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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 22, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. good morning. happy thanksgiving i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze nice to be here. it is a special edition thanksgiving day. we wanted to be here because you have to know what the weather is. >> mike has that now. good morning. happy thanksgiving to you too. looking at a clean doppler spinning not picking up returns, clear sky this morning. visibility down to four miles napa, some fog is starting to form inland. when you step out, 10 to 20° cooler than this time yesterday, 38 napa, 40 santa rosa, everybody else in the 40s, antioch and san francisco low to mid 50s. high clouds and sun upper 50s to mid 60s at the coast, mid to upper 60s bay, mid 60s inland. good morning.
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happy thanksgiving. all mass transit is on holiday or sunday schedule. bart that means everything gets underway 8:00 this morning. you might want to plan your day like that. peninsula northbound 101 at nerd in san mateo, accident -- at third, in san mateo accident blocking left lane. accident eastbound 80 pinole valley road blocking a lane. accident cotati grade north 101, clearing stages. breaking news out of the south bay. san jose firefighters on the scene of suspicious fire at a hair salon on lundy avenue. here's a live look. firefighters with hoses, the ground is wet, there are a lot of stores in that strip mall. according to a dispatcher this fire was reported one hour ago they made quick work of it. we are waiting to get an update. it looks like that beauty
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salon is at the center of it. this morning traffic back to normal on i-580 in oakland after being shutdown a couple hours last night following a gun battle between people in two cars. sky 7 hd was overhead after lanes were closed seminary drive and edwards avenue 8:30. the gun battle ended with two cars crashing, officers found both vehicles riddled with bullets, people in the cars nowhere to be found. nobody has shown up at area hospitals. investigators say there is no active search underway for the people involved in that shooting. >> oakland police investigating a homicide blocks from that freeway shooting. police were called 9:30 last night at hilton near seminary avenue. no word on the circumstances involving the death of the victim. police sergeant told us so far in case does not appear to be related to the freeway
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shooting. volunteers up early getting ready to serve thousands of thanksgiving meals. katie marzullo is live at glide memorial church in san francisco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving to you and everybody. we are an hour from a lot of hustle and bustle in this room. you can see some of the prep has been set up for salad fixings, that's a side dish compared to everything on the menu today, 500 volunteers preparing 5,000 thanksgiving dinners. i want to introduce jean cooper a director here. most of us can barely get one dinner on the table today. how massive of an undertaking is this? >> it is pretty big, we are used to it now. it is a big deal. we start cooking early in the month then it goes to a high pitch during the week. we are ready to go now. >> reporter: a lot of prep work. >> oh yeah.
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we've got, we start planning in august. thanksgiving we start planning and get orders in and start cooking in mid month. >> reporter: there are thousands of families and individuals grateful for that. how important is this meal today? >> it is really important. there are a lot of people in san francisco who don't have a place to go on thanksgiving. they don't have access to kitchens or healthy food. we provide a much needed service in san francisco for this particular population. we'll see all kinds of people today. we'll have our regulars, and we'll see families and individuals from across the city who need a thanksgiving dinner today. >> reporter: jean, thank you for what you do and what glide does all year round, three meals a day 364 days a year only skipping new year's day. about today cast of broadway's lion king will be here to help serve and celebrity chef ryan scott will show up later this
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afternoon he's preparing more than 1700 bagged meals that are going to be handed out tomorrow. if you want to think past thanksgiving to the leftovers and tomorrow, glide is taking care of that as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. organizers at other holiday meal services expect to be at capacity. last night at st. anthony's in san francisco the police chief and other city leaders helped set up. organizers expect to serve 4,000 people. mayor lee said it shows how many people are hurting financially, even in cities as successful as san francisco. meals will be served in oakland, san jose and many other bay area communities. president obama guy thanks in his weekly address a couple of hours ago. he expressed gratitude for all we share as americans and those defending our freedom around the world. >> the president: today we give thanks for blessings that are too rare in this world.
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the ability to spend time with the ones we love, to say what we want, worship as we please, to know there are brave men and women defending our freedom, to look our children in the eye and tell them here in america, no dream is too big if they are willing to work for it. >> the president said the nation stands with those who are less fortunate including residents in the northeast suffering from superstorm sandy. bay area wal-mart workers plan to walk off the job starting 10:00 tonight in support of a nationwide strike. upset wal-mart is opening 8:00 tonight for black friday they accuse the company of retailing for speaking out against the early opening. organizers want to alert shoppers about what they call unfair work conditions. the job action should have little impact on shoppers. >> dozens are waiting in line to snag some of the black
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friday deals this is video we just shot outside the best buy at san jose's santana row shopping center. they are ready, some have been there for days. certainly not letting this morning's cold stop them. they could comfortable. coming up, michael finney will have some of the best deals to look for. new and bizarre, berkeley police need your help catching a serial cigarette thief. new photos hoping someone will recognize him and let police know who he is. investigators say the suspect s the store, smashing -- a window and takes off with cigarettes. starting today, travelers flying out of oakland international can register to get up to three days of free parking. passengers sign up at oakland airport's website and download a coupon to park for free only
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good for tuesday, went day, thursday from now until december 20th. officials say the three days is at the airport's daily lot next to the terminals. those who qualify can save up to $66. let's check the forecast for those who are traveling today or in the near future. >> cold this morning. we shouldn't see the airport delays we saw yesterday. i don't think so not weather-wise clear sky other than fog getting thicker around napa the rest of us have a 10 mile visibility which is unlimited. you can see napa, the fog is getting thicker there, watch out for that, will continue to get thicker through the morning. here's the storm track while we were sleeping started at migration to the north, valley fog in the morning, almost total sunshine in the afternoon. we start off in the upper 30s
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to mid 40s, mid to upper 50s with mostly sunny noontime temperature sky conditions, 4:00 close to normal, upper 50s coast, mid 60s the rest of us, low to mid 50s by 7:00. let's look at the next three days, extend through the weekend, morning fog them, slightly cooler, saturday up a couple degrees, sunday down a couple degrees. pretty much from the low to upper 60s the next three to four days. a lot of people on the road this morning. i got on the road this morning and it was very busy for 4:00 in the morning on thanksgiving morning. rundown of mass transit bart sunday schedule, muni holiday, caltrain sunday, ac transit, sunday schedule, vta sunday
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schedule. buses for golden gate on holiday schedule many everybody normal skegs tomorrow. eastbound 80 pinole valley road accident in the cheering phases. northbound 680 jacqueline in milpitas water main floodingu"3v off-ramp is shutdown. >> next, black friday bargains. michael finney looks at some of the best deals if you are hitting the stores. >> huge balloons are inflated band ready to go for this morning's annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year, there's a big bay area connection. >> hello kitty! >> i
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i bet the kids want to
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watch this. the stage is set and balloons ready for the big show in new york city, the 86th annual macy's parade in new york city. kicking off at 6:00 this morning. you are looking at a live picture with hello kitty balloon they also have papa smurf, all the rest are inflated and standing by so are the crowds. this year's line-up features 16 character balloons, 40 novelty balloons, 28 floats, 1600 cheerleaders, 900 clowns and 11 marching bands, including one from the bay area. the big headliner santa. you laugh. >> i like the way you do this. >> i feel like i'm going to sing this. the city gave away 5,000 bleacher seats to families hit hard by superstorm sandy. the south bay's own marching band and color guard is
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performing. last year it was one of the 11 bands in the country chosen. the music department had to raise nearly $150,000 for the trip. eve of the families had to pay $2,000 to cover flight, rooms, meals and transportation, that's a lot of commitment we wish them a lot of luck and fun. >> once in a lifetime opportunity, had to do it. this year, thursday, today is the new black friday for some shoppers, a lot of stores plan to open tonight, 8 p.m.. here's michael finney with many so of the best deals you will find. >> reporter: this year wal-mart is offering customers a one hour instock guarantee from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m., thank night, for only three items, 32 inch emerson high-definition tv for $148. lg blue ray player for $38. apple ipad 2 with wifi for
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$399. you get a $75 wal-mart gift card as a bonus. wal-mart says if the items sellout they will give customers a voucher and guarantee they can pick them up before christmas. michael runs the website where he tracks all the black friday deals. one of his topics, kmart selling 3 inch lcd-tv for $97 for a bigger set, check out this/ri 40 inch toshiba hd television for $179.99 at best buy. regular price, $419, 99. also best buy laptop for $190. if you want a more advanced low priced laptop -- >> our pick if you can spend $100 more get the dell 14 inch laptop, better processor, a
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little more memory. >> reporter: at $300 half off the regular price. you don't have to wait in line to get one, it is online only. for an inexpensive stocking stuffer, big lots selling mini digital camcorder under $13. wal-mart has assortment of popular dvd's for untwo bucks. before you go shopping, -- under $2. before you go shopping go to, you will see all the stores and when they are going to open, all the ads so you know what is on sale. browse all the ads at, check it out under see it on tv. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side >> just in time for the holiday shopping season google is bringing store lay-outs to google maps. the company is sun veiling this indoor mapping program to -- is unveiling this indoor mapping program to web
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browsers zoom in to stores, museums, airports even vegas casinos. at ikea you can see everything from furniture to bedding and where they are in the store. the feature is available to iphone use terse too if you open safari and go to google maps i am mike is here now, a -- a lot of people are in today getting thanksgiving ready. a lot of people are out doing who knows. >> i live four miles from the interstate and i saw three taxis, i don't see three cars normally. >> people taking taxis. >> yeah. a lot of people out and about already. looks like we are going five very nice day of weather. good morning. you see flags flying a little, little offshore breeze in san francisco, ferry building down towards the bay bridge
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this morning. live doppler 7 hd satellite and you don't see that and you don't see radar returns we'll keep it running, going to be a while before we see rain again, could be late as late next week or a week from today. let's take a look , running 37 -- in napa, everybody else mid to upper 40s, a few exceptions, fairfield, santa rosa, los gatos low 40s. antioch and san francisco 51. as we head towards the afternoon mid 60s across the board maybe low 60s at the coast, a few high clouds from time to time definitely a brighter and drier day than yesterday. mid to upper 60s monterey bay upper 60s, 70 hollister and salinas, tonight you can see how cool, 30s in cloverdale
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and santa rosa, a lot of low to mid 40s inland valleys, low to upper 40s bay shore to the coast. here's the set-up, cold front through, trough going past us to the north, high pressure coming in, jet stream to the north going to stay there for a long time many with so much rain, fog forming if we get the right kind of wind we could see valley fog expand into our neighborhoods through the weekend. looks like we wake up to fog in our inland valleys the next couple of mornings, sunshine by 10:00 in the 70s in the forecast away from the coast tomorrow. it may be chilly when you step out you will lose that coat if you are shopping later on. 60s saturday through wednesday, extended period of calm weather. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving everyone. a lot of cars on the road at
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least forever thanksgiving morning at 5:23. light traffic not a lot, but for 5:30 on a thursday normally it would be busier here a holiday light traffic san jose 87 northbound nobody coming across the golden gate bridge now, light out of the waldo tunnel, no fog. bay bridge holiday light, a few cars headed into san francisco. one accident northbound 101 to the did grade at railroad in the clearing -- attica to the did grade at railroad -- our time is 5:23. >> bay area man fighting cancer suffers another blow. next how a community is pulling together to help find his be loved pet stolen as he was undergoing treatment. heads-up for facebook users why you may not have a
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say the next time the
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welcome back. 5:26. >> it is that is early what are we doing here? >> we're working. >> all kidding aside, great day to be here and sharing our thanks with our viewers. a lot of sun no need for the umbrella mid 60s just about everywhere today. if you are traveling let's look at what is going on across the country.
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chilly around great falls and fargo mid to upper 30s warm st. louis 70, 82 phoenix upper 40s seattle and portland. a few issues in detroit, clear air until you get to kansas city, light rain, clear on the west coast. if you are traveling southbound 101 past terra linda, freitas parkway, north san pedro road light drive good time to get out there, very light. wanted to run down mass transit schedules: bart sunday schedule, gets underway 8:00. muni holiday schedule. sunday schedule for all of caltrain. ac transit on sunday, vta sunday no golden gate ferries buses on a holiday schedule today. facebook is considering taking away its users' ability to vote on privacy policy changes. the way it is now the company
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allows users to vote on a change if it receives more than 7,000 comments. then, if more than 30% of facebook members participate the results are official. facebook says, with a billion members now the voting process is getting complicated and wants a system that relies solely on feedback during a seven day review and comment period. the neighbors of a disabled san francisco man are stepping up to help find his stolen service dog. while rob was getting dialysis someone broke into his truck's window and grabbed his dog lola, leaving only her collar. rob also suffers from crohn's disease and was just diagnosed with cancer it >> she was just wonderful from the first day. just the most affectionate, sweetest, nicest companion you could have. >> neighbors are offering a
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$3,000 reward to help find lola. they've handed out missing fliers and knocked on doors looking for her. they are doing everything they can. 5:29 bargain hunters by the millions counting down hours before huge shopping. >> wal-mart workers have a countdown of their own. >> reporter: don't be fooled by the quiet now, 5,000 thanksgiving dinners are on deck as has been the tradition for 30 years.
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. happy thanksgiving!
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it is 5:32 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. mike is going to tell us what it is like out there. >> i think the word is cold. >> it is cold. high pressure over top of us brought clear air and cloud-free sky, live doppler con finking that it is just kwai -- confirming that it is just quiet, fog around napa, 37°, the rest of us in the 40s, antioch and san francisco 51°. lighter breeze at the coast, upper 50s to mid 60s. mid to upper 60s bay, mid 60s inland a few high clouds from time to time otherwise a very bright thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to everyone. a couple of things on the roads. northbound 101 at railroad the cotati grade accident in the clearing phases. flooding northbound 680
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jacqueline off-ramp because of water main break, closed. san jose first and brokaw, accident involving patrol car on vta track not sure what track, between karina and metro airport station they are working to clear that. on this thanksgiving day, a san francisco tradition continues a meal for thousands at glide memorial church. katie marzullo is there now. how are the preps going? >> reporter: they are going and they started a long time ago back in august. take a look to my right, you can see more. dozens of turkeys and hams set-up. glide really has it down to a science, a well oiled machine here this morning. to that end i want to introduce denise lamont with church you have been doing this more than 30 years. >> we've -- we are serving
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5,000, we've got some of the cast members from the lion king here in san francisco are going to be helping out. then we also have celebrity chef ryan scott who is coming in, putting together bags of lunches, he's bringing the fixings for 1750 special bags of lunches that will be hand out tomorrow. tomorrow evening the kitchen will be closed and fog -- folks will be able to get great lunches. >> reporter: it is a year round effort you need help all year. >> yep we serve 364 meals a day always looking for donations and volunteers if anyone wants to volunteer throughout the year you can go to and find a spot and help. i'm sure next week is wide open. >> reporter: thank you denise. good reminder that people need help all year long not just
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today. katie marzullo, abc7 news. it is 5:35 this morning the california highway patrol is trying to figure out who was involved in a shooting on 58 know oakland between two cars last night. sky 7 hd was overhead near seminary and edwards 8:40 p.m.. all lanes were reopened 11:30 last night, investigators say a gun battle between people in two cars both crashing, when officers got there, they found both vehicles riddled with bullets the people had already runaway from the scene. drive there's got stuck in the traffic were frustrated. >> home for the holidays, exciteed to see my family i spent the first hour watching them look for bullets on the freeway. -- >> it is not known if anyone was injured, nobody has shown up at area hospitals. investigators say there is no active search underway for the
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people involved in the shooting. >> an hour after that police were called to a hit-and-run a few blocks away, a truck slammed into a car on bancroft avenue. one person was injured, the police don't know if the hit-and-run was connected with that freeway shooting itch police are looking pore the person responsibility for the death of a man in -- for the person responsible for the death of a man. officers on the scene near brookdale avenue, after 7 p.m. police found the victim lying in the street. he was pronounced dead at the scene, no word on his identity or if there are leads. let's shift gears. we know about black friday, tomorrow and the supposedly amazing bargains. now, get to know black thursday, rob nelson shows us retailers are pulling out all stops to lure customers into their stores tonight.
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>> reporter: it seems black friday can't come soon enough for some. and retailers. welcome to black thursday, retailers from wal-mart, sears and kmart will offer door busting deals at 8 p.m. tonight, best buy, kohls and macy's open at midnight. >> last thursday 10 to 11 was our most popular hour. clearly customers want to put away leftovers and start shopping. >> reporter: not everyone is thrilled. wal-mart employs in some states plan a black friday walk-out. >> we demand respect. >> we need to be home with families. >> reporter: still, retailers could still miss out on a big pay death. wealthiest are expected to 3% less this season. past images of shoppers trampled rushing into stores could keep some at home. there are deals to be had for those who take the plunge. flat screen tv's at wal-mart
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and $100 digital cameras at target. >> electronics huge, ipad mini that everybody wants, iphone 5. for kids the leappad 2. >> reporter: retailers hope that is enough to entice shoppers to skip that second slice of pie and head to the mall. rob nelson, abc news, new york. we've compiled a list of stores opening thanksgiving day today on our website, you can browse black friday sale ads look under see it on tv. sewage spill has closed part of the great highway in san francisco, the mix of sewage and rainwater possibly the result of heavy rains and high tides the road is open to vehicle traffic, pedestrian promenade and a portion of ocean beach are off-limits. thousands of skiers will spend thanksgiving hitting the slopes in the sierra. this week's storm brought new
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snow to the highest of elevations also cold so they've been making slow. this is truckee at north star [ unintelligible ] enough to open several lifts, no complaints from skiers happy to be on the mountain this early in the season. north star plans to open more lifts today. sugar bowl opens today as well. a lot going on in tahoe. >> i didn't see anything in the forecast about addition amounts. let's check in with mike. live doppler zoomed in to lake tahoe, you can see how quiet it is this morning even this area has cleared, temperatures in the 20s, teens over the weekend, definitely making more snow up there. any mother nature made snow not until possibly late next week storm track going to stay north a few passing high clouds after the fog fades inland about 10:00 then mostly
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sunny the rest of the afternoon. in the 30s to mid 40s inland through the bay and to the coast mostly sunny at noon, mid to upper 50s 4:00 upper 50s at the coast mid 60s elsewhere, cool really quick at 7:00, already down into the upper 40s to a few mid 50s. tonight just as cool as this morning. tomorrow warmest day in the forecast, 70 bay and inland mid 60s coast, mid to upper 60s saturday, low to mid 60s sunday. let's get a check on traffic. quiet now headed out for last minute shopping, really light, macarthur maze, 580, 880 and 80 all flowing nicely headed to the bay bridge toll, no problems there. san mateo bridge light, a few tail lights towards foster city on the highrise those headlights at the limit across
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the span into hayward, 15 minute drive. north 101 cotati grade at railroad reports of accident in the clearing phases to the right shoulder. water main break blocking jacqueline off-ramp from northbound 680, flooding. san jose first brokaw patrol car accident on the vta track between karina and metro airport station, vta not reporting delays. 5:41 now. pentagon releases secret e-mails with about the death of osama bin laden what they are revealing about his burial at sea. how not to cook a turkey. firefighters offer tips to keep things safe
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new e-mails indicate the burial at sea of osama bin laden followed islamic procedures. the e-mails say the al-qaeda leader's body was washed, wrapped in a white sheet and
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placed in a weighted bag. military officer prepared religious re-marks before the body was allowed to slide into the sea off the deck of the uss carl vinson. deep fryers and frying is a popular way to prepare turkeys these day. firefighters demonstrated how bad things can get if you are not properly prepared. >> reaction going to put water, try to put water on it. >> nobody wants to see that. here are the most important tips if you are frying a turkey, don't use a frozen bird, avoid too much oil, if there is a fire you want to use baking soda, not water to put out the fire. the 55th annual international auto show opens
5:46 am
this morning at mosconey center, more than 300,000 are expected to attend this year. among the first to see the new 2013 models of 38 of the world's major manufacturers. the show opens 10 a.m., through monday. admission is $9 for adults, children 12 and under are free, free, the ones who can't buy a car yet. call it a sign of the times when it comes to gifts, girls and buys may be more alike than you think. >> >> good morning girls are becoming fans what is normally considered products for boys. among kids 6 to 12, some of fastest growing brands among girls are those that might be considered boyish like construction toys, superheroes and sports gear that might have something to do with younger girls looking up to older girls, whose attitude is
5:47 am
we can do anything that boys can do. auto loan original nations highest level in five years from january through august. americans owe more money the average loan amount as of august stands at a six year high. stock market is closed today for thanksgiving. yesterday the markets ending higher sending s&p up for a fourth straight day. at the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. i was thinking the kids, boys and girls want the same thing, electronic gadgets. >> that's crazy. >> right now -- >> i know what she was thinking. >> right now thinking about the thanksgiving meal getting hungry.
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-- good morning. 5:48, can't wait to get home and smell the house, going to be great. looking down on emeryville back to san francisco, pretty quiet, clear sky out there, just not much doing. live doppler 7 hd, waiting for that next storm to come in it could be about seven days before it does. definitely showing no clouds and no radar returns good news as far as any traveling around this morning. only draw back is the fact we have dense fog developing especially around napa, 37° now. antioch and san francisco 51, everybody else in the 40s, 40s
5:49 am
around the monterey bay and inland, monterey itself 50. today, mostly sunny, dry, temperatures hitting the mid 60s. a few low 60s at the coast for the cooler spot. monterey bay, mid to upper 60s, even a few 70s inland around salinas and hollister. tonight chilly, if you are shopping early tomorrow morning, 30s cloverdale, santa rosa, officially low to mid 40s for the rest of the inland valleys, low to upper 40s bay and coast, pockets away interest these official reporting stations where it is going to be cooler. areas of high pressure dominating our weather, putting a wall up once again, push being the jet stream north with recent rain, tule fog is possible in the central valley. with the high pressure developing north and east, that means some of that could work towards us with an offshore flow, especially tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening, or
5:50 am
afternoon 70s from the coast, mid 60s slowly drop in the low to mid 60s sunday, hang there monday and tuesday before slightly warmer weather wednesday. i have a great thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. if you decided to avoid the holiday crunch yesterday and get an early start this morning, good time to be on the road, golden gate bridge light two lanes southbound. normally on a normal commute that would be four lanes. san rafael good towards central san rafael, light. bay bridge into san francisco, light, no issues on the upper deck towards treasure island through the tunnel. mass transit, sunday schedule for bart, 8:00 this morning. muni holiday schedule. caltrain on a sunday schedule. no ace out of central valley today. ac transit sunday, vta sunday, no service on golden gate ferries and golden gate buses
5:51 am
on holiday schedule. 5:51 on this thanksgiving morning. new controversy over mammograms. the study that questions if they are really effect tiff. forget the teddy bear, the favorite -- blanket, surprising item a lot of young peop
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mother than 20,000 are expected to hit the streets of san jose for a charity run. the event will include a costume contest, wheelchair race and kids fun run proceeds benefit second harvest food bank and children's health initiative. >> but a cold run. >> absolutely. it is cold this morning. 30s and 40s, 50 around san francisco. across the state live doppler and other dopplers covering state, quiet out there. if you are traveling today, no need to worry about wet weather or snow, temperatures in the 60s around chico and sacramento, 73 fresno, 75 l.a., 82 palm springs. tahoe this weekend mid 50s lows chilly into the 20s. yosemite temperatures 50s through saturday, mid 60s sunday. lows in the 40s.
5:55 am
l.a. and san diego, temperatures in the mid 70s to near 80°. holiday light out there, happy thanksgiving. if you you are traveling 87 northbound past hp pavillion you are in light traffic everything moving nicely there at the limit. flooding in the northbound 680 off-ramp of jacqueline still blocked because of water main break you have to avoid that area. san jose at first and brokaw, chp car in an accident on the vta tracks between karina and metro airport station. 5:55. highway patrol will be out from now through sunday monitoring traffic. they are going to be looking for drunk drivers, speeders and people talking on their cell phones. also focusing on seat belt safety, 32 people in california were killed over this same period last year,
5:56 am
2/3 were not wearing seat belts. new study raises question are women being overtreatedded for breast cancer? study finds mammograms have done suprisingly little to catch deadly breast cancers before they spread. more than one million women have been treated for cancers that would never threaten their lives. researchers say up to 1/3 of breast cancers don't need to be treated. doctors say they are still worthwhile because they do catch some deadly cancers. are you having trouble getting enough sleep? try putting away your cell phone. survey shows 90% of people between 18 and 29, sleep with their phones. most say they watch tv, texan browse the web in the hour before they hit the sack. according to online psychology degree, half of the people surveyed, say they check their phones immediately if they wake up during the night foregoing much needed sleep.
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next gunfire erupts on a busy east bay freeway the drivers who put other commuters in danger. hostess going forward with liquidation. some employs -- some employees will be staying on the job. which brand of batteries keeps gadgets and toys running the
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cars are moving again on an east bay highway i have an -- after gunfire shuts down


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