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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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those what is best for his family and his career. >> bob: handoff to lyle mccombs and that might be a white flag wave of connecticut and it is. paul pasqualoni's team will come off the sideline and ends today's game with cincinnati coming on the road and closing off a 9-3 season and 5-2 record in the big east with 34-17 win. a game that connecticut kept close at halftime, but that uc really took over in the second half. >> danny: they really did. they knew they would probably be a tough position in the fourth quarter and they took control of the game when it mattered the most. >> bob: maria? >> maria: i heard you're not a fan of the cold weather but you get the gatorade bath. what does it mean for the team to fight back and get the big east title this year?
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>> resiliency. this team has shown great resolve and leadership. i said one of the greatest stories in college football and this program 4 out of 5 championships means something back-to-back with this team and excite for our seniors, our fans and everyone. you never take wing for granted. >> maria: you talked about this being a young team with 65 first and second-year players. how were able to manage them this season? >> we have great character and now they have great passion for everything. i love these guys. >> maria: congratulations, coach. >> thank you. >> bob: all right, maria, thanks very much. congratulations to cincinnati as they share the big east title with a convincing second half performance and a 34-17 win. coming up now at 8:00 p.m. on absence a bc, texas takes on kansas state. so long from hartford.
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>> a weekend washout in the bay area pounded by two serious storms with another still heading our way. >> taking you live outside we're currently getting a break from the rain but it's not pretty out there. and hopefully we will be showing you a live look outside but not just yet. we are coming up right now. >> good afternoon, thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. the weekend washout. we have live team coverage of the storm for you, and we're
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taking a look at the weather-related problems across the bay area as well. this is a live look from the mountain camera, and you can see the wind is blowing out there and does look blustery. let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: a nice little breeze -- start to pick up and tomorrow morning. that is when storm number three will make way across the bay area. live doppler 7hd already starting to pick up moderate rain along the north coast, and this is the warm sector of storm number three. so all of this is moving up towards the north bay. starting to move into the cloverdale area. sea ranch getting hit with with heavy rain. santa rosa, stewart's point, very heavy rain coming down there right now. and notice even some light,
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moderate rain, starting to pick up. towards sausolito. san francisco, light rain, but you can see the cells. the darker green indicating on the map we'll start moving in. daly city and berkeley, piedmont, the claremont avenue area being hit with a good burst of rain, and towards oakley and brentwood, seeing moderate rain. these are cells moving around, and this is actually the warm sector. this is 7:00 tonight. this is the warm sector, the mod rain in the north bay. and a little break around midnight and by 3:00 a.m., this is storm number three. this is 5:00 a.m. heavy rain starting to move down into the north bay. 7:00 a.m., starts to move down to about the golden gate bridge, sfo. 9:00 a.m. heavy rainfall. now starting to move into the
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east bay. fairfield, concord. notice the clearing that takes place behind the very rapidly, at 11:00 a.m., and then moves on towards the south. of course the concerns up on the riffs and we'll look at those concerns in a bit. >> ama: in napa, the national weather service issued a flood warning for the napa river, a waterway prone to flooding, and the city's residents are hoping it's not a repeat of the devastating flood in 2005. >> the napa river looks calm now but that could change in a hurry tonight with another round of heavy rains about to hit. serious floods are common here, and residents are on alert, preparing by filling sandbags provided by the city. >> when stuff like this happens, city of napa takes care of napa. >> residents filled 700 bags, ten tons of sand in three hours this morning. >> my son and i picked up 12
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sandbags. >> he had the forsythe to plan ahead because of the past. his home has flooded three times. sanbags are one of many weapons in his arsenal. >> we expect the worst to be tomorrow morning. that usually happenings. the rain falls, river rises, comes down and floods our area. >> the national weather service warns the river will rise above flood stage tomorrow in 2005, the river overwhelmed downtown napa and flooded thousands of acres. 1,000 homes were flooded or destroyed. since then, the napa river, napa creek flood protection project has made significant improvements to prevent that from happening again and the city is confident they can deal with the expected water flow. >> when you see it happen, you say, better be prepared. >> the flood warning for the napa riff will remain in effect until tomorrow night but the river is expected to rise before the flood level of 16 feet,
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around noon tomorrow. >> ama: storms continue to cause problems. one big problem, huge downed tree in marin county at lucas valley road, and it is affecting the entire community. tomas roman is live with more on the storm's effects. >> there's a lot of standing water still on a lot of the bay area roads and shallow rooted trees are falling over abuse the ground is so saturated and the hillsides as well. now, pg&e is still working on a tree that fell on a powerline this morning on lucas valley road. >> this tree toppled over on to the powerline in the castro valley at 11:20:00 a.m. pg&e workers who responded to the call suggested lucas valley road be closed incase the high voltage line fell. the chp closed the major artery to all but residents.
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>> people who live in the area, are definitely affected by this. this is a major artery. to get to 101. >> pg&e crews checked out the line and determined they might have to cut its power so the tree could be cut. the idea of losing power didn't faze the residents we spoke to. >> happens on occasion, big storms and a lot of trees. >> what do you think of this? >> it is what it is. >> the power -- i was out of power for 18 hours. the day before yesterday. so, let's life in the country. >> pg&e is trying to fine the best way to get the tree off the line and still maintain power to a large portion of the valley. pg&e crews and san francisco dpw crews have been working fulltime, dealing we the aftermath of the storm. dpw says they have 150 people working throughout san francisco while these storm systems on the way. the great highway in the city is
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closed southbound due to flooding. the rain caused major traffic problem. this big rig jack notified at 8:45 a.m. on the connector to highway 101. why the truck hit the center divider is under investigation. the chp has been warning motor wrists to slow down during the heavy rains and flooded roadways. >> now, work on that powerline is apparently cut power to 72 homes in the area. 300 4 homes are without power in the east bay. 229 in the south bay and 30 in the peninsula. now, anybody who wants to use lucas valley road to get to west marin should call the chp to make sure that lucas valley road is still open. reporting live in marin county, abc-7 news. >> ama: we have had several reports of trees down. look at some viewer photos from you report. this large tree crashed yesterday in the backyard of a house in south san francisco. and aaron sent abc-7 news this picture.
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this tree toppled on to a carport in mountain view. up in of the cars wag damaged. e-mail us your weather photos at ureport. >> another flood warning in the sierra. the truckee river is expected to overflow its banks tomorrow morning. a state of emergency has been declared for douglas county. preparations are underway. crews in reno are filling sanbags and an area of sparks that could be under four feet of water by 7:00 tomorrow night. on the california side, the truckee river is predicted to flood between squawk creek. >> the flood watch continues all week. we'll have live reports tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. with the abc-7 sunday morning news. and you can track the rain at any time at our web site. >> a fire has destroyed an historic structure at the san francisco zoo. the fire broke out this afternoon in the flier --
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fleishhacker pool house. >> upon arrival i went into defensive operations right away. the abandoned building, no reason for life hazard so the risk was too great for the building at this point. >> one firefighter was evaluated for smoke inhalation. no one else was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the building known for its striking interior has been closed since 1971 and has been home to squatters and the homeless since then. a teenager has become san jose's 43rd homicide victim this year, the 17 year was found shot to death last night at 11:30 near pacific and lincoln avenues. investigators think it may be gang-related but haven't released any suspect information. the murder rate in san jose now matches a 20 year high reached back in 1997. >> we have new details bat homicide at a mansion. this is a shot of the home from sky 7hd.
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the man killed was the former owner of the mountain winery, ravi kumra. his wife called police at 1:35 in the morning. she said her husband was killed. she was attacked and the intruders ransacked her home. the wife was treated at the hospital for her injuries. the los gatos communities are hosting a special meeting to discuss community safety this evening. it will be held at city hall sam am an nfl player is dead after police say he killed himself in a murder-suicide. >> we still don't know what causedoffon belcher to snap, pushing the four year kansas city chief linebacker over the edge. the tragedy began saturday morning after police received a call about a shooting at a home not far from arrowhead stadium. the shooting victim, 22-year-old cassandra perkins, belcher's livein girlfriend and the mother of their three-month-old daughter, died a short time later in the hospital. >> we heard they had been arguing in the past.
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as far as recently. they'd been arguing before the shooting occurred. >> the 25-year-old nfl player then drove the arrowhead stadium parking lot, got out of the car and corrode path with the general panger and head coach, and other team personnel. bell clear thank el them for all he had done for them, stepped back, and then turned the gun on himself. >> the coaches said when he pulled up they were never in danger. he never trapped them. they talked for a little bit. >> the murder-suicide sent shock waves in kansas city. >> there are people hurting, a young baby without a parent or parents. >> the chiefs released a statement declaring the entire chiefs family is deeply saddened by the events and our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy, hearts and prayers. >> one day before the chiefs host the panthers, the day will go on.
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>> ama: new details bat campus murder in wyoming. a 22-year-old man killed his father and his father's girlfriend happen. say the first stabbed the girl offcampus and then snuck a bow and error into this father's science classroom and before the students he shot his father in the head with an arrow and then shot himself. investigators are not sure what led to murders. >> cargo ships diverted because of a sport strike in l.a. are headed to oakland. the strike ban tuesday. clerical workers walked off the job and the long shoremen joined them. the the works say the port wants to move their jobs overseas, and the port says that is not true. the strike could cost the ports billions in business. it's not clear if the ships headed to oakland will unload there. >> the world's first nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been taken out of active service. thousands of people said goodbye to the uss enterprise which was
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deactivated in virginia today. it's seen action in every major conflict since the cuban missile crisis. the military will remove its nuclear fuel and then scrap it for parts. >> ahead, making the holidays special for those in need. an effort kicks off to provide toys to some 3,000 bay area children this holiday season. >> and taking a live look at live doppler 7hd, tracking the third storm to hit the bay area this week. meteorologist leighkx ñ
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>> ama: nancy pelosi has been recognized for her work the fight against aids. she was honored during a world aids day ceremony this afternoon in golden gate park. she was recognized for he volunteer work and for helping create the memorial. the group also awarded a scholarship to a woman who teaches teens about a.i.d.s. >> the bridge between the older generation and the youth could be -- i don't know any youth who want to sit down with a 40-year-old and talk about hiv, so i'm the bridge and make them feel comfortable. >> the event kicked off a attempt to raise money for the national dough mades memorial. to donate text heal to 501501.
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>> the stuff the bus toy drive is expected to provide presents to thousand children this holiday. the annual toy and brook book drive kicked off today in san mateo areas. organize ares expect to check 20,000 items. each kid receives a gift and a stocking. >> a lot of people are getting their christmas trees today but leigh glaser is their tell us the rain is not over yet. leg. >> leigh: it's not. we have one more storm and the brunt of this will move in early tomorrow morning, but the warm sector of this next system already spreading moderate rain along the sonoma coastline. cloverdale, santa rosa, starting to see moderate rain. this batch of mod -- moderate rain starts to ease off, so we may get another break in the action as we head through the early evening hours.
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cloverdale, moderate rain. santa rosa, in the next 15-20 mints will -- minutes will move in. real estate around the bay area, light mist and drizzle across the bay area. san francisco, berkeley, richmond, light rain. you can see the yellows on the sly -- on the live sweep here, and here is a look at our forecast. we are going to continue with pers of rain this evening. maybe some moderate rain imbedded in this, and then heavy rain and wind for tomorrow morning. we have high winds expected, and also flooding likely. speaking of flooding, let's go ahead and get you up to date on what's going on in the napa river. flood stage 25 feet. actually receded to 12 feet today but is expected to crest tomorrow afternoon, two feet above flood stage. so keep that in mind. also concerns on the russian river at begun -- receded a bit
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but the flood stage is 32 feet and is expected to crest three feet above flood stage as we head into the monday afternoon time period. so up to about 35 feet. so definitely concerns on those two waterways, also, a big burst of heavy rain expected overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. a flood watch has been posted for much of the bay area, from the north bay down towards the monterey bay. rapid rises on streams and creeks likely, and we're looking for another round of three to seven inches of rainfall. this is the warm sector, and this cold front will bring us the very heavy rain tomorrow morning. here's the timing. 7:00 tonight, almost spot on. you can see the warm sector along the northern regions. by 3:00 a.m., that's when the cold front starts to bring in some very heavy rain, check out
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7:00 tomorrow morning, much of the bay area getting hilt with some very heavy rain. a lot of wind expected with this as well. this is 9:00 a.m. already starting to across the golden gate bridge. to the north we'll see spoty periods of clearing, and santa cruz, gilroy, that's when you'll start to see the moderate rain. by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, much of the bay area should see drying. how much rainfall? close to five inches north bays. mountains two to four inches. north bay, lesser amounts, peninsula, east bay, south bay. the santa cruz mountain, looking at close to four inches there. along with this heavy rain we're going to have to deal with strong winds. south winds, 20-30 miles-per-hour. with gusts possibly up to 60 miles-per-hour. remember, all of this take place
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tomorrow morning, and then by tomorrow afternoon, we will start to see some of that clearing. temperatures tomorrow -- this is a warm sector storm so we're all going to be in the mid-to-low 60s. south bay, down towards watsonville, gilroy, south, you'll have to deal with the rain into late tomorrow afternoon. monday we get a dry day and then tuesday, another shot of rain overnight, wednesday morning, a dry day on thursday and then friday start to cool things down and hopefully start to dry out in time for next weekend. >> it would be nice. thank you, leigh. raider nation, we want to see your team pride. e-mail your fan photos photos po ureport. we'll show them on the air during our special raiders day edition of abc-7 at 4:00 on thursday. then at 5:00 you can watch peyton manning and at the denver broncos take on the raiders right here on abc-7. today a lot of college football.
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>> mike: and stanford is on their way to the rose bowl. and alabama and georgia batting for a spot in the national toot
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>> mike: stanford is headed to the rose bowl for the first time since 2000, beating ucla last night. they'll play the winner of the game between nebraska and wisconsin. quarterback kevin hogan was named the game's mvp, completing 16 of 22 passes for 155 yards and a touchdown. seth taylor became stanford's all-time leading yards.
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>> believed the guys in the locker room now. the guys we recruited, and we recruited thoad guys with that in mind. i've said at it million times, if you can get enough tough, smart, motivated individuals, in one locker room, that like to win, and everything they do, like to be successful, push themselves, push each other if you got that kind of locker room, you can beat anybody. >> mike: now the sec title game. alabama and georgia. winner gets a shot at notre dame for the national championship on january 7th. alabama is the defending national champion and them dogs don't want a repeat. late second quarter, bama trailing. lacy, 41-yard touchdown run. alabama led at the half 10-7. lacy had 177 yards then. georgia's special teams come up big in the third. williams blocks a field goal attempt.
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alex ogeltree, scoops and scores. georgia goes on top 21-10. fourth quarter. lacy. into the end zone for the score. right now georgia is up 28-25. i'll have highlights later in this newscast. >> 11th ranked oklahoma taking on the horned frogs frogs of tc. landry jones finds williams out of the backfield. score. 7-0 sooners. in the third, williams on the ground. finds an opening. see ya. 66-yard touchdown run. he had 154 total yards. oklahoma up 21-7. tcu made at it game. had a chance to tie late in regulation but it's incomplete. oklahoma hangs on to win, 417, and clinks at least a share of the big twelve title. >> oklahoma state pumped up for their game against baylor but barrel came -- baylor came to play. reese wins the race.
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bears ahead 24-3. fourth quarter. baylor up 34-27. then pulls his hamstring but able to stumble into the end zone. 76-yard touchdown run. baylor upasset kansas state last week, oklahoma state this week, 31-4 34 the final. >> 49ers will but heads with he rams tomorrow. can colinkx1ñ ñ
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>> mike: 49ers on the road facing the st. louis rams. this game also started the quarterback controversy. alex smith was knocked out due to a a concussion and hasn't been back since. cap -- the niners struggle offensively and the rams' defense is stronger than the past. >> a very challenging team defensively. they have -- you can say the strength of the defensive line, and it is a strength, but the secondary played extremely well. the we're going to have to be prepared for them again. >> mike: the raiders look to stop the bleeding against the browns. with a short week coming up, they play on thursday night --
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tomorrow's game is more important. quarterback pryor is expected to suit up for the first time tomorrow. not sure if hi -- he will see action. carson palmer having pain is in throwing hand but is expecting to a start. >> he needs to feel what it's like to suit up on game day. >> definitely a step with this organization, and just warm out with those guys and see how he handles a real game situation. a good time. >> mike: you have your other futbol. that's coming up. >> ama: take a look in part of california the rainy weather has created a flood of
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yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did, yes you did. no i didn't, no i didn't. yes you did. did not. [ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get an 8 piece meal now with a dozen delicious cook-store. the kfc festive feast. all for just $19.99. today tastes so good.
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>> time for the third storm to strike, and already saturated bay area braces for yet another soaker. look at live doppler 7hd radar. leigh glaser will be telling us everything going on and you can track the storm with live doppler 7hd at league is tracking the storm. first we want to give you a quick live look outside. this is our mt. tam cam.
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you're taking a live look outside. you can see the raindrops on the lens there. earlier we took a look and didn't seem to be raining. we're getting rain at this point and there is a little bit of breezy conditions out there as well. this after a morning of showers and taking a look up in the sierra, weekend storms could bring as much as three feet of snow in the higher elevations. here's heavenly mountain. some tahoe ski resorts are reporting two feet of snow. >> it is umbrella weather in wine country. didn't pour, but there was enough rain to need a little cover. there will be more rain by sunday. the national weather service has issued a flood warning for the russian river. the napa river is expected to rise. >> a property owner south of the bay area is dealing with a massive mud slide the result of a storm and a change her
4:40 pm
neighbor made to the landscape, she owns a 22-acre horse ranch in salinas. she says her neighbor bofd just tilled 55 acres of lan and got rid of the rocks that usually create a natural barrier. there's a mess left behind. she says she hasn't seen anything like this in years. >> the water runoff should not come on the property. they have to have holding ponds or drainage in place to divert from my property. >> she is now trying to clean up and dig trenches ahead of the next storm. keeping her horses dry is her priority. >> california emergency management agency reminds to us make sure we're ready for rainy season. we're encouraged to have emergency kits stocked with items including battery operated radios and flashlights, extra batteries, three-day supply of road and water for everyone in the familiar lie -- family and
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manual can openers. you should develop an emergency plan for your family. you can check our webs under "see it on tv". >> in mexico, a new president came power, enrique peña knee a- knee at nietos took office. his institutional revolutionary party ruled for 71 years with a mix of graft, and rigged elections before being voted out and replaced by the conservative national action party in 2000. >> employing are now questioning the driver of a bus that slammed into an overpass at miami international airport, killing two people on board. the officials say all 32 people aboard the bus suffered some sort of injury. three critically hurt. the bus is typically used for
4:42 pm
tourists. the driver was not familiar with the area and did not intend to go the away. police believe the passengers were local residents. >> an oregon man is recovering from a shark attack in hawaii. while authorities decide whether to re-open two miles of beach. the 61-year-old tourist was snorkeling on maui when a shark attacked 200 yards offshore. he was taken to a hospital after being treat bid lifeguards. he told the state biologist the shark's head was about two feet wide. >> the estimate of the size of the head, the coloration and the shape, and i'm certainly not an expert but his guess, is it was a tiger shark. >> the attack happened on the south side of the island. >> robbers caught on tape. ahead, a look at their heist at a victoria's secret store. >> that dog is a loire -- hero. >> what that the dog did that has the family amazed and
4:43 pm
relieved. >> live doppler 7hd picking up rain north of the golden gate bridge this hour. it's going to be nasty tomorrow as storm number three hits. we'll take a look at the timing, 1ñ ñ keep you up to date on all
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>> ama: police in san diego are looking for a pair of panty thieves, surveillance video shows the men stealing hundreds of pairs of underwear. they just put them in the bag and walk right out. employees didn't notice what happened until they saw half of the display was missing.
4:46 pm
>> moments of sheer panic for a family in south carolina after a two-year-old boy wandered off and couldn't be found. reporter shows us why the family is now calling their dog a hero. >> wherever pay ton myhra goes, his grandparents' dog goes with him. the australian shepherd became more than a family pet. >> that dog is a hero. >> peyton was outside with hit grandfather who was washing on a tractor when he wandered into the woods and disappeared for morning four hours. his parents were terrified. >> you see it on tv. about abductions and kids running off and it's scary. >> rich raced prom from the pediatrician and sheriff's deputies, tv nr, police dogs and neighbors started searching. it got dark and cold and peyton was still missing. >> i thought this is not going
4:47 pm
to end good. >> it was after 8:30 and long past dark when family members tell me neighbors who were combing the woods in the area saw the dog, ash, who led them back there behind that barn to her best friend, peyton. >> my sister shot off in that direction, and a few minutes later somebody came out and said, they've got him. >> ash! >> pai don was found lying on his jacket, asleep in the woods. ash stayed with him. >> relife like i never felt. >> for peyton, unhurt, it was just another walk in the woods. >> let's get another leigh glaser report. >> it will end, promise you that. one more storm, storm number three to get through, and that's tomorrow morning. right now live doppler 7hd already picking up some moderate rain. starting to push in off the sonoma coastline.
4:48 pm
cloverdale getting hammered with moderate rain. santa rosa, roanoke park. you can see that the send bass bass -- that the moderate rain will start to move off towards s the north and east. win sore -- winsor will pick up moderate rain. around the bay area, light or heavy mist and drizzle. san jose, points south, seeing dry conditions so that's going to change. let's get right to the timing of the next system. what we're seeing out there right now is thanks to the warm sector of the front this is 7:00 tonight and it will spread some light to moderate rain across the bay area. area evening tonight. going to be 3:00 a.m. sunday morning when the effects of the third storm starts to kick in. heavy rain, strong winds. wind gusts out of the south close to 45, 50 miles-per-hour,
4:49 pm
expected to move into the north bay. this is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. heading down towards the golden gate bridge, 9 al. you can see it just about the golden gate bridge. the area ahead of it where is the heavy rain is, behind it we'll start to see clearing, and then this is 11:00 a.m., and then by 1:00, 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, it is out of here and we'll start to see a little bit of drying. with all of this wet weather, all the heavy rain, obviously flashflood watches in effect through tomorrow afternoon. much of the bay area. we're talking three to seven inches of rain expected, especially the higher elevations. of course the winds are going to kick in as well overnight. so wind advisory up for the entire bay area. tomorrow afternoon, a different story. we'll get into some drying. welcome drying for monday, tuesday, another shot of showers, and won't be heavy rain on tuesday, and then dry back out on thursday. tomorrow morning, nasty.
4:50 pm
prepare for it. >> ama: good day to sleep in perhaps. it is thin and shiny and lights up when you touch it. you have to extra good to find one in your stocking. the tablet craze is huge but not every tablet maker is a winner. >> the bright red holiday shirts are out in the apple store and so are the curious fingers of shoppers looking into buying an ipad but the ipad and ipad minitakes second place the most desired tablet computer. >> one in three people want the google nexus seven. i attribute that to googles wonderful job for turning out a tab let for $199. >> more than half of online shoppers surveyed say they want to buy some kind of a tablet this holiday season. most as a gift but some for
4:51 pm
themselves. >> everyone seems to have one and now i feel like i would like to have one, too. >> tablets may be the hot item but there's one off to a lukewarm start. >> i can't figure out how to get to the home screen. >> the microsoft surface, winning the new windows rt operating system, had one reviewer saying the wanted to throw it out the window. another photographed it in his garbage can. , it's an incredibly fine machine. >> but it's missing staples like twitter and facebook. >> there's definitely a chicken and egg issue with the app, which is, until there are a lot of windows devices out there there's not a big insent test for developers. >> it's expensive compared to nexus and kindle tablets that
4:52 pm
flew off the shelves. >> time for a check on sports with mike shumann. we're keeping -- >> mike: a lot of games. sec title game should term the national championship matchup in
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
>> mike: the game of the day, sec title game, alabama and georgia. winner gets a shot at notre dame for the national championship on january 7th. alabama is the defending national champion but the dogs don't want a repeat. late second quarter, bama appraisalling 7-0. lacy breaks through the georgia defense. 41 yards, and alabama led 10-7 at the half. georgia special teams come up big. the punt is blocked.
4:55 pm
scoop, and off to the races for the touchdown. georgia on top 21, 10. late fourth quarter, bama down three. then the 45-yard score. crimson tide goes up. georgia drives it down inside their own ten but the time ran out and alabama defeats georgia, 32-28, and head on to face notre dame and the bcs championship game. >> 23rd ranked oklahoma state pumped up for their game against baylor but baylor came to play. nick florence, and the race is on, and reese is going to win it. 75-yard touchdown. baylor bears go ahead 24-3. fourth quarter, baylor up 34-27. 179 yards on 16 carries. able to stomach pool the end zone. 76-yard touchdown. baylor upsets kansas state. last week, oklahoma state. this week, 41-34 your final.
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>> third round of the world challenge, tournament host tiger woods got off to a great start, chipping in on one. begin issued with a 3-under 69 but five back at 8 under. bradley, nice birdie putt on 10. alone at second. and graham mcdowell has not won since his tournament in 2010. 4-under 6. 13-under -- excuse me, our leader going into tomorrow's final round. and mls cup finals, galaxy and houston playing each other in the championship game for the second year in a row. david beckham's last game with the galaxy. landon donovan perhaps playing his last game for the galaxy. the application win -- galaxy win, 3-1. >> kansas state and texas on deck here on abc-7. stay tuned for after the game.
4:57 pm
larry beil and myself will break it down and see who is going to what game. >> he is going to have this own talk show. >> he might. >> ama: that does it for this edition of abc-7 news. college football is next. and the abc-7 7 news exclusive app is now available for your android. download it for free from the amazon app.@res ñ
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kansas state coach bill snyder made this walk many times. but tonight, at hand, a bcs berth. mack brown knows its collin klein's final home game


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