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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 4, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the countdown to election day is on. tonight mitt romney confident a victory at a virginia rally. and president obama urges people to get out and vote. the 2012 presidential election campaign is down to its last 24 hours. 25 hours. just one day until we elect a new president, and then the final push is on. the latest polls show it is a very tight race. abc news washington post poll shows president obama with a one-point lead over mitt romney and another poll shows the candidates in a dead heat with 48% each. and with time running out, both candidates are spending the last few hours making their pitch to voters. >> reporter: a frantic pace for mitt romney and president
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obama in the final stretch kris crossing the swing states. mitt romney, 14 stops in seven states and president obama 14 stops in eight states. the latest abc news washington post poll shows that the race is essentially deadlocked. 40 money% of likely voters support obama and 48% romney. >> the candidates and their running mates all made stops in the critical battle ground state of ohio. of course they had dual messages for voter. >> i know what real change looks like. it is because i fought for it. it is because i delivered it. we can't give up on it now. >> you would hope president obama would give up to his promise to bring people together to solve big problems. but huey hasn't. but he hasn't, and i will. >> also on romney's schedule, pennsylvania. a traditionally democratic state that romney is making a play for. >> the people of america understand we are taking back
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the white house because we are going to win pennsylvania. >> as the race for votes continues in florida, chaos for those trying to cast their ballot. so many voters showed up to a miami polling center it overwhelmed those. tens of millions voted early nationwide. so now only one full day of campaigning left to win over the undecided voters. romney makes five stops starting in florida and the president makes three stops and then heads home. abc news, washington. >> stay with abc7 news for complete election results. get realtime results on the moment the polls close. and we will have live updates at news and twitter at abc7 news bay area. an argument over the word suspended and ineligible is lighting up the race for oakland city attorney. oakland city council woman and
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attorney jane bruener says she will sue over a campaign mailer from barbara parker. the mailer claims bruener was suspended from practicing law. >> there was a short period when i was running for city council in 1995 that i was not practicing law and i did not -- i was not active, but i was thought suspend ised. >> people can look it up that she was ineligible to practice law from july of 19905 to -- 1995 to january of 1997. >> the parker campaign ads say she has been practicing law for 25 years if she was ineligible. two children who were trapped in a boat were among seven rescued from the bay this afternoon. this is video of the scene as the children were pulled to safety. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at petaluma valley hospital where the rescued boaters were treated. lilian? >> ama, fortunately no one was seriously injured, but rescue crews say it could have been a lot worse. by this time a sonoma county
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sheriff's helicopter plucked five people out of the water. rescue crews say three adults and two children were clinging to the hull of their overturned boat. the 25-foot pleasure craft flipped over to the mouth of the bay. people on shore watched the whole thing unfold. >> i walked out there with my friend, john. they are bringing people on land. >> at that point it was far from over. crews realized they were trapped in the cabin. time was critical. the cabin was filling with water. >> they made contact with the two victims in the boat. they were both young children. they were communicating through the hull. they were about200 yards offshore at that time. ascertained they were both alive and both talking. >> they then towed the boat to shore. they brought out a saw and cut a hole in the hull. finally after several minutes, one child emerged. the second child came out
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shortly after. they appear to be okay, but as a precaution they and the other people on the boat were taken to the hospital. >> it was a big sense of relief because normally these type of incidents do not turn out as well as they did. this was a very happy ending today. nobody was injured. certainly nobody was killed. the children and the parents were reunited, and it was a happy ending. >> rescue crews say no one on the boat was wearing a life vest. it is also unclear as to why the boat capsized. the weather did not appear to be a factor. live in petaluma, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. a u.s. airways jet landed at mineta international after it hit a bird. it happened seconds after the plane took off from phoenix. the bird was sucked into the jetliner's left engine. the captain shut off the engine and then made an emergency landing as a precaution. we are in for a big warm up.
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let's head to leigh glaser for a first check on weather and what is happening right now. >> live doppler 7hd looking at it right now you can see we are all clear. here is a look at current temperatures though. boy it was warm today. the temperatures are still mild at 64 in san francisco and oakland 61 redwood city, 63 san jose. clear skies, 64 san rafael and a little cooler in santa rosa right now. a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. election officials believe they will be able to get everyone to the polls even in the most storm-rave venged areas of new york and new jersey. sandy's path of destruction will force voters to cast ballots at different polling places on tuesday. most of new york's public schools will re-open tomorrow. students and commuters will find more of the big apple subway system open. but many lines remain closed because of flooded tunnels and other storm damage. disney and abc are making
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monday a day of giving to the victims of sandy. disney is kicking things off with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. samsung will provide a dollar for dollar match up to three million for viewer donations to the american red cross abc day of giving. you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also call 1-800-help now or go on-line to red cross .org/abc. and now a follow-up to a story we told you about on abc7 news. a handicapped woman was hit by a car while on the sidewalk in belmont. since our story aired we received calls from people who wanted to help including one family who wanted to donate their motorized wheelchair. sergio has the details. >> this motorized wheelchair has been in storage for a few years, but it is the first thing they thought of when they saw a story on abc news about what happened to stephanie hill. >> why don't we give her the chair we have? we are not using if.
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using it? >> it used to belong to leslie and edward's father. he passed away a few years ago. >> we feel his spirit, and on his behalf we would like to give you the wheelchair. >> it might come in handy forgetting around the house. right now stephanie is using a barrowed chair because of course hers is still sitting in her living room. it was pretty badly damaged when she was hit by a woman driving a black car at this mcdonalds in belmont. she said the woman did stop and even returned a cell phone she knocked off her chair during the collision. >> she gave you back your phone? >> yes, and then she said i will be back. >> and then she took off. >> at the mcdonalds she called her caregiver who was at a nearby restaurant. >> stephanie tells us her caregiver rolled her over here because she noticed that the woman who hit her was making an order at the droif through. drive through. she spotted the car and her caregiver went over and knocked on the window. the woman inside nodded, got her order and then drove
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away. police have not mentioned any new leads in this case, but we noticed there is a surveillance camera at the mcdonalds drive through. stephanie says she is happy that people like the smiths are offering to help. >> sometimes people like to help. >> but she is hoping her suped up wheelchair can get fixed and the company is coming by to see how much work it needs. and tracking down the woman who ran into her would be a big help. >> they say she should pay for it. >> abc7 news. >> still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, how would you loik to travel for free? how would you like to travel for free? >> how would you like to take a vacation without spending a dime? if you are looking to take a trip of a lifetime for free, we have the secrets you need to know. >> and raising concerns about natural disasters. one bay area group is making sure
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a trip to europe for free? come on, you know you want to. 7 on your side's michael finney says you can do it, and it really isn't that hard to pull off. people on our facebook page a little skeptical. >> i saw that. what's up with that? when have i steered you wrong? you can take a cool vacation for free. right now good friend of mine says this is the golden age of frequent flier miles. i agree. so why aren't you getting in on this?
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here i am on vacation walking through paris. the eiffel tower. it didn't cost me a dime. >> hemming way walked on these stairs, and so did i for free. here is my wife brenda in a bakery. it was free. the city looks wonderful, doesn't it? let me tell you, it looks better when you are here and it isn't costing you anything. so how did i pull all of this off? well let me show you. this time it doesn't come down to dollars and cents. it comes down to miles and points. my flights were paid for with frequent flier miles i gathered by flying american and using this credit card. this british airways card gave me 100,000 miles just for signing up. brenda signed up too. that's how we were able to stay in this five-star hotel along with a three-star place for a couple of days. sidewalk cafes are great.
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she was paid with the proceeds from this aarp card. the card gave me 5% back on every purchase we made for six months. and then brenda got a card and we did it again for another six months. three cards, two years of planning and one nice trip. >> it is really just about being savy and maximizing every single dollar you have. you don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. >> that's the founder of the points >> i go into starbucks every day, and i want to pull my hair out at the number of people who are paying cash. what those people don't realize is if you had even a mileage earning debits card you should always earn back for your spend. >> that attention to detail made these trips possible. he is playing the points and miles game as good as anyone. they have been around the world in part on frequent flier miles. >> for instance, there is an airline sale available right now where people from the bay
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area can fly to hawaii, and a lot of my friends are flying oakland, salt lake, seattle, hawaii. itthere is a direct from oakland to honolulu, but they will do that to get more mild ledge. >> how do these two experts rate my efforts? >> you got to go on a great trip with your wife for your anniversary for swreer -- zero out of pocket spend. >> you used it for a great reason. how romantic is that? >> almost enough to get me off the hook for making brenda carry an aarp card for a year. you can be any age and get the card. american miles for the flights i gathered those with flights and a credit card. i used the british miles i got for free for our hotel rooms. they gave us 200 hows for signing up. and i got cash back from the aarp card that paid for all of our ground transportation, museums and meals. i only bought one souvenir.
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it was this t-shirt from the hard rock cafe in paris. i got it with frequent dining points. that i got from these guys now. on our website tomorrow morning i will be posting a whole plan of attack so you can go to europe for tree too. seriously you can p you will it off. we will have it there tomorrow morning. >> that was incredible. i was taking notes. remember dusty the clepto kitty from san mateo? he was the real life cat burglar that was a worldwide sensation after his profile. monday night on the news at 11:00 p.m. after "castle" see what happened to this prolific thief. is he still stealing hundreds of items from his neighborhood? wait until we tell you what he is up to now and how technology helped his owners uncover this feline mystery. >> he's on the move. look. >> he is crossing the street. he stops. i think he is looking. >> i love it. catch up with dusty, the
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clepto kitty tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. that has to be my favorite kitty in the whole wide world. >> hi, leigh. >> doing great. the temperatures today as much as 15 dries above where we should be -- degrees above where we should be this time of year. looking out live from our east bay cam and toward a tranquil bay. we have very light to calm winds out there. you can see in the distance san francisco and the bay bridge. live doppler 7hd and we are tracking zero clouds out there right now. we may see a little bit of low cloudiness develop right near the coast. otherwise clear skies and also some mild temperatures. in fact, here is a look at -- [no you had -- it was 78 in napa and 77 san francisco. moffett field 80 degrees. we had 79 in san jose.
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check out half moon bay. limited fog, offshore winds. boy you warmed up nicely to 78 degrees. the temperatures right now in the 60s and 50s in the north bay. 50 san rafael. san francisco right now 63 degrees. it is still mild in oakland at 62. 56 livermore. and 63 with clear skies in san jose. here is a look at our forecast. clear overnight. near record highs or even some record highs the next few days. and then after that we cool down and bring in rain the latter part of the workweek. that's because of higher pressure. you can see the amplitude as the ridge builds in and it pushes the gemming -- the jet stream and the storm track. it helps to bring in the warm offshore winds. we are are definitely going with some near record temperatures. as the winds blow from land to sea it compresses close to the surface, and that's why we start to warm up.
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here is a look at records to beat. 88 for santa rosa. but check out the record tomorrow. it is 83. definitely a record there. we should have a new record tomorrow for oakland. i am forecasting 82. the record is 77 degrees for your monday. possibly a record for redwood city. 82 and the record is 81 degrees. here is a look at our lows. it is generally in the upper 40s in the north bay and 50s elsewhere with the clear skies and the highs tomorrow coming up a few more degrees. enjoy. it santa rosa 88. 80 in the city of san francisco. oakland 82. antioch 83. 84 in livermore. san jose 83. boardwalk, santa cruz warming to 88 degree as well as gilroy and salinas 87. here is a look at my accu-weather seven-day forecast. for election day on tuesday, still going to be nice and mild. temperatures may drop a few degrees. you are really going to notice the cool down on wednesday.
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thickening clouds and we will drop about 20 degrees in some locations thursday. showers arrive as well as on friday. mike will be here tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00. abc morning news with another update. >> mike shumann is here now. >> two brands of football. the earthquakes are traveling to l.a. starting a two-game series. and the galaxy had their chances to be the best in the
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the nls -- the mls kicked off. it is a two-leg match up. the team with the most total points advance tots western con vens finals. they came from behind twice. the game was score less for most of the contest. the best chance was in the second half. it was knocked away by saunders. a good play by saunders. l.a. with their best chance. a great pass by the former earthquake landon donovan. he missed it by that much. check it out. second half and he doesn't miss this free kick from 40 yards out.
11:26 pm
underneath to be exact. san jose with their fifth victory. 1-0 the final. the second leg is wednesday at buck shaw stadium. the raiders needed rally rags. they erased an 18-point deficit. the bucks -- bucs had a sec
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in the super bowl they got a beat down from tampa bay in 2003. they matched up again today. martin had the game of his life against the silver and black. mcfaden left in the second quarter with an ankle injury. catch of the day for the raiders. carson palmer to heyward-bay. sometimes not intentional, but he caught it 46 yards. that sets up this 25-yard td pass. another good of cay. 10-7 raiders at the half.
11:30 pm
third quarter killed the raiders, last in the league. born in oakland and raised in stockton. out of boise state and a 45-yard touchdown. 14-10 bucs. this time 67 yards. 21 points in the third. 28-10. anybody want to tackle this guy? douggie fresh and 70 yards and finished with a team record 251 on 25 carries for a team record four rushing touchdowns and 35-17. what a thrill in front of his hometown fans. the raiders refuse to quit. palmer threw three of his four. this one to reece. raiders down 3 and they get the ball back. palmer 414 yards and this his third interception. bucs run out the clock. 42-32 falling to 3 and 5. >> we are in hurry up mode. it is against the number four defense, against the run. you are going to be smashing
11:31 pm
your head against the wall. we went with the passing game. >> they did a great job. once we look at the film tomorrow and see where we were making mistakes we can get it corrected before the next game. >> we didn't play well as a whole. it is not just the defense's fault. >> all right, here we go, time for your plays of the day. the broncos and the bengals and peyton manning threw three td passes. but the biggest play came from the smallest on the field. 5 foot 5hollidyay ran it. the steelers didn't help. they beat the giants 24-20. mike wallace with this 51-yard touchdown the difference. white, seven catches and 118 yards. falcons the leading receiver with 574th reception. the falcons are still undefeated 8 and 0. lots of rushing in seattle. lynch, 124.
11:32 pm
adrian peterson two td's and a loss. none better than that 74-yarder. even though he did not score. chicago bears' defense seemed to score every week. you are lacquer -- urlacher picks off hasselbeck. 28 first quarter points for the bears in a 51-20 victory. and luck has the most passing yards by a rookie quarterback throwing for 434 yards and two td's in the 23-20 win over the dolphins. those are your plays of the day. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you so much,
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good evening, i'm ama dates. the presidential race is coming down to the wire. they will kris cross the country as they did today in a last ditch effort for votes. washington post polls show the race to be a statistical tie. two young children were saved from drowning after being cut from the hole of an overturned boat in marin county. they and five other people were rescued safely after the boat capsized. no one on the boat was wearing a lifejacket. and a family who saw our story on stephanie hill stepped up and donated a motorized wheelchair. her chair was badly damaged after a woman hit her with her car.
11:36 pm
police are trying to track down the woman. investigators are in pennsylvania are trying to determine if a boy died from falling into a zoo enclosure or being mauled from wild dogs in pittsburgh. the two-year-old's mother placed him on a railing so he could see the african painted dogs. the boy fell in. the dogs attacked him after he plunged 14 feet into their home. the zoo employees managed to coax seven of the 11 dogs away. they shot and killed one of the dogs. winter weather is pressing down on the northeast threatening to make life even more miserable for millions still staggering from hurricane sandy. adding to the crisis, massive gasoline shortages are leaving cars and electric generators dry . richard cantu has the latest. >> another day, another pilgrimage to the pump for thousands. hurricane sandy has left behind a fuel famine. >> i have been waiting for four and a half hours. it is an ordeal. >> while gas is low,
11:37 pm
frustrations are high. >> every time we come around it is a different cop telling us to go back the same way. >> some gassed up. >> i am happy. i got a little bit. >> but some scenes turned ugly. >> this man was arrested after he allegedly tried to fill a gas can from an off limits pump. the first of 10 fema sites opened dispensing free gas up to 10 gallons. the first fill ups went to first responders. lights are slowly coming back to life, but far too slowly for millions. >> american red cross, we have hot meals. >> in many crippled communities, no electricity means they depend on charity just to eat. >> the meal is finished. they gave out their last meals. >> and temperatures are dropping. >> it is starting to get cold. people are in homes that are uninhabitable. it is going to become increasingly clear when the temperature drops. >> there is a liquid relief of
11:38 pm
a different sort on the way. anheuser-busch, better known for brewing budweiser is retooling caps to can water instead of beer. they are sending 44,000 cases to the storm area on the house. good for a toast when the juice comes back on. abc news, new york. >> disney and abc is making monday a donation day. samsung will provide a dollar for dollar match up to three million for viewer donations to the american red cross abc day of giving. you can help by texting abc to 90999 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also call 1-800 help now or go to red cross .org/abc. in any disaster communication is critical to response and relief efforts. and right now bay area university is developing ways to keep communications going during any major critical event. thomas roman explains.
11:39 pm
>> the inside of this mobile emergency operation center is filled with the latest communication equipment. research work being done at tme moffett field campus is how to make sure this center can communicate with others in a disaster or crisis. he is the director of the silicon valley campus. >> that should make it much easier to locate people and locate where the red cross should be and coordinate things that way. >> the san bruno gas pipeline in september of 2010 is being used as an example of what happens when first responders can't communicate with each other. dr. steven ray is a distinguished fellow at the university. >> all of the different fire departments and the police come from different cities, but they can't share data. they can share voice, but they can't share maps, videos, photographs, status information and things like that. >> this workshop hopes to put first responders on the same page. the work of the professors and the students is how to best
11:40 pm
use low cost and crowd source or open source technology in a disaster event. they are also developing what they call a survivable social media site that people can use that would supplement the work of first responders. like a wi-fi connection like this that would be solar powered and distributed to schools and other emergency response centers. >> the same tools you would use to keep in touch with your friends or your neighbors or colleagues would then keep working after we have the earthquake or the other large event. >> it could help neighbors connect with each other for help or update each other during a crisis. researchers don't know exactly when this technology will be available. but this research is being funded by organizations that range from nasa to police and fire departments to mobile service providers. in menlo park, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> the date may have been wrong, but the spirit was right in pleasanton. they held their annual veterans day parade a week before the rest of the country celebrates the special day. city leaders say the parade is
11:41 pm
the biggest in northern california with 2700 participants and 6,000 spectators. marching bands, helicopters and plenty of veterans made a special day unforgettable. still to come on ac7 news at 11:00, the massive construction project designed to secure the safety of your drinking water. how it works coming up in tonight's assignment 7 report. and an unusual use for a lot of spare change. how one woman put all of her pennies to work for her. and we will look at the national and state travel map. if you are taking to the skies tomorrow, we will talk about our accu-weather seven-day
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there is a massive construction project underway to secure the safety of the region's water supply. part of that project includes digging a massive hole in newark. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has the assignment 7 report. >> nearly nine stories below sea level they are shoring up the massive hole. the shaft will provide millions of people in the bay area with fresh, clean water. digging this hole in unstable mud and water presented the project engineers with challenges. how do they keep the mud and ground water from refilling
11:45 pm
the tunnel while they dig, and how do they do that in an environmentally sensitive area? the answer, freeze the ground. >> the way we achieve that was by installing 47 pipes around the shaft and in through the center of the shaft which are called freeze pipes. we drilled them down about 110 feet deep. >> you can see how it works in these photos and video provided by the san francisco public utility's commission. the process is similar to how your freezer at homeworks. coolant was pumped through the pipes and then froze the ground creating a massive cylinder of frozen earth. joy it is like having a glass underground. it gives you the ability you need to excavate the shaft. >> it took about eight weeks to freeze the ground. then work began on excavating the shaft. every five feet workers reinforced the walls with wood and steel so that concrete can be poured. it took four days to install each section.
11:46 pm
this frozen shaft is where a massive tunneling machine will exit. right now it is under san francisco bay. when completed, the five-mile tunnel will be the largest built under the bay. unlike the tube that sits on the bottom of the bay like a giant straw, the new tunnel is carved out of the earth. it will replace pipes built this 1925 and 1936. engineers say the old pipes won't survive a major earthquake. a failure here would jeprodize the water supply for millions of people from the east bay to san francisco who get water from the reservoir in yosemite national park. the new bay tunnel is designed to withstand a major quake on either the san andre yous or other faults. >> we hope to be there by next year. >> the agency is responsible for the water system. in 2002, the voters uh --
11:47 pm
approved the bond measure to overhaul the aging system. >> we are about 83% finished with the tunneling. we have about 5,000 feet to go. it is very exciting. we can see because of this project we have been able to accomplish in the past year that it is a lot stronger than it was a year ago. >> dan ashley, abc7 news. >> work on the seismic upgrade project is expected to be completed in march 2015. now to an unusual use for your spare change. a pennsylvania woman used it to create a floor at her coffee shop. it took about 250,000 pennys and about 300 hours over three weeks to cover the entire floor. the owner says the pennies were a lot cheaper than buying tile. let's get to leigh glaser. she is checking on your weekday forecast. >> hi, everyone. let's do a little traveling. it is going to be cold back east tomorrow. 47 the expected high. boston you can see 48 for new york.
11:48 pm
increasing clouds and we are keeping a close eye on the area of low pressure here that will develop off the florida coast. it will swing up the coast and tuesday night and wednesday more wind and more rain expected. something they do not need. we will keep you updated on that forecast. tomorrow dallas warming to 75 degrees. looking for nice flying weather there. salt lake city 65 and seattle 58. the entire state is under the influence of high pressure and bringing us warm to hot temperatures with 96 tomorrow for palm springs. sacramento will heat up to 82 degrees and even 86 at big sur. tahoe sunshine and 67. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, it will be warm to hot depending on how you like it. election day is on tuesday. we will be dry and the temperatures in the 80sand 70s at the coast. we thicken the clouds on
11:49 pm
wednesday, a much cooler day. we drop by about 20 degrees in some locations. thickening clouds on thursday. a rainy night thursday night. periods of rain for friday. and then we dry back up for next weekend. >> mike shumann is here with sports. quite a day for the bay in football. >> that's true. former stanford quarterback andrew luck is not surprising me with his play in the nfl, but he did silence some doubters. a r
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raiders and bucs have a rematch in the black hole and it was an oakland native having the game of his life against the silver and black. bad news for the raiders. mcfaden left with an ankle injury. x rays were negative. he did not return. catch of the day, carson palmer to hayward-bey. a little luck, a little skill. 46 yards and sets up this td pass. another good catch. the ride -- the raiders were up at the half. out scored 88-24. that's last in the league. born in oakland and raised in stockton out of boise state and continues the trend. 14-10 bucs. martin again and this time 67 yards and any tacklers, anyone, anyone? bucs 21 points in the third and now 28-10.
11:53 pm
dougie fresh not done. the fourth quart expert longest of the day, finished with a team record 251 yards and 25 carries for a team record four rushing touchdowns. 35-17 and what a thrill in front of his hometown fans. the raiders refuse to quit. palmer threw three of his four td passes. this one in a two-point conversion. problem 250e of -- plenty of time. and a bad decision of 414 yards and a third interception here. the bucks run out the clock. the raiders lose by 10 and fall to 3 and 5. >> we are in a hurry up mode. it was against the number four defense against the run. you will be smashing your head against the wall. >> the bucs did a great job. once we look at the film and see where we make mistakes we can get it corrected. >> we didn't play well as a whole.
11:54 pm
>> andrew luck's colts hosting the dolphins. luck had a career game with two td passes, this one to reggie wayne. he airs it out to ty hilton between two defenders. 36-yard touchdown. he broke cam newton's record with 433. colts win it 23-20. the fall n coulds are taking on the cowboys. white set an all time falcon record with his 57 tourth reception. he had seven catches for 118 yards. and then michael turner ran for 102 yards and scored the only falcon touchdown from three yards out. falcons win it 19-13 and are 8 and 0. >> happy for white, a milestone for him. i think that's incredible. he has had a great career. to be a part of that in a small way is special. >> another brand of football, earthquakes facing the galaxy in l.a. now it is a two-leg match up. they meet in the bay area.
11:55 pm
the team with the most total points advances to the western conference finals. the quakes have struggled against l.a. all year. the game was score less for most of the contest. san jose's best chance game in the second half. off the free kick and knocked away by saunders. 86th minute and l.a. with their best chance. donovan and off the cross bar and missed it by that much. the second half stoppage time. he doesn't miss the free kick and squeezes under saunders. that had to hurt. 1-0 the final. the second leg this wednesday. nascar in the lone star state. five laps to go and 55-car spins. top two points jimmy johnson and top two in the race. johnson takes the lead and doesn't look back and takes the checkered flag. just two races remaining.
11:56 pm
>> a great performance by the entire 48-team all weekend long. to win the poll it is a big deal. just excited and really wish we were in phoenix right now getting ready to start the next race. >> all right finally the senior pga tour wins the charles schwab race. go to scottsdale, arizona. birdies four of the last five. horrible location. and he would make that for birdie. 565 and 2200 and breaks the tournament record for the lowest score. a million dollar annuity for the cup. not a bad day at the office. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. busy day as usual in sports. >> certainly it. thank you, shu. and thank you for joining us. that's it for us. the news continues tomorrow
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morning at 4:30 for leigh, mike shumann and everyone here. don't forget that tomorrow is disney and abc success day of -- abc's day of giving. text to give $10 to relief efforts or go on-line to red cross .org/abc. have a great night, everyone.
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