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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 26, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm katie marzullo. i'm eric thomas. cheryl jennings and kristen sze are off today. >> 17-year-old teen in the east bay who was behind the wheel of an suv that killed a father and daughter changed his plea today. laura anthony is live at the courthouse. >> reporter: the nouri family as they met with reporters on the steps of the courthouse was more sad than mad about this plea agreement in juvenile court. a large group of them were in the courtroom as this 17-year-old boy pled guilty to
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two felony counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross and one misdemeanor count, reckless driving with bodily injure injury. in court it came out the boy was diving 72 in a 45 mile per hour zone april 7th, when his suv jumped the curb and killed a man and his 9-year-old daughter. the 12-year-old had minor injuries. after the hearing the nouri family solemnly left the court building and spoke with reporters, heartbroken they did express relief that this part of their ordeal is over. >> everybody is a parent, a wife, sister, brother. how would you feel? >> he did want to apologize immediately after he admitted his guilt. but the family's attorney didn't want to do that. we'll get a chance. he really wants to express his
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remorse. >> reporter: the boy's family was in court with him today. his parents sitting in the front row. his attorney said the teen wanted to apologize directly to the nouri family. at one point he got up to do that the judge said it would be more appropriate for him to do that at his sentencing. this boy will be back in court on october 22nd, for sentencing under the juvenile system he can receive a maximum of seven years in juvenile hall. that law also requires that he be released at the age of 21. laura anthony, abc7 news. in san mateo concerned parents demanded answers of police and school district officials after a 9-year-old girl was kidnapped from campus and molested. terry mcsweeney joins us live where a crowded meeting just got out. >> reporter: crowded and very emotional. cameras were not allowed in. it was very, very emotional
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and the emotional peak occurred when the parents of the 9-year-old girl who was molested and kidnapped if parkside last friday got up to speak talking about needing changes going forward and wondering why changes hadn't been made already. >> it is always emotional when you hear the parents speak. obviously, the emotions of what could have happened something much more tragic. >> reporter: 150 concerned parents came with questions for the deputy and school district superintendent. >> i have two children that go to school here. my husband came and picked them up from school that afternoon and he had no clue that happened. we didn't find out until 5:30 in the evening. >> it was important the information put out to our families was correct and accurate. we waited until we had correct and accurate information and released it with the police department. >> reporter: this morning's meeting was sparked by the molestation and kidnapping of
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a 9-year-old girl last friday. police say 25-year-old bradley mrozek groped her in the bathroom, put his hand over her house and carried away he put her down, she kicked, threw rocks and ran back-to-school. stranger danger the lesson. >> i would drop down and scream as loud as i can. >> reporter: police say mrozek made two other stops before this one an academy offering vodka to two girls. before that he had been kicked off campus by an administrator. changes are coming. >> do we make it look like a gated community and more of a prison than a school? that's the fine line and something we'll talk about. >> reporter: right now it is going to look different you are looking at a fence company out here already working on the school on the other side they've installed fence that wasn't there. they will get all gates working. all gates are going to be
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lockable something that was not the case friday. big changes coming to this school. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. this morning espn is reporting a labor agreement is near that could put locked out nfl officials on the field possibly in weekend. the league and officials' union have an agreement in principle including pensions and training. a source says a little money separates the two sides. pressure is mounting on the nfl after a blown call cost green bay a win monday night. uc regents agreed to pay nearly a million dollars stemming from lawsuits on a pepper spraying incident. 21 students sued uc davis after campus police pepper sprayed them last november. today uc regents agreed to pay $30,000 to each student. they set aside $100,000 for
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other students hit by the spray and may file a claim. regents will pay attorneys' fees and require the chancellor to write the students a letter of apology. police arrested two men for stealing laptops from facebook's former headquarters, one is an off-duty security guard who worked there. 20-year-old simon and 21-year-old calhoun were arrested after they were spotted. officials say money normally patrols the -- simon normally patrols the facility. antioch is uping the ante when it comes to public safety, approved hiring of at least six nonsworn community service offices to beef up the police force. they will handle transporting people to jail, booking and fingerprinting, freeing up sworn officers to fight crime. the positions pay $87,000 a
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year and will be paid out of the city's reserve funds. antioch working to fill 13 vacant officer positions. for the first time in seven years san francisco health officials confirming a resident of the city has the west nile virus and they say that person caught it locally. kira klapper joins us with more. >> reporter: the san francisco man who has west nile hasn't traveled outside the bay area that leaves health officials to believe he was infected locally although unclear in which county. his case was first reported september 21st, again the first case in san francisco since 2005. that man is recovering at home. since 2007, three dead birds in the city have tested positive for the virus most recent dead bird infected found near city college indicating the virus is in our environment this year. the doctor says it is no reason for any of us to panic
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there are many who come into contact with the disease who don't become sick. >> only one out of five become ill. more likely to have fever, aches and pains like a flu-like illness and not know that they were infected with west nile virus. only one out of 150 will actually develop severe neurological disease. >> reporter: that severe neurological disease is encephalitis swelling of the brain that can lead to fogginess, confusion that's what they say that san francisco patient is recovering from. those at the highest risk are older than 50 or who have weak or compromised immune systems. best way to protect yourself, be sure you have screens on your windows to keep the mosquitoes out. kira klapper, abc7 news. iran's president thinks he knows the cause of all the world's problems. next, what mahmoud ahmadinejad told u.n. general assembly meeting this morning. and why the u.s. delegation
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didn't hear a word of it. in the presidential campaign both focus on a key swing state today. how they are trying to continue over voter
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this morning mahmoud ahmadinejad made his 8th and final speech before the u.n. general assembly as president of iran. he never named in his remarks but it was year who he was
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blaming for the world's problems. president obama spoke before the same body yesterday, criticizing iran's nuclear program. the self-proclaimed of power are responsible for the corruption, ignorance and oppression and discrimination in every corner of the world. >> during previous speeches by ahmadinejad, the u.s. delegation walked out. today they chose not to attend at all. a spokesperson says it is because ahmadinejad is using his trip to spout paranoid theories and slurs against israel. turning now to the presidential election. ohio is the center of the political universe today with republican presidential candidate mitt romney and president obama crisscrossing the statement romney kicked things off with a rally the president arrives with the wind at his back.
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this morning abc news moved ohio from the tossup column to leaning obama that gives the president 255 electoral votes to romney's 206. i need 270 to win the white house. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast here now and ahead with the forecast going to get hot? >> it is, 90s returning to parts of the bay area even 70s to the coast. clouds a little slow to dissolve but are breaking free around the bay still have flight arrival delays into sfo. we'll talk about how warm it is going to get. plus, new help for critically ill children. former san francisco 49er steve young's charity
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. she is fun, fearless and fabulous. we are talking about modern family star sophia vergara she will be a guest on this afternoon's "katie" show. >> katie kurilk joins us live to tell us more. hi -- hi katie!
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hi, nice to talk to you guys. are you big sophia vergara fans? >> yes. >> i'm sure you are eric. she is hollywood's "it girl" wherever she goes she can't help but turn a few heads. sunday nights that was the case her wardrobe malfunction. her dress split down her backside it became big news because she posted a picture of it on her facebook page. we'll talk about that today. it is one of the things i love most about her, she is so honest. she doesn't sugarcoat thinking. when you ask her a question you know she is answer it the way she feels. >> speaking of how she answers questions did you get any scoop about one of the big plot lines coming up this season which is that her character is pregnant? >> that's right, gloria is pregnant. so funny that claire is
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relishing the fact she is going to gain baby weight. which is really funny. i asked sophia about that, because she is a real life mom she has a son, who is 21, she brought him to miami as a single mom in the 90s. i asked how a baby was going to affect the show? i don't think she is very excited about it. she said they have their lines down and they work so well together. she is worried about a baby kind of interfering with being able to get in there and doing her job. because never to have a couple babies on hand, the baby may cry and have to change his or her diaper. i don't think she is too thrilled about the bundle of joy. >> i hear that's what babies are all about, but i don't know. >> that's what babies are all b let me tell you. katie we are looking -- thanks for telling us about it. catch katie's interview with sophia vergara today at 3 p.m.
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and the season premiere of "modern family" tonight at 9 p.m. all of it on abc7. >> mike knows babies as well. a little unpredictable. >> just a little bit that's why i'm good at the weather business, allegedly. >> gets you away from the diaper business that's why he's here. >> nice, you coming back tomorrow? >> you are on your own. >> all right the italians will have to stand strong with just one of us tomorrow. nice having you here, nice to see you. nice to see all of you too. san jose sunshine there, hazy. definitely hazy in the east bay valleys and hills back towards mount diablo from vollmer peak. you can see doppler not showing radar returns but picking up cloud cover. north bay along bloomfield road, from bodega bay to
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forestville, clouds still hanging around in the fall , from tiburon, sausalito, through san francisco, daly city and pacifica still clouds clinging to those areas. it is starting to clear slowly about an hour slower than yesterday. we are definitely going to see a lot of sun from the coast today. spread from 54 san rafael and half moon bay to 70 in antioch. everybody a little cooler than yesterday. mid to upper 50s monterey bay inland to salinas. today afternoon sunshine, coolest afternoon in the seven day forecast. patchy fog again tonight especially bay and north bay and out to the coast probably not east bay valleys or south bay. warmth all, going out to the coast friday through sunday. today the only area above average east bay valleys everybody else cooler, oakland, san francisco supposed to be your warmest days of the year. mid 70s south bay, 80
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los gatos and saratoga. peninsula today low to mid 70s high 60 nine millbrae. near 60 coast this afternoon mid 60s downtown south san francisco and sauce lee toe. north bay beaches 60. mid to upper 70s valleys. 68 berkeley, 74 fremont, 82 dublin to 87 in brentwood. 70s to low 80s morgan hill, gilroy hollister from low to upper 70s around the monterey bay. tahoe about 73, 100 palm springs mid to upper 70s around san diego and los angeles. back home, game tonight dress warmly 59° at 7:15. cooling to 55 with increasing clouds during the game. clouds just about everywhere tonight except east bay valleys most of us in the 50s. stuck in the same pattern right now, you can see the
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next system diverted to the north the high pressure coming in will bring a warming trend to all neighborhoods and friday. you will notice it more friday afternoon, saturday and sunday, 70s at our beaches this weekend, mid 80s around bay, mid 90s inland. when it starts to taper a little monday, tuesday it will be warm inland to a lesser extent around the bay coolest at the coast. abc7 is about to make someone $49,000 richer. go to and like us then click the win $49,000 button to enter we'll announce the winner october 18th, after the 49ers take on the seahawks here on abc7. if you already like us you still have a chance. go to our facebook page and click that $49,000 button that will take to you the page where you can enter and win that $49,000. good luck. >> and remember your friends. mike, thank you. sad news from the music
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world this morning. singer andy williams has died. ♪ ♪ moon river ♪ ♪ >> the legendary crooner died last night i have an year long battle with bladder cancer he was 84. he was one of the most popular singers from the 60s he died at his home in missouri where he owns a theater named after his signature song, moon river. former 49 and his wife working new effort to use music to help critically ill children. steve young and his wife barb that children's hospital has agreed to discuss his forever young's plan to use the music room as part of the expansion. the foundation already has a playroom now the group will be able to do more to help. the forever young group will begin a fundraising effort to create the musical therapy program called sophie's place.
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>> the space so people can see what we are talking about. when you see it and get the vision and what music therapy does, it is like great ideas sell themselves. >> cheryl jennings will have more of her exclusive interview with steve and barb young in an upcoming report. then there were 12. the big star who is going home following the first
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coming up at 4:00 shopping online can save time and money. which sites are the best and which should you avoid? michael finney checks out some of the biggest. >> then at 5, parents against
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childhood vaccines lose a key court battle. those stories and more at 4 and 5 the first "dancing with the stars" all-star has been sent home. >> pamela anderson was at the bottom of the judges' header board and the viewers didn't save her. they only danced once the rough cha-cha monday. pamela skipped out on interviews after she was eliminated. >> she finally talked on jimmy kimmel live. next monday the quick-step and the jive. watch "dancing with the stars" monday and tuesday nights right here on abc7. you add t
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