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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 12, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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on their bicycles they say he and a friend started yelling comments at them, they told him to turn off his car, he refused and one officer reached through the passenger side window, trying to turn off the car. that is when they say he tried to run over the other officer. between two police officers, they fired 8 shots into the car. police also say they recovered a stolen phone and card from him. he was just two months from finishing his four-year enlistment in the marine corps. he planned to go to college. his aunt started a memorial page and says the family is in palm springs tonight looking for answers from police. executive is a wanted man tonight in central america. the 67-year-old john mcafee founder of the antivirus company, is the prime suspect in a weekend murder of his next door neighbor in belize. the victim, a former california builder named gregory fall was found shot to
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gregory fall was found shot to death saturday night. mcafee for firing guns and  the tech blog says mcafee had been associated with some of the notorious gangsters in belize. >> police in union city are investigating what they say is a suspicious death of a man nound a trash bin yesterday. that discovery happened on 10th street. a woman took out her garbage. police identified the 21-year-old as a man who later died in a hospital. police say the can did not belong to the home, and it was found in front of, along with investigators family and friends are looking for answers. >> so many questions.
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>> union city police say no cause of death hz been released. >> only on abc 7 news tonight, two pedestrians struck by a car the fight of the protest in oakland last year are suing filing a suit against bart and oakland police. abc 7 news is in the newsroom tonight with details on this, vic? >> this is the lawsuit. lawyers for the twoñn% say it's been a full year since thisz] incident and neither bart nor police have done anything bit.s the suit says police violated the first amendment rights of the two by their inaction to what they say was an tack on their clients, who are out there supporting the demonstration. >> when you think that have moment, in time what goes through your mind? >> just, awfully.
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didn't know what is going on. i have -- it's confusing and depressing. >> he still gets emotional when asked about that night. november 2, last year. the night and he his friend were hit by a car during the massive occupy protests. what fuels his anxiety is the fact that he has yet to get justice. >> how does it make you feel? >> like$2÷ half a human being. >> cell phone video circulated in the social media and seen on newscasts. that night, several hundred people were walking down broadway at 11th. a mercedes-benz tried to cross the intersection. >> there is everyone, men, women, children. i saw a kid on a dad's shoulders.. >> the car nudged him, he banged on the hood. >> it just threw me. >> the driver hit the gas,rieañ throwing him and so in the air.
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bart police responded. the angry crowd wanted an arrest. instead, officers released the car and driver, aggravating the crowd. he sustained a lacerated liver and foot. so his ankle was broken in three places, both are still in therapy. bart said they got the driver's name and witness accounts, and passed information on to oakland police, who said they had launched an investigation. attorneys say they've heard nudging from them after repeated requests for answers. >> they won't tell us. they won't act or tell us yes. we're doing this. this is what we've done this, is how we're proceeding. yes, charges will be filed. >> under circumstances if someone hits someone, they go to jail. what is so different two people can be run down on the streets, suffering injuries, have to be hospitalized, have surge skpriz nobody needs to
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be arrested?. >> bart saying they have yet oakland police referred us to the city attorney. our call to the spokesman's cell phone was in the returned. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and the california patrol is investigating a violent road rage incident in the east bay. sky 7 was overhead, cars converged on the scene. this began when two vehicles crashed on greenwood drive. the chp says the drivers got out, started arguing. the driver of a lexus was armed and took off running. the driver of the pick up gave chase and was shot block as way. police are still looking for the shooter. >> chevron found a way to get around costly repairs and clean air requirements at it's refinery. the plant damaged in august by a fire that sent a black cloud into the air. several thousand people sought medical attention. chevron told the bay area district it intends to repair
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but not to replace, the damaged unit. that means they will not be required toin stall new equipment though chevron says it will reduce its emissions. >> california state university system is about to make a controversial decision that could affect thousands of current students at 23 campuses. the trustees will vote on a plan to push out students who have been there too long, charging them additional fees. abc 7 news is here with a look at numbers. >> we're talking about the so called super seniors. these students have enough units to graduate but for some reason, they are still makin making -- taking classes. students see this as a kind of punishment for csu system says by pushing the seniors out, they can make room for other students who can't get in. san francisco state university students need 120 units to graduate.
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jacob has more, considering a super senior. >> i haven't been able to get classes i need to put towards my major, i've got units but not in the right places.. >> some students change majors requiring them to take more units but many complain state budget cuts have made it harder to get the classes they need to graduate. and in order to keep their financial aid, they had to take electives and classes they didn't need. san francisco state and other csus are trying to push them out the door by imposing graduation incentive fees. if approved next year, those with 160 yun wits yits will have to pay more, $372 a unit in addition to $200 they pay now. in other words if a super senior pays $3,000 per semester, next year, fees would go up to $8500 per
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semester. >> they want to get more money out of you csu says the super seniors are taking up space. 20,000 eligible students are turned away every year assistant vice chancellor said if we can graduate more students, we can create more apassitty. super jeerns aren't the only ones targeted. c su. u wants to raise fees $91 per unit for those who want to repeat a class and those who overload each semester swril to pay an additional $182 for extra unit. graduate on time. i plan on taking 18 units but they're going to add tuition to that? i'm, might drop out of school. >> the board will meet tomorrow, expected to vote on wednesday, now, students asking the board to postpone votes, table the issue and to do more research on the matter,
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students want the next chancellor to handle it. the current one is expected to retire8'eíñ wants a replacements found. >> after a chilly weekend what is coming up next? spencer is up with a look at the accu-weather forecast. >> first, we can expect a warm up, then, showers ahead in our way. i'll check out live doppler 7 hd and give you a look in just a moment. >> a follow up to a weekend exclusive. the family poodle killed when a wandering pit bull came barging through the front door. >> consumers say they want peace and happinessdth/t this holiday but they want electronics. ahead on 7 on your side this
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>> the u.s. continue to climb it's way back, the u.s. is turning to south korea to help. abc 7 news david louie attended a match making event in santa clara today. technology is a key driver of the south korean economy. making up 40% of the trade w out the components, americans might not have smart phones or
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tv monitors. >> this is under celebrated fact that the technology purr vais homes of most americans.. >> the agreement is paving the way for more investmentvc'e÷ and partnerships between silicon valley and core rea. 500 companies are showing off their latest technologies, at a two-day conference. nancy developed in a -- california tech firms see koreas as a partner. joaquin sold his company for the energy industry. >> korea is a great launch pad. very innovative. a great track record, u.s. companies are teeming with large companies like lg, samsung to be the launching pad to be a spring board for the world. >> samsung is a electronics giant but has been engaged in a legal battle with apple over patents. the deputy minister for the
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knowledge economy is reluctant to answer questions whether the legal dispute will hurt efforts. >> to they can bring more. >> the interpretor says korea has goals. >> we want to promote more vigorous exchanges and investments and ideas and technologies. >> the free trade agreement calls for job creation as one goal. 30 korean owned companies will be holding a job fair here as part of the conference. >> veterans around the bay area were honored for service today. but many returning from plaigss like afghanistan and iraq are having a difficult time moving from military life to jobs in the civiliannv,yv sector. here is laura anthony from martinez.
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this day is about honoring those who served in the military, many young veterans need a job. >> it's been hard. it's been really hard. some of the qaul ficks i received while ieqahd served. really, they don't translate to the civilian world. >> recently dischargedó$:/b natn did find a job with the city of conk krord, but plans to use the gi bill to go back to school to pursue a career as a social worker. there has been improvement, young veterans experience higher unemployment than nonveterans. according to labor of bureau stat activityics in 2010 the number was 20%. now, about 10%. >> congress has bun a lot but we have more to do. >> congressman thompson is a veteran of vietnam. >> we're able to pass a new gi bill paying attention to vet transreturning from iraq and afghanistan. we need to make sure that stays. provided an incentive for people to hire veterans coming
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back. >> but some returning vets transare finding employers are reluctant to hire nem a concern over mental health issue eyes think that could well be an area where they'd be reluctant to hire a veteran. >> shane bower served in iraq. his department made sure he had a job. but others haven't been lucky. >> i do have friends that have looked forward to getting out of the service. after their deployments to come home to go into a line of work. the jobs aren't there. >> bower says whatever concerns employers may have can be easily overcome if they're willing to give a young veteran a chance.sívñç >> we have an update now on a story we brought you on abc 7 news at 5:00. an 11-year-old daily city boy missing friday night was just found safe and sound. he's no longer missing we're
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no longer using his name or picture. >> you can now get your skate on in walnut creek. the on ice rink opened today in civic park. abc 7 is a proud sponsor, you can see people came out to take spins out on the ice on this veteran's day observeance, nice time for families. i shot &z1ñ pictures on the cell phone of a grand opening. the rink open in mid january from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. >> it's fun. >> feeling like skating weather. >> chilly. we have had chilly mornings lately but it's beginning to get milder now. here is a live view under clear skies. we're looking aloss san francisco and eastward there is a bay bridge. we do have increasing clouds overnight, take a look at live doppler 7 hd. cloud free skies foremost of
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the immediate bay area, northwest you can see clouds off shore, moving into our direction. temperature readings 56 degrees in san francisco. 59 across thenbd4 bay. 52 in conk yordz, and 47 in nappa. cooler there before the night sofr. cooler overnight. clouds developing overnight into the early morning hours. unsettled rain coming our way weather, clouds thickening up in the north bay. will be chilly in places like fairfield, and nappa. low of 40 in napa. low of 39 in livermore, we'll see lows in low to mid-40s for the bay area. here is our satellite image showing a ridge of high pressure still in controlling features in our weather pat yesh. -- pattern.
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we'll start at 7:00 tomorrow morning, at which point we'll see showers well north. there could be a sprinkle or two trickling down into the northern most part(823a the viewing area. and mainly sunny skies and it will start to get milder. climbing into upper 6s 70s in los gatos, 66 will be the high in san mateo. palo alto, low toq?֒ mid-60s on the coast and pacifica. downtown san francisco, highs 65. north bay, highs in mid up toer 60s. up to 67 in santa rosa. highs of 67 in oakland and san leandro. 68 castro valley.
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inland east bay, mid, to upper 60s, 6 in concord, 67 walnut creek and near monterey bay upper 607@jyñ8íszñ to around 70 degrees. sheert accu-weather forecast. milder wednesday. and a little bit on thursday, clouds thicken, chance of showers thursday into friday. another chance overnight$ág7 saturday looks like rainy day sunday, with showers tapering off. >> that is what you call unsettling weather. >> right. a little bit of everything. >> coming up next, new option for homeless veterans.
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. police search for a pit bull that ran into a home, mauling a girl's dog to dental. police say the poodle was attacked when she got in between a pit bull and a3s'ázylñ
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new questions about what u.s. secrets david petraeus shared. the fbi uncovered thiseízx affr after his mistress threatened
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another woman who knew petraeus, investigators searched and found details of the affair and found sensitive military materials on her computer. she also seemed to have insider information about attack on the consulate in benghazi in a recent speech. >> a lot of you thaerd but the cia annex had had taken a couple libyan militia members prisoner, they think attack was an effort to try to get the prisoners back. >> petraeus says he did not tell broadwell anything confidential saying she must have gotten it during other commanders during research trips if it turns out it dates back to days in military he can face criminal prosecution, one former aid said she was around him back then, and they were close. >> for him to allow the first biography to be written by someone who had never written a book before seemed odd to me. >> broadwell wrote the
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biography in to 10. >> tonight state prison officials in the process of reducing number of paroles they're looking to rearrest that will save california a lot of money but as nannette miranda explains there is a cost to public safety this, week california department of corrections will be reviewing files of 9,000 parole violators with outstanding warrants for arrest. when released they're required to report to a parole officer for a few years, when she the don't check in, an arrest warrant is issued. it's too early to tell but it could lead to thousands of nonviolent offenders having warrants dropped and released from state supervision. on the surface, the move being applauded by american civil liberties union. >> california still is on a fiscal cliff. these are dollars that could be better spent on education or oshl services got to get smart on crime focus on
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proposals.. >> it's expected to take eight months reading out case that's are years old ordeal yeeting those no one is looking for. convicted sex offenders would not be eligible. this is in response to next july, an opportunity to reduce local case load and focus on those who do pose a threat to society. >> this is getting them off the hook. >> crime victim groups are livid. they say there is no such thing as a nonviolent state parolee. >> not violent in california is a very narrow category. domestic violence, child abuse. elder abuse does not qualify as violent. >> critics point out eliminating warrants takes away a cool that allows officers to search at any time.
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they may look at outstanding warrants against parole that's have committed serious crimes. >> tonight money matters concern about the sow called fiscal cliff after a selloff, markets closed nearly flat today. investors not convinced washington can avoid increases barkry cut its targets for the k and p 500. jc penny stock down graded today, the price falling nearly 13%. international energy agency says the united states will replace saudi arabia as the top oil producing nation in about eight years, energy self sufficiency should occur around 2035. >> when you go to buy a car there is one thing almost certain. few economy is a major deciding factor for 97% of the customer as cording to a study by ford motor company.
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now, with regulations and rising gas prices, abc 7 news what a look at the changing face. i'm about to test drive the ford c max energy. >> it's a great in between in terms mf a hybrid you have capabilities to do do both. >> with 20 mile range on battery or over 600 at gas tank, the car decide chz to use. >> so did you notice the difference there sf. >> you can push a button to go all electric. at $30,000 ford claims it pays for itself getting electric equivalent of 100 miles per gallon. >> we're the first to break that milestone. this is aamazing.
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>> in 1914, they tried to bringt first electric car to market. but couldn't build a good enough battery n 2000, ford tried again with all electric think. sales were slow. they pulled the plug. but now, ford thinks they're ready. >> 60% of the could be assumers are considering a hybrid. now, more remarkably, one in four of those is considering a plug in hybrid. it's unplugged. >> we're seeing technology, now, your phone is part of the ownership exkbreerns of a vehicle. >> it's also a big deal for ford competitor general motors making the chevy volt. for folks on a budget, gm is trying something different. little describes chevy spark a so called city car getting 38 miles per gallon on the gas engine. it has this tough screen
6:35 pm
designed with one audience. >> young urbanites. they're having first jobs, buying first place. purchasing their first new vehicle. >> to keep the price down, gm left out fancy electronics, using a smart phone as its brain. >> it's working off a smart phone. the minute i unleg plug, it's no longer going to be displayed on the screen. >> the all electric spark is due out next year in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> that is fancy. >> never too earl hi to find out what is hot for the holidays. >> michael finney shows whaus is likely to top many lists and a]&xlq big
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seems there is no end to gadgets coming out. sales projected to reach a high this holiday season. >> christmas would not be christmas without gadgets. michael finney is here with a look at what consumers want, most. >> this happens every year. consumer electronics association conducts a survey asking what americans want most for the holidays. this year, many of you said you wanted love and happiness but more of you said, you want electronics.xz5á, go out and you'll see folks imersed in gadgetsgv under head phones,euo texting a friend, buying up the newest electronic cool stuff.
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>> sales goring to be over to00 billion. >> that is jim barry saying sales will grow, passing $200 billion mark for the first time. devices become more affordable and more engrained in our every day live eefrz year, more people are finding more things to do with them f you by this smart phones, they're adding apps. >> cea repoliced a -- released a survey, and guess what we want most? >> what do you want this year? tablets at the top of the list. >> tablet computers ranked highest. ipad still a favorite. prices start at $499. cheaper options are fwoogel nexus 10, kindel fire and nook tablets and the new ipad mini,
6:40 pm
not that much cheaper but still cheaper at 3:29. more folks want phones to do everything. >> you can do e mail, take pictures they have become an electronics swiss army knife you can do a lot of things and oh, by the way you can still make phone calls. >> barry says we seem to be torn on size. many want bigger smart phones, others want smaller tab blets and others blending up the tube. >> this is a galaxy note. some people call this a fablet. >> a jumbo screen tv starts at around $500 today. e readers cheaper, too. kindels cost around $300 now, around $60. >> one of the few categories
6:41 pm
in any product where stuff gets better and prices, lower. >> the survey found we want more than gadgets for holidays here is what ranked below.e> money, and peace, happiness is third. so people are pretty settled and comfortable. they're happy but want that tablet. >> and so we want smart phones next. and light weight pc notebooks and cell phones but above all of that, the tablet is everyone's favorite. >> i need happiness just for the record. >> coming up next assignment 7. >> road bl
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one of four decades ago
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money set aside for off highway vehicles and preserving places for use in california but since california money troubles started state has been tapping into that fund. tonight, it is left many off roaders feeling they've been left in the dust. the metcalfe off highway vehicle park is one of the popular recreation areas in santa clara county. every year, thousands of people come here to ride the trails, but because of state wide cuts, millions designated to run the parks like this one are in jeopardy. >> we've been fortunate receiving funding we've asked for. if it gets reduced we'll have to look at options, funding strategies to keep the park open. >> in the early 70s, users of off highway vehicles or ohvs helped create a saving as kt for parks. they created a trust paid for by registration fees on off road vehicles and taxes on gasoline. >> you buy gas, you pay taxes
6:46 pm
on gas. taxes come back to the program. to maintain roads and trailsw%,. >> over the years, the trust has been a target because it's so well funded and has $42 million in the account. over the past four years, ohv department has loaned the state $123 million with promise that it would be paid back. >> last year was the first time they've diverted money that would have come into the program to another location. which means they don't to pay that back. >> state parks are going to have to way it's done business. it's a different day. resources just aren't there. >> state senator co-authored lenl slaigs diverting money from the division to the general park fund to help save 70 state parks from closing. >> we're able owe do a fairly
6:47 pm
good job of holding most of the program together. 95% of the funding is not at risk and remaining 5% may, or may not, be there for the program. >> the legislation was signed by the governor giving the state parks department the authority to use the money designated for the off road parks.. >> they've taken funds that have been again rated through the use through fees and one done what they've wanted. >> turns out m year, other funding was found for state parks. at metcalfe, off roaders worry saving as kt is being tapped to bail out state financial crisis. >> they keep robbing for us. nobody wants to stand up for motorcyclists. >> if i don't balance the check book i can't go to a neighbor and take his money. >> the department says it's committed to keeping metcalfe open. >> there is&vé: no doubt the pak
6:48 pm
will remain open. >> you may remember this year head of the state parks department resigned over a $54 million surplus when dozens of parks were slated to close. more than half has been set aside by ohv division to manage land for the vehicles. >> and right now let's get another check on the forecast. clouds and maybe#zdéw a sprinklr two up there. and on we go to high temperatures nationwide. showers up in the northwest as well. state wide here in the state of california we'll see calm conditions, here in the bay area, mild conditions tomorrow, milder than today for sure. here is the accu-weather forecast. high temperatures climbing by
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wednesday, low 70s inland and around the bay. mid-60s on the coast. then starting to cool down a little bit. rain arrives friday, possibly saturday, again, sunday. it's time for our thanksgiving food drive.é#ñc we'll mention your name here on abc 7 news at 6:00. these are the donors from snonla county day school. 120 thanksgiving meals. from harland financial solutions 53 meals. a total of 395 meals. to donate at the top of the screen. and mark calendars. and for the nearest location goes to abc 7
6:50 pm >> it's powerful stuff. >> thank you. 5a condition report on 49er quarterback
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if you're a allen, where do you again? raiders just gave up a franchise record high 55 points getting wiped out in baltimore, 55-to. a week after giving up 259 rushing yards to dunbarton
6:55 pm
raiders with the attack allowed 2341 and three touchdowns in the air allowing back to back games for the first time in half a century. here is preal davis. ravens up 41-17 in a third quarter run a fake field goal in for a touchdown. that is raiders hosting saints sunday. all signs pointing to the lakers bringing back phil jackson. they stunned everybody including phil jackson. the pormer suns and knicks coach known for uptempo offense. running the tack in la what as well. he interviewed for the job over the phone. lakers management hasn't exmained why they chose limb but figured that money and control of personnel had a lot
6:56 pm
a brawl in phoenix yesterday moments after race ended jeff gordon fined $100,000 for whenqy. he crashed. they were going at it all day long for months. things heated up with two laps to go. the crew went after gordon. two sides battled it out in the pits. he lost ground and is upset. he had strong words about the driving. >> the double standard i just spent a week being bashed by drivers about racing hard in texas how i'm out of control. and i see that. that is all you can call that. these guys just tried to kill each other.
6:57 pm
and i get called and i see that. it just pisses me off. it's just ridiculous. they should be ashamed. >> that is got to be control before someone gets hurt. >> that is this edition of abc íñç >> from the entire abc 7 news team, have a great night. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers
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add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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