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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 27, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good tuesday morning. 5 a.m. very busy we'll fill you in i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. ramps to treasure island from the bay bridge are closed. it began before midnight police began chasing a suspect. amy hollyfield is live near the scene of the bay bridge. the problem is causing for people trying to get home and work later. >> reporter: that's right the concern this is going to cripple the commute into san francisco. here's what it looks like now. traffic moving okay. it is only 5:00 in the morning. we are on the upper deck, this is westbound traffic, you can see an officer there see those red flares? that's where the officer is blocking the ramp to treasure island. treasure island is on lock down, no one allowed on or off.
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this is because police are dealing with a man who is averaged and threatening suicide. police say he's already fired his gun once at police. officers are worried he will do it again and could hurt someone. they've got him sectioned off on treasure island at the shoreline at vista point before that guard house as you pull on to the island. police don't want anyone diving past him, they say it is too dangerous. they say he -- has already led police on a high speed chase and fired at them. there are 50 people in san francisco trying to get home to treasure island. they say the red cross is working with them and trying to help them find a place to go they need shelter, food, they are not allowed to go to their homes. police tell me they are aware people will be getting up and they are going to need to leave the island and get to work, they are considering options. right now negotiators are trying to talk to the man and
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convince him to surrender. they are trying to figure out what they are going to do as the morning progresses if he refuses to do so. right now let's turn it over to sue hall to give us an overview of how this is impacting everyone and what you should do. right now eastbound and westbound on and off-ramps, caltrans has said on-ramps are close too from treasure island you cannot get to the bay bridge main thoroughfare there, treasure island road is blocked off due to this police activity. as you mentioned, as amy mentioned it is on lockdown on treasure island. westbound on the bay bridge very light, no problems at the toll, no delays upper deck into san francisco as you can see on amy's live shot. police activity jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona avoid that area as well. quickly live look at the bay bridge toll, things are moving
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nicely into san francisco. good morning. doppler picking up high and mid level clouds and fog less extensive, east bay and towards the delta, otherwise visibilities are good from hayward to mountain view, eight miles, nine miles at the airport, quarter mile in napa, as you head out, temperatures are cool, upper 30s to lower 50s the fog wants to break up a little, breaks throughout the morning hours partly to mostly cloudy, sprinkles along the coast, with the cloud cover temperatures will be held down, 60 in san francisco, 62 oakland, cloudy tonight with very strong system headed our way tomorrow morning. 5:04. breaking news in milpitas. major intersection shutdown for a police investigation. jacqueline road closed to traffic milpitas police won't say why, the highway patrol
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confirms milpitas put out a be on the lookout broadcast for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with police. katie marzullo is at the scene she will have a live update in 30 minutes. new, antioch police investigating suspicious death of a man found in a home late yesterday. police got a report of the dead man before 5:00 in the afternoon monday, inside a house on mira vista court. when officers arrived they found a 52-year-old man dead from apparent gunshot wound the investigation is ongoing they don't know the exact cause of death. >> >> man accused of fatally shooting vallejo police officer james capoot last year is scheduled to be in court this morning to determine whether henry albert smith, jr. will stand trial for murder. police say he shot the officer november 17th, during a chase following a bank robbery. the officer was a 19 year veteran of the force. smith has pleaded not guilty.
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oikos university in oakland is holding a concert this afternoon to dedicate a memory garden the campus was the scene of one of the worst massacres in bay area history. former student goh is charged with killing and wounding he was upset about not getting a few refund. goh has pleaded not guilty. a hearing was held last week to determine if he's mentally competent. university of california board of regents meets today in a special session to vote on a new chancellor. dirks has been recommended currently executive vice president and dean of the faculty for arts and sciences at columbia. if confirmed he will take office next june. outgoing chancellor announced last march that he would step down after more than eight years in that job.
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time for a look at the weather, you can see your way into work this morning. >> yep. if there is fog, it is all in your head, right? >> that's normal. good morning. we have a little out there in napa, also by the delta, in fact, we are looking at 2 1/2 mile visibility, right now temperatures in the upper 30s, chilly out by fairfield, otherwise low 50s san francisco and oakland. this afternoon clouds will thin out a little, narrow range, we could see a few sprinkles along the coast with upper 50s there low 60s towards san jose, 62 fremont today, this evening it will stay dry, cold front to head our way early tomorrow morning visibilities around the bay with just a half mile, fairfield, quarter mile napa, better along our coast this morning, looking at partly to mostly cloudy skies today, upper nice to low 60s tomorrow morning wind advisory winds
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could gust over 50 miles an hour between 4:00 and 11:00 in the morning, cold front pushes through by noon, more rain headed our way, this one comes in and looks like late thursday, after that thursday evening commute, that's number two. we have a third one to go over the weekend. following your commute throughout all thursday, rain or shine. live look at the san mateo bridge, headlights towards hayward and tail lights up towards the highrise foster city, no problems either direction on the san mateo bridge. elsewhere san rafael southbound 101 good past civic center into central san rafael roadwork in southern marin starting about cortamadera headed southbound two lanes, northbound down to one lane that is until 5:30 this morning, that should be picked up shortly, no problems through san rafael. westbound and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed off the bay bridge due to police activity,
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you cannot get on or off the island there amy hollyfield will be giving us more on that. so far the upper deck is good into san francisco. no traffic delays, milpitas police activity has intersection jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona avenue blocked, please avoid that area as well. two tough spots, 5:08. next where the cost of parking in san francisco is coming down. privacy advocates take aim at facebook's proposed policy changes. first, here's this morning's america's money report. good morning. the biggest online shopping day in history numbers are still counted, it appears online shopping on cyber monday was up more than 28% from a year ago. white house and congressional negotiators will consider doing away with mortgage interest deduction or limit it
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as they try to reduce budget deficit, housing industry is expected to fight back. finally the -- [ inaudible ] you know how much grandma
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good tuesday morning. cloudy skies downtown, 53° in the city, embarcadero looking dry today, maybe a few sprinkles along the coast strong cold front will move onshore early tomorrow wind advisory posted for the bay area and we're tacking about heavy rain and very gusty -- we're talking about heavy rain and very gusty winds wednesday. tuesday looks quiet. as the holiday shopping season ramps up encouraging news for drivers looking for a place to park. parking rates at city owned garages have fallen by 20% many lots cheaper than street meters. rates at some garages are as low as a dollar an hour the san francisco transportation agency determines prices by availability and demand. prices drop when occupancy is low. thousands of muni riders who use clipper cards to
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transfer from bart to muni two short -- go short changed and can expect a small rebate. those overpayments add up to more than $16,000. officials say at affected customers will automatically get refunds and the value should appear when they use their cards after november 21st. consumer watchdogs urging facebook to back off on proposed policy changes. two groups sent a letter to zucker protesting the announcement it will no longer let voters control who could message them. watchdogs say this would make personal information available to advertisers without their consent and violate a deal with ftc. no comment from facebook or
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facebook on this letter. new milestone for tumbler just broken into the top 10 with more than 168 million monthly users worldwide in a dead heat with pinterest behind facebook and twitter. teens and young use it to blog and post -- and young adults use it to blog and post pictures. four california cities have earned perfect scores for their anti-discrimination efforts to protect -- san francisco, san diego, long beach and los angeles were given perfect scores of 100 by the human rights campaign. the group examined cities nationwide using 47 criteria, california cities scoring lower included vallejo, 52, come cord at 64, richmond -- 56, santa rosa 59.
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the average score for all u.s. cities. daytime temperatures coming down as storms begin to hit us. temperatures are cooler today with extensive high and mid level includes even sprinkles at our coast as we head out now, looking good, compared to yesterday, remember all that fog here the golden gate bridge we have fog well to the north in pap that, -- in napa, also by the delta, cloud cover into our east bay, yesterday it came in from the ocean, also tule fog, the two areas coming together really created for a time zero visibility. this morning, visibility is not so great in the delta and east bay. san francisco at 53°, no problems there. 55 half moon bay, 52 mountain view, los gatos 47. here's a look at that quarter mile visibility, park mile and a quarter fairfield, -- five
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miles in oakland. if you have a flight out tomorrow that is probably when we will see more problems, wind advisory in effect tomorrow and a cold front bringing heavy rain. today, breaks in the overcast, 8:00 partly cloudy around bay, thick high and mid level clouds inhibit our warming today, 3:00 still a lot of clouds, areas of fog, with wet and windy tomorrow, more storms lined up for the weekend. there are three storms and they both promise to bring in a good amount of moisture here's the first this will buy up the subtropical moisture, wind and rain. the second one comes in thursday night about 8:00 at this point that will linger into friday the third system here, arrives with more rain and wind into the weekend, saturday. the second one's emphasis will be in extreme north bay. number one, 8:00 tomorrow morning stormy from the north
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to south bay, heavy rain front moves through by 11, 12:00 behind it showers. evening commute tomorrow much better. we are looking at this area already a flood watch has been posted by the national weather service from the sacramento valley to lake county. we'll look for that wind advisory tonight. rainfall amounts two inches south bay, two to four inches the heart of the bay, today 58 half moon bay maybe a few sprinkles there, 61 antioch, monterey bay low 60s there, 64 in hollister. enjoy today, it is our break, bless you kristen, lots of rain the next seven days. good morning. nice live look at san jose 87 northbound julian off-ramp, just past hp pavillion no fog, traffic moving nicely, no problems. out of antioch starting to slow a bit westbound highway 4
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direction towards 242 in concord out of the central valley still looking good, just under the limit from tracy up and over the altamont then things pick up towards the dublin pleasanton interchange. westbound and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed due to police activity, possibly by 6:30 they should have ramps open that is right now the current eto we are looking at. right now on the upper deck, no problems into san francisco, no delays behind the toll plaza. jacqueline between north milpitas and arizona in milpitas remains closed, also due to police activity. please avoid the area. new medical recommendation says, american teenagers should have easier access to emergency conception. suggesting doctors should write prescriptions for drugs like plan b for sexually active teens before they need
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them. currently emergency birth control is only available with a prescription for girls under 17 in most states. girls 17 and over can already get emergency birth control over-the-counter. new study says repeated job loss may damage your heart. researchers at duke university examined more than 13,000 men and women between the ages of 51 and 75, they found the unemployed were 35% more likely to have a heart attack than those who had a job. the chances of heart attack due to being laid off maybe equivalent to risks associated with smoking, diabetes and hypertension. next, could san francisco's nudity ban backfire? what advocates say they will do for the right to be naked. who is going to fear the beard next baseball season? details on how contract talks are going between giants and closer brian wilson.
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good morning looking at downtown san francisco dry not as much fog as yesterday this is a calm dry day before the
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storm gates open. maybe go out and take care of some of thoser rans while you can. >> and have that umbrella ready. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen to find out when the rain is coming this. good morning. plenty clouds now, visibility is much better, quarter mile in napa, problems perhaps to the north by the delta, we have improved in concord just a little, mostly cloudy, could see a few sprinkles today in advance of that weather system sits offshore. strong one and we have a wind advisory tomorrow, today, we'll call it mostly cloudy, a few sunny breaks from time to time with the thickening high clouds temperatures in the narrow range, 58 half moon bay, 62 fremont. across the nation no problems here rain along the south and snow up in new york city and right now no delays locally. live look at golden gate bridge, fog-free not down on
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the deck as thick as it was yesterday, you may find fog but it is no visibility issues if you are traveling on the golden gate bridge and you've got four lanes southbound. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit, everybody is on time. situation on the bay bridge west and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps closed due to police activity. reports from the san francisco police department they hope to have that open by 6:30. amy hollyfield is there we'll get an update from her in a bit. police activity in milpitas jacqueline road closed between north milpitas and arizona avenue. 6:30. san francisco's ban on public nudity may spark more nudity. small protest broke out at a tree-lighting in san francisco's castro district last night. families surrounded the corner at 18th and castro to mark the holiday but joined by beam
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with signs protesting the city's nudity ban. it appears everyone kept their clothes on. nudists say it is not over they will be out in full force at three upcoming public4g= meetings focusing on the impending nude ban that should take effect next year. federal mediators joining stalled national hockey league labor talks. the first two and a half months of the season will be missed by fans and businesses in hockey towns like san jose, nhl has cancelled all games through christmas eve. all-star weekend scheduled for the end of january. a third of the season. the two sides have not negotiated since last wednesday. the giants will have to come to terms with brian wilson by friday or he becomes a tree agent instrumental in the giants first world series victor in 2010. he was -- he was earning 8 1/2
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million dollars but sat out this past season when he had to undergo surgery. the chronicle reports wilson has not had setbacks in his rehabilitation but the giants may not be willing to pay him the money that will prevent him from becoming a free agent. giants victory worth more than 23 million dollars in bonuses to the team, the giants split that money with 50 people members getting a post-season share worth $377,000 each, a new record, $60,000 more than each giant got for winning the 2010 world series. cabrera gets a full share even though he was suspended for the final 45 games of the regular season, because he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. next, breaking news from treasure island overnight standoff still going on. major disruption for now, for
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people trying if get on and off the island. >> the city of oakland toughens stance on graffiti, stiffer penalties
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good morning. 5:29. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. police standoff continues on treasure island. ramps to the island from the bay bridge are closed now. it began before midnight when police began chasing a suspect. amy hollyfield is live near the scene. >> reporter: let me get out of the way so you can see what the traffic situation looks like this is the upper deck,
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westbound traffic moving okay there is an officer positioned overthere, across the lanes of traffic blocking the off-ramp to get on to treasure island, no one is allowed on or off. residents are stuck. we have pictures of some people who are stuck in san francisco one man took these pictures for us, these are treasure island residents who can't go home, they are getting help from the red cross. they don't have shelter, they don't have food. police have the island shutdown because they are negotiating with a man who they say has a gun and they say he's suicidal. they've got him surrounded on land and water. they've got coast guard officers on boats in case he heads out into the bay. right now he has left his car but he's on the shoreline police say he's threatening suicide and he has a gun and it is on the main road of treasure island. they don't feel safe allowing
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anyone to drive by that area, what if he decides to fire. however, they are aware people are going to need to get to work soon they are working on a plan to escort people on and off the island. until then, they are hoping they can get the guy to surrender. [ inaudible ] this started at 11:00 last night. if resolution isn't going to be they are going to look at other options and try to make sure people can get to work. that is the latest now they are hoping to get this resolved soon. traffic appears to be okay. compute hours are coming. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. -- commute hours are coming, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. in milpitas several streets are blocked off÷s&e police investigate a confrontation that reportedly resulted in gunfire -- --
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>> reporter: right now at the intersection of jacqueline you can see the investigators on the scene, combing every inch of the asphalt the fire department has shown up within the last hour or so, apparently to assist with lighting. you can see some shell casings or you could earlier on the street here. again, milpitas police won't tell us what happened. the best information we have is from the chp, the chp confirmed milpitas police did issue a be on the lookout, for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with police officers at this intersection. police not sure whether or not they hit that suspect. again, other agencies have
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been notified to be on the lookout for a suspect who might be armed and who fired on police officers. traffic here is closed for several s if in both directions. at -- at the end there are three schools. once the sun comes up and it gets to be the time of day when parents are dropping kids off, it could get messy out here with this major intersection closed. police can only tell us that they will be out here for a while. no estimate as to how long this investigation will take. for more on traffic let's head over to sue hall. we are live in the traffic center with a look at the bay bridge toll, no metering lights light on upper deck into san francisco so far we still have closure west and eastbound treasure island on and off-ramps, due to police
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activity that amy hollyfield was telling us about. and as katie marzullo was telling us jacqueline road closed between north milpitas and arizona avenue as they wrap up that police activity. here's lisa with your weather forecast >> good morning. fog around the bay, not as dense as yesterday, live doppler 7 hd not picking up rain, we have another day to go before we will see that rain. with the rain we are looking at a strange cold front that is going to bring a burst of heavy rain, a lot of gusty winds, temperatures not a factor the next couple of days. 40s and 50s now, 51 fremont, 52 mountain view, fog settling in around napa and fairfield mile, mile and a quarter. no delays yet at sfo, temperatures this morning to be cooler, all that cloud cover will thin out throughout the afternoon then it comes back with high and mid level clouds.
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upper 50s to 60 today, rain develops after midnight tonight. 5:35. new this morning, sea of blue is expected at a redwood city high school following the death of a student. facebook movement is underway asking students to wear blue today to honor 14-year-old leyla beban hit and killed while riding her bike to school 8:30 yesterday morning she was making a right from jefferson on to alameda when she was hit by a pick up, also turning right. witnesses say it was foggy and the roads were slick. witnesses say she slid and fell beneath the rear tires of the truck. a classmate says the news has shaken everyone who knew her. >> she is a very nice person always had a sphaoeufplt very friendly to everyone. seemed like she two along well with other kids. by all accounts the freshman had a bright future,
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she graduated -- she spoke three languages and had recently taken up fencing. 15-year-old boy due to be arraigned tomorrow on charges from a san jose crime spree that included the murder of a campbell man, three armed robberies and shootout that wounded a police officer his name is not released due to his age the d.a.'s office has not said whether he will be charged as a minor or . the teen was arrested at a -- concord complex he partnered with jonathan wilbanks who was arrested shortly after the november 16th, shootout with police. the pair is charged with shooting death of rory parkpettiford outside a convenience store. special circumstances could make him eligible for the death penalty. members of oakland city council hoping to strengthen
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graffiti laws making violations a misdemeanor instead of infraction and parents of underaged violators liable for damage and allow property owners to be eligible for a a city cleanup fund. walking to the car this morning, felt chilly. >> walking to the car tomorrow morning may mean you get rained on. yeah, you really have to tie some of those loose objects down we have a wind advisory for them, this morning still fog as you head out not as foggy, visibility reduced in the north bay by the delta, 10 miles at half moon bay, sfo, five miles and the fog continues to thin out, 8:00 this morning partly to mostly cloudy more high and mid level clouds throughout the afternoon, temperatures will be held down, today the last dry day, we still could see sprinkles at our coast, 48
5:38 am
upper 50s to low 60s partly to mostly cloudy, tomorrow morning the rain should begin in the north bay 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 ahead of the front very winds this should push through by the midday hours, afternoon commute wednesday much better the next system heads our way late thursday, 9:00 at night, heaviest rain in the north bay. good morning sue. right now, everything is looking good for san rafael at last southbound 101 no problems towards north san pedro from fry 'tis park civic center southbound earlier roadwork in southern marin picked up as has the roadwork on the golden gate bridge right now nice drive into san francisco from marin county. san mateo bridge drive looking good, no problems westbound towards foster city. everything at the limit between clawiter and foster city boulevard, 13 to 14 minute drive, typical on the
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san mateo bridge. light at bay bridge no metering lights yet, no problems upper deck, ramp closures east and westbound to treasure island folks who cannot get on or off the island due to police activity, not affecting your drive into san francisco at this hour. 5:39. >> next, the investigation into yasser arafat's death. the drastic steps that have just been taken to get to the bottom of mystery k important meeting today between susan rice and lawmakers over deadly cons
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. good tuesday morning. downtown san francisco low 50s no problems with visibility here although there is fog by the delta and east bay, temperatures held down today due to more cloud cover increasing throughout the afternoon about 60 around the bay, strong storm system by this time tomorrow. 5:43. palestinian officials say yasser arafat's remains have been reburied hours after being exhumed as part of a probe into his death.
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two palestinian officials say samples from the remains were given to experts from switzerland, france and russia, the former palestinian leader died of a stroke in 2004. the underlying causes of death remain a mystery. tomorrow night people living in san jose will get another chance to sound off about what they want in their new police chief, the current chief retires in january. he announced in september he will be retiring. the 25 year veteran of the department was promoted two years ago to replace retiring chief davis. now he's retiring amid deep budget cuts, lay-offs and low morale. at the first of four meetings last night, there was debate over whether the new chief should be promoted from within or brought in from another city. u.n. ambassador rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attacks. one of the meetings this morning will be with mccain one of the most vocal critics
5:44 am
of how she handled the aftermath of the attack. she came fire for saying it was spontaneous triggered over an anti-muslim video. since then we have learned it was a coordinated attack by al-qaeda affiliates. the intelligence community is responsible for not releasing that information right wait a minute lawmakers trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. automatic tax hike and spending cuts for all americans unless congress and the president can reach compromise. biggest obstacle of no tax increases of any kind signed by most republicans. grover norquist is behind that pledge and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign in exchange for helping them get reelected. with fiscal calamity on the horizon some gop lawmakers are changing their tune. >> i will violate the pledge, long story short, for the good of the country. >> president has made clear he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts for those making more than
5:45 am
$250,000. >> some republicans open to breaking the say they will did it by closing tax loopholes they say entitlement reform has to be part of the discussion. general motors has its eye on california to lunch a new electric car model. -- to launch a new electric car model. an all-electric version of the chevy spark next summer starting in california and oregon nor less than $25 thaw -- $25,000, after a tax credit. if you are looking for the new wii-u. nintendo scrambled to restock ahead of last friday, it is in short supply. looks like greece getting another bailout, european finance ministers agreeing to ease terms on emergency aid
5:46 am
for the country in the latest effort to save the you are yo. yesterday brick and mortar -- new survey from wal-mart says 78% of parents plan to buy the same amount of toys for their children regardless of how they behaved this year. parents -- kids are willing to do almost anything to get the toys they want including cleaning their rooms everyday for a year. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king. the fog not as big of an issue this morning. meteorologist lisa argen in for mike. that's right, another dry day before we change our weather pattern, three big storms headed our way, a look outside and san francisco in the low 50s, warmer location, fog out by the delta. doppler picking up a few sprinkles along the shore behind this afternoon, other
5:47 am
than that still anticipating rain and wind tomorrow morning, quarter mile visibility now in napa, five miles in oakland, as well as sfo, san jose not bad, everyone experiencing cloudy skies we will have many so of this fog thin out a little and high and low clouds increase throughout the afternoon. 53 oakland, redwood city 48, 50 san jose, mild 55 half moon bay. areas of fog this morning, some dense, wet and windy wednesday. this system is a quick mover, because of that i think the rainfall amounts not going to be too great. as we continue to see storm after storm that's when they may get into problems by the latter half of the weekend. second system bringing heavy rain in the extreme northern california, here's the first system bringing up subtropical moisture, gusty winds, wind advisory for the entire bay area goes up tomorrow morning. storm number two focused on
5:48 am
northern california heavier rain in the north bay in comes in late thursday into friday. number three, this heads our way over the weekend, then it looks by sunday afternoon, we will dry out. here's a look at the stormy conditions 8:00 tomorrow morning, still ahead of the cold front with the wind and rain out of here by noon, evening commute much better tomorrow here's our little break, flood watch in effect for delta, sack-toe valley, carquinez strait, -- parts of north bay through sunday six inches, four inches central bay, two inches south bay, home upper 50s to low 60s today, partly to mostly cloudy, looking at the series of wet weather systems to head our way tomorrow. today, you will enjoy 62 in watsonville, with the rain here comes the gusty winds, a little break late wednesday. next system thursday. on and off over the weekend.
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good morning. live shot of the upper deck of the bay bridge tough to see, traffic sluggish towards treasure island, still have that the on and off-ramps closed to treasure island both directions of the bay bridge due to police activity, brake lights starting past the toll and metering lights and sluggish on the incline into san francisco we'll keep following that. behind the toll minor delays for cash paying folks not too bad once you get to the tolls then slow traffic begins on upper deck. let's look at your waze app, i have this on highway 37 between vallejo and novato because traffic spotters are reporting very foggy weather there. sluggish traffic coming through the strawberry area in mill valley due to roadwork that should have been picked up, they are in the process of getting that picked up northbound 101 through strawberry. golden gate bridge good, free app you can download it app
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store or google play. 5:50. online retailers are celebrating this year's cyber monday as the biggest in history. shoppers spent an estimateed 1 1/2 billion dollars. reports almost 26% increase in spending from last year. the most popular things to buy online, according to paypal apparel, jewelry, then electronics. next, feds take action against popular peanut butter maker. what led regulators to shut it down? have you ever forgotten where you parked in a lot? the different
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live doppler good morning, plenty of clouds out there and fog this morning. not as dense, quarter mile visibility in napa, mile and quarter in fairfield has improved a little into concord we will look for this to thin out a little high and mid level clouds thicken throughout the day temperatures cool, right now upper 30s to mid 50s around the bay. this afternoon just in the upper 50s to about 60 more clouds along the shoreline,
5:54 am
maybe a few sprinkles, we are anticipating our big wet weather maker with very gusty winds, heavy rain coming our way tomorrow morning. live to the bay bridge toll, once again traffic light by tolls upper deck slow, minor delay for cash paying folks. i want to show you your waze app on the upper deck yellow line means slow, treasure island on and off-ramps are closed due to police activity. they apparently have that situation under control on treasure island and will be opening that ramp or both those ramps on and off, both directions of the bay bridge within 10 to 15 minutes. believe eric said that situation resulted in the gentleman committing suicide on treasure island unfortunately the wrapping of that. for your traffic sluggish on the upper deck and hopefully that will clear once those
5:55 am
ramps open. that's what we are hearing from san francisco police this morning, they heard a gunshot, tactical officers moved in and found the suspect dead from a gunshot wound many they expect the ramps to t.i. opened shortly sue will update her operation on that. other news, federal authorities have shutdown a company that produces trader joe's organic peanut butter, fda found salmonella contamination at the process saysing -- processing facility. mostly children became sick after eating the product. how many times have you walked around a shopping mall parking lot because you forgot where you parked? new study says, men and women have dining room strategies to remember where they parked. -- have different strategies
5:56 am
to remember where they parked. women use landmarks. men tend to remember the distance. the study appears in the journal of cognitive psychology. aiming straight for the heart of the female market, honda offering new small car designed specifically for women. the model comes in pink and a few other colors. the executive says, complements a woman's make-up. honda claim the car can help prevent wrinkles with a windshield that cuts 99% of the sun's u.v. rays. the car retails for $17,500 now only available in japan. 5:57. next, continuing to follow two breaking stories right now police on island because of an
5:57 am
overnight standoff that just ended. we'll take you back live to the scene. situation in the milpitas neighborhood, that remains surrounded by crime tape. we are waiting to hear from police. update is next. later, michael finney and consumer reports compare newest
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. breaking news from treasure island, seven hour standoff is over. >> it started after 11:00 last night after police chased a man from nob hill to treasure island. amy hollyfield joins us from the bay bridge with the latest. >> reporter: treasure island will be opening soon. traffic moving without problems. we see a chp car


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