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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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cooling as more kids go back-to-school. thanks for joining us i'm k. i'm eric thomas. we begin in palo alto police sounding the alarm. two women have been sexually assaulted in the past week the most recent incident occurred yesterday. terry mcsweeney is live at the shopping center with the story. >> reporter: the one that happened yesterday happened noon close to where i'm standing orchard lane between neiman marcus and nordstrom. especially disturbing the second one in a week again in broad daylight. look at the sketch police put together on this man. east indian, 30, 5'9 with an
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immediate yum build. yesterday he was wearing a yellow hooded sweatshirt with the hood up. he ran from here over towards welsh road. he managed to get away. take a look at pictures of the shopping center. we are showing unite time video these attacks happened in broad daylight. the one yesterday noon between nordstrom and neiman marcus, a man stepped in front of a woman grabbed her breast over clothing and ran. the victim called 911, palo alto police came out they were not able to locate him. last week, a similar incident happened at this shopping center. a woman was groped as well. plainclothes and uniformed officers are going to be stepping up patrols, keeping an eye out for this man. what officers are saying in the meantime to women and all of us really, be aware of your surroundings. if you are assaulted or if you
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see anything suspicious, please call 911. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:32. this morning a livermore man expected to enter a plea in a child molestation case that investigators think lasted up to nine years. the 40-year-old faces 19 counts of felony sexual abuse. he was arrested august 14th, on suspicion of molesting a child. the investigation began less than a week before he was arrest i had. nearly three month investigation into a fatal -- fatal shooting involving a police officer is officer with the district attorney calling it justifiable shooting. june 5 , derrick gains and a friend were walking through this gas station, police officer seen in and you meed -- unrelated story approached the two because they were acting suspiciously, he said. you can see gaines takeoff.
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the d.a. says gained reached for a gun even though he knew it was incapable of firing. the family has hired john burris to file a civil lawsuit. >> this young man and another man were walking, stopped by the police for no apparent reason, classic racial profiling. >> the most significant factor was the exist tense of this 45 calibre firearm -- existence of this 45 calibre firearm the young man had and was reaching for at the time the officer made the decision to fire and kill him. >> gaines' father says he's disappointed but not surprised. isaac back to a tropical storm after drenching louisiana and mississippi last night. [ unintelligible ] flooded areas north and south of the city where people had to be rescued this morning the storm packed sustained winds
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of 45 miles per hour as it moved over southern louisiana slowly. heavy rains threaten to flood low-lying areas tomorrow. >> trying to drive in the car you couldn't see your manned in front of your face. >> -- your hand in front of your face. isaac is hitting drivers in their wallets the storm is driving gas prices higher. some states are being hit with the biggest one-day jump in 18 months. mitt romney is preparing for the most important speech of his republican presidential campaign, tonight when he address the gop convention and national television audience. while speaking in indianapolis yesterday he reaffirmed his plan to expand the armed forces. tonight he's expected to discuss his mormon faith with voters in a more direct way and fight for any advantage in a very tight race.
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last night his running mate paul ryan offered a primetime testimony & . ryan and condoleeza rice blamed -- president obama for a lack of leadership. we'll have more on the gop convention in a live report from tampa florida coming up in 15 minutes. california is move fog give driver's licenses to young immigrants who are in the country illegally but would no longer face deportation under a policy change by the obama administration. the state senate approved a bill that would allow 350,000 young illegal immigrants to get state drivers licenses. the measure goes back to the assembly would it make licenses available once they receive work permits under the defered deportation program. >> the east contra costa fire district has accepted eight million dollars in federal grant money clearing the way to reopen closed fire stations.
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fema approved the department's application last week. the contra costa times says the money will allow the district to restore 15 jobs and add 12, doubling the number of first responders. fire stations are expected to reopen in the next 60 to 90 days they were closed when a parcel tax was rejected by voters in june. reminder for you as you are out this weekend the dumbarton bridge closed in both directions starting tomorrow night until early tuesday morning to let workers do seismic retrofit work. starting tomorrow morning at 10:00 fremont street in san francisco will be closed from howard to mission part of the construction of the new transbay transit terminal. here's a time lapse video of the work that will take place from similar work done on first street during the memorial day weekend. workers dig out the road and replace tell father steel
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bridge. fremont street expected to reopen in time for tuesday morning's commute. aaa says 9:00 tomorrow morning will be the biggest congestion in the area for people trying get out for the holiday weekend. what is the weather going to be like? >> i'm going to guess cooler. mike has the definitive word. good morning, yeah cooler tomorrow, today starting off warmer. our temperatures are going to run in the 50s and a few 60s over the next couple of hours. trough of low pressure still north still going to have a big effect tomorrow and saturday right now we are still under the of high pressure south and east hot inland today, the clouds are sneaking around making inround on this high pressure along the coast this morning, 50s to near six any in antioch. -- near 60 in antioch.
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clouds stubborn, bringing temperatures done a little at the coast around the bay still hot inland 80s at noon 70s bay 60s coast into san francisco and san rafael as you look at 4:00 a lot of cloud cover along the coast low to mid 60s into san francisco, mid to upper 70s around the bay and 80s inland by 7:00, the sea breeze making penetration into the bay you can see clouds starting to return, 50s and 60s there 60s and 70s inland. next three days, four to 10° cooler friday and saturday, a little breezier friday look now quickly it changes big time warping trend coming in for the back half of the holiday forecast. the rest in a few minutes. here's frances. looking really great out there now. not too much trouble or slow downs even though there's roadwork as you head through the oakland maze traffic flowing well westbound even though there's roadwork
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towards berkeley and san pablo out of richmond, so far no trouble on east shore freeway bay bridge toll light as well. things have gotten busier this past week, a lot of folks back on the roads, kids back in school, golden gate bridge good across the span. big reminder the dumbarton bridge closed again for labor day weekend starting tomorrow night at 10 through tuesday 5 a.m., caltrans tends to clear it a little before that. in the meantime, you can expect heavy traffic on the san mateo bridge and 237 during the closure and it will be crowded on 880 in free month and 1 1 through the lower peninsula, -- keep that in mine. right now everything looking good on bay area freeways. apple gets back into the buy-back business. the program that could put money in your pocket even if your product is trashed. turn out the lights. legendary bay area comedy club
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new apple recycling program has appeared on the web store offering to buy up old iphones for hundreds in credit. it may have something to do with the widely anticipate add announcement about the new iphone 5. the program has iphone owners answer questions online about their phone and its condition before an stpeuplt for a trade-this is generated. the program to accept old phones will cut into other stores' business. >> it is common for third parties to give you that. it does suggest [ unintelligible ] certainly apple trying get beam to buy the new phone. >> i think it is a good incentive to turn in your
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phone something i would be inclined to do with an old phone. >> apple's trade-in can only be done online. another iconic san francisco club is about to close this time the purple onion comedy club in north beach the stage where woody allen got his start. it also helped launch the careers of the late phyllis diller, smothers brothers and richard priority. after 60 years the -- richard pryor. after 60 years it is closing. >> [ inaudible ] >> i'm sorry. >> after 48 years the only thanks i get is get out, don't come back. >> the pending sale adds to
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the number of city hot spots fall together wayside. in march the gold dust lounge shutdown after almost 80 years near union square. traveling for labor day? you are alluding to how people are going to need to pack patience and time, huge crowds that are expected to join you. mitt romney has his big moment in the national spotlight -- [ inaudible ] back to school time means back to school germs.
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that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforce by adding lysol wipes and no-touch hand soap to your back to school list. learn more at welcome back. coast low to mid 60s hot
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inland 80s and 90s in the east bay valleys. if you are traveling today 69 seattle, 73 portland, 80s and 90s everywhere else except phoenix 104. getting hot in the midwest again. all major airports on time. if you are heading to the southeast watch out for isaac around memphis and new orleans let's talk politics. the republican national convention reaches its climax tonight when mitt romney takes the stage. he will introduce himself to voters and layout his plan for win being the white house. t.j. winick joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. it all comes down to this, tonight mitt romney will take the stage behind me and try and convince americans he's the man to turn this country
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around to work on its economy. last night it was his running mate's turn. america learned a little about paul ryan's wisconsin roots. >> i live on the same block where i grew up. we belong to the same parish where i was baptized. these past four years, we have suffered no shortage of words in the white house. what is missing is leadership in the white house! >> reporter: mitt romney will accept his party's nation tonight. his running mate tried to assure many americans that believe romney is looking out for the wealthy over the middle class. >> we have a plan for a stronger middle class with a goal of generating 12 million new jobs over the next four years. >> reporter: and finished with one last sales pitch. >> join mitt romney and me, let's give this effort everything we have!
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let's see this thing all the way through! let's get this done! >> reporter: two other prominent republicans also spoke about what they believe is lack of leadership in the white house. 2008 nominee and senator john mccain. >> our president is not being true to our values. >> reporter: former secretary of state condoleeza rice. >> my fellow americans, we do not have a choice we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind. >> reporter: democrats contend the 12 million jobs promised by paul ryan which you heard, that he's prompting 12 million jobs over the income four years, nearly identical to what is already projected under existing policies. >> can you tell us a little more about that split in the prominent republican family on romney? >> reporter: senator rand paul
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spoke yesterday and he has said he's going on the campaign trail and try and help mitt romney win the white house. his father ron paul has not endorsed romney and doesn't look like he's going to. he was here in tampa, but he left early, headed back to texas, even though there was a video tribute to him in tampa last night. >> interesting stuff. t.j. winick, thank you. mark matthews is in tampa and will be reporting live tonight. for instant updates follow him on twitter or go to the abc7 news facebook page. we'll be streaming live coverage of today's convention events on beginning at 4 p.m.. right now 4:51 a.m.. despite rising gas prices and the weak economy millions of californians still plan to take a trip this holiday weekend. aaa predicts 3.7 million
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californians will travel more than 50 miles from home, nearly three million plan a driving vacation, a hike over 2011. aaa predicts that traffic congestion will peak around 9:00 tomorrow morning so they ask you to plan accordingly. >> you are planning something perhaps barbecue what is the weather going to be like? >> changeable is the key, if you like it cool, you like the first half, if you like it hot, you will like the back half. good thursday morning. looking down on a clear sky over san francisco all the way towards the east bay hills. let's talk about live doppler, it is for the most part dry maybe a little drizzle along the coast that is going to be a better bet tomorrow and saturday morning. extremes are 50 in santa rosa to 66 in antioch, a lot of 60s out there san rafael, oakland,
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fremont, mountain view, san jose, cooler around the monterey bay and inland low to mid 50s. clouds at the coast today, will buy minimal cooling into parts of the bay still hot inland one more day mostly cloudy tonight drizzle possible at the coast, brief cooling trend for friday and saturday as far as today, everybody going down a little, smaller changes in the east bay valleys, still hot concord 90, drop five degrees in oakland to 78,vi six in fremont and san jose. seven degrees cooler in san francisco 70 santa rosa 87. here's a look at cloud cover banked up against the coast by 7:00 that finger of fog will be across the golden gate heading over across alcatraz, angel island to oakland and berkeley. notice how quickly it pulls back to the coast by noon, stubborn clouds there, 60s, 70s, 80s for most of us in the 90s dominating the east bay
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valleys. low to mid 80s south bay, santa rosa and cupertino 82. palo alto 80 dropping to 75 in millbrae. low to mid 60s coast today, near 70 this downtown south san francisco exactly where we should be for this time of the year.u[ñ 79 san rafael, mid 80s most of the north bay valleys. cooler at beaches. 70s east bay shore, fremont, castro valley and hercules could hit low to mid 80s. 62 monterey, santa cruz 72, mid 80s inland. yosemite has scattered thunderstorms today, 96 there, 105 palm springs, 89 in l.a., fresno 102. four to 10° cooler tomorrow into saturday, the 90s come back inland for the labor day and 80 around the bay even 60s and 70s with sunshine at the
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coast. have a great day. we'll head to the bay bridge, three people outside of a car trying to push a stalled car towards treasure island in the right lane traffic light enough to get by, chp en route to help them, i don't think it will cause much damage. if you are heading across the golden gate bridge caltrans crews getting ready to clear some of the roadwork should be done by 5:00. traffic still good across the span. also, no major accidents, we have the usual overnight roadwork going on as you make your way on eastbound 4 from pittsburg to antioch all lanes closed at loveridge until 5:30. at this point westbound still looking good, antioch out towards concord as well on to 242. this morning insurance companies are being accused of working behind the scenes to weaken auto repair laws in
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california. insurance commissioner and consumer groups claim the companies are trying to water down laws that require insurance companies to use high quality pars to repair cars after a crash, cheaper parts could compromise public safety. we are told the organization had no comment. you may have been paying too much for your meal at what boat lay they admit they rounded out -- out prices to the nearest nickel up and down meaning customers paid a few cents more than they normally would have. they said they did it on cash ors to keep long lines moving the company says it will only round down in the future. another point for chocolate, it could help prevent strokes. a study found men who at, moderate amounts of chocolate had a lower risk of stroke. researchers studied 37,000 men
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in sweden those who ate a third of a cup per week lowered risk of stroke by 17% over those who didn't. flavanoids found in chocolate come in apples and broccoli. since we don't have those on the setter rick he's a piece of chocolate. >> thank you so much. you want me to live longer? >> yes. >> very nice of you. >> to counteract my hairspray. hurricane isaac loses a lot of punch, but still causing damage. next, where neighbors are wading in water this morning. setting a deadline when we expect to know the fate of suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. bridging a huge gap the challenge homeowners living near a broken water main are facing this morning. waging war on west nile where workers will be out today trying to eliminate a pesky danger.
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