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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 14, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> eric: develop nice, you are looking at live pictures of the white house, president obama and vice president biden and secretary of state clinton is going to attend the return of four remaining of americans killed in benghazi libya. we will air a special report when that return ceremony likely within the next half-hour. i'm eric negotiation for cheryl jennings. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. u.s. ambassador to libya was from the bay area.
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chris stevens got his law degree at u.c. hastings in san francisco. katie marzullo joins us with the latest anti-u.s. demonstrations erupting. >> we're getting word of two deaths outside the embassy in tunisia. a cloud of smoke has been seen around the embassy there. thousands are throwing rocks at police and police are feirlg tear gas at protestors. also in lebanon, at least one person is dead. security officials say a crowd set fire to a kfc and arby's restaurant. they clashed with police who opened fire killing one person. a u.s. four say a response team has arrived in yemen as security forces were firing live rounds and tear gas into the crowd of about 2,000 protestors who were trying to march to the u.s.
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embassy. yesterday, hundreds of protestors stormed the embassy compound and burned the american flag. in cairo, egypt, fourth day of the row of scenes just like this. senior officials say suspected islamic militants stormed their base near the gaza-israel border. they blocked wait leading from the tahrir square and police using tear gas to digs percent the crowd and both sides are throwing rocks. >> in gaza several thousand people gathered after friday prayers and chanted anti-american and anti-israeli slogans. protestors burned an israeli flag as well as ef gees of president obama. and in libya. head of national general congress visited to show his sympathy for the killing of
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chris stevens and three other americans. deadly attacks have said to have been prompted by an anti-muslim film that denigrates the prophet muhammad but some believe that is not the case. the attacks have more to do with the anniversary of 9/11. >> iraq, iran, afghanistan, sudan have seen violent protests. in sudan, several hundred stormed to the injury machine embassy setting that part of the building fire. several thousand have moved on to embassy and police opened fire on those that tried to scale the walls. witnesses reported seeing three people that appear to be dead. >> eric: thank you very much. again we're standing by for an abc news special report less than half an hour from now. president obama, vice president and secretary of state will at
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joint base andrews for the return of the remains of four americans killed in that attack in libya. david muir will anchor that report. >> kristen: here in the u.s. three universities were under threat of violence. university of texas and north dakota state evacuated all campus buildings when bomb threats were called in. university in indiana, officials warned students and faculty of an unspecified threat. a middle eastern man claimed that al-qaeda affiliation in multiple bombs were planted on campus. no bombs were found on either texas ordered ined in state. both campuses have since reopened. officials said nothing suspicious was found after graffiti messages threatened criminal activity. >> eric: mitt roms is not backing down from his criticism of president obama following the deadly violence at libyan
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consulate. even as statements draw fire on both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: mitt romney is still on defense after those controversial statements on the attacks on the american diplomatic post. an exclusive interview with george stephanopolous, romney stood by his initial reaction to the statement by the u.s. embassy in cairo even before the attacks there and libya took place. >> i thought the statement was inappropriate and pointed that out. of course, now our attention is focused on the loss of lives and tragedy of having a remarkable ambassador and diplomatic members had their lives taken. >> reporter: before the issue came up the romney was taking heat from conservatives for not doing better in the position. while the romney-ryan ticket left tampa with no bounce, president obama had leads in every poll. roms is not leading in any of the die states. >> what do you say?
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>> beating an incumbent is never easy. the president exudes and air of likeability that endearing, but at the same time, i don't think he has done the job that they expected to do. as he tried to close the gap. romney is spending a lot of time to debate president obama. first time in denver. romney may be trying to manage expectations and he says the president is a strong debator. >> i think the challenge i'll have in the debate is that the president tends, how shall i say it, say things that are not true. >> it's been another week of attacks in the middle east but romney is talking what they wanted to talk about, jobs and the economy. >> kristen: in pleasant hill, classes are in session as usual after a high-speed chase ended with a shot scene. it started as a traffic stop last night.
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police chased the two men on 680 and ended in pleasant hill where the suspects truck crashed at an elementary school. they smashed into metal barriers and one suspect made a gesture that made officers think he had a gun. the officers fired but nobody no one was hit. they took both suspects into custody and say they fined drugs in the truck. >> new this morning, a second person has contracted the west nile virus in contra costa county. fogging trucks sprayed in parts of the area. county health officials the latest woman lives in east county and showed symptoms early august. they announced another woman along with man in solano county. first human cases in the bay area. they are all recovering. meanwhile, a 74-year-old man in placer county is the newest
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death blamed on the virus. a volunteer with the sheriff's canine program after ten days in the hospital. so far five people in california have died from winning this year. >> arson investigators are busy after a string of suspicious fires in antioch. three fires broke out within an hour of each other around midnight. it spread to a strip mall. another fire was started in the same shopping center and smaller fire was down the street. firefighters knocked them down before they caused damage. this video, a fourth fire in a nearby backyard also appears suspicious. antioch fire officials say the cypress trees and brush caught fire a little more than an hour ago. they say it could have started at a homeless encampment. >> a big heads up on potential delays starting tonight if you are flying out of san francisco. >> eric: latest royal scandal
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involving pictures showing too much skin. too much of the duchess of cambridge is revealed. >> an apple tasting sweet success on pre-orders for the new iphone 5. we'll tell you how quickly the
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>> kristen: britain's royal family says it's suing french magazine that pictured topless
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photos of princess katherine. they toured malaysia and visited a mosque she covered her head with a veil to comply with islamic law. french gossip magazine insisted it did not invade their privacy. >> first batch of apple 5 have already sold out. they begin taking orders at midnight promising delivery by next friday when the new phone goes on sale goes in stores. people who didn't get an iphone 5 will have to wait at least until september 28 to receive their device. quick rise in expected delivery shows much stronger demand. >> delays at san francisco international airport nor the next three weekends. a main runway will be closed.
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same holds fo true for the next two weekends. they are installing new lights as part of a manned other safety upgrade project. number of flights will be reduced to 60 an hour to 30. >> eric: we are expecting a news special report on the return of the bodies of the four americans killed in libya. we hope to get mike nicco's forecast in, too. >> flight arrival delays at sfo and delays also. take a look outside. good morning, show you some of the clouds hanging around. cooler weather is on the way in the forecast.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> kristen: bay area's own punk rock band green bay performing
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on "good morning america." they performed a rooftop just like the beatles did 40 years ago. billy armstrong looked fine after suffering a medical emergency for which they had to cancel a concert. he they will appear at the fillmore at the end of the month. >> alcohol will be on menu at disney world in florida. it's the first time that the restaurant will serve beer and wine or the park will. alcohol will only be available during dinner hours and guests wand the option of drinking it with dinner so they will get their chance. disney as you know owns abc7. >> kristen: weekend is just about here, including the a's game and fireworks. >> couple good teams playing. orioles and a's are hot. it ought to be fun. take a look outside. we go up to tahoe, maybe you are heading up there this weekend. there is fall foliage starting
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to develop in the higher elevation. first snow of the united states, on pike's peak earlier this week. we have to wait a couple months before we get ours here. show you what is going on. clouds are moving back to the coast. they are starting to open up there. nothing falling on live 7 hd. it's been a quiet week other than mist hanging in the morning hours. 50s around half moon bay and san francisco and oakland and san rafael, everybody else in the 60s. 73 already in gilroy. 57 at monterey, santa cruz starting to see sunshine and low to mid-60s. here is what i think is going to happen. it will be brighter today everywhere and still warm to hot inland neighborhoods. we'll have clouds tonight and cool conditions once again. a cooler push of afternoon temperatures into next week. as far as what is happening
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today, we'll still have 90s around fairfield and antioch and livermore. a lot of 80s in inland valleys. 70s around the bay. heading out to the coast. pockets of sunshine developing. low to mid 60s into san francisco. temperatures pretty close to where they were yesterday. monterey, 56. 75 at santa cruz. it will make a run in 90 in morgan hill. >> a's and orioles, 62, you'll neat a coat. it's amazing hour well they keep that grass. and it's good to have a blanket and heading up to the sierra, check it out. tahoe is going to be 80 and drop back to the middle 70s as we head through the weekend. it's going to be hot in yosemite, in the valley temperatures are going to flirt with the low to mid 90s with the warmest day on saturday. 94, look let's go farther and head towards l.a.
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we'll spike at 97, 97 tomorrow and drops off to 89 so the heat breaks by sunday. even more impressive because the temperature hardly swings like this in san diego except for this time of year. 86 tomorrow and then dropping 14 degrees by sunday down to 82. high pressure over us right now. trough of low pressure is going to move towards the coast and all of california. you see the dramatic drop but it won't be quite that dramatic. temperatures will go down about 2-4 degrees sunday, couple more degrees on monday and most of next week we'll handles out low to mid-70s and 50s to 60s at the coast. if you are heading to the coast. big cleanup day, we'll see sunshine tomorrow and temperatures in the low 60s. >> we have a breastfeeding controversy. american university assistant
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professor adrian pine, she had a fever and she had no choice to bring the baby with her to class. she explained this to her students. she nursed her while conducting class. one of her students, sex gender and culture professor walks in with her baby, breastfeeding time. >> appropriate that she brought her child to class first time and distracting to the students. >> she let us know. i think she handled it in a really most professional way she could. >> in a situation like in, with this situation, she wasn't making a habit of it. we need to cut her some slack. >> pine hopes it will open a discussion about child care discussion about child care st
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comedy day, 40 comedians for five hours on one stage on sunday. >> and tiger mother is a comedy that isn't afraid part of this week at exit theater. >> my political philosophy is too much. >> dan hoyle returns in the real
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americans. small town america. >> mill valley fall arts festival is showcase of 140 fine artists in the red woods old park in downtown mill valley. >> a moving tribute. national pow/mia recognition day providing a sense of community at the marin veterans memorial building. >> rock stars in glamorama to raise money for hiv-aids research at orpheum theater. >> or watch the ultimate experience, titanic for the first time in blu-ray and now in 3-d. >> eric: live to base andrews in maryland. we told you earlier that president obama would be there for the return of the bodies of four americans killed in libya including the ambassador a piedmont native. their return to the u.s. this is the ceremony, you saw
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the president and vice president walk into the room. >> kristen: a little bit one of the four killed, ambassador to libya chris stevens has we reported, he graduated from piedmont high school and u.c. berkeley and got his law degree in u.c. hastings in san francisco. he only been in the job a few months but bay area roots go deep. so a lot of sad people in the bay area. and this is the transfer of the name ceremony. earlier the president and vice president had a chance to meet with the families separately and president obama is expected to speak. >> eric: thank you
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