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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 13, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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who hired hitmen to target the teen superstar? and rock royalty in one show. a night of rock 'n' roll, seen by billions around the world. and good thursday morning, everyone. we're learning much more about that gunman who opened fire inside a busy oregon shopping mall. >> those who knew him say jake roberts was a friendly and upbeat person. not at all the anti-social loner so often involved in this type of random violence. abc's tahman bradley has more, now, from washington. >> reporter: police are revealing a baffling portrait of the man responsible for the chaos inside a packed portland shopping mall. the man behind the mask, police say, is 22-year-old jacob tyler roberts, who using an ar-15
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semiautomatic rifle, killed 54-year-old cindy ann yuille, and 45-year-old steven forsyth. a third victim, 15-year-old kristina shevchenko was seriously wounded. >> this was a heartbreaking tragedy, by any standard. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out what triggered the brutal attack. unlike other rampages, roberts, they say, did not leave behind signals his life had gone off-course. in fact, he had no history of serious trouble. >> we do not understand the motive of this attack. >> reporter: roberts' ex-girlfriend, hannah sansburn, told abc news that roberts quit his job, sold all his belongings and said he was moving to hawaii. she still has no idea what set him off. >> this was the last thing i would ever have expected. especially from him. he was just too sweet. >> reporter: detectives say roberts made a beeline from his volkswagen jetta, parked in the mall lot, and entered macy's carrying the rifle, which he stole from someone he knew. roberts wore a ballistics vest that carried ammo, and a hockey-style mask.
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that grisly image, different than the one released yesterday, from the woman who raised roberts, showing him looking innocent and happy. a family friend read a statement. >> she has no understanding or explanation for her son's behavior. >> reporter: police continue running search warrants and chasing leads, trying to find an explanation for this rampage. tahman bradley, abc news. amazingly, the young woman who was seriously injured in the shooting, kristina schevchenko, survived a deadly, head-on car crash, this past august. we'll have more from the scene, coming up later today, on "good morning america." we have breaking news now. an overnight manhunt, at cal state fullerton, is over, lasting over 12 hours during the night, after the university went on lockdown. s.w.a.t. teams spent the night looking for two robbery suspects who led police on a wild chase, after holding up a jewelry store and shooting an employee. at least one of the men was spotted in a university building last night. police slowly went door-to-door until giving the all-clear around midnight. during the ordeal, students
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tweeting pictures from the scene. you could see them in dark classrooms. some using tables and chairs to barricade themselves. the cal state website says things will be back to normal, beginning this morning. well, john mcafee's legal saga has taken another turn this morning. the software pioneer is back in the u.s., after the guatemalan government deported him. mcafee arrived in miami last night and then spoke to reporters from his hotel in south beach. he told abc news that he lost everything in belize, $20 million in investments and about 15 properties. adding that he is now virtually penniless. and in washington, no progress on talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner says serious differences remain between him and president obama, over raising taxes and cutting spending. 14 and a fascinating historical note. ahead of mr. obama's second public inauguration, by the time it's over on january 21st, the president will have tied fdr because he'll have been sworn in
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four times. mr. obama will take a private oath on sunday, january 20th, as required by the constitution. the very next day, he will take it publicly. the president also took two oaths in 2009, after a flub by chief justice john roberts. >> a lot of swearing. >> yes. >> two terms, four swearing. not four terms. and south korea says the satellite north korea launched is orbiting the earth normally. but whether it's functioning properly, that's another question. yesterday's launch has drawn international condemnation. the u.s. and its allies are pushing for stronger sanctions. but china, north korea's biggest supporter says, a moderation is needed to avoid further escalation. secretary of state hillary clinton can expect some pretty tough questions about the deadly september attack in libya when she appears before a house committee a week from today. it could be her final appearance, in fact, on capitol hill, before officially leaving the administration. after being named one of the
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year's most fascinating people by our own barbara walters last night, clinton talked about her future, specifically that much-speculated run for president. >> i've said i really don't believe that that's something i will do again. i am so grateful i had the experience of doing it before. but you know, i think there are lots of ways to serve. so, i will continue to serve. >> asked what it would take to convince her to become a candidate, clinton said, clearly, she had no intention of running. but we've heard that from politicians before. >> that's what they do. and 12-12-12 proved to be a night to remember. ♪ baby we were born to run >> running and raising a lot of money. six weeks after hurricane sandy, new jersey's own bruce springsteen and john bon jovi were among the superstars to rock madison square garden.
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the benefit concert, which also featured the rolling stones, the who, and paul mccartney, went on for almost six hours, on tv, online, on the radio, and in theaters. the producers saying 2 billion people around the globe would be able to enjoy it live. we'll have a wrap-up of the concert a little later on. i don't think we'll ever see another star-studded concert like that in our lifetime. >> no. that was an amazing lineup for a great cause. time, now, for a look at weather across the country on this thursday morning. we have some scattered showers around san diego, los angeles, and vegas. some snow in the l.a. mountains and the sierra nevada and in the rockies. some light evening rain from portland to seattle. also, some morning showers along the carolina coast and for south florida, as well. >> 50s from atlanta to new york. 40s in the midwest and rockies. 27 in fargo. 37 in the twin cities. and 50s from omaha to dallas. and when we come back this morning, music and money. the woman who earned more than any other female singer this
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for the first time, the federal reserve is going to link interest rates to a specific unemployment number. fed chairman ben bernanke has announced rates will remain ultralow until the jobless rate drops below 6.5%. something that he says might not happen for at least three more years.
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and the owners of more than 800,000 honda vehicles are going to be getting recall notices soon because their vans or suvs could roll away, even with the key removed. the recall covers the honda odyssey and pilot and the acura mdx, with various model years, from 2003 to 2006. now, the ignition defect could let drivers pull the key out with the vehicles still in gear. and off it rolls. >> scary thought. if blaring commercials drive you crazy while you're watching tv, get ready for some relief starting today. a new volume control law aimed at ear-splitting ads, takes effect today. the c.a.l.m. act, c.a.l.m. standing for commercial advertisement loudness mitigation, requires ads to be within two decibels of the program. >> what does c.a.l.m. stand for again? >> i don't remember. >> can you keep it down? and it's a red-letter day for iphone users who can't stand the apple map app, say that three times fast. apple map app.
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that sent people astray and got awful reviews. the new google map for ios is up and running this morning, almost three months after apple replaced google maps, with its own system on iphones, prompting a rare public apology from ceo tim cook. >> yeah. not a good system. thank you, apple. and call them the queens of crash. "forbes" list of the top-earning women in music is out. and britney spears leads the way. the 31-year-old star pulled in an eye-popping $58 million from record sales, touring, endorsements and merchandise. taylor swift was behind at $57 million. followed then by rihanna, lady gaga and katy perry, in that order, rounding out the top five. not a bad year, ladies. enjoy that success. >> over $1 million a week. >> oh. math major, paula faris. next on this thursday, a true fanatic. how investigators uncovered a plan, a very disturbed plan, to kill justin bieber. >> bizarre story of the morning there. also, cracking down.
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this dramatic surveillance video has been released after a powerful tornado tore through southern louisiana. the high winds descending on this gas station actually catapults a pickup truck 20 feet into the air. then, drops it right on top of another truck. amazingly, the driver survived with just a few, minor cuts and bruises. now, for a look at morning road conditions. showers make for a slick ride in southern california, phoenix and las vegas. snow-covered mountain passes around l.a., the sierra nevada, wyoming and utah. and a wet commute for the carolina coast and south florida. >> and it looks like a pretty good day in you're flying out there. weather-related airport delays
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are only expected in the city of angels. and now, to that complicated plot to kill superstar justin bieber. it stretches from the southwest to new england and to here in new york. >> this is strange. bieber is okay. and the men involved in the conspiracy are now all in custody. the details of the plot to kill justin bieber are as gruesome as they are bizarre. it all starts with dana martin, who is in prison for rape and murder in new mexico. the 45-year-old had an image of bieber tattooed on his leg. after several letters to the pop star went unanswered, an affidavit says martin recruited another inmate to kill bieber after his release. >> this wasn't just one person acting alone. it wasn't two people plotting together. this was a group that was orchestrated by someone who is already in prison. so, what's fascinating to me. >> reporter: in october, he and his nephew, went to vermont
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where they planned to kill two unnamed victims. but that never happened because he was arrested by border patrol agents on outstanding warrants. he continued to new york where he planned to kill bieber and his bodyguard in late november. that affidavit also says that during phone calls between the two, authorities heard references to murder plots. when he was arrested in new york, a pair of pruning shears, which were to be used to mutilate bieber, were found in his car. bieber's camp is not saying much about the case. his rep told us that security does everything it can to keep bieber and his fans safe. police in new york have found a major clue in the excuse-style murder on a busy manhattan street. the getaway car used in the killing has been found, parked on a street in queens. and nypd detectives are now in los angeles looking into the background of brandon woodard. police say the shooter was so cool, so precise, he has killed
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before, possibly as a hitman. and a crook who targeted a texas church ended up getting the shock of his life. this is what happened when the man tried to steal copper wiring from the breaker box. that blast so powerful, it welded the bolt qatca cutters t box. there's no word on what his condition might be. it's one of the most frightening type of highway accidents, wrong-way driving. the government has launched a major crackdown. almost 400 people each year are killed in crashes where the driver is going against traffic. the ntsb is recommending changes, including bigger signs and highway redesigned. experts want ignition locks for those convicted of dui. 60% of wrong-way accidents are caused by drunk drivers. nearly 10% by repeat offenders. and the nfl's week 15 kicks
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off tonight. as for last night's nba action, we're going to get the highlights, now, from espn. >> cassidy hubbarth here with your "sportscenter" update. the spurs in a thriller against the jazz. we start in the third quarter. spurs down five. tim duncan, knocks down the turnaround bank shot. big fundamental had 22 points, 21 boards and 6 blocks. less than three to play. jazz down four. randy foyt, gets the lay-in to go. jazz down two. later, al jefferson knocks the ball away from duncan. takes it all the way the other way. gets part of his 21 on the night. now, six seconds left, tied at 96-96. they clear out for mo williams. and he puts one up at the buzzer. cold-blooded. the jazz knock off the spurs, 99-96. they're now 9-1, at home this season. also the mavs and the celtics. jason terry facing his former team for the first time. paul pierce, with a tough
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turnaround. he has a season-high 31 points. o.j. mayo gets fouled. one of two free throws. we head to overtime. 31 seconds to play. rondo finds kevin garnett. and he buries the "j." inside 15 seconds. o.j. mayo gets a lay-in to fall. tied at 105-105. just over four to play in the second overtime. and mayo gets a tough shot with a left. he had 24 points. mavs down one. 40 seconds to go. rondo, drives. lays it in. he had 16 points, 15 assists. cs win, 117-115. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great day. up next, "the pulse." hollywood up early this morning. fingers crossed, as big award nominations are going to get announced. then, a spirited debate. did a ghost actually appear on a tv report on a haunted house? you decide. [ alarm clock ringing ]
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welcome back, everyone. your thursday "pulse." the movie award season kicks into higher gear this morning with the golden globe nominations. it's in overdrive, i guess you could say. almost certain to be nominated is "lincoln." >> and the latest james bond movie "skyfall" could bring a nomination. the golden globes are often but not always, a good predictor for oscar winners. you'll see the nominations today on "good morning america." >> "good morning america"? did they change the name? >> yeah. new orleans, rob's old stomping ground, is a city with a rich past. and maybe even a ghost or two. a reporter from our station
4:23 am
there, wgno, had gone to an old plantation in southern louisiana, to check out reports it was haunted. >> and take a look at this video, right over vanessa's right shoulder. >> focus on the upper right corner. all i've done is slow down the video. i was actually standing inside the french room, also known as the most haunted room in the most haunted house in america. pretty crazy. >> well, true believers swear it's a sign that the old place is, indeed, haunted. others have their own explanations. >> i didn't know jennie garth was a reporter. that looks just like her. that is frightening. and passengers in atlanta got an unexpected treat. a short show by one of your more talented flash mobs. ♪ >> not just any flash mob. these are justin bieber's backup
4:24 am
dancers, in fact. they decided to turn the terminal into their stage, after their flight was canceled. the biebs was nowhere in sight. but the dancers turned heads as they performed their beauty and the beast. >> not beauty and the beast? that's a disney song. >> appreciate the company logo. for some of you, your local news is next. >> stay tuned, everybody. there's a new ladies' man in town, and he knows to shop at walgreens during the holidays. we have great gifts at great prices, online and in the store. so you're sure to find something for that special someone -- even if you have several special someones. shop walgreens for great gifts, like lindt lindor truffles, and get up to 10,000 balance rewards points on your total purchase, here. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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to treat your anti-aging concerns? join the counter revolution and switch to olay pro-x. achieve anti-aging results so you look up to 12 years younger. see results in 28 days. guaranteed or your money back. olay pro-x. big scare at a california university. police search for an armed suspect. san francisco police sergeant is in hot water for this video of a driver raising through the broadway tunnel good morning.
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chilly start, frost inland, several chances of rain.a. and vegas. show in the sierra nevada and rockies. and light rain in the southwest. it took a once in a century storm and a once in a century date to bring together a once in a lifetime group of artists for a new york concert seen literally around the world. >> key word, once. six weeks after hurricane sandy, 12-12-12 turned into a six-hour epic. >> reporter: on the outside, music fans were still hoping to score seats to the concert. >> i'm trying to get a ticket. bruce, if you're watching. >> reporter: on the inside, bruce springsteen, the boss, and his e. street band, kicked things off. rocking madison square garden, as the 12-12-12 concert for sandy relief got under way.
4:28 am
♪ >> reporter: it is a star-studded show. raising money for residents of the tristate area, still suffering after the storm. >> the damage from sandy was as much as $70 billion. our national local governments are responding. but it's just not enough. that's why we're all here tonight. >> reporter: the money raised here will go to an organization called the robin hood relief fund. and then, it will be distributed to sandy's hardest-hit areas. ♪ get you on your feet again >> reporter: the stars helping out have strong personal connections to the region. many are either current residents of the tristate area or many grew up here. ♪ tomorrow there will be sunshine ♪ >> reporter: no one is associated more with new jersey than the boss, and the members of his band. >> yes, it's a little more personal. literally, the jersey shore, where we grew up. ♪ black bird thing in the dead of night ♪ >> reporter: the jersey shore,
4:29 am
hit hard by the storm. and people here realize it's going to make years to rebuild and billions of dollars. they will raise tons of money with this concert. but celebrities acknowledging that it will be a drop in the bucket in terms of what's needed to rebuild. jeff pegues, abc news, new york. >> so much good news. jeff pegues, abc news, new york. >> so much good news. viewed b captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good thursday morning. 4:30 a.m.. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. fatal accident that could cause problems on the san mateo bridge. >> sue has the latest. unfortunately we start off the morning with a fatality westbound on the san mateo bridge before the highrise blocking right lane. not affecting traffic bunching up as


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