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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 9, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> alan: just after welcome to "world news." tonight, fast and furious, the newest tornado alley, two tornadoes touching down in new york city this weekend hitting neighborhoods, and now the cleanup under way as we ask tonight, just how rare is this? and are we finally in the clear of severe weather this week ahead? liftoff. the president and that unexpected moment with the pizza shop owner in florida just as he gets another bounce in the polls tonight. with both conventions now behind us, what do the numbers say, and what mitt romney said today about obama care now making it clear what he'd keep. touchdown. the unexpected landing, a door from a jumbo jet crashing onto the streets skidding some 30 feet. what the faa is now saying tonight. and royal exit. london saying good-bye to one of the stars of that royal skit. the queen loses one of her beloved corgis.
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good evening. great to have you on this sunday night, and we begin here with those images from right here in new york city this weekend. tens of millions come to visit the sites every year, but this you rarely see, not one, but two tornados this weekend. tonight the cleanup is under way as many ask, what's going on? and look at this, the images of the cleanup in brooklyn, new york, and from queens, the tornadoes touching down minutes apart, and you hear about the warnings in tornado alley. some new yorkers actually got warnings on their cell phones from their phone company. not very common that it happens here, and so tonight abc meteorologist ginger zee with the images, the science and forecast for the week ahead. >> oh, my god, look at the tornado. >> reporter: not only is that a tornado, but it's a tornado in new york city. one of two that ripped through queens and brooklyn. the first, born around 11:00 a.m. on the water, then hitting land slicing through the beach community of queens with 70-mile-per-hour winds.
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cabana roofs were ripped off, and debris went flying everywhere. >> just 15 seconds of intense wind, white noise, things crashing all around me. >> reporter: seven minutes later, the same storm formed a new tornado packing winds up to 100 miles per hour whipping through brooklyn. >> holy [ bleep ]. that's a tornado. >> reporter: today while erasing the evidence, it was still hard to grasp what had hit them. >> now is the cleanup. i started early this morning. i'm almost done, but thank god we're okay. >> reporter: 13 other states from south carolina to maine were rocked by damaging winds. some of the hardest hit, the nation's capital. more than 200,000 customers reported power outages. >> and ginger is with us now on the desk. and you were saying so rare. since 1950. >> only 14. >> 14. >> including the 2 yesterday, so 12 before this weekend. >> and so many families headed back to work. kids back to school now. do we finally get a break from
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the summer of severe weather? >> we do in the northeast, especially this week. much more pleasant temperatures. the dew points will feel much more like fall. >> very welcome, and so are you. thank you for joining us tonight. in other news, we turn to the race for president, and this evening with both conventions now behind us, a shift emerging in some of the polls, and look at this, nearly two weeks ago just before the republican convention, the gallup poll showing governor romney at 47%, president obama at 46%. this evening, gallup's tracking poll has obama at 49%, romney, 44%, the president there opening a five-point lead, but that lead is still razor thin, and the romney campaign knows it. so tonight we hear something from governor romney. after repeatedly saying he'd repeal obama care, now we learn what parts of the president's law he likes. with 58 days to go now as "your voice, your vote," and abc's david kerley at the white house tonight. >> reporter: it is mitt romney's mantra, repeated nearly daily. >> we're going to get rid of obama care. we're going to stop it on day one. we're going to replace it with something better. >> reporter: so this morning, surprise when it sounded like
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the republican was changing positions. >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform. of course, there are a number of things that i like in health care reform that i'm going to put in place, one is to make sure that those with pre-existing conditions can get coverage. >> reporter: and allowing families to cover their children indefinitely. a shift in position? no, says the romney campaign. romney wants to replace what he calls obama care with his own plan, but romney would include some of the very same elements in the president's effort. >> their basic idea is that since government can't do everything, it should do almost nothing. if you can't afford health insurance, i hope you don't get sick. >> reporter: the president's defense came in florida where he got quite a welcome. >> i got to give one to you. >> reporter: and a lift from a pizza joint owner. earlier he had breakfast with some seniors before renewing his attack on the romney/ryan medicare plan. >> their voucher plan for medicare would bankrupt medicare. no american should have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies.
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>> reporter: it has been a campaign season short on specifics by both sides, something bill clinton pointed out about the romney plan to close tax loopholes. >> so then you ask, well, which loopholes, and how much? you know what they say? see me about that after the election. >> reporter: this morning, paul ryan was asked for specifics. >> the best way to do this is to show the framework, show the outlines of these plans and work with congress to do it. that's how you get things done. >> isn't that a secret plan? >> no, no, no, no, what we don't want is >> why not specify the loopholes now? >> because we want to have this debate in the public. we want to have this debate in congress. >> reporter: ryan's refusal to name any specifics led to some immediate rebukes from team obama with the vice president telling a crowd he could not name one loophole. the president calls the romney/ryan plan "bad math." david? >> abc's david kerley at the white house tonight. david, our thanks to you.
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i want to bring in our senior yore washington editor, rick klein, tracking all this for us too, as well. rick, the obama campaign has got to be happy with the gallup numbers we showed at the top of the broadcast but also happy with something else tonight. let's go to the battleground map. you've been doing the math. abc news projecting obama with a considerable lead there when it comes to the electoral map and you say one state could really change the game here. >> that's right, david. take a look at this. if you were to add in ohio's 18 votes for president obama, all of a sudden, he has a commanding lead, 255 of the 270 he needs. he'd only need one or two more states to win it all. and if romney doesn't win ohio, he would virtually have to win every other battleground state to even have a chance. >> challenging math with under 60 days to go before election day. but, rick, i wanted to take you back to the image we saw in david kerley's report. the pizza shop owner, we learned his name, scott van duzer. and when the president walked he reportedly said, look at this guy's guns. i've never seen a pizza owner with ones so big.
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6'3" and weighs 260 pounds and lifted him off his feet and you learned more about why the president was there. >> that's right. the pizza shop owner received commendations for his work in getting other people to donate blood and for the president what a photo-op. a literal lift coming out of the convention. doesn't hurt it's also in florida. >> doesn't hurt. another key battleground. rick klein with us. tonight, rick, as always, thanks for the bigger picture. we move on this evening to the mystery outside seattle. the surprise thud from the sky in a normally quiet neighborhood there. look at this huge piece of dented metal about the size of a refrigerator. it is actually the door to a jumbo jet. abc's john schriffen working the phones with the faa today. so far they're unwilling to say where that door came from. >> reporter: it seemed like a regular morning when suddenly this massive object, the size of a refrigerator door, came plummeting down from the sky. >> we heard a big crash like a slap, slap, and it did sound like a big, large piece of metal. >> reporter: turns out that mysterious object was a landing gear door from a 767 according to the faa. but where did the door come from? just moments before it crashed friday, neighbors described what looked like a cargo jet flying unusually low. >> it sounded a little -- maybe
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it was -- >> distressed. >> yeah, distressed or vibrating. >> what could have happened in this instance is as the aircraft was coming in to land in seattle, the force of the air on the landing gear door could have torn off an already weakened gear door that may have then led to this piece of metal going into the residential area. >> reporter: back in may, cell phone-sized pieces of an air canada boeing 777 scattered onto cars near toronto. just days before, the main cabin door from a small charter jet landed in the middle of a fairway on a miami golf course and in 2009, a dozen houses and numerous cars in brazil were reported damaged when parts, one weighing as much as 550 pounds, fell from a cargo freighter. and back to this latest incident in washington state, it's believed there was a marking on the door meaning it was registered with the faa, but the agency tells me it could be weeks before we learn the plane the door actually came from.
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david, good news, no one injured. >> and you'll stay on it, john. thanks very much. overseas in iraq where insurgents launched a wave of attacks striking in at least ten cities. 44 people were killed. 240 wounded. no claim of responsibility tonight. we're also learning more this evening about the fbi's move to use new science against criminals in this country. eye scans and other so-called biometrics on street corners and in surveillance cameras that scan our faces as we walk by. here's abc's reena ninan now. >> looks like we got a head. >> u.s. marshals. >> reporter: you've seen it on tv. >> got a facial recognition match on the father. >> reporter: and in the movies for years. now it may soon be coming to a city near you, the fbi's billion dollar project will use available surveillance cameras to scan faces and match those images against their national database of known criminals. dubbed the next generation identification program, face recognition, dna, iris scans and
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voice identification will make it harder for the most wanted to hide. some worry about the potential to invade privacy, others believe it's a crime-fighting tool whose time has come. >> you've got to go after them where they are, and you've got to go after them smart with intelligence and special operations type units. >> reporter: and as we approach the anniversary of september 11th, a new bulletin obtained from abc news from law enforcement says officials have been told of a decline in 9/11 messaging by al qaeda, but warned "lone offender threats are still a concern." security sources tell us attacks by lone wolves are harder to track making this new technology all the more useful. >> i'm placing you under arrest for the future murder of sara marks. >> reporter: even if we're nowhere near being able to predict crimes before they happen. the fbi tells us the program will be fully running in less than two years, and the next phase will include identifying scars and even tattoos. david. >> reena ninan in washington tonight. reena, thank you.
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now to a different kind of threat, that disease we've been reporting on on "world news". the deadly hanta virus at yosemite national park. as many as 29,000 park visitors potentially at risk, and tonight we're learning of another case of it, this one in houston. they say it is completely unrelated. a woman catching the disease while cleaning a cluttered home for the reality tv series "hoarding: buried alive." we know the disease is spread by mice droppings. we're told the woman is now recovering. there is also news about yet another rare disease making headlines, this one straight out of the middle ages, a case of bubonic plague. abc's clayton sandell is in colorado tonight. >> reporter: little sierra jane downing is in the hospital recovering from the fight of her life. >> you can get up and walk. >> yeah, i can a little. >> reporter: the big dimpled 7-year-old came down with what her parents thought was flu. >> my little sierra wasn't herself. >> reporter: but then a seizure. her breathing stopped. >> i thought, oh, my gosh, we're going to lose her. >> reporter: sierra jane was air-lifted to the rocky mountain hospital for children in denver,
5:42 pm
fever spiking, 107 degrees. >> yeah, i remember leaving that morning very scared that when i came back that night that she wasn't going to survive. >> reporter: that's when doctors jennifer snow and wendy drummond found new clues, an unusually swollen lymph node in her leg and bug bites. >> so that was my eureka aha moment. >> we're not really sure how to feel. >> reporter: then her parents remembered just days before the family had been to a campground where sierra jane found a dead squirrel. doctors suspect fleas jumped from the squirrel to their young host infecting her with bubonic plague, the same black death that killed 25 million people during the middle ages, but with an average of only seven u.s. cases a year, it's a disease doctors rarely see. >> there's a saying in medicine that if you share hoofbeats with your horses but you don't want to forget about the zebras, the more unusual, uncommon diseases, and in this case this is a zebra. >> it's okay to smile.
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>> reporter: thanks to quick thinking and antibiotics, sierra jane will make a full recovery. >> they sat her on my lap, and she just melted into me, and she goes, mommy, it feels so good to be held, and i mean i just -- that was the best moment, the best. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> a kiss to the forehead there from mom. and we've learned tonight that sierra jane is well enough now that she'll be released tomorrow. she'll be able to go home. from london tonight, the queen's loss. we learned from buckingham palace one of the queen's famous corgis died, one of her beloved dogs who appeared in the opening act for the olympics. ♪ monty was one of queen elizabeth's corgi dogs who took part in that james bond skit and daniel craig going to pick up the queen for the olympics. >> good evening. >> reporter: and as funny as the queen was, her dog nearly stole the show rolling over standing sentinel, the queen's helicopter lifts off from buckingham
5:44 pm
palace. corgis are a royal family tradition. it was the queen's father, george vi, who bought the first corgi from a local kennel in 1933 and his daughter there, princess elizabeth and margaret in 1936. the future queen getting one of her own when she turned 18. corgis have been at her side ever since and on this family photo on a walk around the royal properties, even traveling with her and prince philip on official visits. year, the queen's dog is more popular than ever. the number of people looking to get a corgi, up nearly a third from a year ago. tonight the queen saying good-bye to this olympic moment in the spotlight. by the way, we learned that monty was named after an american man who advises the queen on her animals, and he's reportedly already offered her a new corgi puppy. the thrill of parasailing still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. the thrill of parasail ing high above the water but the new case that is shedding a new spotlight on what can be a dangerous and sometimes deadly pastime. "world news" gets answers.
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5:48 pm
vacation in pompano beach, florida, went parasailing. a storm blew in and moments later, the towline attached to the parasail snapped, and the two girls were hurled into the roof of a waterfront hotel. amber was killed. crystal suffered permanent brain damage. >> it was pretty obvious that they were use ing substandard equipment because the rope broke. i don't believe it was an accident. i believe it was negligence. >> reporter: then last month near the same beach, another horrifying accident, a woman plunged 150 feet to her death after her harness broke. over the past 30 years, 429 people have been seriously injured parasailing in the u.s. 72 have died. >> who is my brave soul? who is going first? >> reporter: we recently joined a group heading out to parasail off the coast of new jersey. >> see you later. >> reporter: some had heard about the latest tragedy in florida but were undeterred. worried about the safety? >> no, you can't live in fear. >> reporter: the operator of
5:49 pm
this boat says he inspects the equipment regularly. >> legs straight out. >> reporter: and has never had an accident, but who is watching? the equipment used in parasailing is not required to be inspected by any government agency. that's right. that includes the tow lines and the harnesses. no agency performs any kind of mandatory inspections of this safety equipment. >> it's been really left up to each individual operator to define safety as they see fit without repercussion. >> i'm angered. people keep dying, people keep getting injured. i mean, i lost my child, and my other child will never be the same again. >> reporter: for most people, parasailing is a thrilling and unforgettable adventure. for this mother, it is a gamble not worth taking. ron claiborne, abc news, belmar, new jersey. >> our thanks to ron tonight. and when we come back on the broadcast, it was the trial of the century, but tonight 17 years later, what we are now learning about that glove.
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and finally tonight here, perhaps you're one of the millions who have already googled this one, it's a dance, and it could be coming to a family wedding near you. here's abc's david wright. ♪ >> reporter: korean pop music gangnam style. ♪ coming up style >> reporter: viral video sensation, number one on the itunes music video chart.
5:57 pm
last week at the music video awards. >> dude, you got over 100 million hits on youtube for gangnam style, okay? how does that feel? talk to me. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: the words may be lost in translation, but the moves have universal appeal. the unlikely slightly chubby pop star behind the video is a 35-year-old south korean rapped named psy, real name, jae sung park. >> it's like beverly hills of korea. i don't look like beverly hills, and i keep saying i'm beverly hills style, beverly hills style. >> reporter: video of poker-faced send-up of korean's place in beverly hills itself on rodeo drive at the tony salon by maxianne. if i use the phrase "gangnam style" does that mean
5:58 pm
anything in beverly hills? ♪ >> reporter: youtube is full of local adaptation. london style. oregon style. at dodgers stadium when they recently plucked psy out of the crowd, the dance cam had no trouble finding his signature horse trot. >> you got to use your upper body. >> reporter: psy was just signed by justin bieber's manager poised to become the biggest korean pop star ever leading the charge gangnam style. david wright, abc news, beverly hill. >> we have to get practicing. "good morning america" first thing in the morning and tomorrow afternoon the big debut of "katie," katie couric's daytime talk show. good luck, katie. we'll be watching. diane sawyer back in the chair tomorrow night. good night, everyone. have a great week.
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>> ama: the search for a missing cal poly student now over. >> alan: remembering the san bruno pipeline blast two years later. >> another red flag going up. there was something wrong with thit this. >> ama: the boater who helped authorities track down the father accused of kidnapping his two children. abc-7 news at 6:00 starts right now. >> alan: a tragic ending in the search for a missing college student. his body found in the sacramento river today. good evening, i'm alan wang. >> ama: i'm ama daetz. the body of brett olson was recovered from the sacramento river downstream from an area known by locals as beer can beach. sergio quintana is live in


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