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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 18, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> ama: developing news tonight in san jose where police have linked two robbery suspects to a murder as the manhunt continues for one of the men. good evening and can you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. san holiday say arrested a man on friday after a wild chase and a shooting. tonight they'll charge him with murder and they're searching for his partner in crime. jonathan wilbanks of san jose is being held on homicide, attempted murder of a police officer and armed robbery. here's more. reporter: a friend of the 23-year-old who was shot to death here friday night has been holding a musical memorial for him for the past hour. now, the crime spree that ended up in the death of the young man has shocked a neighborhood that thought it was safe. >> a smell memorial marks the
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area where a 22-year-old man was shot to death during an attempted car jamaicaing friday night. a woman watched one of the masked men shoot the man. >> i saw the guy shooting, shooting just like that, one, two, three shots. reporter: this is one of the areas where the two men attempted a robbery but instead committed a homicide. the men went on a crime spree, robbing three other locations at gunpoint. this jack-in-the-box at 8:58 p.m. and this spa at 9:01. the men's car was spotted by sap holiday say police officers who gave chase. one officer was shot and wounded after suspects shot at the marked police car which stopped behind the suspects. police returned fire and eventually caught up with one of the two suspects. they identified him as jonathan
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wilbanks of san jose who was wounded. the other suspect is still being sought. we also talked to the month who was in the car. he says all he remembers is a masked man and a gun and blocked out the rest of the eek. now, the san jose police officer who was wounded, has been with the police department for five years. the police are asking for anyone with information to give them a call. we're live in san jose. abc-7 news. >> ama: east menlo park neighbors are trying to piece together why there have been three shooting. the position are searching for the gun and the motive but the daily life continues for a community on alert. >> no room for parking on the sunday morning. ♪ >> families and friends, packed into eternal life church for this weekly dose of inspiration.
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but less than 24 hours ago a very different scene played out just across the street. 42-year-old was shot and killed. menlo park police are piecing together witness accounts and crime scene evidence as the continue their search for two killers. it's a scene becoming all too familiar. within ten days there were two gang-related shootings in this area known as bell haven. place say 30 to 40 shots were heard. four people were shot, the gunman got away. ten days later, november 12th, two homes were hit by gunfire. four people from the menlo park area were arrested. just blocks away in church, 17-year-old andrew elliott says it's hard to see what has become of the community where he was raised. he has lost friends to gangs and
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has seen friends lose their lives to gang violence. >> starts with education. if you see something at the home and then school, things like that wouldn't happen so often. >> it's up to us to take the good, the life we have in us, and spread it out and share it and be a good citizen, a good brother to our neighbor, good sister to our neighbor, and share that with them. >> in east menlo park, abc-7 news. >> ama: tensions in the middle east continue to ask escalate. right now israel is massing troops and tanks at the border for a possible ground attack. three jiferlz have been killed and more than 60 palestinians have died. a big massacre while the israeli targeted the buildings inhabited by -- >> they used homes and mosques
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to hide their arms. >> ama: as the circle of violence continues, diplomats from several countries, including the u.s., are trying to brokery cease fire. >> the man accused of killing seven people in a mass shooting at own lean university is scheduled to be back in court tomorrow. he pleaded not guilty to the massacre. police say he admitted to investigators he did it because he was angry at boycott for refusing to refund his tuition. tomorrow the reports from to psychiatrists are expected to be submitted in his case. >> a fire was reported just after 2:00 p.m. inside a house at 47th avenue and geary street. the flames sent up a big plume of black smoke. fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a group of fishermen helped
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rescue three people after their boat you're turned on half moon bay. it happened a half mile offshore near pillar point. three fishermen rescued two people from the water. they harbor mast 'er was able to reach a third person. all three suffered from exposure but injuries are not serious. >> the battle to bring the warriors to san francisco is expected to get new reinforcements tomorrow. restaurant and hotel workers are expected to join building trade unions in support of the proposed arena. it includes a new hotel built across from the irene new hampshire last week the budget committee voted the $1 billion project was financially feasible. the resolution is set to come before the full board tuesday. in some cities people are already camping out for black friday deals but are they wasting their home. why the thanksgiving sales may
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not be such a beg deal after all. >> the biggest and brightest in the music industry are coming together in hollywood leigh glaser live doppler 7hd picking up some moisture now developing in the north bay. we will look ahead
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>> ama: today's curbside effort to collect food and thanksgiving turkeys for the needy just wrapped up in san francisco. the group tells us today it's about 80% away from its goal, and still needs 850 turkeys.
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donations will be collected every day this week. we invite you to be a part of the abc share your holiday food drive. meet the news team as we broadcast live around the bay area, taking your donations for local food banks, for information go to >> black fry may not be the end all be all when it comes to saving money. waiting in line may not reap the benefits you think. "wall street journal" reports many of the sale items can be found cheaper during other parts of the year. the best time to buy ugh boots is in september or october. now, october is also the best time to buy a flat-screen tv. the price of other items like blenders drops like a rock as the holiday season progresses. something to think about. and check out before you start your black friday shopping.
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we compiled a list of stores opening as early as thanksgiving day. and you can browse through ads. up next, group of football feigns today's raider game. >> these brightest stars are being honored here in los angeles. i have a preview of northwestern music awards and the tribute to dick clark. >> ama: we got a break from the
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>> ama: internet sensation cy is part of one of the biggest nights in the music industry it's the american music awards and it's just a few hours away.
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this video is just into the newsroom. you're looking at arrivals on the red carpet outside the nokia theater in hollywood. the biggest names in the music business are there, and our abc reporter is on the red carpet and brings us a preview. ♪ >> the best in music are being honored at the 40th annual american music awards where fans decide who takes home the accolades. rihanna and knickie minimum national lead with four nominations each, justin bieber, drake, moon 5, one direction, and usher follow with three each. >> congratulations to all the nominees. >> christina aguilera announced the nominees last month. and joins the winners tonight. r&b favorite usher will perform
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and so while last year's artist of the year. ♪ >> country sweetheart, taylor swift. dick clark created the american music awards four decades ago to recognize popular american artists. he died earlier this year at 82 and will be honored with a special tribute. ♪ >> testimony -- tonight you'll see a little international flair. drake, just din peeker, maroon 5 or rihanna. it's all up to the fans. >> for the sixth year the winners are chosen through downvoting and new category of electronic dance music. >> the american music awards airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc-7 news, and you can also follow live updates on
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twitter at hash tag ama. >> veterans day was week ago but the celebration continues for father and son football fans on a tour of everybody nfl stadium with members of the wound warrior project. >> gametime. >> ama: in each nfl city, two veterans would have been wounded in combat are being hosted by matt and his father, both from missouri, tribute born out of their love of football and a desire so share that with men and women who served our country. >> honestly, just wanted to see every nfl stadium before i died and tried to cram it all into win season. when the schedule cam out i saw it was possible and i wanted to get a great organization involved and couldn't ask for a vetter -- better organization than the wounded warriors project. >> joseph rodriguez and barry cox were at the coliseum today. >> we're getting ready for
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raiders day on abc-7. we'll broadcast the raiders game against in the denver broncos at the coliseum in oakland. we'll have a special pregame edition of abc-7 at 4:00. gametime is 578. let's going to leigh glaser for a look at the weather. >> leigh: a nice break for everyone. a little sunshine. the shot behind me, high definition santa cruz camera showing you some clearing there. current temperature in santa cruz, 57 degrees. getting down into the 40s later this evening. live doppler 7hd, we are picking up a little bit of moisture developing in the north bay. much of this is what we call low-level moisture, mist or drizzle, sprinkle activity. wins towards santa rosa, petaluma. now advancing down toward novato and spreading east, knoxville road, picking up sprinkles. so this will continue to move south throughout the course of
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the evening. another batch just developed to the south and west. and will slide towards the south and east so a chance of maybe a sprinkle, a little mist and drizzle overnight. right now we're in the 50s, a few low 60s. in san jose right now, 61 degrees. our forecast. drizzle and areas of fog overnight. mainly north bay and near the coast. chance of sprinkles maybe north for monday afternoon, and the showers return for the entire bay area late tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight pretty uniform, in the north and east bay location, in he 40s. 52 for san francisco. san jose, 48 degrees. now, let me explain to you tomorrow's forecast. we have this cold front. it is going to stay to the north for the next couple of days. we have high pressure trying to build in and here's the bay area. sandwiched between the two systems. so i'm look for partly cloudy
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conditions tomorrow, the bulk of the rain will stay well to the north of the bay area. you see how far south some of this activity is moving. here's the golden gate bridge. so we'll keep a chance of maybe few showers, maybe just a few sprinkles in the north bay for your monday. now, by tuesday, all bets are off. you see why. high pressure pushes to the south and that's going to allow the front to push to the south as well, so by 10:00 a.m. tuesday morning, that rain line starts to push south. there's 10:00. tuesday night, and we are all getting wet. 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. but the good news is, by wednesday night, early thursday morning, the system is out of here and we will be dry for thanksgiving. speaking of thanksgiving, traveling tomorrow, sacramento, chance of a shower, watch out for central valley fog. press know, 66. los angeles, 67. 67 in san diego. here's a look at the highs for tomorrow. remember that chance of a few
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sprinkles mainly from santa rosa points north, where the 50s will be. the rest of us, mid-to even upper 60s. my accuweather seven-day forecast. showers for the entire lay area late tuesday, tuesday night. wednesday looks wet and then we dry out for those day -- thanksgiving day on thursday, friday, sunshines, temperatures moving up, and the travel forecast tomorrow morning, 4:30 to 7:00. >> ama: thank you. shu is here with sports and still waiting for good news out of the raiders. >> mike: been a tough year for raider fans and even tougher year for the players. saints in town. raiders gracious hosts with too
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>> mike: the raiders' lack of talent and depth is starting to catch up with them. the saints hand the silver and black their seventh lost of the season. raiders giving up 70 points the last four games. brees to graham, 7-0. without darren mcfadden car sob palmer airs it out. unfortunately to the wrong team. jenkins, twopicks, 14-0 saints. second quarter, raiders driving. palmer throw bounces off brandon meiers are hands. saints up 21-7 at the half. saints open the second half with
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a 73-yard chickoff return. next play, mark inning gramm takes it the rest of the way. brees, 20-27, 219 yards, 3 ttds, 53 straight games with a t.d. pass. lance moore, what a throw. we have a raider highlight, palmer with a great throw. 38-17. palmer goes over 3,000 yards for the season but raiders have issues and fall to the saints 38-17. meanwhile, the broncos and chargers matched up in denver. 31-yard to stokeley. in the third quarter, eric decker does the rest. going 20 yards. broncos running away with the division. 30-23 the final. >> i'm sure colts quarterback andrew luck was inspired by stanford upsetting oregon in eugene. does that carry over into new england today against tom brady and the patriots?
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unfortunately did not. andrew two pick sixes in the second quarter. colts driving and andrew air mails toyota lieb. he goes 59 yards the other way and that gave the patriots the lead for good. but andrew never quit. hiltonor at -- hilton for the strike but too little, too late. >> final race of the 2012 nascar season. a battle between jimmie johnson and brad keselowski. all ced lou ski had to do is finish 15th or better and the cup is hid. jimmie johnson at one point led the race and then got in trouble during a pat symptom. officials said he had to return to the pits. shortly after that johnson had a parts failure and that was it, returning to the garage. that meant all keselowski had to do is finish and the championship was him, jimmie johnson's teammate jeff gordon won the race.
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keselowski finishes 15th. clinches the sprint cup championship. the first for the 28-year-old and the first for pen ski racing. >> from florida, lpga tournament of the year. choi, couldn't see the green but gets close to the hole. would birdie and tap in already par putt, 14-under on the tournament, wins by two strokes. >> ama: today was a big day for the most famous mouth in the
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>> ama: coming up in a half hour at 6:00, one of the earliest starts ever and it's happening right here in the bay area. why so many people are in line for black friday deals. >> the first big gadget of the holiday season hit stores and is already sold out. we want to say happy birthday to mickey mouse. he is 84 yearsñç old. it was back in 1928 when walt disney's first sound cinch crow identifiesed cartoon, steamboat willie, premiered in new york. disney is the parent company of abc-7 news. of course, minnie does not captioned by closed captioning services inc. tonight, the mideast on the brink. and this evening, deadly aim. israel strikes with its most lethal missile yet.


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