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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 20, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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in snow. she shows us the tricks she used to survive and how she managed to escape. and we asked, is it real or is it fake? that video of an eagle snatching up a baby, blowing up so fast. grabbing more than 16 million views in two days. it worked. but, yes, it's a hoax. this morning, we go straight to the source to learn the secrets of how they did it. good morning, america. hi to robin at home. great to have elizabeth vargas back. paula faris in today. i'm surrounded. this is great. >> george's angels. >> that's right. >> and by the way, i knew it was a hoax. i knew that eagle wasn't grabbing that baby. we have a lot to get to today. including the fiscal cliff showdown. talks have broken down.
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house republicans are going to push a fallback plan today. they're trying to make sure that taxes don't go up for anyone making under $1 million. will it help or hurt the negotiations? and president obama front and center on the gun control debate, promising yesterday quick action. we'll show you how some cities are arming teachers. while many parents are taking safety into their own hands by buying bullet-resistant backpacks for their children. >> there's a lot of fear out there. there is a lot of fear. >> nothing shows it more than that. let's get to the breaking developments on the extreme weather battering much of the country. there's reports of damaging tornados in the south? >> yeah, everything you're going to see, elizabeth, is coming from one storm system. from those dust storms in texas, to the severe warnings in seven states. let's take the ones that are immediate right now. the biggest danger from the severe storm reports. we have multiple tornado warnings popping up right now in alabama and louisiana.
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we had reports of folks trapped in mobile and damage in the storms popping up as we speak right now in all of those storm zones. this is where the storms are likely to be strongest today. this storm system has a big snowmaking low to the north. but a cold front to the south. jacksonville, to atlanta to charleston to raleigh. this is where the strong storms, the possibility of tornadoes will be popping up. on the northern side of the storm is the snow component. these are blizzard-like conditions in 17 states. and some places will pick up 10 to 15 inches of snow. one of the places that already has nine inches of snow on the ground, des moines, iowa. and ginger zee is right under all that snow. good morning, ginger. >> sam, the winds here have been absolutely brutal. you can see the blowing snow behind me. we have another a foot that will now blow into snow drifts on the road. three-foot to five-foot drifts.
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troubling for holiday travelers. overnight, eight inches of snow dumped in parts of nebraska, with 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts that sent cars like this sliding straight through intersections. and in iowa, in the midst of a blizzard, a flash. >> was that you? >> and then -- >> yeah. >> reporter: yep. that's thundersnow. it's just one of the many weather phenomena from this winter storm. it's affecting everything from colorado to wisconsin. and on the backside, in texas, downtown lubbock was hardly visible wednesday. dust storms caused by whipping winds up to 60 miles per hour, sent 23 cars colliding on this texas highway, killing 1 man and injuring 17 others. and this storm would shut down parts of an interstate in colorado, was just as much trouble as the denver airport. >> one cancellation.
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two delays. missed one plane by three minutes. >> it came wet and heavy first. encapsulating cars. power lines down. >> yeah. you're right, ginger. and even though chicago gets on the wet side of the storm, once it passes, they will get on the cold side. there will be snow in that direction, as well. travel delays that ginger just showed you on the roads. definitely going to be a problem in the air. atlanta will have delays. as the system moves east on the weekend, even new york and boston will have delays from this storm. and then we'll talk about the west when we get back with the rest of the weather. it is a messy next couple of days. >> real sloppy. sam, thanks very much. we'll get the latest on that fiscal cliff. down to 12 days before everyone's taxes go up and every government program is cut. and that is a little more likely this morning, with private talks frozen and both sides blaming each other for the breakdown.
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abc's jonathan karl has all this from washington. all of the focus on speaker john boehner's fallback plan, what he is calling plan "b." >> reporter: that's right, george. talks have got son low, i would say this is the low point, that boehner is moving ahead with the backup plan that the president so opposes, he says he will veto. under plan "b" most of the tax cuts will be extended for those making over $1 million. for those over $1 million, the tax rates would go up. this could do nothing to address the issues. like spending cuts and the debt ceiling. democrats are calling this vote a waste of time. but, george, boehner is saying the president has a choice. support this plan or see a massive tax increase on virtually all americans after january 1st. >> yeah, they seem to think this is going to put the pressure back on the white house. but, jon, like you, i've been in touch with both sides overnight. and these talks right now are going absolutely nowhere. the chance that the country is going to go over that fiscal cliff are really rising.
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>> reporter: absolutely. they are blaming each other, not talking to each other. george, i really see no sign of a big breakthrough anywhere on the horizon. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. let's go to paula faris, in for josh with the news. >> good morning, george. good morning, elizabeth. and we begin with new fallout from that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. this morning, four officials at the state department have been relieved of their duties, including the head of diplomatic security, who resigned after an independent investigation found security in benghazi had been, quote, grossly inadequate. still, many republicans are calling for harsher punishments. and will be questioning state department officials on capitol hill today. and one person has been killed, dozens injured, after a 35-vehicle highway pileup on new york's long island. police say a semi-truck which burst into flames, started that chain-reaction crash, leaving dozens of damaged cars and trucks scattered across the highway. hours later, the fire still
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burning. but the highway, finally reopened this morning. and funerals will be held today for five more victims of the newtown school shooting. there was a stirring scene last night. the word hope, spelled out with candles, outside the wake of sandy hook elementary principal dawn hochsprung. and there was this. hundreds of firefighters standing at attention at the funeral of 7-year-old daniel barden, who wanted to be one of them when he grew up. today, vice president joe biden will begin meeting with law enforcement officials to discuss how to prevent another tragedy like newtown. we're going to have more on those talks coming up in just a moment. and new concerns about marijuana and prescription drug use among teens this morning. a new survey finds 23% of high school seniors now admit smoking pot in the last month alone. 7% say they smoke it every day. and 1 in 12 teens now admits to using the stimulant adderall, which treats attention deficit disorder. a significant increase from just
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three years ago. and finally, a $500 million mystery this morning after a whole lot more than a prayer was left at jerusalem's holiest of sites. a visitor at the famed western wall found an envelope, you guys. it was filled with more than 500 checks, each written for $1 million. the checks were signed but not made out to anyone. israeli police say the checks appear to be valid. we're going to have to wait and see. we also thought that eagle video, swooping down to grab the child, was legitimate, as well. >> i hope the checks are valid. >> from across the globe, nigeria and the united states. >> maybe a smuggler dropped his stash. >> let's see how this one plays out. >> we'll probably have an update tomorrow. >> merry christmas. now, to the debate over gun control. this is all in the wake, of course, of that tragedy in
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newtown, connecticut. vice president joe biden will be meeting with law enforcement officials today in the first step of a push to end gun violence. the nra is expected to speak out tomorrow in its first news conference since the tragedy. and abc's jake tapper joins us from the white house. with the very latest. you asked the president yesterday in the news conference, where have you been for four years on this issue to eradicate semiautomatic weapons? >> reporter: that's right. then-senator biden had written that ban into law in 1994. but it expired in 2004. the vice president will be meeting with chiefs of police who support reinstating that ban. and the president will be reaching out to lawmakers to try to come up with post-newtown solutions. president obama had promised the citizens of newtown meaningful action. and in a morning press conference, he explained what that meant. an administration focused on preventing future tragedies by focusing on mental health,
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culture, education, and gun control. >> the fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. the fact that we can't prevent every act of violence doesn't mean we can't steadily reduce the violence and prevent the very worst violence. >> reporter: vice president biden will head the initial effort with a january deadline for specific recommendations. >> this is not some washington commission. this is a team that has a very specific task, to pull together real reforms, right now. >> reporter: the president's already made some demands, calling on congress to ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition clips and what he called military-style assault weapons. and close the so-called gun show loophole that does not require background checks in many private sales. the tragedy at sandy hook elementary appears right now to have been a tipping point, for a national conversation about gun violence, one we've not seen in a long time.
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>> they can fire 100 bullets in a minute for people that know what they're doing with them. >> reporter: and even some gun right s democrats, suggest something has changed. >> i'll defend the second amendment to my dying breath. they know i'm a proud owner and a lifetime member of the nra. i've always been. and hope always will be. but i also have a responsibility to speak up and say, listen. come to the table. i want to hear both sides. >> reporter: one group we have not yet heard from that much, george, are leaders of the republican party who have been so opposed to any regulations on guns in the past. view this post-newtown world. we'll hear from them in the coming days, as well. >> thanks very much. now, we'll have more in our search for solutions after the tragedy. a different take. those that argue that the best way to stop mass killings is to have more guns in the right hands at the right time, even in the classroom. it's a controversial debate. and abc's alex perez takes a closer look. >> reporter: since the nightmare at sandy hook, some lawmakers are making the push for a new solution, more guns. arguing teachers should be armed.
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>> you should be able to carry your handgun anywhere in this state. >> reporter: in tiny wichita, texas, licensed teachers are already allowed to carry guns in the classroom. the superintendent is convinced classroom guns can prevent school shootings. >> my goal is, if someone comes in to try to hurt my little ones, that they're killed. >> reporter: another company, opsgear, is teaching teachers how to use firearms. spearheading a course on gun permits and energy survival -- emergency survival tactics. the ceo believes educators should have the option to arm themselves. >> violence needs violence at times to solve the problem. you have to disrupt the behavior of the bad guy. we think firearms is a good alternative. >> reporter: but bill bond, who was the principal at heath high school in paducah, kentucky, when a 14-year-old shot and killed three students, believes
7:13 am
more guns will simply lead to more bloodshed. >> a lot of innocent people have been killed by the teachers trying to stop something before it started. >> reporter: elsewhere, frustrated teachers are taking another controversial approach, backpack body armor. richard brand's company is making bullet-resistant backpacks for schoolchildren. the ordinary-looking child-sized backpacks have a sheet of bullet-resistant body armor sewn into them. >> why not offer that protection wherever they are? >> reporter: one marine in tennessee, heartbroken by the tragedy at sandy hook, is taking matters into his own hands, standing guard at his daughter's school in nashville. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> debate how to keep schools safe will clearly continue. we're going to turn, now, to the brazen bank robbers, considered armed and dangerous. they managed to escape from a federal prison in chicago. the entire city is on-edge this morning, as authorities expand their manhunt.
7:14 am
and we're learning more on just how those two escaped and where they went initially. abc's john schriffen has the latest. >> reporter: overnight, the manhunt for two escaped bank robbers intensified. but police chasing down multiple new leads. investigators say surveillance cameras captured joseph jose banks and kenneth conley, considered to be armed and dangerous, getting into a taxi, minutes after their brazen escape tuesday. and they showed up at conley's mother's home in a chicago suburb, just five hours later. conley's mother tells abc news, quote, he was in the house for two minutes. i can't tell you if he was armed. i made him get out. >> as hours go by, our chances get longer and longer. however, we do have several viable leads that we are running down. >> reporter: according to court documents, banks and conley were last seen locked up monday at 10:00 p.m. during headcount. it's then, authorities believe, the two stuffed their beds with clothes in the shape of bodies.
7:15 am
broke the window, shimmying out of a hole only inches wide, and then scaled down the side of the building 17 stories up. at 7:00 the next morning, as employees arrived at work, they noticed the sheets still dangling from the building. conley and banks were missing. banks, nicknamed the second-hand bandit because of disguises he used in these robberies, was convicted of armed robbery just last week. his parting words to his judge, quote, i'll be seeking retribution, as well as damages. you'll hear from me. she and others who presided over his case have now reportedly been offered protection. >> they're willing to go down sheets 17 floors, they're willing to take a chance. i think you can draw your own conclusion as to what that might mean. >> reporter: with the two on the run now for more than 48 hours, authorities are asking for the public's help. the fbi and the u.s. marshals are offering a combined reward up to $60,000 to find the inmates and bring them back into custody. elizabeth, the fbi says they're following multiple leads at this hour, including some indicating that
7:16 am
the two have left the state. >> they've left. they've gone. all right. thank you, john. keep us posted on what happens. we're going to turn to a different kind of crime spree, those real-life grinches trying to kill christmas. nick watt put the christmas killjoys on the spot. >> this is the most wonderful time of the year. >> reporter: yep. 'tis the season for a fat man to wriggle down chimneys, leaving gifts. 'tis also the season for a skinny dude in texas to steal inflatable snowmen off of lawns. oh, my word. his victim did not want to be identify. >> he ran across the street to the other neighbor's house, taking their inflatable. >> reporter: maybe his heart's just two sizes too small. a real-life grinch. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >> reporter: midnight in maine, this grinch pulls up to a store,
7:17 am
steals the giving tree. are these people just really hard-up? >> while these people are blatantly trying to find anything they can pick up. >> reporter: the sosa family from florida reports, gifts stolen from their front porch by what looks like a pregnant woman. >> the holidays, people tend to be more giving and stuff like that, and instead, people taking advantage of situations. >> reporter: 3:00 a.m., alito, texas, this christmas killjoy walks up to a front door, steals the wreath. then unplugs and loots the lights. >> i think it's scary that a grown woman would feel the need to do this. >> reporter: thanks to this security footage and anonymous tips, this mrs. grinch is now in the county jail. happy christmas, lady. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> well delivered, nick. well done. >> happy christmas. sam, more weather now. >> we have such a tough morning for so many people.
7:18 am
we're going to show you, even in the dark of early morning in the chicagoland area, the rain was falling. now, this is going to become a real problem later because after about 3:00 in the afternoon, you're under a winter storm warning, chicagoland. what happens is, that temperature plunges so dramatically, the roads get icy. everything will change over. eventually you'll get snow by later on tonight. check out blizzard warnings for places like omaha, des moines, all the way through green bay. it will be a real mess with the wintry weather there. and then, watch this heavy rain. the east coast is not out of it. by tomorrow morning's drive time, look at the heaviest band of rain moving over new york city. that is tomorrow morning's drive time, with heavy rain and likely some flooding from the same storm system causing so many problems today.
7:19 am
and coming up, buried alive. one skier's amazing story of survival. what was her trick to staying alive encased in snow?
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good morning. fire crews watching for flare-ups from an early morning fire in a san francisco apartment building that forced two dozen to evacuate. the fire started in an apartment in the back of the building, crews had it knocked didn't quickly. muni brought in a bus to evacuate residents to temporary shelters. sue is following the commute. muni situation still existing right now switching back the m line at 19th and holloway, there are delays shuttle buses extend service beyond that. no other mass transit delays. earlier accident south 101 old oakland road just cleared. 580 west 980 accident also cleared still backed behind the bay bridge toll. >> when we come back, meteorologist mi
7:25 am
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7:27 am
beautiful picture from our roof cam high clouds kept temperatures up a little in most areas this morning];k exception east bay valleys, frosty cold again. radar returns not reaching the ground still waiting until tonight for rain. 33 redwood city, 40s oakland and san francisco, 39 san jose. rain moves into the north bay
7:28 am
7:29 am
♪ i just want to fly okay, we asked yesterday, is this real or is it fake? you must have had a hunch. that just couldn't be true. but how did they do it? how did the hoaxers pull it off? it went massively viral, 16 million views. we're going to get behind the hoax this morning, right here on "good morning america." >> apparently the students behind this have a history of making these videos. and take great pride in doing it very well. also, we have an amazing survival story. we're going to talk to a skier who managed to survive being buried under an avalanche for 15
7:30 am
minutes. she used several tricks to stay alive. survival skills. we learn about all sorts of things that people can have. let's switch gears to tim tebow. we were just talking about it. everybody's talking about it. could he be a free agent on and off the field. his playing days in new york appear to be over. and we hear he's also looking for a new girlfriend. >> he was on top of the tier. >> just one year ago. >> i know. it's amazing. >> and none of us here are single. >> i know that we'll get to the root of both of those stories. >> that's not a bad thing. >> i know. i'm sorry. apologies to my husband. >> most of us are relatively happy. >> i'm trying to dig myself out of that one. how to get free shipping and delivery by christmas. there's only one person who can make this happen for you. and it's going to be right here on "gma." you want to see this. >> a whole lot coming up. we begin with the incredible
7:31 am
survival story. 20-year-old emily anderson, buried by an avalanche while skiing in washington state. but one free hand, quick-acting rescuers and a dog saved her life. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: 20-year-old emily anderson had just finished what she calls one of the best runs of her life, here at crystal mountain, south of seattle. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: when she looked down and saw the snow moving strangely beneath her. >> i saw a crack. and you hear a little pop when it starts to go. i realized it was an avalanche. it pushed me into a tree. and all of a sudden, i was encased. and i couldn't move. >> reporter: she was buried. her first thought, above everything else, how to breathe. her left hand could move just enough to get the snow away from her mouth. >> my head was down, facing down a little bit. and so, i, like, had to kind of scoop the snow away. i breathed in snow a little bit. that was scary. >> reporter: that's what saved your life, having that left hand
7:32 am
free to get a little bit away. >> yeah. i was, like, kind of in a sitting position. and my right arm was stuck out to my side. >> reporter: couldn't move it? >> yeah. couldn't move it. >> reporter: and the second wave hit her. a wave of fear she might not be found. >> i felt very alone. i felt like, you know, this could be it. >> reporter: a helpless, horrifying feeling, like when this snowmobiler caused an avalanche, and was buried alive earlier this year in washington state. >> shovels. >> reporter: his friends, frantically dug him out. >> get his helmet off. can he breathe? >> reporter: he wasn't injured. >> he's all right. >> reporter: but emily wasn't sure she'd make it. she was screaming. but buried under the snow, no one could hear. a friend saw it happen and called for help. the ski patrol was there within minutes and began poking through the snow with long poles, trying to find her. newman, a 4-year-old avalanche rescue dog, was there, too. >> avalanche dogs are the best
7:33 am
way to find somebody like emily. this woman is lucky. the avalanche statistics say, that once you're buried without a trace to the surface, the chance of surviving that statistically is one out of three. >> reporter: 15 minutes later, she felt the poles poking through. they found her and dug her out. you're lucky. >> i'm very lucky. everything about it went my way. that's for sure. >> reporter: this morning, her neck is a little sore and her ski poles are lost. but she's otherwise just fine, smiling and interested in getting a job with the ski patrol. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, washington. >> that's an amazing story. >> sure is. >> we were talking, that makes us want to go skiing. we're going to turn, now, to tim tebow, the superstar quarterback, who is hitting a bit of a rough patch, on and off the field these days. the new york jets were passing him over to start sunday's game. and he is reportedly, as well, if that isn't bad enough, oh, my
7:34 am
gosh. split from girlfriend, actress camilla belle. paula faris is back with that. what a fall from superstardom a year ago. >> wonder why the jets brought him here to begin with. and analysts say it may have been a publicity stunt from day one. football's good guy, tim tebow, might not be in a good move by getting blind sided by his team this weekend. and now, he could be looking for a change of scenery. sacked by his own coach. tim tebow's career with the jets may be over in a new york minute. this, after his head coach, rex ryan, pulled off a shocking quarterback sneak. benching both tebow and starter, mark sanchez, for the third-stringer, quarterback greg mcelroy. the usually cool and calm tebow, reportedly furious. even hinting, he may leave after the season is done. >> i'm a little disappointed. i just want an opportunity to
7:35 am
try to compete, you know, as quarterback. the opportunities. you know, just doing whatever i can to help this team win. and that's been my goal since i got here. and it will be the goal for the next two weeks. >> reporter: tebow, a former heisman winner, famous for tebowing, earned near saintly status while playing for the denver broncos. but his fall from grace started almost immediately after signing with the jets in march. since then, he's played in only 11 games, even suffering a rib injury. >> tim tebow got duped. we all got duped, the media and the fans got duped. it was shameful the way tebow was used or misused. >> reporter: he may be headed for free agency in life and love. word is he dropped the ball with camilla belle. splitting just two months after the romance began. >> for me, it's ups and downs. it's not about the ups, it's the downs, how you handle them. >> reporter: areas he never
7:36 am
seems to fumble. this season didn't do tebow any favors. still, there could be several landing spots for him next season. the jets are not commenting on whether tebow is part of their future. you have to believe if he was, he would be starting this coming weekend. >> or they'd be saying something. >> rough season for jets quarterbacks. let's get the weather from sam. >> each of the systems in the country is coming from the west. they seem to start there now. look at these pictures out of oregon. another mudslide. this from astoria, oregon. three houses had to be evacuated in that one. more are likely to be on the way, simply because there's a brand-new system moving in the next couple of days. this is moving into the northwest, with heavy rain and winds. you're right in the way of that, in northern california. quick look at your road conditions across the country today. we'll do it on a drive-by view. you can see the east coast is
7:37 am
wet and messy. and there's the snowy and icy component in the northwest. a brand-new storm system, even to the south, the best conditions there. you can see, from dallas, all the way to l.a., looking good. and up the middle of the >> all of that weather was brought to you by capital one. and we'll be following this storm as it moves across the country. >> thank you, sam. and coming up, the secrets behind the viral video that everybody's watching. we're going to go right to the source to find out how they pulled it off. and donald trump versus the beauty queen. you remember this story. we'll find out how he got the revenge on the former miss usa capital one venture to come home for the holidays.
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all right. 7:42. we're now back to talk about that astonishing video. what did we say? 16 million views on that eagle swooping down in a park, trying to snatch a baby. we wondered. we asked. was it real or fake? now, we know. abc's john muller has the story behind the hoax. john? >> lara, this video sparked debate in workplaces across the country. even george and elizabeth were going back and forth on this one. turns out, some talented kids nailed a class project and baffles so many of us. we hear from the kids, get a closer look at the video and find out how they did it. millions have seen it. if you haven't, check it out. >> oh, [ bleep ]. oh. >> reporter: an eagle swoops in and snatches a toddler at a park. whoa. real or fake? the answer, fake. the clever work of some animation students in montreal. >> i was shocked.
7:43 am
i don't know it went viral that quick. i knew it had potential. but i didn't know it would spread around the globe. >> reporter: 2 million viewers in the first 24 hours, joining the ranks of other hoaxes to come out of the same school. like this memorable escaped penguin. and these miniature flying cars. so, how do they do it? >> clearly, this is fake. they shot some video footage here. and they used over-the-counter software to create a 3d bird and baby. there is a real baby at the end, that allows them to pull off their tricks. >> reporter: joel payne has been a tv animator for three decades. >> they shot this in a clever way. they shot the video and panned the camera, as if they were following a bird. but the bird wasn't really there shooting the footage. they had to add that. they had to model a digital double of the kid. >> reporter: we might give them an "a." but the eagle wasn't picture-perfect.
7:44 am
watch the eagle's wing. all of a sudden, they disappear, mid flight. wing, then, no wing. now, look at the eagle's shadow. it appears. then, disappears. then, reappears. >> making it look true to everybody. >> reporter: the latest, but by know means the last viral video hoax to captivate us. experts say, even amateurs can spread their wings. finally, everybody, if you really want to create an internet sensation, do the exact opposite of that old adage in showbiz. if you're looking to go viral, always work with children and animals. guys? >> i knew it was fake. i said yesterday it was fake. >> yes, you did. >> actually, i think i didn't. but thank you, lara. >> john, thank you. that was great. hey, coming up, everybody, we have a very important story because as we all know, time is running out for holiday shopping. we know that all-too well. we're going to show you how to
7:45 am
get free shipping in time to get all of your gifts in order and under the tree. that's good. but this is great. counting down to the viewers' play of the year, by the way. what happened in this video to make this our number two -- please, freeze. thank you so much. we'll be right back. ♪
7:46 am
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gingerbread cookie coffees -- no wonder people get jolly around the holidays. try dunkin' donuts' holiday flavors. pick some up where you buy groceries, before they're gone. america runs on dunkin'.
7:49 am
right then, here's "the play of the day." >> wake up, josh elliott, abc. we've been counting down the plays of the day, the top five all week long. we have a tradition now. carol, if you would bring in the envelope, please. >> carol. oh. nice job. >> i like your sweatshirt, carol. >> thank you. >> here it is, number two, by the way, maybe the coolest teacher in the world. you remember it would be a big deal for someone to walk up to someone and dance in front of
7:50 am
them. this kid thinks he's got this teacher. what are you going to do? >> i remember this. >> what are you going to do, teacher? >> what have you got? oh, yeah, teacher? river dance. when in doubt, river dance. >> take that. >> that's impressive. >> that's pure commitment to the river dance. and i think we brought him on the show, didn't we? >> and i think george won a trophy for that. >> that's george's go-to move. >> i won several in 2012. >> that was your year. it's '13, baby. so much more on "gma." don't go anywhere. josh would say something like that.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. a chilly start to this thursday morning. absolutely, still frost east bay valleys. good morning. highyas2jouds ahead of our next system dry air not letting rain reach the ground. rain rolls into the north bay after sunset, all of us tomorrow through sunday. muni m line switching back
7:56 am
at 19th and holloway due toll earlier fire all trains capital corridor slow out sacramento, 30 minute delay. peninsula north 101 you can see with waze app very slow folks are driving into the sun that blinding sunrise causing drivers to slow down. free app at apple's app store or google play. >> the news continues now
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ hard-core holiday music for the crowd in times square. thrng, nice christmas tree out there as well. it's so nice to hear -- got an e-mail from robin roberts last night, knowing she is enjoying herself before the holidays. she's at home recovering. great to have elizabeth vargas here. paula faris in for josh today. and we have more over here in the studio. take a look at these stylish dogs, right over here. >> stylish and coordinated. >> getting ready to walk or ride
8:00 am
the runway this morning. >> i don't think my dog could do that. >> are you kidding? can he drive? it's a christmas showdown this morning. >> it wasn't bad enough that we donned the ugly christmas sweater. >> that's charlie doing that shot. >> thank you, charlie. >> i love the big apple circus. oh, my gosh. >> he's juggling over in the corner. also, coming up, it's turned a little bit ugly for this particular beauty queen. she went head-to-head with donald trump and just lost. we're going to tell you how he got his revenge. is it too late, ladies and gentlemen, to get everything you need, free shipping and delivery for christmas? >> i hope not. >> one voice -- one voice comes out of the crowd and says, no. you can have it all. and that voice delivers here on "gma." >> that's beautiful, sam. that is beautiful.
8:01 am
and this is, too. how to lose ten pounds or look it in an instant, no matter what your body type. we have the trick to saying good-bye to back fat, muffin tops and thick thighs. >> i just suck my stomach in. >> thank you, george. also, we're going to look back at an amazing year. 2012. a great one for all of us. that was robin's interview with the president, over gay marriage. sam during hurricane isaac. where am i? top of the world trade center. freedom tower there. that's all coming up. josh is out there, as well. and where is that, lara? >> that was hurricane sandy. >> a lot happened this year. we're going to get the headlines, today, from paula faris. >> a lot going on right now. we begin with the big storm that sam has been following, affecting millions of holiday travel plans. blizzard warnings are in effect for seven states, as the first major snowstorm of the season sweeps across the midwest and moves east. they've been getting 2 inches of snow per hour in parts of wisconsin. . and down south, we want you to look at this dust storm in texas, which triggered a deadly
8:02 am
highway pileup near lubbock. damage from possible tornadoes is also being reported from arkansas to alabama. we're going to have sam's forecast in a few moments. and vice president joe biden begins meeting with law enforcement officials today, as he begins work on a new government task force, which is aimed at preventing gun violence in the wake of the newtown, connecticut, school shooting. today, five more victims of that tragedy, including three children, will be laid to rest. outside a wake for the school's principal last night, this message. look at that. the word hope spelled out in lights. beautiful. and this morning, federal authorities have issued an urgent appeal. they're asking for the public's help to save a child from a suspected child pornographer. homeland security trying to identify this woman -- she's believed to be in her 20s, they say she abused a child as young as 4 years old, in a video
8:03 am
recently posted online. they believe she is still in the u.s. and fear she may still be exploiting her victims. and talks aimed at avoiding that so-called fiscal cliff in washington have now stalled with less than two weeks to go before the deadline. house speaker john boehner holding a symbolic vote today on his backup plan, even though president obama has vowed to reject it. the so-called plan "b," calls for raising taxes on americans who make more than $1 million a year. and look at this. a wild scene had police scrambling in los angeles last night. police say that man, no clothes on, went on a drug-fueled rampage. stomping on the roof of a car. breaking the windshield and getting into fights. they were finally able to arrest him before anybody else was hurt, thankfully. and he now faces felony charges. and now, diane sawyer, with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> tonight on "world news," the new olympic race. companies that say they will deliver your holiday package in just one hour. but can they? we put the delivery companies to the test. tonight.
8:04 am
and finally, if you're so hungry you can't wait another second to tear into your food, and this one's for you. a brazilian burger chain has introduced the edible wrapper. you don't have to unwrap the sandwich. yes, lara, you can sink your teeth into it, paper and all. >> why would you want to? >> because it saves time. and it's environmentally friendly. >> what is it made of? >> these are questions we shouldn't be asking. i will try it. anybody else? >> i will try it. you get the oozy drip. you're always holding everything in. >> you don't know what it's made of and you'll try it? >> of course. >> george, that wouldn't be the first time during this broadcast. >> excellent point. excellent point. big setup for "pop news" today. >> wow, okay, where do you go from there? good morning. and big story for rhode island, which prides itself on being home to the big, blue bug. culinary wonders.
8:05 am
like del's lemonade. and now, the littlest state in the union has a brand-new distinction. the home of miss universe. con dwrat -- congratulations, rhode island. 20-year-old olivia culpo, beat out contestants from 89 countries. including runners-up, miss philippines and miss venezuela. in a few weeks, by the way, sam will be one of the judges for the miss america pageant. so, we asked, can another rhode islander make history? we'll find out, sam, when it airs on abc. >> i'm getting all my tips from lara, by the way. taking notes. >> there's a whole lot you need to know. >> i'm still learning. here's a "downton abbey" christmas special. it's a gingerbread house or gingerbread estate. an exact replica of the estate on that hit period drama. the culinary construction work
8:06 am
done by a utah man named smith jenson. isn't that credible? it is edible. in a long, long, long time. he probably, like all of us, cannot wait for the return of "downton abbey" on january 6th. just filling the need for a long, long time. >> a long, long time. and finally in "pop news," say hello to a tiny giant. a 20-week-old baby panda, becoming a star at the san diego zoo. thanks to its website, it has a 24-hour panda cam that allows people to follow his progress. the little guest, and that's the translation of his chinese name, he needs to know how to climb on his own and follow his mom in and out of the den, before he can make his big debut. meantime, though, you can follow him anytime on what has to be the most adorable reality show ever. >> can't get enough of the babies. >> and i feel right now, it's
8:07 am
so nice to talk about fluffy, soft things. little gift, indeed. and here's our pop quiz. everybody, listen up. which a-list actress is stepping behind the camera to direct a movie about world war ii? a-list actress, directing a movie. the answer -- why do you know everything? >> no. >> you are the smartest person ever. we'll tell you the answer and explain more. >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> it still might be a mystery. >> you never know. you never know. >> it could be so many people. sam, you outside? >> george, what an amazing crowd. as soon as we wrap up, we'll be back on that side. where are you from? >> california. >> and? >> pensacola, florida. >> i leif poens coal ya, florida. >> houston, texas.
8:08 am
>> a little houston, texas, as well. you're part of the florida team. and i got to get you in, as well. >> california. >> california. folks, happy birthday. everybody, happy birthday. that's fantastic. i'm so glad you're here. let's get to the boards. your hands are so cold. one or two things we want to show you this morning. take a look at the maps. we'll show you, these are the damage pictures coming into us on twitter from the mobile area. now, there have been a lot of tornado watches and warnings in the area. this is a tough line of storms. it will continue to produce those powerful thunderstorms all the way from atlanta, to charleston, jacksonville, you're involved in that, as well. if you're there, pay attention to your local abc stations. here's the cold air behind that storm system. get ready for a shot of winter, ladies and gentlemen.
8:09 am
>> all the way from belize just to be on "good morning america." i'm coming home with you because it will be a lot warmer. let's go inside to lara. lara? >> i want to come, too, sam. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the billionaire versus the beauty queen. donald trump gets his revenge on a former miss usa contestant. plus, time is running out to do the holiday shopping. don't worry, though. we can give you every bit of information you need on how to get free shipping and still get your gifts there on time. and fashions for fido. we got santa gear for dogs. the extravaganza is all about to begin, right here, live, on "good morning america."
8:10 am
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8:13 am
>> oh, my gosh. it's angelina jolie. >> it is, indeed. it is, indeed. very brilliant woman, in front and behind the camera. there you go. also coming up on the show, donald versus the beauty queen. we'll explain, coming up. also coming up on the show, donald versus the beauty queen. we'll explain, coming up. ♪ two days to go. ♪ nothing to show. ♪ i didn't plan.... ♪ gifts for the fam. ♪ panic for me... ♪ anxiety. ♪ why do i wait? ♪ procrastinate. ♪ what should i do? ♪ brought nothing new. ♪ i will be shunned. ♪ son will be bummed. ♪ maybe i can re-gift this blender. ♪ what would your 8 year old do with a blender? ♪ think more clearly... ♪ what's this i see? ♪ target has a way. ♪ new deals today. ♪ last minute sale... ♪ thanks for the bail. ♪ gifts on the way. ♪ target saves the day.
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talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. and right now, a little early christmas gift for donald trump. just what he needs, the money. judges ordered a former contestant to pay the miss universe group, of course, he owns that, $5 million in damages
8:16 am
after she claimed the contest was rigged. abbie boudreau has the story. >> and miss universe 2012 is -- usa! >> reporter: miss usa won on stage last night. >> miss usa is now miss universe. >> reporter: but former beauty queen, sheena monnin, lost in court. the ex-miss pennsylvania now owes $5 million in damage to donald trump's miss universe corporation. after claiming on her facebook page, the pageant was fraudulent, lacking in morals and inconsistent and in many ways, trashy. a judge ruled against her. overnight, the donald responded by tweet. sheena monnin acted terribly. she got what she deserved. >> she never produced the smoking gun. and therefore, her case was doomed. >> reporter: it all started in june when monnin was a miss usa contestant but quit the competition. and claimed in a facebook post that the show was rigged.
8:17 am
a claim that trump vehemently denied. >> we're going to sue her because she made a very false charge. and she knows it was a false charge. >> her misstatements got a lot of national publicity. and therefore, the judgment seems to be in the ballpark. >> reporter: in a statement, the miss universe organization said, miss monnin could have avoided all of this, had she chosen to act responsibly, rather than seeking her 15 minutes of fame. we reached out to monnin but got no response. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> where is she going to come up with $5 million? that's a lot of money. now, to the shipping secrets for the holiday shoppers scrambling to find last-minute gifts. that's me. for so many online retailers, it's too late for free shipping that's guaranteed to make it in time for christmas. but our becky worley did a little research. and has some tips where you can still find rush shipping for free. >> i'm kind of sensing panic here.
8:18 am
>> i'm panicked. >> fear not. we're going to hook you up with free shipping, right now. >> okay. >> reporter: you have way too many things to get done between now and -- christmas. send it. you missed the free shipping deadline for most online retailers. but good news. i have some sneaky ways around that. and i'm going to hook you up. >> reporter: first, a bunch of big online sites still have expedited free shipping. overstock, macmall, macy's. now, let's talk about amazon. they have limited products eligible for free one-day shipping. watches, jewelry, clothes and some electronics. if you want something that's not on that list, there's always amazon prime. this is the $79 a year subscription that gets you free two-day shipping. do you have a family member that already belongs to prime? they can nominate up to four people for the same free two-day shopping benefits.
8:19 am
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8:20 am
and then you tell them which store you're going to pick it up at, and it's guaranteed to be there. >> that's a great idea i never think of. >> we have all of the details, codes, coupons, at >> thank you, elizabeth. a lot of us are worried about packing on a couple of extra pounds during the holidays. there's always good food around. what if you could look ten pounds lighter almost instantly. lucky magazine's lori bergamotto is here to show us how you can do just that, with the hottest shapewear out there. new revolutions in this. we'll show four problem areas. this is a before picture. this is lindsay. and the problem is the bra? >> on the back, her cup fillith over the backside. this is the bravo bra. now, lara, i'm going to hold it up for you. this is all power mesh in the back.
8:21 am
it's $72. it keeps everything nation and smooth. >> how does it keep it from spilling over in the back? >> it's a power knit mesh. it's like a net that keeps it all together. she looks great. and you'll get a lot of use out of that. >> all right, there you go. >> and it's called the bra-vo. got you. >> from bra to belly. >> from bra to belly. ashley. >> ashley is up next. >> a lot of us see the little belly bulge. i a lot of us have that. >> girl, you look great. >> what we did here with ashley is we gave her a yummy tummy bottom. these are $33. a little panty. you'll notice these things are a little higher than your average brief. >> it's got a little iron right there. >> that's right. it has a panel that really sucks everything in. and we also gave here a little belt that helped her out. >> that's a cute belt. and i love that. and i do that all the time. >> thank you so much. now, here's a problem that a lot of us may have heard of, as muffin top. >> okay.
8:22 am
>> here's the before. the hip area. >> kendra. >> what we did was our maidenform controlling cami. this has lycra built in. it will keep you nice and smooth. >> instead of going from the bottom, this is going from the top. >> exactly. you wear it over your jeans. over the jeans. >> i did not know that. >> that's great. and one of our faves, jeans that can make you look a size smaller. this is amanda. and since her thighs were a little bit of her concern. these jeans, you can see here after. these are not your daughter's jeans. >> i love it. >> and they have lycra built into the denim. how much do you love that? >> you're getting jeans and spanx for the price of one. >> these are not your daughter's jeans. >> you're looking festive. and you guys look great. great solutions for problems that so many of us deal with. you can find out where to get the shapewear and how much and all that on on yahoo! we thank you, lori. sam, we throw to you.
8:23 am
lara, we need you outside with all of your judging experience. no one's more qualified to handle the rocks the holidays doggy christmas sweater face-off. i think that's the best way to say it. we will have a fashion show and choose a winner right here. let's begin with mr. madison, if you will. mr. madison, has jingle bell ornaments. a plush jingle bell collar. and an adorable, and versatile, argyle hoodie, please. >> i love the hoodie. it's so cute. >> he's a norfolk terrier. the hoodie really does work for me. >> it looks nice and easy to get on. >> warm and easy to get on and off. thank you, mr. madison. next, we are joined by andy, who is sporting a reversible candy cane confection, ladies and gentlemen, making the outfit complete, this is the popular reindeer antlers.
8:24 am
i love you, andy. look at that face. it's okay. it's all right. >> i would be very afraid, sam. >> the reindeer -- the reindeer. >> everyone, kind of sweet. >> yeah. >> okay. loki is going all-out in his santa onesie, ladies and gentlemen, he has paired with a devastatingly handsome -- >> santa onesie? >> i don't know if it's in adultwear. >> you read my mind. >> he's an adopted mix breed. thank you, loki. >> loki, you're gorgeous. >> rocking the hat, as well. >> and charlie. >> the unicycle-riding charlie. charlie is decked out in green fleece with a flat fan bowtie collar. >> charlie has wardrobe changes. >> charlie gets points for being talented, as well. winning the talented round. >> look at the concentration.
8:25 am
>> in the interview, we'll see. >> thank you, charlie. last but not least, alexander. with a charming santa house. alexander comes from the -- alexander's adoptable. we hope you find alexander as cute as we do. do we have a winner? >> wait. hold on. >> all right. there's a conference. a conference going on. this is all -- there can only be one winner, ladies and gentlemen. although, they will all get dog treats from the lovely rolling dog treat table. >> okay, okay, we have a decision. >> what is it? >> it's 3-1. george was our alone holdout for somebody else, but we're going with alexander. >> alexander. >> he is the winner of the dog fashion show. >> and the bone is as large as alexander.
8:26 am
. good morning i'm kristen sze. lcua san mateo neighborhood are back home this morning. a womanúbz volatile chemicals in her garage. the bomb squad decided it was safe owes to dig a hole and detonate the chemicals on thegíe spot. let's check in on your morning commute.k southbound 101 ingpht marinwood, accident atmfk÷ millr creek, a little farther south from that you can see traffic
8:27 am
still sluggish to central san rafael southbound. southbound 680 before stone valley road accident blocking lane two, highway 24. 880 at thornton slow approaching that scene as well. >>
8:28 am
8:29 am
. live doppler picking up rain in the clouds where it is staying too dry down below, below freezing in the east bay [ cheers and applause ] everyone out in times square this morning. happy holiday crowd. we're inside because we have a big half hour coming up right now. we're going to take a look back at an incredible year for all of us, here at "gma" and for the world. >> that's right. a look back at all of the big news events, and how we covered them. it smells fantastic in here. can you smell it? this morning, chris costantino is whipping up recipes for your guests.
8:30 am
they're easy and oh, so sophisticated. >> i thought we were going to sam right now. we couldn't wait to get to it. >> we look back. 2012, a game-changer year in so many ways for us here at "gma." and take a look at the groundbreaking moments of an unforgettable year. >> we're live on the 100th floor. >> are you still opposed to same-sex marriage? >> the national guard went up to set up supplies. that building, in total darkness. >> there's a picture on "the times." >> all our hearts are broken over 20 little children, and more adults, dead after the worst shooting ever at a grade school. >> as a country, we have been through this too many times. >> do you worry about going back to school? >> yeah. >> whether it's an elementary school in newtown or a shopping mall in oregon, or a temple in wisconsin, or a movie theater in aurora. >> what's the hardest part? >> that someone would murder so
8:31 am
many people. >> these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods. and these children are our children. >> it is so difficult to find the right words after seeing how much this community has lost. >> we're grieving with you. >> i appreciate it. >> these tragedies must end. and to end them, we must change. our extreme weather team is all across the storm zone. as you go through this part of harrisburg, this is what you see. just pieces of wall board. >> it's all gone. >> in front of what was the high school. >> get right to the latest on tropical storm isaac. >> it's beginning to just drench this area with damage. >> pass christian is absolutely relentless. >> what looks to be forming here could be a future tropical system. >> this is nothing to play with. >> we are prepared. >> and the storm is monster-sized. sandy is a superstorm.
8:32 am
>> the water, swamping up around us. >> the storm surge could be as high as 17 1/2 feet. >> it's been absolutely relentless. >> up and over. did you see that? >> this 1,000-foot-high steel crane was blown. >> this is the entrance for the battery tunnel. >> all this came down the stairs? >> that's a patient taken out of the hospital. >> that's del mar, new jersey. that's where the boardwalk should be. >> we're going to die. we're going to freeze. >> the worst fire in new york city history. >> as you can see, apartment building after apartment building, all completely dark. >> it's pretty dangerous driving with all the wires down. >> i don't give a damn about election day. it doesn't matter a bit to me. it's "your voice, your vote." >> i need your vote. >> i need your vote. >> it's important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think
8:33 am
same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> you're falling behind. why aren't you doing better? >> well, i'm doing well. i'm virtually tied in the polls. >> george is down there in tampa, for the rnc. >> a day late because of hurricane isaac. >> i have mr. obama sitting here. what do you mean shut up? >> 47% of the people who will vote for the president, no matter what. >> a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the body down. >> are you saying if you remove the word legitimate, that sentence would be true? >> no. the fiscal cliff. >> i would like to move on to a very simple question. >> you're under a lot of duress. >> i'm a big person. >> a much of malarkey. >> brought us binders full of women. >> i love you, women. >> i'm crying because of barack obama and mitt romney. >> it's almost over, abbie. >> our whole team will be out in force, all day and all night
8:34 am
long as the votes come in. >> we're projecting the battleground state of ohio for president barack obama. >> i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. good morning, from the very windy bank of "the uss spirit." >> what's your message? >> my message is to stop. >> it's a bad morning in yemen. >> crossing this fence is the entrance to syria. >> u.s. ambassador jay christopher stevens has been killed. >> 20 wielding attackers storming the american consulate in benghazi. >> the middle east on the brink this morning. >> this is the first such israeli/palestinian conflict since the arab spring. growing nationwide outrage over the shooting death of an unarmed florida teen. >> that stunning video reveals something critical about zimmerman. >> if i had a son, he would look like try trayvon.
8:35 am
>> this disaster developing off the coast in italy. >> the captain under house arrest. >> what would you like to say to that captain this morning? >> what a coward you are. >> 45 guilty counts. >> didn't you have a moral obligation? >> at the time, when i heard the word horseplay and asked if there was anything more than that, and the answer was no, i didn't think of anything more than that. >> there is no one else responsible. >> was there anything more you needed to hear from the prosecutors? >> i felt like the evidence just wasn't there. >> the cia director david petraeus, forced to resign. >> the explosive affair that's rocked washington. >> the woman at the heart of the investigation. >> let's do this. >> facebook will start trading under the simple f.b. >> you don't think the essence of the company is going to change at all? >> it's our job not to. >> what? >> the director and narrator of
8:36 am
the viral senation "kony 2012" rampages and incoherent. >> banning him for life. saying there's no place in cycling for lance armstrong. ♪ and i >> off you go, whitney. off you go. >> i'm the sheriff and i got my duty to do. >> that's one small step for man. >> and america's first woman astronaut. >> i'm mike wallace. >> one of the giants of television journalism died at the age of 93. ♪ at last ♪ daydream believer >> live, from times square, new york city. >> peace and soul. ♪ took a lot of trying to get up
8:37 am
that hill ♪ >> sherman hemsley. ♪ ain't nothing wrong with that ♪ hey, everybody. let's do some "pop news" shall we? >> lightning-fast divorce deal for tom cruise and katie holmes. >> real-life drama for kristen stewart and robert pattinson. >> is that the way you deal with all this craziness. >> i keep my personal life. >> lindsay lohan, arrested here in new york. >> he put a ring on it. brad pitt and angelina jolie make it official. >> the most cold, icy, fishy guy. >> i'm going to talk to him. >> he asked her to be his bride. ♪ you had my heart and soul >> adele's stunning performance. her first since coming back from that throat surgery. ♪ we are never, ever, ever >> the swinger has parted ways with conor kennedy. >> there's nothing wrong with a
8:38 am
summer romance. >> he has to finish high school. 14-month marriage to russell brand is over. >> i wouldn't dedicate a whole record to that. >> it's powerball fever on "gma." >> what would you do with the money? >> share with you. >> split it. >> i'm not sharing it with you. >> wow. >> we've been hearing about this little book, "fifty shades of grey." >> no looks for you. >> you read it? >> no. we talked about it, week after week after week. the biggest party on the planet this day. it's the queen's diamond jubilee. >> here's to the queen. >> the queen. >> this is the culmination of the queen's diamond jubilee. >> incredible pageantry. >> what happened in vegas will not stay in vegas. >> not staying in vegas at all. >> it's harry being harry. >> a royal heir is on the way. >> folks cheering and giving a
8:39 am
thumbs up as they pass buckingham palace. faster, higher, stronger, the stadium of the opening ceremonies. >> gold for u.s. women's gymnastics. >> she is on the cover of just about every paper here. >> how not impressed were you in that moment? >> it's really funny. we've all had good laughs with it. >> the jump in history, by felix baumgartner. >> we're just hours away. >> nik wallenda is going to start his walk tonight. look at this mist. this is the thickest. nik wallenda, walking his way into history. >> what a year. >> that little jig by nik wallenda. >> what an amazing year. >> it's so impressive. every year, it takes a village
8:40 am
to compress a year into 9:30. we want to thank everyone who worked on this. including the producers. some of them right there. they did such a fantastic job. thank you very much. it's time for the weather, sam. >> we haven't seen them for a week. >> i know. >> we really are just so impressed. >> i still have chills. i don't know if i can really pull off a weather forecast. what a year, folks. i hope we show that again. >> i think we have another one coming, too. >> let's get to the boards. and we'll show you your twitter and facebook pictures. all morning long, it's been breaking news for us from the storms. the snowfall. and that's how we show pictures all across the country. you send them in to us. the shot out of lubbock, texas, where the dust storms were big. all the way to palm beach gardens in florida this morning. here's where the storm continues to move east. you have to get ready thursday and friday. and the eastern seaboard will
8:41 am
get some rain. i think the worst will be in the morning drive time, from are washington, d.c. and new york city. and later in the day towards boston, with very, very heavy rain. this is the place that gets snow out of it. these are big snowfall totals. the gusty winds make the blizzard conditions in seven states, the warnings out. we have the tornado warnings that are flying in alabama this this is where we need your help for the last big push of the warm hearts, warm coats drive. it's a big shopping weekend. you walk into the burlington coat factory. that gently-used coat you have on, donate it.
8:42 am
walk in and get yourself a new coat and help folks, as well. folks have been sending us twitter pictures while they donate. we want to show you army captain in ft. drum, new york. chris triling is the name there. a photo sent in by his fiancee, michelle. first lieutenant in the wisconsin national guard, as well. they donated because they say the whole point is to give. >> that is fantastic. that's great. bring those coats in. when we come back, we're counting down to christmas with
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
we are counting down to christmas with "gma's" 12 days of cooking. and chef chris consentino. he is also known as the king of offal. he's here to show us two recipes from his cookbook called "beginnings, my way to start a great meal." before we get started, you specialize. and offal comes from falling off. the tender meat loaded with nutrients. and considered fine dining. and always have been in europe. >> always have been in europe. but the u.s. has been squeamish about those types of meat. >> not anymore. >> not anymore. >> but today, you have two dishes to start any meal.
8:46 am
let's get started. the first one, is something with pomegranate. >> i want to start with chicories. they're bitter greens. most people have a beef or ham, a turkey. you want to have something that's going to be a little bitter that will cut that richness. so, we try to work with, you know, a little bit of bitter greens. this is your standard treviso. i'm going to cut that nice. really festive colors. really beautiful. >> and this is kosto franco. >> it likes -- >> i'm going to take out that core. watch out. i don't like to cut this green.
8:47 am
i like to tear it. >> and you also have pomegranates. are these pistachios? >> these are pistachios. you have all these vibrant colors here. really simple. and now, pistachios are going to add a nut meat, fat protein to it. >> how do you get them out of the pomegranate? >> that is so hard. >> would you mind putting the pomegranates in there? i'll show you the trick. >> oh, my goodness. >> i don't cut all the way through. i'm going to crack it. >> okay. >> okay. we're going to open it over a bowl. >> oh. >> again, i'm going to open it. you take the palm of your hand and you're going to paddle it. >> you've got to be kidding me. you know how many hours i spend in the kitchen with a spoon digging these out? it's that easy? holy cow. >> we have pears, roasted chestnuts. a little bit of juniper.
8:48 am
and at the end, we have a platter, supereasy. balsamic, a little bit of juniper berries. >> and the toasted chestnuts, the smell of them on the holidays. >> if you can't buy them, pick them up in the street. or buy them prepeeled. >> you can get these recipes, of course, at our website. but this is fantastic. chris consentino, thank you so much. try one of the salamis over here. >> this is great. for the holidays, you don't have to do anything. you can buy it, slice it, put it out and people can graze. and you can spend time with your friends and family. >> merry christmas. coming up, albert brooks joins us in a moment. don't go away.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
[ cheers and applause ] turning 40 is a smile stone in life that some celebrate. and others tolerate. and others have complete breakdowns over it. "this is 40" is about a couple that do all three. and they do it with the help of a fantastic cast, including the one and only albert brooks. he joins us right now. hello, sir. >> hello, lara. >> what attracted you to "this is 40"? >> i play paul rudd's father. who had in vitro with an older woman. he had triplets. and basically, he needs his son to be his father. these stories where the father becomes the child, they intrigue me. >> i want to show a clip here. john lithgow, the great john lithg lithgow. >> he plays leslie mann's father. he's a successful spinal surgeon. and i'm a curtain salesman out of business. and i'm just jealous of his income. >> take a look, everybody.
8:52 am
>> you operate every day? multiple times a day? >> three, four times. >> what's the price range? if i wanted to -- >> i'd rather not say. >> it's so big you're embarrassed to say. >> i wouldn't say embarrassed. >> are there hunchbacks today? >> of course. >> i've never seen one. >> that's because there are spinal surgeons. >> that's because of you. each time i don't see a hunchback, you're getting that much richer. >> i want to ask you really quickly, the movie, the characters, leslie and paul's characters are trying to change each other. if you could guess, what is the one thing your wife would want to change about you? >> i think i'm perfect. >> good answer. we do, too. >> my wife and i don't try to change each other. >> you are perfect to us. albert brooks. the movie is terrific. it's called "this is 40." "this is
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
sam's not here. but he'll be back for "gma live!" that starts in just about 20 minutes on on yahoo! come back tomorrow. we'll all be here and bloopers, as well. >> uh-oh.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. a san francisco firefighter is being treated for smoke inhalation the fire force 25 people to evacuate a three near plymouth. the red cross is helping. cold out there mike has the forecast. still in the 20s in some areas in the east bay valleys the rest of us in the 30s and 40s. moisture in clouds but not making it to the ground it won't until after sunset in the north bay mid to upper 50s today, wet this time tomorrow, waves of rain through the weekend.
8:59 am
that fire that kristen was talking about has muni delays switching back at 19th and holloway no other mass transit problems. accident southbound 680 before stone valley road has things ba announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "django unchained," samuel l. jackson. and, fun gift wrapping ideas from katie brown as we continue "live's" countdown to christmas. plus, a performance from the winner of "the voice," cassadee pope. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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