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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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let's begin with breaking news. a fire burning in san francisco. firefighters on the scene near mission and silver also on the scene amy hollyfield with more. >> reporter: a firefighter reported that he found a man inside a victim inside who appeared to have passed on. they did take the victim away in an ambulance they have not confirmed how that victim is doing. that was the report on the scene. now you will see firefighters are still focused inside the home. the neighbors told them two elderly men lived here they are making sure that everyone is out of the home. the fire is out. it started at 3:30 this morning. they got it out in 30 minutes. it is happening here in the
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ex-sill -- in the excel district. neighbors were worried it was going to spread. firefighters appeared to have kept it to just this house. now you can see they are focused on this home making sure everyone is out. there's a lot of debris inside it is going to take time to get through. they are still focused on this home. they've blocked off a few streets. they are -- they say the fire is out. the captain is still very busy in the middle of this and hasn't had a minute to brief us yet. as soon as we get more information we'll bring it to you. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. investigators have officially ruled out the possibility that an idling chevron fire truck ignited the refinery fire in richmond.
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cal-osha officials say the engine was equipped an air intake shut off device. they say the involve would have prevented pit from overheating and -- prevented it from overheating and causing the fire. >> this morning a suspect wanted in five armed robberies in redwood city is in yale. -- in jail. video those deputies taking him into jail after a 10 hour standoff yesterday. authorities say they got several tips that he was in his home a video aired on news stations here on abc7 showing him during one of his robberies. >> people identified the person from what they saw in the video we took a decision mv photo and it was a match.
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we knew -- a decision mv photo and it was a match. he was a threat to our community. >> investigators searched his house and say they found evidence connecting him to the robberies. he has an extensive criminal record for narcotics and traffic violations. this morning a teenager fighting for his life after being shot in east san jose last night about 9:30 on the 600 block of sanders avenue. officers arrivedded to find the wounded teenager treated for potentially life-threatening injuries. police have no suspects or motive. in oakland, police looking for the gunman who killed a man in the drive-thru of a kentucky fried chicken after 6:00 last night on international and 73rd. the victim drove out of the drive-thru after he was shot into a building. police have no motive. the ethics commission has
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concluded that suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi is guilty of official misconduct. the panel stopped short of recommending mirkarimi be removed from office as the mayor requested. instead, the commission will hold another meeting to create a written recommendation and summary of their findings for the board of supervisors which will decide the sheriff's fate. >> i don't agree with the final outcome in this regard. i appreciated the level of depth they tried to arrive at. >> i'm shocked to see what happened today. but, we are fighters. and he's not going to resign. >> mirkarimi's official misconduct stems if a domestic violence incident on new year's eve with his wife whom you heard supporting him there. the mayor says the commission is sending a powerful message and strong case to the board of supervisors. we are learning about a
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secret meeting last week between the raiders, national football league officials and city leaders about a new stadium for the team. nfl officials arrived on august 9th to hear the city's pitch for a transformed coliseum complex. the team wants a replacement for the 46-year-old stadium. the raiders also have said they prefer to stay in oakland, but sharing the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara or return to los angeles are options. start of a big weekend forenew students entering uc berkeley and many other campuses move-in day. thousands will be moving into dorms, apartments and co-07s -- co-ops. 1300 international and out of state students begin orientation monday and classes next thursday. >> bringing back memories of your first day on the uc
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berkeley campus? >> and yours. >> to a degree. i think it was much later in my day. september. we started in october. >> they keep getting earlier. >> glad i got out when did. >> some districts have started. we'll check in with mike. [ talking over each other ] doppler showing what is going on. cloud cover out there, organized wet weather to the east. a lot of mist because the clouds are lower to the ground. a little more moisture, half mile visibility at half moon bay 3/4 in santa rosa. area of low pressure remember how it pulled away from the coast yesterday, now it is coming back that's why we have the deeper marine layer.
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7:00 with mainly cloudy conditions outside of the east bay valleys. clouds over the next hour or so, by 7:00, they should be into your neighborhoods. 50s and 60s there. noon, temperatures in the 50s, near 60 an coast. 4:00 in the afternoon check out temperatures, 60s along the coast into san francisco, 70s bay, 80s inland. next three days, multi-layers of clouds going to cool temperatures, especially tomorrow as we head into sunday and monday we may see a little rebound. good morning. we tart in the east bay. i want to tell you that 880 is flowing well through oakland. there's an early morning fatal accident on 7th street at maritime this going to block the 7th street on-ramp to 880. if you are heading through the area you need an alternate such as west grand. traffic itself on 880 is fine.
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we'll show you a live shot of the oakland maze, not too far away. this is westbound 80 traffic towards the bay bridge. this is eastbound 80 traffic do look for extra busy ride on the east shore freeway with all those berkeley students moving in, quite a long time ago for me. bay bridge toll, nice and light, kristen, it has been a while for both of us. >> longer go for me. >> longer go for me. longest of all for me. >> we want argue. good luck to all those students this is an invasion like something out of an alien movie. millions of aggressive mosquitoes move in on a peninsula community, next. from bad to worse what the latest numbers reveal about the drought gripping half the nation. on average, thousands of people a day
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good morning we may it to friday, what a change to start the weekend. we have mist and drizzle out there terry you drove across the golden gate bridge did you have to use your wipers? >> no. >> we'll check with mike about the fog and what is going to be -- you can see in san francisco, okay so far we'll talk more about that in a minute. >> despite recent rain the drought has grown worse across the united states from coast-to-coast, 61% of the nation faces moderate or worsening conditions this week. in america's bread basket 30% of the land is experiencing extreme to exceptional drought the most severe category, 221,000 square miles in the u.s. have hit that level a piece of land bigger than california.
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mosquitoes making a comeback in palo alto they've invaded few mile radius around the nature preserve. lisa amin gulezian has the details. >> reporter: it is not hard to taken people complaining about the same thing. >> i noticed huge increase of mosquitoes in the house, outside, everywhere. >> reporter: millions are invading a five mile radius centered around the palo alto flood basin this specific mosquito has been dormant more than 20 years. a broken floodgate has brought water and life to eggs that were laid in the 90s around the marshland. >> when the water hits them they are like the big eggs in the alien movies they go into action. >> reporter: and into a feeding frenzy. they don't carry the west nile virus, these mosquitoes are aggressive. they attack day and night. the county water district is
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trying to fix the broken floodgate if the meantime, santa clara county vector control is trying to control the problem. best bet to kill the hes through ground poison and aerial spraying. there isn't much they can did about the adult mosquitoes biting now at the nearby golf course, golfers are miserable. >> i notice when i was golfing, they would attack my face when i'm swinging and everything. pretty bad. >> reporter: vector control officials say the mosquito population has come down a lot in the past two weeks. still, they are considered foxing in specific locations, like the golf course. in palo alto, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. 4:44. we are getting word from that fire in san francisco that it appears two people have died in that fire. more in a few minutes. bay area prepares to pay tribute to a local marine
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multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. . a lot of 80s and 90s for the rest of the country very fall-like 70s around fargo, minneapolis and chicago. airports running green, stretch of yellow from memphis,
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atlanta through d.c. possibility of severe weather. i think we'll have flight arrival delays into san francisco this morning. check ahead, any time you want our flight tracker at at the bottom. tomorrow afternoon, a memorial service is planned for a los altos hill mass reason killed last friday in afghanistan. the 29-year-old was shot and killed with two other marines conning combat operations. -- conducting combat operations. the memorial service will be held at three in the afternoon tomorrow at the st. francis high school gym in mountain view. the family is creating a scholarship at the high school in his honor. >> >> california hoping to get a piece of a new federal grant to improve highways and roads the obama administration is announcing 470 million dollars for projects like repairing roads and bridges the administration hopes to
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improve transportation and the economy at the same time. the road to the white house focuses this morning on the republican ticket and the time they are having to spend deflecting democratic attacks. mitt romney answers nagging tax return questions and ryan circles around stimulus money for his district in wisconsin. >> reporter: mitt romney's running mate ryan has president obama's stimulus plan for years. when asked about a report that he requested money for wisconsin in 2009, he denied it. >> i don't recall, i haven't seen this report so i can't comment on it. i opposed the stimulus because it doesn't work. >> reporter: late thursday he admitted his office sent the letters and defended them as constituent services. after weeks of pressure to release more than two years of tax returns mitt romney
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admitted he had gone back to check his returns. >> i did go back and look at my taxes over the past 10 years i never paid less than 13%. >> reporter: trying to turn away from taxes to debate overmedicare. >> there is no change in medicare -- for seniors unmy plan. you asked me -- under my plan. which is better, going bankrupt or being solvent? >> reporter: the white house says the president's plan does more to secure the future of medicare. >> president protects medicare beneficiaries and benefits. the savings through the affordable care care act has extended the life of medicare by eight years. u.s. forest service changing 30 year policy and will begin nighttime missions to battle wildfires. the change begins next summer. congress and forest service have been reviewing the 2009 fire which burned 160,000
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acres, destroyed 200 structures and killed two firefighters. the los angeles times reports experts say a round of helicopters after dark might have helped when it was just a few acres. the fight against that lake county fire is going so well fire personnel are being sent home. full containment expected by sunday. 200 personnel were taken often lines yesterday. the fire which began sunday has burned nearly 8,000 acres. at its peak there were 1100 firefighters battling the flames the cause still under investigation. only good news with more moisture and humidity. >> absolutely. good news for those folks and the rest of us. a little misty this morning. i was going across the bay bridge needed wipers a couple of times, i just wanted to be like terry. flags are fairly still we have
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a pretty nice sea breeze blowing in just above the buildings in san francisco. you can barely see the top of the bay bridge. doppler no organized areas of wet weather dry in that respect watch out for the mist this morning, especially higher elevations and around the bay, 70 antioch for the warm spot, 60 san jose, everybody else 50s when you step out same around the monterey bay in your inland neighborhoods. cloud cover through at least 7:00, a slower reveal of sunshine. the thing you will notice is more clouds in the afternoon than yesterday. that will keep temperatures pretty much the same 60s and 70s around the bay and coast 80s and 90s inland. highs steady compared to yesterday 79 milpitas, low to mid 80s the rest of the south bay up the peninsula upper 70s dropping to 72 millbrae. near 60 along the coast today, 2 sunset, downtown south
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san francisco -- 72 sunset, downtown south san francisco, 70s, 80s north bay valleys beaches a few pockets of sunshine and low 60s berkeley 71 up to 78 hercules and fremont extremes on the east bay shore. upper 80s to mid 90s east bay valleys brentwood 93. 80s around morgan hill, gilroy, hollister, mix of mid 60s to upper 70s monterey bay. threat of thunderstorms up along the sierra, tahoe 81, yosemite 97 storms around palm springs 105 higher elevations to the east of l.a. and san diego, 91 and 82 there. back home tonight, 60 antioch, livermore, clearlake and cloverdale in the 60s everybody else in the 50s moisture coming from what is left of hector i believe we'll remain dry just more cloud cover and cooler best chance of thunderstorms north and
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east tomorrow that will diminish sunday. here's frances. start in san francisco we have amy hollyfield covering breaking news due to this fire. i would avoid vienna near silver and just avoid that stretch south of mission in the excelsior area. following fatal crash in oakland on city streets, 7th at maritime you may want to consider alternate such as west grand. pretty quiet elsewhere in terms of traffic especially on the freeways. looking good san mateo bridge westbound on the right past the toll, no trouble at all very light heading eastbound out of foster city no problems 101 on the peninsula. fog as you head across the golden gate bridge, so far traffic is light out of the north bay into san francisco. this sunday please join us
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for a half hour special called "just like me." about an incredible organization providing free camphor children with life-threatening or life altering conditions. cheryl jennings takes us inside the foundation in livermore. meet heroic campers struggling with health issues. you will meet the inspiring people who make it happen. our pegs report airs here on abc 7, 6:30 p.m. this sunday. >> state superintendent of schools is pushing educators to embrace the use of technology, including smartphones in classrooms. tom took to twitter to interact with educators to share recommendations with his no child left offline initiative. his recommendations would reverse growing trend of schools and districts banning cell phones on school guns.
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the school's chief says times have changed and the technology policy needs to change too. samsung making major commitment to create jobs in san jose. the tech giant sign add agreement that would lead to major -- signed an agreement that would lead to a major expansion in the city. >> this is another example of california taking steps to maintain and strengthen its position as a world leader in innovation. >> the deal involves+9ceh sam sg receiving financial incentives, including tax breaks. next, following breaking news in san francisco, firefighters are on the scene of a deadly house fire. amy hollyfield getting new information right now and she will be with us, live. also, latest on the search for two robbers who used a stun gun to commit their crimes. >> work being done in one of yosemite's most popular
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campgrounds to destroy a virus that killed a bay area man. new information we'll have more on that coming up.rpes
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. >> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. new information on our breaking news story in san francisco. two people have died in an early morning house fire in the excelsior district. >> amy hollyfield just got an update on the investigation. >> reporter: they found the two men upstairs in their home here on vienna and san francisco's excelsior district. firefighters got the call


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