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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 31, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. breaking news. several people have been shot inside a supermarket in new jersey there are fatalities. katie marzullo is in the breaking news center. >> reporter: right now local law enforcement says there are reportedly, three people dead. that includes the gunman. take a look this is the scene over old bridge, new jersey at a shopping center known as pathmark. there's a broken window in the front of the store and you can see emergency responders out front in the parking lot. they've been standing out in front of the store for the past hour. police responded to shots fired inside the shopping center around 1 a.m., employees were inside stocking shelves. there was a confrontation with a gunman, believed to be among the dead. several employs -- several
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employees across the street from the scene of the shooting. breaking news now we will continue to follow this. reportedly three dead, including the gunman at a shopping center in new jersey. in the meantime back here san jose school rises from the ashes this morning. trace elementary destroyed in a devastating fire two years ago celebrates grand opening of its new building, a few hours from now. terry mcsweeney is live on campus. >> reporter: good morning. going to be a very good morning for everybody here at trace elementary. 1200 parents, teachers and students expected for the huge reopening of this school. it is going to be a testament to the spirit of the community and a lot of effort. take a look at what it looked like july 5th, 2010. this was going down in flames. a huge fire turned out to be a
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10 million dollar fire. as it turned out, two teenagers admitted their involvement in it. they admitted setting the fire, intentionally, one-on-one side of the campus, the other on the other it was planned out and executed, unfortunately, perfectly. within has been sentenced to eight years the other still going through the system. both have admitted setting that fire. today as we turn the page, students are going to be in a new school. they've been in portable classrooms. the school never missed a beat. today they are back in this brand new facility. it is going to be one heck of a celebration. we'll be getting a tour we'll have that at 11 more in one hour. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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4:33. san jose firefighter remains in intensive care after he had a major heart attack while fighting a fire. 42-year-old frank ryan is in stable condition in a medically induced coma. >> frank was in full arrest. devastating for us to hear that. >> we won't know the outcome until he's brought out of sedation. >> the fact that ryan was treated and stabilized quickly is a good sign. he has worked in san jose's fire department for 15 years. mitt romney and paul ryan will thank supporters at a farewell victory party today before heading out to campaign in florida and virginia.
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last night romney formally accepted his party's nomination for president. he told americans about his own background and family as appealed to the feelings of anxiety as the nation faces high unemployment. he finished with his vision of the future should he be elected. >> we will champion small businesses reducing taxes on business, not raising them. simplifying and modernizing regulation that hurt small business the most. it means we must rein in the sky rocketing cost of health care by repealing and replacing obamacare. >> there was one disruption during the speech when code pink protesters held up a banner only momentary in a long night of celebration. for supporters romney's speech more than covered the bases.
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>> we don't apologize for success, we celebrate success he's success, we need him, president romney. >> incredible speech, off the charts laid out a clear vision for where the country should go. >> the economy, jobs the foundation of what makes america great and the ability to start a business and pursue your dreams was my favorite part. >> republicans say the convention resulted in a show of party unity that once seemed distance. democrats hold their convention next week. mark matthews will be in charlotte, north carolina for live coverage of the democratic national convention. you can follow him on twitter or go to our facebook page. samsung is the winner the latest court battle with apple. according -- a court in japan ruled the technology samsung uses to synchronize smartphones and tablets with computers does not infringe on an apple patent. last week a jury in the south bay reached the opposite
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conclusion and awarded apple one billion dollars in damages. tonight the a's will honor the petaluma little league team that made it to third in the world series last weekend. they will be the stars of a special pregame ceremony on the field and they will receive baseballs autographs by the entire a's team. later they will be receiving a key to the city of petaluma. the special key is being created by a shop class at petaluma high. they will be honored in a parade sunday at 1:00 at 4th and d streets. how exciting. >> those young men he serve it, they brought -- those young men deserve it they brought sunshine. >> let's see if there will be sunshine for the parade, mike? >> big change sunday, monday after the big change right now. fairfield sea breeze gusting
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to 35 that's why we have the clouds gusting to 24 in concord mist around the bay, drizzle following that area of low pressure is now three of 'em one way up to the north and two other satellite ones rotating around it giving us the one-two punch of cooler air and breezy conditions today into tomorrow more sunshine tomorrow as the dry air starts to move in right now moisture winning out that's why we have the drizzle at the coast and miff around the bay and we are going to have flight arrival delays at sfo use our flight tracker to find out what flights are being delayed at at the bottom. still at noon plenty of clouds around the bay inland full of sunshine clouds at the coast 50s there, 60s bay, 60s and only 70s inland by lunch temperatures today three to 12 degrees cooler biggest drop inland.
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60s around the bay, 50s at the coast. going to cool quickly during the evening. make sure you have a jacket. clouds overspreading neighborhoods by 7:00 with 50s and 60s. let's look at tomorrow, a lot like today maybe one to three degrees warmer then wind shifts and sun returns to most neighborhoods so do warm temperatures 90 inland 80 bay 60s at the coast. here's frances. during your report the chp just cleared crash sap jose south 101 tully all lanes open. it was out there an hour traffic now fine through the south bay. here's a live shot of the oakland maze accident reported eastbound 80 coming off the bay bridge then heading towards emeryville. they are saying it is blocking left lane. i haven't been able to find it. it could be in the shot somewhere we'll keep you
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posted. san mateo tkpwraeupblgt no trouble westbound as you leave the toll eastbound light out of foster city and san mateo accident-free peninsula, also the south bay you get an idea of how light traffic is northbound 280 good this is 17 out of the santa cruz mountains. next, some bay area hospitals will be writing big checks after they jeopardize the safety of patients we'll tell you who string of women being attacked in one neighborhood is a specific race being targeted? >> you made the sleep train dream campaign a huge success, $40,000 donated all that money goes
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good morning. starting a long holiday weekend this is san francisco overnight if you look carefully you can see some clouds, mist coming in today maybe some of my colleagues did as well. >> tiny bit. more news. oakland police investigating several sexual assaults against women in the fruitvale district they suspect there may be several victims who have not reported the crimes. police are urging latina immigrants to come forward. investigators believe many cases have gone unreported because of fear within the community. this woman doesn't want to be identified but feels compelled to share her story was grabbing my hand and putting it in his private parts. >> there's an escalating level of violence associated one individual has been hospitalized.
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>> in every case the victim was walking alone. rape conslers believe many of these women are being targeted because most are here illegally attackers know there is a good chance they won't come forward. six bay area hospitals will pay $375 in penalties to the state for -- will a $375,000 in penalties the biggest to kaiser san francisco, $100,000 for failing to follow guidelines involving bedside devices that administer insulin. sigh south $75 foreleaving an -- kaiser south $$75,000 for leaving an instrument in a patient. want to let you know is a sad morning for the abc news
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family and gma co-anchor, robin roberts. her mother has passed. the new challenge facing her. new warning from the pentagon to the author of a controversial book on the death of bin laden. >> search for the bay area man who could be california's next millionaire. i can't stand these spots.
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we have it on at the bottom. we have sad word today from "good morning america" host robin roberts. abc news announced her mother died last night. she left for medical leave yesterday a day earlier than planned. she got back in mississippi just in time to see her mother pass away. roberts herself will have a bone marrow transplant next week to fight the rare blood disorder of mds. you can go to the former navy seal who authored a book on the raid that killed bin laden could wind up in court. the pentagon says bissonnette may be violating his oath not to divulge military secrets and the government is
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considering criminal charges. his lawyer said he signed two nondisclosure agreements that forbade him from revealing classified information. lawyers say the book appears to be in breach of that agreement. two dolphins making a south san francisco waterway their home they've been spotted swimming in colma creek not far from san francisco international airport one appears to be suffering from a skin issue possibly caused by the water in the area. workers say there are no plans to rescue the dolphins. last month another was spotted in the same waterway after a day it swam back away into the bay on its own. the search is on this morning for the person who bought a multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket. lotto officials say it was purchased by a man in the quik-stop in treatment. ama daetz has more. >> reporter: take a good look at the california lottery's most wanted man they are
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trying to find him because they believe he bought a winning ticket here in fremont but he has yet to claim his prize. the july 27th, drawing was worth 52 million dollars. >> when somebody buys a dollar ticket it is only fair to connect them with the winnings. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the mystery man has already tried to verify his ticket at several stores but hasn't taken the next step. >> we are wondering if there was a miss kphaougs, maybe there's a probe -- there was a miscommunication. >> reporter: there could be a language barrier aj sold the winning ticket he says the customer is a regular but he doesn't know his name. does he speak english? >> a little bit. >> reporter: with the winner still unidentified the rumor mill is working over tight. >> they said female -- working
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over time. >> they said female, then male someone worked for kaiser then we hear nobody has come forward. >> reporter: jonathan works two doors down when he saw the signs go up indicating the winning ticket had been sold there got a little excited. >> for a moment i thought it could have been me i bought a ticket the night before, unfortunately, it wasn't. >> that was an ma date. >> -- that was ama daetz. >> it could be you. >> no, it couldn't be and my presence here is proof of that. >> everybody is dreaming of millions, labor day weekend, what they are going to do with it. do you have a million dollar forecast, mike? >> depends on how much you want to pay and how much you like. we have a lot of different items to the forecast, it is changing rapidly. clouds over the financial center embarcadero center i should say in the financial district in san francisco,
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there is mist in the air, i had to use my wipers several times coming in. drizzle at the coast otherwise drier inland. remnants of isaac you see bringing much needed rain to parched areas of missouri and arkansas. still rain and thunderstorms around louisiana and mississippi. on the move. so is our -- it is on the move. so is our weather, mid to upper 50s to 60 in mountain view, monterey bay inland mid to upper 50s. this tells the tale, three degrees cooler san francisco, you had your big drop yesterday 12° today, another three, hayward, oakland five degrees cooler san jose nine inland concord and santa rosa we talked about that yesterday, near 90 in concord to 77 today, santa rosa 84 to 7212° cooler.
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-- 72, 12° cooler. best chance of drizzle in green along the coast into san francisco. as we head through the morning still at noon we have a lot of sun in the east bay and south bay everybody else a lot of cloud cover we may not get rid of it around the bay that's why in the 50s and 60s here as you head inland or into the south bay, a few low to mid 70s there clouds linger on the peninsula, mid 60s to mid 70s for you, mid to upper 50s coast, breezy today, near 60 downtown south san francisco. east bay shore mid to upper 60s, 70 possible hercules, fremont more sun inland mid 70s possibly 80 around antioch and 81 brentwood low to mid 60s monterey bay mid to upper
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70s inland. threat of thunderstorms in the sierra today to the higher elevations around palm springs warm spot fresno 98 palm springs 103. tonight 40s around santa rosa and cloverdale rest of us in the 50s. mist, drizzle, cloud cover tomorrow morning breezes drier more sun couple degrees warmer winds of change come back and so does summer for sunday and monday lesser extent next week. luckily traffic changed, two accidents right now everything is clear live shot of the maze no problems eastbound 80 this is westbound on the lower right heading towards the bay bridge toll which is very light. maybe we'll see friday light traffic, noticeably picked up with more kids in school many southbound 680 fine near north main towards highway 24 at the top of your screen and 24 good
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to the caldecott tunnel. we'll check the north bay, delay-free now southbound from novato down to the golden gate bridge, under 20 minutes, still no delays out of santa rosa. 4:55. some encouraging news about reducing the number of students who skip school in san francisco, the numbers are going down for fifth straight year in public schools. the majority of unemployed, homeless and people in prison are high school drop-outs. >> as a young man i was a chronic truant and became a high school drop-out. as a law enforcement professional i've worked years over and over again and i can tell you the connection between not going to school and crime is a connection that is so undeniable. >> the d.a.'s office works
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with the school district to provide counselors onsite to work with at-risk students. many returning to campus will be given sleep colleges handing out earplugs, eyeshades and napping lessons in an effort to help them get some z's. research shows late night crowded housing, energy drinks all contribute to sleep deprivation which leads to anxiety and academic troubles. doctors recommend adolescents get nine hours of shut-eye each night. >> you need training to nap? >> we don't, we can train them. >> i have a blackbelt in napping. new review raising questions whether the national park service did enough research before trying to shutdown an oyster farm the battle is over a company and national sea shore the park service claims the farm is harming the environment. the national academy of sciences found the park services review lacks strong
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scientific support because there isn't enough data the academy says the research was so deficient it was similar to estimating rainfall for a year when the rainfall records are only available for march. the park service saying we welcome the input and will consider the recommendations in final review. we are following breaking news from central new jersey a deadly mass shooting at a supermarket. katie marzullo is getting new information right now in the breaking news center. clint's surprising speech at the republican national convention, why it had some of mitt romney's advisers wincing. new protection lawmakers want to giv
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