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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: this chevron station here on lombard and laguna is a good indicator how gas prices have risen in the last couple of days. gas prices here have gone up six cents since last thursday. drivers aren't just feeling a pinch on their wallets from rising gas prices. it's become more like a squeeze. a survey size the price of gas nationwide has gone up 18 crepts in two weeks. drivers are adjusting but grudgingly. >> so high, never seen them this high before. i went through a tank of gas in a day. a day and a half, basically, and i'm back and filling up. >> doing anything different because of the gas prices? >> yeah. putting $20 in the tank instead of filling it up. that's the biggest difference. just trying to conserve as much as possible. >> the survey places the spike on refinery problems throughout the country. the other cause is the drought
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and method which affected corn crops which are used for ethanol. >> the survey found that the highest regular price was 4.23 in chicago. 3.18 was the lowest in tucson, arizona. we'll have more on where gas prices may be heading at 11:00. in san francisco, abc-7 news. >> ama: it's been a week since a gunman opened fire at a wisconsin sikh temple, killing six people. the healing process continues. sergio quintana is live in fremont where a series of prayer services and vigils were held today. >> reporter: this afternoon, some business leaders and city leaders held a solidarity event here at the civic plaza. but this morning members of the sikh temple here in fremont participated in a national prayer for -- in honor of those who were killed in the wisconsin mass shooting. at the fremont sikh temple, a
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special service for the six people killed last weekend in wisconsin by a gunman. they say the healing process is ongoing. >> yes, we were sad, very sad, last week, but today the spirits are coming back in the community. >> in oak creek, wisconsin, at the temple which is the site of the shooting, it had its first service since the violence. worshipers were joined in a national prayer at temples across the country. >> every single one in the united states and across countries, actually doing prayers for the people who lost their life in wisconsin. >> reporter: in fremont, people gave money to help the families faked by the shooting, and children signed on to a pledge against violence. community representatives like state center allen co-bette joined in the memorialals. >> obviously the sikh community was highlighted for the tragedy but people should do more to learn about the beautiful
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community. >> reporter: following sunday services a few dozen people did more. they turned out to civic plaza to show their solidarity with their sikh neighbors. this gathering was organized bay fremont business owner. >> i'm a lebanese catholic, borne in lebanon. baptized a catholic, but to live in this world we live in right now, you can't discriminate against anybody. >> another vigil for the sikh community is planned for this evening. this one in san francisco. for those who are want egg to participate in that, it's planned for 9:00 p.m. at union square. reporting live in fremont, abc-7 news. >> ama: the suspected gunman in the sikh temple shooting, weighed michael page was shot by police during the rampage, investigators say he then shot and killed himself at the scene. authorities say he was member of a white supremacist heavy metal band and frequently posted
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comment on internet forums for skinhead. >> alan: oak planned police are investigating a brazen daytime shooting in west oakland where someone riddled a car with bullets. two people were injured in the shooting. the driver was shot several times and crashed into a tree. a passenger in the car was also hit. both are in the hospital but there's no word on their conditions. no arrests have been made. >> ama: the highway patrol is investigating a fiery crash this morning that claimed the lives of two people on the southbound lanes of i-680 near san ram. you it happened at 1:30 near the crow canyon road east exit. chp says two cars veered into a construction zone and slammed into a work truck. no workers were involved but gasoline spilled and one of the cars caught fire with the victims trapped inside. >> alan: right now overcrowded hospitals in iran are struggling to cope with thousands of earthquake victims. two strong quakes leveled
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villages and damaged homes in northwestern iran, killing close to 3 hundred people, but doctors believe more miami may be found under destroyed homes, exphosksz farms, shortages are being reported. a local restaurant owner tells us that people observing the month of ram dna -- ram -- ramedan. >> it's not kosher to give blood when you're fast so a lot of blood shortage, everybody have to wait out the sunset and then give the blood. >> the u.s. geological survey measured the quake at magnitudes 6.4 and 6.3. >> the selection of paul ryan as mitt romney's running mate openedded the fundraising flood gates. today the newly named candidate opened up on president obama. >> president obama came into office with hope and change, his
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policies have been put in place, they're not working, they're failing us, he can't run on that. he didn't moderate one bit at all. so now he is turning change into attack and bme and we're not going to fall for it. >> romney and ryan will campaign in florida tomorrow. president obama called paul ryan the ideological leader of the republican party, claiming ryan's approach has led to gridlock and top down approach to work on the economy. >> i believe we've got keep working to create an america where, no matter who you are no matter what you look like no matter where you come from, no matter what your last name is no matter who you love, you can make it here if you try. that's what is at stake in november. >> ama: the president host add fundraiser tonight and will return to washington tomorrow.
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>> alan: 850,000 californians are being charged for fire protection. we'll tell you who is likely to receive a bill. >> ama: work is about to resume around a sensitive pipeline in san bruno where neighbors were given another scare. >> alan: the stench of hundreds of dead fish take over a california lake. we'll tell you how it happened. >> leigh: we're definitely going to feel some cooler weather move in across the bay area this upcoming work week. look at the forecas
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lan right now two massive wildfires are burning in lake county. these are pictures just in. authorities say the fires ha grown to several hundred acres each. some homes have burned. those fires are burning very close to each other in the city of clear lake. highway 20 is shut down. we're also getting word evacuation orders are in place for some nearby communities. as soon as we get an update from fire officials on the scene, we'll bring you that update. >> ama: mandatory evacuations are underway in fresno county where a wildfire is 30% contained. what's been called the lane fire broke out yesterday afternoon. cal fire crews are being helped by local fire companies. 200 homes in the area are threatened by the flames. temperatures approaching 100 degrees are affecting fire crews. property owners in state wildfire country will be getting bills this week for a new fire
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protection feet. governor brown wanted the fee to help fund california firefighting effort. the fee too run $150 for each property. antitax groups promised to file a lawsuit on the grounds the fee is a tax which must be passed by the legislature. the governor feels those who benefit from the firefighting should pay for it. >> alan: construction will work after crews accidentally cut into a gasline at the same place where a transmission line exploded two years ago. construction came to a stop on thursday while pg&e worked to seal off the broken line. pg&e says the gas line was clearly marked but shaw construction, the contractor, hired by the city to install the line, began digging with a backhoe instead of by hand, as recommended. >> ama: the dry weather in california has dried up a popular fishing spot. >> alan: the devastating affect the drought is having on wildlife in southern california.
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>> ama: leigh glaser says we'll have a cooler start to the week ahead. she is ahead with the forecast. >> mike: a streak was bren today at the pga championship, and hunter pence broke a streak of his own and turned out to be hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> alan: we have three more people we want to thank for taking part in the sleep train dream campaign. thank you for that. just like abc-7 on facebook right now and one dollar will be donated to the abc-7 sleep train foster kids program. do that because you can make a difference. >> ama: what's going on right now at a san diego county lake isn't just shocking for how it looks but hugh it smells. hundreds of dead fish have been found at linda lake park in lakeside, northeast of san diego. authorities say the drought is having a devastating impact on wildlife. the county plans to pump water from two wells to keep the lake full but there's simply not enough water to fill the east lake. >> yeah, it was really bad. >> it's just so sad to see tice these dead fish, which probably
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died in a very uncomfortable way in this small amount of water. probably overheated water. >> ama: crews tried to clean up the dead fish but looks like they got stuck in all that mudment they'll go back out again when the mud dries. >> alan: the dry, hot weather is causing problems in arizona. look at this dust storm, that moved through town yesterday. it was part of another hot day in the rejob with temperatures as high as 110 degrees. experts are concerned it could be a record number of these dust storms this year because of the high heat and dry conditions. >> ama: our heat is going to be subsiding a little bit. >> leigh: but it's going to take two more days for the low clouds and fog to move into the inland locations to give them a little heat relief, and it was still another hot one today. danville, 100 deals. escaping the heat meant going to
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santa cruz. that's what you're looking at right now. santa cruz, the high was 78. right now -- feeling 71 degrees. looking at live doppler 7hd. low clouds and fog off the coast. going to make its way inland the next couple of days so be patient those of you out towards oakland, brentwood, and antioch, because as we get into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, temperatures now near 100 degrees, will definitely come down into the mid-to-low 90s. some heat relief. here's a look at the highs for today. 98 in antioch. you did cool down a little bit because yesterday the high was 105. so a little bit of heat relief as you can tell today. 93, concord. today was your high. 86, santa rosa, you could ia, 106. 62, san francisco, 81, sunshine, the high in san jose. right now, we're looking at 93 in antioch, 93, livermore. 50 near the coast.
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san francisco, 59. and 80s for san rafael, 58 and 81 for santa rows sample the fog will turn tonight, coast and the bay. it will be warm to hot inland on monday, tuesday, and then we get into the mid-week time frame. wednesday, thursday, that's when the low clouds and fog cooler air mass will start to push inland, and that's when temperatures will come down. you can see the bank of fog just sitting awful the coast, and i -- sitting off the coast, and these thunderstorms rolling up throw the central valley area, live doppler 7hd, from the sierra first from south beach towards mammoth lake, check out the lightning strikes. closer to the bay area, on i- 5 you can see some of these showers starting to break out. not all of this is reaching the ground, but holster, gill russian san -- gilroy, san jose, maybe in cumulus clouds in your neighborhood.
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tomorrow morning's commute, low clouds across much of the bay area. won't hang 'around too long. lots of clearing by tomorrow afternoon. once again, hot inland and then we'll start to get a surge of cooler winds as they return, coast and bay. lows tonight, 60s inland. 50s around san francisco and half moon bay, a little coastal drizzle. and highs for your monday, as you begin to head out, well, tomorrow morning, fog, coast and bay, temperatures, 48 to 62 degrees. at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, get ready for more heat inland as temperatures climb back up into the 90s. highs for monday. 60s for half moon bay. san francisco tomorrow, 66 degrees. north bay, 8 2. petaluma, 85, napa. oakland tomorrow, 74. 82 for fremont. interior east bay, another hot one, 98 for brentwood.
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93, con covered. look for 74 for watsonville. the accuweather seven-day forecast, gradually cooler tuesday and wednesday. you're going to like it, by mid-week, inland temperatures back down into the 90s. >> alan: the final major of the year. >> mike: and tiger's name was not adon the leaderboard. 16 different players won the majors, but today rory mcilroy ended the streak and today the 894th pga championship. tiger woods at dawn finishing round three. would begin the final round trailing mcilroy by five. trying to make an early statement with this eagle putt on two. that close. poulter gets to 6-under. within a shot or mcilroy. but on 2. rory hitting out of the dirt and between the trees, sticks it to within eight feet. makes the birdie, and poulter fades down the stress. on eight, right edge, all the
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way. rory now 9-under par. tiger on 10, six shots back, pulls his driver into the gal rhythm salvaged par but closed even par. finished 11 back. by the time mcilroy hit the 12th it was over. his round mirrored this birdie putt. everything was working. closes it out on 18 with a 25-foot birdie. final round 66. 13-under, equals the u.s. open win last year with an eight shot victory, one bert than the previous pga record held by jack nicklaus, rory mcilroy your 2012 pga championship. >> i set myself a target. if i get to 12-under par no one is going catch me and i was able to go one better than that. so, it's an incredible feeling to sit up here, see this trophy, and be able to call myself a major champion. mike mine giants and dodgers a race to the end for the n.l. west title. g-men one up on l.a.
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bochy restless as colorado tied the game. rockies pitcher torres up the middle. lamay hue scores from second. down 6-4 in the eighth. giants explode for five runs. hunter pence with his first me run as a giant. a gigantic three-run blast to left. giants weu7b9-# and stay one up on l.a. in the west. the mascot from all chicago sports teams gathering for the a's white sox game. gomes ties it up. second homer in as many days. number 14 on the year. colon, hadn't allowed an earned run in 20 days. that streak is over. pierzynski, two-run shot in the sixth. beck hal, a two-run single to blow it open. white sox with 573-victory. andrew luck made his preseason nfl debut against the rams and what a debut, silencing all his doubters. the top pick who made peyton
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manning expendable, opened the game with a kuhn pass. nothing fancy, a little dump down to brown and away he goes. 63 yards. the start of a huge day for luck. 10-16. 188 yards. td's in 24 plays. here's the second one. better footwork by luck. perfect strike to collie. colts hammer st. house 38-3. >> 49ers in candlestick park, time to meet and greet players and run through drills and then watch practice. niners coming off the win over the vikings friday night and are preparing for the texans in houston next week. always good to change venues for practice. >> in the past, it hasn't really been this many people, but for them to come out, shows how much effort they give to support us, and we greatly appreciate that. >> mike: crazy finish at watkins glen. final round, kyle busch spins out on the tap from brad
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keselowski. made at it two-car race. through oil slicked pavement, grass and dirt, marcos ambrose returns the favor with a tap of keselowski. goes wide for the pass, and ambrose takes the checkered flag. his second win in as many years at watkins glen. the only other road course besides sonoma. >> a look at the final medal counts of the games. united states, 46 golds and a total of 0104 medals, great britain that the third most gold medals. >> alan: coming up. "the dark knight rises" has
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>> ama: coming up at 11, the latest on a pair of fast-move are wildfires in lake county, we now know who mitt romney chose as his running mate but before the announcement romney's staff kept at it secret. >> blasting off on the bay. an interesting new way to enjoy the water tonight at 11:00. >> alan: checking in on the weekend box office, new release takes the number one spot. the action tale bourn legacy
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knocked down dark night rises to number three which had been number one for three straight leaks. bourn earned just more than $40 million. the political comedy, the campaign, opened at number two, dark night rises in third place with $19.5 million. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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