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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 19, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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a lack of rain and clouds that we see on live doppler that is allowing this dry, clear air to cool captainly. until 8:00 we still have dangerous freeze up in the north bay, temperatures approaching the mid 20s, east bay valleys, bay shore and santa clara valley all starting to get to that 28° mark in spots, frost advisory will continue until 8:00, for the bay, 30 to if you are five°, 45 in is -- near the water pier 1, 30° in outlying areas noon upper 40s, 4:00 about 50 with slight breeze. inland temperatures from 26 to 32 everybody is getting frost this morning. mid to upper 40s noon near 50 sunglasses at 4:00 heading out to the coast a lot more sunshine today than yesterday no threat of showers cooler mid 30s now, mid 40s noon upper 40s by 4:00. how about traffic?
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travel update for folks heading i-5 northbound shutdown north of yreka due to massive car accident last night due to black ice. southbound i-5 getting through, northbound remains shutdown until further notice. closer to home, minor delays at bay bridge toll for cash paying folks no metering lights yet carpool and fastrak is getting by nicely upper deck at the limit san jose 87 northbound past hp pavilion light. problem in the santa cruz directions shutdown shadowbrook due to downed wires until 10:30, use again arbor to get around. westbound 580 at basco slowing before the scene lane three blocked. breaking news in the south bay. police and arson investigator on the scene of a home in campbell where firefighters
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were called for a fire around 5 -- around 1 a.m., inside side a storage room they found a body. terry mcsweeney is there getting the latest information. he will have a live report@v at about 6:30. police agencies in san jose investigating a 911 call about a person with a gun that brought major police action to city college of san jose last night. video shows a s.w.a.t. team going floor by floor searching the locked down campus. several hours of searching, nobody was found, students were released. they say it was scary considering the shooting spree that played out last week in connecticut. police say they aren't sure if the report was a hoax or not. the caller was reporting someone else had seen a gun. developing news, i-5 closed to all northbound traffic north of reading. in the last hour, we learned,
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75 vehicles were involved in the massive pile-up that closed i-5 more than 10 hours a big rig slammed into the median that triggered chain reaction that stretched more than two miles several taken to the hospital, including one who had to be air-lifted to oregon. the chp doesn't know when this road will reopen. shelters are being offered to people who are stuck behind the closure. black ice and bad weather are being blamed for the accident abc news has learned president obama is planning on addressing the school tragedy in newton, connecticut. he will hold a briefing at the white house at 8:45, our time, we -- he will announce vice president biden will spearhead an interagency process to form new policies to respond to the school tragedy. abc news plans on carrying a special report when that happens. stay with the abc7 morning news coming up, we'll go live
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to newtown for more on today's announcement from the president. plus the ongoing remembrances taking place for the victims. needy bay area families are lining up in the frigid cold to get help for the holidays. amy hollyfield is live at glide memorial church in san francisco. >> reporter: check out the crowd behind me this is ellis street they had to shutdown to accommodate all the people lining up. they've created a maze with bar kays to handle owl of the people -- with barricades to handle all of the people. the line started last night after dinner. it doesn't surprise glide officials they say the need is high and especially great among seniors. what did surprise glide officials this year are the donations they say they are down. >> donations in general it is still tough. i think people were waiting
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until after election some people waiting to find out what is going to happen with the financial cliff it is not like individuals are giving as strongly as they have in the past. >> reporter: here's the food they will be handing out it fills up a room, rice, canned goods, turkey or chicken. they plan to hand out 5500 bags of food, starting at 7:30. i have the bag here, substantially size, they can get a lot of food in there this is possible because of corporate donors, their names are on the bag, gap, central payments and spot on the companies that are making this possible, it is very expensive giveaway. volunteers from these companies are arriving to start stuffing these bags and getting them ready to hand out. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. traffic and weather together, next.
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live look outside, san mateo bridge and what you see is traffic moving along, but it is cold. mike will have your forecast, sue is watching the traffic. final good-byes in the connecticut town torn apart by
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temperatures from 5 to 13°
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cooler than yesterday going to be a significant shock when you step out biggest drop redwood city 13° cooler than yesterday. hayward, oakland, napa, five mile per hour wind that's all it takes to drop temperatures, 37 fremont, 38 oakland, 28 napa feels three to five degrees cooler san francisco 41°. this afternoon a lot of sun, no need for wet weather gear grab sunglasses low to mid 50s. good morning. smooth sailing see rather no chain require s that will change. right now nice 80 westbound past university on to emeryville and berkeley curve into the macarthur maze busy but speeds are nice moving at the limit towards the maze. same with golden gate bridge, no delays, everything smooth sailing out of waldo tunnel to the toll on to doyle drive. one accident westbound 580 at
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basco blocking middle lane, traffic bunched up before the scene. :10. we are awaiting a briefing from president obama on gun control. later, danger down under, the dozens of sharks
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the bulk of the system staying to the north around oregon and washington will
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start to slide south a little under eureka and mount shasta and crescent city with lower elevation rain and higher elevation snow today. high pressure over us, nearly calm and very, very dry air and that's why we are seeing temperatures drop so significantly this morning. by 7:00, we are at our lows for -- in general, noon mid to upper' ñ 40s, 4:00, a few high clouds, a lot of sun low to mid 50s, 7:00 chilly, low to mid 40s. rain arrives in the north bay tomorrow, also will bring warmer weather, rain for all of us friday and saturday. 6:14. new this morning, abc news has learned president obama will
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hold a briefing at the white house 8:45 in morning, our time to make announcement about the nation's gun policies after the school tragedy in connecticut where we find mark greenblatt this morning. >> reporter: good morning. another somber day in sandy hook in 45 minutes more funerals are slated to get underway. here in the center of town, behind me the memorial has grown it extends back behind me, around the corner and far out of four more funerals will be held today for victims of friday's tragic shooting. three for children who died. >> it is hard to get your mind around it that someone so young would leave us in such a peaceful community over such a horrific event. >> reporter: teacher victoria soto will be laid to rest today. >> vicki died a hero she was protecting her children. which she loved very much.
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she didn't call them her students, she called them her kids. >> reporter: tuesday the sudden grim need for multiple funerals went on display in a painful new way when one serviced ined mourners left exchanging hugs with many waiting for the next service. >> i've never been in a situation like this where i'm watching a sea of people leaving a funeral for a child and another sea of people waiting at the side of the church trying to get in for the next funeral. >> reporter: students returned to school for the first time since the shooting. sandy hook elementary remains closed, perhaps for good. >> i've always been worried now it is very bad. >> reporter: students from sandy hook will use a building in the neighboring town of monroe, volunteers have been tran -- transforming that building. >> i'm going to put on a brave
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face, we are going to march up to the door say hello to his teacher i'll walk away and cry, it is all so surreal. >> reporter: connecticut's governor has declared friday, a day of mourning throughout connecticut, where that marks that one week anniversary of the tragic shooting. he's asking anybody who can to ring a bell 26 times 9:30 in the morning honoring the 20 children and six staff members who died. stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage. abc7 news will have a special report 8:45 this morning when president obama holds his white house briefing to announce new gun control task force he has planned. startedding to feel like winter. -- starting to feel like winter. waiting for pictures to come in of people scraping windshields, it is kind of
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dark out, it would be neat to see some especially with the holiday decorations. good morning. coming up on 6:18 beautiful picture from vollmer peak looking towards emeryville to san francisco. live doppler yesterday showers obvious the ocean today maybe a -- over the ocean, today maybe a few clouds and that's it, all of us clear this morning with dry air right now it is going to push off that rain a little longer than what we talked about yesterday. first out the door, 28° fairfield, napa and santa rosa, 31 concord, livermore, san jose 34 cooler los gatos 32, same redwood city, 38 oakland, 41 san francisco, freezing around gilroy and salinas, watsonville santa cruz 33 and 34 monterey
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37°. three highlights sunshine today, still cool, calm before the storm, almost as chilly tonight rain for the north bay tomorrow, the rest of us friday, saturday, sunday, high sneaking in governing our weather, bringing calm conditions and dry air that is going to uncut this next system today and better part of tomorrow -- fast forward to tomorrow we hardly have clouds. any sprinkles in the north bay solange the sonoma county coast better -- as we see the steadier rain move into the north bay moderate amounts of rain midnight leading edge of the steadier rain around 80 from daly city up to possibly fairfield i know it turns into 280 technically, move on. cold front moving through 50 clock, steady rain friday morning during the -- commute
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once the cold front passes 9:00, showers through friday afternoon, saturday and sunday. be prepared for wet weather and to maybe change plans. if we see flooding best chance north bay friday evening up to four inches there northern sections of sonoma county. a couple of inches friday and saturday, up to an inch or two, higher elevations monday, tuesday looks dry. nice shot of the bay bridge toll, back-up because the metering lights just flipped on 6:09 this morning. carpool lanes moving along nicely, a bit sluggish upper deck towards san francisco. san rafael looking good past lucas valley road, ymca towards the civic center no delays through southern marin not golden gate bridge, ben lomond area highway 9 shadow brook both directions shutdown due to downed power
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lines glen arbor would be your alternate. red sensors slow as you approach basco accident in 5#uju lane look5 minutes from the altamont into the dublin pleasanton area. westbound 4 at railroad, accident there slow from antioch towards concord. 6:21. ahead, feeding frenzy down under on a popular beach. getting glassware spotless. michael finney with the products promising to get the job done a ñsñúa
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take a look at this sharks on a feeding frenzy this is video from perth, australia showing 16 tiger sharks coming close to a beach. it is believed they were feeding on a dolphin carcass, as a result the beach is closed off to visitors. tiger sharks are known to attack humans but there hasn't been a fatal attack in west australian waters since 1930. >> something a little more common. whether you are cleaning up after a holiday party or just regular dinner, getting glassware spotless can be easier said than done. >> michael finney and consumer
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reports put dish water additives to the test. >> reporter: good morning. are you frustrated by filmy build-up on your glasses? there are additives for dishwashers that promise to help. consumer tested to find out whether they can really deliver crystal clear results. when you set a table for a nice meal you never want to use cloudy glasses like this. consumer reports put clear dish ware to you have test with very hard water and came out with a white film. >> since polluting phosphates were banned the problem is worse. >> reporter: additives claim they can help, including this one from finish. >> boost detergent, you will see a huge difference. >> reporter: consumer reports tried finish according to instructions, putting it in the precash dispenser. -- prewash dispenser this didn't hold enough to get the
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job done. here's before and after watching with for power up. not much difference. >> we decided to use the alternate instructions which said to put the finish directionly into the machine. that time the dishes came out looking clean. >> reporter: next glisten cleaner and remover in premeasured packets removed residue after two cycles. instructions say to use this to clean the machine first, then with the dishes. while you may have to experiment with how much to use, it also worked. here are the dishes before and after. >> while all these products worked, it was the least expensive and best value >> reporter: consumer reports cautions not to use finish power up or limme shine with a detergent that contains pwhraoefpl may produce toxic gases if mixed together.
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still ahead, we are continuing to follow developing news near the oregon state line massive pile-up forcing drivers on i-5 to take a detour. >> lights out at the happiest place on earth. what left disneyland in the dark? honoring harvey milk, the california county changing its mind about the late san francisco supervisor. another live look at bay bridge toll, metering lights on carpool lanes the way to go if you can. sluggish upper deck into san francisco, we'll come back after the break with more details on that northbound i-5 closure north of yreka, if you are traveling, you will not be able to get through. details coming8tes0p0p
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it is wednesday december 19th, thank you so much for joining us at 6:30. live look outside what you can't see is how chilly it is. you might see frost on windshield. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. freeze warning as well, a lot of cold news, meteorologist mike nicco with the latest. clear air not a cloud to be found not a radar return all those things could keep temperature up they are not showing up. officially, here's some of the temperatures around, upper 20s fairfield, napa, santa rosa, i did see a 24° in fremont for the cool spot right now.
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san francisco. frosty spots around the bay, 30 to 45° in san francisco, sunny better part of afternoon upper 40s to low 50s for highs inland 20s to low 30s near 50 by 4:00, a lot of sun, have sunglasses handy coast mid to upper 30s now, mid to upper 40s with sunshine this afternoon. no blackpú ice reported around here, but that apparently is the culprit north i-5, north of yreka those lanes not reopened, chp escorting slowly traffic through northbound, southbound open near hornbrook rest area if you are traveling northbound. closer to home, busier situation not bad 280 northbound highway 17 overcrossing, you can see traffic moving up towards
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cupertino at the limit out of san jose northbound. busier san mateo bridge, brake lights on flat section over towards foster city, drive time on that in a minute. nasty commute westbound out of central valley due to accident at basco blocking center lane, 45 minutes from the altamont up and over into the central valley i should say dublin pleasanton area slow out of antioch accident at railroad on the shoulder 101 out of novato 80 southbound to san jose there's san mateo bridge from 880 towards 101, 92 westbound. breaking news to elaborate on what you just said. you can get through on i-5 now near the oregon state line that route was closed all night long. northbound traffic being escorted through siskiyou county after massive 75 car pile-up, north of yreka.
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crews have been working through the night to clear the way. this started when a big rig hit a concrete median in bad weather that triggered a chain reaction pile-up that stretched more than two miles, 16 hurt, seven went to the hospital. this morning the area remains under a winter weather advisory. breaking news we brought you this morning, police in south bay trying to figure out how a body ended up in a storage unit. terry mcsweeney joins us live from campbell with the latest. >> reporter: the block runs parallel to south bascomb a block behind whole foods, 1:15 this morning firefighters thought they had a routine call of smoke coming out of a storage you -- storage unit. they go in and find a dead body. a man's body found inside the storage unit. according to police there was
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not a lot of flames associated with in smoke just smoldering. inside they found the body. i asked a sergeant where do they go from here? >> at this point, the cause of death and cause of fire still under investigation. the police department county arson investigators are working together to locate evidence and find a cause of what happened this morning. >> reporter: the person has not been identified, a person who lives in this apartment believes it may have been his son because the son had access to that storage unit. also of note, firefighters pulled out from that storage area two bottles of vodka. i don't know if it has anything to do with the person in there, again cause of death, identification still not being released. developing news from oakland, firefighters investigating early morning
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fire that sent a security guard to the hospital. the fire started around midnight in a pick-up truck parked near railroad and clara south of the flames spread to a nearby commercial building the security guard was at the scene during the fire he was taken to the hospital. investigators say the truck was reported stolen. happening now in san francisco, look at glide memorial church you can see dozens are braving the cold waiting in behind for a chance at a holiday food give away this morning. the food fills up a room, rice, canned goods, also turkey or chicken. they plan to hand out 5500 bags starting 7:30. officials say they are noticing their clientele is aging most ever seniors. they say the need is high, donations are low. today's giveaway is made possible by corporate
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donations. the north bay is under a freeze warning. in other parts just cold. frost advisories too the drop in temperatures prompting homeless advocates to scout the streets last night looking for those who need shelter h in fairfax horses got the royal treatment at the equestrian center they spent the night indoors with extra blankets. the extreme cold didn't stop these people from braving a long line for a movie screening. 6:36. berkeley city councilmembers considering a proposal to ban surveillance drones over city air space. the no-drone zone proposal is in response to a growing number of cities using drones as a law enforcement tool. at me sherry's department considered using a $31,000 grant to buy a drone but decided against it.
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berkeley police said it never considered buying or using a drone. strong winds in southern california blamed for leaving parts of disneyland in the dark. video shows parts of the park without power last night blamed on a transformer explosion. some attractions had to shutdown. you can still see some lights. winds reached up to 50 miles per hour in some parts of southern california last night. the holiday see is one of the busiest times of the year for disneyland. disney is the parent company of abc7. from southern california this morning, orange county is now officially recognizing harvey milk day. the "los angeles times" reports officials decided yesterday to recognize the late san francisco supervisor after initially refusing. california as a state has marked harvey milk day since 2009. traffic and weather together, next. take you outside now for a
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live look at the golden gate bridge no moisture on the bridge deck that is good because temperatures would create the possibility of black ice, we don't want that. mike will have the full forecast. sue is following traffic. "time" magazine reveals person of the yea
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live shot of 80 through
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berkeley as you make your way towards the macarthur maze crowded and getting sluggish towards the bay bridge and beyond. out of san rafael, south 101 getting busy, it is moving as you make your way towards the civic center westbound 580 basco accident cleared out of lanes but the damage is done very, very slow as you make your way towards dublin pleasanton inter looking at over 40 minutes as you make your way westbound. 6:40 within. time manage -- magazine reveals person of the year. >> trades underway on wall street as you can see, live look from the big board dow is flat we'll go live to jane king at the new york stock exchange coming up next.
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each port of oakland reporting 32° now frost in a lot of areas except san francisco where coolest temperature 37° forest hill area. sunshine, high clouds, low to mid 50s today. doppler across the state quiet now if you are heading north we had the black ice this morning, rain and higher elevation snow around eureka, crescent city and mount shasta during the afternoon. socal upper -- [ unintelligible ] see rather quiet now.
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today or tomorrow good -- sierra is quiet now if you can get there today or tomorrow good. breaking news, we've just learned that robert bork has died, a legal scholar best known for being nominated to the supreme court by president reagan in 1987 that nomination failed. he's also known for his role in the saturday night massacre during the nixon administrator when he fired cox and the attorney general of the u.s. would not and resigned in protest robert bork was 84-years-old. more on the school tragedy in connecticut, two hours from now, president obama is scheduled to hold a briefing at the white house to make a new announcement about gun control. katie marzullo joins us from the newsroom. house democrats also taking action this morning. >> reporter: there are three announcements out of washington, d.c. this morning
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as lawmakers look to prevent more mass shootings. 7 a.m. senator boxer will talk about new legislation. at 8:00 house democrats calling for ban on assault magazines. 8:45 president obama will outline steps his administration will take to tighten again restrictions. the president is putting vice presidented by anyone charge of that effort. in connecticut today, more funerals. teacher vicki soto will be laid to rest today. parents will bury more children, 20 young students were murdered. the school which served kindergarten through 4th grade will not resume classes until after winter break and not at sandy hook. to make survivors comfortable, a tall order. >> [ inaudible ] [ rd time
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going through all this. >> reporter: so is the entire town. the entire country, two 6-year-olds were buried yesterday their funerals were held back-to-back at the same catholic church. as for the investigation into the shooter adam lanza, cnn reporting toxicology tests are underway to determine if he took medication prior to the murders. investigators still trying to retrieve useful information from his smashed computer. katie marzullo, abc7 news. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage on the school tragedy. abc news will have a special report 8:45 this morning when president obama holds his white house briefing to announce new gun control task force. across the country people are finding ways to deal with emotions from this tragedy, including many who turned out for a candlelight vigil in pleasanton. they came to console one another through words, music
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and art. one man said he's heartbroken at a time of year when people should be celebrating life. time magazine just revealed -- "time" magazine just revealed 2012 person of the year the winner is president obama. the editor says the country is in the midst of historic, cultural and demographic changes and the president is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new america. mr. obama also received the honor in 2008 when he was president election. you may not think of the golden state as being king of black oil but that may be about to change i am >> which high paying jobs don't need four years of college to get? jane king is live at the new york stock exchange. tell me! good morning. believe it or not california stands a good chance of becoming the nation's top oil producing state within a decade the government sold leases covering 18,000 acres last week, occidental amid the
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dominant bidders analysts forecasting a california "renaissance. stronger open this morning, slightly, s&p a little lower, optimism over the fiscal cliff, a lot of caution as well as you can see. bloomberg index is a little higher. with college tuition skyrocketing more families are considering community college to save money forbes broke down the best paying jobs for community college grads, air traffic controllers top the list with six figure median salary. other high paying jobs dental hygienists radiation therapists and registered nurses. seasonal work at the local mall as the mall's santa, can pay handsomely, top level santas can earn over $100 an
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hour. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> [ inaudible ] >> what makes a top level santa? >> your own byrd. santa suit sounds good, it is cold. >> dress in layers if you can coldest morning so far this season. good morning, looking from is. in san francisco all the way cross -- sutro tower in san francisco all wait cross mount diablo in the east bay. hardly a include in that -- picture, a few trying to move into the north bay and that will be about it, sunshine for today and no rain in the forecast for today. upper 20s to low 30s inland low 30s to low 40s around the bay up towards san francisco 41 oakland 38 san jose 34, 31
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concord and live more. there are places cooler fremont 24, 27's around also,. some of those 27's pleasanton, dublin, petaluma. sunny and cool today, almost as chilly tonight rain thursday through sunday high pressure sneaking in now bringing us the dry cold air going to whole the next system through -- going to hold the next system through tomorrow. 5:00 in the morning nothing going on not a lot of cloud cover, chilly again tomorrow morning. 5:00 steadier rain starting to move into the north bay, midnight moving along i-80 moderate rain north bay, yellows and will it will stay the better part of the morning hours until 5:00, 6:00, tapers, all of us have light rain tomorrow morning through the noon hour, showers for the
6:51 am
rest of friday waves of rain saturday, sunday looks like monday and tuesday it is going to be dry once again. vollmer peak camera highway 24 snaking out of lafayette area orinda into the caldecott tunnel, a little busy, moving nicely. southbound 880 at a street, stalled bus blocking a lane. drive times now out of novato towards pardon me out you have santa rosa towards novato 680 there's 24 to 580, about 20 minutes off the altamont pass improving. your waze app this long line of traffic slow westbound 580 from basco from the altamont pass and back towards 205 central valley, earlier accident at basco as huge big jam up heading westbound on
6:52 am
580 many this app is free to navigate your commute. 6:52. ahead, five things to know before you go. >> abc7 morning news ret
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good morning. :54. shot to the east you can see the glow of the sun you can also see clear sky helping us keep chilly temperatures around. mike will have your forecast coming up. here are five things to know before you go: number one, breaking news judge robert bork has died at the age of 84. he was nominated to the u.s. supreme court by president reagan in 1987, but the senate rejected his nomination. bourque a controversial conservative judge. >> last year he worked as a legal adviser for candidate
6:54 am
mitt romney. >> number two, breaking news in the south bay, police and arson investigator on the scene of a home in campbell where firefighters discovered a body in a storage room. the a criminal investigation is underway to try to determine how it started and if foul play is involved. number three, traffic moving again on i-5, but slowly this morning near the oregon border after a 75 car pile-up north of yreka the freeway was shutdown all night for 12 hours. the chp says black ice and people driving too fast created the mess that injured 16 people. number four, president obama will hold a live news conference 8:45 this morning he's expected to announce new efforts to enact stricter gun control in the wake of the sandy hook school tragedy. >> number five, glide's glossary giveaway, he's --
6:55 am
these are live pictures, hundreds braving the cold to get free groceries. the church plans to hand out more than 5,000 bags starting 7:30, until they aren't out. final check of your forecast. >> 40° around glide now. petaluma, washington avenue, east washington street excuse me lakeville on that corner, 201° that's the cool spot around the bay area that -- 21°, that else an the cool spot, around the bayq5d areaicó keep everything covered and pets in as long as possible. frost just about everywhere until 8:00. temperatures in the 20s and 30s inland 30s to 41 san francisco the warm spot sunshine temperatures near 50 at the coast low to mid 50s for the rest of us this afternoon. metering lights on bay bridge toll backed to the west grand almost to the 880 overcrossing, sluggish incline
6:56 am
into san francisco, 280 san jose moving nicely northbound, getting busy as you snake from san jose towards cupertino past highway 17. situation with live wires down highway 9 at shadow brook in the ben lomand area both directions shutdown until 10:30 use glen arbor. continue to be a grind out of central valley due to earlier accident at -- abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america". >> we are always on at a special report 8:45 when president obama holds his news conference. thanks for joining us. >> see you later.
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[ female announcer ] martinelli's gold medal sparkling cider is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868.
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good morning, america. breaking now, the first major winter storm set to explode over the middle of the country. blizzard warnings, now, in effect. the wild weather, already bringing massive mudslides, derailing this freight train. and knocking power out at disneyland. sam is tracking it all. also breaking this morning. president obama orders joe biden to lead the charge in changing policies after sandy hook. the nra is set to speak out now for the first time, as the debate on gun control breaks wide-open. >> why the hell can you buy a weapon of mass destruction? the eagle has landed. take a look at t


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