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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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let staerts with a quick look at the weather. here's jeff martinez in for lisa argen. cloudy, foggy conditions across most areas and cool weather you will need that light coat for sure today as you are heading out. fog bank continues to roll in i expect clouds and fog throughout the morning. by this afternoon that should give way to sunshine that sun should burn off some of that fog later today. live doppler showing no precipitation right now. yesterday we had a few sprinkles. today temperatures right now in the lower 50s in san francisco, kind of on the cool side that is going to be the trend cooling things down. sunday forecast in just a few minutes. topping our news, two young boys are counting their blessings this morning after being rescued from a sinking rowboat in san francisco bay off candlestick point. it happened yesterday afternoon an extraordinary act of bravery by a heroic swimmer
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kept the 12-year-olds from drowning. john alston has the story itch >> reporter: i'm lucky to be here, now. not in the bottom of the ocean. >> reporter: that's jack with his buddy christian talking about their terrifying afternoon sitting in this eight foot rowboat that was adrift and taking on water on san francisco bay. two 12-year-olds wondering if they would survive. >> me and jack were balling and balling, crying, weeping. we were like we are never gonna get back. >> reporter: they might not have if not for nick who stripped down to his underwear jumped into the 55° water and swam nearly a mile with the rowboat sinking he grabbed the boys by their life jackets told them to lay on their backs and kick while he hauled them to the closest pier. >> it was a situation, there was no boat i was holding two
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jackets with one hand and doing the side stroke up to the pier. but we made it happen. >> reporter: that's where they were rescued by a coast guard cutter. the afternoon started pleasantly they were at recreation area for a 50th birthday party. they got in the boat to get a football that landed on the water but it was windy. >> got the football and we realized we are probably not going to get it back they were yelling at us. >> reporter: two other unidentified men also stripped down and jumped in the water and this to be rescued. but it was nick, a lifeguard for 15 years who was able to reach the boys. >> that was just the thing to do. >> he is a hero. he saved me and my friend's life. and we would have -- wouldn't have been able to get back without him. >> reporter: san francisco fire also took part in the
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rescue there was mild hypothermia, but everyone is fine. the two friends are set to start 7th grade monday. they say they will be ready when the teacher asks them, what did you do this summer? john alston, abc7 news. an 81-year-old man has been arrested in connection with a road rage incident that sent a cyclist to the hospital. it happened wednesday on highway 12 near the golf course. the cyclist says the driver yelled at him, followed him on to a path on the golf course and hit him. >> he could have continued and run right over me if he had chosen to do so. i was scared for my life. >> the victim had a titanium plate in his broken wrist. harry edwards smith was arrested after police got a tip from a female cyclist who suffered a similar incident last year. she said after an elderly driver yelled at her near the golf course she took a picture
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of his license plate. police used that information to locate smith, who was identified in a line-up yesterday. he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon. san francisco police say two suspected gang members are in custody on suspicion of shooting at an 18-year-old in broad daylight before 4:00 yesterday afternoon authorities say one shot the teenager at the corner of 3rd and gilman in the city's bayview neighborhood. the victim tried to get on a muni bus. witness testimony led police to a house where the suspects were arrested and a large amount of weapons were confiscated. the victim is to recover. in san jose police are looking for suspects in what they believe is a gang-related shooting that sent a 15-year-old skateboarder to the hospital it happened yesterday afternoon the teenager was shot in the leg is hospitalized but expected to be okay. >> in world news, nato says,
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three international service members have been killed in a bomb attack in eastern afghanistan. officials have not released details or said much about the bombing. most of the troops in eastern afghanistan are american, there are also service members in the region from other countries. a tribute to a marine from los altos hills who was killed in afghanistan more than 1800 people paid tribute to the 29-year-old. he was shot and killed while conducting combat operations nine days ago. sergio quintana has the story. >> reporter: this memorial was a chance for friends and family to a tribute to the 29-year-old who many describe as a strong leader. >> commit and stick to it. that's what matthew did. >> reporter: among those at the memorial were marines from camp pendelton done, san diego,
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and kamala june -- and camp lejeune. more than 1800 people turned out for the service for the captain, stretched on more than three hours. >> i think the length of this service today demonstrates how many people wanted to talk about him. >> reporter: the service included touching and sometimes funny moments including memories of amiss chief student. >> was he -- was he ever in the dean's office? yes, but it added -- adds to his personality >> reporter: he was killed with two other marines in afghanistan august 10th. his father says they were gunned down bay a man wearing an afghan security force uniform, someone they thought
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was an ally. under the circumstances, family and friends didn't waiver from the captain's mission in afghanistan. >> i'm curious what you thought when you heard of the circumstances of his death? >> wasn't surprised. we knew what he was committed to. >> reporter: he died in service to his country and in an effort to help the people of afghanistan. sergio quintana, abc7 news. there are now orders for service personnel to carry loaded weapons at all times in afghanistan. yesterday defense secretary panetta spoke by phone, with afghan president karzai. he's concerned about the rising number of insider taxes on u.s. and coalition troops. already this year the -- the deaths by afghan forces number 39, including an attack friday by an afghan officer that killed two u.s. servicemen. new this morning, in a couple of hours members of occupy the farm plan to return to that plot of land owned by
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uc berkeley in albany. the farmers say they want to harvest their tomatoes, pull weeds and water the soil near the tract starting at 11:00 this morning. they planted crops and lived at the site for three weeks last spring before the university brought in police and forced them to leave may 14th. three times this summer they've cut the locks and returned without the university's permission to harvest crops two weeks ago they gave vegetables in albany and at the west oakland bart station. so far the university has not tried to prevent the harvest. coming up next, wikileaks' founder julian assange appears in public for the first time since seeking asylum and calls on president obama to end a so-called witch hadn't. right now she is trying to become the first person to swim cuba to florida. she has already run i
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wikileaks' founder julian assange has just finished to speaking to reporters in lone dean. this is his first public appears since he took refuge on june 19th to avoid extradition to sweden. thursday he was granted asylum by ecuador's president. assange thanked him with a
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long list of wikileaks' supporters. he then made a plea to our president. >> i asked president obama to do the right thing. the united states must renounce its witch-hunt against wick can i -- against wikileaks. >> the white house has said the u.s. does not seek his extradition even though wikileaks began publishing a huge trough of military secrets in 2010. the british government cannot arrest him while he's in the embassy so far britain has refused to provide him safe passage to ecuador. >> president obama busy fighting a bitter campaign for reelection against mitt romney. both sides hurling nasty comments and even nastier campaign ads. both campaigns sharpened their critique of the other's medicare policies this weekend planning to intensify battle leading up to next week's
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republican national convention in florida. campaign advisers from both sides chimed in with obama campaign adviser pointing to corporate cuts made by romney which she says, hurt workers. >> mr. romney has put his business experience at the center of his rational for his candidacy it is important for people to understand is that what you want in the oval office? it comes with real consequences. >> what president obama did weakens medicare takes several billion dollars out and uses it to spend on a new entitlement that's the wrong approach. that's going to hurt current beneficiaries now. >> he said the governor's plan would replace medicare cuts by dismantling the president's insurance plan. the faa is investigating an emergency landing in new jersey by a united airlines jet after passengers saw flames coming from one of the engines. the jet is highlighted in that
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video you see. the fbi says a tire on the plane blew apart last night during takeoff and the debris flew into the engine. united calls it a mechanical issue. none of the 173 onboard was hurt. 62-year-old endurance swimmer diana nyad is trying again, right now to make the swim from cuba to florida in shark infested waters. here you see her during a previous attempt. she has already been stung four times by jellyfish but continues to press on with her quest to become the first to make the 103 mile crossing without a wet suit or shark cage. last word she said she felt confident and comfortable. she abandoned two brief an tells last summer after an asthma attack and then numerous jellyfish stings. jeff martinez is here in
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for lisa argen with the forecast. kind of cloudy and foggy most areas and chilly if you are heading out to the city we are socked in the transamerica building which stands 850 feet, covered in clouds at the top. cloudy and cool for your sunday. right now 50s in san francisco. i'll have a chilly day today, forecast and the seven day forecast cooling trend as well in a few minutes. next, a couple of scares for the 49ers in their game against houston. mike shumann has the latest
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pride events will take center stage again today in downtown san jose. ♪ ♪ >> having a good time, sitting up tall, standing up tall, a walker on stilts got a bird's-eye view of the celebration yesterday. this marks the 37th annual pride weekend for the south bay's lgbt community this year's theme is equality for everyone. the pride celebration runs today from 11 to 7. it is going to be cooler today for those festivities or anything else that you are looking for around the bay. >> right now five december cooler from this time
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yesterday. a lot going on, the zucchini festival in hayward starts 10:00 this morning. the big air show in santa rosa today. a little foggy there now i expect it to burn off late morning into this afternoon. good morning san jose, a few clouds out there, cool conditions as well. temperatures today will be in the mid 70s to near 80 down there, not too bad. most areas will see a little sunshine later today. for now socked in with the clouds vollmer cam looking out there marine layer our fog bank as we call it, 1200 feet. yes the clouds rolling in off the ocean throughout the day. our live doppler 7 hd not picking up on any precipitation right now, good news. dry for today, only places that may see an isolated storm will be in the sierra, if you are heading up to lake tahoe, you may see a thunderstorm pop-up not nearly as intense
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as yesterday, big storms crossed the sierra into lake tahoe yesterday. right now chilly, san francisco 53°, san rafael, 52, santa rosa fog with 50° now. yes, bring that coat if you are heading to the city. most areas on the cool side, livermore at 58°. here's visible satellite imagery showing fog rolling in off the ocean making it into the bay. most areas reporting cloudy to foggy conditions up and down the coast. again, by this afternoon, hopefully things should start to clear up and a little sun like yesterday it cleared out in the afternoon. cooling trend will be in the forecast for the next few days as we head into the week. we'll be looking out for that, those 100s we had last week will be gone. pressure moving to the north, showers continue to move to the north and east drying trend for us in the meantime still have that thick marine
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layer and foggy conditions throughout the morning. satellite and radar showing storms pushing off to the north and east into nevada. our model will it that in motion, shows a drying trend the next few days with the exception of the fog along the coast by even through monday afternoon and evening. high temperatures today 70s sunnyvale through saratoga, 80s, same for campbell and san jose about 80°. foggy from pacifica through half moon bay, mountain view 77 today, redwood city, good morning, 78° your high. again, a chilly day in the city, 65° downtown, 60 sunset district, some 80s in santa rosa for the air show today, 81 sonoma. east bay 70s oakland through fremont 77°, 90s still in the forecast from brentwood flew antioch and further down monterey bay, -- 64° there, 72
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salinas. cooling trend by next week 80s inland by tuesday and wednesday. looking pretty good no precipitation. good sailing weather for the america's cup practice sessions. >> that gets underway this week, thank you jeff. in about 90 minutes, petaluma's little league all stars play their second game in the world series in pennsylvania. as they did during thursday's win the local fans are going to gather at petaluma's boulevard 14 cinemas to watch that game. organizers have raised money to pay for players and immediate family members to travel to the series. they've raised $70,000 so far. you can watch petaluma's national little league team against tennessee this morning at 11:00 right here on abc7, go petaluma! it appears the 49ers have averted disaster after two of
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their new running backs were carted off the field last night. mike shumann has details. good morning. coaches and players alike have always lamented there are too many preseason games putting players in harm's way before the season begins. last night houston the nightmare came true as the 49ers lost two running backs. as expected he didn't see much action, only two carries. free agent jacobs looked great, left leg planned when he got hit. his injury isn't serious but he will miss time. he was carred off. randy moss first preseason appearance. after a year off, special teams had a few lapses 4th quarter. down the sideline he's gone, 87 yard touchdown, luckily this is only preseason.
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unfortunately, the game wasn't overdraft pick james rolls his ankle, harbaugh said he's expected back at practice monday, 49ers lose 20-9. after losing the first game without cabrera wednesday the giants taking second straight from padres. top two crushes this to left and gone second homerun of the season 1-0 giants. zito on the hill. headly knocks out three-run shot. giants tied in the 5th. buster for the go ahead run. single to shallow center sandoval scores from second. giants remain half a game
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ahead. members of the 2002 money ball team were celebrating. -- 16th of the year three rbi day a's up 4-0. in the 7th, [ unintelligible ] finished with three rbi's two homers in the 9th, a's win it 8-5. golf's us amateur in colorado. cal has two players in the semis. can we have an all cal bear final? weaver four birdies on the front to take a huge lead. weaver wins 3-2. hagey needed this putt on 18
9:27 am
to keep the match going, he was not close. [ unintelligible ] i'm mike shumann, have a great day. next, construction workers rush to complete renovations on memorial stadium with less than two weeks before cal's home opener. it is an invasion like out of an alien movie. millions of aggressive mosquitoes move in
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welcome back everyone.
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construction crews are racing to meet a deadline as they upgrade uc berkeley's memorial stadium. cal's first football game is less than two weeks away. nick smith has the details. >> a long time in coming. i hope the seats don't rumble too much during earthquakes. >> reporter: robinson is talking about the new upgraded football stadium. crews are in a mad dash to complete the finishing touches before the first game september 1st, when bears talk on the wolfpack. to make sure the seats don't rumble too much during quakes engineers built in several solutions to safeguard against seismic activity. >> there are pieces that straddle the faults south and north designed to move independently. >> reporter: the 89-year-old stadium will cost the university more than 320 million dollar tossup grid. according to the cal bears' web -- website premium see the start at $40 and up.
9:31 am
they've sold 70% to make up the shortfall they've hired a professional team to target alumni. >> now you are telling me. i thought i paid too much at $25,000. >> reporter: university officials insist the hefty bill will not fall on the backs of students but from a combination of selling rights to premium seating, fill land -- philanthropy and revenue from other events. >> i'm very excited, last year she had to ride bart into all the games. >> reporter: the stadium is knewer, also smaller, 8,000 fewer seats, but should make for a better experience. >> we have massive circulation improvement, restrooms, food and beverage. >> reporter: improvements only aren't only for the fans. new lockers, showers and play on new turf turf system.
9:32 am
you can grab a see the for less than $20. new this morning, fewer students at san francisco's public high schools when school begins tomorrow. the san francisco unified district has 500 fewer 9th graders. that means the district will receive less money from the state. today's chronicle reports enrollment is up for kindergarten and 6th grade. 9th grade down. the paper explains it reflects census figures showing more families with younger children but decline among the school-aged population. bad weather grounded planes yesterday in the dallas area. mosquitoes carry west nile the spraying of insecticide comes after the virus has killed 10
9:33 am
in dallas. crews went door-to-door zeroing in on neglected swimming pools. a drought has gripped much of texas as one expert explains mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to breed. >> one of things that happens in drought years is people tend to collect water when this occurs you have perfect breeding grounds. >> so far west nile has affected several hundred americans and killed 10 in dallas, this is the worst outbreak this early in the season ever. young children, elderly and people with compromised i am moon systems face biggest risk of coming down with west nile. bay area bird has tested photographer the west nile virus. that bird was found -- found dead in livermore thursday, authorities released results yesterday, the first bird in alameda county to test positive for the west nile this year. in palo alto the problem is marsh mosquitoes making a
9:34 am
big comeback feasting on humans. they've invaded a five mile radius around the nature preserve in palo alto. lisa amin gulezian has details. >> reporter: in parts of palo alto, it is not hard to find people complaining about the same thing. >> i've noticed huge increase in mosquitoes in my house, outside, everywhere. >> reporter: millions of marsh mosquitoes are invading five miles around the palo alto flood basin this specific mosquito has been dormant more than 20 years, a broken floodgate has brought water and life to eggs that were laid in the 90s around the marshland. >> when the water hits them they are like those big eggs in the alien movies, they go into action. >> reporter: into a feeding frenzy. they don't carry the west nile virus, these mosquitoes are aggressive, they attack day
9:35 am
and night. >> they can actually in livestock situations they can reduce the weight and health of livestock. >> reporter: the county water district is trying to fix the broken floodgate. in the meantime, santa clara county vector control is trying to control this problem. the best bet to kilt the hes through ground poison and aerial spraying there isn't much they can do about the adult mosquitoes biting now. >> in three minutes, i got six mosquito bites. >> reporter: at the nearby golf course, golfers are miserable. >> two layers of jackets and mosquitoes still went through those. >> when i was golfing he was able to attack my face when i'm swinging. >> reporter: vector control officials say the population has come down a lot in the past two weeks. still, they are considering fogging in specific locations, like the golf course.
9:36 am
lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. still ahead, san francisco's most famous twins. >> and a financial squeeze facing a situation too common as we age. take a live look from santa cruz are you landing to hit the boardwalk? maybe catch some rays today? jeff martinez will tell you what you might want to does like he has your forecast in a few minutes. this morning we would like to thank more -- more of the people who contributed to the sleep train campaign. to like us on facebook go to the abc7 news page and click the thumbs up button one dollar donated for every like on our facebook page.
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welcome back. time is 9:39. you are taking a live look of that beauty of a span known as the golden gate bridge. lots of fog still surrounding that bridge. jeff martinez will be along shortly with a full forecast. in the meantime, we appreciate you're watching the abc sunday morning news. two of san francisco's most well-known personalities are dealing with a huge challenge. marian and vivian brown are fighting to stay in the city they love, even though the care they now need at the age of 85 is hard to find and very expensive.
9:40 am
>> i'm marian, i'm eight minutes younger than my sister vivian. >> they are identical twins. colorful characters in san francisco. since they arrived here from michigan, more than 40 years ago. >> in the city, san francisco, oh yes, i don't want to move out of here. >> that prospect has worried the sisters since vivian developed alzheimer's and is now hospitalized. they are searching for an assisted living facility in san francisco. experts say the cost range from $3500 a machine to $7,000. they made money over the years during commercials and making appearances. marian says as they've gotten older the jobs have dried up and just being a san francisco institution doesn't pay the bills. >> that's no advantage. you can have a reputation, you can have everything, but if you can't afford it, you can't afford it.
9:41 am
>> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: david is a health care consultant who works with the city's department of aging and adult services. he says san francisco is a good place to grow old. >> this city has been incredibly innovative. they are willing to put general fund dollars into programs that many other cities may not have the money to do. >> reporter: agrees most assisted living facilities in the city target either the wealthy or poor. the twins feel trapped in the middle. now their dilemma has come to the attention of the jewish family and children's services which operate apartments. >> our emergency assistance program accepts donations from the bay area which is very generous in providing for this very frail and needy segment of our population. >> reporter: marian is hoping she and her sister lab able to stay in the city and be together again it has been very lonesome without her.
9:42 am
>> the bay area is very generous, a lot of people are responding to this story with offers of help. jewish family and children services the organization taking the lead, handing the case -- handling the case. if you would like to donate we have a link on abc7 news dots cop. we will let you know when vivian is out of the hospital and she and marian reunite. >> great story. hopefully things work out for them, wish them the best. great support by the community weather cloudy, foggy, cool, compared to yesterday, an to almost 10° cooler than yesterday definitely going to be a cool -- cool sunday with the clouds as we look at the bay bridge from our roof cam that cooling trend will continue into the week ahead. i'll talk about that with myself haven't day forecast in a few minutes. also, helping children with life-threatening illnesses. we'll take you side a bay area
9:43 am
camp where kids set aside their fears and make friendsñcús
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good morning welcome back. it is 9:45. this is a live look from our emeryville cam on this sunday, august 19th. hope your morning is going well. the weather today on the cool side. a dip of about 10° throughout the bay area. jeff martinez our
9:46 am
meteorologist will be along shortly with the full forecast. a child who is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness means the entire family is affected for a very longtime and they need a lot of support. there is a place where families can get that kind of support for free in a fun, relaxing environment in the east bay. thanks to the taylor family foundation. cheryl jennings takes us there. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: every birthday is important to children, especially if they have a life-threatening illness in livermore they get to celebrate with families and new friends. this is jack's camp. the taylor family foundation provides this camp for free for children diagnosed with brain tumors. who has brain cancer? >> me. we tried different things for it, it just shrunk and then it
9:47 am
grew and shrunk and grew. >> my brother now he has a little problems with hearing and his brain doesn't work as well but we are happy he survived. >> the first time i met somebody that had the same brain tumor as me and that's rare. that is cool. >> such a crucial level of support for these families who are stressed out. >> we first came to camp before ashley's second surgery, we didn't know anybody who was going through what we were going through. >> reporter: he runs a support group where they talk about the illness. >> it is the sibling who is maybe being left with family members or friends while parents are spending time at the hospital. the financial stress because parents want to be with their child and not be able to be maybe at their jobs, maybe lose their jobs because of. >> reporter: the camp is personal, melissa's son wasn't
9:48 am
three when he was diagnosed with multiple brain tumors, plus she had a new baby. melissa is my niece. >> it is healing each time you get to tell your story for somebody who wants to know the details. >> reporter: mitch's son aid dan was diagnosed when he was four. -- >> it was did the first camp, listening to the stories. i think i can't come back but just seeing how much fun and the joy that aidan has when he comes here and the friends, i was like i can't deny him that. [ inaudible ] >> the foundation was created by barry and elaine taylor she is related to jack of jack's camp. jack was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 24 and did not
9:49 am
survive. he won't be forgotten thanks to the camp named after him. >> i always say there for the love of jack these families are together and have the support they never had. >> reporter: and the children who survive their tumors honor jack's memory, every time they come and enjoy camp. >> it is great to have everybody here and their family here and it is just great to get away from your house and your tv with >> this place is wonderful for everyone with brain tumors and families just to come here and play. and have fun. >> reporter: cheryl jennings, abc7 news. we invite to you join us tonight for and depth look at the incredible work being done by the taylor family foundation, a special report hosted by cheryl jennings called "just like me" airs tonight at 6:30 on abc7. we like to have good news like that. >> right, good positive story and kids have a good outlook. good news there
9:50 am
our weather cloudy and cool today as you can see behind me the bay bridge socked in a little with the fog and the clouds. a stratus-type cloud fog rolled in this morning, starting to lift a little that will be the trend into the early afternoon hours once we get daytime heating hopefully that fog should burn off still cloudy nonetheless out there for your sunday morning. thanks for joining us. live doppler in high-definition getting a break this morning, yesterday a few showers and thunderstorms, we are in the drying trend everything pushed north and east foggy conditions along the coast and places like santa rosa the wings over wine country air show today, unfortunately, reporting fog and visibility about a quarter to half a mile in santa rosa, i'm hoping later on this afternoon, early afternoon that fog should lift with sun and daytime heating.
9:51 am
san francisco 54°, bring the coat today going to be chilly there with the wind picking up about 10 to 20 miles an hour out of the west, it will feel on the cool side is visible satellite imagery, you can see fog bank of marine layer about 1200 feet or so really stretching into the bay, starting to retreat just a little. again, as we get some heating, hopefully that fog will start to burn off, still we'll see it in some areas throughout the coastal regions. cooler, partly sunny by in afternoon, cooling trend continues into next week. this week ahead. area of low pressure that brought showers moving north and east, dry things out the next few days temperatures stay cooler with the drier air and you can see satellite and radar in motion, big storms yesterday toward lake tahoe and points north all of that will stay north and east of us today as we put the computer model into motion the fog hangs along the coast the next
9:52 am
day or so, especially tomorrow morning redeveloping. today upper 70s from sunnyvale through santa clara, milpitas 78, san jose sunshine now, high of 80°. patchy fog towards pacifica, half moon bay, temperatures up are 50s to 61° through the downtown area on the cool side with 65°, 70 in san francisco, sunset district about 59 to 60°, yes, a little chilly out there for this time of year, 82 santa rosa, 80 vallejo, napa 82° for you, 70s across the east bay with stratus-type clouds clout the day. san leandro 73° for you. warming things up towards pittsburg 90°, antioch 91, brentwood 90, livermore about 86 for your high. monterey, 64 today, santa cruz sunshine out there now, 706° your high expected -- 76° your
9:53 am
high expected. kind of cloudy today for the most part at least early on clearing out monday, tuesday, clouds and cooler temperatures mid 80s tuesday and wednesday, 70s across much of the bay. a little cooler at least no rain in the forecast. >> you can expect brisk business over there fisherman's wharf selling the hoodies and the scarves to the tourists. >> down there yesterday, it was packed, as always. new this morning, old iron side the navy's oldest commission warship sailing under her own power in boston harbor today for the time in more than a century this is video from an hour ago. the uss constitution sailing on wind alone with tugboats along side as a precaution. the constitution first sailed in 1797 earning the nickname, old ironside because enemy
9:54 am
cannonballs seemed to bounce off of her. today's cruise was short but historic the last time she sailed on her own was in 1997, celebrating her 200th birthday. some of the world's best sailors tested their skills on san francisco bay as they prepare for this week's america's cup world series. the practices and competition are taking place along the san francisco water front between chrissy field in the presidio and the embarcadero. yesterday's practice rounds attracted people to the marina green where crews are setting up bleachers so fans can view the races. the preliminary races begin tuesday and runs through the weekend.
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totino's pizza rolls. the bay area's aniest al sports franchise held tryouts yesterday but they were not -- not looking for new players. several people sang the star spangled banner at pier 39 all hoping to be one of those cho end to sing the national anthem before a hockey game at the palace there you see dan ashley serving as one of the judges. looked sunny there yesterday. what about today? >> kind of cloudy especially this morning by the afternoon a little more sun in the
9:58 am
forecast. cool conditions especially midweek only mid to upper 80s inland 70s along the bay. there you have it. have a good weekend. that is if going to do it for us, thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with jeff martinez. our next newscast is at 5 p.m.. don't for get to cheer on the petaluma national all-stars in the
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