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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> we have two breaking news stories. first the highway patrol is on the scene right now of a fatal accident on interstate 280 in san francisco. at least one person is dead. the accident involves three vehicles in the northbound direction. and then the other breaking news is on the richmond-san rafael bridge where an discover turned big rig is blocking all eastbound lanes. it happened in the last half-hour. the highway patrol said that accident is storm related. no word on any injuries. a high wind advisory is up on all bay area bridges. caltran is warning drivers be very careful. again, all lanes eastbound, interstate 580 over the
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richmond-san rafael bridge are closed because of an overturned big rig. we will bring you more information on both of those breaking news stories as we get it. so round three of the latest series of storms to sweep through northern california is here. we have live team storm coverage. let's begin with our meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the storm will live doppler 7 hd. >> good morning, everyone. your eye goes right to the red and this is where it is draped from the sacramento valley back to clear lake and windsor and santa rosa. the back edge has been pushing through ukiah and with it the very gusty winds preceding the gusts. we have wind gusts up to 51 miles an hour at the airport, 38 miles an hour winds from hayward. a little lighter but still at the higher elevations you are seeing 63 miles an hour wind gusts down to about 2,000 feet down in the south bay. here's the north bay. look at the heavy rain from
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richmond, martinez and berkeley, now pushing into the east bay. and 580 and back westward. 280 in san francisco. not only looking it he rain but gusty winds. lighter rains into fremont and union city and the south bay. this will all continue to increase throughout the day. the first half of the day looking much, much different than the second half. carolyn. >> lisa, you are the key person this morning. thank you so much. big concern in the north bay is flooding, especially along creeks and rivers. abc7 news reporter kera clapper is live in napa where they are watching that river rise inch by inch. >> yes. inch by inch, carolyn, especially as the rain continues to fall. i've come to the realization this is my lot in life, to be put in situations where the rain is blowing horizontally at me all morning long. the wind is whipping through napa. we have a look at the river this morning whereas carolyn mentioned, flooding is a concern. it was expected that the river
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would surpass it's flood level about noon today. now that's changed. estimates go anywhere from 1:00 p.m. to between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. estimates are the water could rise and reach 25 to 27 feet. elsewhere here in napa you can see downtown. it is just soaked. the whole city is soaking wet. wind again a big factor this morning. not a lot of cars on the road. i popped into the one business open. that's starbucks on the corner. they say they are a lot emptier than they usually are this time of morning. normally people are out but people are staying inside and that's probably a good thing as the wind and rain creates very dangerous conditions for driving, as carolyn pointed out with breaking news this morning. for now that's the latest from downtown napa. abc7 news. flood warnings are in effect for the russian river. it is predicted to reach flood stage at gurnville early tomorrow morning. the river is already running high. the ground is salt straighted.
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it is forecast to reach flood stage about 32 feet around 2:00 tomorrow morning. it's expected to crest at 35 feet around noon. the petaluma river may also reach flood stage within a few hours. this video from friday shows an industrial avenue parking lot that's always the first spot to flood. the petaluma fire department says it will be out patrolling and will not issue any further statements. if more flooding does occur, they will respond to calls for assistance. residents are urged to call 911 if they need help. along the coast high surf is the big thing this morning. the wind and rain producing treacherous waves. abc7 news reporter nick smith is live near the pier in pacifica. good morning, nick. >> good morning, carolyn. you mentioned treacherous waves. you know the national weather service says we could see waves as high as 14 to 16 feet. take a look over my shoulder because this is what it's all about right now.
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the win and the waves. you know, we are experiencing a bit of a break from the two major storms that moved through the area. but all of that is over now. the wind in combination with the saturated ground from days of rain can lead to downed trees and power lines. and driving can become a challenge as evidenced by the truck accident we told you about earlier. with the region soaked from two previous storms, the national weather service said the rain from this storm may be just enough to push the water levels and streams and creeks over their banks. there's a wind advisory in effect and the storm is expected to drop between three to seven inches of rain. there is also a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay and the coastal areas from san francisco to santa cruz. again, the national weather service has issued a high surf advisory, and they are saying we could see swells that could be as high as 14 to 16 feet. ordinarily you know the piir
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would be open right new but it's closed because of the wind. you see how the wind hits the pier and it sprays to the other side. we will continue to monitor but we don't see a break anytime soon. abc news. >> thank you, nick. right now pg&e reports several major power outages and numerous smaller problems all over the bay area right now. santa rosa has more than 6,000 homes and businesses without power due to eight separate outages. richmond has 2200 customers off-line. the problem is being assessed. 1500 are out in san rafael. in rodeo, more than a thousand out in the dark. and high winds and downed trees are likely to cause local power outages throughout the day, so be prepared. sonoma county fire department is tell us it has already responded to a
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half-dozen downed trees this morning. one collapsing on to a house in petaluma. two came down yesterday, closing this stretch of napa's redwood road. creating a 45 minute detour for locals. the trees took out power lines on their way down, leaving 50 homes without electricity. the sierra is bracing for more rain and snow this morning. that's raising concern about flooding in areas near creeks and refers. this morning the truckee river near lake tahoe is under a flood warning. the national weather service said the weather could crest at four feet above flood stage this morning. our meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the storm with leave doppler 7 hd and she's at the weather center with the latest on which areas, lisa, are getting hit really hard right now? >> right here, carolyn. the report of a mudslide up in sonoma county. and watch out napa. right now getting the very heavy rain from mount saint heleena.
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that's where the radar is. you see the cold front draped from the north back westward. heavy rain from highway 12 through here. 48 miles an hour at the airport, 37 miles an hour half moon bay, up to 30 down around san jose. look at livermore, 41 miles an hour. just got a report from the oakland airport with the wind gust of 45 miles an hour. so if you are not getting the heavy, heavy rain in the south bay, you are getting the wind and the rain in the east bay from 680 to 80. take a look north of richmond, venire shaw, concord, and it's come down harder now. sycamore valley road and it's beginning to pick up a little bit in san francisco. but it's still well up in the north bay. you are getting the very gusty winds and some of the rain moving sideways now. fremont lighter rain. campbell and san jose you are quiet but the santa cruz mountains we are looking at more rain. we will be watching the rivers,
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too. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we are staying on top of any problems this morning's storm is creating on bay area roads. let's take a live look. the golden gate bridge where traffic seems to be just rolling along. keep in mind there are high wind advisories for all the bay area bridges. this is the san mateo bridge. traffic flowing but wind really whipping around. you know already that we have breaking news about two accidents, a fatal accident on interstate 280 in san francisco and the richmond-san rafael bridge, all lanes closed because of an overturn big rig. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. a live shot here. again, traffic at this early hour, 6:10 on a sunday morning, moving along well. please keep your hands on the wheel. slow down a little bit. this weather has been really
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wreak havoc. >> up next, the step police want you to see to hopefully lead to a examplar. and plus why san francisco firefighters decided not to go into a historic building as it went up in flames. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. it is showing now rain moving across the north bay, santa rosa, novato, heading this way. everyone getting hit. in the yellow it's the heaviest. again, that's near santa rosa and beyond.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 6:13. this is a live look at napa where there is a lot of concern about the river rising as the rain continues to fall and the wind is really doing a number throughout the bay area. our meteorologist lisa argen is keeping track of everything with our live doppler 7hd. she will be along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. police have released a sketch in the stu's first homicide in 40 years. they are searching for this person, described as white or hispanic in his early 20s with
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dark hair and dark-eyed. the victim was the former owner of the mountain winery. his wife called police early friday morning sag an intruder had killed her husband and attacked her and ransacked their home. his wife was treated at the hospital for her injuries. san francisco fire investigators are expected to be back on the scene today of a fire that destroyed a historic building near the oo. they say the blaze was suspicious in nature. flames poured out of the flyshacker pool house yesterday afternoon. when firefighters arrived a decision was made to battle the flames from the outside only because the building is abandoned and there was concern going into the building might endanger the firefighters. the tile roof on the pool house collapsed during the fire. one firefighter was slightly injured. let's get a check of the accuweather forecast now as we check in with our meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> gusty winds all throughout the bay area. we are starting out mount saint heleena where our radar is. the rain is coming down hard. and through sonoma county, and napa, petaluma looking at the heavier rain. highway is 121 wet weather. you aren't seeing lot of rain in the south bay, but you are feeling the gusty winds. san francisco into the east bay the rain is pushing into concord right now. look how it cuts off a little bit into san francisco. but right here through 580 you have the wet weather and leaguer returns to the south. but it is going to sink south within the next three hours. you will be looking at the heavier rain trying to push through the east bay and south bay. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. more news this morning. an emotional reunion between a san francisco man and his lost
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service doing. this is a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> we first brought you the story nearly two weeks ago after someone stole his best friend and constant companion from outside the davis medical center. he took lola, a four-year-old yorkshire terrier everywhere, including to his dialysis appointments. his neighbor tracy took up the cause to find lola and got an e-mail yesterday. >> a woman said i found a dog about four days running around lake merit in oakland and i could tell it was probably lost. i brought it home and i think it's your dog. >> thank you everybody so much! >> and it was, indeed, lola. the woman who found the dog called us first, and we gave her the neighbor tracy's e-mail. ago. >> we are following two breaking news stories. a big rig accident on the
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richmond-san rafael bridge and a fatal accident on interstate 280 in san francisco. the latest coming up. and the announcement expected tomorrow from the u.s. supreme court that could have gay and lesbian couples across california
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 6:20. this is a live look here. traffic going on, people driving very carefully because of our stormy conditions.
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let me tell you about two breaking news stories involving accidents. a fatal one on interstate 280 in san francisco. at least one person dead in a three-vehicle pileup. the other is on the richmond-san rafael bridge where an overturned big rig is blocking most of the lanes. the right lane is now open eastbound. the two left lanes eastbound remain closed and there are high wind advisories for all the bridges in the bay area. >> tomorrow the u.s. supreme court may reveal whether it will weigh in on same-sex marriage. justices may announce whether they will review the legality of proposition 8. you know that's california's babb on same-sex marriage. they may also take up the federal defense of marriage act which bars federal benefits to saim sex couples. if they review it a ruling would come sometime before the term ends in june. if the justices refuse to hear
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the case, a lower court decision declaring the ban unconstitutional would stand and that means same sex wedding in california could resume within days or the court could put the whole issue on hold, keeping the status quo for months or more. the justices meet to confer again on december 7th. the moraga teen denied an eagle scout award because he is gay will be honored by state lawmakers tomorrow. ryan andreassen spent ten years working toward the award. last year the scouts said he violated their anti-gay policy. his mom started an online petition drive to try to convince the scouts to reverse their decision. tomorrow ryan will be honored at the opening session of the state assembly by openly gay assembly speaker. and we are definitely watching what is going on with the weather outside.
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it's been quite the last few days. our meteorologist lisa argen here with the latest. >> our forecast models verifying pretty well with the heave rain in the north bay, continuing to sink south and the gusty winds, holy cow, look at napa right now with winds over 40 miles an hour. we've had several reports of downed trees from sonoma county. the winds up to 45 and 50 miles an hour. you can barely see out there. good thing not a lot of folks out. else where around the bay, the san mateo bridge, the wind is much -- is still very strong but the rain is much lighter. so no one escapes the wind gusts and the rain. it will be heading your way within the next couple of hours through the peninsula and the east bay. live doppler 7hd. we have a radar on top of saint heleena. we've had a change the tilt because the rain is coming down so hard. from highway 1 and the wind
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gusts 45 miles an hour at the airport. alameda county 32 miles an hour wind gusts. in hayward and over 40 miles an hour in the livermore valley. in san jose you have had the gusty winds all night long. we are taking it further south from novato, highway 101. take a look at the east bay from highway 24 to 580 and 680. alamo, and the valley the rain is pick up pretty good. you are getting the gusty winds as well. further west, san francisco continues to see the lighter rain, as well as hayward. but still some very windy conditions down around san bruno. 35 and 280, belmont, lighter returns. and into fremont and the south bay, milpitas, light returns with the showers in the santa cruz mountains. it will take until about noontime that we clear the santa cruz mountains and the south bay. but, boy, what a difference the afternoon is going to make. temperatures with the gusty south winds well into the 60s. a flash flood watch through the evening hours so we get the heavy rain. it's going to take several hours
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for the rapid rises in the streams increase but we are already seeing some of the downed trees blocking some of those streams. some problems already occurring in the north bay. the wind gusts and the wind advisory until about noontime and that sub sides as we. i talk about the forecast models verifying pretty well. here we are at the 6:00 and the heavy rain in napa and fairfield, pushing into the east bay and it will continue to push to the south right through about 9:00. it clears point reyes, the far north bay as early as 8:00 but you see 11:00 still the rain from morgan hill to santa cruz. this is still sunday. the afternoon we are looking at some sunny breaks and really not a bad afternoon for the raiders game. but still the rainfall continues to come down a half-inch, maybe an inch an hour in the north bay. we are still looking up to five inches there. two to four inches from marin county. the higher elevations there one to two inches and four inches the santa cruz mountain.
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heavy rain and wind this morning, a flash flood watch and a wind advisory through noontime. the flood watch for the evening hours and by the afternoon, yes, the oakland coliseum looking at some sunshine. low 60s, breezy. rain will have exited your area and mid-60s are common right now. temperatures have been mild all week long. that's not going to change. you will get out of the rain by the afternoon in the south bay. we still have another weak system in the north bay come tuesday, wednesday. other than that, you are looking at more sunshine on those seven days. >> we will need it by then. >> yeah. >> well, we are staying on top of any problems this morning that the storm is creating on bay area roads. we have breaking news on this stormy sunday morning, including a big mess on the richmond san rafael bridge caused by the high winds. we are seeing it all. number three of a stream of
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storms here. and we are took being the storm on live doppler 7hd. meteorologist lisa argen will be back with the up to the minute
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>> interstate 580 on the san rafael bridge is a mess right
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now. with high winds causing a big rig to overturn on the upper bridge approaching the toll plaza. two lanes remain blocked with no estimate when they might reopen. the chp has issued an alert for high winds on all the bay area bridges. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge where traffic is moving along. round three of the latest series of storms to sweep through northern california is here. we have live team storm coverage. let's begin with our meteorologist lisa argen who is tracking the storm with live doppler 7hd. >> take a look at the radar returns in the north bay. the heaviest rain is clearing northern sonoma county. look at heelsburg. they are on the back edge but tell that to these folks. you are getting into the very heavy rain. petaluma, highway 12 and now pushing to central marin. everyone is feeling the wind gusts, 30, 40 miles an hour,
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near 50 miles an hour at sfo. novato, 101, from the east bay, 580 and 68 to, you are getting very heavy rain here from sycamore valley road into meraga but it's been light parts of the east bay, the san mateo bridge and san francisco. everyone has experienced those winds, over 40 miles an hour. that's why we have the flood watch and the wind advisory through noon and then through noon it will sweep through your neighborhood in the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. really it's going to start to move now within the next couple of hours pretty quickly. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. with a series of storms, the rivers are rising all over the bay area. there's a flood warning this morning for the napa river, which is where abc7 news reporter kera clapper is joining us live. it's also been pretty windy out there. >> it sure is, carolyn. it is windy and it is raining steadily and very hard. if this rain doesn't let up, the river will continue to be a
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concern for residents and city officials here in napa. take a look at this. they have their sights set on the napa river, which could exceed flood levels anywhere between 1:00 p.m. or five and six tonight, reaching levels between 25 and 27 feet. as carolyn was mentioning, the wind. we have video from earlier this morning. just to give you an idea how it is whipping through napa, you can see it's blowing oftennings and decorations at businesses. at self service sandbag operations the rain was being horizontally and drenching the bags of sand provided by the city to residents. and we have the napa valley report on the banks of the river, and you are seeing where 37 cottages, modular cottages used to be. they were moved yesterday in preparation for this big storm number three. as you can see, it is unrelentless this morning.
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the wind, the rain, it is nonstop. if it continues this way the rest of the day, of course, the napa river will flood. just like we saw in 2005 where downtown napa was overwhelmed by water, residents don't want to see that again so we will keep our eye on this as the morning pro grosses. reporting live downtown napa, abc7 news. >> thank you, kera. updating major power outages around the area right now. rodeo has more than 1,000 homes and businesses in the dark. the cause has not been determined. san rafael has seven outages with more than 600 customers affected. 600 customers in richmond are without power and the cause is undetermined. and boulder creek in the santa cruz mountains has 1600 customers in the dark. high winds and downed trees are the likely culprit. power has been restored in homes near san francisco's mount davidson, but other utilities like phone lines and cable may
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still be out this morning. the trouble there started just before 9:00 last night when a dead, rotted tree fell ondalewood way. it pulled down power and utility lines affecting a half-dozen homes. residents tell us they still had cell phone service overnight. in marin county neighbors are braced for more possible outages because of fallen trees. a tree fell on to some power lines yesterday afternoon. it happened at lucas valley road. authorities closed the road and allowed only residents in until the power was restored late in the evening. there will probably be flight delays. in fact, there are this morning at sfo due to weather. inbound flights being held for an average of 1 hour, 13 minutes. you should check with your airline for specific flight information. for up to the minute delays on your travel plans you can check out the flight tracker on the front page of our website,
6:34 am you will also see how long security lines are there. rain here means snow in the upper elevations of the sierra. we have a look from the caltrans camera there we hope. maybe not yet. but you can send us your storm pictures. in saratoga the soft soil and strong winds helped rip out the roots of this massive tree yesterday. it wasn't the only tree pulled from the ground. a viewer sent us this picture from san francisco's knob hill find. not only did the tree pull free but the stake came out of the ground, as well. you can e-mail your weather photos to us at love to put them up there. our meteorologist lease arnold very busy today tracking this storm with live doppler 7hd. you are over there at the weather center, lisa. what is the latest? >> trying to push this cold front out of the area.
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but right now it's hung up from sacramento to santa rosa. we are looking heavier rain pushing south. look at the reds and oranges. looking at heavy rain from 101, and reports of downed trees and power lines and still very heavy rain throughout the next hour in the north bay. there's sound saint heleena where the radar is. napa getting heavier rain right now. the rain is picking up on the peninsula and east bay. everyone looking at winds from 30, 40 and even 50 miles an hour gusts. you can see the rain sinking south through central marin, berkeley, alamo. 580 and 680 looking at a heavier cell here, sycamore valley road. back through san francisco, beginning to see heavier returns here over the san mateo bridge n the south bay it's been lighter but your wind gusts have been over 30 miles an hour. san jose and campbell down through the santa cruz mountains will take several hours for the rain to clear. carolyn. >> all right. thank you, lisa. we are staying on top of any
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problems this morning's storm is creating on bay area roads. we have a live look at the san mateo bridge where we have been telling you all morning about a high wind advisory not just for this bridge but for all the spans throughout the bay area. there have been problems on the richmond-san rafael bridge where a big rig overturned in what the chp is calling a storm-relate the accident. it's blocking two left bound lanes. they are heading eastbound, two left lanes and the right lane is now open. again, this is the san mateo bridge. traffic flowing relatively smoothly on this wet and windy morning. a murder-suicide is rocking the nfl this morning. up next the latest on the search for a motive in the death of a player for the kansas city chiefs. and the desperate search for survivors of a deadly highway tunnel collapse in japan. the horrible discovery rescue teams have made this morning.
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and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. here is what it is showing us right now. the yellow showing you the heaviest rain. that's novato, fairfield, santa rosa and heelsburg. our meteorologist, lisa argen, be back with the up to the minute forecast in your area.
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>> welcome back, everyone. it is 6:40 on this sunday morning, december 2nd. this is a live look in san jose at highway 280. very few cars out and about this morning. that is a good thing because it is wet, it's windy, and there have been accidents around the bay. please be careful out there this morning. today's game between the kansas city chiefs and the carolina panthers will go on as scheduled as the chiefs come to grips with yesterday's murder-suicide involving linebacker javon belcher and his girlfriend. police say he shot his girlfriend to death and then drove to a team facility at arrowwood stadium where we went past a security checkpoint. his bosses were called to the parking lot where they found him holding a gun to his head. he thanked the general manager and the head coach for giving him a chance in the nfl and then
6:41 am
shot himself. authorities say at least 14 people are dead following an attack on a u.s. airbase in afghanistan. it happened in the town there. afghan officials report the two-hour attack began when suicide bombers blew up a car at the gate of the base. u.s. helicopters fired on the attacking militants, killing all nine ever them. nongot through to the airbase. at least five afghan, including two university students caught in the attack also died. the taliban is claiming responsibility. in japan searchers have found at least three charred bodies in the rubble of a collapsed freeing tunnel 50 miles from tokyo. seven people are reported missing. the splash sparked a fire that hindered crews for several hours. video camera in from inside the tunnel showed roof panels made of cement fell on the vehicles.
6:42 am
it's uninvestigate. back here at home eye all about the weather. >> we have a flash flood warning in sonoma and some areas over an inch an hour. we've seen two inches in the past three hours here. we are continuing to see the front sink south. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. the wind picking up there and winds of gusting and flooding is occurring in napa and sonoma county. take precautions there and move to higher ground. >> and stuff that bus. how a little bit of generosity is going a long
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>> welcome back, it's 6:45 on this sunday morning. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. one of several spans we are keeping an eye on this morning because of our wacky weather. high of a high wind advisory for all of the bridges throughout the bay area. of course, we have the rain, too. in daly city our crew is reporting lightning there. so we are getting a little bit of everything with this weather system blowing through the bay area today. breaking news update. gusty winds have knocked over a big rig on the richmond san rafael bridge, looking two
6:46 am
eastbound lanes. we've been telling you about this all morning long. this big rig was on the lower deck along the bridge's mid-span around 4:45 this morning when heavy winds caused that vehicle to roll over. as we said, high wind advisory for the bridges. the chp issued an alert for that collision. we are following breaking news in san francisco. a power pole has snapped in half in the sunset district. it's at 39th and meraga streets. we are told a power line is down and arcing. a transformer also blew. san francisco police are at the scene. pg&e crews are on the way. fortunately no reports of injuries. and the central valley near merced, scientists and environmental efforts are working to save what they describe as a national treasure. the restoration of the san joaquin river is a story we've been reporting on for years. abc7 news reporter mark matthews went along to witness a historic
6:47 am
milestone. >> scientists are on a mission. they are tracking the salmon in an effort to restore a every being brought back to life. this is an important meal stone in the san joaquin refer restoration program. >> the director explains this is part of a decades-long effort to restore the san joaquin river which used to be the home waters for chinook salmon. old-timers who agree up on the river said the spring salmon runs were something to see. >> you could run across the river and not touch water. >> he is talking about this part of that san joaquin. it's dried up now, been like this for most of the past 60 years, ever since the dam was built in the 1940s to block up the san joaquin and to divert the river water into channels to
6:48 am
irrigate central valley farms from bakersfield and on. big just weren't that big a consideration. but in 1948 the salmon caught a break. the natural resources defense council led a coalition of environmental efforts and fishermen in a lawsuit against the government-run dam and the water district. and in 2006 they reached a settlement. now these first salmon are being trucked around the dry beds and other obstacles 160 miles upstream to be reintroduced into the river below the dam. because by next spring nrdc scientists believe the last of the details will be sorted out. >> when we have these easements in place, we will have the river all year-round in perpetuity and that's really exciting. >> california fish and game hopes the fall-run salmon will spawn and produce offspring. but just to make sure they are scooping eggs from some of the females and article officially spawning them. the young will be raised in
6:49 am
protected pens below the dam and then released. >> hopefully get out to the ocean, mature and come back and spawn in approximately three years. >> by then the san joaquin river should be restored all the way from fresno to san francisco bay. safe to say that growers who have relied on the water to irrigate their crops are not happy about the fish. walt has heard plenty from his neighbors. >> they are telling me to go back to san francisco and i'm a farmer here born and raised here in the valley. >> shumann reports restoration of the river. he believes it will recharge the underground aquifer and bring back the salmon fishery. >> there's ocean farmers and land farmers and we can coexist. there's enough water for everybody but not enough for everybody's agreed. that's the problem, agreed. >> shumann talks of compromise and after years of fighting that's what we are seeing on the san joaquin river. just as another water war is heating up. one over the governor's plan to build a delta tunnel to ship
6:50 am
northern california water south. in the newsroom, abc7 news. >> lots of water this morning, the kind that comes from the sky. lisa argen is here keeping track of all of that that is going on today. >> flooding in napa and sonoma counties. we have a flood warning until 8:00. move to higher ground. this is napa with gusty winds and heavy rain. the front is beginning to sag to the south but wind gusts common over the bay area of over 40 miles an hour. he will where around the bay the wind has been with us all morning long. you see the rain there coined of going sideways. emeryville with more light to moderate rain. into the east bay heavier cells and livermore picked upwind gusts of over 40 miles an hour. the flooding is occurring in napa and sonoma. we've had the rain come down over an inch an hour and in the past three hours they have already picked up over two inches of rain here. so this ground is totally saturated. can't hold any more water. we've had reports of downed
6:51 am
trees, power lines. now we are still looking at another hour of very heavy rain. highway 121, 101, santa rosa, down through sonoma and napa. look at american canyon. you need to move out of the area. wind gusts are gusting to 30 to 40 miles an hour. we had an airport wind gust of over 50 miles an hour last hour. look at santa rosa. you know you are going to get problems when the wind are gusting over 40 miles an hour. we have branches down with our last couple of systems. the front is on the move. take a look at the east bay from concord, alamo, 580 and 880 and 680, meraga more heavy rain. back westward it's not as heavy but you have the gusty winds and it will pick up the next hour. union city, the dumbarton bridge, very wet weather and gusty winds down through the south bay. campbell and the santa cruz mountains, it will take until about 1:00. then we are looking at the rivers and streams rising here as well. here's a look at a loop.
6:52 am
you will notice that even though the front begins to push slowly southward, we are still looking at the heavy rain really locked up into the north bay. within the next couple hours it continues to sink south. temperatures are mild in the 60s with the gusty south winds. we have the flood warning for napa and sonoma counties. that means flooding is happening right now. the flood watch in effect for basically the rest of the bay area through noontime. the wind advisory through noontime. wind gusts of over 40 miles an hour. 50 miles an hour are common. the front moving a little slower than this forecast model so we will look for the front to continue to sink south. clearing the north bay by extreme north bay 8:00. 10:00 the rest of the north bay. it's going to be noontime until it clears the south bay. so our forecast models verifying with five to seven inches of rain up in the north bay mountains, sonoma, mount saint heleena.
6:53 am
the flood warning right now through 8:00. napa, sonoma county. gusty winds, flash flood watch through noontime. the rest of the bay area. and still we are looking at clearing through the afternoon into the east bay. low 60s. so it's going to be a different day come the afternoon. low 60s along the coast. wind are going to subside, as well. this is all going to happen within the next three to five hours. and down around the south bay just getting into the act now. a look ahead, we are dry tomorrow. still light rain occurring in the north bay tuesday and wednesday. high pressure the rest of the work week. everyone has been warned but right now we are in the thick of it. >> yeah, but we need the days to dry out that are coming. >> certainly. >> thank you, lisa. 3,000 san mateo county kids are going to have presents to open this holiday thanks to the hard work of a few dozen people. it's the annual stuff the bus toy and book drive which kicked off this weekend at several san mateo county locks including the shopping center. organizers expect to collect
6:54 am
about 20,000 items. each child will receive two gifts, a book, a stuffed animal and a few stocking stuffers. we have information on how you can help on our website, next, an update on breaking news on the richmond san rafael bridge where an overturned big rig is blocking lanes. and we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7hd. here's what it is showing right now. very heavy rain in the north bay. novato, santa rosa, heelsburg, fairfield. meteorologist lisa argen will be back with the up to the minute ♪
6:55 am
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>> breaking news update. gusting winds have knocked over a big rig on the san rafael bridge blocking two eastbound lanes. it was on the lower deck on the mid-span around 4:45 this morning when heavy winds caused that vehicle to roll over. chp issued an alert for the bridge. we've been telling you about that this morning. we are told now that a tow truck sent to bring the big rig upright had to leave because it is simply too windy. not surprising with this final check of the accuweather forecast. >> and a small stream flood advisory until 10:00. marin county, and sonoma county and flooding is occurring in sonoma and napa county through the next hour. >> thank you, lisa. abc7 news will continue at 9:00.
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning, america. this morning -- tragedy in the nfl. a kansas city chief star kills himself at arrowhead stadium minutes after shooting his girlfriend and mother of their 3-month-old child. new details this morning on what happened in the final moments before the shocking murder-suicide. the mcafee manhunt.


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