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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 4, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> ama: breaking news in the north bay, where a rescue effort just ended after a boat capsized. crews were able to reach everyone on board but it was a risky and difficult rescue. the rescue operation just wrapped up after that boat capsized in bow bow bodega bay, and rescuers helped two children after freeing them from the inside of the capsized boat. a total of seven people needed to be rescued. firefighters faced several challenges in reaching the trapped youngsters. >> trapped underneath the boat. out in the ocean. april -- able to secure the boat, tow it into shore, get the
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kids out. >> ama: sky 7hd reached the scene right as crews uprighted the expwoat removed it from the water. we'll have more on the rescue in just one hour with a live report on choobs -- abc-7 at 6:00. >> a horrific zoo accident took the life of a boy in pennsylvania. the child fell into a pen for african painted dogs at the pittsburgh zoos. prognosis say the child was with his mother, who put him on top of a railing of an observation deck so he could see the dogs. he tumbled 14 feet off the deck, and the animals got aggressive. police say they were forced to shoot and kill one of the dogs which is an enjane jerried species. >> union members at 128 raley's degreesry doctor grocery stores
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on strike. here's more. reporter: at 6:00 a.m., three striking union members began their sunday in solidarity. forming a picketline in front of this raley's in fremont because of what they say are unfair labor practices. >> we're trying to get a decent contract for the members. >> the dispute between raleys and the union involves 7,000 union members from grocery workers to meat cutters. 15 months of contract negotiations came to a head overnight, and a midnight deadline came and went. >> hopefully this will send a message. you can take a little from people but you can't take a lot. >> they remain at ads over pay freeze, premium pay for holiday shifts and health care benefits in stairntle raley's says in part it's clearly understood we must reduce our operating costs to become more competitive against nondown retailers.
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the wage changes we're making are the same wage changes we have already implemented throughout our company, including at our nonunion stores. manny worked 4 years in the union and faces elimination of his health care when he retires. >> got kicked in the gut there. all you years you think you have something at the end of the road. now it's just taken away from you union members are asking customers not to shop at raley's until a fair contract is a agreed upon. one customer says she won't come back and cross the picketline again yeah, they have to do what they got to do to get what they want. i understand that. so, that's the way they have to getlessenned to. >> striking union workers are passings out fliers to shoppers, urging them to shop at safeway or other union retailers. contract negotiations are suspended. there are none scheduled for the
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future. reporting in fremont, abc-7 news,. millions of americans will spend another night without heat because the power is still out in communities devastated by sandy. angry residents confronted michael bloomberg when the toured the rockaway peninsula in queens. >> [bleep] >> get what is going on here -- [bleep] >> already -- >> nothing. nothing. [bleep]. >> seriously, people are very frustrated. >> what's your response to people out here who are coming -- >> anybody everybody is working as hard as they can, the federal government, state government, city government, city employees have been working 24/7. >> new york city announced today that thousands of voters will cast their ballots at different polling places on tuesday because sandy damaged this places where they were
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originally assigned to vote. sandy forced the cancellation of the new york city marathon, and hundreds of the runners decided instead to help storm victims. they raised money and gathered supplies. other runners, disappoint overall the cancellation of the marathon, ran the 26.2-miles in central park. >> crews loaded relief supplies on to freighters at oakland international airport. the giant 747 airliners will carry tons of relief supplies. one jet left this afternoon. another scheduled to take off later. the supplies came from the sharp arm my depot in tracy. >> disney and abc are making monday a day of giving to victims. disney is kicking it off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross and you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to relief efforts. you can also donate to the red cross by calling 1-800-helpnow
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or going ongoing to red >> hurricane sandy shows us how communication is critical to response and relief efforts. a local university is working on next generation tech knowingly to develop ways ways to keep communication going during any critical event. >> social media site not affected by power loss where you could log on and get help from first responder or connect with your neighbors for information of help. that's one of they're working on here at moffet field. i these mobile emergency operation centers from palo alto and sunnyvale are taking part in the study to determine how multiple jurisdictions can communicate when they responsible to a doctors. here's the director of the campus. >> what frequency should you use? how well do they work in a disaster situation? what software tools will allow this vehicle to talk to that
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vehicle? >> dr. ray is a distinguished fellow at the university. he points to the san bruno gas pipeline explosion in 2010 as an example of problems that occurred when different first responders got on scene. >> all the different fire departments and police come from different cities, so they can't share data. they can share voice sometimes. can't share maps, videos, photographs, status information, things like that. reporter: that's part of what the workshop is about. making sure first responders are on the same page. the work is how best to use open source technology in a disaster event. they're developing the use of simple available technology that people can use that would supplement the work of first responders. like a wi-fi connection like this, solar-powered and contributed to schools and neighborhood response centers. >> we're developing low-cost affordable technology to use to connect people in a social media, even if the cell towers and the internet are down.
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>> a disaster wi-fi in neighborhoods could help neighborhoods connection e connect each other or update each other. this disaster technology is still in development here, and they're sponsored by nasa and mobile service providers. the workshop continues on monday. reporting live abc-7 news. >> ama: now to your voas i voice your vote, boat presidential campaigns are in high gear heading into the home stretch. here's a report from washington, dc. >> four years ago today, it was election night and then senator obama was elected the 44th 44th president of the united states. fast forward. >> four mother years. >> now he is fighting for a second term and telling americans they have a choose to make. >> between a return the top-down policies that crashed our
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economy and an economy built from the middle out and the bottom up. and creates a vong growing middle class. >> the president and candidates racking up miles, flying from one swing state to the next. and the crittle good atle ground state of ohio, mitt romney told the crowd the president failed to bring the hope and change he promised four years ago. >> he promised to do so very much, but, frankly, he fell so very short. he promised to be a post partisan president, but he hey has been most partisan, divisive, blaming, attacking, dividing. >> with two days to goo, chaos in florida. >> let people vote. let people vote. >> an election office closed for a time, preventing voters frock presenting absentee ballots. it later re-opened as the candidates sprint to the finish line the race remains close, a new poll shows 49% of likely
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voters support obama, 48% romney. now the candidates have less than 48 hours to make their closing arguments and they're making their cases at large rallies in front of large crowds in these final hours. abc-7 news, washington. >> ama: stay with abc-7 news for complete election results on tuesday. we'll have live updates all night long as news and through twitter. a witness helped police track down a suspect in a hit-and-run accident in santa rosa. it happened just after midnight and left a pedestrian in critical condition. a witness was able to give police a description of the car involved. less than a minutes later police located the car and arrested christine pena of santa rosa for felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence. police say he is on probation for a prior dui conviction. a day of blue skies and
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sunshine is coming to an end. looking outside right now. if you liked the weather this weekend, leigh glaser has some news. >> leigh: with the time change, sunset happening right now. maybe some record heat tomorrow. we'll look at the numbers coming up. >> ama: also coming up, another attack in syria, the government uprisings and the civilians are beginning to get the aid they'd need. >> the political fight brewing in oakland where one candidate
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>> a blast in dam mass a tore through several buildings and
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injured 12 people. the close comes -- the explosion comes after the red cross delivered aid to civilians in their homes. homes have been the center of some of the worst fighting since the uprising began in march last year. >> a campaign mailer is leading to threats of a lawsuit voofling a candidate for oakland city attorney. jane brunner held a press conference today to condemn what she calls, quote, the outrageous lie in a campaign mailer from appointed city attorney barbara parker. it claims brunner has been suspended from practicing law which she says is not true and will file a libel suit against parker. >> there was a short period when i was running for city cowj in 18995 i was not practicing law and was not active, but i was not suspended. >> parker's campaign consultant
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claims brunner's claim a desperate political stunt and says, quote, the facts are according to the web site of the california state bar. jane brunner was not eligible to practice law between july 31, 18995, and january 23, 1997. in other words, she has been suspended from practicing law by the california state bar. >> it's never too early to pay tribute to those who served their country. up next, the bay area city that came out to honor those who serve. >> and there's some ups and downs in leigh's forecast. a look at that and when our warmer weather ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america.
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>> ama: petaluma got a one can week jump on veterans day today. the city held the annual parade,
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complete with bands, helicopters, and plenty of veterans. petaluma calls this the biggest veterans day parade in northern california. they had a great day for it. hi, leigh. >> leigh: a terrific weekend, warmer temperatures. behind me you can see from the east bay cam looking towards the west. san francisco, the bay bridge right there, and a few high clouds here and there. the live doppler 7hd picking up on a little bit of those clouds, sitting just off the coast. really, as we sweep live right now, we're seeing nothing but clear conditions across the bay area. here is a look at the current readings. still mild. 70s and 60s. '3 at antioch, 75 in river more, san rafael, still mild, 74. 59, san francisco, and check out half moon bay. limited clouds. no fog there. and you're still at 70 degrees. look at the forecast. we'll keep it clear overnight.
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may bring in a few clouds near the coast. get ready for a chance of record highs the next few days, and then after that we'll cool things down, and the rain will return as we head into thursday, friday, and possibly saturday as well. here's the setup. we talked about this last night. high pressure really keeping the storm track well to the north of us. you can see all the storms being diverted into the pacific northwest, and high pressure will continue to bring us those warm offshore winds. so temperatures tomorrow near record highs. now, remember with the time change and all it is november, so we don't have as much daytime heating, but these are some of the records to beat tomorrow. santa rosa, forecasting 88. check out the record for tomorrow. 83. so definitely a possibility of a record there. oakland just set a new record tomorrow. 82. the record you see there for tomorrow is 77. and even redwood city could squeak out a new record.
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82 is what i'm forecasting. you can see the record tomorrow. 81. set back in 1997. of course, we can possibly see even more records heading into tuesday. before the cooling comes in on wednesday. lows tonight, 40s in the north bay. 50s elsewhere. here's a look at the highs for monday. 88 in santa rosa, 80, san francisco, half moon bay, 74. concord, 82. 84 for livermore. 83, plenty of sunshine for san jose, and santa cruz, possible new record there 88 tomorrow, and 87 for hollister. the accuweather seven-day forecast, even on election day, all clear, should be a terrific day. 80s inland and near the bay. 70s near the coast. we start to cool things down on wednesday. the clouds thicken thursday. big cooldown on thursday. rain arrives and it's going to be wet as we head into friday and saturday, and don't forget, we'll be here 4:30 a.m. to get
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you out the door. >> ama: and mike shumann is back with sports. no niners today. >> mike: the raiders and buccaneers faced off at the black hole. both hoping to get too .500. raiders had to play without darren macfaden with a leg
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>> mike: we had a rematch of the 2003 super bowl. raiders trying to change the outcome against the buccaneers. they lost darren mcfad can to injury, and oakland native ran wild. highlight of the day for the raiders. palmer to hey heyward-bey. one hard. 46 yards. set up this 25-yard touchdown pass, and the raiders led 10-7 at the half. raiders have been outscored 88-24 in the third quarter, and martin, continued that trend.
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45 here. martin again this time, 67 yards. 21 points in the third. tampa, 208 total yards in the quarter. 28-10. mr. martin is not done. fourth quarter, longest rushing touchdown. fifth time, 70 yards. set a team record 251 on the day, team record four t.d.s, 35-17. the raiders refuse to quit. palmer to reid. raiders down three. raiders get the ball back. plenty of time, but palmer, his third interception, bucs run out the clock. raiders lose 32-42 the final, falling to 3-5. >> peyton manning and the broncos taking on the bengals. decker fights into the end zone. 10-3 broncos. manning through two of his t.d. passes in the quarter, broncos
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win. >> andrew luck and the dolphins, luck, career game, this one to reggie wayne. colts trail by four in the third. lock airs it out to hit ton, between two defenders. touchdown. broke cam newton's record for rushing yards. >> playoffs today in mls. the two series, whoever has the most points advances to the western conference championship round. eastern conference semis, houston and kansas city. kansas city ha -- had not lost in three months. dynamo win 2-0. >> final route of the hsbc championship in china. ian poulter trailing by four, birdie putt on 2. eight birdies on the day.
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ern in the -- ernie els shot a 5-under. of 678. poulter finished 21 under. >> we'll hear from the raiders at 6:00 and have your swab cup championship. >> ama: a little girl with a big truck. how one girl is hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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>> coming up in a half hour at 6:00, null details coming out out apple's profits over seas. the extremely low tax rate the cupertino company is paying. >> celebrating 100 years of service with one of the nation's oldest public transportation systems. join us for abc-7 at 6:00. >> drivers beware, some major road closures in the east bay. sections of main street and
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newell avenue in walnut creek will be closed on monday from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the closure will be in effect every day through friday. shops will remain open. the roads will be closed for the demolition of the old building replaced with condos and stores. >> she is 15 and about as fierce as they come. she doesn't have a driver's license yet but that doesn't stop her from getting behind the wheel of this monster truck at the arizona state fair this weekend. she says that what she does takes a lot of practice and mental toughness. she is saving the money she win from monster truck kids to pay for college. she wants to good to stanford and become an engineer. isn't that crazy? >> leigh: good for her. >> mike: i think leigh drove those when she was teenager. >> leigh: hey! >> ama: that does us. our next newscast as 6:00 p.m. get our


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