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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 22, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news from the sports world a's pitcher colon suspended for 50 games after testing positive for testosterone. he has been one of the most consistent pitchers this year with 10 wins and nine losses
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he's a cy young award winner. >> a's say they are disappointed but says it supports the drug and treatment program and effort to eliminate performance-enhancing substances. the a's will have no further comments. >> the suspension comes after the same penalty was slapped on melky cabrera last week. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. right new governor brown is in san francisco with educators talking about his tax initiative to prevent cuts to public education. >> katie marzullo joins us live with more. >> reporter: the kids here just three days into the school year and they have that high profile visitor. governor brown here chatting
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up the kids spending time with them in their classroom before making his pitch for prop 30 that. involves temporary tax hikes. the proposition would raise sales tax a quarter cent for four years and income tax on families making more than $250,000 a year for seven years. the money would go to primarily k-12 education, also community colleges all of which the governor says have already suffered deep cuts and would face more if prop 30 does not pass. the governor calling the proposition reasonable and crucial. >> over the last 30 years those at the top have dubbed, more than doubled their share of income. i'm just saying, please give back one or two or three percent over the next seven years and the kids in california will be much better for it. you will be better for it. our whole state will be able to go forward in a solid way that's the pitch. i'm going to do everything i
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can to make sure prop 30 wins. [ applause ] >> reporter: the governor surrounded by teachers and other school officials also speaking out on behalf of proposition 30 the yes on prop 30 group. of course there is the no on prop 30 group. they say the government has not proven itself to be good stewards of money soy why give more citing the bloated pension system, the park scandal and in general wasteful spending. the statement says without the high speed bullet train the state could afford 4,000 more teachers a year. katie marzullo, abc7 news. big traffic back-up in san mateo county this morning after a deadly crash s traffic. this is -- southbound 280 black mountain road in hillsborough the car lost control, slammed into a tree
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tree the circumstances are still under investigation. you can see the big back-up that was this morning. we just got off the phone with chp they say the left lane that was blocked is now open. in san jose, police investigating the city's 7th homicide in eight days. they found a man in his 20s lying in an aisle of a safeway store on story road 8:30 last night. yesterday assemblywoman compose wrote a letter to the police chief urging him to get help from the highway patrol. the stabbing is the city's 31st homicide of the year, compared with 27 this time last year. san jose's total count for 2011 was 39. students returned to their dorm rooms this morning after a suspected drunk driver broke a gasline near the campus before 3:00 this morning the car ruptured a gasline connected to the dorm at ch
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anning way and college avenue students were evacuated as a precaution. >> we heard a loud screeching sound and the building shake. >> everybody ran to the balcony now see a bunch of people were running and screaming, really crazy. >> the driver initially left the scene but later return and was taken into custody. police kept that area roped off while crews sealed the gas leak. students were let back in a short time later. paul ryan admits he urged todd akin to end his bid to represent missouri. this as republican presidential candidate mitt romney and other prominent members of the gop have distanced themselves from akin. akin set off a fire storm when said women might be able to -- he vowed to stay in the senate race today.
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i do know this i knew that the party voters took a look at our hearts understood who we were had a chance to meet us in many dining room ways and made a decision and -- in many different ways and made a decision to think the party bosses will dictate who runs. >> akin apologized again for his verbal miscue. he rean ed his belief that he can win in november. right tphoubg, firefighters are making progress in containing a huge wildfire that has destroyed dozens of homes and structures north of sacramento. the fire is burning east of redding in shasta and tehama counties more than 24,000 acres since saturday now 50% contained. calfire says 50 structures have been destroyed, not known how many of those structures are homes. there are still about 200 homes threatened. sky 7 hd shows some of the best sailors in the world in
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san francisco bay during practice rounds yesterday in the america's cup world series. the answer is going to be repeated in a few hours again today off the marina green. >> amy hollyfield is there and joins us live more. >> reporter: good morning. racing starts today at 2:00, bleachers behind me, you can buy a ticket to sit there about $25. organizers admit walking around is your best shot you will fan a good and free advantage point. many got a peek by watching practice runs yesterday. the route takes 22 minutes, two laps around the bay this race impacts seating for next summer's race there are 11 teams from eight countries and the crews say they are challenged by our conditions here in san francisco in fact, two teams did capsize yesterday during practice. officials say the conditions here are tough, they say it is windy and rough. they do expect that more teams will capsize in the next few
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days. they say everyone is okay, no injuries yesterday. in fact, they say the crews embrace this challenge. >> this is now extreme sailing. you are sailing a catamaran on one to reduce the friction you are at risk of capsizing that's what we saw yesterday the china team juan of the top teams new -- team and one of the tom teams new zealand in the windy conditions we have here. >> reporter: but they love it? >> everyone was thrilled it was a spectacle, sailors were challenged we'll see more today through sunday. >> reporter: here's a look at what they have for you if you are interested in coming down we saw a lounge, beer garden, food, areas where you can learn about sailing and of course there's the racing starting today lasts through sunday when the finals will be 11:30 to 1:00 sunday the home
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team is oracle u.s.a. that team will not be competing today they will be in the water tomorrow. today the bottom six teams competing for the last three slots. again, they will get started today at 2:00. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. so, how will the weather be when the races begin? >> let's check in with mike. great question. you saw amy's hair was moving a little, the winds will be faster over the open waters especially towards 2:00, winds out of the southwest 15 to 25 knots. multiply it.1.15 and you get miles per hour. could cloudy now, by 2:00, a mix of sun and a few low clouds from time to time. looks like it will be pretty fun. now on to a different sports creating lots of
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excitement in the bay area. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live at petaluma middle school. today i got a chance to get to know about some members of that world series little league team playing in pennsylvania. did that by talking to the principal here and some classmates it is all good some of it funny too, so keep it here. also, a piece of history fond in an attic the unpublished interview with dr. martin luther king, years before his famous "i have a dream" speech. he plays a special agent on tv, ll coolj's real life experience catching
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. petaluma wins in dramatic fashion at the little league world series in pennsylvania earning a spot in the semifinals today as the boys rest up after that win their community and classmates are beaming with pride. terry mcsweeney is live at petaluma middle school where many of the ball players attend school. >> reporter: yeah i'm hearing nothing but good things about these players from the principal and classmates words like smart, funny, from the girls i'm hearing the word cute. even as petaluma's boys of summer are trying to refocus after last night's big win
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they are being celebrated back where they will be when the world series is over. ovation from 800 students on the first day of class where 12 member of the team are enrolled some have been in touch with the players. we spoke with friends of james o'hand land. >> we sent -- we sent a letter to him, porter and dillon. >> reporter: another group revealed their true feelings. >> cole -- totally cute. >> you like him? >> reporter: you like cole? >> everybody knows that. >> reporter: randy tells me she is dating brandis who had a homer. better on tv nan in person? >> totally. nice to see him on tv. >> reporter: the principal looks at them as embass doors
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of petaluma. >> every one of those kids is a solid student, good citizen. i think they will bed blend right back into school. >> reporter: the principal says the players embody the building blocks taught at the school and didn't expect them to change when they find themselves out of the spotlight and back in the classroom. one isn't so sure. >> they are probably going to be a little different. >> reporter: in what way? >> because they are on camera a lot. >> reporter: the principal says he wants to tip his cap to the parents of the players. he says they've conducted themselves with such class in a way they are teaching how to behave to the students here as well as children there. he says, he would hire them in a minute. >> we lost terry there. you can watch the semifinal game tomorrow 5:00 on espn 2
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against either tennessee and texas we'll rebroadcast the game on comcast and also on our digital channel. go petaluma! mike said it was going to stay grey today. >> still is pretty grey out, sfo back on schedule. we'll take a look at how long the cloud cover will hang around and how much the temperatures are going to be below average the next couple of days. one small step for rover, big first test drive on mars today. also, a royal oops. prince harry caught partying, naked in las vegas. pictures that lighting up the web, next.
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rapper and actor ll cool j plays an agent on tv now he has caught guy. police say he busted an intruder inside his l.a. home this morning around 2 a.m., he heard noise downstairs he went
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to see what was going on there was a bad guy he overpowered the suspect and held him until the police arrived. ll cool j was not hurt but the suspect suffered a few breezes. prince harry is finding out what happens in las vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. tmz posted pictures of the 27-year-old royal naked with two unidentified women in a vip suite in las vegas he took off his clothes during a game of strip billiards. prince harry's people confirm the photos were of the prince beyond that they are not saying anything else. >> you know what the queen mum is going to be saying? >> you're grounded. >> maybe. >> the queen won't be happy. mike checking out the forecast for the america's cup in afternoon. choppy again winds out of the southwest gusty they relax a little towards the next couple of days.
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good morning here's a look at san jose sun out at 11:21 this morning. you can see clouds still thick around sausalito, tiburon to san francisco, oakland, berkeley now and alameda in fact if you look at doppler, that's the way it has been all day clouds dropping mist hanging in the air dropping a little drizzle along the coast for the most part dry. let's move on and talk about the sky condition. you can see clouds having a hard time getting out of napa besides right here around san francisco and oakland curl to the south and east going to spring thunderstorms around yosemite we won't see any of that. cool if you are there take a picture send it to us. temperatures from the 50s at the coast, oakland, san francisco, san rafael, napa, 60s and 70s for the rest of us. gilroy 66.
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sunshine today except for at coast, cooler than average afternoon temperatures misty around the bay drizzle possible at the coast mild highs through the weekend. well below average in some areas, nine in redwood city, seven in san francisco, six oakland, three into livermore. today a little little smaller spread pacifica 57, oakland 68 brentwood the only area in the upper 80s 87° today most of your neighbors in the low to mid 80s a little cooler tan it was yesterday. east bay shore big spread from 67 berkly to 75 castro valley and fremont. south bay mid 70s saratoga los gatos could make it to 82, peninsula upper 60s to mid 70s half moon bay 60 warmest spot on the coast today low to mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito mid to upper 50s north bay beaches limited sun upper 70s to near 80 through the valleys
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62 monterey cloudy 71 sun santa cruz low to mid 80s gilroy and morgan hill. game at the coliseum 12:35 first pitch increasing sun, warming to 66 with extra sun by the end of the game. temperatures within one to four degrees all the way through the seven day forecast. low to mid 70s around the bay and low to mid 80s inland. morning clouds drizzle at the coast, mist around the bay, sun in the afternoon. this is a very big day for cure rossi first test drive. -- curiosity, first test drive. successful wheel wiggle to test steering the rover will move forward 10 feet then slightly to the left of its
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old spot part of the health check-up event actually the rover could roam hundreds of feet a day. a tennessee man has discovered a slice of history at his chattanooga home, unreleased audio tape of dr. mlk, jr. three years before "i have a dream speech." >> no one with goodwill can disagree with the end of the movement to break down all barriers between people on the basis of race or color. >> the interview was taped eight years before his assassination. the recording on a reel-to-reel tape was discovered a few moments ago by a man whose father interviewed king for a memoir that was never completed.
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today at 4:00, how does saving $30,000 sound? michael finney to join us to save what spend on cars. then, a deadly stabbing at a store. see what residents are demanding. those stories later today. for all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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