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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 2, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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5:01. mike mentioned maybe possible record highs in our future not so distant future more on that in a moment thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. police are getting help from highway patrol first full day with extra chp officers patrolling streets to help stem a rising tide of crime. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland. >> reporter: at the substation is where chp officers reported for duty last night a spokeswoman tells me they were involved the officers were in several arrests and impounded
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a number of cars last night. interestingly, chp officers reported here at 7 p.m., 7:30 there was a violent crime. video of the grocery outlet, 2900 broadway, man with a gun robbed the place, customers were in the store at the time. it was a customer who called it in. that comes one day after an east oakland businessman wilbur bartley was shot and killed at his store on international boulevard. homicides in oakland up 20% this year over last. last week when the governor announced chm would help oakland pd. >> i can ahead -- -- i can afford some level of cooperation between highway patrol and sheriffs until my academies turn out more officers. >> reporter: oakland pd understaffed.
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8 to 20 chp officers played -- deployed to prevent crime available to oakland pd whenever they are called this comes at no cost to the city of oakland. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. in the south bay attorneys will present closing arguments today this trial of a former san jose elementary school principal accused of not reporting suspected child sex abuse. yesterday lyn vijayendran former principal at o.b. whaley elementary took the stand she explained to the jury she was concerned about what a student described in october of 2011 vijayendran said she did not report it because the teacher convinced her the activity the 8-year-old girl described was part of a lesson plan of helen killer. if convicted she could face up to -- helen keller. if convicted she could face up
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to six months in jail. police hope someone will recognize a man who beat a van ness station agent. the man tried to go through with a bike at jen told him bikes were not allowed on the muni metro, investigators say he choked the agent and jumped over the railing with his bike. you saw him walk down the stairs with that bike and small suitcase police say the 55-year-old agent followed him and tacked as he reached the platform after attack the man grabbed his bike and suitcase and ran the muni agent was beaten so badly he has yet to go back to work. support for a measure that would abolish the state's death penalty is gaining momentum. poll finds 45% of likely voters are in favor of prop 34, up three points if september. 38% are against replacing capital punishment with life in prison, 17% remain
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undecided. in september only 42% said they were in favor with doing away with the death penalty more than 50% of voters are needed for this measure to pass. it is about to get loud around dublin. this morning department of homeland security directing training session for a group of government agencies. alameda county sheriff's office is warning residents near the santa rita jail they may hear explosions. officials say the explosions will not endanger people or property. aging sewer system causing nasty problem in marin county 88,000 gallons of raw sewage overflowed this week engineers say that could be just the beginning. homeowner says sewage flowed behind his house for four days. engineers say the entire system is made of up of 50-year-old clay pipe that is
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crumbling now, leaking sewage into the ground water it is happening -- >> particular, very small tributary drainage, drains into san he will sell know creek. -- san end sell know creek. >> the fine could reach -- 800,000 it will cost 300 million to rebill. over the summer the board voted down a rate increase. long road ahead for victims of super storm sandy cleanup expected to take months traffic backed up for miles, long lines of people waiting for buses and gas in the -- as they face a forecast that includes another storm. tahman bradley joins us live with more. >> reporter: good morning. new york is taking steps
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toward normalcy, limited amtrak service resumes today and crews are working to restore power in manhattan ahead of a deadline tomorrow. still, enormous hurdles. sandy may be gone, frustration in parts of new york is growing. >> we are going to die, we are going to freeze. we have 90-year-old people. >> reporter: in this manhattan neighborhood, recovery continues at a slow pace residents feel like they've been forgot . >> they have no value, they -- they see other areas are being taken care of and they totally overlooked us. >> reporter: hundreds showed up for food at local churches and aid organizations. >> all the food we had to throw out. >> reporter: it was another night of darkness and cold for hard hit staten island. thousands still without power, many homeless, among them mike and his family. >> my youngest daughter yesterday said daddy i want to go home. i said it is going to be a
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while honey. she don't understand she is six. >> reporter: search teams found bodies of two little boys torn from their mother's arms when the storm hit staten island. transportation still a nightmare desperate drivers waited in lines miles deep to get gas and people waited in lines for blocks to catch the bus. driving wasn't better checkpoints were set up to force people to carpool in new jersey, door-to-door rescued by emergency crews and the national guard continue while natural gas fires burn in mantoloking where homes were destroy. in new york city's effort return to normal continues with the city's marathon the mayor says it is on. some people don't want that race run because it is going to use up limited city resources. tahman bradley, abc7 news. >> with the cleanup and the race you are talking about the marathon, any hope for better weather in new york this
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weekend? >> reporter: unfortunately, no. there's so many people who are home lessor in the dark, there's a nor'easter moving in that will buy cold weather, rain, freezing temperatures, it is going to make matters worse, unfortunately. >> that money, thank you. -- tahman bradley, thank you. our weather for the weekend? >> looks like we are in for a warm-up. absolutely, warming trend on the way starts today with baby steps we start to take a bigger step over the weekend then record high temperatures. until we get to that, -- quarter mile visibility in novato, 3/4 in napa, livermore down to a quarter mile. watch out for varying conditions as you are driving around this morning. probably the -- i know the reason we are seeing increase
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of visibility in santa rosa is high clouds are starting to roll in they cap the atmosphere and keep fog from forming if we can get more high clouds we can get rid of that fog. i think it is going to hang around for at least 7:00, especially in the east bay valleys, some of it still could linger in the north bay valleys. high clouds and sun noon, mid 60s heading out for lunch. mild and dry as we head into the 4:00 hour, 70 inland, 63 around the bay, chilly during the evening dress for temperatures falling into the 60s. let's talk about what is going to happen this weekend, low to mid 70s from the coast, saturday, upper 70s sunday, 80s on monday, by the time we get to 80s bay and inland monday we are in the 70s at the coast. hope you have a good morning here's sue with traffic. good morning. live shot of the bay bridge toll, no metering lights few cars headed westbound on the
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upper deck into san francisco no delays on the incline or through the tunnel, 880 northbound and southbound cleared earlier accident at marina and tennison those are cleared, no problems there. eastbound 4 still with roadwork at loveridge, shutdown for about another 20 minutes, detoured off and on again at the on-ramp. let's look at your waze traffic app, 880 from hayward towards fremont with earlier problems no slow downs, reporter saying there's a car stopped on the shoulder, no delays if would you like to download this free app there at google play or the app store. 5:11. >> police launch new crackdown on gangs. the neighborhood where officers say that i seen a jump in crime. wounded deer rooming loose in the east bay. what wildlife workers want you to do if you spot it.
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good morning. economic report don't get bigger than today's october employment numbers from the government. four days before the election both candidates are in battleground states and expected to seize on the results. a couple of other economic numbers cheered wall street thursday big retail chains reported strong sales up 5% from a year ago. sales of new cars and trucks jumped 7% from last october. officials are warning people to out for scams after hurricane sandy. they say be on at alert for phony charities, fraudulent home repair deals and sellers looking to unload flood damaged cars. apple's next small thing arrives today. . pad mini hits stars. -- ipad mini hits stores.
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emeryville, san francisco that's what we are seeing this morning look how clear the sky is, for now, high clouds on the way and fog forming now that's what we are going to talk about. then we'll get you ready for record highs. new gang crackdown underway in san francisco's mission district. police have seen a spike in shootings there in the last two weeks, four injured, one died. blaming rivalries between gangs. >> want to tell us the whereabouts of the gun, tell us where something is about to happen we'll put police officers there, we'll go get the again if we don't arrest anybody that's fine with us, for things that do not happen. >> police are sending officers from other districts to patrol the mission. they've already arrested 12 people in the past week and seized five weapons.
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police are working for community organizations to offer job opportunities to at-risk youth. residents in berkeley hill on the lookout for injured deer shot by an arrow wandering around with part of the arrow sticking out of her torso a local resident took this picture of her yesterday morning. it is illegal to shot deer in residential areas. anybody spotting the deer should call the california department of fish and game right away. 5:16. time to look at the weather. the weekend is here. after a wet week, -- >> warm up ahead and time to fall back, right? >> we always remember that. extra hour of sleep. 5:16 from vollmer peak towards emeryville, san francisco to the west where high clouds are starting to come in now.
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watch out for fog in the north bay and east bay valleys, high clouds on live doppler 7 hd, no rain, we are not going to get any clouds are too high and don't have enough moisture next chance of rain well that next week. mid to upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, redwood city, half moon bay, los gatos everybody else in the low to mid 50s monterey bay and low to mid sieve -- -- low to mid 50s. temperatures keep falling all of us will be in the 40s at some point during the morning. by the afternoon, high clouds and sun today, brighter and warmer weekend, record highs next week. right now, high pressure moved in pushing the storm track north next system bulk of it well north of us getting the blow off of the high clouds from that system as high
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pressure steers north it gets close, look how close the rain gets to the coast, it will come as far south as possibly ukiah but never make night our neighborhoods, you can see clearing trend overnight into -- into tomorrow morning, more fog possible tomorrow stronger air of high pressure moves in, total sunshine through the weekend today low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to near 70 the rest of us, 60 -- monterey bay gorgeous around high clouds and sun mid to upper 60s, upper 60s to low 70s end land warmer and clear are this weekend. -- clearer this weekend. 40s around the bay, best chance of seeing fog in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. daylight saving ends tomorrow night, set your clocks back an hour check batteries, just
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replace 'em. carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors. cooler wednesday and thursday. out of novato southbound through marinwood into terra linda and lucas valley road and north san pedro traffic moving lightly tail lights southbound through san rafael. san mateo bridge roadwork picked up westbound a few brake lights before you turn up the highrise towards foster city no significant delays. drive times now 580 up to the altamont pass good ride. highway 4 westbound into concord good, 80 east shore freeway under 20 minutes into the maze. no problems with bart, muni, caltrain everybody on time. bart, great way to get to a
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night game at memorial stadium tonight at 6:00 always limited parking there take mass transit you can. -- transit if you can. 5:20. pitching in to help victims of superstorm san the lead our parent company disney is taking and how you can help. a night for country music superstars to shine. the big winners. another live picture if florida, the atlantis journey. >> i think that's memories of atlantis the way we would like to remember her atop a cone of flame heading for earth's orbit right now she
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fog is out there, not around the bay sfo flight arrival delays probably not going to happen. the walt disney company abc 's parent company has announced a two million dollar contribution to victims of hurricane sandy. >> we are doing everything we can including the cash donation encouraging our employees to donate on their own which we will match dollar for dollar. >> sandy's cost to the economy the estimate is now going to be up to 50 billion dollars. one way you can help is through the red cross. text the words red cross to 9099 for a $10 donation for call 1-800-red cross. in addition disney and abc
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making next monday a day of giving encouraging everyone to give to the sandy relief effort. cyclist rain caught on camera. muni releases video hoping someone will recognize the man who savagely beat a station agent. >> frustration at the pump of a different kind in the wake of superstorm sandy. why gasoline is almost worth its weight in gold in new jersey and new york this morning
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good morning. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze >> i'm eric thomas. aren't you glad it is friday? san francisco police want to talk to you if you have information about the brutal beating of a muni station agent last month stemming from
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an argument over a bike. amy hollyfield is live at the van ness station where the attack took place. >> reporter: the man who attacked the agent was caught on camera. we have the video. take a look, see if you recognize this man. the video shows him kicking at someone, police say he tacked the muni station agent. he was mad because the agent wouldn't let him take his bike onboard he punched and kicked the agent who fell to the ground when hebñ got up the hand beat him some more. >> the at agent was injured seriously from the attack. he was transported and hospitalized for a period of time. he has been released from the hospital but he's still undergoing medical treatment and he has not been able to return to work. >> reporter: police think he's 25 to 30-years-old, six feet tall, brown hair this happened a month ago october 10th, at the van ness station. muni is hoping if you see someone who will see this video will remember the indent
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maybe remember being there, -- the incident maybe remember being there, maybe recognize the man they are asking if anyone has anything that can help to give police a call. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening now, operation impact is underway in oakland. chp units in the city to increase police presence and help officers on patrol. highway patrol will provide help to oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. last year chp helped out oakland an anti-gang operation funded with federal grants. terry mcsweeney is in oakland he will have a live report at 6 a.m.. >> the san mateo downey sheriff's office is asking for the public's help -- tracking down two men believed to have stole $7,000 from a 7-eleven. they ended the store, one distracted the cashier asking
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questions about lottery tickets his accomplice went to the rear office and stole a bag of cash. it took several hours for the cashier to realize that money was gone. hayward police say it could be six weeks before they receive the results of a test on a bone fragment that could belong to michaela garecht she was 9-years-old when she was kidnapped. a bone fragment was dug up with other remains in a well used by the speed freak serial killers. there was a delay at the arizona lab testing the bone it will now go to virginia for further analysis. the october jobs report will be released any time now, those numbers along with the response to superstorm sandy could impact tuesday's presidential election. katie marzullo is live in our newsroom. vote to the follows in five days. >> reporter: that's right. -- jobs numbers should be out
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in a few minutes. one thing we know for sure, both president obama and mitt romney are going to be hitting hard the campaign trail in battleground states looking for undecided voters. today the president has three events in ohio that jobs report could moon a lot to him. a political expert tell saying if -- saying if the unemployment rate stays below 8% voters might shrug it off if it goes up the president will face highest since roosevelt. if the should come back above 8 not predicted guys for mitt romney he can use that to his advantage he was in virginia yesterday this morning he starts in wisconsin and moves to ohio. romney campaign making a play for pennsylvania scheduling a last minute appearance there sunday i am will the jobs
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report mean a manns sieve butte for either candidate? unclear. experts saying all but a few voters have already made up their minds, particularly about the economy. katie marzullo, abc7 news. hopeful news for one of the areas hardest hit by sandy. power officials say they could have electricity restored to all of manhattan by today. more than 4.1 million customers still without power across a dozen states. new jersey getting creative, officials plan to use military trucks to service polling places on election day in communities that don't have power. in new york, people are hoping today's commute is better than yesterday's when it took drivers hours to get in and out of the city. the death toll has climbed to at least 90. gas continues to be one of the most valuable commodities in
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new york and new jersey. people are waiting in line for up to six hours. some have been arrested trying to cut in line. gas rage going on. millions of gallons are available but can't be accessed without electricity. lines that backing up even backing up on to freeways, people can't get off the freeways, so -- so desperate to try and get gas. >> 5:33. let's check out our conditions here. heard people standing with gas cans trying to get gas to keep their generators running. even extents to people walking that can't -- even extends to people walking that can't get in cars because of the debris on the ground. back at home, check out all the 40s where we are not in the 40s we are 51, 52.
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definitely cooler this morning up to 15° cooler in santa rosa. 14 half moon bay, 11 los gatos, 7 san jose. fog developing now with the high clouds starting to come into the north bay that fog is going to be tempered, east bay valleys starting to see fog that's the forecast for the afternoon, high clouds and sunshine throughout the day once we get past the morning rush hour temperatures top out near 70 inland and bay and mid 60s coast warming trend two to four degrees today, we will be in the 70s away from the coast tomorrow, near 70 at the coast sunday near 80 for the rest of us record high temperatures roll into monday's forecast 80s bay and inland 70s at the coast. it is dry and so far it is light we like it that way in the traffic world.
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toll plaza bay bridge metering lights off light traffic westbound upper deck into san francisco no delays there moderate to light traffic east shore freeway 80 westbound past golden gate fields through berkeleyly and emeryville crowded westbound, drive out the antioch area towards pittsburg and concord good ride, a bit of slowing once you hit highway 4 bypass. out of the central valley, a little slowing through tracy things pick up over the altamont pass, still under 20 minutes into the dublin pleasanton area westbound 80 red top a big rig tire blocking lanes some cars have hit it they've pulled off to the side expect minor slowing past red top road in the fairfield area. 5:35. we are just now getting october jobs report. the labor department says the unemployment rate went up to 7.9%, the economy added
5:36 am
171,000 jobs. the rate was 7.8 now it has gone up a 10th of a percent this last month. >> we'll see what effect this has on the election come tuesday. more on this, -- coming up. pointing fingers, east bay school district blaming a molestation victim. why they say she brought it on herself. looming strike that could give bay area shoppers one less place to buy groceries. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls.
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and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll. here's a look at the bay
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area beautiful from mount sutro to the east you don't see much fog, watching and tracking that fog in the north and east bay valleys, record high temperatures, stick and for that and your travel forecast, coming up. today raley's and union representing thousands of employees are due back at the bargaining fable to try to reach a deal before contracts expire tomorrow. two sides have until midnight tomorrow to reach an treatment or as many as 7,000 -- workers could go on strike. mediator met with the grocery chain and union leaders yesterday. the company operates 130 raley's super stores, bel air markets and nob hill foods in northern california and nevada, if there is a strike it would be the first in raley's 77-year-old history. a former student who was sexually abused in the 90s district says was careless,
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negligent and partially to blame. the district's first response to 30-year-old kristen cunnane's lawsuit she and two others are suing for repeatedly ignoring allegations of abuse over two years. the teachers in question are daniel witters, who has since committed suicide and julie carrera now in prison for raping cunnane. she said the comments made her feel like a victim all over again. >> there's some legal strategies involved. for me this isn't a legal battle or civil battle or criminal battle, this is all about me telling the truth and getting my life back. when i read that, i take it to heart and it is hard for me to deal with. >> our messages to the district and former administrators in the suit have gone unreturned except for retired assistant principal who said everything is being handled through their
5:41 am
attorneys and had no comment. our messages to the attorneys were unreturned. big unemployment report jut came out, monthly jobless numbers. bloomberg business report is next. u.s. intelligence leaders offer new timeline of the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the role cia agents played in the minutes after attack. better late than never. meet the woman who jut found out she is worth 23 million dollars -- who just found out she is worth 23 million dollars. divvying up the payout from disney's acquisition of lucas
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oregon wet weather now around hours showers will creep in around you are rook , near chico possibly reading more likely in the higher elevations around there low 70s sacramento fresno increasing sunshine there upper 60s l.a. and san diego 85 palm springs tahoe this weekend is going to be the coolest this afternoon 57° mostly sunny sky, mostly sunny conditions saturday, temperatures there and sunday warming into the mid 60s in the afternoon still cold enough at night to make snow mid to upper 20s. 5:44. new this morning, memorial plans are set for the two victims of a small plane crash in contra costa county. the aircraft went down north of byron airport 10 days ago. service for the 5-year-old --
5:45 am
meantime officials with the national transportation safety board released preliminary report on the crash. the plane was about 1,000 feet above ground level when it took a nosedive. record number of mail-in ballots expected from voters in california expected in next week election creating a problem for vote counselors. -- vote counters. for close races we might know know the results for days maybe weeks. santa clara county registrar's office is ready for tuesday's election with a full staff. the office in san jose will be open this weekend with extra hours through election day. officials say 31% of almost 600,000 mail ballots have been
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returned. in alameda county, they have 6,000 poll workers for next tuesday but need more to staff 800 polling places. u.s. is hitting back at allegations that it failed to respond quickly or efficiently to that deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi, libya. intel tense officials say cia officers went to the aid of state department staff less than 25 minutes after they go the first call for help. the cia is publicly denying a report by fox news that the cia told personnel to stan down. a.m. -- ambassador stevens from the bay area was killed with three other americans. new this morning, deep financial trouble for the nuclear power plant that supplies a big chunk of california's electricity. the san onofre know plan has been out of service since january causing 317 million dollars between repairs and
5:47 am
replacement power. officials say it is not clear if the generators can be repaired and operated at full power. shutdown happened after a tube break that caused radiation leak concerns >> make-up work for students at san francisco public schools for those who skipped school to go to the giants' victory parade. attendance records indicate plenty of students were at the celebration compared to last week san francisco high school attendance was down more than 20%, middle school down 11%, grade schoolers about 3 1/2% down. tonight the warriors play homeowner again the grizzlies. the warriors are coming off wednesday's opening victory in phoenix. tonight marks home debut of the seven foot center acquired last season. last year he didn't play for
5:48 am
the warriors because of an ankle injury. tickets still available. tip off 7:30. close call turned to good fortune for a woman in southern california let's make that incredibly good fortune weeks before a 23 million dollar lotto prize would be forfeited the winner has come for the ticket was sold in may, no one claimed the prize so the store released photos of the woman who bought the winning ticket many the winner's daughter happened to be watching tv and recognized mom. the woman searched and searched and found the ticket in her car and filed the claim yesterday. congratulations. 23 million congratulations to you. >> if something was lost in my car you would never find it again. >> i would have helped her search. [ talking over each other ]
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let's turnover to the weather. record highs possible, good morning, looking at 5:49, emeryville towards san francisco, look how clean and clear the air is around the bay this morning. high clouds starting to roll in, no radar returns it is dry this morning, friday morning commute, usually friday light, hopefully friday lighter because of the dry streets. we'll talk to sue. visibility building issue around novato quarter mile 37 to napa 3/4 mile, quarter mile around livermore, santa rosa starting to improve high clouds keeps the fog from forming up from a quarter mile to two miles visibility now. who is not in the 50s, santa rosa, napa, fairfield,
5:50 am
concord, livermore, los gatos, redwood city, half moon bay mid to upper 40s. suz uzi and gilroy around 49, low to mid 50s elsewhere another hour or so of cooling to go before the temperatures start to stop and rise up under high clouds and sun during the afternoon, brighter, warmer this weekend record high temperatures next week. area of high pressure that steered the last system down away from us slowly is now putting up a roadblock keep this next one from coming in. clouds out there, moisture definitely going to move farther north we'll get high clouds and sunshine today that's about it, look how close we came to getting rain up again the border and falls apart as that high pressure makes the rain stay in the northwest corner of the state. look for the high clouds and today, increasing sun,
5:51 am
warmer weather as we get on the back side of that weak front tomorrow. low to mid 60s coast today, mid 60s near 70 for rest of us, san francisco 65 today, oakland 67, san jose 68°. monterey bay, mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s inland. if you are heading to the game tonight in berkeley, huskies in town to take on the bears, 60 to kickoff at 6:00, cooling to 56 under a mainly clear sky by 10:00, jacket weather there. 40s and 50s tonight and fog possible once again. as we look towards tomorrow, warming trend begins tomorrow night set clocks back an hour change batteries in your detectors and alarms, you may want to get out, warm monday and tuesday we we have the record highs before fall comes back wednesday and thursday. good morning. golden gate bridge clear now
5:52 am
fog-free, when you get off the golden gate bridge down doyle drive there's a left turn to marina blocked off highway patrol and sf police there, you cannot turn left from doyle drive, they have it blocked off at this point. this is san jose camera is frozen, northbound 87 past hp pavillion looking good. bart no delays, muni, caltrain everybody on time. bart will be a great way to the cal game tonight 6:00. always a problem parking at memorial stadium, take bart to berkeley today. new stall eastbound 980 at 580 block being right lane in the napa area northbound 121 at highway 29 reports after overturned vehicle blocking lanes. to avoid a lot of the traffic hassles this is the abc7 traffic app, 680 through the san ramon corridor, it is a free app, traffic light at
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this hour on 680 download it on the app store and google play on your smartphone. blake shelton stole the show at the 46th annual country music wars which aired here on -- awards which aired on abc7, three wins, including entertainer of the year he won for the first time last night, beating out previous winners, chesney, paisley and swift. other big winners include eric church for album of the year. little big town for vocal group of the year and hunter hayes for new artist of the year. the damage assessments on hurricane sandy keeps getting worse. >> jane king in new york has that and investors today eyeing that big unemployment report. good morning. big october jobs report is out this is the last monthly jobs report before the presidential election. the labor department says a more than expected 171,000 jobs were created in the month
5:54 am
and a separate report says the unemployment rate climbed slightly to 7.9% as more people ended the workforce the ray was 7.8% when president obama took office in january 2009. estimates of storm damage from hurricane sandy still rising, 50 billion dollars. 10 to 20 billion of that is insured losses. a lot of uninsureed costs big hit for insurance companies. government takes a hit, sandy maybe the third most expensive ever on record for the government's flood insurance program behind hurricane katrina in 2005 and hurricane ike in 2008. as for stocks to watch, starbucks 4 quarter profit edging higher as new products help boost sales. starbucks planning on 1300 more stores next year also
5:55 am
getting ready to roll out special products for the holidays, including christmas blend blonde roast. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. united airlines rewarding passengers who help victims of sandy. united will give bonus miles to customers who donate money to relief efforts. customers can give to the red cross or feeding america. donations of $50 to $90 nine will earn 250 miles and a gift of $100 or more will get you 500 bonus miles. we posted the information on californians are more likely to carpool and use public transportation than anyone else in the country. more than 11% of commuters here carpool. compared to less than 1% across the rest of the country. more than 5% of californians use public transportation, slightly higher than the national average. our commute is three minutes
5:56 am
longer than the national average. east bay officials celebrating opening of new neighborhood they say will be a model for the future. the district is located in union city, 800 housing units, park flanked by sculptures and large playground with retail shops to be added later located near a bart station that will connect to other commuter trains. construction began five years ago on the site of a former pg&e yard and steel mill, 20 million dollars in ed to clean toxin -- to clear toxin from the site. the hollywood reporter says george lucas will give bulk to educational foundation. his own foundation has donated 175 million dollars to his alma mater university of southern california he's also
5:57 am
a major contributor to the make-a-wish foundation and stand up to cancer. next, calling in for reinforcements. new help the short staffed oakland police department is getting today. going after energy drinks. demand one san francisco leader is making for the maker of a popular brand. long lines for gas continue across the east coast following impact of sandy. violent outburst from one drive who got too impatient. >> we'll be right back.
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now at 6:00, oops impact is already making a impact in oakland. highway patrol -- [ inaudible ] .


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