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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> ama: plenty of scared and concerned b.a.r.t. passengers. >> the civic center station evook wait after an explosion that caused a lot of smoke and confusion. >> ama: b.a.r.t. officials are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion. >> alan: tomas is live at the civic center b.a.r.t. station. reporter: things are back to mayoral but -- normal as a result of an explosion see civic center b.a.r.t. station. now it turns out it was a result of equipment failure.
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the appearance of the san francisco police bomb squad heightened concerns at the civic center b.a.r.t. station this afternoon. there was an explosion at the station at 1:25 p.m. and fears a bomb had gone off underground. the fears turned into reports of a possible train derailment. in the end, an explosion and resulting smoke were far more benign. >> there was a system malfunction, an overpowering. the police did an investigation and there there doesn't seem to be any apparent criminal intent. i. reporter: the b.a.r.t. station was evacuated and closed while police investigated. police and fire units closed off market street just in case there was something more sinister going on. after an initial investigation. it seemed the third rail, which powers the training had, arced. >> they don't know if something touched the third exprail -- third rail and the track. >> fire officials say the the paramedics treated one person
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for possible smoke inhalation. things are walk to -- back to normal on b.a.r.t. and the offending train is taken to east bay to be inspected. >> breaking news in san francisco where police are on the scene of a murder that happened just about an hour ago on treat avenue. police are still trying to piece it together. we know there's one victim who was shot in the chest. no arrests, no suspects just yet. we'll have the latest at 6:00. heyward police are investigating a mysterious death as a possible homicide. a man died after suffering head trawvment he was found near sycamore avenue around 5:00 this morning. investigators spent much of the day searching for includes. the police say the man is in his
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50s. >> alan: in the east bay texas there was standoff in newark. a man had a pregnant woman bare cied -- barricaded in a room with him for hours. reporter: for five hours, this motel 6 was basically shut down and three s.w.a.t. teams were called insuring but a police negotiator convinced their suspect to come out with his hands up. this standoff end with the suspect coming out with his hand up. with him, his girlfriend who was unarmed. the police say this instance extent started after california highway patrol rap a license plate of a car and connected the car to suspect. >> we're not giving his name at this time. involved in some sort of the use of the vehicle in a pursuit and possibly using the vehicle to endanger the community and/or an officer.
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>> several family members showed up at the motel and were able to talk to the suspect as he sat in the bam of a patrol car. his good morning told me his name is eric and they encouraged if to give up peacefully. >> my threats he made or suspicion he might be armed and dangerous? >> yes. looking at the totality of the circumstances and previous contacts, we were heightened to the point where we activated our special weapons and tactics unit yankee police say because he is wanted for possibly using the car to assault a police officer and because he may have a parole violation, they called in backup from the union city swat team and fremont s.w.a.t. the believe the child might have been in this room with them, but in the end there was no child. only his pregnant girlfriend. about a dozen other motel guests were able to returned after being locked out. >> i woke up this morning, and there were numerous police
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officers, some with machine guns. it was serious. report report and police have not yet said if they did find any weapon with the suspect inside that room. abc-7 news. >> ama: search teams have bent speaker hours look for a fisherman who fell into the nap fa river in the mid of -- middle of the night. he fell off a railroad track near the napa valley airport. his fishing kole panon called 9-1-1 after he went in the water. a coast guard helicopter searched from the sky. a saves on tonight for a retired san francisco firefighter who disappeared while traveling to see family in canada. charles dowd left the bay area wednesday on an amtrak train.
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his family has not heard from them sense. the train stopped in chicago where his luggage and medication arrived but he never did. his daughter is searching for a train conduct who 'er who said e talked to the man on friday and seemed confused. >> he has medical needs needs as diabetic. but for medical reasons we obviously want him -- we need to know where he is. >> dowd's family provided us with this photo today. they also created a facebook page to help locate him. the is under a doctor's care and needs to be found as soon as possible. we have lairchg the facebook page on our web site. >> alan: in an hour, friends and family of sierra lamar will gather to mark six months since she disappeared. a tribute will be held at 6:30
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tonight at burnett elementary school. the recall hold a prayer villagele and release balloons in enemy arrive the 15-year-old who disappeared while on her way to school. the police have changed a 21-year-old with her murder based on dna evidence found in his car. the weekly searches for sierra will continue. >> for a sixth day in a row, rage in the muslim world is being directed at the united states. part of it stems from the antiislamic film produced in southern california, and tonight four more americans are dead in afghanistan, victims of those they thought were allies. here's a report from cairo, egypt. reporter: in afghanistan, four u.s. service members were killed in another insider attack. afghan soldiers turning on their american allies. >> asking police shot four members. reporter: elsewhere in the country, outrage after a major air strike kills civilians.
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they shouted "death to america" and took the bodys into the provincial capital. in afghan police used water cannons to keep protesters away from the consulate. and we're learning more about friday when the camp bastion was attacked by the taliban. they said they were targeting britain's prince harry. accordingly he was quickly taken to safety but jets were destroyed. two u.s. marines were killed. >> meanwhile, the u.s. am ambassador says the attack which killed ambassador christy veins and three other americans was not premeditate but escalated out of control. >> as that unfolded, it seems to have been hijacked, let us say,
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by some individual clusters of extremists who came with heavier weapons and it evolved from that. >> that sharply contradicts libyan officials who say the attacks were organized. >> alan: the "occupy" movement celebrates it's one year anniversary. >> the need nice event -- nationwide event and protests. >> the latest in the chicago teacher's strike. >> we're coming up on the last week of summer but temperatures are going to cool do
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>> alan: tomorrow is the one year anniversary of the "occupy" wall street movement. it started when hundreds of people rallied in the financial district in new york to protest big banks and economic inequality. the rally sparked a worldwide movement. protesters had a rally in new york and several people were arrested. >> more demonstrations are planned for tomorrow across the nation and here in the bay area, clawing protest at the wells fargo bank near downtown berkeley's b.a.r.t. station. other rallies in san francisco nearing at the peg headquarters, the war memorial in vans in vann ness. >> teaches in chicago voted to extend their strike into a second week. both sides spend the weekend at the bargaining table. union leaders decided not to seat on suspending the strike. the city's latest proposal
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offers salary increase but the sticking point is teacher performance ratings. up next the trip overshadowed by scandal. >> alan: the royal family plan legal action and the man who published the photos said we haven't seen anything yet. >> the end of a pleasant weekend. meteorologist leigh glaser says a co
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>> ama: the duke and dutch yes of cambridge visited the solomon islands while the british royal family upped the ante over the spread of topless photos of the dutchess. in london, lawyers for the royal family announced they'll make a criminal complaint against the photographer two to took picturs of kate sunbathing nude. the owner of the magazine says they're going to print 26 pages in the italian magazine tomorrow. >> alan: back home san francisco international airport is experiencing flight due to runway work. one of the main arrival runways is closed through tomorrow morning. that's leading to delays of about an hour for arriving flights and 15 minutes for departing flights. crews are installing new lighting on the runway. the work will shut down the runway again during the weekend of september 21st and september 28th. >> let's get a look outside. leigh glaser has the forecast.
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>> leigh: very windy at sfo. gusts up to 25 miles-per-hour. those are the westerly winds, and you can see from our high definition mt. tamalpais cameras we're seeing a little clearing here in southern marin county but live doppler 7 hd showing the fog just over the coast and this is going tober our cooling mechanism the first part of the work week. you can see -- you probably noticed a few high clouds moving across the bay area today, but we still have the low clouds sitting right near the coast. in fact we're going to go around the bay area a little bit. bow 'dega bay, -- bow 'dega bay, the fog right over the cause. and sausolito, fog, and this goes towards watsonville and most of monterey bay. and these are winds out of the west so all of this is just going to funnel in, so we'll look for more widespread low clouds and fog for that monday morning commute. warmed up nicely, in the east
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bay. antioch, 85. 86 in livermore. 66 in oakland. 58, san francisco, 70s to the north bay. 57 half moon bay and 75 right now with some sunshine and a few high clouds in san jose. here is a look at the high lights as low clouds move further inland thanks to a stronger undershore wind flow, cooling trend begins tomorrow and will last through mid-week and then beyond that we'll start to washing up a little bit on thursday and friday and through the first part of next week. 40s expected overnight in the north bay. we may even see some mist and drizzle. the peninsula as well as the coast. we'll put that into the forecast as the low clouds stepped further inland. towards the delta. by tomorrow morning, antioch will get down to 55. you can see what is sitting just off the coast. this is a trough of low pressure, and the jet stream is just pushing towards the bay area. it will increase our onshore winds and that will mean cooler
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temperatures for at least the next several days. no more 90s. by tuesday and wednesday, inland temperatures only reaching the low 80s. maybe even some upper 70s. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, you'll notice the low clouds in the east bay, and then the animation pulls the fog through near the coast. it will hang tight but definitely the cooling will be with us. 60s near the bay. 70s out towards the concord area, and maybe a few mid-to-low 80s, extreme east bay communities, out towards tracey, bendwood, and oak lampe here's a look at the highs. cooler day, antioch, 84. 78-concord. north bay. santa rosa, 76. san francisco, afternoon partial sun, 61 degrees. 74 for san jose, and we wi'll look for santa cruz, cooling down to 68. my seven-day forecast, the cooling trend stays with us
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through mid-week after that, friday and friday, slight warming, and just in time for fall, which arrives on saturday, with friday being the last full day of summer, and then on sunday, temperatures really take a plunge as another area of low pressure moves in. >> alan: the raiders went up against a team not considered to be very strong. >> mike: are you kidding me? the raiders are finding ways to beat themselves. they war beside at home last week and even worse this week. the dolphins exposed the
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>> mike: the raiders are officially in a rebuilding mode. they lost to the charge es last week. but to get slammed by the dolphins the silver and black have a long way to go the raiders defense looked lost. the rookie quarterback had this two-yard touchdown run. late first quarter, palmer to goodson, and he is gone. 65-yard. raiders led 10- at the half, and ladders only managed 23 yards rushing. reggie bush went off in the second half. breaks four tackles here. today's theme, missed tackles. dolphins on top-14-10. reggie wasn't done. miami up 21-10.
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bush, 126 yards. raiders missed tackles all day. pagano breaks a tackle. first nfl touchdown pass. dolphins win the home opener for the first time signs 2008. >> the giants have all but clinched the division and can fine tune the run for the world series. they're in arizona before heading home for ten more games in the the national league west. this giants fan expecting a sweep but no brooms allowed. buster posey scores, tied at 2. ryan vogelsong has been struggling. opposing pitcher patrick co-bin rips one down the line with bases loaded. not loaded even. a triple and four rbis of the day. he's the pitcher! 3-1/3 innings, vogelsong walked four, struck out six in the
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sixth, gentleman upton, just inside the fall pole. d-backs avoid the sweep, 10-2. >> a's and orioles. the spider-man played the drums. a's jump out early. reddick with the two-run shot gave the a's the lead. then in the fourth, weiter jumps on the first pitch. see ya. o's on top. six inning, matusz, strikes out drew. 1227 strikeouts this seen. drew was so mad with the record he came back with a two-run home run. orals prevent a sweep with the 9-5 victory and cut the lead in the wild card to two. >> seems like every week we have a dominant player on the lpga. it was 36-hole day due to inclement weather, ending with
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this beautiful sunset front. from the beach on 16. makes the standing birdie. then on 18. taps in win her second british open title. the only player under par, winning by sunshine nine -- nine strokes. >> surprise winner of the day in the thankful inflame and they're in the 49ers' division. >> 49ers taking on the lyons -- lions as we peek.
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>> ama: coming up at 6:00, an evacuation in the north bay after a horizonnous materials spill. >> the new efforts to prevent violence at the 49ers game. join us at 6:00. >> alan: a replacement referee was prepared to officiate today's game between the carolina panthers and the new orleans saints until the nfl found out he is a die-hard saints fan. the nfl made the decision to pull him hours before kickoff after photos of the referee in saints gear century faces on his facebook page. so, shu, can he be objective? >> mike: yes, you make split second decisions on the field. you're not thinking it could affect the game. >> ama: that does it for us,. >> alan:


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