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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 29, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. an amber alert issued overnight. a home burned to the ground in tennessee. and authorities say two children believed to have been inside aren't dead but possibly could have been kidnapped. who took them? and where can they be? faceoff. just days from what could be the biggest moment of this presidential campaign. and mitt romney, now speaking out about the first debate and what he needs to do. we're going to take you inside the candidates' intense cramming sessions this morning. kate's new horror. a new round of embarrassment for the royal family. new photos published of kate middleton. this time, completely nude. the palace's reaction this morning. and the leap. caught on tape, a 71-year-old man jumps from a burning building, straight into the arms
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of his neighbors. this morning, we're going to hear from the jumper and from the men who saved him. and good morning, everyone. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. arnold schwarzenegger, answering more questions about his betrayal of maria shriver, his wife of 25 years. we have the video of him on the hot seat and more details from his explosive, new book. arnold now admitting to multiple affairs in this tell-all. >> a lot of people are wondering why is he talking. we'll get to that coming up. also, we'll look at the teacher charged who hired a hitman to take out a fellow teacher. we're going to hear from his co-workers this morning. what do they think drove him to this? and the biggest story in pop music may be cooling off. madonna versus lady gaga. the material girl opening her heart to momma monster.
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we'll have the latest details. possible tour for them, you think? >> is that what they call her? >> momma monster. >> we'll tell you how momma monster received it. and she made a name for herself as the smoking orangutan. but now, happy news on several fronts here for an animal that many conservationists were really worried about. the surprise twist that is both adorable and moving, coming up. we're going to start this morning with the latest headlines. and for that, as always, we go to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and bianna. we're going to begin with the amber alert out of tennessee, which was issued overnight in tennessee, looking for those two children missing since their family's house burned down on sunday. investigators finding no trace of them inside the house. abc's john muller is here with the latest. john? >> reporter: all right, ron. the mystery just deepened overnight. the amber alert, the children thought to have died in that horrible fire are alive. it took almost a week for this amber alert. but repeated searches for the children or their remains have turned up nothing. overnight, tennessee officials
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putting out a statewide amber alert. 9-year-old chloie leverette, and 7-year-old gage daniel, now considered missing with no clues to their whereabouts. it's been six days since a fire torched the home they lived in with their step-grandparents. initially, it was thought that the children and the grandparents died in the flames. but after six days of exhaustive searching inside the rubble, there's only physical evidence of the grandparents, not the children. >> if we just had ashes, you know. there's no bodies. but we don't have anything. >> reporter: the amber alert reads, the location of chloie and gage are unknown at this time. if you have any information concerning the children, please contact the tbi. authorities have no reason to think the children have left the state. >> the fact that we don't have sufficient evidence from fire investigators right now to positively conclude they died in this fire makes us want to make sure that they are not somewhere else. >> reporter: multiple fire experts were called in to try to find some trace of the missing
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children's bodies in the ash. but nothing. infrared cameras attached to helicopters have scoured the scene. police say there are no suspects or persons of interest at this time. but the search continues. police have interviewed the child's mother and other family members. but again, they maintain no person of interest. at the same time, top-level forensic experts will search the fire scene again with even more sophisticated techniques. ron? >> thanks for that report, john. and six teenage girls have been arrested for brutally beating a neighbor and posting video of the attack on facebook. we have to warn you that the video is very disturbing. police outside of philadelphia, in the city of chester, pennsylvania, say the girls appeared to have attacked the 48-year-old woman just for the fun of it. they're being charged as adults. the victim suffered cuts and bruises but no broken bones. and apple is issuing a rare apology because of glitches in the new maps program for its iphone 5. ceo tim cook posted on apple's website, he is extremely sorry for the frustration caused by
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the new app, which replaced google maps. cook suggested iphone 5 owners use other map services including google until apple's improves. and a dramatic rescue in georgia after a hiker fell 25 feet, breaking several bones. a rescuer strapped the 22-year-old to a stretcher that airlifted him to safety. racing through the sky. paramedics transferred him to another helicopter, which took him on to an atlanta hospital. finally, it was a magical night at the ballpark for a pitcher named homer. the reds' homer bailey, gave up no homers, no hits, to the pittsburgh pirates, as the reds topped the bucs 1-0 with the seventh no-hitter this season. that tops the modern baseball record. can you guess the prehistoric baseball record is for a no-hitter? take a guess. >> no idea. >> eight. that was set in the paleozoic age. a long time ago. >> another installment in our long-running series, ron claiborne invents the news.
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>> it's almost true. >> almost true. thank you, ron. >> sells it so well. >> he does. we're going to turn to politics now. we're just four days away from the first debate between president obama and republican challenger, mitt romney. some are calling these debates a make-or-break moment for romney. it's "your voice, your vote." with just 38 days left to election day. and david kerley joins us from the white house with an inside look at how both sides are prepping. david? >> reporter: good morning, bianna. this is the year that these debates could be critical. so, both candidates are spending a lot of time preparing. heading back to boston for more debate practice, mitt romney would not endorse the view that the debates could be do-or-die for his campaign. >> i don't think anyone would suggest that the debates are not important. i can't tell you how important it will be. it will be a good chance for the president and for me to have a conversation with the american people about our respective views. >> four more years. >> reporter: mr. obama spent a couple of hours practicing yesterday, as well.
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and has three days set aside for more practice. it's nicknamed debate camp. and near the end of camp, like now, it's a full-on mock debate. following the time rules, podiums the exact distance apart, and fill-ins for the opposition. neera tanden has played the role, preparing joe biden. >> it's only tense when they give the completely wrong answer and you have to correct them in the end. the goal is to make them feel that they're as real as possible. >> reporter: tanden believes romney has the harder chore. >> the idea that i'm anti-immigrant is repulsive. >> reporter: being aggressive against the president, drawing distinctions between the president, trying not to be nasty. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: and the president, who can become impatient, is probably being pushed in practice, as well. >> part of having a tough opponent in your mock is that you get that anger out in the mock. so that the president is relatively calm and collected. >> reporter: there are reports
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out of the president's debate practice that he's getting some real push-back from staff to shorten his answers and with crisper. he has a tendency to get into the professorial answers. so, they're really pushing on him, dan, to shorten up those answers. >> fascinating. david kerley, thanks for your reporting. a guy that knows a little bit of what it's like to help with debate prep. abc consultant matthew dowd has helped prepare candidates from both parties. good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> everybody loves a comeback story. how well does mitt romney have to do in order for us to start writing the mitt romney comeback story? >> he has to do very well. he's in a race that's a five-point or six-point national decline on his part. he's losing in all of the electoral states. he does not want to get in a situation where this goes past him and he can't catch up. he's got to do it on october 3rd. and he has to do well. and i think, actually, the race
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will close. he'll show up and do reasonably well. but he has to do that. >> you have said in your online column that it's more about style than substance for him. why? >> if you take a look at the history of debates, it's not really about policy specifics. it's not really about facts. people have heard a lot about that. they've seen it. they've read it. they've got it all. it's more about what are the cues that indicate the personality or how they're going to be or mannerisms? every debate has changed because of somebody's mannerisms or style did badly or did well. that's where changes occur. >> romney's got a lot of practice. going through the primaries, i believe he debated 20 times. in a lot of the debates, everybody was attacking him because he was the front-runner. does that mean he has a potentially good performance in him coming up this wednesday? >> i think if you look at the history of the debate, he won or tied every one of the debates. he's got it in him. he's never been faced at this kind of level with this kind of scrutiny, one-on-one. it's much different when you're 1 on 10 and have to worry about 15 minutes of the debate. he has to worry about an hour and a half of this debate in a much different circumstance. he's got it in him. he has the capacity to do really well. >> very quickly. we've got just a couple seconds
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here. how important are these prep sessions? >> they're extremely important. if the people who have done badly didn't pay attention in the prep sessions, didn't get ready, didn't get it down. these prep sessions are key for mitt romney. >> matthew dowd, incredibly important for us to have your perspective this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning to "this week" with george stephanopoulos. new jersey governor chris christie will be his guest. now, to politics and personal betrayal. we're hearing more from former governor arnold schwarzenegger, speaking publicly about the love child that ended his marriage. and now, we're learning more about extramarital affairs. other extramarital affairs. and abc's reena ninan is on the story this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. his family is questioning why he would make these revelations now about some of the darkest times in their past. >> so, you lied to her? >> you can say that. >> she gave up a television career for you. i mean, wow. >> reporter: new questions for the former california governor. and new, painful answers.
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>> i think it was the stupidest thing i've done in the whole relationship. it was terrible. >> reporter: in his latest revelation from "total recall: my unbelievably true life," he not only writes about the affair he had with the housekeeper of 20 years. he also admits it wasn't the only affair he had. >> i inflicted tremendous pain on maria. and unbelievable pain on the kids. >> reporter: the affair with the housekeeper resulted in a son, joseph, now 14 years old. seen here just thursday, walking with his mother in california. born only days after his wife, maria shriver, delivered their youngest son. his wife confronted him about the affair during a marriage counseling session. he admitted it was true. shriver filed for divorce in may 2011. and he says she hasn't read the book. >> i think that maria is, you know, wishing me well, with everything that i do.
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>> reporter: the book also reveals how arnold felt about being snubbed in 2003, by then top white house adviser, karl rove, who had little faith he'd make it into office. but he did, landing him a new role, california governor. >> i went from being the terminator to being the governator. >> reporter: and with two, new films coming out next year, all may be a way to hit the reset button. letting everyone know -- >> i'll be back. >> reporter: the accounts in the book are already being attacked from his fellow republicans. former secretary of state, condoleezza rice's office tells abc news she has no recollection of a conversation he recalls at the white house, where rove allegedly said his choice for california governor was rice. the book hits stores october 1st. >> reena, thank you. jurors have reached a verdict in the bizarre murder trial in georgia. it was the case of a flight attendant who was killed by an
7:13 am
alleged stalker back in 1995. the suspect was only put on trial this year thanks to new dna evidence. and in a weird twist, he chose to defend himself in court. that turned out to be a bad move for him. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: after a 17-year murder mystery and then a bizarre trial with waseem daker, an ex-con, acting as his own attorney and frightening victims on the witness stand -- >> we, the jury, find the defendant, waseem daker, guilty as to count two, felony murder. >> reporter: jurors moved quickly, closing this cold case in three, short hours. finding daker guilty of strangling flight attendant karmen smith in 1995, as an act of revenge against her housemate, loretta blatz, who was then working with authorities to send him to jail for stalking her. >> a great day for karmen smith and her family. we're thrilled with the outcome of the case. >> reporter: prosecutors called him a monster and an obsessed maniac, who after killing smith, waited all day for her 5-year-old son to come walking home from school, walking
7:14 am
through these sliding glass doors. nicholas smith was stabbed 18 times and survived. he's now 22. and after jurors read the verdict, he and his family hugged and cried. >> she was a beautiful, caring outgoing mom, whose son, nick, was the number one thing in her life. she was taken from us way too soon by a stabbing monster. >> reporter: when he testified, nicholas smith broke down, telling jurors the killer was wearing a mask. so, he couldn't see his face. >> i could kind of see when they ran past the window in the room. but they it was really dark. and they were wearing really dark clothes. >> reporter: loretta blatz, the object of daker's affection, and the woman he stalked, couldn't believe she had to answer questions from the man who turned her life upside down. >> it's entirely inappropriate. >> it's really inappropriate that you stalked me and harassed me. and you're sitting here asking me questions and i have to come back with you and answer your questions. that's hard for me. >> reporter: he faces life in jail at sentencing, scheduled on monday.
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and all of his victims plan to attend. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. if you are the proud owner of a shiny, new apple product, the police say you may have made yourself a target for criminals. thieves going to great lengths to get ipads and iphones. you're looking at the most extreme example yet. a high-speed chase through san francisco. that ended up in this five-car pileup. abc's mark greenblatt is on the story this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. apple likes to tell its consumers to think differently. apparently what the thieves are listening into. but they're not just stealing ipads and iphones in record numbers now. we're hearing some of the most extreme examples of violent damage being left behind. a wild, high-speed police chase ended violently in san francisco, with a stunned woman trapped inside her car, and flying debris injuring a child playing nearby. all of this, police say, over the latest, brazen attempt to steal an ipad. this time, the getaway car
7:16 am
struck five, separate vehicles across a mile-long path in one of the most extreme apple thefts on record. >> it was dipping through two intersections. it comes right here. slams into the side of the van and vaporizes into there. craziest thing ever. >> reporter: the alleged thieves targeted a woman walking alone in broad daylight. across the country, apple thefts have grown to near-epidemic proportions. in new york, they now account for one in seven of all crimes committed. and they're up 40% this year over last. >> the apple iphone, ipad has been one of the biggest targets for larceny. >> reporter: nationally, more of the same. take this drive-through heist earlier this month, where a california man is accused of intentionally crashing an suv through an apple store. the goal, not to take just one ipad. but to gather up everything in sight. in los angeles, this man sneaks up behind a woman and beats her
7:17 am
down just to get her phone. and just this week, this federal agent with the tsa landed in hot water after abc's brian ross tracked a missing ipad to his home. >> my wife says she got the ipad. >> reporter: that agent has since been fired. and the incident has added to congressional calls to reform the tsa. while some police departments are now stationing extra officers near apple stores, clearly, the lesson here remains, dan, bianna, if you have one of the fun devices and you want to keep it, better keep it close. >> don't walk down the street with it out. mark, thank you very much. time for the forecast and ginger zee, who has gone back to her hometown of grand rapids, michigan, this weekend, for a very special event. you can hear the cheering. >> they are excited. >> she is about to be inducted into the rockford public school's hall of fame. ginger, before the forecast, we have our hands on some awesome high school pictures of you. one involves a tiara. we'll show those pictures in a moment.
7:18 am
but first, take it away. >> okay. well, a tiara in high school. some of my best friends right here have come out. and this huge crowd of grand rapids has come out. little baby katie saying hi to her grandma and grandpa in philadelphia. and this one loves weather. she already told me. and all the way down to well wishes to robin from grand rapids. this is a huge crowd. they're so happy to be here this morning. we have to get to the forecast, though. there is some serious weather going on. we have brilliant weather here for what's going on in grand rapids. but in midland, texas, they had over 4 1/2 inches of rain. and look at this video. more than 100 rescues. so, this is not a good situation. and there's a whole reason for what was happening in south texas and will be happening in the southeast throughout the weekend, the start of the workweek. and here's what's going on. you have moisture from the pacific and from some tropical cyclone leftovers.
7:19 am
that gulf moisture comes up and all gets trapped under the stationary front. that's how much rain is going to fall. from houston, jackson, new orleans, too. you see that red? that's no good. there's going to be flooding problems throughout the weekend. let me leave you with how hot it's going to be over the next couple of days in california. still, 104 for l.a. by the time we reach our monday. so, grand rapids, we're saying hello to america. biggest round of applause.
7:20 am
>> so, we are so excited here, again. the middle of the country having some of the best weather. and we're enjoying it. are we not? yeah. >> ginger, we're so proud of you for being inducted into the hall of fame. we can't let you go without embarrassing you a little bit. we have some pictures. your mom may have sent them to us. there you are as prom queen, with the tiara, as promised. >> oh, boy. >> and cheerleading. >> look at ginger. >> there she is. >> this woman cannot take a bad picture. >> it's impossible. >> we can't even try to embarrass you, ginger. you're beautiful in every picture. >> i can't take a bad picture? or my mother wouldn't send a bad picture? >> your mom's behind you somewhere in that crowd, as well. we're very proud of you. >> she's back there somewhere. >> we're very proud of you. hi, mom. we'll see you soon, ginger. we're going to turn, now, to one of the more surprising revelations out of washington. one of the nation's most
7:21 am
powerful women, homeland security secretary janet napolitano, admitted she doesn't use e-mail ever. so, how is that possible? turns out she is not the only power player who manages to survive unplugged. abc's tanya rivero has the story. >> reporter: whoever hillary clinton is e-mailing here is not the head of homeland security. janet napolitano revealed this shocker. >> what was your cyber security look like? >> okay. don't laugh. but i just don't use e-mail at all. >> reporter: in "the hunger games," jennifer lawrence's character is a fierce shot. in real life, the actress won't shoot off an e-mail. >> the internet scares me. >> reporter: we're not laughing. we're jealous. it seems the more powerful you are, the less you need what the rest of us crave. elton john may sing about galaxy travel. but despises cell phones and the web. warren buffett is bearish on technology. angelina jolie jokes about her
7:22 am
technophobia. and last year, winona ryder told jimmy fallon the internet scares her. >> the googling, which is very terrifying to me. >> reporter: and the man with over 100 movies under his belt doesn't e-mail or carry a phone. >> i'm a millionaire. that's the difference. >> reporter: but the lack of access? >> for me it doesn't matter. you see, i think it's you who's sweating this. >> reporter: okay, christopher walken. but for us working stiffs, we can't escape technology. morning, noon and night. the power to unplug is a luxury we can't afford. well, maybe just this once. tuning in and logging out. for "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. >> my fantasy, logging out. not going to happen. coming up here on the broadcast, new details on that high school shocker in florida. a teacher charged with hiring a hitman to kill another teacher. what drove him to it? we're going to hear from his
7:23 am
co-workers. plus, caught on tape. the leap from a burning building in the bronx to save the life of a 71-year-old man. >> incredible pictures. we're going to hear from him coming up. as if those topless photos of kate middleton wasn't enough. now, the tabloids out with prince william's pride, naked from the waist-down. that story, after a quick break. keep it here on "gma." [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's
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look at these new pictures this morning. amazing shots. that's a 71-year-old man making a dramatic leap from a third-story apartment window to arms of rescuers below. that building on fire. he had nowhere else to go. we're going to hear from him this morning. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> every time i watch that video, i just get chills. he remained calm throughout it all. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga, along with dan. it's saturday, september 29th. just when you thought the controversy over the topless photos of kate middleton were dying down, well, it's re-ignited into a brand-new crisis for buckingham palace. new pictures now published in a danish magazine of kate, completely nude. they're going viral across the internet. can the royals do anything to stop them? >> new crisis for the palace this morning. and it is perhaps the biggest rivalry in pop music. madonna versus lady gaga.
7:31 am
but are things cooling down between these two stars? the material girl may be laying off her younger rival. is there a truce in the works? we'll tell you in "pop news." first, new details in the outrageous story out of florida. the high school teacher pulled out of his class and arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill another teacher. we're now getting our first look at james pepe. there he is in court on friday. and abc's john schriffen has the story. john, good morning. >> reporter: dan, good morning. the teacher in question appeared in court yesterday, with a judge trying to decide if he's a threat to the public. the 55-year-old is accused of a bizarre murder-for-hire plot for allegedly targeting one of his former colleagues. we're now learning his potential motive, as well as his past and his volatile temper. >> pepe to the podium. >> reporter: for the first time, we're getting a look at james pepe, appearing in front of a judge friday, wearing his new, red inmate jumpsuit. police arrested the 55-year-old
7:32 am
in the middle of class, in front of his students thursday, at bloomingdale high school, near tampa, florida. >> it's very disconcerting that we have teachers in our public schools or our schools that are capable of doing this. and our children are in their care. >> reporter: the alleged target, robert meredith, a fellow teacher who worked with pepe at another school. police say pepe believed meredith was telling people he was a child molester. meredith claims that's not true. >> never any scuffles or words exchanged? never? >> never. >> reporter: police were tipped off when the man the teacher allegedly tried to hire informed authorities. the fbi soon got involved. and one taped information with an undercover agent two weeks ago, pepe allegedly said, quote, he had an issue he might need taken care of. and that he would be willing to pay $2,000.
7:33 am
when he wouldn't agree to meeting in person, police felt there was enough evidence and moved in. abc news has learned pepe was transferred to the school last year because he wasn't getting along with his former co-workers. in 28 years of teaching, the most serious blemish on his record happened in 2001, when he was suspended. >> there was an incident where he created a stir in a staff meeting. apparently, he was acting aggressively. and had some complaints that were inappropriate. >> reporter: now, a spokesperson for the hillsboro county public schools said that the incident happened in front of teachers. that pepe has never acted or been aggressive towards his students. he will appear again before the judge today to determine whether bail will be set in this case. >> john, thank you. ron is back with the other headlines. >> very strange one. hello, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news, president obama is once again pledging to stand by israel and stand up to iran. the president spoke with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu by phone on friday, discussing their shared goal of preventing iran from obtaining a
7:34 am
nuclear weapon. and claims from iran that may be questionable, we know one that is definitely not true. an arriraniaarr iranian news ag story about a majority -- this is "the onion's" report, that rural white americans would rather vote for mahmoud ahmadinejad than voting for president obama. the iranian version was copied nearly word for word. it's a joke, by the way. 14 and the latest in the search for the remains of teamster jimmy hoffa, appears to have come up empty. authorities found nory remains of hoffa after digging up the floor of a shed in detroit. tests on the soil will be back on monday. but for now, the 37-year-old mystery remains a mystery. the amazing video we've been showing you of the elderly man jumping from his burning apartment in new york city. lucky for him it was the middle of the day and the streets were crowded at the time. it's the terrifying drop caught
7:35 am
on tape. 71-year-old ronnie poe, hanging from his third floor ledge, with nowhere to go but down. >> i had had no choice but to lean out the window as long as i could. >> reporter: moments earlier, poe's kitchen had caught fire. his bronx apartment quickly filling with smoke. there was no escape. so, poe reached back to his military training from decades ago. >> the smoke was coming in so bad. jump, jump. i'll do a paratrooper. >> reporter: he was once a paratrooper who made more than 50 jumps in his military career. but this time, no parachute. below, his neighbors came to his aid. their arms banded together. and when he jumped, they caught him. >> we were concerned about his head. just his head that we was concerned about. >> i have no broken bones. >> reporter: neighbors coming together and just possibly saving a life.
7:36 am
>> hope for the best. >> put your life in your friend's hands. >> of course. trust them. good people. >> very lucky that those neighbors were there. it's time for the weather and over to ginger zee, the hometown hero back in grand rapids, michigan. >> i have to tell you. it is cool out here this morning. but i'm feeling the love. we have all these great kids. haley, darren, ben. i wanted to introduce you to a couple of them. grand rapids, good morning here. let's start with your forecast. get a little idea of what's happening this weekend. we're starting to see the fall colors poke out here, as we were watching the football game. it feels like fall. and look at that. parts of colorado at their peak. minneapolis, you're getting there. and in the northeast, too. so, we want to move from that to what it's going to be like here this afternoon. temperatures so comfortable. but a little warmer in rapid city. 84. bismarck, 82. and denver at 80. i'll leave you w
7:37 am
>> i have to tell everybody. this is my dad back here and my aunt, nancy. and my friend, matt. i had to show that off because my dad's become a little bit of a legend, as people like to look at pictures of our family, right? we'll head back in to bianna and dan. >> always so popular. i couldn't pay that many people to come support me. >> ron and i would be there in a heartbeat. >> two people would show up. my mother and maybe my brother. maybe. maybe my mother. i don't know. >> all right. coming up on "gma," the other shoe has dropped. a magazine publishing completely nude photos of kate middleton emerging. and they're going viral across the internet. but can the royals do anything to stop them from spreading? and some good news this morning. we have a happy, new twist for this famous smoking orangutan. you're going to love this.
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well, the pictures the
7:42 am
palace didn't want anyone seeing are now zipping around the internet. ever since those topless photos of kate middleton were first published, there have been rumors of more. and now, they're out, thanks to a danish magazine. so, is there anything the royals can do to stop them from spreading? abc's jeffrey kofman joins us from london with the latest. quite the headache for the palace there, jeffrey. >> reporter: you bet, bianna. good morning. more revealing pictures of the duchess. welcome to your new life, kate middleton. it's becoming very clear that being a future queen comes at a huge price. your privacy. was it really just a year ago that little girls and young women around the world envied kate middleton as she married her prince? well, a year later, reality has hit for the woman who is now the duchess of cambridge. first, it was humiliation, when a french magazine published topless photos of kate. now, violation, as even more revealing photos from that
7:43 am
camera have been published by a danish magazine, including some that show a bottomless kate changing her swimsuit. all the photos appear to be taking by the same skulking paparazzi, with a very long lens, at this chateau in southern france where the couple was on a private vacation. there are, it seems, no limits anymore. >> apart from how torrid it is, when i spoke to my sources at the palace, there was a taking in stride. >> reporter: abc news will not show the grainy photos. nor will british newspapers. when the pictures first hit in france, buckingham palace hit back, hard. winning an injunction against further publication in france. but in today's world, there is the internet. and the new photos are already circling the globe. this is what william feared. a repeat of the endless harassing of his mother by the paparazzi. he and many others believe it contributed to diana's early death 15 years ago. these revealing photos of kate
7:44 am
were published during the couple's recent tour of asia. >> it was noticeable when they were on tour, when the photos first emerged, william was absolutely furious. he was seething. kate, she's on to the job. she's going to keep the show going. >> reporter: william and kate returned from their asian tour nine days ago. they haven't been seen in public since. they've always fiercely guarded their privacy. and they'll be guarding it even more ferociously from now on. and we just got a response from the palace on all this. they're not commenting, as you might expect. but they are leaving open the option of suing that danish magazine. >> jeffrey, thank you. still ahead on "good morning america," is there a possible ray of light at the end of the tunnel for madonna and lady gaga? the material girl and momma monster, dan, that's what they call her, talk about a possible team-up, coming up. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list.
7:45 am
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you know the techno music means it's time for "pop news." we have rachel smith with us here in new york city. >> all right. >> we can't introduce her without pointing out that her emmy predictions last weekend, 85% to 100% correct. >> yes. >> one little flaw there. i didn't predict "homeland." i said "breaking bad" would take the win for best drama. it did not. all right, guys. time for a little "pop news" right? >> think so. >> awesome. well, the biggest rivalry in pop music may finally be cooling off. madonna, or as we like to call her, momma monster, wants to apparently get into the groove with lady gaga. inviting gaga to join her on stage. madonna reached out to her but gaga was busy with her own tour. madonna told fans at a recent concert, that she is crazy for gaga, despite their simmering feud, that gaga copied part of "express yourself" in "born this
7:50 am
way." >> yeah. >> gaga doesn't want to let this thing go? >> i don't know if either will. >> can't we just all get along? >> get along, ladies. all of you out there looking forward to the "fifty shades of grey" movie, i have a bit of bad news to report. the rumor that ryan gosling will play christian grey is just that. a rumor. >> not true? >> it's not true. e.l. james shot it down in a radio interview with ryan seacrest. she said it was all a misunderstanding that started when a paper put a picture of gosling under an interview with her husband. >> ron and i are competing for the role. >> still running there. no monkey business these days for tori, the smoking orangutan. she has given birth to a baby
7:51 am
and kicked the habit cold turkey. with the help of her mates and a little isolation, tori kicked smoking at the zoo. she has repeatedly tossed her lit cigarette. >> that's ridiculous. >> zoo officials say the baby is healthy. it's the first birth at the zoo in 15 years. the last orangutan born was tori herself. >> that's really great. >> should have stopped that a long time ago. >> i know. >> i think -- >> yeah. >> rachel, thank you very much. we love having you here in new york. and we will be right back.
7:52 am
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today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger.
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before we go, we want to say good-bye, one last time, out to ginger zee in grand rapids. flanked by her family, including her mother, her father. you can see where she gets her good looks from. congratulations, ginger. we're proud of you. we'll see you tomorrow. thank you for watching abc news.
7:56 am
we'll be back tomorrow morning. david muir back with "world news" later. news" later. good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. new this morning, today is the day you can turn in unwanted medical prescriptions, no questions asked. to rid your home of dangerous expired unwanted or unused drugs. they are opening their days from 10:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. the service is free and it's
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anonymous. the program begin back in 2010 and 774 tons of prescription drugs have been recovered nationwide. we have a link on our website on see it on tv. oracle team u.s.a. brings america's cup to everyone today. they will experience fan precious day and encountered a catamaran. america's cup itself the oldest trophy in sports is himself going to be on display. it will at the pavilion from 10:00 to 5:00 today. let's check in with lisa and see was the forecast looks like. >> lisa: above the marine layer it's a beautiful sunrise but we do have low clouds and fog and poor visibility. one spot is mountain view. hard to believe it's
7:58 am
spare-the-air day. 50s at the coast and sunshine is on tap by mid-morning. so for pacifica the fog is so cue but you lose it altogether and we'll be in the low 60s at our coast. we are talking about a big warmup today, return to more low to mid 90s in the tri-valley, upper 70s across the bay. 82 in palo alto. we got the full moon tonight. should be nice and clear tonight with 60s and we're talking about excessive heat watch throug
7:59 am


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