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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 11, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the couple in the middle of brusselses street. the male victim died in san francisco general hospital. a source tells us suspects were brought in to the hall of justice yesterday after investigators received leads from the public. they were later arrested in a house in the early morning hours. police spokesman says everyone involved knew each other. >> there was an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspect in this case. i cannot get into details about the relationship. >> investigators are still looking at a motive. a source tells us the female victim was known to be they're trying to find out if victims were from out of town. so that is one issue, one motive that they are looking at. issues involved with prostitution among many others. we know now, tonight that the
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male victim, a 26-year-old was shot, he was also beaten with a blunt instrument. and the female teen-aged vil victim was beaten but was not shot. yesterday, doctors told us she had life threatening injuries today. they're telling us she's likely to survive. abc 7 news. and after being run over by three people bloorizing his home, he was out walking his dog about 3:00 this afternoon. he got back and he saw two men and a woman ransacking his house, he tried to intervene. one man punched him, another hit him, run into him and no word yet on his condition. >> let's talk about the weather. here comes rain again. we want to check in with sandhya pat dwrol see what is
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on live doppler 7 hd. >> we have our own radar. and the first signs of the storm just northwest of ukiah. it's still just clouds that are rolling in to the bay area, looking north, this is where rain is falling. crescent city, and eureka. and this is governoring to be heading down towards bay area, let's give you a quick view. you'll notice cloud cover. rain line up by yu kaia tonight. heading into 9:00, 10:00, or 11:00 we'll see fronts moving south and east. we'll see rainfall. rainfall by midnight is letting up to the but east bay, south bay towards santa cruz mountainski2ñ getting light rai. our live doppler 7 hd once again will be tracking the storm. i'll be back with details and how much rain we'll get out of the sits tim. >> thank you so much. >> walnut streak police looking at video after thieves
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sledge hammered into a macy's store overnight taking thousands of dollars of high end jewelry. abc 7 news is at the broadway plaza center. i understand there was a delay in response after the alarm? >> a full one hour and 13 minutes. that delay was not in the police department responsibility. that delay happened from the store notifying police after receiving that call they were here in minute asks want to know it took so long to be notified. holidays bring out shopper buzz they also serve as an atactive attractive targ dwroit thieves. that is what happened at this he store last night. crews spent the day repairing plate glass after police say thieves broke in with sledge hammers making a bee line for jewel kraiss only feet away. >> high end watches, gold, pearl jewelry. >> thousands of dollars worth of merchandise taken in only
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minutes. ples say macy's has wret to repolice lees inventory. shoppers surprise bid the damage and crime. >> i was shocked i've never seen this before. oh, oh. nl there. too bad. i love the store. sorry it happened to them. >> investigators using video to piece together clues and answer another question. why did it take so long for police to be notified? >> i don't have an answer yet. >> but the sargeant is looking for one. the alarm went off at 3:15 a.m. his department didn't get a call until 4:28. >> sometimes, stores have a policy set up. their alarm company notifies their own security prior to calling police;á@ >> police wait for an answer to the time issue, they do know why thieves chose these doors to hit. >> this is the closest to jewelry department. >> these doors will be here for aqydmñ while. the 24 hour repair company
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says it can take up to a week to replace glass this weight and size. a spokesperson i spoke to declined to be interviewed but did tell me that the burglary will not disrupt praigs or their ability to service their customers. police tell me that they have had window smashes but do not believe this is a crime on the rise. >> thank you. police hope this video will help them capture two men who robbed and pistol whipped a man over the summer. it's from the video site called the line up. featuring video of unsolved crimes. this happened just 5th. two men got away in a dodge charger. >> moving on, uc berkeley leading in helping undocumented students get money for education. today, cal announced a grant
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awarded by the fund for that purpose. abc 7 news is here with a closer look at what that money will do. this other elections like michigan and texas now talking í÷ their own program. >> this was the only student in his high school to get into uc berkeley. >> everybody was happy except me. yeah, i got in. time not going make it. right? i won't be able to go. how am i going pay for this? >> is he an undocumented student and does not qualify for any federal money. the coordinator of the undocumented student program at cal. >> the federal pell grant, work study, loans aren't eligible to undocumented students. >> rivera had a small private scholarship working owed jobs
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to put himself through cal but it wasn't enough that. is why the chancellor spear headed a scholarship program to help:e students like rivera. the fund responded with a $1 million award. >> the fund one of the core pieces of work is about equal chances and opportunities, leveling the playing field so everybody has a chance to succeed in live. >> 200 undocumented students at uc berkeley from 20 countries will receive a portion of the private money. beginning in the spring. each receives about $5,000. there is more. in 2011 california legislature pass aid bill giving undocumented students access to state grants starting next fall. assembly bill 131 has always been controversial. former east way professor co-authored prop 209, ending
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affirmative action preferences in public sector. >> you're asking taxpayers to subsidize people here illegally. i i that this is the wrong way to go. >> some people just feel if anyone didn't go through the proper process, that they don't belong here. that is a view i can't do anything about that. these are talented people. and in the current era we cannot afford to waste this talent. >> and chancellor has also created the middle class access fund which offers grants to middle class families and a program helping former foster kids attending uc berkeley. in his words, we'll continue to protect the middle class and our most-disadvantaged students. >> thank you very much.ípu this is a devicive topic, you can join join by going to
5:09 pm 7 news to tell us how you feel. >> the governor is working on a law reducing the number of undocumented immigrants deported. according to california watch, the governor met with the sheriff association to talk and this law would allow them to hold people just for criminal charges not immigration status. the governor sedz he's working to do just that. if that is passed, undocumented immigrants who did serious crimes will be held. >> four fire stations could be shut down in contra costa county. the four stations under walnut creek, kplaiton, martinez and lay fayette. one says today is a difficult decision but has to be made. >> we have to close stations.
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not what we want to do, certainly not what any of us signed up to do. as a member of the board or director of the fire district. we have to live within our mean autos souper visors compelled because voters turned down a parcel tax to keep stations open. >> hayward arson department investigating a predawn fire that force aid mother and her 8-year-old son to run for their lives, it took just minutes but already engulfed. firefighters say they know why. >> she woke up to a loud crash on the first floor. something broke through window. she believes it was a form of followa to have cocktail. she says she saw flames, grabbed her son and headed out. >> firefighters say a bottle was found in the debris. there is no word on who would have fired in that apartment
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or why. >> police say they're following up on several leads tonight after three incidents involving a gunman threatening and robbing people. the first report at 6:00 yesterday, then, a waum you will called police saying she was(9úu robbed near the cal tran station followed by a report of an attempted holdup four block as way. police offering advice on how to revent being a victim. >> don't be a lone. our victims were alone on the streets. exiting vehicles waiting to a taxi cab. best thing to do, stand and make sure there are other people around. >> officers say despite this rash of robberies they've not seen an increase in crime on the streets. no one has been injured, at least not yet in, these incidents. >> a letter sent by evergreen school district to parents about a sexual assault scandal apparently having unintended
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consequences. a teacher faces trial accused of lewd contact with a young student. the principal convicted of misdemeanor for not reporting toits police. now, some parents are upset about a letter sent by the evergreen superintendent that talks about child abuse prevention work shops for students. it goes on to defend the principal and blamed the teacher for hampering the investigation. >> crab feshermen gearing up and preparing to head back out to sea. boaters settled a price despite with whole jaerls. and this afternoon agreeing to pay $3 a pound. a delay in the crab season until the new year helped voters win this dispute. >> and coming up, where american studentsqb3wñ are makig
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the grade in math and reading and age in which they start falling behind. >> bribery, fraud. an audit finds workers with the. >> two bundles of joy delivered and doctors explain why they considered a high risk pregnancy. the news continues in just one
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huge numbers of police arriving in portland, oregon this, is a live picture of the scene. one man with an assault rifle opened fire in the food court area of the clackamas mall. one person confirmed dead and another in critical condition. local media reporting two are dead.
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the man was reportedly wearing a hockey mass skpk some vest, perhaps body armor, we're not sure but that is the word. police inside -- people inside just panicked as shots rang out. diving for the floor to get out of the way. now, police say the gunman is neutralized but will not say if he is[?áñt dead. that is the suspicion. they do say there is no more threat at the mall but are searching every inch to make sure there is not a second gunman. several7nw+z others reportedly wounded. the is breaking. we'll keep you up to date. >> the next story might make you wonder who is keeping an eye on state workers. an audit found funny business going on. nobody was laughing. some of this is scandal yizus behavior. >> that is right. the report includes criminal activity commit bid state employees and turned in by
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colleagues. >> it's a big deal. >> the biggest case cited this year involved a bribery scheme. a cure yoer able to pay employees from the franchise tax board for processing numerous documents and qlerts off the boork that's cost 15ses today $20 a page. all three were convicted and must pay back the state. >> we see here is a lot of absolute abject and fraudulent activity. add that to the waste=qvwz and t mismanagement of state government and i think it has taxpayers crashing -- scratching their heads. >> one edd technician helped two illegally obtain $100,000 of benefits. a natural resources agency executive allowed 50,000s ndz commuting costs reimbursed.
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a fish and game supervisor required a farmer leasing land from the state to provide him with $5,000 in home depot gift cards. for a year a department of education employee has since resigned filled a workday posting almost 5,000 comments to stories on the sacramento bee web site. most ofpf'he hits reported to the hot line came from state worker who's care about how taxpayer money is being spent. most are good, hard working employees. >> should be good stewards of the funds and should be vigilant of that. >> groups want more uncovered. >> the day-to-day oversite of the government is not very sexy. but it's where action is. and frankly, it's where taxpayer money can be saved.÷÷d >> since the hot line was established in 1993, 526 cases
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have resulted in reprimand, terminations or convictions. >> and american fourth graders performing better than they were but po four years later back to the basics. the gap between american students and global peers widen business 8th grade, especially in math n 4th grade, american kids trail nations including finland and singapore. by 8th grade they're trailing russia, hong kong and sork in math and science. >> sandhya patel just had a dry spell. now, something is changing. >> yes. obviously. >> if i didn't, i'd be in trouble, right?ykéç this is fascinating. >> let's talk about the weather. you're going to need umbrella
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and jacket. winter like storms coming to bay area. in clouds from high definition camera these clouds are a sign of changes on the way. this storm is bringing light rainfalling. and it's on the way to the bay area. it will be tracking this moisture for you. the moisture is just about 60 miles from santa rosa. we should be see being rave. temperatures into 50s. five to 15 degrees cooler. u bigger changes coming. rain arrives this evening. scattered showers tomorrow, frosty mornings and freezing cold conditions coming up into
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friday. here is the storm. it's a cold one coming out of the gulf of alaska. colder air behind it. notice it's limited in moisture. so we're not expecting a lot of rain. so tonight at 7:00 p.m. we'll see rain in yu kaia. p front. behind the front we'll see rainfall turning to showers. scattered in nature for 5:00 a.m. wednesday. this is a look like wet roadways. make sure you give yourself time for morning commute. showers off and on, we can see snow around the lake county area most of the moisture will be out of here by we cannot rule out possibility of a
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light dusting the snow locally. shower totals wednesday until 7:00 p.m. a tenth to a third of an inch. this will turn into snow. winter weather advisory going up to 10:00 p.m. running until wednesday at 10:00 p.m. we're looking at four to eight inches of snow above 4500 feet. and so chains may be required you'll want to carry them if w king tides will be arriving tomorrow. this is friday, so king tides are the highest tides of the year, we'll be watching those for you. tomorrow morning temperatures upper 30s to mid-40s. sweater coat, umbrella necessities tomorrow, tomorrow
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afternoon, staying cool. other areas into the 50s. you're looking at scattered showers with temperatures in the mid-50s so staying in the cool side, chilly day thursday, next chance of rain is likely sunday. another chance tuesday looking at the accu-weather forecast. big changes from warmth we've been enjoying. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up, retailers making the naughty and nice list based on their commitment to putting safe cosmetics on shelf autos then at 6:00 cause of a deadly collision between a truck and train bound by the bay area, two seconds could have made a diff
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>> a group supporting cost
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metics offering safer beauty products. whole foods market tops the list because of the retailer policy of screening out 400 chemicals from the products. cvs followed, walgreens had the third highest ranking. >> two proud parents in palo alto holding newborn twins considered miracles after surviving a rare condition. kate and annie look how cute they are, just 34 days old but have been through a tremendous ordeal. they were rare, high risk monoomniotic twins meaning they share a sack. doctors able to safely deliver the twins 10 weeks early. >> at 30 weeks their heart rates dropped they got tangled in each other's umbilical cords. i was rushed to the emergency room. >> scary, she says, first time
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parents hope to take their babies home by christmas, maybe new years. the big concern now is trying to tell their daughters apart. >> not to mention diaper asks double fee
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a shooting near portland oregon. confirming one man with an assault rifle opened nir a food court area. one person is dead and another in critical condition. witnesses describe a panicked scene during a busy holiday shopping day. and police saying the gunman reportedly wearing a hockey mask and vest. they say he is neutralized and they say there is no more threat at the mall. we'll continue to follow m3tt ts for you and bring you updates. >> also, on abc 7 news at 6:00 updating you then as well.
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still, it's still a year and a half away from opening but we're going to show you features promising to make new stadiums a state of the art experience.ú/ó[t also, abc 7 news gives access to a home hit by a pine tree. and a storm the man asleep at the house at that time ask can't know what happened. the nominees out for the first major film awards of the year. the list abc 7 news played a role in compiling at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, breaking news. a deadly shooting spree at a mall in oregon. holiday shoppers running for cover. we have eyewitness accounts and the very latest on who was shooting and how many were hurt and killed. one-on-one. an abc news exclusive. president obama sitting down with barbara walters, and making news about america's role in the civil war in syria. >> that's a big step. >> it is a big step. defeating depression.


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