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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 15, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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terry you found one of those pockets of drizzle? at 3:00. >> weather is changing. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. and i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. police are trying to find the people who killed a 5-year-old boy and asking for the public's help before the case gets too cold. amy hollyfield joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning. old case that oakland police have not forgotten. they are hoping you will take a few seconds and look at these sketches. this is who they believe killed this young boy. an african-american man in his 20s, 6 fetal, 185 pounds.
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a black woman in her early 20s, 5'7. police have surveillance video, also new, of the car they believe the two were diving a 2009 four-door chevy impala, light color maybe silver. the victim is 5-year-old gabriel martinez with his parents next to his family's taco truck in a parking lot when he was shot. there was widespread outrage in oakland when this child was killed many police are hoping these sketches and video of this car will trigger memories, hopefully will bring someone forward and help them of this case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. we have video of an actual mugging, a vicious one in san francisco. because the attacker is still on the loose the victim was sitting in his car outside his
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home monday evening when the suspect approached, asked the victim for directions then dragged him out of the car and punched him in the face, stole his wallet and ran away. this video was shot and uploaded to youtube by a neighbor. no word on the victim's injuries or condition. san francisco police are investigating three sexual assaults at the outside lands music festival. the event wrapped up sunday, drew more than 200,000 concertgoers. the victims were assaulted by three separate attackers at different locations. investigators don't believe the incidents are related. police have made no arrests. oakland police also looking for witnesses in the city's latest murder. clothing left on the ground at the crime scene at 64 and macarthur boulevard yesterday afternoon. officers found a man shot, the
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victim died. investigators have not made any arrests or released motive. today federal safety officials will order recall of four million baby seats this follows a 7 on your side investigation that began few years ago. michael finney showed us in 2007, children can fall over in the seat especially if they are sitting on a table or countertop. the safety commission pulled the seats off shelves, after that investigation. quickly allowed them back after stronger warnings were added. since then, 7 on your side at reported at least 45 children injured in falls, 17 suffered skull fractures. starting today, more than a million young immigrants brought into the country illegally by parents can apply to stay and work here legally, for two years without deportation. authorities are expecting to begin processing applications today. on top of the six million
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applications for citizenship and work visas they already sort through each year. forms are available online and can be submitted today. it could take months to process. santa clara officials want want voters to approve a sales tax increase to pay for law enforcement medical services and help for low income children. voters may not get that chance. a local taxpayer group says the measure to increase sales tax by 1/8 of a cent is illegal and vowing to go to court. the silicon valley taxpayers' association says state law states a general measure like this, has to take place at the same time as the election of local candidates. the supervisor -- both sides say they are confident they will prevail in court. this morning crews are battling three large wildfires burning across california. over 200 firefighters are at work in riverside county battling to prevent an 1800
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acre wildfire from spreading into the san bernardino national forest. flames are within one mile of the town of mountain center one home destroyed. others are threatened, mandatory evacuations ordered no one has been injured, so far. no word on a cause for the fire. >> a 58 square mile wildfire bearing down on the west shore of -- athlete three camp grounds evacuated. authorities say over 900 homes and structures threatened some mandatory evacuations ordered. >> calfire says the two fires burning in lake county are now 60% contained that is progress. both fires erupted 20 minutes apart sunday along highway 20. you can see sky 7 hd video. firefighting efforts hampered by high heat. one firefighter was hospitalized yesterday with heat exhaustion two structures
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totally destroyed, one damaged. it has been a hot week for them. the coast has cooled off significantly for a couple of days. mist on the windshield, needed to turn the wipers on this morning. >> beginning of a trend? we'll check in with mike. good question, nice observation guys. i think we'll have flight arrival delays at sfo this morning. good morning. live doppler 7 hd no real organized areas of wet weather pockets of drizzle along the coast this morning where visibility is three miles in half moon bay the rest of us unlimited right now. looking at this low, saw it developing yesterday there it is ing, pushing winds a little faster -- is spinning, pushing winds a little faster onshore and deeper that's why the cooling trend will continue moving inland that we felt yesterday. most of us cloudy, 50s, a few 60s around livermore and
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antioch. noon, clouds back to the coast, high clouds from blow off thunderstorms in the sierra, 50s coast, 60s, 70s bay, 70s, 80s inland. 4:00 clouds along the coast and sun, 50s and 60s san francisco, 70s bay, 80s to 90s inland. next three days we'll continue drop even see more clouds friday and saturday. will we get showers? update on that weekend forecast in a if few minutes. here's frances with your traffic. >> good morning. construction going on now through the cupertino area that has a connection ramp blocked southbound 280 to northbound 85 scheduled until 6:00 this morning. detours are in place. on northbound 85 up towards mountain view, lanes scheduled to be blocked that is just until 5:00. traffic not slowing south live shot this is san jose
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headlights northbound 280 not far from the construction right near highway teen quiet now. bay bridge toll, delay-free. a lot of folks trying to get their last minute summer vacation in before school starts so it has been fairly quiet. live shot of highway 24 for folks heading through lafayette and orinda to the caldecott tunnel, everything delay-free towards the bay bridge and out of contra costa county. you know it, i know it, all those folks on the road know it, gas prices are up. wait until you hear how much more you can expect to pay the next time you fill up. good news for thousands of bart riders extended service from the peninsula to east bay. we usually think of the library as a place to check out books many new report reveals what else is going on at san francisco's main library.
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welcome back. looking out from the roof camera at the studios near the embarcadero, overcast morning, mist earlier, probably still coming down in some areas. we've got a cooling trend coming. you can still get it warm if you want it. mike will tell you where you can get it. >> the beauty of the bay area. >> yes. bart service expanded on major line this fall. starting settlement 10th, bart will offer four additional trips to the richmond millbrae line in each direction. instead of ending at 7 p.m. it will continue until 8 p.m.. one extra hour to richmond and millbrae. bart says the ability to add service is limited until it gets new train cars in the works. we all knew gas prices jumped after last week's refinery fire now we know how
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much. aaa says gas prices in california leaped up 40 cents, to an average of $4.10 a gallon. july survey showed the same 40 cents per gallon line from june we are back where we started in northern california the average price is $4.10, increase of 39 cents per gallon. san francisco's librarys saw a sharp uptick in the number of people caught sleeping. the library has long been a place where homeless take shelter. it has a social worker to help them find services they might need many a review shows more than 80% increase in library-sleeping cases incidents nearly doubled to more than 1,000 compared to 600 last year. disturbances up by more than 200, drug use more than doubled on the lower level.
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southern california man survives an electrifying experience. wait until you see why he's thanking his lucky stars this morning. also, jerry sandusky is keeping busy behind bars. there's word we may be hearing more from him before he's sentenced on child molest taeulgs charges. provocative politics. the presidential campaign begins getting ugly early. sea lion guess a second it's time to change the way we clean.
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that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at . clouds along the coast 60s into san francisco, 70s around the bay, 80s, a few 90s east bay valleys cooler today. we have a lot of 70s and 80s until you get to new orleans, miami, dallas, 90s, 63 great falls, 85 seattle, 91 portland,
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111 phoenix. we have issues in boston and newark, philadelphia, flight arrival and depart delays. areas in yellow where we expect widespread weatherive. delays at sfo probably not oakland and san jose. flight tracker, at the bottom. there's word this morning that former penn state football coach jerry sandusky may be writing a book behind bars. the jury convicted sandusky of sexual abuse, he's awaiting sentencing scheduled for next month. a television station reports he has been exchanging paperwork with his wife some believe it involves a book. he wrote an autobiography in 2001 that may have led police to some of his victims. an attorney for george zimmerman says his client is running out of money for his does.
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-- for his defense. a judge released him on a $150,000 bail, then raised it to one million after learning zimmerman lied about how much money he had. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin in february. race for the white house is getting nasty. the first lady will join president obama to wrap up his iowa bus tour today. mitt romney campaigns in ohio, alabama and north carolina. as tahman bradley reports if yesterday's sparring is any indication we can expect more testy exchanges before voters head to the polls in november. >> reporter: the presidential race has taken a nasty turn. mitt romney lashed out at president obama. this is what an angry and desperate presidency looks like. mr. president, take your campaign of division, anger, and hate, back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america.
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>> reporter: the obama campaign shot back saying romney seemed unhinged. it was this remark by vice president biden to a heavily black audience in virginia that set romney off. >> he's going to let the big banks once again write their own rules, unchain wall street. [ booing ] >> they gonna put y'all back in chains. >> reporter: although "back in chains" was inartfully phrase republicans have used similar metaphor about unshackling the private sector. the president made reference to the story about romney strapping the family dog to the roof of his car during a road trip. >> the president: governor romney explained his energy policy this way, you can't drive a war with a windmill on it. he's tried other things on top of a car. >> reporter: in las vegas paul ryan was greeted by hundreds of protesters, angry about his ideas to cut entitlement spending. the campaigns blame each other
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for this decidedly ugly turn no sign the rhetoric will ease up. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. in southern california a man was nearly hit by lightning. william mcneil was recording rainfall outside his home when there was a loud boom. >> i felt my hair kind of lift up on my arms and felt this tingle and two seconds later the lightning bolt hit, maybe 10 feet away. it just shook the house sounded like a shotgun in your ear. it was so bright that i couldn't see for five, ten seconds. all you saw was the shape of the lightning bolt and then black. >> mcneil says after the lightning hit, his cell phone stopped working and he and his neighbors lost electricity. lucky that's all they lost. >> that kind of weather, for
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the most part, stays away from here. >> yeah that's the moon son -- monsoon flow the clouds we saw yesterday the result of what was left of that the. we have a small chance of seeing those in the north bay in weekend. >> that's different. >> yeah. first what is going on now. 4:51 this morning. we are talking about cloud cover rolling in and marine layer re ing itself going to help the cooler trend this morning. let's take a look at live doppler see if we can find organized areas of wet weather besides what terry has hanging around him in the form of mist when you drove across the golden gate bridge. intermittent, right? >> yeah. >> thank you not walking around with a cloud over his head. 60s fairfield, antioch, fremont, mountain view, san jose, los gatos everybody else 50s money ray bay mid to upper 50s cloudy this tells the story of today, two
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december warmer in oakland concord, san francisco and san jose 89, 63, 82 all the same, two december cooler in fremont 7 -- two degrees cooler in fremont 79. going to watch sfo for flight arrival delays. 50s and 60s at the coast, 70s, 80s, 90s not as hot inland summer spread starting to shrink as marina layer and cooler air start to move inland. mid 70s peninsula, near 60 along the coast, mid 60s downtown south san francisco mid 70s to near 80s north bay valleys east bay shore low to upper 70s east bay valleys upper 80s to mid 90s today afternoon the monterey, 65, 72 santa cruz mid 80s to low 90s inland. best chance of thunderstorms sierra, 85 tahoe, lack of 100s compared to yesterday we are not the only ones starting to see a cooling trend, fresno
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and palm springs will crack 100 today, low to mid 80s san diego and l.a.. back home wrapping up the series with the nationals, 12:45 first pitch at at&t park. tonight mostly cloudy every cooler than this morning more of us in the 50s. here's a look at that forecast, friday, saturday, more cloud cover, stray storm possible north bay isolated right now dry and seasonal sunday, monday, tuesday. have a great day. we start off with a live shot of i-80 berkeley headlights stack up westbound trying to clear a stall right now everything is recovered, i see another truck over to the right doesn't look like it is going to low anyone down. so far traffic fine now towards the bay bridge. contra costa county good, 60 walnut creek past north main
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towards highway 24 through the sunol grade no delays to the south bay. san mateo bridge moving nicely cars westbound on the right. highway 92, roadwork near half moon bay both directions and we see traffic is slowing with the waze traffic app. you will find construction blocking lanes from half moon bay main street out towards skyline memorial park that is scheduled until 6:00 this morning. uc berkeley researchers think they've found a link between new school buildings and higher test scores in younger students. elementary students in l.a. saw scores jump when they transfered into new buildings. researchers found scores didn't climb for high school students moving to new campuses. i thought maybe the new buildings made kids feel more positive about school many the professor it attracts younger
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teachers new high schools have older faculty members. in sacramento, an effort to get boy scouts to reverse its ban on gays. a 22-year-old tim griffin booted from the organization for being gay will present a petition with 70,000 signatures. they are asking the council to reinstate i go fin and reject the scouts' national anti-gay -- policy. the a suit claims the department is eight years behind in establishing a safe drinking water standard for chromium six. the chemical has contaminated thousands of drinking water sources statewide, a dispute over whether the chemical was carcinogenic when ingested in water caused that delay. scientists have confirmed it
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is. sea lion getting a second chance at life getting shot in the face in santa cruz. the sea lion has been undergoing treatment for six weeks. the gun shot left it blind in both eyes. workers are teaching it to be around humans so it can be placed at a zoo. also made a new friend hanging around with old ray, another sea lion blinded by a gunshot. fishermen have been known to shoot sea lions that get near their catch. a mountain lion in the middle of los angeles. the park is a popular destination a large mountain lion is calling that park home. biologists have photographed the big cat by remote camera. they say it is significant because it is surrounded by nothing but city. they are urging anyone who comes across it to leave the animal alone i would hope people would think that way any way, especially if you see
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it coming, go the other way. >> don't pull out the camera and say here it can at this time, kitty. -- and say here kitty, kitty. . san jose police responding to a sudden jump in violence for a second day they are investigating a shooting. the computer glitch, if you are visiting the dmv today you may find it more crowded than usual.
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