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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. breaking news is from san rafael, three people escaped a fire that destroyed a garage shortly before 2:00. smoke detectors went off to alert two adults and a child. firefighters put out the blaze. flames destroyed three vehicles as well as personal property. fortunately, no injuries. a few hours from now santa clara county vector control will use aerial to stop more mosquito eggs from hatching, millions have been attacking palo alto residents. at 7 a.m. a helicopter is scheduled to begin spraying 400 acres of marsh to the east of highway 101 unless winds are higher than 10 miles an hour. vector control says is the only way to cover the area. broken floodgate submerged dormant eggs in the water
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which allowed them to hatch. the chemicals used are specifically targeted to larvae and do not threaten humans. some think it is wrong. >> if they are spraying in the air it is improper air of administering it and it could get into lungs and could be dangerous for people. >> so fashion the salt marsh mosquito has not been shown to carry west nile. today contra costa county will step up its battle against mosquitoes carrying west nile from sunset to 11 tonight crews will fog areas around brentwood many there's concern the virus is spreading, three chickens and seven birds have tested positive. infected birds in antioch, pleasant hill and walnut creek. in texas, a freight train and fuel tanker truck crashed sparking a huge explosion. the fuel tanker got stuck on
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the tracks moments before it was hit in a small town 50 miles east of dallas. the explosion rattled homes and two block radius evacuated as a precaution. truck driver and train conductor were not injured. oakland a's begin three game series today against tampa bay without pitcher barlowe toe colon he has been suspended for 50 -- bartolo colon he has been suspended. five major leaguers have testified positive for performance enhancing drugs this season. >> >> in hayward, more than the first day of school, the million father march. the school district is asking all dads or any male caregiver to take their child to school this morning. they will be joining men in 600 cities across the country.
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it is a chance for men to commitment to families and hopefully, kickoff a year of volunteering at schools. new chick-fil-a restaurant set to open in san jose this morning. supporters of same-sex are planning a rally at the restaurant -- same-sex marriage are planning to rally at the restaurant. campers the night outside the new restaurant for them it is about free food. leslie brinkley has more. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] they were here at 5:30 a.m. wednesday when a raffle offered wristbands to 100 >> i was number 100, last one [ inaudible ] >> reporter: they will be passed out thursday 5:30, a 24
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hour wait or should i say party. employees were shaking it up with the chicken lovers, the -- [ inaudible ] >> we had chicken for breakfast, lunch and now dinner, it is all good. >> reporter: you are starting to look like a chicken. >> i think so. >> reporter: you are a walking commercial. >> i'm an average man of a good company, good product. >> reporter: it was the -- chick-fil-a's president spoke out against same-sex marriage supporters lined up at the fairfield franchise which ran out of food. no politics evident here. ice cream sundae bars to pass the time. >> going to summer camp at the
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end you get chick-fil-a for a year. it is just about 4:36. this morning firefighters are continuing to make progress in containing the 25,000 acre wildfire burning in tehama and shasta east of redding the fire is moving in a new direction prompting evacuation warning along highway 36. hundreds of new homes threatened, residents say they are ready to go on a moment's notice. >> you see a an trailer throughout? we came home from vacation early and everything we need is in there except for a few things. i'm ready to roll. >> damage estimates continue to climb. the count for damaged structures is 69. governor brown has declared a state of emergency. he also declared an emergency in plumas county where chips fire has burned more than
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60,000 acres only 40% contained. new poll shows support continue force the governor's tax initiative analysts say the support is soft. the governor visited a middle school in san francisco yesterday pushing for prop 30. it would temporarily raise state sales tax a quarter cent and increase personal income tax force high income earners the money would go to prevent school cuts. a poll shows 55% of likely california voters say they support brown's initiative. 36% oppose. researchers say when those surveyed were showed an online ad support dropped slightly. tonight the petaluma national all stars will try to survive and advance at the little league world series. last night they were doing a little scouting to see who they would play in today's elimination game they will place the people from texas.
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the winner of this game today will play tennessee in saturday's championship game. the owner of boulevard mas is showing the game in two theaters many tickets are $5 and will include a rally towel. the money raised goes to help the immediate families pay for their trip to pennsylvania to see their kids play. petaluma faces texas today at 5, airs live on espn 2 and will be rebroadcast at 8 p.m. on comcast 195 and 715 and kgo digital 7.2 and 7.3. exciting. good luck kids. time to check in with mike. talk about williamsport, mid 80s today with a little humidity so the kids from here in california may not be used to that but i'm sure they will do fine. good luck to you guys.
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visibility not as low as yesterday four miles santa rosa, five half moon bay, nine hayward, eight livermore everybody else unlimited on the horizontal plain. clouds and i think there will be delays at sfo again low from yesterday pulling away, orange, dry up there marine layer keeping us cloudy this morning i don't think it will hang around as long as questioned but close. cloudy through 7:00 in most areas except east bay and south bay a few clouds from time to time. the noon hour clouds back to the coast except for around san francisco and towards oakland, 50s and 60s there, 70s inland. by 4:00, a little sunshine develop along the coast compared to yesterday, fives and 60s for you, 70s bay, 80s inland. 7:00 going to cool rapidly 50s coast into san francisco and oakland 60s and 70s rest of us. next three days tomorrow,
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about the same as today, then look at temperatures cool off dramatically for state and sunday, two to six degrees cooler by the end of the weekend. time for traffic. good morning. no hot spots, good news. major roadwork in parts of the north bay red top from red top towards lynch on highway 12 jamison canyon we have the roadway blocked in both directions until 5:00 this morning. not too long of a wait if you are heading there shortly. in the meantime, if you are heading through there you may want to consider 80 to 37 and 29 to get around it. the detour in place until 5:00 then there's roadwork eastbound 37 out towards mare island scheduled until 6:00 this morning. but, as we look out, traffic light now here's a live shot of the oakland maze westbound 80 good to the bay bridge. westbound 580 across the top of your screen northbound as
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well, all three freeways looking great, golden gate bridge little bit of fog low clouds not as bad as we've seen during the past couple weeks. san mateo bridge checks in nicely with westbound on the right. a car slams into a hydrant and good samaritans help the driver. how that good deed ended up costing them their lives. parents who not to vaccinate their may be forced to pay a visit to their doctor instead. back to school time means back to school germs.
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that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
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lysol. mission for health. good morning. live picture from our high-def camera atop our roof you can see the buildings and the bay bridge you don't see much in terms of fog there are scattered spots. i saw one at the caldecott
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tunnel. we'll tell you more coming up. new par wants -- new for parents, california lawmakers are taking action against parents of invaccinated students, a bill would require parents a waiver from a doctor saying they've received information about the benefits and risks of immunization. opponents say it increases medical cost for families. supporters say it is a matter of public health. the bill goes back to the assembly for a final vote. in los angeles, two good samaritans are dead after being electrocuted by downed power line as they tried to help a victim 8:30 last night. a woman who lived nearby rushed to help the driver but was shocked in the water that was energized by the power line she later died. another woman in a passing car also killed after stopping to try to help. investigators say five other good samaritans were shocked
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and taken to the hospital. the driver suffered minor injuries. investigators say excessive speed was likely a factor in the crash. pregnant teenagers in california could get a boost from the state, we'll tell you how. embarrassment for batted san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. the community group adding to the chorus of critics saying it is time for him to go. tropical storm issac picking up strength as it bears down on florida the challenge it could cause for republicans ready to gather for their convention. a treat made here facing a recall what3q lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces
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that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at temperatures a little warmer than yesterday 60s coast, san francisco, richmond oakland 70s rest of the bay, 80 santa rosa by far the most 80s in the east bay valleys again. getting warm in the midwest,
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st. louis 97, 96, even warmer in phoenix, 87 seattle, washington and atlanta. mid to upper 60s seattle and portland. only newark with flight departure delays. only major airport with delays now. i expect delays at sfo. check out our flight tracker the san francisco commission on the status of women has voted in favor of removing ross mirkarimi as sheriff. the resolution endorses last week's ethics committee finding that he's guilty of official misconduct. mirkarimi's wife told the commission that the attack on her husband is political. >> let's be clear what this is about. use a family as a weapon to destroy a politician is wrong. if you support women you support that resolution you
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are betraying again women. thank you. mirkarimi pleaded guilty in mar too much a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment. he was sentenced to three years probation and suspended without pay by mayor leap. the board of supervisors will -- mayor ed the board of supervisors will died his fate. -- in an one on within interview with josh elliot spanier says he was stunned by the report last month he rejects accusations that he and other school officials concealed a 2001 abuse allegation against sandusky to protect the university. >> that report is absolutely wrong. the conclusions in that report, that in effect we conspired to conceal a known child predator, are just incorrect.
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>> spanier said it would have been his instinct to intervene, had he known about the allegations about sandusky who was convicted. more on the interview coming up on "good morning america," after our newscast at 7:00. we are watching a new storm threat this morning. tropical storm isaac changed course overnight set to become a hurricane today on a new track, bad news for thousands heading to the republican convention in tam pavement tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: tropical storm isaac, already the size of texas, quickly moving west the storm is expected to make landfall on the caribbean island of hispaniola as a category 1 hurricane with winds up to 75 miles per hour, the storm is close to the florida close making official there is nervous. >> we've been on the phone a lot. >> reporter: forcasters predict isaac will move to cuba, then florida skwraofpt wind can do destruction it what you put in the wind,
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flying debris, anything can damage. >> reporter: in tampa, preparations 10 for next week's republican national convention there's fear about isaac. >> we could have a tropical storm, we could have a category 5, we could have nothing. each of those would cause us to have a different response. >> reporter: the city's mayor says he will cancel the convention if the weather poses a authorities are worried about complacency. there have been seven years of near misses for the southern coast. u.s. military personnel in cuba not taking chances. pretrial hearings at guantanamo bay for five prisoners were postponed as authorities plan to evacuate 200. >> we are mustering all our people and preparing my concern is loss of life. >> reporter: in florida republican officials say they have contingency plans in place if the storm threatens the convention but keeping the plans top secret. tahman bradley, abc news. time for a look at our
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weather, no tropical storms out there >> no. by 2:00 tuesday morning the storm could be sitting on tampa, that's the latest track that's why they are getting more nervous. here we don't get that kind of weather. good morning. nice to see you katie, 4:52 this morning. looking down on the 'em over towards the -- on the embarcadero overtowards the port of oakland, most of the bay bridge clouds aren't thick as questioned. not as much mist this morning and less drizzle than yesterday there's good news. 61 redwood city, mountain view everybody else in the 50s cloudy and mid to upper 50s compared yesterday a little warmer today, fremont 75 and san jose 78, santa rosa 84,
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oakland 68. we are warmer than yesterday, all these temperatures still are not as warm as they should be for this time of the year. check out how deep the clouds are late push into the east bay valleys where clear now. by noon still that one batch of clouds across the golden gate bridge towards berkeley, alameda and oakland going to be stubborn will open up with holes like it did yesterday i'm not sure it will go away 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s from the coast continue land, 80s south bay, -- from the coast to inland. half moon bay 62 today more 60s coast. mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco sausalito with upper 70s to near 80 north bay valleys 50s at your beaches east bay shore upper
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60s to low 70s as we head into the east bay valleys mid to upper 80s. monterey bay 63, 70 santa cruz low 80s gilroy and morgan hill. america's cup won't be as breezy as it was yesterday southwest winds 5 to 15 knots, 58 to 60°. more of the same tomorrow look at how much cooler saturday, sunday before a slight warming trend early next week. antioch full freeway closure in effect now eastbound 4 at loveridge until 5:30 detour in place westbound traffic moving at 52 miles an hour. also, 680 walnut creek southbound flowing well highway 24 at the top of your screen. the rest of the ride on highway 24, a little obscured by some of these clouds and
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low fog. you see a few headlights westbound 24 through orinda towards the caldecott tunnel eric said there's just that batch of fog at the tunnel, probably why we can see so well there. here's a live shot in san jose, northbound 280 good for headlights towards cupertino. still no major accidents on freeways. 4:55. pregnant teenagers could benefit from state welfare sooner than later, a bill allows pregnant teens with no other dependents to become eligible for the state's welfare to work program. the bill moves back to the assembly for a final vote. you may want to check your cupboards for licorice being recalled. american licorice company has recalled 16 ounce packs of
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black licorice twice because of elevated levels of lead. they have a best date of february 4th, next year. pregnant women and parents of children should consult physician. stpaoeupbss have discovered now stop bananas from rotting. -- scientists have discovered how to stop bananas from rotting. you have to cover them with seafood. coating is from -- [ unintelligible ] one day a substance found in green tea may cure skin cancer scientists say the chemical is too weak when you drink it in the lab the extract made tumors shrink or disappear when applied
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directly to cancer cells. tests were done on two types of skin cancer and it worked 2/3 of the time. the baseball team that has won over hearts of the bay area is hours from the next round of the little league world series. we are live in petaluma where fans are bursting with pride. san jose's police chief takes action to stop a wave of violent crime the line in the sand he's drawing against street gangs. lawyers for san bruno residents prepare to file a lawsuit today against pg&e what they are accuse the utility of doing with millions intended for pipeline safety. big change that could be coming for boaters setting sail around the golden gate bridge.
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