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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning. i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. welcome bang. >> just one day but -- but i'm glad you missed me. >> of course we did. strongest warming this weekend. thursday morning, good morning. live doppler there is mist hanging in the air fog especially north bay, thickest along the coast starting to spill into the bay. visibility at half moon bay quarter of a mile, half mile santa rosa that's the biggest weather story this morning. what happens this afternoon, impressive, 5 to 11° warmer, brighter skies at the coast low to mid 60s hazy sun, low
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to upper 70s bay inland 80s to mid 90s into the east bay valleys wait until you see this weekend hot almost everywhere. first traffic. good morning. speaking of fog, very dense, very thick on the golden gate bridge in patches over the waldo grade limiting visibility. roadwork northbound there. we have an injury accident in southern santa clara county at dinosaur point blocking a lane there. eastbound highway 4 between bailey and railroad continues roadwork. westbound moving nicely towards concord. roadwork northbound waldo very heavy fog there and slow and go. developing news. east bay school will be missing a popular teacher after he was arrested for lewd acts with a former student. terry mcsweeney is live at albany middle school.
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>> reporter: there is going to be a meeting at 5:00 this evening in the library to talk about the arrest of a 6th grade teacher for having an inappropriate relationship with a former . the person arrested is 28-year-old of albany, sixth grade teacher arrested at his house for lewd acts upon a child, less than 14. he's been a 6th grade teacher since 2008, involved in volleyball, listed as athletic director taught math, science and language arts. the superintendent said she learned of the allegations monday, placed him on lee and called police. she says school -- police him on leave and call police. she says the school will reach out to parents, counseling available to students. e-mail sent to parents yesterday afternoon telling them about the situation and
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how a substitute will be coming in. next week the students will be distributed among regular teachers. expected to be in court on friday afternoon. there are dozens and dozens of people stepping forward saying in has to be a misunderstanding, there is no possible way that this man who they knew could possibly have done this. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. 4:33. more developing news, san francisco police moved in overnight and cleared out a camp on market street, closed streets took down tents and cited 40 people. amy hollyfield joins us from the federal reserve building. are police still out there? >> reporter: there are still officers out here. in fact, we've seen them on several corners. they are watching over this fence that they are wrecked around the spot where a -- a group had been gathered for
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the past year calling themselves occupy san francisco. overnight police stepped in and cleared them out this happened after midnight. it was peaceful, no clashes with police and protesters. others say they cited about 40, they took them to the hall of justice and released them. one person charged told me that the charge was lodging. there has been debate over who this group is, what its objective is, it calls itself occupy sf but it has attracted a homeless crowd. one protester tells me although there are a lot of homeless here they have a right to be here and they plan to seek an injunction to get the fence taken down so the protest can continue they are hoping this raid will get them national attention. right now, it is quiet. the protesters have scattered. a few here and there. no one causing any problems. police are still here watching the situation on market street, just in case.
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amy hollyfield, abc7 news. three men are in custody after an ipad theft lead to a high speed chase in san francisco it ended in a crash, the mercedes suv that the suspects were driving t-boned a phatz near -- a child at the playground was injured from debris, three people had to go to the hospital. the chase started after someone grabbed a woman's backpack containing the ipad. this morning, oakland police looking for shooter who gunned down a man in the grand lake neighborhood last night after 6:30 officers found the victim in the 800 block of vermont street he had shot once and pronounced dead at the scene police have not released his name, no word about suspects or motive.
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caltrain officials expected to announce details about funding to modernize the system that carries 50,000 riders daily. caltrain says, the commission is set to vote on whether to release 40 million dollars for an advance signaling system that would lay groundwork for electrification of the system and make it compatible with the california high speed rail. the announcement is at noon today at the millbrae station. this morning tentative agreement in place to bring nfl refs back to work in time for tonight's game. the agreement comes after what many say was a call in the packers-seahawks game monday night that cost green bay the win. the deal calls for the refs to get more money they did compromise on a pension plan. we'll have much more coming up. the economic impact of the nhl lockout will be felt by businesses in downtown
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san jose. the sharks' first game was supposed to be played tonight. restaurants and hotels that see 30% bump in sales are cutting back employee hours. lockout started two weeks ago over how revenues should be split between owners and players. preseason games are canceled this week many unlikely the regular season will begin october 11th. today giants plan to announce official decision on whether melky cabrera will join the team in the post-season he's serving a 50 game suspension for testosterone use. the team doesn't plan to bring him back since the suspension giants are 25-12. last night giants beat the diamondbacks 6-0 and play final home game today first pitch 12:45 this afternoon.
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if not the playoffs, what about next season? >> exact limb. you see the buster posey for president sign? >> i would vote for him. >> he is too young. maybe in a few years. if you are going to the game how does it look weather-wise? >> sounds like a great retirement plan for mr. posey. what a last day, sunshine, 12:45 first pitch, 60°, warming up to 68 by the time the game ends you can still get sunburn, take that sunscreen with you. west wind at eight at sfo everybody else calm until you get to fairfield 12 that west wind pulling in half mile, quarter mile visibility at the coast into the bay right now that's why we are going to have issues of flight arrival delays. 62 pacifica, 74 oakland, summer spread back that time of the year to 93 in livermore, about a 31° spread from the coast to inland. a few 90s fairfield, antioch,
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livermore mainly 80s inland. mid to upper 70s around the bay, mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco, 65 monterey, 75 santa cruz mid to upper 80s hollister, gilroy, morgan hill. hottest days tomorrow, saturday, sunday, mid to upper 90s inland near 90 bay sunday mid 70s at the coast. going to be a delightful weekend if you like the heat. here's sue. good morning. nice ride as early as it is, live look at the macarthur maze, 80 westbound funneling in, 880, 580 coming in nicely. bay bridge toll virtually nobody coming into the city at this hour, very light as you head in no metering lights, light on the upper deck to southern is county west 152 at dinosaur point road an accident injury accident blocking left lane. west dumbarton continues
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roadwork, a little slow traffic headed from newark towards the menlo park area. eastbound san mateo bridge, foster city boulevard towards flat section roadwork there. giants game, ferry no delays now expect crowds on that 11:10 and 11:40 a.m. ferry even though they are going the giants ferry, these ferries otherwise sell-out. give yourself plenty of time. returning from the city 4:25 and 5:25 larkspur ferry tend to be very rounded. next, 11-year-old boy wounded in a gang shooting comes home from the hospital to a house where he now lives in fear. tells the story only to abc7 news. he survived a deadly avalanche. what bay area native is saying about history fighing ordeal on one of the world's highest peaks. first in morning's technology news. in today's tech bites, new
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look at which countries enjoy greatest internet freedom, u.s. number two, behind estonia, iran has the most restrictions and censorship. cell phones taking bigger bite out of family budgets, spending on phone services jumped more than 4% last year as people cut back on other spending average household spends more than $1200 a year on phone services. help could be on the way for all iphone 5 users grumbling about the maps. app for apple devices. he brought sexy back now justin timberlake is trying to 3qing myspace back.
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some clouds out there kind a transition day. mike checks out the weather for your weekend coming up. [ unintelligible ] an 11-year-old oakland boy wounded in a drive-by shoot something back home. luis hernandez was sleep in his bedroom when somebody opened fire on the family home last wednesday he was hit in the chest of one of -- 16 bullets riddled his house. the psychological healing could take longer. >> i'm happy, but i don't want to sleep in the same room because i'm scared it is going to happen again >> you cannot imagine when you see your kid come from his room crying, bleeding. >> francisco hernandez says he intends to move his family as soon as he can. the gunman is still on the loose.
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avalanche survivor and livermore native says he's fortunate to be apply but mourning the loss of two friends. the 48-year-old survived a deadly avalanche that killed eight on one of the world's tallest mountains sunday morning at more than 22,000 feet in nepal. he's a three-time world champion freestyle skier. he says he was reading his bible when the autopsy -- when the avalanche struck. >> i was reading first samuel for the sake of reading -- sake of reading it, we thought it was wind, it was the avalanche >> despite his injuries he describes himself as one of the luckiest people in the world. he's on his way back to the bay area he planned to ski down the slopes of the mountain with the other climbers. army troops around the world are told to stand down today.
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next, the special training they will undergo that could save their lives. president obama tries to take advantage of his rise in the polls many new ads he's releasing today and why his challenger mitt romney says he's not worried. america's cup world series returns to the bay area. it may draw bigger crowds this time. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ do you like me? will you be my friend? ♪ >> one man's fascination with the i am phone turns into a it's time to change the way we clean.
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welcome back. temperatures much warmer than yesterday mid upper 60s coast into san francisco more sunshine mid to upper 70s bay 80s south bay north bay upper 80s to low 90s east bay valleys. rest country still feels like fall in the great lakes 60s there 70s, 80s eastern
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seaboard, 74 seattle, 82 in portland. we have flight arrival delays into charlotte, wet weather st. louis, kansas city, strong storms heading towards dallas fog could cause delays at sfo. the u.s. army is being told to stand down this morning. members are being ordered to take part in suicide prevention training in response to a major spike in suicides this year. the army has seen 116 in seven months. the army wants to make sure troops know there are resources available to help and those in current combat operations or the medical field won't be involved in today's stand down. to the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning in the same state again today, virginia this time after a day in ohio. in a new two minute ad set to
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air today, president obama promote as economic plan he says will create one million manufacturing jobs and cut oil imports. he's leading in the polls in ohio where he once again linked romney to his comments that 47% of americans are victims who depend on government >> the president: as i travel around ohio and look out on this crowd, i don't see a lot of victims, i see hard workers, that's what i see. >> romney is trailing in florida and iowa. was asked about the numbers. i'm pleased with some, less with others, frankly, at this stage polls go up, polls go down, that's what he said. he's trying to retool his message as some can cast early ballots today. america's cup world series back in town next week. yesterday afternoon the team's
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practice officials say the interest outside the u.s. is building and an audience in san francisco is jut a matter of getting people to watch this new type of racing. >> we have to captivate their imagination we probably get one shot if they see it and like it they will come back. if they don't like it, they won't. >> big crowds will be along the water front. next week is also fleet week. weather big factor in all these things it has been cool looks like we are turning the corner. fall flavor of warm weather that we look forward to this time of year is here, knocking on the door now in the form of some fog downtown san francisco from our roof cam. live doppler thinning covering our sky not going to get rain nor drizzle out of this kind of cloudiness, you will have mist, when you drive through
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the fog you may need wipers once or twice. thickest along the coast towards santa rosa. we are in 40s around santa rosa, napa and half moon bay everybody else in the 50s. monterey bay cloudy fogginess, low to mid 50s. today's story warmer than yesterday five degrees in san francisco and santa rosa, biggest jump concord 11° warmer than yesterday. temperatures are back to where they should be for this time of the year low to mid 80s in the south bay, 82 san jose mid to upper 70s most of the peninsula menlo park 79 millbrae 72 low to mid 60s coast a little more sun than yesterday mid to upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito low to mid 80s north bay valleys petaluma 77 low 60s along your beaches, 72
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berkeley mid to upper 70s along the east bay shore. upper 80s to mid 90s in the east bay valleys. mid to upper eight -- more sun santa cruz, watsonville 72 mid 60s monterey, carmel. traveling the state, eureka 56, big sur 66, 75 tahoe, low to mid 90s chico and sacramento. mid 70s to near 80 san diego and l.a.. tonight cloud cover not as extensive in the 50s could have patchy fog in the north bay. high pressure building in storm track pushing well into canada this warmer pattern is developing today, high pressure starts to move in and buys slight offshore wind towards friday especially over the weekend warmer weather to our south push it out to the
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coast temperatures in the low to mid 70s at the coast this weekend, mid 80s to 90 around the bay, mid 90s to upper 90s inland heat hangs around through tuesday. here's sue. good morning. san mateo bridge roadwork out there in the eastbound direction foster city side near foster city boulevard ongoing until 6:00 this morning. traffic light in the hayward direction and towards foster city and the highrise, no delays there. if you are traveling east shore freeway past golden gate fields into berkeley and macarthur maze light and at the limit, metering lights off at the bay bridge. out of the central valley towards altamont pass looking good. just about 15 minutes from the altamont into the pleasanton area. accident blocking left lane southern santa clara county, 152 dinosaur point road, delays there if you are traveling in that part of the
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southern -- around hollister area. today on katie financial infidelity and how it tears apart marriages. today on katie we are asking the question, do you hide purchases from your husband or wife? did you know in fact 80% of married couples do buy things but don't tell their spouses. today we'll do a relationship intervention to save a marriage and hopefully, help them save money. then, deliliah the most listened to woman on the radio will tell us her secrets and how she makes that love connection every night for america. all coming up today on katie. >> katie airs 3 p.m. on abc7. new research shows people with lower i.q.'s tend to be less happy than people with higher intelligence. the study from the university of college london. the findings indicate people
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with lower i.q.'s were less happy because of lower income and poorer health. more case of mental disorders and suicidal behaviors among people with lower i.q.'s. new study says your family doctor maybe the go-to person you are trying to convince an elderly relative to give up driving. the study fond a drop in serious crash injuries among older drivers when doctors warn them and authorities they are not fit to drive. doctors in the u.s. are not required to report drivers with diminished skills to the dmv. 600,000 older drivers each year quit because of declining health. berkeley man known nor singing songs about apple products has unveiled his newest tune it is called siri duet. >> ♪ ♪ do you love me?
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>> i'm not allowed to. >> jonathan mann writes a song a day his song about iphone 4 and antenna problems impressed receive jobs so much jobs screened it. my kids love asking siri crazy questions to get wild responses. >> do they sing? we'll find out. developing news in the east bay this morning a popular middle schoolteacher and coach accused of lewd acts and stew -- with a student. alert from chevron on the richmond refinery fire. the warning it is issuing to other refineries and call from sacrament foe
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