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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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she sold cocaine and methamphetamines eight times posing as customers. >> starting today. police are stepping up enforcement to protect
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motorcycle it's. they will be looking for riders and drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. they are also going to be cracking down on traffic violations that can cause motorcycle collisions. police say special enforcement efforts have been paying off by saving lives. the number of motorcycle fatalities in california has declined over the last two years. >> coming up next. the latest on the southern california brush fire that threatened a bellaire neighborhood. also, federal agents say an undercover sting thwarted a terror plot by 18-year-olds that planned to blow up a chicago bar. a bay area animal shelter, why a bay area animal shelter, why they need to let so ñxtes0p i'm a professional stylist
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>>. >> carolyn: most political analysts expect the democratic party to pick up a few seats in the next election but not enough to gain control. nancy pelosi disagrees. she says mitt romney selection of paul ryan as his running mate was a game changer. >> things really changed. we were on a path. the momentum was very much with us and medicare issue in this campaign, we were the messengers
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and we have the very excellent chance to take back the house. >> carolyn: she made her remarks on the cnn program state of the union. that you in this morning, an 18-year-old chicago man faces federal terrorism charges after prosecutors say he planned to set off a car bomb off outside a bar. federal agents have been going through his home in chicago suburb hillside looking for evidence. he was arrested friday night after an undercover operation involving agents posing as extremists. he was arrested after they provided him with fake explosives. he is a u.s. citizen that was focus of investigators after he posted material on line about violent jihad and the killing of americans. in southern california, firefighters expect to fully contain a brush fire today near the getty center art museum.
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it's burning east of interstate 405 in the hills. it broke out friday toward a residential cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been threatened or damaged. the fire has charred about 90 acres so far. it's 90% contained. >> an animal shelter in pleasanton has to close for a few weeks. they really need your help this morning to find homes for their clients. 32 cats and five dogs to be exact. they only have four days to find homes for them. valley humane society is going to have to be replaced. >> in most cases that wouldn't be such a big deal but for us the bacteria can get down and bacteria can get down in the crevices and it can collect. >> carolyn: the shelter will
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close thursday. it will reopen around the first of next month. >> this summer you may made the sleep train dream campaign a huge success. yesterday hundreds of bay area foster kids stopped by the dream store in martinez to pick out new shoes and clothes and backpacks filled with school supplies. they sent us these photos. they say the number of donations doubled their expectations. now thanks to your generosity more than 250 foster kids are starting off the school year on the right foot. it means so much for them. thank you so much. our meteorologist lisa argen is here now talking about a pretty stable weather pattern. >> lisa: that's right. we have a stable air mass. that is the fog. as you head outside, we have people out and about. this is race featuring a marathon, ten k and 5-k.
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there is open hand and we are looking at slow clearing in the city. may be cooler here but livermore is 62. forecast is next. >> carolyn: also next an exciting night down on the farm as stanford upsets number 2 ranked usc. mike shumann has "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>>. >> carolyn: welcome back everyone. it's 9:19 on this sunday, september 16th. thank you for joining us on this day back in 1620, the mayflower set off to the voyage to america. here is a live picture with heavenly cam. showing you tahoe where lisa says it's going to be in the mid-70s there today. >> lisa: right now in the upper 50s and tahoe valley airport, truckee is 48. low clouds and fog are lingering over parts of the city and around the bay. santa cruz in the mid 50s. visibility down around the central coast has been reduced. watsonville, half mile visibility. closer to home, mount tam you
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see the blanket of low clouds. we are looking at temperatures in and around the same scenario as we had yesterday except for a few years where this some of this fog will linger. live doppler 7-hd. it has been sunny for friends in livermore valley and around concord. you can see the low clouds and fog extensive as pushed east of berkeley. there is a hole right here around central marin county. we're getting sunshine around mount tam and also san rafael. 50 in napa. look at the cool numbers, 48 in santa rosa. we're in the upper 50s with all the cloud cover in san jose and mountain view right now. 53 in redwood city. so the 60s where it has been sunny for quite some time. fog at the coast and around the bay. once again the wide range of temperatures will be a little bit cooler here where i think
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some of the fog will linger. we'll see the warm readings inland but cooler days are ahead for much of the workweek. this last full week of summer where fall begins on saturday morning. here is where we were, the averages. from yesterday to today we're seeing temperatures that really in and around the same mark. we're talking about numbers barely changing for the big picture but the week ahead we're talking about numbers anywhere from 5-10 degrees below the average. we are in between systems with high pressure to the east of us. a trough of low pressure that continues to sit to the north and west of us. once it moves closer to the coast we will see the influence in terms of that persistent onshore flow and slower clearing from the clouds and fog. this linger -- linger throughout the workweek. we won't see much of a change
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except for the fact when it gets closer, the numbers begin to come down, anywhere from 2-4 degrees tomorrow. then a little more so throughout the middle of the weaning. the heat has released its grip on southern california. we saw hundred degree heat yesterday. 91 today in los angeles with 93 in sacramento. back home, the numbers pretty nice once we get some of that clearing which should be within the next hour to two hours. pulling back from the east bay, 66 in richmond with 70 in oakland yesterday. a pretty far north around clearlake to have some of those 90s. could be 90 degrees today out in livermore valley. otherwise, upper 60s for the arts festival around burlingame today. still looking at mid 70s for that clearing mid-morning and then a mild afternoon. so couple degrees of cooling n some areas but overall staying pretty much the same as more
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cooling gets underway throughout the middle of the week. by saturday morning, autumn has arrived. >> carolyn: so tonight at niners game, pretty darn chilly. >> dress in layers and temperatures will be in the upper 50s. >> carolyn: thank you. 49ers fans should think twice before heckling detroit lion fans. it might be a police officer. they plan to send undercover cops into the crowd as part of an ongoing effort to prevent fights. police will be monitoring for scalpers and sellers of counterfeit tickets. police chief greg suhr used similar practices during baseball games at at&t park. first home game of the season is kicking off at 5:20 this afternoon at candlestick park. in about 40 minutes the raiders will battle the dolphins in miami hoping to rebound from monday night's opening game
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loss. last night stanford beat usc for the fourth straight year. latest top 25 poll just released showed the cardinals jumping all the way to number 9 in the country. congratulations, guys. here is shu with last night's big win. >> good morning, we kick off with college football, stanford knocks off usc for the fourth straight year. matt barkley came back for the senior year and he has seen every team except for stanford. he finds the end zone but he had help from his line. stefan taylor, not known for speed but he is gone. 59 yards. taylor passes 3,000 career rushing yards. third for stanford and 156 of the game and we're tied at 7. chargers get it back.
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second touchdown of the half. third quarter, nunez, picked off with a block and breaks a tackle. just like that we have a tie game, 14 apiece. nunez finds him in stride, dives in to the end zone. 37 yards and nunez, 14 of 31, 215 yards and two tds. cardinals are up and trojans last chance, it's uncomplete. stanford beats them for the fourth straight year. 21-14 your final. >> cal visiting ohio state for the first time in 40 years. buckeyes control. miller, 25-yard charge, ohio state led at the break. ohio state takes over in the third. bigelow breaks some tackles and you are not going to catch him. 81 yards. >> cal down 20-14.
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tied at 28 on third down, braxton miller finds wide open smith. he goes 72 yards. four touchdown passes for miller a valiant effort by cal but they lose it. he throws to it wide open chandler jones, he breaks tackle. 43-yard touchdown. san jose state is up. six caps for 133 yards and two scores. san jose improves to 2-1, 40-20 the final. >> 18 games a's holding on to the wildcard spot hosting the orioles. a's 'put up five in the third, stephen drew, see ya! next batter, chris carter sends one to the right field corner. no one is getting that one. josh reddick scores.
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a's go on to win it and hold a three game lead for the wildcard d'backs and buster posey, you say mvp. 22nd of the season, giants won five of their last six. they lead by the dodgers by 7 1/2 games. raiders and dolphins and niners play tonight. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> bad news for sharks fans, a lockout officially begins in the national hockey lead. effect it might have on businesses in downtown san jose. >> pre-historic discovery unearthed in san francisco. what a construction worker dug up at the new
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[ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! >> carolyn: welcome back. a lockout is now official in the national hockey league. it could have a really big economic impact in san jose. every home game the sharks draw about 17,000 money spending fans to hp pavilion the shark tank. now, more on what is at stake.
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>> reporter: natd word spread quickly along the businesses along santa clara street. it wasn't good news. adam manages the place. >> it's such a huge percentage. >> nicky is manager of los gatos brewing company. she just hired 7 more employees with the crowd she expected when the sharks start playing. >> they are going to have to hold on and kind of the way it out just like everybody else but it's going to hurt everybody. >> but for how long? this is fourth stoppage since 1992. the lockout they hope won't last as long as 2004. it was first time they lost an entire season. first time a stanley cup wasn't awarded. >> my hopes and fans hopes it's not going to be the same way. >> roger of the san pedro bistro
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it could be disastrous for his restaurant? >> we're looking at probably 60% down. at least 60%. >> the specter of a lockout has been hanging over the teams for a year. a commissioner bill daly stated i think it's fair to say there was not realistic to avoid a lockout. >> sports analysts believe it could last the whole season but it could cancel a good chunk of games. they say informal talks are continuing. >> carolyn: a san francisco toddler is hoping a stranger can save his life. the two-year-old has a rare form of leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant before undergoing a third round of chemo scheduled
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for november. today you can see if you are match. stop by the dragon boat fest on treasure island. there are two other drives taking place, one in sunnyvale and one in milpitas. for more information go to and look under see it on tv. >> new this morning, marin county transit officials will decide tomorrow whether to accept a new less costly contract for bus service. our media partner marin independent journal says the reduced rate contract would save marin county a million dollars a year. marin's top transit official is recommending the deal. if the proposal is approved it will save the jobs of about 125 gold transit workers. those jobs would be eliminated as marin county were to hire a new bus service provider. >> construction at sfo is causing some delays this weekend. crews are working through tomorrow morning to extended runway and to install new
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lighting. airport officials say delays delays are likely for flights arriving during peak hours. the runway is going to shut down again during the weekends of september 21 and september 28. >> a massive construction project in san francisco has revealed something amazing, something that is drawing the attention of scientists, geologists and this discovery was made last week by a crane operator working on the new transbay terminal at first and beale streets. >> it started at just another day for crane operator for brandon. >> i was excavating and going through a layer of sand and suddenly i noticed some strange object that came out. >> this is what he had pulled up from 110 feet below the surface. part of a jaw of a woolly
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mammoth, cousin of the modern day elephant. >> this is original enamel that is preserved along with the tooth. >> they call the fossil a well preserved and significant find. it lived during 1.8 million to 11,000 years ago. >> the bay was grassy valley. >> he believes these fragments could be 10,000 or 11,000 years old. >> it's a big deal, get some age dates which help us figure out tectonics. >> throughout the project, transbay officials have had archaeologists on the scene and treasure trove of other artifacts have been uncovered. work continues on schedule but everyone on the lookout on what
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one crane operator scooped up and set aside. >> few people convinced me as a rock but it looked too perfect to be a rock. >> we may think there is a tusk or hair or skin, if it's safe, we would do further excavation. >> they say they plan to donate the fragments to the california academy of sciences to exhibit. coming up, you say you are tired of dropped calls and lost data. find out what is being done to untangle the wireless networks where congestion is reaching the crisis level. here is a live look from our emeryville hd cameras showing you part of the bay. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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>>. >> carolyn: there a precious natural resource that surrendering out. not oil or clean water or anything you can see for that matter. jonathan bloom explains why the federal government has turned its attention which someone has
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called a dire shortage of radio spectrum. >> you don't have to understand the jargon being thrown out in the conference room to understand what google eric schmidt. >> he sat on a panel that included the chairman of the fcc about the growing concern that americans are so deeply in love with smart phones and tablets that the wireless radio spectrum is running out. >> it's like a highway that is getting too congested. the slower the traffic is. worse our experience will be on these devices. >> they say apps like netflix is part the reason they have doubled their consumption for the last five years, in part thanks to the innovators of silicon valley. >> who knew that you wanted your phone to be a matchmaker and personal assistant for everything. >> now the virtual highway needs more lanes.
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>> right now it's divided up for a lot of slices. down at the bottom, police radios. then wireless microfolks. in the middle you have the smart phone and right before that you have bluetooth headsets and wi, wi-fi. police are calling for backups but when the two devices are being used there is huge slices that sit empty. part of the proposed solution share one big chunk of spectrum giving priority to this one. >> another part of the solution would let some tv stations sell back their over the air channels. >> overwhelmingly people don't watch broadcast tv over the air, they are watching it over cable and satellite. >> you are watching us and here is our meteorologist lisa argen with a preview of what is going on weather-wise? >> we are still pretty gray here in the city.
9:42 am
57 degrees in san jose with a few hints of that overcast beginning to lift. we are talking about 77 here later on today. fairly similar temperatures elsewhere around the bay for this afternoon but the cooling trend gets underway for the last week of summer. i'll explain. >> carolyn: also next the great divide in the great outdoors. a bay area group is working to get everyone outside. >> wall street drama, richard gere stars in a new movie in the downfall of the 1%. don sanchez whether to buy or 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
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so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>>. >> carolyn: if you took your family camping this summer. you might have noticed something a lack of diversity of campground. more than 90% are white and african-americans less likely to go camping than any other race. now closing the racial divide of the great outdoors. >> it is where many childhood memories are made but look closely at this campground and there is something missing, african-americans. >> they are trying change that. she started outdoor ro hoping to
9:46 am
change that. >> it's an in person community that celebrates african-americans connections with nature. >> now she has a national following. she created and online community to share their stories. >> there are thousands of members. we get 80,000 people on facebook page and we have 10,000 people engaging in our website. >> despite those numbers, national park service 1% of park visitors across the country is african-american. they say, however, that does not mean they are not enjoying nature. they organize outings and camping trips. idea is to get more of them out into nature. >> we do camp. >> they are also helping diminish the stereo type that african-americans don't camp.
9:47 am
>> black people have been a part of nature from the time they were brought over, they have been part of nature. >> but the stereo type, to my wife she loves it. i don't love it but i'll do it. i'm sure i'll have a great time at the end of it. >> many of these campers claim urbanization for disconnecting their community from the outdoors in the past. they are trying to bridge that gap by reconnecting themselves to introducing them to nature. >> to experience new things. this is great. it's beautiful out here. >> i like being in the outdoors, seeing all the nice people, going to hang out with friends and making new friends. just having fun. >> to be able to have an
9:48 am
organization like this allows more people to do it because sometimes it's outside of people's means. >> it's not just for families or african-americans, it's about creating a relationship with nature. >> i think a lot of people have color, they are not used to it, maybe from childhood they never did a lot of outdoor activities. it's great to connect with other people to get out there and really connect back with mother nature. i think that is really important not just for people of color but for everyone. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> carolyn: great days to get outdoors, here in san francisco we are just socked in with fog. >> lisa: there is a few breaks in the overcast. i'll show you. right down in santa cruz, pretty grey out there and visibility is down to half a mile in some parts of the central coast. we are planning on sunshine and
9:49 am
70s here later on. 12 hours and 22 minutes of daylight with the sun setting earlier and earlier. here is a view downtown. you can see a couple breaks right there in the overcast. so we are working on the sunshine here, but the fog is not going to clear everywhere. we have a few patches at our coast. temperatures remain below normal here in downtown san francisco for the afternoon as well as oakland. it's been nice with the sun and we are looking at low clouds and fog once again banked up along the shoreline by the later afternoon hours. here is live doppler 7 hd. we are look at few breaks also up in marin county. has it been chilly this morning, numbers have dropped into the 40s with clear spots around napa. as we go through the 9:00, 10:00 hour, you'll notice the sunshine will continue to erode and evaporate the fog. we'll see cooling along the san mateo coast, at our beaches.
9:50 am
we are looking at warm numbers in east bay valleys. higher elevations temperatures are pretty warm. 57 in san jose. half moon bay, 52 degrees. 48 up in the north bay. still looking at low clouds and fog around santa rosa. with the foggy conditions, we're going to continue to brighten up throughout the morning hours and the wide range will result once again today. maybe 2-3 degrees of cooling. that trend continues as the system offshore allows for that persistent onshore flow. we have high pressure. it is anchored here around much of the western third of the nation, but then here is a trough. an area of low pressure that also is to the north an west of us and just sitting here. as it lingers it's going to deep a little bit today and partial influence on our weather.
9:51 am
as it gets closer more significant influence for the week ahead. our fall begins on saturday. still several official days of summer left. this area of low pressure will allow for the temperatures to come down. average highs for this time of the year will be trimmed back and numbers five to ten degrees cooler than we should see in mid september. 93 in sacramento. finally loosening o its grip on southern california, low 90s. upper 70s for fremont today. burlingame arts festival and mill valley, another festival waiting on the sunshine there but over in oakland, look for a high of 70 by about 4:00 this afternoon. 74 in watsonville, if as you head on out to the a's game, temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s. pretty breezy throughout the afternoon but you'll see the sun and temperatures sliding a little bit throughout the middle of the week.
9:52 am
then the official start of fall, still pleasant but very little change throughout the week. >> is this the dog days of summer or waning days? [ laughter ] >> carolyn: opening in theaters, richard gere in thriller arbitrage about a million dollar hedge fund manager whose life is on a downward spiral. here is don sanchez, on the aisle. >> we make a great return. >> how much money do we need? >> richard gere, financial hot shot in control and around him the artificial world he created. >> half of these assets are missing. >> his daughter a bernie madoff moment. they are in financial trouble and this family man has a
9:53 am
mistress. man is a disaster. he can run but he can't hide. kim roth nails it as a new york detective. >> it was someone else that was driving. >> what happened to your head? >> susan sarandon plays her ultimate card. >> everything i do is for the family. >> this isn't hero. sophisticated outwardly but adjustments, can he survive. subtitle. >> more lies. >> one character, so you think money is going to fix it? and he says what else is there. that is pretty much telling. arrogant and cool in the crisis as the vice tightens around him.
9:54 am
this is well made top thriller and have to give it almost a full bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> carolyn: he liked it. coming up next, a race to the finish for floats in this unusual festival. we'll show you ah.
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>> carolyn: here are the winning numbers from last night. from super lotto plus. the mega number is 16. no one got all six numbers so wednesday's jackpot is estimated at $23 million. check this out. japan celebrated a 400-year-old festival at full speed. >> it's the festival where floats race through city streets at break neck speeds. they are not ordinary floats, they are over 12 feet high. it keeps a balancing act to stay on top. they are pulled up to 20 people and they take tight corners. the festival was first held to pray for good crops and now it's just for fun. lisa argen is here. >> lisa: still working on getting the sunshine around the bay. a little cloudy at pacifica, 58
9:58 am
across the bay and oakland we'll see about 70. inland east bay, upper 80s to 90 degrees today. cooler the rest of the week. >> carolyn: that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the sunday morning news, i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. we'll continue at 5:00. we wanted to remind you about the exclusive alarm app. for the iphone, you can download it for free and wake up to the hello?
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