against the seahawks on october 18th. the raiders against the broncos on dies 6th. right here on -- broncos on december 6th, right here on abc7. the outside lands festival winds up today. why some are glad to see it go. inside look at what is being called the world's largest recycling center in
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welcome back everyone. legendary singer stevie wonder
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is headlining the final day of the outside lands music festival today many the three-day event draws about 65,000 fans each day. but as sergio quintana tells us not everybody who lives nearby supports the annual concert. ♪ ♪ not >> reporter: metallica takes the main stage, they are one of the reasons why thousands packed on to the golden gate park polo field. >> i can't wait. >> reporter: this is the fifth year, promoters say it is sold out, 65,000 tickets each day. some neighbors say noise and congestion that comes with the event are too much. >> sound seems to go up and down. it will come through, you can feel it vibrating the floorboards of my house. >> reporter: sue is with the group of neighbors who continue to raise concerns each year.
9:32 am
she says some of her neighbors leave for the weekend. this year, 5,000 more tickets were sold per day than last year. >> we have no access to bart, to caltrain or the ferry. we have absolutely no parking. we are in a quiet residental neighborhood why on earth do we have tens of thousands of people pouring in? >> reporter: promoters say they've worked hard with neighborhood groups to make sure the festival is at minimal inconvenience i am >> a lot of ideas to mitigate -- >> reporter: increased parking enforcement, more tow trucks and promoters say they are open to any other suggestion. they say 12,000 tickets were sold to people who live in the surrounding -- there are plenty of neighbors who support the event. ronnie is one of them. >> it is a big deal it brings a lot of people, a lot of
9:33 am
money to the neighborhood and the city. >> reporter: the continuing popularity of outside lands means promoters are able to attract big names in entertainment. the first night neil young headlined. last night metallica. today, stevie wonder takes the main stage. i'm sergio quintana, abc7 news. new this morning, marin county water officials are considering two plans to protect against wildfires on mount tamalpais by getting rid of invasive shrubs that are overgrown and threaten the native plants. one option to use a controversial herbicide. it has been understudy since supervisors suspended using it in 2005 because of health concerns. the fear is the chemicals would leech into reservoirs and contaminate water supplies. the district is considering a plan that does not use herbicides but would cost more to get rid of the pesky plants. the district plans to hire an
9:34 am
environmental consultant to review the option. new state-of-the-art recycling facility operating if the south bay promises to divert most of san jose's waste from landfills. it is billed as the largest in the world. business and tech reporter david louie takes us inside the milpitas plant. >> reporter: it is bigger and runs faster than any recycling center you have seen before technology makes the difference. 170 people are needed to work two shifts a day, magnus, air and optical sensors separate waste, bulk handling system designed and built the system. >> we apply light in the near infrared range to an object each type of material has a unique signature. we are able to read that signature by using spectrometers at very high speed and when we see the target material, we are able
9:35 am
to inject it. >> reporter: the 55 million dollar facility financed by fees charged to san jose's 8,000 businesses. city officials say it is cost-effective because it reduce was gets sent to landfill sites. >> opening a landfill would be very expensive, cause rate increases for everybody the alternative would have to haul our weight to distance land -- our waste to a distant landfill more use of carbon fuels. >> reporter: right now 25% of the waste from san jose businesses gets diverted. two years from now it will be 80%. residential waste which go from 62 to 95%. plastic bottles and containers are part of the stream recycled. a facility like this does not mean plastics can be recycled over and over she is the author of a book plastic-free. >> a plastic bottle is not going to be recycled into another plastic bottle but
9:36 am
into something like polar fleece, carpet or some kind of textile those things don't get recycled. >> reporter: this is a major step forward as san jose implements green strategy for the future. goal to divert 100% of its waste and turn it into energy. david louie, abc7 news. next, science experiment with a big payoff. teachers spending summer vacation learning to make science come alive in class. live look from our roof cam showing the bay bridge there. thanks for spending part of your sunday morning with us. should be a lovely day today, cooling trend on the way. lisa argen will have your
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nasa continues to receive images from the rover as engineers make the final preparations for it to cruise along the surface of mars. this video shows the final seconds of curiosity's decent toward the crater on mars. the space -- spacecraft began snapping pictures as soon it landed. one scientist says the crater resembled california's mojave desert. on earth engineers need to finish an upgrade before other scientist unleash the nuclear powered rover. you probably know the san francisco floor for yum is a -- exploritorium is a leader in science education. this morning eric thomas has this focus on solutions report. a science experiment with a big payoff. >> reporter: while most bay area children are out of school on summer vacation she's science teachers are
9:40 am
learning to figure out the ness of a molecule. >> one drop a centimeter above it, there's your monolayer. >> reporter: this is the teacher institute, three week intensive training program at exploritorium. teachers learning now make science come alive in class. >> in order to roll once, how many diameters does it go? >> reporter: finding the answer to that question is more fun if you attach little blinking lights to the wheel. then spin it and take pictures in the dark. >> the name of that curve is call the -- >> reporter: turns out you can learn a lot of physics with lights, action. >> fundamental patterns of oscillation. >> reporter: and a camera. >> nice artistic way to portray science of waves. they may be part of our family. >> reporter: you may call paul doherty the official father of that family today getting help from a physics teacher in
9:41 am
pleasanton she came to the institute as a new teacher seven years ago now back as a mentor because being a physics teacher can be lonely. >> there could be one maybe two physics teachers at a high school you are by yourself. >> reporter: the teacher institute assigns coaches to work with new teachers for two years. they provide great ideas and critical moral support. >> in the beginning of the year i had a room with dirty things left and she sat and helped me clean glassware for an hour. >> reporter: physics teacher in oakland. >> in the first year everything is about assessment and a lot of paperwork. which is all important but this brings it back to why most of us wanted to teach science itch >> reporter: they get access to tools and instructions. they can create what they need for their classrooms. this support is crucial for new teachers. study indicates 30 to 50% of
9:42 am
new teachers leave the profession within five years. for teachers who go through the exploritorium's program, 85 to 90% are still on the job. about 100 teachers attend the institute every summer. it is so popular, two of every three teachers who apply are turned away. that is about to change next spring the exploritorium moves to a new building with enough space to triple the number of teachers. eric thomas, abc7 news. that new building will be along the embarcadero. that will be great. good day to get out and do just about anything lisa argen here with the preview. numbers are coming didn't a little today, san jose, 62, clouds now sunny, jazz festival today and mid and upper 80s, that is not the end of the story. cooler weather for you too, we'll talk about it, coming
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up. also the odd life of timothy green. what this new disney film can teach your kids about you, their parents. woman disputes unknown charge on her credit card, that causes her to lose her motor home warranty.
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hey, there's barely a line at space mountain. you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. opening in theaters wednesday is "the odd life of timothy green" from abc's parent company walt disney. don sanchez got an early look at the inspirational film
9:46 am
about a child who may be too perfect. >> reporter: they play a married couple who cannot have children they bury a box filled with all of their wishes for an infant in their backyard. after a dark and stormy night, they get a surprise. >> hi. >> hi! >> i'm timothy. >> reporter: not like other kids. >> there's something you need to know about me. came from the garden. >> reporter: rooted, you might say. it is finance any, emotional and pointient. directed and written by academy an -- and poignant decked and written by the an -- >> joel came when he was 16 the first time he was alone and my mom lives here for a number of years we pwhogt have a fondness for this place. >> reporter: it touches many people and family is important in the film. >> maybe people will say
9:47 am
thanks for what you did for me today. >> for those of us who maybe hold on to resentment and disappointments in our parents maybe this film will help and see you understand and appreciate your parents in a new way. >> it is such a mine field, my parents got everything right, as a child you can interpret it our own way >> reporter: the story is from frank zappa's son. they shot in georgia in the cold of winter. movie magic they hope will translate into box office magic. it opens next wednesday don sanchez, abc7 news. no popcorn review from don let's do within for the
9:48 am
weather -- let's do one for the weather. hot weather, thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. heavenly camera quiet, sunny, in the 50s. possibility of thunderstorms from south lake through yosemite where some of these could turn severe, closer to home, here's our cooling mechanism. we are looking at a little more in the waive fog this is tam, you folks -- in the way of fog this is tam, you folks will have more of a sea breeze today southerly component cools off north bay valleys the rest of us continue to stay a little warm, you may see couple december of cooling in our east bay and south bay. live doppler 7 hd should get a little active today east of us in the sierra nevada where we could see the possibility of strong storms, a lot of heat throughout the southern sierra looking at excessive heat
9:49 am
warnings through much of the valley. right now 67 with sunny conditions in livermore, 62 san jose mid 50s in san francisco, still cool here. we are looking at higher elevations of the south bay, los gatos warming. where the air is warmer is higher up you go in the atmosphere. we will be looking still at temperatures above normal and some parts of the bay today, visible picture not only is the fog once again here along the coast, making a little push here to the east bay. southwest wind by the delta. those are all indicators that temperatures are slightly cooler than we were yesterday, coast and bay should be two to five degrees cooler. the cooling trend gets underway more significantly tomorrow through the middle of the week. i think we'll be out of the triple digits today for the most part in the tri-valley. here's the culprit, huge ridge of high pressure from texas building from the southwest
9:50 am
this has encompassed most of the state. we are still looking at that shallow marine layer allowing for some of the high real estate to keep cooler air in the city, san francisco, comfortable today, in the south bay not bad mid 80s today there you are down a couple degrees. by 7:00, a little cooler with mid 70s. should be a nice day in the santa clara valley and back home temperatures here will be really nice with spot on normal upper 60s for the city. back home mid 70s in oakland. really inland valleys you've got the pools, air conditioning, hopefully some of the cooling centers where you can get a bit of relief today mother nature not helping us, still on the toasty side, 83 fremont down by the monterey bay, 7 later on in watsonville, still cloudy there, santa cruz will see sunshine and upper 70s back to near normal by the mid
9:51 am
-- middle of the week. today we could see high level moisture maybe a thunderstorm san benito county. summertime we get that, sure has been hot for a while. >> still grateful to be here rather than other parts of the country. when you are on the road you want a reliable vehicle. for one bay area couple that is a tall order because they travel in an r have a third of the length of a football field. here's why they are having trouble keeping it in ship shape. >> it protects the tires. >> reporter: she looks tiny next to her gigantic motor home. at 33 feet long and 18 feet high, it is ideal for travel with these big guys. >> if we feel like on the weekend we want to go somewhere we just pack up the dogs and go any time we want. >> reporter: agnes is careful to protect the motor home not
9:52 am
only with this giant covering but with this extended service plan. she has been paying $64, per machine for the policy, just in case something goes wrong. >> actually, what happened was the spring had broken. >> reporter: of course, something did go wrong. the jack that levels the rv suddenly jammed. the big camper was leaning to one side. agnes took it directly to the repair shop, then filed a claim for the repair. something went wrong there too. >> i received a letter that my warranty was cancelled. i didn't understand why. >> reporter: good sam would not pay the claim saying she failed to pay the premium. agnes says, not true. >> well we can find the money. i said how can you not find the money? >> reporter: agnes says there was a big mix-up. it began when she saw an unfamiliar charge on her c c statement, called warranty service plan charged her $70 for merchandise.
9:53 am
agnes didn't recognize the merchant or the amount so she disputed the charge. however, it turns out the charge was from good sam, using a new name and charging a higher premium. >> every time i call i have to keep explaining my situation. >> reporter: as soon as she realized it was good sam, agnes says she paid the premium, still, the company said her policy had been cancelled. agnes kept pointing to this document, showing the payment did go through, but no response. >> i'm going to channel 7, because i said i'm not getting anywhere with this. i was frustrated. -- frustrating. >> reporter: good sam took her case to its board of directors, finally the company agreed to reinstate the policy. the situation originated when she disputed the automatic monthly payment, putting her policy past due and cancelled. once we became aware of the situation we worked with the credit card company and ensured the claim was paid. soon after, agnes received
9:54 am
this check for $237. >> i just really want to thank 7 on your side. i know without your help, i would still be calling. >> reporter: agnes tells us the rv is repaired and she is off next to carmel. i would like to thank good sam for stepping up. you have a problem with a warranty or anything else, let me know about it, go to i'm michael finney. next, 21 agonizing seconds, a trainer gets his arm stuck in the jaws an alligator. how he was able
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here are the winning numbers from last night's 11 million dollars super lotto plus: 6, 19, 39, 40, 43, mega number 24. no one got all six numbers.
9:57 am
wednesday night's jackpot climbs to an estimated 12 million dollars. a chimpanzee who rampaged through a las vegas neighborhood last month has been captured after getting loose again. police were called before 5:00 yesterday about cj the chimp breaking free. they used a tranquilizer dart to subdue her, 30 minutes later. one of the owner says it is possible someone intentionally let her out to try to make a point. last month, cj got loose with her mate buddy and the two terrorized the neighborhood. police shot and killed buddy when he made a move towards onlookers. this time c was captured without problem and being held at a -- cj was captured without and problem and being held at a zoo. . trainer was showing the
9:58 am
audience how quickly gators react. the show was going as planned until he says his arm was a little too high, you hear the crowd screaming, the arm wound up in the gator's bone-crushing jaws. his partner rushed in to keep the gator from rolling over. after 21 agonizing s that alligator finally -- agonizing seconds that alligator finally let go that is not something kids should be watching. we still have a little fog over the bay that if going to bring a couple degrees of cooling around the bay, 67 in the city, 75 oakland, mid and upper 90s towards the tri-valley, antioch 100 today, 78 on the peninsula, 95 in gilroy, clearing needed along the central coast thunderstorms in the sierra. the cooling trend gets underway tomorrow, right on through the rest of the week if you like the heat, it is
9:59 am
going away. >> yeah. we are going away as well. thank for joining us on the abc7, sunday morning news. our next newscast is at 5 p.m.. we have a reminder, download our new alarm clock app for your iphone wake up to the bay area's latest headlines, weather and traffic, right on your phone. it is free, available on the app store.


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