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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 26, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tropical storm isaac is picking up steam. more than 50,000 louisiana residents are told to leave. and now isaac could become a category 2 hurricane in the next few days. i'm ama date. >> and i'm alan wang. from florida to alabama to louisiana, preparations for the storm are underway. >> and we begin tonight with abc's karen trave veers for the -- travers. >> as isaac barrels its way into mexico, south florida has hungered down. >> it could be nothing, but it could be allots. >> isaac ripped across key west. heavy rains caused flooding. but now the storm is expected to pick up steam. when it hits the gulf coast, it could be a category 2 hurricane. >> we are worried about storm
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surge, wind, rain and tornado. >> it is tracking westward and expected to make landfall along the gulf coast. just days before the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina, the city of new orleans is on edge. drivers have lined up for gas. residents are buying plywood. the city has declared a state of emergency and officials are warning to be ready for anything. >> we are encouraging all of our people to stay alert and monitor weather conditions and follow what local officials are telling them. >> tampa would be spared the worst of isaac's wrath. half a foot of rain is in the forecast. republican officials have scaled back the convention from four days to three. that hasn't dampened the enthusiasm among the delegates arriving all weekend prepared for any weather. >> i have my rain coat on. i am ready for some weather. >> schools here in the tampa area are closed on monday with officials worried about high winds and heavy rains.
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the republican convention will gather in for five minutes to officially kick things off. karen travers, abc news, tampa, florida. let's get the latest from meteorologist leigh glaser. >> live doppler 7hd is picking up on some of the squalls or the heavy rain bands that have started to move in from southern florida and miami and up to the tampa area. by the i what, winds right now, the tampa airport are out of the southeast at 20 miles per hour. so most of the heaviest winds are still off the coast. and these heavy rains and even the potential of some isolated thunderstorms as well as some tornadoes exist for that area. here is the latest coordinates. they are 65 miles an hour and centered a hundred miles to the southwest of the keys there. and let's look at the path of this storm.
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it could become a hurricane, category 1. and as we head toward tuesday evening, a category 2 heading toward new orleans. not good for those folks. especially because this thing is expected to hit at night. we will take a look at our forecast coming up. >> leigh, thank you. it has been a violent weekend in the bay area. in the past 48 hours, there have been 10 shootings in oakland. 34* three of them, children under the age of 14 were shot. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live in oakland with the details. thomas? >> ama two of the people shot were killed. now, three youngsters were wounded in these shootings. one of them is here at children's hospital, and we spoke to his grandmother who says he is critically hurt. >> he is in critical condition and 14 years old. he shouldn't have to be up there fighting for his life. >> the 14-year-old was on 85th avenue at 9:30 on saturday night with his 20-year-old female cousin. the grandmother who didn't want her face on camera says they were visiting relatives
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when someone police were still searching for began shooting. the boy had moved out of oakland months ago for his safety. >> he raised them out of another county for what? he comes to visit to see his cousin for one afternoon. he was supposed to be back today, and look what happens. >> she says he was shot through the head. his prognosis isn't good. the 21-year-old died at the scene. the grandmother lost her only other grandson last year, also to a shooting. his photo was on her jacket. this weekend has seen two others shot and under woulded. a 12-year-old wounded in her home at 3:30 saturday morning when bullets tore through the house. this happened on the 2300 block of church street. friday at 8:00 p.m., a boy was grizzed by a bullet while playing on the 700 block of sycamore street. 20 shots were fired by more than one gunman. some killed a 46-year-old man. oakland police say they don't
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have motives in the shootings. residents we spoke to are fed up. >> i am tired of hearing about it, tired of seeing it happen. i grew up in oaknd la. in oakland. it is disgusting. >> i can't imagine what their families are going through. >> councilman de la fuente is also fed up. he says the council and the mayor have to act. >> we named 41 people. now we have one in fruit veil and north oakland, but we don't have one in east oakland and west oakland where most of the stuff is happening. >> now, as far as the condition of the two other youngsters, the seven-year-old is back home with his parents. the 12-year-old is hospitalized in stable condition with a bullet wound to her neck. in oaknd la, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thomas, thank you. sunnyvale police continue to hunt for two robbers who shot a jewelry store worker. it happened at -- it happened around 5:00 p.m. of the police say the two thieves appear to
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be in their 20s. they drove away in a large maroon-colored suv. the victim was rushed to a raw ma center. at least five jewelry stores were robbed in the past few weeks. scary moments in san francisco's mission district earlier this evening of the we showed you smoke rising from a house fire on ab abc7 news at 5. firefighters stopped it before the flames could spread to the nearby buildings. it started in a cot teg behind a a -- a cottage behind a larger home. the sound of sirens could be heard racing up the berkeley hills after a fire broke out there. it happened around 6:30 along arlington avenue where a garage caught fire and threatened the nearby homes. firefighters were able to contain that two-alarm fire and nobody was hurt. >> we are learning about a fatal clan crash in nevada and the victims may be from fresno. the plane crashed shortly after takeoff from south lake tahoe airport. it is it is regged to the owner of -- registered to the
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owner of a trucking company in fresno. the owner, his wife, daughter and friends were flying to tahoe. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause of the crash. >> you may notice a low-flying government helicopter hovering over your home this week. homeland security officials say it is part of improving your safety and fighting terrorism. lilian kim says they are one that will be scammed by this helicopter. lilian? >> that helicopter will be flying a few hundred feet off the ground. the fly -- the flyovers will start taking place all week. >> bay area residents will no doubt take notice when they see this helicopter hovering over parts of the bay area. the specially quipped helicopter begins to the national nuclear security administration. starting on monday, they will be taking measurements of the natural radiation levels coming from the ground. information the government helps pinpoint the dirty bomb or the nuclear weapon in the
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future. >> they need to know what the average background radiation is, so if they came back let's say a month or a year later and they saw something higher, they would be able to tell there is something new there. >> professor rick norman teaches engineering at uc berkeley. they did the same inned could of measurements last summer. but instead of a helicopter they used a smaller and less sophisticated device. the measurements are harmless. >> there is no reason for concern. they are not emitting anything. they are not sending anything out and looking for a signal. they are looking for a natural background. >> they will take place over six days and will cover 69 miles. the helicopter will be flying inflying in grid pattern over san francisco, pacifica and oakland and will be going as low as 300 feet which is considered to be pretty low. to put it in perspective, the trans america building is nearly 1100 feet. uc berkeley professor says there is a reason the helicopter has to fly so low.
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>> they have a finite range. so you cannot go too far away from -- to a sizely map on the ground. you want to stay as close as possible to the source. and for that 300 feet, it is kind of a compromise. >> the bay area won't be the first to have these flyovers. they have already taken place in new york, washington, d.c. and seattle. live in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. just ahead, dozens of earthquakes hit southern california. the latest on the damage. >> and it is one of the largest patent battle sers. battle its ever. we hear from one of the men on the samsung jury. the petaluma little leaguers are still winners.
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developing news, a tsunami warning has been issued for central america after a 7.4 earthquake struck off the coast of el salvador. the scwaik was was -- the quake was 78 miles off in the pacific ocean. and more than a hundred quakes have rattled imperial and san diego county since last night. the largest measuring 5.5. 20 mobile homes were knocked off their foundations and 2500 homes lost power. now to the pride of petaluma in today's final game in the little league world series. >> the allstars from petaluma won their consulation game for a third place finish. wayne freedman was in williamsport, pennsylvania for that game. >> if you are wondering how popular the boys of summer have become, as they warmed up for their final game, more
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than a few young ladies got as close as they could to check out the beef. >> what do you like about them? >> i don't know. >> cute? they were anything but cute to those they beat. add the latin america champions from panama this morning. the scoreboard reads 12-4. >> petaluma! >> i want more! >> come on, more? >> yes, absolutely. the excitement of being here. >> for wayne douglas' son, it means more at a press conference. it is heavy stuff for an eighth grader. >> the friends and family that follow this team appreciate the resilience. >> you have all of the autographs on your shirt. >> this is what happens when kids you love set impossible goals and love them anyway. they put their lives on hold,
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and now they get to go back to them jie. there is no break for mom, is there? >> no break. back to work and school and laundry and all of those good things. >> and petaluma has memories. once in a lifetime stuff that money can't buy. >> you take away less this time? >> for the boys it is working hard. reach for your dreams. all of that stuff that you want kids to grow up doing. >> they are 13-year-old boys who became young men this summer, now with a bond that time cannot take. >> everybody is funny and it is fun to hang out with them. >> you know these are lifetime friendships, right? >> they are lifetime friendships. these kids plan to play together for awhile. it was interesting watching this game today from a distance looking at them on the field thinking, you know, this is a moment in time. but these boys will know each other for a very longtime. they will know each other into their 20s, 30s and 40s and maybe even their 80s.
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they will look back on this frozen moment when they came to williamsport, pen pep and played for the championship of the world in front of the world. what an accomplishment. live in south williamsport, pennsylvania, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> and back home in petaluma, they were cheering on their boys of summer. fans got up early to watch the team that had already treated them to a dramatic finish in yesterday's u.s. championship game. and now the town of petaluma is planing to welcome the team home homestyle. >> they land at san francisco airport at 11:20. we are picking them up in style and we have a motorcade coming back to petaluma we are waiting to greet them 1k3* thank them for making us proud. >> and for the icing on the cake, the town is organizing a parade for the team next sunday. the word is the players can't wait to go back to school so they can start handing out ought embraves. thousands enjoyed a final day of the america's cup world series. it was a a day for team usa.
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one team captured the fleet racing title while the other boat won the match racing crown. it determines who will race for next cup's race in the bay area. >> and they had clear skies and perfect weather out there. >> yes, a lot of wind out there. it notched up to 25. and of course the wind has to scour out the skies. we had lots of sunshine today. hi there, everyone. a live look from the east bay cam and clear sky in fact. live doppler 7hd is picking up low clouds and fog and still well off the coast those of you inland will be clear, clear in the north bay as well as the east bay in the south bay locations for this evening. 57 san francisco and san rafael at 60. an tee jobing at 62. -- antioch 62. we had 62 in san jose. the highlights will keep it clear inland as we just
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mentioned. a few low clouds coast and bay overnight. get ready for another mild day for your monday, and then we warm things up tuesday, wednesday and even into thursday around the bay area. we have had a stubborn low that is bringing us cool temperatures. well, tomorrow it will start to advance to the north and the east of us allowing higher pressure to build in and we will look for temperatures to warm up and i think you will enjoy that with temperatures inland close to 90 degrees. out the door tomorrow morning, is -- it will be cool especially in the north bay dipping into the upper 40s tonight. by lunchtime though, inland locations low 70s, and by 4:00 we warm into the mid80s inland with low 60s at the coast. here is a look at our lows tonight. santa rosa, napa, cloverdale, upper 40s and the rest of us in the midto upper 50s and the highs tomorrow should rebound nicely with san jose warming to 78.
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74 for sunnyvale. mill pea dis72. mid60s with half moon bay 63. loss altos 76. 75 for redwood city. san francisco will warm to 65. in the north bay, 86 for ukiah. novato is 78. 77 for vallejo and napa is 79. east bay not too bad. richmond 67. 70 for oakland. 76 fremont and interior east bay is starting to warm up a bit with the mid80s for brentwood and antioch. 82 for concord and danville 81. santa cruz will start out with a little a little -- more overcast and then finish with 76 degrees. the accu-weather seven-day forecast slightly warmer tuesday and wednesday. wednesday right now looks like it could be the warmest day with temperatures inland near 90. 80s around 9 bay. around the bay and we will start to bring more fog in saturday and sunday and start to cool things off. don't forget 4:30 and when we
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get back in say about 20 minutes we will look at tropical storm isaac and do a little travel weather for you. >> thanks, leigh. >> mike shumann is here and little league baseball may be over, but still with mlb. >> no question. the braves field the final game against the giants and tim lincecum struggled, even though he lasted five innings he falters again.
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the only good thing about the loss to the braves was to the dodge -- was the dodgers also lost. tim lincecum on the hill and he is rocked again. tailgating mccovey cove style. lynn succumb lasted five innings and allowed three runs including the 354-foot bomb. former a tim hudson struck out three and seven innings and a swing and a miss. and in the 6th two men on and he lines it to the gap. two runs score on the triple. the behaves open a five-0 lead. it didn't go so well. his third in three games. sphred de free man goes -- freddy freeman goes deep.
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they split the four-game series 7-0 your final. >> the next day is a new day. you know that sounds cliche, but you can always come back and work hard and not leave anything out there, you know what i mean? so for me that's coming in tomorrow and getting in my work and leaving no doubt to that day i did start that i didn't put everything in i could to get back what i want. >> you have to give tim credit. as you saw earlier in this newscast petaluma's little league allstar's magical season came to a close with a win over panama in williamsport. they know their summer is about to end, so why not have some fun. a rough day for panama's pitcher. cruz allows peretta to score. these names are becoming familiar. same at bat and he drills it off the wall. douglas with the low score. three of his eleven r.b.i and 7-2p-town. top of six and he gets edwin
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niazo to pop out. he makes the catch and petaluma wins it 12-4. they will remember this for the rest of their lives. there will be a parade september 2nd in petaluma, third in the world and number one in our hearts. tennessee represented the u.s. in the world series championship against japan. but today belonged to osaka from japan. he hit a homerun in the second and this in the fourth. then in the fifth, a two-run shot to center. three home runs and japan wins the overall little league world series 12-2 your final. we will take a brief timeout before we hit the gridiron. broncos host the 49ers. and payton looks like his old self. details as we continue.
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place in denver. that is peyton manning. it is for their third pre-season game. the nfl teams have to cut down from 90 to 75 players
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tomorrow. so this will be the last call for several players to make the final roster. manning showing his surgically repaired neck can still take a hit. he looked like his old self. it gives denver a 10-0 lead. payton with 10 of 12 yards and two td's. and they lost this one to decker. 17-0 broncos first quarter. smith to a wide own vernon davis. 44 yards and five of 7 and 69 yards. 17-7 denver. the third quarter anthony dixon fighting for a roster spot finds a hole. 26 yards and 24-17 and still in the third. a great back shoulder to kyle williams. and that will set up one of the five field goals. he would rather see touchdowns, but the 49ers come from behind for a 29-24 victory. they improve to 2 and 1 in the pre-season. sonoma held with the two-tile
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defending champion nabbing the poll position which is key on this road course. the revamped track, the wider turns creating hopefully more passing room. the sausalito may tiff driving the panther -- native driving the panther. the white car gets in the dirt and loses control and takes joe sowf -- joseph new garden with him. he beats his teammate will power and takes the lead. he gets the checkered flag. the first indy car win since 2010. he finished second and is still the overall points leader. >> it was my turn. i took advantage of it. it feels great and i have always been real quick here. i never have gotten the win so finally got the win. >> i would have loved to have won. we certainly had the speed. and very happy and i feel like he needed it. it has been a longtime coming
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and he deserved it. come -- >> coming up later in the newscast, cliff diving in the boston harbor. you won't believe it. stick around. and still to come, the verdict heart around the world. one of the jurors in the samsung apple patent case. >> and new details about a possible ipad mini. >> and the protesters who take a stand against what they are calling unfair evictions.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. a weekend of violence in oakland has wounded at least eight people and left two dead. among the wounded #r* three children between the ages of seven and 14. the 14-year-old who moved out of oakland and was visiting friends was shot in the head. a jewelry store robbery turned fatal in sunnyvale. a clerk was shot in the holdup. two gunmen are at large. this was at least the fifth jewelry store robbery in the bay area in recent weeks. >> and san francisco firefighters jumped on a fire in the mission district before it could cause any major damage. the fire began in a cottage on cap street near 24th avenue. >> tonight we can share an insider's view from the jury room just two days after apple won a $1 billion federal
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lawsuit against rival samsung. he served as the foreman of the nine-person jury that sided with apple. apple bed pat tented features from the iphones and the ipads were being used in competing samsung products. the smoking gun appeared when samsung ignored warnings from google that patent laws were being broken. >> and they dend mad that samsung -- and they dend mad that samsung make a change. we saw evidence that samsung chose not to pass that information down. in fact, among themselves saying we choose to ignore this. >> hogan happens to know about high-tech patents. he has gone through the process of having his own ideas patented. the asian markets drifted lower as apple's court victory and a high stakes patent dispute sent electronics and its affiliates into a
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tailspin. shares plunged after the market opened overseas. >> and get ready for more exciting -- for more exciting announcements. they are reporting the upcoming announcement of the i-phone 5 on september 12th. and it is believed apple is ready to reveal its ipad mini sometime in october. the standard ipad has been dominating the tablet market, but competetors are making smaller 7-inch versions of the tablet and apple wants to stay competitive. >> republicans will try to pack four days worth of speeches and events into three at the national convention this week. the revised schedule is because of tropical storm isaac which is bearing down on the tbufl right now. the -- on the gulf right now. the convention will open at 2:00 p.m., but it will almost immediately recess resuming on tuesday when mitt romney will be for nationally nominated. >> so we are getting sneak previews of the coming attractions for the republican convention. if you look up in the nose bleed seats you will see the national debt clock going ever higher.
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this is a frequent prop out on the campaign trail for mitt romney as he hits on the deficit. looking at the big screens, there is a tribute to neil armstrong, the iconic astronaut who passed away over the weekend. we may be seeing something about him during this republican convention. and on the far wall over here, the word "change." that is something we saw in 2008. that was the word barack obama used when he was running for president. obviously mitt romney would like to bring his own version of change to the country. we are already seeing some of the messaging, even though the convention will be starting late, they are getting the message going in tampa. >> the chairman of the republican party spoke to us earlier from tampa. he is downplaying the impact of isaac. >> i think the fact it is happening early on is a slight delay than it would have if it was in the middle of the convention. our delegates are streaming in of the i think they will have a lot of bottled up energy for
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tuesday. >> he tells us 172 delegates are representing california on the on the venges floor -- on the convention floor in tampa. they expect about 800 californians to take part in various activities connected to the convention. we will have complete coverage. abc7 news political reporter mark matthews with i will have live reports from the republican national convention in tampa beginning tomorrow. >> a new abc news washington post poll shows mitt romney and president obama locked in a statistical dead heat heading into the republican convention. they prefer romney and that compares to 46 who favor president obama. 85% of voters say the economy is in bad shape and 70% believe the u.s. is on the wrong track. poll sisters point out the numbers can be hazardous for incumbents. >> and most americans favor paying higher taxes and increasing the retirement age in order to save social security. the poll comes as america's
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largest federal program faces serious long-term problems. 53% prefer raising taxes as opposed to cutting benefits. that comes to 36% who will cut benefits instead. a protest was held in an effort to make potential house buyers more socially conscious. the protest was held on hay street outside an apartment building where the units had been converted to the tendencies in common. a form of ownership that resembles the condo. the tenant union says they have been kicked out of their unit so they can be sold for a million dollars each. >> we want to educate the buyer when's they need to look to housing. they should not buy housing when it means people have beeny victed. -- beeny viced it. >> they say a thousand people each year are evicted so it can be turned into tic's.
11:41 pm
it is hard for anybody to buy a house in san francisco. now we have the highest average home price than any city in the country. according to yahoo! homes, the average price for a house in san francisco is now just over $700,000. it is going up fast. in just one month from april to may, the price for a home in san francisco jumped almost 4%. >> california state university will launch a system wide on-line university in 2013. that could expand csu enrollment in are 250,000 students. cal state's 23 campuses have a total enrollment right now of 427,0007,000. about 50 courses are offered on-line at individual universities. the new system will provide one common website for all of those courses plus new ones the university plans to offer. >> just ahead, too fat to treat. the woman one doctor turned away simply because she weighed too much. >> and a party in the park. it is all for a great cause. we'll tell you what it is all about when we return. >> and we will also take another look at tropical storm isaac and do a little travel
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a stunning headline out of new evening land where a doctor added insult to injury for one patient who was turned away for being overweight. tonight that doctor is standing by the decision. here is abc's john sh ri ffen. >> like so many, eye do is a little -- ida is a little overweight and could lose a few pounds. when she went looking for a new primary care physician,
11:45 pm
one doctor turned her away because of her size. >> she was telling me she couldn't care for me because i was over 200 pounds. i never heard of anything like that. i thought people were here to help. >> the doctor was this woman from massachusetts. her office can no longer take on heavy patients after several members of her staff were injured and working with overweight people. some of her patients were 
11:46 pm
the day in the park fundraiser brought in a million dollars, and we couldn't be happier. the fundraiser benefits a place where children with life-threatening diseases and disdisabilities can have a once in a lifetime camping experience. shairld jennings has helped -- cheryl jennings has helped them make their wishes come true. >> the out reach that happened from this, i always say if you guys, cheryl, that catapults us. it allows us do things we could never, ever do. and it is because all of those generous people allow us to do those things. this is how we spend their money.
11:47 pm
>> abc7 president and general manager william burton was recognized for the station's commitment to the taylor family foundation. let's get a check on our weather as we head into the weekday. >> we will show you another look at our tropical storm isaac. 100100 southwest of key west, florida. this is our infrared satellite. you can see how as it moves into the gulf it really explodes. especially the last frame here. the water is very warm, and that's what these things like to feed on. this time tomorrow night we should be talking about hurricane isaac instead of tropical storm. it will make landfall as a category 2 hurricane as we head into tuesday night. so something to keep a close eye on especially if you have travel plans in the area. if you have travel plans through much of the state of florida, get ready for newspaper raws flight delays there. new orleans in preparation doing some evacuations there
11:48 pm
and preparations, 93 degrees there. we will look for some thunderstorms moving through chicago. 86 degree there's, and denver will warm to 93. around our state though, look for warm temperatures, fresno 96, 91 for sacramento. big sur with a touch of fog in the morning and then sun and 75. and san diego will be nice and mild with 79 degrees. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. we local low will start to -- we locally will start to warm up tuesday, wednesday and then temperatures are warming close to 90 degrees. 80s around the bay. mid60s at the coast. and then the fog will return and we will start to cool down next week. don't forget mike will be here tomorrow morning at 4:30. it is not mike shumann. he is right over there. >> thank you, leigh. >> we want to thank some people who have become a part of the abc7 sleep train foster kids dream campaign. thanks to alicia o of san jose, mark h of san rafael and hannah from windsor.
11:49 pm
like us at news and $1 will be donated to help local foster children in need. and mike shumann who is still away, some incredible video to show us. >> as promised, cliff diving from the boston harbor. are these guys in spain? you have to be able to do what
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
all right, cliff diving is
11:52 pm
normally done from mountainous areas around the world. but we take you to the ica building in the boston harbor. it is the red bull, cliff diving world series. nine stories high, and look at this. between 90 and a hundred feet. and you have to be a bit insane to do this. if you land wrong you could rupture your spleen among other damaged body parts. that's why you saw the four guys in the water who immediately go under to see if you are okay. that's incredible. these are obviously highly skilled at leets with a -- athletes with a bit of their santee missing. sanity missing. you don't get a lot of practice from these heights. it is insanely beautiful to watch, and yet the anticipation from both the diver and the spectator is a little unnerving. it is like watching a car crash. look at this guy. i made it. notice they all land on their feet. it would knock them out if they went in head first. wow, just impressive. i have to give red bull cle.
11:53 pm
credit. i don't know what they are, but they brought alternative sports to the forefront. things like this, you mentioned that the ski jumping down in san francisco and fill more, that's insane. >> they are involved in a lot of different things like this. >> if you over rotate just too much, bad news. >> that's it. they are skilled athletes. it is just a bit insane. speaking of insanity, last night tony stewart not happy and letting off some steam after colliding with matt kenseth and throwing his helmet. look at -- look at kenseth's view. i have wanted to do this on the freeway. stewart showed no remorse after the race. >> we weren't that great of a race car even, but we were faster after matt after the restart and i learned my lesson there and i will learn over him every chance from now to the end .
11:54 pm
i don't care. >> that's something to keep an eye on. the giants struggle at home. the braves rocked tim lincecum and the only good thing about their loss, the dodgers also lost. the giants are still two up. tailgating is a bit different than football. mccovey cove style there. lynn succumb is now 7 and 14 and 3-0 braves. tim hudson is back in the bay area. a swing and a miss. two runs score. a triple and it the braves open a 5-0 lead. it is not his night. 5* solo shot by hayward. the very next batter and freddy freeman another solo shot. they split the four-game set. and 7-1 your final. petaluma in panama. the consulation prize and a rough day for the pitchers.
11:55 pm
he allows him to score. he drills one off the wall. logan douglas scores and three r.b.i for smith. top six and logan douglas gets the pop up and danny marzo ends it. petaluma wins it 12-4. they will remember this for the rest of the -- for the rest of their lives. number one in our hearts. the 49ers are in denver and peyton manning playing like he is at mile high. payton looking like his old self. 2200 yards and two touch downs and this is second. and he is wide open he is fighting for a roster spot and still in the third and look at this where the db is not.
11:56 pm
he sets up one of the 49-yard field goals. three are now 2 and 9 in the pre-season. with the two-time defending champ nabbing the pole which is key on this road course. they hoped there would be more pass lanes and he finished 8 and 21 laps to go. he takes out joseph new garden. nobody hurt. he beats teammate will power out of the pits and taking the lead. he will also take the checkered flag. the first win since 2010. >> it was my turn and i never have gotten the win. so finally got the win today. >> we had the speed and happy for him a -- and it was a
11:57 pm
longtime coming. >> this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. we have been talking about the field of dreams from -- and some of the dreams will be crushed cut from 90 to 75. >> as good as they played today, they could be gone tomorrow. >> and they could addition for another team. >> thanks, shu. >> that's it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm ama dates expwrie. i'm alan wang. >> thanks for watching and we are back at 4:30 in the morning.
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