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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 29, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PDT

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the woman accused of ditching her daughter after trying to shoplift at a morgan hill safe way is in custody right now. 38-year-old marcy keelan was arrested in nevada tonight, ending a nine-day odyssey less than an hour ago sheriff deputies found keelan in a hotel room with a male companion. >> marcy keelan said she would kill herself if she couldn't be with her baby. she was wanted in connection with a shoplifting incident at a safe way where she left her daughter with a cart full of groceries. she was dodging authorities ever since. keelan was scheduled for an extradition hearing on monday in nevada. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. >> have you no where to go. >> they are breaking the law. >> tempers flare as the
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critical mass celebration turns to frustration for drivers stuck behind the wheel of their car. >> what started in san francisco in 1992 is a push for cyclist rights, and it spread to more than 300 cities worldwide, and thousands came out to mark two decades of the movement here. we have team coverage beginning with abc7 news reporter nick smith live at dolores park. >> it was a large crowd, and look over my shoulder. it was a crowd of bike riders helping kris cal mass celebrate 20 years of monthly bike rides through san francisco. the last 60 or 70 or so have gathered here at dolores park. the throngs of cyclists moved about in aimless celebration. while drivers could do nothing but sit and wait. >> we are actually not blocking traffic. we are traffic. >> for drivers, it was utter frustration. at market and van ness we saw one walk in
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and toc sell with the rider. then they pulled the bicyclist away from her. >> in texas we would shoot your [bleep]. >> police closely monitor ride.. at one poimt telling drivers to be patient. >> it happens once a month. i wish i would have known that when i bought the tickets. it happens to be the 20th anniversary. so it is probably worse tonight than others. >> here some riders cleared n a intersection to -- an intersection to let the cars through. and then a large crowd road in circles and then held up their bikesss in victory. >> it is part of living in the city. >> if i had a bike i would be with them. >> reporter: one rider handed me a flier to remind me that the celebration continues throughout the weekend. one count put the -- one number put the count tut it at 6,000 riders. they confirm there were no arrests. nick smith, abc news. >> which is quite remarkable. thanks so much. there were any number of tense
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moments as frustrated drivers were stopped cold by critical mass. the ride started at the foot of market street at justin herman plaza and spread from there from dolores park and then went out in various parts of the city. kyra clapper was with them the whole way and is live with more on what happened on the streets. >> reporter: dan, we were with them the whole way. we are currently at seventh and market where you can see the crowds have disbanded. you can see critical mass is no more. but we want to quickly get you to the video. we were with the cyclist since just about6:45 just before the official cycling began. we started at embarcadero, but they made their way south of market. it was slow moving for people getting off of work. dozens of commuters gave up and they pulled out their phones to take videos. now to our next video about 20 minutes later we made it a
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mile and a half away past the parking lot of cars on market street. it was a complete stand still for tens of thousands of cyclist making their way to union square. thousands of onlookers are pulling out their phones and cameras to document the city of san francisco at a stand still. and then it got contentious at many points. we have one of those moments to show you right now. that was van ness and pine. one driver lost his patience. he was trapped very upset, and you could hear the is understand of -- hear the hundreds of cars were just a as fed up. but where we are standing at seventh and market, it was a different scene two hours ago. take a look.
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hundreds of cyclist dominated the intersection, and watch this cirque de soleil her form -- performance on the side of the building. it was completely unrelated, but it kind of calmed down the crowds of these cyclists for awhile. and actually the crowds were and they all went their own way. they say they were peaceful and they created some angry drivers. but dan and carolyn, there were no arrests tonight. kyra clapper, abc news. >> thanks, kyra. the mission district uh-huh loft kris cal mass demonstrators. critical mass demonstrators. >> at the intersection of 18th and vaw vaw lens yaw, a splinter group of about 200 riders occupied the intersection doing what they referred to as the circle. riding around in a circle in the middle of the intersection while the lights changeed
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several times. some drivers backed up in frustration. riders say on the whole it was a successful critical mass, and even some motorists agree. >> it is always challenging when there is a lot of people going through a small space, but i thought the drivers were peaceful. i thought the riders were really peaceful, and i thought we worked together to make it a positive ride. >> some people got out of the cars and waived and honked in delight. i don't think it is too bad. >> i was waiting to run into something like this. i think it is pretty cool. >> if you were driving in san francisco tonight it was a good night to practice patience. at 18th and valencia, mark matthews, abc news. >> one final note, critical mass celebrations are not over yet. they will continue through the weekend and culminating in a big bike ride on sunday afternoon. it starts near 16th and valencia and ends at ocean beach.
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families in novato came together to mourn the loss of a student struck by an suv as she road her bike home from school. she was 12 years old and moved from her family from new mexico just last month. here is thomas roman. >> novato showed their grief for the family at san marin high school in novato. about 300 people came to the campus to join in a vigil and moment of silence for hayley ratliff. hayley's mom was hugged by friends and family. angela spoke to us off campus about her daughter. >> in the 12 short years that hayley was here, she has changinged and touched and impacted more lives than most people do in an entire lifetime. and i miss her so much. >> police say hayley was by sick lig home on tuesday afternoon when she was struck by an suv. hayley was taken to oakland's children hospital where she
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died of her injuries. her death has moved the community. especially those with children. >> when something like this happens, you wonder how you can prevent it. >> it is sad when it hits the community. you think of your children and how it can happen to they will. it is emotional. >> teddy bears, flowers and candles were brought to the vigil as were white balloons released in her memory. a memorial a few feet away from where the 12-year-old was struck is filled with toys and flowers from hayley and her family. the man who was driving the suv has not been charged in the accident. >> the cause of the accident is still under investigation. they say that investigation may take as long as three days to three weeks. thomas roman, abc7 news. the owners of san jose's newest casino filed today. they say a con vow lewded permit process pushed them back. they are looking for
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unspecified damages of $10,000 for what they are calling the unpredictable nature and frequent delays in san jose's licensing process. filing a claim is the first step toward filing an actual lawsuit. the matrix casino planned to open last april, and it did not open until august. >> the fog is moving out, and it is going to be a very warm weekend. sandhya patel has a look at the forecast. >> it could be some of the hottest weather since mid-june, and in some area itself may be the hottest of all. you can see the extent of the fog at this hour. it is compressing, however. it is down to 1200 feet. and when it is squashed down like that, that's an indication of change to come. here is what is coming. temperatures are going to be rising tomorrow. the air quality declines. spare the air declared for saturday. moderate air quality for the rest of the bay area. tomorrow is a warm up. wait until you see the toasty temperatures that arrive on sunday and monday.
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they are prompting an excessive heat watch. i will be back with the details coming up. >> see you shortly. a dog owner is going after united airlines tonight. what happened when he tried to fly his pooch across the country to san francisco. >> and arnold schwarzenegger talks about the stupidest thing he has ever done. >> and the app that is now more popular than twitter. and then later on "nightline",. >> coming up next on "nightline" why doctors, cops and parents are growing increasingly concerned about a party drug known as smiles. plus how ben afflec traded sexiest man alive for titles of dad and director of one of
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a plane struck a bird or possibly a vulture and then crashed after taking off from napal's airport this morning. everyone on board was killed. 19 passengers and crew. the passengers were 2ing climbing in the foothills of mount everest. the dead were nepali and british and it includes two brothers, close friends, a rotary club secretary and a 60-year-old marathoner and a recent law school graduate.
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a miami man is furious after his dog died on a cross country flight. in august michael and his dog bam-bam hoped on a flight to san francisco with a stopover in houston. united offers a program with perm handling for pets and air conditioning for the layovers. in houston they had a two-hour layover and he noticed bam-bam. >> we could see him, and he was so hot. his tong was like hanging down. >> bam-bam died on the flight to sfo. united performed a necropsy and said he died of a heart attack. jarvo wants the airline to be more clear about what to expect when people fly with their pets. in a tv interview, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger says his affair with a housekeeper was, quote, the stupidest thing i have done. he is making the media rounds to promote his new
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auto-biography called total recall. his wife confronted him in a counseling session the day after he left office. schwarzenegger admits he did wrong. >> i think it is the stupidest thing i have done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. i inflicted tremendous pain on maria and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> schwarzenegger is trying to rehabilitate his image. besides his book released next week, he has a few action movies coming out. apple is apologizing to iphone 5 users for problems with the new map application. ceo tim cook acknowledged several flawss in the apple system. in the meantime he encouraged iphone 5 users to down road more reliable ap data released this week finds the free mobile app had 400,000 more users than
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twitter. insta gram allows you to take and post photos that look like polaroids. the company was recently purchased by facebook. insta gram does not maintain a website and reaping the benefits of a large shift in traffic to mobile devices. >> that's something else. let's talk about the weekend forecast. >> sandhya patel has that for us. >> hi, carolyn and dan. it is going to heat up this weekend. we have quite a bit of fog across the bay area. temperatures are primarily in the 50s and 60s. actually we are having problems with the graphic. let's see if i can get a different clicker. perhaps that will advance. and you will see the numbers here. apparently we are having trouble. we will have to toss it back to you, carolyn and dan, and hopefully we will get a reboot. we will do the contrast. 49,000 viewers have liked us on facebook, and you are all eligible to enter our sweep
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stakes to win $49,000 go to news and click on our win the $49,000 button. that will take you to the page where you can actually fill out the form and we will announce the winner on october 18th, right after the 49er game here on abc7 news. it is $49,000 you can win. pretty big win. and of course one lucky winner will get that. good luck to you all. hopefully we will have the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> you know when your computer freezes up at home how irritating that is? >> exactly. i am rebooting and it is coming back. coming up next, it is fright night. >> at one of the
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let's look at our weather forecast for the upcoming weekend. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. we do have the fog along the coast in the bay. foggy tonight and misty in spots. look out for a warm to hot weekend with excessive heat watch going up. i want to show you some of the records for sunday. that's the day in particular we are wondering if we will
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reach record levels. 96 in santa rosa. but we certainly will be getting close. 95 is the previous record. near record temperatures expected as we hit sunday. that's when we have an excessive heat watch on sunday afternoon through monday evening for all of the interior valleys. we expect 90s to a hundred away from the coast with additional warming coming possibly on monday. be careful. a prolonged period of heat, and that means we are not used to the heat. now, if you are tempted to head to the beach where it is warm, saturday 5:00 a.m. to monday, 5:00 a.m. there is a beach hazard statement and a strong rip current possibility y and long shore break so please be careful out there. temperatures in the 50s, and you will need to bundle up as
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you head out the door. the fog will be around limiting visibility in spots. but by the afternoon it is warming up, 85 cupertino, san jose, 83 in mill pea dis. 77 in santa mayo. coastal areas, still a little fog in the afternoon. 62 degrees. downtown san francisco and south san francisco, 70 degrees. 60 in the sunset district. you are problem -- probably saying where is the heat 1234* the east bay community, 77 degrees in oakland and 84 newark. inland areas, we are just getting you warmed up. around the monterey bay, 75 in santa cruz and up to 91 inland in morgan hill. it is cooking up to 98 degrees. triple digits by monday. it is going to be warm beach weather, and then a slight dip in the temperatures on tuesday. only do drop as we head to
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mid80s and low 60s coast. until then, carolyn and dan, you have to be careful. we haven't seen much heat. when you combine it with low humidity, the fire danger will be going up. >> that's true. well, it is already halloween at san jose's winchester mystery house. >> they are hosting the fright night ahead of all hallow's eve. spooky adventures are self- guided flashlight tours through the haunted maze where 110 spirits #r* lurking. >> the fright night tours are on select evenings through november 3rd. wow. look who already is dressed for halloween. >> i was going to say. look who popped up at the winchester mystery house. >> you do good work. >> the make up is amazing. the a's have a good time to get healthy. cocoa crisp is back. my friends mommy -- mock me. but cocoa laughs
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good evening. the finish line is in sight. the question for the athletics, can they get there with the playoff spot? the a's are opening a three-game series with the mariners, and great to see brandon mccarthy back. he accepteed the nomination for the alberto claw mentee award. and it is nice to see cocoa crisp back out with eye problems. conjunctivitis to be exact. steven drew tied deep and aloha and means goodbye. josh donaldson with the bases loaded and two runs in. sprinkle in a little d. the line to left and have no fear. a diving catch and a's win it 8-2. they stay one game behind the orioles for the top wild card
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spot, and they are two up on the angels with a second wild card position with just five games to play. giants and padres in san diego. the giants -- how did they get into my closet? how did that happen? pablo sandoval doubles deep to left center and scoring vogelsong for a 3-0 lead. a solid outing by vogelsong who has been shaky. he allowed one run and struck out 4 and gets the w in a 3-1 giant win. buster posey had two hits. history made to flight -- tonight in pittsburgh. david dewitt bailey. his name is homer after his great grandfather. bailey came in with a modest12 and 10 record. he took the no no to the 9th. here comes the final out. 1-0 is the final. the seventh no hitter of the year. the first reds pitcher to toss a no no since 1988.
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tiger woods lost both of his matches in the ryder cup. as a result he is being benched for the morning session tomorrow . that has never happened. team usa did fine in day one of the ryder cup outside chicago. mickelson and bradley won bothh. of their matches. in the afternoon match, tiger woods and steve stricker are down two. it is tiger time. slowly rolling home. the birdie putt. he is feeling it, but in his first rider cup, playing like a terrorist on fire. so woods needs this to square the match. and it does not go down. woods in agony there. still the u.s. leads it 5-3 after day one. the first team to get to 14 and a half points wins the ryder cup. abc7 sports is brought to you
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by river rock casino. college football, -- aim sure tiger woods will have a wonderful reaction. college football, cal hosts arizona state. a must win game for the bears. one and three. don't want to go one and four. >> sure president do. thank you, larry. sure don't. coming up exin, "nightline." >> for larry beil and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we hope you have a terrific week. >> good night. >xç%?xpcs6
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