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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm terry mcsweeney in
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for eric thomas. good morning many happy hump day. doppler showing how dry it is in most neighborhoods, pockets of mist along the coast at higher elevations this morning as marina layer is 1500 feet thick, visibility down to a quarter of a mile half moon bay clouds stubborn at the coast, temperature spread small because of lack of sun, 59 to 62 this afternoon, sunny, high clouds and sun around the bay, 64 to 79 not as hot inland no more 100s 86 on the cool end, on the warm end, 94 getting close to not needing air conditioning. here's frances >> new crash just reported north bay, north 101 lincoln blocking left lane. crash reported in san francisco originally north 101 at cesar chavez it might be southbound it is blocking a
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lane i could see slowing in that area. overturn crash westbound 580 at keller slowing things down. also an accident in the clearing stages with an overturned big rig trailer on the canal on-ramp to eastbound 580. oakland police want you to look at new clues that may help them catch the person who killed a 5-year-old boy at his father's taco truck. they released video and sketches of a man and woman. amy hollyfield is at the police department in oakland with the details. >> reporter: it is an old case, a new lead. police want you to take a second, take a look at these pictures. here is what they think that the killer looked like this is according to eyewitnesses' descriptions. they say african-american man in his 20s about six feet tall, 185 pounds. they believe there was a with him, a 20 to 25-year-old black woman weighing about 140, 5'7.
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check this out, they also have surveillance video of the car they believe they were driving, chevy impala, light, maybe silver. police say there may have been other women in the car that night. 5-year-old gabriel martinez was shot to death on december 30th, he was with his parents at the family's taco truck in the parking lot of international boulevard and 55th avenue. he his father's arms. $25,000 for anyone who will come forward and help police find the killer in this case. they are hoping these sketches, this video will trigger someone's memory. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. :03. san jose police investigating the city's third daytime shooting in less than 24 hours. it happened yesterday in a parking lot off winchester boulevard. a group of ared men confronted the victim, that victim is expected to survive. this follows two shootings
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monday. one left a man dead and another in critical. the sudden surge in violence has forced the san jose police to call in extra patrols. >> it is a ballet, carefully choreographed, not ideal with the level of staffing we have but we are able to make it work. >> the increased violence come as state and federal leaders are in san jose to praise the city for its efforts to reduce gang violence. san jose one of six cities taking part in a white house initiative that brings federal aid to local jurisdictions to support violence prevention programs. our first look at the pipe that ruptured a week ago at the chevron refinery in richmond sparking a fire. the u.s. chemical safety board which investigates industrial accidents, released inspectors getting 10 feet from the pipe looking into whether chevron workers removed insulation when the leak started. they say workers have been
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cooperatey. >> the source? >> that is not a major focus to the investigation now. there was at least one running diesel engine nearby, according to witness statements, we are going to try to confirm that via additional observations. >> could take several weeks before investigators get in to remove that broken pipe, there was so much structural damage and the intense heat melted some of the support beams. hazardous merely crews responded to an emergency at the shell if he ryne -- shell refinery in mar teaseness yesterday a leak caused a plume of black smoke flames could be seen coming out of the smokestack a procedure used to burn off excess gas and prevent explosion. the incident caused level 2 warning shell capped the leak by 3 p.m.. monday a small fire rummed in a level 1 alert. help on the way for businesses damaged by a big
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fire in ingleside. mayor lee is promising to streamline the process that will help owners rebuild and get back to business. the fire swept through a row of small businesses on ocean avenue last week. one building that housed three businesses had to be demolished. as of midnight a democrat is no longer a member of congress here already got a new job lined up. the democrat dennis car dough accident -- dennis cardoza announced his resignation because of parenting challenges he and his wife have three children he was not seeking reelection. hours after announcing his resignation a washington, d.c. firm announced it is hiring him. the battle with mosquitoes carrying west nile continues. vector district fogging in antioch and brentwood after a group of mosquitoes from
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antioch tested positive for west nile. symptoms can last days or weeks and include fever, headache, tireness, body aches and swollen lymph blands. i had the wipers on this morning. >> that signals a change. let's talk to mike about it. good morning. always good to have weather spotters out there especially when we have the microclimates, terry running into mist up and down the golden gate and near the coast the rest of us dry a lot of cloud cover, sfo just recorded 50 minute flight arrival delays you can see how dry it is on live doppler. storms to our north rotating out over the ocean area of low pressure off the coast we are on the underneath side of that, getting a stronger onshore flow this morning, marine layer thicker and it is penetrating deeper into our neighborhoods, mainly cloudy everywhere through 7:00 with 50s and 60s sun breaks out
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first in the east bay and south bay, pockets of sun around the bay at noon, 60s and 70s there 70s and 80s end land. by 4:00, mostly sunny, except the coast mostly cloudy. by 7:00, 70s and 80s inland, near 70 around the bay and upper 50s at the coast. moderate amounts of tree, mold and ragweed and grass will be low. the cooling trend that began yesterday continues today, tomorrow, friday and saturday, i think we'll see more clouds friday and saturday most moisture and thunderstorms i believe will stay often coast and out over the ocean. here's frances with traffic. >> good morning. start off with the good news, light at the bay bridge toll. quite a few accidents come up in the last 10, 15 minutes. 101 cesar chavez, chp en route to a crash reported possibly blocking left lane could be northbound or southbound we'll keep you posted on that one. a traffic spotter just went
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past this overturn crash westbound 580 in oakland moving at around 25 miles an hour. heading towards keller where this overturn crash is blocking a lane that's the slow spot you may want to consider 880 as an alternate. i'll have a check of south bay traffic coming up. 6:09. incredible edible egg that we all know and love may not be so incredible for your health. the new concerns you want to hear before you -- >> talking cigarettes in the same sentence. caught on camera, looks like a hollywood film stunt, it is real. 130 mile per hour crash sending a car down the side of cwygyeyeyiy$ñcúswn the side of
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good wednesday morning. beautiful look, bay area unfog, low clouds. the sun is about to right. terry you experienced changing conditions this morning with some mit, right? >> it got misty. >> not just in a sentimental way. in a geological way. mike will have more on cooler conditions. when will it reach inland?
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all that many ing up. new this morning, japan marking of 7th -- anniversary of surrender in world war ii. the prime minister and others attended a somber ceremony in morning in tokyo during remarks the prime minister apologized for japan's wartime actions. >> >> in health news, kind of a shocker, whether they are tried, over easy or scrambled new study says eggs are almost as bad for your arteries as smoking. >> say it ain't so. >> according to researchers it is. they say the problem is cholesterol found in yolks. the journal of arterial sclerosis says yolks help build plaque on the artery walls in people over 40. hair raising crash for two racers in colorado sunday at the pikes peak international
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hill climb race. i'm sorry this is kristen driving to work yesterday. drivers took a turn too fast, slides down the road, didn't the embankment, flip a dozen times, both men survived. they even tweeted a little beaten up, but nothing major. >> that is the only reason we can joke about that. >> yeah it is if you just lost a car and the people survived. the difference between those guys and kristen is you would have tweeted on the way down. >> yeah. all right. [ talking over each other ] weather, we should talk a little about that. >> sure we can't focus on you some more? >> no, i'm going to crawl under the desk if you continue. let's talk about sfo delays. about 50 minutes this morning because of low clouds, nice segue.
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speaking of fast, planes -- no -- [ laughing ] >> let's talk about what's going on out there we have cloud cover, as we look from sutro some mid level clouds will be around the blow off from the thunderstorms down to our south and east over the sierra, mid level moisture that will help dim the sunshine a little this afternoon low clouds causing delays now a little thicker marine layer about 1500 feet now. live doppler, no organized areas of wet weather just that mist along the coast and some of the higher elevations this morning. temperatures still in the 60s antioch redwood city, fremont, mountain view, the rest of us mid to upper 50s. cloud cover inland mid to upper 50s. highlights slower sun, cooling continues today cloudy conditions tonight misty spots again more clouds and cooler for the weekend.
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oakland 72, napa 80, redwood city 78 san francisco six degrees cooler than average today at 63°. cloud cover during the morning stubborn and slower today going to take until noon to pull out of the east bay valleys and probably 1:00 until it pulls out of bay which it won't completely do mostly sunny today not as hot inland 100s gone from the forecast. low to mid 80s south bay low to upper 70s peninsula. another 60 along the coast, mid 60s downtown and south san francisco, north bay valleys, mid 70s to low 80s near 60 at beaches, low too upper 70s east bay shore, 70 richmond to 79 fremont, upper 80s to mid 90s east bay valleys, same hollister, gilroy, morgan hill, mid 60s
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to low 70s monterey bay. day game increasing sun and 67 by the end of the game. cooler weather through the weekend i still think any storms that develop friday and saturday will stay over the ocean slightly cooler sunday and monday. we start off with a check of traffic in the south bay north 101 near alum rock crash reported looks like it is on the shoulder traffic moving 59 miles an hour. southbound 280 near highway 87 earlier crash looks like that quickly cleared. green, moving well on highway 87 in both directions. north 101 slow past cesar chavez as you make your way into san francisco there's an accident blocking lanes, 48 miles an hour. heads-up even though 280 is moving quickly now for the first day of san francisco city college extra traffic probably hahn 280 that could
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slow things -- down ocean and geneva. earlier injury crash westbound 580 keller starting to improve in the clearing stages traffic moving at 49 miles an hour that's better than earlier. bay bridge toll metering lights on, fastrak lanes backing up towards west grand. live shot of 280 traffic moving northbound towards cupertino that's looking good as well, 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. thanks for the heads-up about school getting back into session. lotto fever, watch out, heating up across the station. california is feeling left out. plus, the subject of tabloid stories and rumors for the past few weeks this morning actor robert pattinson is stepping into the spot
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hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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you there ! i am looking for someone, hair black as night, skin white as snow ! yeah, yeah, i got that ! she is at the castle. dad ! honey ! but she's on the move. disney mobile magic, on verizon. you wouldn't happen to have an apple ? find characters, access wait times for the park you're in, and enjoy premium features when you download disney mobile magic, powered by verizon. the petaluma little leaguers are in pennsylvania for the little league world series that opens at noon tomorrow the first time in the 66 year history a team from sonoma county has may it this far. coach smith says he and the kids are still in awe of
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everything that has happened the past few days amazing stuff you can watch tomorrow's game on espn. today "good morning america" will have a morning tv exclusive, an interview with actor robert pat sin son. he will be on the show to -- pattinson. he will be on the show to promote his new movie. pattinson is stepping back into the spotlight after news broke his girlfriend and twilight co-star kristen stewart had an affair with her director in the snow white movie. watch the full interview on "good morning america," what he has to say about that, coming up at 7:00. lotto fever sweeping much of the nation right now. tonight's power ball jackpot up to $320 million dollars. believe it or not, still not the all time record. that belongs to a 2006 jackpot worth 365 million dollars. million dollars for everyday of the year. however, if no one matches all the numbers tonight, a new
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record likely to be set, 42 states, district of columbia and u.s. virgin islands play power ball, california is not one of those states if you want a ticket you have to drive to arizona, or call someone in one of those states. >> the australian tourist accused of killing a bay area teenager in hawaii makes another appearance in court and her family takes new action. trip to the dmv turns into a massive delay. computer crash to blame and what to expect today. really unbelievable stuff, caught on camera, a san francisco mugging uploaded to youtube. the friendly way attacker approached his victim. >> reporter: we've got new developments on an old case to tell you about coming out of the oakland police department this morning. next, see the new evidence and hear how you can possibly help. temperatures today,
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cooling trend continues warmest east bay valleys, 80s and 90s. coast into san francisco low to mid 60s. going to be a slow reveal of sun today. 70s and 80s in most of the country st. louis, dallas, denver, salt lake and new orleans, 90s and 111 phoenix. flight departure delays out of minneapolis, denver, arrival delays of nearly 50 minutes [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: tonight, take it easy and enjoy your favorite soup, salad and hot, hearty sub. like the toasty big hot pastrami melt. get to your local subway for some dinnertime deliciousness tonight. subway. eat fresh.
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good wednesday morning. you are looking at a beautiful shot our live camera from vollmer peaking looking at the sun coming up, gold den sunrise here in the golden state. -- how warm it is going to get today? you have a choice. >> we have a big spread. i'm focusing on low clouds some delays at sfo this morning that is a change are looking at that when we have the sun -- mike explain this to us. good morning. welcome to hump day, a lot of clouds, a lot of low clouds and they are dropping note dropping there's phaeuft long the coast higher elevations around the bay area drizzle or anything falling
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from them not happening now. misty at the coast around 50 to 56 at 7:00, sunny from noon to 4:00, 50s near 60, mostly cloudy again by 7:00, mid to upper 50s not much of a temperature change. bay mid to upper 50s, noon 60 to 70°, breezy high clouds and sun at 4:00, on the low end 64 warm end 74. inland lack of 100s today, start in the 50s to low 60s by noon high clouds and sun mid 70s to mid 80s warmest around 80 to 90°. traffic slowing in oakland in a couple possible spots. southbound 880 fruitvale new crash reported blocking right lane heavy traffic reported by a traffic spotter. westbound 580 at keller overturn crash chp still has it blocking the right lane
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speeds have improved, 63 miles an hour i'll give them a call. traffic has really improved it is flowing well. north 101 in san francisco, another crash possibly still in the left lane slow towards downtown san francisco. check out the bay bridge toll things have quickly backed up to the 880 overcrossing. 6:32. oakland police hope new video and sketches will lead to a break. amy hollyfield joins us live from opd headquarters. >> reporter: >> reporter: it is an old case but not forgotten by the oakland police. investigators hope you will look at these new sketches. this is what they believe the killers look like african-american man in his 20s, about six feet tall, weighing 185 founds. they think a woman also to blame, blake woman in her early twentieth, 5'7.
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-- police have video of the car they believe the two were driving, 2009 four-door chevy impala, possibly silver. police think there may have been other women this car that night. the victim in this case was 5-year-old gabriel martinez he died december 30th. he was with his parents next to the family taco in the parking lot at international boulevard and 55th avenue when he was shot. there was widespread outrage in oakland when this child was kill. police are hoping these sketches the surveillance video of this car, will help people remember something, maybe you will see someone who looks like these people, maybe you will see the car they are hoping if you do you will give police a call so they can try and solve in case. -- solve this case. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new youtube video of a vicious mugging as it happened in san francisco.
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the victim was this his car outside his home in the ingleside district when the suspect approached. have was shot and uploaded bayou tube to a neighbor. the suspect asked the victim for directions dragged him out of his car punched him in the face, stole his wallet and ran. san francisco police interviewing concert attendees after three women reported being sexually assaulted at outside lands. the festival wrapped up sunday more than 200,000 people turned out this year. the victims were assaulted by three separate attackers at different locations. police don't believe the incidents are related. the family of a vacaville teenager killed in a hawaii watercraft crash is suing an australian tourist and jet skiing company for her death. 16-year-old died last week. yesterday a judge denied the
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requested to lower his bail he's charged with negligent homicide. investigators say was not paying attention, just before his rented watercraft hit her craft from behind. the family sued claims the jet company did nothing to prevent him from driving recklessally. san francisco's library saw uptick in the number of people caught sleeping. the library has long been a place where homeless people take shelter. it has a social worker on duty to help them find services they might need. a review of security reports shows more than 80% increase in library sleeping cases. the incidents are at 1,000, compared to 600 last year. starting today, more than a million young immigrants who were brought into the country illegally by their parents can apply to stay and work here legally for two years, without deportation. immigration authorities expecting to begin processing applications today. that is on top of the six
6:36 am
million applications for citizenship and work visas they sort through each year. the agency says forms are available online and can be submitted today but take months to process. we have a link is citizenship and immigration services website on under see it on tv. dmv offices should be back to normal again this morning after a system wide computer malfunction forced them to close statewide. dmv says a router problem disconnected computers from its network. thousands took a day off from work this order to take care of business. most employees the day rebooking appointments. in southern california fires will be busy again trying to get control of raging wildfire in lake county, calfire says the two fires burning near clearlake are 60% on tainted -- contained.
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both fires erupted 20 minutes apart sunday along highway 20. firefighting efforts hampered by high heat. within firefighter was hospitalized yesterday. two structures have been destroyed and one damaged. in southern california, more than 200 firefighters at work in riverside county trying to prevent an 1800 acre wildfire from spreading into the san bernardino national forest. flames within a mile of a town, win home destroyed, others threatened, mandatory evacuations ordered no injuries reported, no word on a for that fire. fire crews hoping for a more favorable weather conditions let's see if things will improve. better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today as cooling trend will start to move deeper inland down into southern california. good morning. live doppler no areas of
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widespread rain, we have a little mist handling around clouds thicker, marine layer is that's why we have flight arrival delays into sfo of 50 minutes. going to have mid 60s along the coast, a lot of 70s and 80s around the bay, then a few 90s in the east bay valleys, 100s are gone if the forecast. moderate amounts of tree, mold and ragweed, low amounts of grass that's your pollen count. next three days, thursday into saturday cooler each day more clouds friday and state moisture fromst to our south passes to our west -- from our south that where we'll see any thunderstorms from system. good morning. heavy traffic now out of half moon bay with the waze
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traffic app, a traffic spotter says it is really heavy highway 92, a of drivers are stuck in that back-up. -- there was overnight roadwork that had one-way traffic control in effect out of half moon bay that was cleared at 3:30 this morning. not sure what is causing the slowing now. it is heavy through the area. also picking up slow spot southbound 88 know hayward, we told you about this -- southbound 880 in hayward. we told but this one at fruitvale is supposed to be blocking right lane that's what could be adding to the slow down. 580 eastbound alternate. 580 westbound at keller overturn crash reportedly still in the right lane but i see traffic improved, i don't see slowing i'll double check with the chp to see fit is still out there. bay bridge toll backed up past
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880 overcrossing. slowing north 101 in san jose, north 280 looking good up towards cupertino. 6:40 now. the new test that menlo park's facebook is about to face. trading underway on wall street. we have a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. the dow down 18 points. first, provocative politics. both sides point fingers as race for president starts to heat up. baby seat allowing little ones to sit up. new recall announced following a 7 on your side investigation. ñcúsor
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. welcome back. 6:44 on this wednesday clouds stubborn along the coast. mostly sunny around the bay 70s. north bay and south bay 80s. east bay valleys sunny upper 80s to mid 90s. you can see the remains of storms as they are heading away from the bay area even a few lightning strikes off the coast. more storms develop up there, also storms develop in the sierra once again not as hot across the state only 105
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fresno, 111 palm springs or the obnoxious heat. low to mid 80s san diego and l.a.. we want to thank those of how contributed to the sleep train foster kids dream campaign. one dollar donated for every like on facebook. thanks to -- pat t of san francisco and joe hand m of mountain view. like us on facebook go to abc7 news page every like will make a difference in the like of a foster child. now what is trending on twitter in the bay area: joe biden, big controversy over what he said on the campaign trail, julia child would have celebrated her 100th birthday today. medicine did care -- medicare lots of talk because of the selection of paul ryan as the
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vp candidate. and twilight star robert pattinson will be on gma this morning. reminder to follow us on twitter. stop getting personally involved in all these stories. let's check in with josh elliot for what else is coming up. good wednesday morning. coming up a very important health alert. new study warning that eating egg yolks could be almost as bad for you as smoking cigarettes. how worried should you be? dr. besser is here, next on "good morning america." former penn state football coach jerry sandusky may be writing a book behind bars. a jury convicted him. waiting sentencing set for next month. a pennsylvania tv station reports he has been exchanging
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paperwork with his wife and jail officials believe it involves a book. he wrote an autobiography in 2001 that may have led police to some of his victims. now a follow-up on a 5-year-old investigation by michael finney. today, federal safety officials ordered a second recall of four million popular baby seats. the recall coming five years after michael finney's investigation into infants toppling over and falling. many suffered severe head injuries. the company that makes the seats responds to today's recall with plans to add a child restraint belt. the company says their product is only meant to be used on the floor. presidential campaign trail getting nasty both sides made stinging comments. vice president biden was talking to a mostly african-american group in virginia yesterday when he said this about mitt romney's economic policy.
6:48 am
let the big banks once again write their own rules. unchain wall street! [ booing ] >> they are going to put y'all back in changes. >> the vice president's defenders say his back in changes was not the best phrase to use. but republicans have used similar metaphor about unshackling the private sector. mitt romney told voters in ohio that the president's tone sounds angry and desperate. mr. president take your campaign of division, anger and hate back to chicago and let us get about rebuilding and reuniting america. >> today president obama will be joined by the first lady to wrap up his bus tour in iowa. mitt romney starts in ohio, then alabama and north carolina. intel and facebook getting attention on wall street this morning. >> jane king joins us live from the new york stock exchange. good morning.
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pretty much a flat start to things today. feel like a broken record. it is getting into late august and we have the markets quiet typically this time of year. earnings reports and economic data too. staples getting stuck with a giant push-pin cutting annual sales profit forecast pretty good bargains for back-to-school shoppers those will probably continue as they try get more people in their stores. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all turned a slight positive as you can see. bloomberg index trading higher. we are waiting for intel being reporting quarterly results after the close. intel shares are a slight bit lower. facebook one to watch in addition to the announcement of making advertisement more prom , facebook facing a big
6:50 am
test tomorrow, lock-up on shares expires meaning early corporate investors will be able to sell their shares if they want to. shares of facebook has fallen 4% giving facebook the dubious distinction of the worst performing ipo on record that was supposed to be 40%. michael phelps announced retirement if the pool but still getting wet this time for louis vuitton. he's advertising a duffle bag. no doubt, not going to be the last we see of the olympian. i'm jane king. thank you for that picture that made kristen's day. >> i was checking out the bag. new updates from calfire they just tweeted regarding that wye fire, 8,000 acres burned they have 70% containment that is an improvement.
6:51 am
cooler, won't be as hot, won't be as breezy,. good morning. looking at clouds causing flight arrival delays of 50 minutes into sfo, oakland and san jose on time. doppler showing dry conditions out there, just a little mist along the coast. we'll talk about temperatures now most of us in the fives and 60s around monterey bay cloudy, mist, temperatures mid to upper 50s slower sun marine layer deeper, cooling trend that started yesterday, continues today cloudy tonight misty spot along the coast and higher elevation more clouds and cooler this weekend. oakland may jump up two december today, concord, san francisco and san jose all the same, two to four degrees cooler fremont to santa rosa. at pacifica, over to oakland 72° i am as you head into the -- east bay one of the warmest
6:52 am
spots brentwood 94° most of your neighbors upper 80s to mid 90s east bay valle, getting close to not needing that air conditioner, clouds and sun east bay shore low 70s, upper 70s fremont, castro valley, 79. low to upper 70s on the peninsula, near 60 that long the coast this afternoon daly city and pacifica the cool spots 59 mid 60s downtown south san francisco mid 70s to low 80s north bay valleys, beaches clouds, near 60°, 65 monterey cloud cover more sun 72 santa cruz sunny inland mid 80s to low 90s. at&t park 12:45 first pitch, warming up to 67 by the end of the game. tonight 50s and a few 60s around cloverdale, clearlake, antioch mostly cloudy.
6:53 am
watching this area of low pressure deepening the marine layer now pulling storms that developed to our north over the coast. that low as long as it is there and remnants of tropical storm hector to the south and high pressure going to steer moisture towards us this weekend, more clouds and cooler conditions then, any thunderstorms that develop will mainly stay over the ocean cooler sunday and into monday temperatures getting closer to average. we start off in san jose north 101 fine in this live shot past 880 towards santa clara. slowing before you get to the scene on north 101 especially alum rock to mckey where traffic moves at 21 miles an hour, highway 87 good and 280 fine into cupertino. a lot of accidents earlier this morning, south 880 at 16th and fruitvale cleared. westbound 580 keller overturn crash still in the right lane
6:54 am
but traffic moving at 66 miles an hour. -- 880 might be slower later this morning. golden gate bridge nice, just the low clouds terry ran into some mist earlier this morning. so far, no major trouble out of marin county into san francisco, live shot of the oakland maze towards the bay bridge westbound 80 fine through the berkeley curve, backed up to the 880 overcrossing, 580 good as well as north 880 at the top of your screen. as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go: number one, oakland police released sketches and scripts of a man and woman wanted in the killing of 5-year-old gabriel martinez. video shows the car they were driving when police say they shot the boy while trying to rob his father's taco truck. video of a san francisco
6:55 am
mugging as it happened is getting attention on the internet. suspect dragged victim out of his car, punched him in the face, stole his wallet. >> number three, four million baby seats are being recalled after michael finney's investigation found many children got severely injured in falls. the company issued a statement saying they plan to add a child restraint belt and remind consumers the seats are only to be used on the floor. number four, dmv assuring everyone their system is up and running, networking glitch knocked the computers off-line yesterday. a lot of people were forced to make new appointments. >> number five, "good morning america" will have an exclusive interview with actor robert pattinson he's promoting his new movie. he's stepping back into the spotlight after news broke of his girlfriend having an
6:56 am
affair with her director in another movie. you can watch pattinson's full interview on gma at 7:00. >> as much as you want to talk more about that let's check in with mike and the forecast. >> stake through my heart, mike. cloudy, happy hump day no organized areas of wet weather dry on doppler mist along the coast in higher elevations the deeper marine layer creating 50 minute flight arrival delays into sfo everybody else on time. near 60 mostly sunny high clouds and sun around the bay mid 60s to near 80 inland mid 80s to mid 90s. bay bridge toll live shot backed up to the 880 overcrossing right now just almost towards the foot of the maze. we have a real spry slow spot westbound 92 heading into half moon bay -- traffic at a
6:57 am
crawl some traffic spotters reported a complete standstill half an hour ago. someone asked if there is an accident? so far, none reports. thanks for joining us that will do it for this edition of the abc7 morning news. >> don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. your iphone. >> don't forget it is free. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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