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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 2, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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st. helena. sansan francisco, even concord r two inches there. yes, more wet weather is on the way. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> ama: it was scary situation a short while ago. we were over the scene. fire crews had to rescue two drivers whose cars got caught on flooded highway 1. the storm caught many drivers offguard due too the downpour and sudden rise of water. >> the have where rain is being blamed for an accident that injured four people. three of them are firefighters who work for the moraga orinda fire district. reporter: all four people who were injured were rushed here to john muir medical center, three of them needed emergency
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surgery. >> you can hear the crunch of an out of control vehicle making impact, followed by some moments of confusion. then screams for help from firefighter kelly morris. one of three fire team members injured in this accident. fire crews were investigating a series of rain-related crashes. >> a third card hit the side of our fire engine, and then actually rolled over up on to the embankment and hit three of our firefighters and also the person we were taking the report from. >> firefighters and fire captain were rushed to john muir medical center with nonlife-threatening injuries. fire chief randy bradley says two of them are scheduled for surgery. the fourth victim is not a firefighter. he suffered more serious injuries. >> that person is actually in critical condition. he received the worst injuries
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of the four that were struck by the car, and i believe he is in surgery right now. >> the rollover was actually the third crash here. firefighters first responded to a single vehicle accident, and parked their fire truck to shield them from traffic. a second vehicle hit the fire truck. and as firefighters were talking to that driver, the third vehicle struck and rolled over, causing the injuries. the california highway patrol is investigating all three crashes. there is no word yet on any possible charges or citations. reporting live in walnut creek, abc-7 news. >> ama: a large pothole on a section of highway 4 in pitburg caused serious problems. drivers couldn't see the hazard. several cars had flat tiresment one driver said there were 25 cars all waiting to have flats fixed. >> that pothole is tiny compared to one alan wang found in
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lafayette. >> alan: this is a nightmare for people who live in this part of lafayette. most of their utilities ran under the road that got washed away, and when the road collapsed, it snapped off the water service line, a water main, and a sewage line. only a lone pg&e gasline survived. neighbors say it happened around 8:30 this morning. the creek began flowing over mountain view drive and into the neighborhood. city crews tell us piles of large debris plugged up the culvert and the force of the flood water started washing away the earth between the culvert and the road. that's when the pavement collapsed on top of the utility lines. there could have been raw sue -- sewage running down the treat. >> it was a moving target. we saul the road had begun to dip, appeared to be failing.
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we called central sand. they were working on top of the failing road, and they worked very rapidly through the morning, and were able to get the line in before the road finally collapsed. reporter: this chest of drawers is among the debris that washed down the creek and plugged up the culvert. you can see logs, tree stumps and an assortment of garbage. the city still doesn't have an accurate read how many homes are affected but says the residents will probably by without water throughout the night. interestingly the same culvert was plugged and caused serious flooding in 1997. back livement you can see the hole in the ground. hey several utility crews out here trying to restore service and other crews are trying to figure out how to rebuild the culvert and the road. it's not going to be an overnight situation because they have to replace the entire culvert. reporting live, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: a hole in the road is incredible. thank you, alan. what didn't happen with today's storm is as much of a story as what did. here's a live picture or the napa river in napa. although the town got drenched the river depressed overflow. city officials credit a flood control project still being built as helping get rid of the extra water. we'll have a live report at 6:15. sonoma county, in gurneyville, residents dodged a bullet. the russian river did not overflow. sonoma county received between four to ten inches of rain. residents hope when the tide goes out, the excess water will go with it. there are some flooded streets in san francisco as well as fallen trees, hill -- hill -- lillian him is live. reporter: this is quite a big cleanup job.
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this large tree came crashing down this morning. as you can imagine for the people who live here, it as quite a scare. >> the family surveyed the damage. luckily no one was hurt but this large tree, which came from the house two doors down, damaged the fence and a tree. their dog was in the backyard when it happened. >> i was there with my dog, and that would happen been just tragic. i'm glad he ran. he has big legs. >> the department of public works says it received 40 called of large continued trees or limbs. >> i heard a huge boom. i didn't know what it was. i just went to the living room with my brother, some, yeah, and then i checked outside, and all these trees are here torn down. >> oak street, the major thoroughfare had two trouble spots, but on walnut street a tree uprooted and damaged a car.
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>> you got to go with the insurance process ask everything. thankfully i'm insured. but as my neighbor put it, you could replace a car, some of these trees have been here 80, 100 years, so it's tough on that end as well. >> in addition to toppled trees there were other problems. a power pole snapped, and the northern police station saw significant street flooding which came close to entering the building. >> the good news is, by sunday afternoon, we had almost all the major problems cleared up. we just have some smaller trees and branches we need to get cleared up. we're going to give our crews a breather. reporter: a well-deserved breather. city crews have been working around the clock and all the she's be cleaned up by tomorrow. >> ama: and take a look at this amazing picture. wow. a stuck car on shepherd canyon in oakland. peter sent us this picture this morning via ureport.
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he said good samaritans rescued the driver. e-mail your photos to >> right now are 7500 customers without power. that's down from 300,000 earlier today. we have more storm aftermath ahead. we'll take you to a flooded mobile home park and look at a tree that crushed a fence. >> the niners head to overtime against a division rival again. >> the bay area is drying out now but not for long. the timing of
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>> ama: people in menlo park are doing defensive driving after true blew down. it came down with enough force to take down a small brick wall. crews cut the branches to clear the roadway. nearby an unrelated power outage left drivers without signal lights for an hour in the afternoon. take a look at what's going on in vallejo. these scenes are from a trailer park. there's a lot of water with no place to go except into the park, and into trailers. several residents have evacuated
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the area. some cars didn't quite make it out. no injuries that we know of, but that water will be there for some time. a live look from the east bay hills, looking back over san francisco. meteorologist leigh glaser is up next with how long our break in the rain will last. >> coming up in sports, the sun came out for the raiders, but could they people, with their first win in a month? >> the 49ers' colin kaepernick coolz off in
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>> ama: the recent series of storms dumped a lot of rain in wine country. the napa with waters swelled during the storm. reporter: and now it's all downhill from here. the water is starting to recede. the napa river was supposed to reach its peak between 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. we have a closer look for you. it is flowing rather quickly. we have seen all sort office junk in the water, including large tree branches and other debris. we have some video from earlier in the day. one of the reasons city officials and residents are so happy is because there's a flood fro ject going on here,
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including widening the river here, and they're crediting that flood project with keeping the water from going over the banks. there's been no flooding in the city because of the work. one area on the napa river which did experience some flooding was on oak knoll avenue, primary lay vineyard and agricultural area, very few homes. so even if it goes over the banks there, damage is not expected to be widespread, although it may do some damage to some vineyards in the areaing and some people are expecting water on their property but nothing major. all of the watches and warnings for floods in effect earlier today have now been cancelled. the self-serve sandbagging has wound down for the day. at least until the next storm. although some businesses are keeping some sandbags nearby. but today they were not needed. live in napa-couldn't --
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couldn't abc-7. >> leigh: the system had so much wind and barreled in and was out of near three to four hours. so that saved a lot of those streams and tributaries as well. let's take a live look from the mt. tam mall pace cam. you can see clear sky across much of the region there, from mill valley, richardson bay, even in the background there, san francisco. speaking of the winds. san pablo, 73 miles-per-hour wind gusts record ited. the golden gate bridge reported 40 miles-per-hour wind gusts, and sfo, 38 miles per hour. it was probably windier in other locations across the bay area. live doppler 7hd right now, not picking up any returns. so the storm system has moved on to the south and east of the bay area. we're actually getting a dry night tonight. it's cooling up off.
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55, san francisco. low 50s, antioch, livermore, fremont. 54 right now in san jose. i want to show you the wind speedsle we just mentioned some of the strongest gusts around the bay area the last 24 hours. it's starting to die down. so calm conditions across much of the bay area. those winds started to shift about 9:00 this morning, from the southwest, that strong wind direction to more of a westerly wind flow right now. clouds and cooler overnight, dry tomorrow, more rain moves back into the bay area mid-week. it will be cooler tonight with a few scattered clouds. fog could develop in protected valley areas. so look for mid-up toker 40s. low 50s near the water's edge. here it was, at 7:00 this morning. the heavy storm front pushing rapidly to the south. here's the clearing we'll get into tor tonight and tomorrow. but already you can see the high
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and mid-level clouds ahead of the next system that is due in here on tuesday. in fact here is a look at the timing. going from 6:00 this evening, keep it dry, tonight, and tomorrow. this is 7:00 a.m. watch out for some valley fog developing for the early morning commute. but as we get into the early morning hours, of tuesday -- this is 5:00 a.m. you can already see some of the rain starting to develop in the north bay, and by 4:00 tuesday afternoon, it will start to push down into the golden gate bridge and then overnight tuesday night, it will advance across the bay area. i want to tell you, this is not a very big system. not a lot of wind associated with it. and not a lot of rain. we may see one and a half inches north bay. so this is nothing compared to the storm system we have seen the past three or four days. so that's good news. enjoy the dryness tomorrow. temperaturewise, 62, cloverdale.
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62, san francisco. low 60s in the east bay. san jose, 64. 63 for santa cruz, and watsonville, 62. the seven-day forecast, dry tomorrow. thickening clouds tuesday. north bay, rain by tuesday afternoon. and then we'll all see some showers tuesday night and wednesday. and after that we're dry thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, and temperatures start to warm up as well. don't forget, the abc news at 40bg a.m. to 7:00. >> ama: rick is in for shu, and suddenly a tie football game doesn't sound to bad. >> well, considering what happened, exactly. three weeks ago the 49ers and rams had to settle for a rare tie at candlestick park. today in st. louis it nearly happened again. jim harbaugh pumps up colin kaepernick. frank gore, 60-yard drive. but that would be the 49ers' only touchdown.
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still 7-0 in the third when kaepernick throws the ball out-of-bounds from his end zone. he was flagged for intentional grounding, giving the rams a safety. then kaepernick's pitch goes over the head of the receiver, and jenkins recovers in for a touchdown. the rams went for the two-point conversion and get it. the game was tied at 10. kaepernick, tries to make up for his mistakes with this huge play. he scrambles, and thanks to some great blocking, breaks lose for a 50-yard run. the longest for a quarterback in 49ers history. but the rams tied it forcing overtime. david akers with the chance for the win but misses, this time from 51 yards. s louse would take advantage with 26 seconds left. david zuerlein is good. rams win 16-13.
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it appears harbaugh will start cap per neck next sunday against miami. >> it was a tough game for a quarterback to play in, and i thought he did well. >> i have to play better. there were plays out there that i should have made. there will plays that happened that i shouldn't have let happen. >> seattle also went to overtime against chicago. russell wilson looks for rice, who makes the cash before taking a shoot at the goal line. seahawks win 23-17. at 7-5 they lead the nfc world wild card race. >> the raiders were hope december would bring some holiday here and a victory. oakland at home against cleveland. both teams came in with 3-8 records. the raiders' defense has been giving up points at a record pace. brandon weeden finds josh gordon for the 44-yard touchdown. it was 13-3 cleveland in the third when ownland gets into the
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end zone. palmer to streeter, who makes a fantastic grab. the lead is down to three. with darren mcfadden still out with an injury, palmer threw 54 times for 351 yards and two touchdowns but this pass was picked off. the browns went on a long drive. richardson scores a last second touchdown by the raiders made it look closer than it was. 20-17 the final. oakland faces a quick turn-around hosting denver on thursday. >> nowhere to go but up, unfortunately. the good thing is we get to play fast and don't have to think about it. we have to watch film tonight. nothing cures a loss than a win at home on thursday night. >> former stanford star andrew luck continues his impressive rookie season. with no time left he finds avery for the touchdown. the colts beat detroit 5-33. luck's eighth win is the most by a rookie quarterback drafted number one in the super bowl
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era. one 0 ooh sore -- score of know. kansas city bit cared 272-1. the game was played one day after chiefs linebacker belcher shot himself and his girlfriend. >> at the world golf challenge, rickie fowler with the shot of the day. his second shot on the par for first. finished tied for fourth. fowler tied with tournament host tiger woods despite getting his eagle on 16. tiger finished 1-under par. graeme mcdowell captured the tournament with a final round of 67. he beat keegan bradly be three strokes. his first win in two years. >> debt spite the loss looks >> debt spite the loss looks like jim harbaughll stand you know how much grandma
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>> ama: join me tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. our three recent storms packed a wallop. at 11:00 here on abc-7, roadded collapsing, we have crews to bring you the latest on the storm. and thank you for joining us,
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>> right now, hollywood's award season gets underway. >> i think that this year we had very, very fruitful batch of films. the star-stud cast of hitchcock. >> working with he'll wherein and and honey and toni. it mean, it just a cast of dreams. >> racheldowns a zombie


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