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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 17, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning, i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. san francisco's fire chief hasìc everyone. something in a home kept firefighters from quickly rescuing victims. the fire broke out this morning. >> amy hollyfield has been at the scene all morning. >> reporter: firefighters say it looks like this was an extreme case of hoarding. look at all of this stuff,
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this is just the stuff they ofed out of the -- they shoveled out of the top bedroom. they say this is nothing compared to what they found inside. firefighters say there was so much stuff stockpiled inside this home, they had a hard time get together victims. >> it look longer than it normally would in a house that would be free of the debris. yeah, it took 20 minutes to get the first victim and another 10 or 12 minutes to locate the second victim. >> reporter: normally she says it would take a minute or two. both of the elderly men inside, died. >> a loss of life is always disheartening. i'm confident the crews did the best they could to get the best response. >> reporter: take a look at the garage firefighters say this is a snapshot of what it
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looked like inside. one firefighter said two of the three rooms had stuff stacked to the ceiling. in the kitchen, he said you couldn't get to the sink. >> i had a hard time walking through and i had the benefit of being cleared of smoke and flames. the crews did an incredible job. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood say they could tell there was a possible hoarding issue an you without going in. >> when you looked through the windows you could see piles of things. i'm sorry that happened. >> reporter: it appears one of the men did get up and tried to escape. neighbors say the other man was bedridden. >> they were nice. one was real sick. the other one was a good guy he took care of the other one. >> reporter: the chief said hoarding is more common than you might think. she said this is an extreme case. at this point investigators trying to figure out what started this fire. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening now, a big
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traffic problem on i-680 through fremont. an suv towing a boat crashed into another car. two southbound lanes of the freeway blocked at scott creek rolled. the boat is blocking some lanes of traffic. highway patrol expects that accident to be cleared by 11:30. not clear whether anybody was hurt an ambulance was called. sigh 7 hd is on the way and we'll bring more details as they -- they become available. highway patrol investigating early morning crash in oakland that killed a young driver and sent his passenger to the hospital before 2:00 this morning at maritime and 7th. an officer tried to stop the driver after he ran a stop sign, he took off and smashed into that palm tree. the car is destroyed, the driver died at the scene. passenger is expected to survive. officials say those young people were in their late teens or early 20s. san francisco firefighters
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dealt with another fire on their own turf a deck on the roof of station number 2 in chinatown caught fire 6:30. firefighters quickly put the fire out. oakland police warning the public a sexual assault and robbery us is income in custody. police -- suspect incus ditch. police believe there may be more victims. authorities arrested him in las vegas last month. he used my red a dating site to contact potential victims. if you have information call the vice unit at the number on your screen: it is on see it on tv. cal-osha investigators contradicting a report by federal investigators over the possible cause of last monday's refinery fire. they've ruled out the
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possibility that a chevron fire truck with an idleing engine was the source. it was skipped with a device that detects air hydrocarbons they said it would have prevented it from overheating or causing explosion. officials say more than 9,000 people went to emergency rooms for health problems. bay area congressman will be joining volunteers tomorrow in morgan hill searching for missing teenager sierra lamar. the 15-year-old missing march 15th, on her way to school. the congressman will participate in the search starting at 8 a.m. even though her body has yet to be found antolin garcia-torres is charged with lamar's murder. prosecutors a they have dna evidence linking him to the crime. right now the ethics commission vote is in and we are waiting to learn whether
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members will recommend that suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi be permanently removed from office the commission yesterday uphold the official misconduct charges. terry mcsweeney joins us live from city hall with reaction. >> reporter: we have the vote but we don't have the recommendation from the ethics commission that. is coming out next month at which time, if they recommend that mirkarimi be removed from office permanently, the board of supervisors will take up the issue. in front of city hall this morning we found a lot of people who have already come down on this issue. take a look at ross mirkarimi entering the hearing yesterday accompanied by his wife eliana lopez. she stands by her husband in asking for his job back. he says he doesn't agree with the vote but did appreciate the commission rejecting allegations he sought to get witnesses to not cooperate with the investigation. the mayor says the vote proves mirkarimi is unfit to serve the people of san francisco as sheriff. folks in front of city hall
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today know where they stand with >> it hard for me to imagine that somebody who has been convicted of a would be recommended to be sheriff overseeing the crime of the city. >> one or two things that you can be accused of in san francisco that will make everyone hate you, abuse of a woman and murdering someone. i think otherwise somebody will have sympathy for you. in this case it seems like a witch-hunt. >> i don't see the connection. i think i would be an excellent -- i think he would be an excellent sheriff i hope he stays in his position or gets put back. >> reporter: this began in new year's eve when a neighbor photographed a tearful lopez showing off a bruise given to her by pheur. >> mirkarimi had been elected but not sworn in faced felony domestic violence before he plea bargained down. next month the ethics
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commission recommendation if it recommends removal the board of supervisors will take up the issue, you need 9 out of 11 to agree to remove mirkarimi from office in that is going to happen. -- if that is going to happen. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the government is kicking off an initiative today to keep kids safer this summer. twist in bizarre burglary of steve jobs' palo alto home. how jobs' stolen ipad ended up in the hands of a local crown. it is no joke. right now sky 7 hd over a traffic problem after an suv towing a boat crashed into a car. you can see the traffic back-up two southbound lanes blockeor
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. this is in fremont on i-680 an area to avoid right now. it looks like they are towing a boat or suv away. suv towing a boat crashed into another car this is an injury accident. earlier we saw an ambulance, chp reporting an injury. right now looking better two lanes were blocked you can see all lanes seep to be move, although slowly back-up has grown jammed now to the auto
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mall parkway southbound 680 still avoid for a little while if you can. looks like they are clearing out the accident. it could take a while. in the meantime, the latest unemployment numbers just came out for california the state's jobless rate stayed the same in july. the same as did it in june 10.7% that compares to 8.9% for the rest of the country. the golden state added 25,000 jobs mostly in government, financial services and hospitality jobless claims offset those gains construction, manufacturing and transportation. the alameda man accused ofburg raoeutszing steve jobs' home has a new private attorney and court hearing monday a friend of the suspect has come out to say the suspect gave him one of the stolen ipads. he works as a professional clown and once ran for mayor in alameda and san francisco
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says he used jobs' ipad for a few days before police came and asked for it back. he loaded itunes to play songs and used it in his clown routines never knowing it had belonged to jobs. he got to know the suspect while coaching him on a basketball team. police say mcfarland has confessed to breaking into jobs' residence using a spare key he found on the property. government has launched aid crackdown this morning on children being left inside hot cars. the crackdown follows heat-related deaths of eight children nationwide in the first week of august. it is called the look before you lock campaign it reminds parents to double check cars before they walk away. >> it doesn't have any kind of profile you can say rich, poor, young, old, smart, stupid. this can happen to anyone. >> within minutes a car can
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heat up to well over 110°. children are at risk their bodies heat up three to five times faster than adults. not going to be too warm in the next day or so. a little cooling trend for the weekend. flight arrival delays are over the clouds are back to the coast. san jose oakland on time. cooling trend and threat of thunderstorms and where they will hit around the state. a prince to the rescue. prince william's mission saved the life of a teenaged girl. we remember the first couple and the kiss cam do over. do you know how their courtship started? details on the first kiss, next.
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so cute. please join us this sunday for a half hour special called "just like me." i'll take you inside the foundation it providing free camp for children with life-threatening or life altering conditions. meet the kampf ers and the -- meet the campers and the people who maybe it happen. we would like to thank more of
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the people who have contributed to the sleep train dream campaign by liking us on facebook. one dollar is donated for every like we get on our facebook page many to like us go to the abc7 news page click on the thumbs up button. busy morning for prince william who led a rescue mission to save a teenaged girl swept out to sea. he piloted the rescue helicopter while his colleagues brought her to safety. this is file video of william in training. the girl was swept away while trying to help her younger sister. a surfer saved the younger girl. both were taken to the hospital and should be fine. rescuers say they were very lucky. >> very own prince charming. >> right. >> what a story to tell. weather story changing. a little.
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maybe a lot to the north or east where the thunderstorms are going to be popping this weekend. beautiful picture of just how clear it has gotten and how quickly it has gotten clear. other pictures to show you. downtown san francisco you can see some of the clouds on your left out over closer to the ocean those will continue to slowly sink back to the ocean where it will be partly sunny this afternoon. live doppler you can see how dry it is outside. just not a lot going on now. we could have a few radar returns later this afternoon to our south and possibly to our east and north tomorrow. you can see the moisture if the south on our satellite that's remnants of hector maybe it will put more clouds in our forecast maybe an extra thunderstorm or two especially east. 85 antioch, 70s in the east bay valleys.
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59 san francisco, 60s elsewhere, 60 monterey and santa cruz just now seeing sun. for today extra clouds in the mid and upper level, low clouds back to the coast as we speak cloudy, mist possible tonight through tomorrow morning storms are best up in the sierra tomorrow. today mainly upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys brentwood 93. east bay shore berkeley 71 up to 78 fremont and hercules south bay 79 milpitas everybody in the low to mid 80s. peninsula pretty much mid to upper 70s millbrae 72 low 60s coast to mid and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco, sausalito 70, upper 70s to mid 80s north bay valleys. around the monterey bay from 66 monterey to 77 santa cruz.
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inland a run into the upper 80s around gilroy and morgan hill. game at the coliseum tonight 7:05 first pitch dropping to 58 by the end of the game. 50s in most neighborhoods under mostly cloudy sky tonight. if you ever been to the san francisco street food festival, the 4th annual partly sunny 11:00 up to 7:00, 60 to 68 them 60 by the time it winds up during the evening. sierra this is the best chance for thunderstorms today and to a lesser extent tomorrow in the sierra, all three days in yosemite. if you are heading to los angeles or san diego, chance of thunderstorms today, flash flood watches in higher elevations to the east because of the heavy rain that could come out of those thunderstorms watch out if you are heading down that way those will leave so cal tomorrow and head up our way.
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slightly cooler tomorrow with the extra cloud cover we get rid of the clouds and a warming trend sunday, monday next week temperatures below average. this is great news if you love chocolate especially dark chocolate drinking a cocoa rich drink or eating a chunk of dark chocolate everyday with bring health in older adults. people who ate dark chocolate regularly saw improved memory, language and judgment. doctors want folks to be careful you don't want to eat too much. new plaque in the southside of chicago marking the site where president obama first kissed michelle obama the first smooch happened 23 years ago in front of what was then an ice cream store in the hyde park neighborhood. the first couple sat on the curb which the president says doubled as their dinner table and ate their ice cream. the president says he kissed her and it tasted like
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chocolate. >> makes you feel closer to home that he can express his feelings like that out in public. >> now you know the flavor of ice cream she likes. last month the president and mrs. obama appeared on a kiss cam during an exhibition game of the u.s. basketball in washington, d.c. in october they will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. >> what a story. it is all out there next, friday's perfect pet. >> mike will intr
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a quick update on our
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breaking news story. all lanes open southbound 880 this is fremont live from sky 7 hd the scene is clear after an injury accident in which an suv towing a boat hit a car traffic backed up still slow avoid this area of 880, if possible. my turn now. i get excited about these things. coming at 4, a meeting on controversial lanyards meant to protect workers at the hospital. then at 5, decision that will change your online shopping habits and make what buy more expensive. those stories and more later today. you can also get excited about this, time for perfect pet. >> wait until you see who mike going to introduce us to. >> hello to amanda from the san francisco spca and brings
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zoe. >> fabulous miss zoe is eight years young, a tabby, a lap-warmer, biscuit-lover, great personally, easy-going my favorite cat at the shelter now easy-going lady. i hate see her go but i want her to find her forever home. if you get her now all cats over six months are free. saturdays we have waived all adoption s -- fees. >> nice seeing you both. >> thank you. thank you mike. >> that's going to do it for abc7 news. thank you for joining us. >> who wants to be a
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