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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news from near the uc berkeley campus. a car crash has resulted in a gas leak. >> amy hollyfield is there with the latest. >> reporter: take a look at college avenue behind me you can see it is shutdown. if you look closely you can see the crashed car. this started about 2:56 this morning. triggered a gas leak. uc officials decided to evacuate putnam hall on college avenue. all students have been accounted for. they did move the students out, just in case. pg&e has been able to turn the gas off. we asked the police officers
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about the driver if he survived, if the driver is okay? they told us yes he did survive that's all they would tell us. police still here, still working on the case deep inside the police tape. we are still waiting to get a few more details about what happened. the basics, sound like things are okay and under control at uc berkeley. students have been evacuated, accounted for, okay inconvenient midweek on campus for them to go through this in the middle of the night. but they've been moved to a safe location. we are waiting to get more details. stay with us we hope to have more information. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. looks like repair work to be done. deadly week in san jose after the 7th murder in eight days. latest victim a man in his 20s
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found stabbed inside a safeway store. it occurred 8:30 last night at this store on story road and south white road in east san jose. police are not sure where the stabbing took place but victim wound up dying in a center aisle of the store. investigators have been talking with witnesses. so far all they have is the suspect was wearing dark clothing this is the city's 31st -- homicide of the year. mountingó,)2u pressure on the police keefe. stepping up in a raging battle against northern california wildfires. this morning the governor is sending emergency fighting help after the blaze spread and threatened thousands more homes. katie marzullo joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: one of the harder new numbers to hear from the
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ponderosa fire is the number of buildings destroyed, 50. fire officials say many structures are homes but they don't have an exact count. the fire is threatening 3500 homes. multiple neighborhoods are under evacuation orders. families are packing up. yesterday, a decision c-10 was brought in to help dropping -- a dc-10 was brought in to help dropping retardant. >> this area that hasn't had a fire in more than 40 years where this is burning, extremely steep terrain, heavy fuels and remote access. >> reporter: nearly 1900 firefighters are on the gown the governor is sending national guard tops to help fema is offering -- federal money. the last calfire update shows the fire is 40% contained.
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chevron will open a new help center this morning to assist people affected by in month's refinery fire. the new help center will open at 9:00 this morning at the north richmond community heritage senior apartments until 7:00. people with file claims through saturday, the last day to file a claim. contra costa county supervisors plan to replace the company that provides reverse 911 telephone alerts. it took more than three hours to notify 18,000 people near the refinery to shelter-in-place. that vendor city-watch gets $90,000 a year. the company warned supervisors switching companies won't necessarily improve performance because all systems redial calls that don't get answered. two-car crash in martinez
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on highway 4 around 7:00 last night. chp says the driver lost control hit a guardrail and came to a stop on the side of the highway. moments later an suv rear ended that car, sending it down an embankment. it caught fire killing the driver who remains unidentified. new poll of san francisco voters found nearly 2/3 surveyed think suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should be removed from office. the chronicle report in the poll of 500 voters, 61% said mirkarimi should be removed from office, 31% said no, 8% weren't sure. mirkarimi was suspended by mayor lee after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge involving a new year's eve argument that left a bruise on his wife's arm. today and tomorrow the city of san jose will con the
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largest of five scheduled -- will conduct the largest of five scheduled cleanups of homeless cams the city began last month after a string of suspicious fires broke out in kelly park. recent court decisions changed the rules. now the city must post advance notice before sweeps any property has to be recorded and stored to give the homeless a chance to reclaim. the boys from are a step closer to winning the little league world series they are in the semi finals after beating connecticut last night. fans fill the movie theater again to watch the victory. john alston has more. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the moment of victory, 2400 miles away in petaluma nearly 200 fans filled boulevard cinemas, including the proud grandparents of the second
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base man, porter slate. >> exciting to watch. >> we are so happy that they played so well today and i think that was just wonderful for them. >> reporter: the darkened theater was transformed into a ballpark the crowd went wild after the three run homer by smith, the son of the manager eric smith. >> it has been a long couple months for all of us. this takes a lot out of ya we are on the field with the kids as far as i'm concerned, pretty intense. >> reporter: maybe it was the good luck charm outside the players have been winning after rubbing the head of a 4-year-old boy whose brother was on a regular season team. >> day two they did it, when ted couldn't be there they would rub the picture. >> i was nervous, but i'm glad
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they came out with the win. >> reporter: the team is off today. another big movie showing when petaluma plays thursday regardless of what happens the city is planning a parade for the team on september 2nd. >> you can watch the semifinal game tomorrow on espn 2, they3ff will play either tennessee or texas. good luck gentlemen. >> i'm sorry mike only has a little time he could probably go into commentary on this. >> he's a little league coach he knows the system. >> retired. pitch count is going to be a big part. that pace going to come into play for everybody, especially
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through the losers' bracket. >> as far as visibility, good morning, welcome to wednesday. mile and 3/4 visibility just starting to form in santa rosa could get thicker. two mile visibility half moon bay everybody else okay. mist in the air once again even drizzle along the coast. area of low pressure on top of the bay area enhancing that moisture this morning. you can see prevalent in the green along the coast through 7:00, temperatures in the 50s. green will go away by 10:30, 11:00, cloudy along the coast, 50s, 60s and 70s the rest of us. 4:00, near 60 along the coast, 65 oakland the rest of us in the 70s, 80s in the east bay valleys, all of us in the 50s and 60s by 7:00, 70s around fairfield, antioch, livermore, san jose. next three days nearly steady
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no wild swings mid to upper 80s inland, 70s bay, 60s coast. good morning. quiet start. there's roadwork antioch eastbound 4 at loveridge all lanes blocked until 5:30 detours in place, overnight roadwork the last couple of weeks continues until 5:30. southbound 680 heading westbound out of antioch continuing southbound towards highway 24 traffic still light no delays, no problems for folks heading towards the bay bridge toll. big rig stall just reported near the tolls in the slow lane. i don't see it. at this point, bridge crews will be there to help clear the roadway. it shouldn't cause too much of a problem. south bay one more quick stop, northbound 280 heading towards cupertino this is northbound 17 coming out of the santa cruz mountains.
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very nice and quiet start. 4:40. curiosity guess ready for a trip on mars. the big test the rover faces today as it prepares to get down to business on the red planet. imagine your car chatting it up with other cars on the road. amazing technology being put to the test that could one day save your life.
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good morning. live look downtown san francisco low clouds and a little more drizzle for some of us. we'll talk to mike about the cooler than normal temperatures and what we have in store the rest of the week. america's cup world series qualifying races get underway in full swing today. tesla motors is coming to marin county the form of a service center to repair and
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maintain their electric cars the service center will open this fall inside an industrial complex in san rafael. it will be the first stand alone repair center in the bay area the company has 18 others worldwide and hopes to double that number by the end of the year. a spokesperson says they chose the site because that's where many of their customers live. u.s. government and university of michigan hope a can communicate with each other will make roads safer. the school and u.s. transportation department quick -- kicked off a year long experiment. the cars, trucks and buses will have devices that send wireless signals to other vehicles and traffic lights. the cars will get warnings of a possible crash also make traffic lights change to green. the government and michigan university hope the 25 million dollar project in ann arbor will lead to similar devices
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for all cars. nasa's rover is getting ready for the first test drive. scientist plans to move it forward 10 feet, turn right then back up and park to the left part of a health check-up that the rover has been undergoing since it landed on mars. it could cover hundreds of feet per day conducting experiments and sending back data. nasa says a wind sensor was damaged during landing, but that won't jeopardize the mission. republican party is getting ready for its convention next week in florida. the kink that could complicate their plans. playgrounds at fast food restaurants new push to make them safer. getting ready for breakfast. the new report that may have have you thinking twice before yous to leftovers. -- before you toss leftovers.
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welcome back. clouds stubborn and the coast 60s into san francisco upper 60s richmond, oakland, san mateo, 70s rest of the bay shore into the south bay 80s north bay. temperatures across the country startology warm up 80s, 90s in most areas seattle 68, portland 73. airports on the east coast all have green, no yellow spots to show you where organized severe weather would be quiet across the country, hopefully your flight will be that way. expecting delays at sfo. will have them. 4:48. a man arrested for making threats against president obama is set to appear in federal court in washington state today. investigators say the man sent an e-mail threatening the president to an fbi mailbox.
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agents went to his apartment and say they say he pointed a shotgun at them when opened the door. a search of his home turned up two weapons. the 31-year-old was taken into custody. he served in the military. new poll out this morning on the vice presidential candidates. the poll finds 41% of americans have a favorable view of paul ryan, 30% found him unfavorable. as for joe biden, americans are divided 43% between those who have a favorable impression and 43% who see him unfavorably. >> todd akin is vowing to stay in the race and dragging the campaigns off message. later today the obama campaign will send out a mass e-mail tying his comments to the gop presidential platform of
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mitt romney and paul ryan. >> reporter: this is what republicans now face as the campaign enters the home stretch aggressive effort by democrats to link reut and paul ryan to todd akin. wrong for women this banner says. missouri candidate apologized for his legitimate rape comments and said he shouldn't be asked to dropout. >> i misspoke one word in one sentence on one day and everything changed overnight. some of the liberal media was sharpening their long knives. they've asked know step aside. >> reporter: it is not liberals calling on him to drop it is republican leaders, tea party groups. paul ryan personally called him to tell him he should think about what is best for the parties. >> republicans did an immediate read of the politics of this situation and decided his candidacy was not retrieve able.
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>> reporter: defiant akin says the gop is making a hasty mistake some supporters agree. >> how do we continue as a republican party if we are going to knock down on one thing a congressman who has been serving and doing a fantastic job? >> reporter: the problem for republicans akin has given democrat as opportunity in the final days of the campaign to paint the gop as out of touch on women's health issues. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. >> republican party just approved an anti-abortion amendment in its platform that makes no mention of exception for rape and insist at odds with romney's view. romney campaigning in iowa. ryan in virginia and raleigh, north carolina ahead of the convention in florida. >> tropical storm issac is picking up steam today on a track that could take it to florida and possibly become a factor when the convention i
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kicks monday in tam payment >> we'll try not to read anything into that where isaac is going. we will read something into the forecast. >> republicans, global warming, hurricane i'm kidding it could go towards tampa tuesday we'll keep an eye on it. back at home, we are looking at low clouds you can see them over san francisco to the south from our roof cam at front and vallejo streets, mist and drizzle at the coast doppler is spinning around looking for organized area of wet weather we don't see it don't be surprised if you don't see moisture this morning just not very conducive this pattern other than the mist and drizzle at the coast. 48 santa rosa low end, 62 antioch, 60 mountain view, everybody else in the mid to upper 50s monterey bay inland
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cloudy, mist, drizzle, mid to upper 50s. cloud cover penetrating into the delta even central valley the next couple of hours slow retreat out of the east bay and south bay valleys around 11, 10, by noon still a nice warn of -- a nice bank of fog around the central part of the bay sitting there through the golden gate towards berkeley and oakland by 3:00 definitely going to be there. 50s and 80s today our spread we start in the south bay mid 70s to low 80s from 74 milpitas, 82 los gatos. 60 at half moon bay daly city 58°. low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito. upper 70s low 80s north bay valleys upper 50s beaches east bay shore upper 60s to mid 70s
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castro valley, hercules and fremont low to mid 80s east bay valleys morgan hill, gilroy low to mid 80s, 60s and 70s will take over most of the monterey bay more sun around santa cruz. 12:35 first pitch grab sunscreen bright day 66 by the time the game is over thunderstorms possible around yosemite, 84 palm springs, 99 not as likely l.a. and san diego, america's cup breezy southwest winds 15 to 25, 20 to 30 miles per hour, upper 50s. look how steady the temperatures are 60 coast, mid 70s bay, mid to upper 80s inland everyday. starting off in berkeley, you heard amy hollyfield's report near chanting way at college -- at channing way at college, street closures not
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causing much traffic. i-80 through berkeley westbound off the carquinez to the bay bridge toll delay-free eastbound good there was some roadwork they are clearing now eastbound near gilman. no trouble at all. quiet across the san mateo bridge westbound on the right leaving the toll moving well out of hayward into foster city and san mateo. no major accidents now. you will encounter fog this morning across the golden gate bridge. i had to use my wipers driving over pacific heights through san francisco. 4:55. playgrounds at fast food restaurants in california may have to meet higher cleaning standards. the state senate approved a bill tcome up with policies to keep play areas as germ-free as eating areas and inform parents how often they clean the structures, like they do with the bathrooms.
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bacteria levels at the playgrounds are currently unregulated. the bill now moves to the assembly for a vote. can you an moved to -- can you afford to throw out half the food you buy at the supermarker. a study shows that's what americans do. 40% of the food purchased gets tossed out each year 165 billion dollar withs worth of food ending up in the garbage. for a family of four that works out to be more than $2200. fruits and vegetables tossed the most followed by seafood, breads, meat and milk. a critter who found itself a long way from home is safe thanks to san jose workers. it ended up running around the storm drain in the willow glen neighborhood last night. crews teamed up with wildlife specialist to catch it. they usually live in the sierra above the 6,000 foot level large rodent may have
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hitched a ride inside or under somebody's vehicle. a group plans to work with a rehab center to release it back into its native habitat in the sierra. 4:57. we will continue to follow breaking news. gas main leak off the campus of uc berkeley near a dorm with hundreds of students, we are live on the scene students evacuated what happened, the latest from cal, coming up. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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