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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 25, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning, football fiasco. >> developing overnight, new outrage at the nfl's replacement referees, after a confounding call that decided the monday night game. a crisis for america's most popular sport. president obama and mitt romney, grappling over foreign policy. the president's on "the view," before entering the lion's den today, a united nations speech to the world. two awful words at breakfast time, bacon shortage. the grim outlook for the next year. and the long-awaited dancing debut. a leader is already emerging, as all-stars hit the dance floor for a new season with new rules. good morning. i'm john muller. rob nelson is on assignment. >> i'm sunny hostin, in for
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paula faris. we begin this tuesday with the firestorm over "monday night football" and what seems like a new low point in the lockout of nfl referees. >> the third week was definitely not the charm for the replacement refs. their string of controversial calls came to a head at the end of last night's seattle/green bay game. >> the game's final play. it's a wilson loft to the end zone. >> reporter: seattle tried for a game-winning hail mary pass that looked like an interception. >> who has it? who did they give it to? touchdown. >> reporter: mike tirico calling it on espn. but the refs were literally giving mixed signals. >> after review, the call on the field stands, touchdown, seattle. >> seahawks win in the most bizarre finish you'll ever see. >> reporter: the stunning ending seeming to hurt not just the packers' record, but the very integrity of the game. former coach jon gruden alongside tirico. >> this is comical to me.
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really. mike, i'll tell you, that's two of the worst calls at the end of a football game i can remember. >> reporter: the monday night mayhem capped a week in which patriots coach bill belichick got furious after his team's loss to the ravens. even putting his hands on a ref. >> i have never meant any disrespect or in any way tried to abuse or be disrespectful to the officials and the job they do. >> reporter: and the lockout has created a social media firestorm. patriots linebacker, brandon spikes, tweeting, can someone please tell these bleeping zebras foot locker called and they're needed back at work. drew brees tweeted after the monday night game. tonight's debacle hurts me greatly. this is not the league we're supposed to represent. but it's in the hands of the nfl and the officials union. and after the packers loss, green bay linebacker clay matthews took to facebook posting commissioner roger goodell's phone numbers, telling fans everywhere to start dialing.
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now, matthews isn't alone. the nfl players union has sent an open letter to team owners, calling an end to the lockout. but right now, the refs and the league still seem far apart. to presidential politics and a major shift in the race. mitt romney heads to ohio today to begin a new, more aggressive strategy to win votes. president obama is in new york, where he's stepping on to the world stage. all this is unfolding with just 42 days until the election. abc's tahman bradley is in washington. >> reporter: president obama addresses the united nations general assembly this morning, during the final stretch of the campaign. the president is expected to deliver a wide-ranging foreign policy address, with the focus on middle east violence and a renewed warning to iran to suspend its nuclear program. republican challenger, mitt romney, continues to hammer the president's handling of foreign policy, taking aim at mr. obama for describing recent violence in the middle east, as bumps in the road to a more peaceful region. >> he said the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. yeah.
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that was my reaction. bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. >> reporter: the white house fired back, insisting the president was not trying to downplay the seriousness of the threat. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasp at words and phrases here to find political advantage. and in this case, that's profoundly offensive. >> reporter: the u.n. meeting is not stopping mr. obama from doing a little campaigning. he'll appear on abc's "the view," today, in a pretaped interview. >> would it be disastrous for the country, if mitt romney were elected? >> we can survive a lot. but the american people don't want to just survive. we want everybody to thrive. we want folks to have a shot at the best. >> reporter: president obama has no scheduled bilateral meetings today at the u.n. republicans say the president should have used the time he spent taping "the view," yesterday, meeting with world leaders. john and sunny? >> tahman bradley in washington.
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thank you so much. now to breaking news that is sure to be felt there at the united nations today. iran has test-fired four missiles in the persian gulf. iran's president is here in new york. yesterday, he shrugged off threats of military action over his country's military program. he claims his country is only trying to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes. he says he's not worried about a potential strike by israel. tension this morning in the waters between japan, china and taiwan. japanese coast guard ships used water canons against taiwanese fishing boats. the japanese claim those boats entered the waters around some disputed islands that japan purchased from private owners last month. chinese and japanese officials are meeting in an attempt to keep tensions from escalating. here at home, things are back to normal at dulles airport outside washington. two parking garages were closed last night as police investigated a bomb threat. nothing was found in those garages. they've been reopened. several flights were delayed
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during the investigation. and north carolina authorities used a helicopter and bloodhounds to search for a convicted killer who walked away from a state prison farm. james j. ladd was first noticed missing sunday morning. but the public wasn't notified about the escape until some five hours later. a wind-driven wildfire burning out of control in southern california is being blamed for at least one death. firefighters found the victim in a burned-out house in rural san diego. 20 homes have burned to the ground, 10 others have suffered damage since the fire erupted sunday. the fire is only 10% contained. more gusty winds are expected today. and time, now, for the weather from across the nation. thunderstorms from oklahoma to ohio. rain could move in by this evening in western pennsylvania and upstate new york. showers around orlando, miami and west palm beach. showers in the rockies from the four corners to montana. >> 76 in billings. 66 in salt lake city. 70s from omaha to indianapolis
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and much of the northeast. mostly 80s in the south. and when we come back, lean times for bacon lovers. a warning about what's ahead. >> we want our bacon. and then, tough times at american airlines. canceled flights, late flights, but a solution could be on the horizon. and later, the ballroom is back in action with an all-star kickoff. we'll see who really brought it on week one of "dancing with the stars."
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welcome back. that chinese factory where thousands of workers rioted is now open again. reports say it is one of the plants that makes parts and assemblies for the apple iphone.
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the company, foxconn, insists the brawl won't delay production. foxconn makes gadgets for other companies, such as sony, microsoft and nintendo. the iphone 5 has only been in customers' hands for a few days. and already, there are complaints. some owners say their phones arrived with scratches on the cases. there are reports of problems connecting to wi-fi networks. the new map app is getting mediocre reviews, even from apple co-founder steve wozniak. and some even say the new iphone is too light. >> too light? >> too light. >> all right. millions of discover card users will be getting refunds. discover bank is settling charges it pressed cardholders into extra services. the refunds total about 200 million bucks and discover is paying $14 million in fines. there's indications american airlines and its pilots want to resume contract talks and not a moment too soon. the bankrupt airline is cancelling more flights than usual. about half the ones that do get off the ground are late.
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the problems began after american voided its pilots' contract. major retailers are planning to hire more temporary workers for the holiday shopping season than last year. a survey finds that three-fourths of merchants expect an increase in holiday sales this year. that could mean as many as 700,000 temporary jobs. and it will be harder to bring home the bacon soon. a shortage of all pork products is coming because pig farmers around the world are slaughtering their animals faster than usual. their feed prices have gotten too high because of the drought. and that means less bacon next year. >> not fair. >> no. >> we're fans of the bacon up here. >> we really are. on the overnight. everything's better with bacon. coming up, new hope in the fight against breast cancer. the findings that could rewrite treatment for so many women. and then, the latest on the nfl follies and the fallout from last night's game.
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only for me. a taste of the old west in south dakota. you're looking at the annual custer state park buffalo roundup. dozens of riders herded close to 1,000 buffalo, kicking up dust across the prairie. the buffalo get checkups, vaccination and pregnancy tests. those not sold are released back into the wild. >> at one point, they were almost extinct. stand back. now, for a look at morning road conditions. wet highways in parts of the rockies, from new mexico to montana. a slick commute in kansas city, louisville and cleveland. showers dampening roads in florida, from orlando to miami. >> if you're flying, weather-related airport delays are possible in denver and kansas city. a disturbing story from southern california. four high school students have been arrested with allegedly
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sexually hazing. >> the alleged incident look place at a high school near l.a. those arrested were members of the cool's varsity soccer team. they're accused of sexually assaulting new members of the team with a foreign object. the coach, who is also a teacher at the school, has been placed on paid leave. a suspect is being questioned about the brutal stabbing death of a south carolina couple on the island of st. martin's. the victims were found last week in their breech-front condo on the tiny island. the jamaican man who worked for the local security company is the only suspect in the case. beachgoers in northern florida got a big surprise as huge bags of marijuana started to swim ashore. the authorities got in the choppy waters to receive 150 pounds of pot. officials say the drugs came from an unmanned smuggling boat. that's what you call high tide. a washington state man was
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shocked to find a black widow spider as part of his midnight snack. the black widow is rarely seen in that part of the country. thousands of new york city girls now have access to the morning-after pill courtesy of their school system. at more than a dozen schools, students as young as 14 can get the emergency contraception snoen as plan-b without telling their parents. parents can opt out of the program. and there could soon be a major breakthrough in the battle against the number two cancer killer for women. a new study confirmed earlier findings that breast cancers fall into four distinct categories. and sometimes act like other cancers. scientists hope their work will lead to more effective treatments, perhaps with some drugs already in use. about 40,000 women died from the disease last year. it is what everyone's going to be talking about today.
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and it is worth another look. sports highlights, now, from espn. >> good morning. i'm hakem dermish with your "sportscenter" update. packers against the seahawks on "monday night football." and the last play was ridiculous. and controversial. packers, up 12-7. last chance for the seahawks. russell wilson, deep to the end zone. and that would be jennings and golden tate both come down with it. the replacement referees rule it a touchdown. are you kidding me? no one is happy, except golden tate and seahawks nation. upheld, called a touchdown. seahawks win 14-12. aaron rodgers said it was awful. the fans in seattle are loving this. to baseball now. rangers host the a's. josh hamilton, back in the lineup after missing five games. had blurred vision. a balance problem. 43rd home run of the season. that's a major league lead.
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rangers cut the lead to 3-2. rangers down 4-2. adrian beltre, two-run home run. his 35th of the year. rangers tie the game at 4-4. here we go. bottom nine. beltre. back up the middle. and the rangers walkoff. a 5-4 victory. their sixth walkoff win of the season. white sox hosting the indians. adam dunn, the home run in the last 19 games coming in. runners at the corners. done. 43rd home run of the season. he homered in the sixth. white sox take a 5-3 lead. top nine. indians down 5-4. runners at second. white sox win 5-4 after a five-game losing streak. they have a one-game lead over the tigers. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm hakem dermish. have a great day. up next "the pulse." and the new battle for the
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sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. well, it's time to check "the pulse," stories you'll be talking about today. and what can we say but wow, as the all-star season of "dancing with the stars" kicks off. >> with more on the supertough competition for the mirrorball, we're joined by abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: good morning, john and sunny. it was a packed house for the premiere of "dancing with the stars." and the competition, as you can
4:22 am
tell after the first night, is going to be fierce. ♪ the best of the best hit the dance floor for the premiere of "dancing with the stars" all-stars. >> we've all been here before. the judging is going to be a little bit tougher. >> reporter: and you could tell, the contestants returning this year are in it to win it. six winners from past seasons are competing against seven others who fell just short of the mirrorball trophy. and because these stars have so much dancing experience already, the judges are awarding half-scores this season. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> 7 1/2. >> reporter: every half-point could make the difference between who stays and who goes home. for week one, the stars either danced the fox trot. ♪ or the cha-cha. ♪ and there were plenty of famous faces in the crowd, including sarah palin, who returned to cheer on her daughter, bristol. and we'll find out which all-star will be the first to go home tonight on abc.
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john and sunny, back to you. >> thank you. let's take another look at mr. emmitt smith. >> i love this move. emmitt, who won way back in the third season, showing off his stuff. he's still got it. and his cha-cha here with his partner, cheryl burke, he was the night's top scorer. >> look at him shaking his bonbon like that. and pamela anderson, she looked great, too. but the judges weren't so impressed with her. the former "baywatch" star came in last. and some of the critics say she came across as too sexy. >> if there is such a thing. >> the guys here thought she was pretty good. >> i thought she looked pretty good. i was one of them. you have to see and hear this. it's the way one couple gets their little guy to stop crying. ♪ >> he's a jedi. that was the "star wars" theme. you're right. and mom says, that's all it takes to get her adorable little fella to calm down.
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she says it works every time. there's no obvious reason for his fussing. watch this. ♪ >> well, we've all known it for decades, now, the true power of the force. >> luke, i am your father. i love the young jedi master. an intrigue for all the foodies out there. an old favorite takes a new shape. >> we're going to introduce to you the cone crust pizza. in addition to the regular toppings, the crusts are made of minicones. and each cone is stuffed with honey mustard chicken, cream cheese or both. >> just like the cheeseburger crust concoction pizza hut rolled out earlier this year, this concoction is only being offered in the middle east. >> what? >> not surprising, the calorie count was nowhere to be found. >> i'm disappointed. it looks tasty. i want some. your local news is next. otherwise, we'll be back with
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>> next, while were you sleeping, a house fire sent four to the hospital, including a police officer. in san francisco one of the most expensive places to live. now the city could make history with some of the tiniest apartments in the country. mike will have a look at the forecast. fog forming i'll show you where. more sunshine today one of the cooler days. >> sue is look thunderstorms from ohio to oklahoma. and there will be showers today in the rockies. finally this morning, the enduring fascination with john f. kennedy. nearly a century after his death, we're hearing new audio tapes recorded during key moments in the kennedy white
4:28 am
house. >> they are fascinating. and the president's daughter, caroline, listened along with abc's diane sawyer. >> i remember very clearly being under the desk, making necklaces and trying to get candy from the grown-ups who were around. >> reporter: caroline kennedy, says it's wonderful today to hear him laughing. she walks in demanding attention. >> i won't let you do much. >> it's like really like being in his company, while you're listening. that was really wonderful. >> reporter: what you hear on the tape is a man impossibly calm in crisis. intelligence has discovered the soviets placed nuclear missiles inside cuba, aimed at the u.s. >> there's bound to be reprisal from the soviet union. which leaves me only one alternative. which is a hell of an alternative. >> you're in a pretty bad fix, mr. president. >> you're in there with me.
4:29 am
>> reporter: nowhere are the tapes more moving and revealing, than the secret witness for the struggle for civil rights. the great moral issue tearing the country apart. and after a young man creates a crisis, enrolling in the all-white university of mississippi. >> mr. president, i took an oath to abide by the laws of this state. you know what our laws are with reference to -- >> well, of course, the problem is, governor, that i've got my responsibility, just like you have yours. >> reporter: kennedy sent in the u.s. marshals and the national guard to restore order. and james meredith became the first black graduate of ole miss. and 11 days before he's assassinated, the last words on the last tape are about the hard battle ahead. >> and so, our lot becomes more difficult. >> riveting stuff. >> absolutely. >> could listen to that for hours. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday.


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