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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 10, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> winter is coming. snow is falling in the sierra. and here in the bay area, might be clear but there are lots of cold, freezing temperatures ahead. good evening, and thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. let's head right to leigh glaser for a chirts check on weather and what is happening outside. >> leigh: this evening we had dry air mass, a very cold air mass, and very calm winds, clear sky, and you put al that together and that translates to very cold temperatures. let's got right down to live doppler 7hd and you can get a sense of what i'm talking out. you can see we have mainly clear conditions across the bay area. here is a look at some current readings. already in the 30s. napa, 39. 39 in santa rosa. 50 in san francisco. livermore, 42. 46, san jose.
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with all these clear conditions and cold air mass, we have definitely going to see some frost tomorrow. frost advisory has been posted from mainly the north bay interior valley areas until 8:00 a.m. sunday, with lows dropping into the upper 50s to low 30s. cover your precious plants up, and don't going your -- don't forget your pets. >> ama: the weather is terrific news to skiers and others who enjoy the snow. lake tahoe received over two feet of snow since thursday. cold weather is allowing resorts to crank up the snowmaking machines just in time for the holiday weekend and thanksgiving. if you're using route 88, be aware that chains are required. it's been near freezing in wine country. but that's not necessary lay bad thing. we juan to one winemaker who said cold weather is good on the grapes. >> cold tells the vines to go to sleep and that's what they need
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to do. had good grapes and good crop, now it's time to rest. >> ama: in the south bay, the cold weather is being blamed for a water main break in palo alto. sent water rushing into the streets and even a home. some people in the neighborhood spent the day with no water as crews worked to fix the break. >> a scary moment for passengers on a flight from oakland. when the southwest flight arrived at denver, the plane slid off the taxiway, the ground was frozen and covered in light snowfall. no one was injured and all the passengers on flight 1905 had to be taken to the terminal by bus. one of them told us what happened after the plane landed. >> the pilot apparently tried to turn, and the plain just kept skidding forward, and then right before he ran off the runway, he hit the jets hard in reverse to slow the plane down. there was nothing he could do to
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stop it. >> he says he has nothing but praise for the southwest crew. tonight we're getting a clear picture of how much the new waterfront arena in san francisco could cost the golden state warriors, a deal which could mean millions for the cities the arena could be built on pier 30 to 32 near the bay bridge. we're live there with new details. reporter: the city has been doing a lot of number-crunching on the process ject. mean -- project. means big money for san francisco but could leave the neighbors with nothing but headaches. >> the warriors could be playing basketball in san francisco by the 2017 nba season. in this proposed state-of-the-art $1 billion arena. right now the site is just an aging parking lot where pier 30 used to be. >> we're standing over this dilapidated 13 acres right in the bay, at the base of the bay bridge. this needs to be something better and will be when the
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warriors bailed new arena. >> in a new report, budget analysts say the project is feasible with the warriors playing all the up-front costs like fixing the crumbling peer. san francisco could get 54 million in one-time tax dollars and collect a whopping $19 million in taxes every year. >> seems like a really good deal for the city of san francisco. it's been a good deal for the warriors. >> it's ultimately a great deal for the warriors. >> some neighbors say it's not a good deal for them. >> the last thing we need is a giant cement wall right here. i like the warriors, but the warriors are from oakland. let's keep it there. >> he says the arena would ruin his amazing view and bring more traffic and noise, especially on days when giants and warriors games overlap. >> i'm concerned about all the traffic. it's really hard to enjoy the world series and things like that when you're worried about all the people in the neighborhood. >> some like the plan as long as
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people leave their cars at home. >> going to be a lot more traffic, but -- i don't know. i feel like public transportation around here, building more trains to come downer so hopefully people will fig it out they probably shouldn't drive. >> just to be clear. the areap fa project would be privately fund us. what happens next in the board of supervisors meets next week to decide whether or not to move forward with an environmental study on the project, with the warriors picking up the tab on that. >> ama: the oakland raiders' defensive line coach will take time off from the team after his four-year-old son. terrell williams' son tyson game ill. he just celebrated his fourth birthday days ago. dennis allen said williams well by allowed to take as much time as he needs. >> the search for a san jose murder suspect came to an bankrupt end when the man was found dead in his car.
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the boy of troy san antonio sew -- troy nosenzo was found. he was suspected of killing his wife whose body was found in their home friday morning. no one was injured in an east bay mobile home fire. it took firefighters a half hour to put out. they're not sure how it started or how much damage the fire caused but called in a salvage crew to sort through what the fire left behind. san francisco has been doing battle to bring new business to the city. but now phoenix, arizona, is jumping into the fray, trying to bring california businesses to their city. sergio quintana is live in san francisco with a look at what is happening. reporter: well, san francisco recently celebrated turning twitter into one of its newest corporate residents, and then recently -- actually in the last year, the bay area as a whole has been having a very good year. in fact one of the strongest
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economies in the country. but when california voters this week passed proposition 30, that's when phoenix business leaders decided, now is a great time to start searching for ceos to steal away. >> on election night, governor jerry brun celebrated the passage of proposition 30. 54% of voters decided to raise income taxes on the state's top earners and agreed to a hike in sales tax. >> we think the recent tax package that was passed that really targets what we call high performers or producers from an economic perspective, is going to start to dislodge the serial ceo management talent in places like silicon valley. >> in a bid turn that into an opportunity, the greater phoenix economic council launched a new program aimed at luring california companies away. >> we think this is going to happen. we know virginia, north carolina, texas, south carolina, are going to be in the market. talking to california businesses. we want to present an
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opportunity for phoenix. >> under the cal program. the phoenix group hopes to fly in 50 ceos, they're interested in leader with employees of 200 or more. >> we would encourage them to go because once they go to a place like that, they're going say, this isn't where i and my key people want to be. >> jim heads up the bay area council. he says companies here are always being courted by other cities and states. and he says some california companies like yelp have recently expanded into places like scottsdale, suburb of phoenix. but he is not worried about companies relocating. >> we also need to realize that most of the businesses who are here and the most successful here, they're not succeeding because the cost structure is the lowest. they're succeeding because they have the ability to innovate the best here. reporter: he points out the bay area has very strong universities, a well-ode
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indicate work force, lots of venture capital investment, and a very good quality of life, and that helps retain innovators in the bay area. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> ama: thank you. police officers do a lot of jobs. and three in oakland last night turned into mid wives. a man flagged down the officers around 6:00 'onear the oakland zoo and told him his wife was going into labor. the officers sprang into action and helped deliver a healthy 7-pound 5-ounce baby boy. >> still to come tonight on abc-7 at 11:00. gearing up for veteran's day and tomorrow's big parade. a sex scandal shakeup at the cia. the new details revealed why david petraeus left his post use, the bay area clinic giving amputees a new lease on life. >> klepto the
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wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> ama: developing news tonight. at least six people are dead of a huge earthquake in myanmar. hit just after 7:30 sunday morning local time. officials say the death happened when a bridge under construction collapsed. >> we're learning more about the scandal involving david petraeus. his sudden resignation fridays a head of the cia is sending shock waves through washington, and petraeus accepts all the plame
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for -- blame for his downfall. >> after nearly four decade inside international affairs, it was an extramarital affair that brought david petraeus' distinguished career to a jolting end. in a statement to cia employeees, petraeus acknowledged this liaison, expressing extremely poor judgment. some such behavior is unseasonable, his statement read, both as a husband and a leader of an organization such as ours. >> if they found out as an extramarital affair they could use it against you. >> petraeus has been married to his wife, holy, for 38 years. they have two children. she stood with him as he raced up the ranks to four-star general. last year he was sworn in as cia director. this is the other woman. paula broad we are, oh-year-old wife and father -- mother of two. >> to get to know you, you
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wanted to run with him. >> broadway is also a west point graduate who traveled often with petraeus to research her book, "all in." >> ever feel like he dropped his guard with you? >> no, no secrets. >> the fbi stumbled on the affair after concerns surfaced about inappropriate e-mails associated with petraeus. the e-mails are traced back to paula broad we were. president obama praised petraeus' dedication and patriot triple and his thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly. that may be small comfort to private man suddenly in public life and a public reckoning. >> san francisco celebrating veteran's day tomorrow with a parade. the parade will march towards civic center laws plaza.
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>> veterans who are amputees, amputee athletes and paraolympians all showed up in san francisco for an even just for them. a clinic that featured hands can-on training, classroom instruction, and the latest on prosthetic gear. one organizer says these clinics give amputees hope and a way to feel integrated in society. >> the people's reaction is people's physiological well-being is improved. from a psychological perspective, opens doors to people who they never thought was possible follow agency trauma of amputation. >> they also got a chance to scale a wall and get swimming. 100 athletes showed up. other dinner san francisco red red raised money for lung cancer research, and there was some abc news flavor. attendees participated in a silent auction, ate and great food and danced until midnight.
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proceeds from the auction go to the lung cancer foundation. leigh glaser is here checking on our cold temperatures for us. >> leigh: 30s in the north bay, and that's where the frost is likely by early tomorrow morning. the high def next sutro cam showing clear sky. i checked the wind and we're pretty much calm and temperatures will start to bottom out by area tomorrow morning. tomorrow -- live doppler 7hd, clear sky, rain towards the east. here's some current temperatures. santa rosa, 37. napa, currently 36. 49 in san francisco. 48 in redwood city. 42, livermore. antioch, 46. san jose, 44. of course, all these numbers will be tumbling down by early topping morning. so clear and cold overnight.
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warmer for sunday afternoon, and looks like the latter part of the upcoming work week will we bet. here's a look at the highs today. with the cold air mass over much of the bay area, only managing some upper 50s. 59 in san rafael. 56 was all san francisco could do today. 61, oakland airport, and san jose reached a high of 60 degrees. here is a look at the culprit area of low pressure. quite a bit of snow. the past 24 hours, and brought us a few showers and started to kick out towards the east. but still bringing down some very cold air. calm out there. but it's the cold air mass over the bay area that will bring us below freezing temperatures in some locations the next couple of nights. here's a look at our saturday morning lows. you'll see santa rosa, 33. tomorrow morning, looking at 28 degrees there. napa this morning, 34.
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29 expected low by tomorrow morning. and then we'll start to moderate at bit as we head into our monday morning lows, but still the north bay interior valley areas, that's where the coldest temperatures will be the next several nights and that's what prompted the frost advisory for those north bay inland valley areas. napa tonight, 29. 28 early tomorrow morning in santa rosa. 40, san rafael. 46, san francisco. clear sky, antioch, low tonight, 38. 36 in livermore. san jose as well. clear sky, 39 degrees expected low tonight. your highs tomorrow, after a frosty start, temperatures will start to come up. put a few high chow clouds in your forecast. 61 for oakland. 61, livermore. san jose, hazy afternoon sun. 60 degrees there. 62 in santa cruz. for your veteran's day, a little warmer, monday, we'll look for mild temperatures returning. increasing clouds tuesday.
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north bay, maybe a few drops there. and then looks like we'll all get wet thursday and friday, back up into the 60s. >> take the jacket, kickoff, 1:25, 58 degrees. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports. >> mike: cal hosting oregon, gave the ducks all they could handle, for a while. stanford playing their final home game against oregon state,
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>> stanford quarterback kevin hogan started his fifth first game with the cardinal, a must-win to keep rose bowl hopes alive. he was ready. 14-10 stanford at the half. beavers took the lead with 23 unanswered scores but hogan answers. 114 yards rushing, first stanford back to run for
11:25 pm
1,000 yards three consecutive seasons. got the game ball. eight back. pump fake. ball comes loose. stanford recovers with great field position and makes them pay. hogan, a dagger. 22-29. 254 yards, three, 27-23 cardinals. and this play was worse. takes a sack. oregon state could not convert. huge win for stanford, upsetting osu, 27-23. cardinal now 8-2 with oregon up next. >> last game in the stadium, and wanted to go out with a win. it was a tough game. oregon state played a great game >> our guys kept fighting. turned the ball over way too many time but we fought back and our young quarterback made great plays. >> cal hosting oregon. cal off to a nice start.
11:26 pm
powe's first career touchdown. 7-7. less than a minute left in the half. oregon jumping out to a two-possession lead. mariota, all the time in the world. hits josh huff. receive -- 24-17. six td passes, three to huff. 3 7 yards. cal demolished. 59-17. oregon now 9-0 setting up for the showdown against stanford. >> san jose state in new mexico, and an upset for the ages let by the kid they call johnny
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>> mike: how about the san jose state spartans. mike mcen tire turned the
11:30 pm
program completely around. coach mac has the team bowl-eligible, adding to their resume in new mexico. can't coach speed. no match for the aggies secondary. 63 yards on the run. finished with 96. 10-0 spartans. then the spin move. 24-0 fales through for three t.d.s in the first half. then manley gets the ball knocked lose, but going the other way on the scoop and run. 47-7 the final. >> alabama put on upset alert by texas a&m. fourth quarter, johnny manziel, or johnny football they call him. here comes bama. cooper, 54 yards on this touchdown. alabama down 29-4. crimson tide gets the ball back.
11:31 pm
they're driving. fourth and goal from the two. mccarran picked off at the goalline. third turnover by bama, and texas a&m, a huge upset over alabama, 29-24. lakers beat china warriors last night in l.a. and denver follows up with a double-overtime thrashing at oracle arena. fourth quarter, game tied. go to overtime. tied at 92. under a minute to go seth curry. the jumper. warriors up two. clay thompson missed two field goals. it's tied at 94. with a foul to give. are you kidding he? then in double overtime. buries the lead to. let the nuggets with 21. warriors lose their second straight. 107-101 the final. >> this sports report brought to you by river rocks casino. great story on the links coming up. don't miss it.
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>> ama: still to come, it's a sport of sorts. the spills and thrills at the annual red bull dog competition held today in san francisco. >> must, dusty the clem klepto kitty is back and at it again you won't believe what he is stealing now. >> 'tis the season of giving and it's starting right now.
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>> ama: good evening. i'm ama daetz. a fire in san leandro caused heavy damage to a duplex. flames broke out an hour ago. firefighters had things under control in 15 minutes, three or four people were taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> a snowstorm dropped two feet of snow near lake tahoe. a southwest airlines flight out of oakland international skidded on freezing ground and then off the taxiway at denver airport. a passenger sent us these images. everyone on the flight got out safely and without injury. and analysts say events other than basketball games must be held at the proposed new warrior to bring in enough
11:36 pm
revenue. nearby residents say that means nor traffic, cleanup, and crowds they do not want. >> thousands of east coast residents have been without power for almost two weeks, today officials said some long island residents won't get power until tuesday at the earliest, hundreds protests as local government officials asked for federal aid to help restore electricity. >> what do we want? we want power. when do we want it? >> after pumping it out due to superstorm and the nor'easter, some long long island residents were in the dark when the power comes back up. >> can't get power, heat, garbage pickup, nothing. >> others awaited the same answers. in new jersey saturday, more than 175,000 households were powerless. banking on a promise by governor cid cid cid -- kris kris kris friday. >> lights will be back to most of new jersey come sunday.
11:37 pm
we backtracked in our effort to restore power due to the nor'easter, but after talking with utilities last night and this morning, my belief is we'll have almost 100% restoration by saturday night. >> con ed is promising new yorkers that nearly all will have electricity for sunday night but for many that's only one of the problems. >> i can't leave my home. i'm afraid to leave my home. i don't want what i have left to be taken from me and for my kids to be even more devastated than what they are. >> in queenses new york, volunteers helped clean up but some are struggling to get back. >> it's like armageddon or something. they just forgot about us. >> some residents are trying to rebuild their lives after the storms. >> ama: here in the bay area, the season of giving is in full swing. the mass roman has the a look at
11:38 pm
one early thanksgiving dinner. >> this day of thanksgiving started off with a prayer, and then hundreds of people began to feast on food provided by the hilltop church of christ in richmond. kevin o'del says this is the third year he attended this event. he is homeless and welcomes this free meal. >> feeds me for a day. i live in my truck for like three years in richmond. so, it feeds me. reporter: the church has put on what they call, every day is a day of thanksgiving, for the past eight years. last year so many came to eat that this year they rented a tent to doomed what they knew would be a huge crowd. >> last year we had 3,000 total actual dining as well as our everyday market. reporter: not only the meal that is served. people are given a chance to get clothes and groceries, which includes a free turkey or ham for their own thanksgiving.
11:39 pm
shamika has four children and is here to geert food. >> i'm a single parent, fulltime student. >> people truly have a need. people have lost their homes. people have lost the clothes on their back and they're just looking for a way to be able to live day-by-day. reporter: most of what is given out has been donated or sold to the church at whole sale prices the church used $20,000 in donations and volunteer help to provide the food, clothing and groceries. >> happy birthday to you. happy birthday,. >> church members celebrated colonel douglas gardner's 100th birthday. >> it's also the fundraiser for the church. he says tomorrow fundraising begins for next year's dinner in richmond, abc-7 news. >> ama: and abc-7 news is committed to working with bay area food banks to feed hungry people in our communities.
11:40 pm
we have information on how to help, including the most needed donations at under "see it on tv". a few new faces will join the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. including hello kitty, papa smurf, the elf. the balloons are in new jersey right now waiting for their big debut. crews took them on a test run to make sure they work properly on thanksgiving day. the annual red bull dog contest flew into san francisco. hit the waters of mccovey cove. the first san francisco visit in ten years. 32 teams spread their wings and attempted the longest flight. a little bit of a crash. few of them made it more than 10 or 15 feet. the team that won is from the bay area but november mustache reached the distance of 54 feet. >> just ahead, he's back. the return of the infamous
11:41 pm
klepto kitty. why his owners say he is now helping his neighbors. plus, fans brave the cold just for the chance to get a glimpse of their twilight heroes, and they still have days to go before the big premiere. >> leigh: cold air mass settling over the area. by the way, truckee right now, nine degrees. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and let you kn
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>> ama: remember dusty, the klepto kitty? hard to forget. the real life cat burglar that became a worldwide sensation after abc-7 aired a story about himful he is still saling but his openers found out how the does it. >> this is dusty today. looks content and more mellow. nothing like the thief who stole 600 items in three years. >> towels. gloves. shoes. socks. a little toy -- children's toy. >> he leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the morning. a camera installed by the animal planet network captured his nightly heists for a week and hi he is not choosey. our story on dusty went viral.
11:45 pm
his story cat aputted him on to news programs all over the world. his antics was a bonus feature in the pus n boots dvd. he appeared on the letterman show. jay leno had some fun with dusty >> look at that. a mercedes. >> here at home. dusty basks in his role as grand marshal of the pet parade. it's been almost two years since we aired our story. so we went back to see how he is handling his celebrate status. >> he still has to get out and go looking for whatever it is issue his little treasures. >> now he is wearing a collar camera. in fact dusty was shooting us as we were shooting him. his owners wondered what his missouri was, where he went at night. now with a camera they know. >> he's on the move. >> crossing the street. >> they found that dusty likes to start the night on the roof. here's what it looks like from
11:46 pm
his critter cam. he appear to be surveilling the neighborhood. sort of checking out the lay of the land. he then goes underneath the family car. maybe he is hiding. suddenly. he dashes out across the street. he is now decided which house to hit. this house. dusty races towards the back of the home, into the yard. he fines the pet door. one that dusty will crawl through, one that leads leads to hidden treasures, jean and jim installed an infrared camera outside heir home. it shows what dusty brings back. on this night he stole a toy nemo, and here it is at his home. but dusty, well, he seems to be slowing down since we last saw him. >> mostly because the neighbors know about him now. they know better than to leave something outside. >> now, what does he bring back from his nightly heists? mostly he brings back plastic and garbage, taco bell bags, safeway
11:47 pm
bags. >> now he becomes the garbage collector and cleaning up the neighborhood? >> dusty has reformed, yes. trying to do good now. reporter: we also noticed something else on the night video. a cat on the left side of the screen dusty is on the lower right. is he having a midnight affair? that was a no comment. as we left, dusty went back on the roof. is he thinking about committing another purr-fect crime tonight? or his cleaning up his life by cleaning up the streets. after all, cats do like litter. >> ama: got to love that kitty. the end of an era for twilight fans. the last film in the saga opens next week and some fans are going all out to say goodbye. more than 2,000 are camping out in los angeles, hoping to be among the first to see the movie and the stars. >> this is the best time of my
11:48 pm
life. never been more happy than i am today. >> the premiere will be held monday. the. the movie opens nationwide on friday. let's get to leigh glaser for a check on the forecast. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd showing you mainly clear sky, although a few high clouds starting to move in, near stockton. a little to the east of fairfield. the rest of us are clear and it is going to be cold tonight. another look at our lows expected by early tomorrow morning. santa rosa, 28. 29, napa. 46, san francisco. in the mid-to-upper 30s. interior east bay, antioch, 38. discovery -- overnight. 39, san jose. if you're heading back east. looks like chicago, down to st. louis, and even parts of dallas definitely some isolated thunderstorms expected there. we'll look for cold temperatures near great falls, and seattle getting hit with more heavy rain. our state, little rain towards
11:49 pm
eureka, tahoe, 41, make a sprinkle of snow here and there but plenty of sunshine. los angeles, 68 degrees. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a milder day for our monday. as temperatures start to warm back up. clouds move in. tuesday night and wednesday, chance of showers. rain likely for us on thursday. we'll update that forecast for you tomorrow. >> ama: mike shumann is here. >> mike: we had a huge upset in college football. the top dog. the bcs rankings will be interesting. why is this man spending most of the day on the ground but still found his way to the
11:50 pm
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>> mike: how about standard quarterback kevin hogan. first start of his career on senior day. got a little help from his friends as they knock off oregon state. a must-win to keep their rose bowl hopes alive. 14-10 stanford at the half. beavers took the lead with 23 unanswered points but hogan answer. slips out to stepfan taylor. makes it to endz. the first stanford back to rush for 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons. jody vaz, pump fake. hits his knee and fumbles.
11:53 pm
stanford recovers. hogan finds ertz back of the end zone. 254 yards, three tds. cardinal up four. vaz nowhere to go. taked the stack, oregon state cannot convert. huge win for stanford, upsetting osu27-23. oregon next. >> last game in the stadium, and want to go out with a win. it was a tough game. oregon state brought a great game and we had the win. >> our guys kept fighting. turned the ball over way too many times but fought back and our young quarterback made great plays. >> mike: cal hosting oregon. alan brig bridgford. his first career touchdown. 9-21, 123 yards. less than a minute left in the half. oregon, a two-possession lead.
11:54 pm
martin mariota, all the time in the world. 24-10 ducks in the half. receive receive -- receive fellow. -- huff was 27-34, 377-yards. cal demolished. oregon now 9-0. they get stanford next week in eugene. >> there is a better story on the west coast than the san jose state spartans? no. mike mcintyre turned the team around. coach mac has the team bowl eligible already. trying to add to that resume in new mexico. first quarter, can't coach speed. 63 yards on the touchdown run. 10-0 party. second quarter, 17-0. david fales to jones. watch the spin move. fales threw for three tds in
11:55 pm
the it in -- first half. the fumble and then the scoop and score. spartans 8-2 with the 47-7 victory. >> top ranked team in the land alabama upset by texas a&m in tuscaloosa. court fourth quarter, manziel, 29-7 aggies. cooper, got a step, couple steps. 54-yard. alabama down five. crimson tide get the ball back. fourth and goal. mccarran picked off at the goal line. third turnover by alabama. texas a&m with a huge upset. 289-4. >> lakers let down the warriors in l.a. now at the oracle. game tied at 86. we go to overtime. tied at 9 2. seth curry. stop and pop. warriors up two.
11:56 pm
after clay thompson missed too two free throws to seal the deal, he tied at 94, and had a foul to give. then double overtime. warriors lose their second straight. 107 1-rb 01 the final. >> we tee it up for the lynn reside miracle network hospital classic where charlie belgium went against doctor's recommendses to play. yesterday he suffered a panic attack on the course. elevated his blood pressure and heart rate. doctors told him not play but he is the leader and on the course, trying to keep his tour card. brian day. 5-under 67. tied at 11-under. belgianed a four birdies, three bogeys on the day. shot to within a few feet, and still leading by two at 13-under. a win and he keeps his tour card. what story. this sports report brought to
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you by river rock casino. the raiders in action tomorrow. see you then. >> ama: it's this -- that's it for us. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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