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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 21, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PST

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>> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for joining us here in hollywood. you made it to hollywood. see, this is what happens when you believe in yourself. you'll be happy to know that the presidential election officially ended this weekend. four days after the polls closed, the votes from florida finally came in. saturday they cast their electoral votes for president obama and also declared philip phillips the winner of "american idol." they're slow. i'm surprised how slow they are. i know there are a lot of older people in florida, but have you ever played bingo with old people? they're lightning fast. i used to go with my grandmother. i'd have one card i was focused on. she'd play 35 cards, and you'd hear o-75, and she'd be like bop, bop, bop, bop and reach over with her left hand and, pow, right on mine, and i'd sit
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there in shock. maybe if they introduced a gambling element into voting, it would go faster, but in any case, the election is finally over, and now florida can get back to doing what it does best, which is, what, eating early and driving slowly. mitt romney may have lost florida, but he has a supporter in indiana. eric hartsburg thought it a good idea to have the romney/ryan logo tattooed on his face. he'll feel stupid when he finds out about campaign buttons. looks like the aquafresh logo. even mike tyson was like, that's a ridiculous tattoo. here's another angle. judging by the photo, the guy has made a lot of bad decisions from the neck up. while he is a romney supporter, he did this for money and auctioned a 5x2-inch spot on his face on ebay. the winner got to pick whatever tattoo they wanted.
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it was a romney supporter, so they paid $5,000 to have it emblazoned on his face. i wonder if laser tattoo removal is covered under obama care. that would be ironic, wouldn't it? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how many of you went to see the new james bond movie this weekend? [ applause ] a few? well, "skyfall" had an $88.3 million opening, biggest opening for a james bond movie ever. it looks like their idea to have bond give birth to a baby vampire paid off. they're seriously considering making another one in a couple of years, it made so much money. true. meanwhile, cia director david petraeus has been doing his best james bond imitation lately. he resigned after the fbi learned he had been having an affair with the woman who co-wrote his biography.
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this is the actual title. she called it "all in." we did not make that up. that's really the title. the way the fbi found out about the affair is crazy. david petraeus was the head of the cia, is said to be friends with jill kelley, who works at a social liaison at mcdill air force base. the woman, kelly, called the fbi after she started getting harassing e-mails warning her to stay away from petraeus. the fbi looked into it. they traced the e-mails back to this writer, paula broadwell, and then they went through her e-mails and found evidence of the affair, and this thing, better than "homeland" even. the investigation is still going on. but already the tv specials about it are starting to hit the air. >> the cia rocked by scandal. its leader accused of sexual misconduct. threatening e-mails from the lover to another woman. a faithful wife scorned.
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is america's security at risk? find out tuesday on the next "jerry springer." [ bleep ]. >> jerry! jerry! >> jerry springer cia smackdown, 11:00 a.m. on pix, new york. ♪ >> jimmy: i will be watching. i don't know about you. [ applause ] by the way, i want to alert you that national unfriend day or nud for short is right around the corner. i started it just shy of three years ago. this is the day on which we encourage those who use facebook to unfriend anyone who is not actually your friend. most people have hundreds or thousands of friends, but the fact is most of those people aren't your friends, and national unfriend day is this saturday, november 17th. if you participate, i'll tell you what, on sunday you'll wake up having no idea what that guy you met six years ago you met at
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your cousin's birthday party feels about that new faith hill video. and you will feel very good. but it isn't easy to do. a lot don't know whom to unfriend. to help you get started, we sorted through -- we came up with a few facebook offenders you can cut from your list right off the bat. for instance, the oversharer. this is that facebook friend that posts every detail of their unspectacular life. just had cereal. yum! checked in at starbucks, buying a latte. halfway done with my latte. three-quarters done with my latte. just finished my latte. now entering the scone zone. that person, unfriend. next up, the proud parent. this is that new mom or dad who feels the need to keep everyone up to date on every breath their child takes. skylar just rolled over. skylar just ate peas. skylar just threw up peas.
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look, when skylar cures cancer or figures out how not to crap on herself, let us know. until then you have been unfriended. one more person, like the proud parent, but in my opinion even worse, the animal lover. this is that person on facebook who posts about their pet as if it were a child, but it's not, it's a pet. mittens loves to sleep. mittens is so tired. zzzzz. now i know why they call it a catnap. lol, yolo! unfriend. [ applause ] it's very simple. it's -- you'll feel so good after you do it. honestly, my favorite part of nud is hearing who you are unfriending and why. this year leading up to the big day, i would like you to select your least favorite facebook friend and record yourself telling me why you're unfriending that person in 20 seconds or less. record it on your computer. upload it to youtube with "hey, jimmy kimmel, meet my best
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unfriend." we'll select our favorites and play it on the show. it'll be cathartic. it has to be "hey, jimmy kimmel, meet my best unfriend." look for a message from us. first we're cleaning up facebook and then after twitter and after that who knows, maybe we take down e-harmony. i don't know. [ applause ] thank you. we need your support. less pleasant news, it's my duty to inform you justin bieber and selena gomez have broken up. she was cheating on him with general petraeus. [ laughter ] reportedly they split because they both have very busy schedules. so sad. i really believed in that relationship, and, well, justin is handling the breakup like any normal 18-year-old would by singing to a victoria's secret supermodel who is dressed as a
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bicycle. you know, when there's a sad story like this, it's hard to write jokes, but fortunately we have an overseas firm on retainer that does some of our joke writing for us. let's bring them up on video chat now. can they hear us? >> thank you for calling zappos. how may i make your footwear buying experience exceptional? >> jimmy: it's me, jimmy kimmel. >> oh, jimmy kimmel. jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: how are you? >> how are they hanging? >> jimmy: yeah, they're hanging fine. what's going on there? you having a party? >> we are celebrating diwali, our five-day festival of lights. >> happy diwali, jimmy. >> jimmy: happy diwali to you too. i was wondering if you have jokes about justin bieber and selena gomez breaking up. >> oh, yes, most undoubtedly.
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let me get our number one teller of jokes, roger. >> roger. >> jimmy: he's the best. >> by checking, click in and how -- >> roger, jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: roger, it's jimmy kimmel. >> bieber and gomez jokes tonight, hey. >> jimmy: happy diwali to you. we are very ready for jokes. >> why did selena gomez enter a -- end her relationship with justin bieber? >> jimmy: i don't know, why did selena gomez end her relationship with justin bieber? >> because she wasn't ready to have his baby, baby, baby, baby, oh. [ laughter ] >> sweet. sweet.
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right, just like this. >> jimmy: do you have any others? >> yeah, yeah. >> what did the doctors prescribe for justin bieber's broken heart? >> jimmy: i don't know. what did the doctor prescribe for his broken heart? >> take two baby, baby, baby, baby aspirin and call me in the morning. >> jimmy: that's cute. that's cute. but do you have any jokes that don't have baby, baby, baby, baby in them? >> of course. >> yes. >> hurry, take off baby, baby, baby, baby.ñi [ speaking a foreign language ] >> you guys are sucking my blood. >> okay, okay. >> jimmy: all right. >> why did justin bieber fall off of the stepping stool? >> jimmy: no, i don't know. why did justin bieber fall off
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the stepping stool? >> because he was trying to reach puberty. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's good. it did haven't anything to do with the breakup but -- oh, do you have anything about general petraeus? >> the powerful cia chief caught in the tawdry web of sex. >> jimmy: yes, him. >> sex. sex. >> jimmy: oh, you do have. >> i know, i know. what do general petraeus and tiger woods have in common? >> jimmy: i don't know. >> boners. >> boners. both made many mistakes. >> jimmy: all right, well, thank you for the jokes, guys. much appreciated. >> thanks to you. happy diwali.
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>> jimmy: happy diwali to you too. all right, thank you, guys. they're in india right now. i don't know whether justin bieber is still a virgin or not. i will ask him the next time he's here, but in light of the news that he's a single man, i thought it would be fun to pose a question to people walking past our theater, and tonight's pedestrian question is, how old were you when you lost your virginity? the way this will work, we'll see a pedestrian, introduce him or her and guess together how old that person was when that person did the deed. are you ready? okay. let's begin. >> my name is julie, and i'm from boca raton, florida, but i haven't lived there all my life so originally cleveland, ohio, east side. >> and how old were you when you lost your virginity, and what happened? >> jimmy: okay. well, they do things slowly in florida. we do know that. what do you say? how old?
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most people are saying 16. let's see what she says. >> i actually didn't lose my virginity until i was freshman year of college, so i was like, what, 19? 18, 19. crazy [ bleep ]. to be honest -- oh [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: all right. all right. now let's talk to someone else. >> my name is dobi from kansas. >> how old were you when you lost your virginity, and how did it happen? >> jimmy: all right. [ audience yelling ] >> jimmy: everyone is saying he hasn't yet. >> 16. at my house. >> jimmy: at my house, all right. all right. who else do we have here? >> mike riddle. i'm from texas. now living in california. >> and how old were you when you
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lost your virginity, and how did it happen? >> jimmy: anywhere from 4 to 70, right? what are we saying here? >> audience: 14. >> jimmy: 14. >> 14 and in the back of the church. [ applause ] >> jimmy: where jesus would have wanted it. all right. >> elmo. >> big bird. >> cookie monster. >> and how old were you when you lost your virginity, and how did it happen? >> jimmy: all right. let's find out. >> i was about 14, and i snuck home from school, and we -- we did the do. >> okay. >> i was 19 years old, and it happened by having sex. >> okay. >> when you say "when," you're applying that it has, in fact,
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happened, and that is not an accurate statement. >> congratulations, you're a virgin. >> absolutely. >> you're a virgin? >> yes. >> ha, ha, ha. >> jimmy: he's very focused on cookies, i guess. thanks to them. very educational. hey, we have a big show for you tonight. from "happy endings" adam pally is here with us. we have music from game, and we'll be right back with jessica lange, so stick around. my kids both want this nook hd+. my son loves the apps and movies. but my daughter? vampire books. sharing... whooh forget it! with our walmart credit card -- special financing, we can get two. the kids are happy.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight on the show a very funny guy known as max from the program "happy endings," adam pally is here and then music from this album, it comes out december 11th called "jesus piece," game with help from tyga on the bud light stage. i think there were budget cuts. now he's just game. tomorrow night we'll be joined by christina applegate, as well as two castoffs from "dancing with the stars," a double elimination night and music from youngblood hawke.
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later this week, mel brooks will be here, martin short, jake tapper will be here, and we'll have music from jason aldean and ne-yo. our first guest is a two-time oscar winner, two-time emmy award winner, and five-time golden globe winner. in other words, she has no business being here. she plays a promiscuous and drunken hit-and-run driver turned nun named sister jude on the very strange and scary "american horror story: asylum." watch it wednesdays at 10:00 on fx. please welcome jessica lange. [ applause ] how are you? thank you for coming. >> thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: your show is very, very scary. i've heard you said you don't actually watch it, so i'm here to confirm that i became so scared, i had to turn it off. >> how far did you get? >> jimmy: i got about maybe -- >> five minutes.
12:23 am
>> jimmy: -- 18 minutes into it, and it's upsetting me. i'm not a coward. i think this is what they call them. i don't like scary things and -- but it seemed to be very good for those -- >> for those who do like scary things. >> jimmy: not scared by those sorts of things. >> there's more to it than just like the scary part. there actually -- i mean the writing is wonderful, and there's some interesting characters, and there are some, you know -- i mean they take on a few things so -- >> jimmy: nazi stuff going on there. >> there's a little nazi stuff. catholic church. it's a broad -- it covers a lot of ground. >> jimmy: it definitely covers a lot of ground. where do you shoot, in los angeles? i thought you lived in new york. >> i do live in new york, but we shoot here at paramount studios. >> jimmy: you'll go back and forth. >> i'm here until we finish, which is about a month from now, then i go back home. >> jimmy: very nice. you have a cabin that you spend some time in. >> i do. i have a place up in the north woods of minnesota.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: and you go there just for peace and quiet. >> yeah, i mean it's beautiful. it's -- you know, i have -- there's a lake, and there's a pond and a river, and it's deep in the birch forest, big pine trees. it's incredibly quiet and remote. >> jimmy: are you outdoorsy? do you kill your own squirrels and eat them? >> i haven't done that, no, but i mean, yeah, we swim. you know, i mean we walk. we -- yeah, we're outside a lot when we're in the summer. not so much in the winter. >> jimmy: but no road killings -- no rodent killings and preparation, nothing like that. >> i -- you mean for food? >> jimmy: for food. >> no, i usually go to the store. >> jimmy: food or fun. either one of those things. >> no, we're not big hunters in my family. >> jimmy: i hate to bring this up because i'm sure you get sick of talking about this, but this "king kong" is one of my
12:25 am
all-time favorite movies. it really is. i feel like an ape just sitting next to you here. this is your first movie. i didn't realize that. [ cheers and applause ] and you got -- and i mean, make the cover of "time" magazine. >> look, it only cost a dollar. >> jimmy: you know, it cost a dollar back then, but that -- was that exciting for you to be in -- i mean, really to burst on the scene like that -- like you did. you really became almost a household name in a week. >> yeah, that wasn't my -- that wasn't my plan originally. >> jimmy: what was your plan? >> you know, i had been living in paris for many years, and i had been studying mime with this old master and -- >> jimmy: been studying mime. >> not this -- no, don't -- don't. i'm sorry. it's not that kind of stuff. >> jimmy: what kind of stuff was it? >> it was very -- it was --
12:26 am
>> jimmy: was there talking in it? [ laughter ] >> only sometimes. >> jimmy: only sometimes. for years you studied mime. >> i studied mime. i lived in paris, and then at a certain point i decided that there wasn't a great future in mime so -- >> jimmy: how long did it take you to arrive at that? >> you know, i'm a little slow, but it didn't matter because i was having a good time in paris. >> jimmy: i see. i got you. so how many hours a day would you be studying mime in paris? >> well, you know -- you find that funny, don't you? >> jimmy: i don't know why. >> i don't either. where else would you study mime? >> jimmy: you learn it all in two weeks, it's like, okay, number one, be quiet. number two, you got to put white stuff on your face. >> no, see, you're all wrong right away. >> jimmy: am i really? no white stuff on the face? >> no, no. >> jimmy: what kind of mime was this? >> well, i'll tell you, it
12:27 am
was -- okay, i mean i can give you an obscure reference, but you know film, right? >> jimmy: barely. i know "king kong." that for me is the top of the heap. >> then you're not going to get this reference. >> jimmy: maybe there will be one person in the audience who gets it. >> okay, i studied with the man who developed this technique with another great artist by the name of jean-louis barrault. do you know him? >> jimmy: oh, yes. >> they did a film called "children of paradise," which was a classic french film. >> jimmy: okay. >> and that if you look at that, you'll get an idea of what they were doing. >> jimmy: i see, okay. >> but you don't have to -- >> jimmy: i won't. >> this isn't going to matter tomorrow. >> jimmy: i just love the idea that -- >> it won't even matter later tonight. >> jimmy: were you trapped in a box? was there an imaginary fan blowing on you? >> no, there was nothing like that. not walking the tightrope. none of that stuff.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: no shields and yarnell type stuff? >> we've gotten off track. >> jimmy: i'm sorry, yes. back to the monkey. was this a real monkey? >> actually you -- okay. was it a real monkey? no. >> jimmy: was king kong nice? he seemed like he was really nice? >> i -- >> jimmy: see, maybe i should have studied mime, then i wouldn't have talked so much. >> no, here's what it was. you know, i had no intention of like this being my first film or my first acting job. that wasn't -- i mean, i had come back from paris. forget about the mime. i had come back. i had come back from paris to new york to study acting. >> jimmy: okay. >> because i felt there was no future with the other thing. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: right. >> so i came back to new york. i was studying acting, and out of the blue i got a call saying, would you want to audition for a
12:29 am
film, which i thought was kind of, you know -- >> jimmy: sure. >> i said, sure, yeah, it sounded like a lark, and they were -- i mean, i was living on like 50 cents a day. i was waitressing at the lion's head. >> jimmy: you don't have to explain this. this is one of the greatest movies ever made as far as i'm concerned. >> so they were going to fly me to los angeles and put me up in some fancy beverly hills -- i'd never been here before. put me up in a fancy hotel, and i thought, wow, why not? why not? and i went in, and i did this audition, and they didn't, you know, they didn't pay any attention to me, and then i started doing the scenes, and then a few more people drifted in to watch, and then, you know, then finally the producer came, and then the director showed up, and by the time i left town, they had given me this part, but this wasn't really what i wanted to do. >> jimmy: you didn't want to be in a giant monkey hand? >> no, i really -- [ laughter ]
12:30 am
>> no, because. >> jimmy: weird. that's all i want. >> it might still be around. >> jimmy: hey, listen, i would love this to have in my home. it would make a great couch. have the guys over to watch football on that thing. we're going to take a quick break. jessica lange is here with us. her show is called "american horror story: asylum." we'll be right back.
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>> dicky: starting january 8th, watch "jimmy kimmel live" at 11:35 when jimmy's guests will be jennifer aniston, ryan gosling, sofia vergara, and dr. oz. plus music from no doubt, brad paisley, and bruno mars. can't get enough kimmel? find highlights at [ male announcer ] a mcnuggets guide to football.
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>> jimmy: we're back with jessica lange.
12:40 am
if you happen to have a copy of this magazine, take a look through it. there's some good stuff in there. how are you? everything is good. okay. so this show, "american horror story: asylum," you won the emmy -- congratulations -- last year. >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: now, this year you're playing an entirely different character, and it's some of the cast is the same from last year, but people are playing different people -- characters on the show. >> yes, they brought back some of the actors, but we -- it's a completely different story, different characters, different time, different place. i mean, it's -- it's like a new -- it's -- >> jimmy: it's a whole new thing. >> yes. >> jimmy: did you know that was going to be the case when you started doing the show? >> well, when i started doing it, i agreed to do it just for one year, because i thought -- i thought it would be an interesting experience, you know, to play a character over a period of time, but not one that
12:41 am
continues like weeks and weeks -- but it would give me the opportunity -- kind of like on stage, you know, when you play something for 12 weeks or 14 weeks, you have time to develop. >> jimmy: not in television, though. yeah. >> no, actually what's great, what i found really interesting about last year and which is more interesting this year is the character, the character that i play this year goes on a tremendous journey from where she starts to where she ends up. so it's been very -- yeah, i mean it's great as an actor to be able to do that, and they also know what kind of stuff i like to do, so they throw a lot of that my way. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you let them know beforehand or -- >> they figured out a little bit, but then i also like say, you know, i'd like to do a song because i'm not a singer but why not?
12:42 am
you know, so then they give me like a nightclub act. >> jimmy: they bring the gang from "glee" over. >> they do. i worked with the choreographers from "glee." kind of humiliating, but it's all right. it's all right. you know, it's like, okay, this foot then that foot. >> jimmy: it's great to have you here, and congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. >> jimmy: and on behalf of television, we're happy to have you doing it. jessica lange, everyone. "american horror story: asylum," wednesdays at 10:00 on fx. right back with adam pally. >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you by bud light. here we go.
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reinvented around you. >> jimmy: our next guest is not gay, but like eric stonestreet on "modern family" and anderson cooper on cnn, he pretends to be for tv. his very funny show "happy endings" airs tuesday nights at 9:00 here on abc. please say hello to adam pally. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what is this? what has happened here? >> well, last time i was on the show, it was cinco de mayo, and i brought out shots of tequila,
12:52 am
and it was my first time on a talk show. i was super excited then we did one together. >> jimmy: okay. >> this time i'm on the show again, and i thought today is a special day, oklahoma point guard russell westbrook's birthday. >> jimmy: i didn't know that. >> and -- >> jimmy: so you brought vodka out. >> i think i have a drinking problem as i'm explaining this to you. >> jimmy: you might. let's find out if you do or not. yeah, you definitely -- you do. [ cheers and applause ] that's nice of you. i don't know why that would earn applause but -- >> congratulations, everybody. i'm now on a downward spiral. >> jimmy: if this was the very beginning. >> i'm off the rails now. >> jimmy: how is everything going? >> everything is great. i wanted to say again thank you for having me last time, and
12:53 am
then i don't know if you remember, but i saw -- i ran into you like two weeks after the show. >> jimmy: i do remember. >> at a sushi restaurant in our neck of the woods. >> jimmy: that's right. >> you were so nice to me at the restaurant. do you remember i sent you a gift? >> jimmy: yeah, you sent -- >> i sent you over a couple orders of monkfish liver, which was the special of the night. >> jimmy: great, yeah. >> i didn't want to send drinks. people send drinks all the time. i'll send jimmy monkfish liver. the thing i never told you, which i'll tell you now, i didn't pay for that. >> jimmy: who paid for it? >> you paid for it. when the bill came, after i had said, send over some monkfish liver, i didn't realize it's very expensive. >> jimmy: how much is it? >> it's like $40 an order. >> jimmy: really. >> especially the way this place does it, so they said -- there were a couple of people at your table, so they brought over and said to me, you know, how would you like to pay for this, and i
12:54 am
said, actually, my friend is going to take care of it, the one i sent it to, then i waved at you, and you waved back and they thought you had cleared it. >> jimmy: how many orders of monkfish am i in for? >> i would say it was like $250 worth. it was about five people at your table. and i don't -- jim you son of a bitch. >> thank you for having me back. >> jimmy: and then there's tip on top of that. >> yeah, it was not a cheap dinner for you. >> jimmy: that was enough for them, the waving. >> the wave was enough. oh, they know each other. >> jimmy: unbelievable. well, in what scenario does someone from another table order things for people -- >> and put it on their bill. i must have been very charming because -- >> jimmy: you must have been, and god help you if we ever run into each other at a restaurant again. >> i know not to wave. i know if i see you in a restaurant -- >> jimmy: i don't dilly-dally
12:55 am
with the food. i'll go straight to the valet and get your car. [ applause ] and i'll wave as i drive away. >> i hope you like driving a 1984 nissan sentra. >> jimmy: the joke is on me again. >> the joke is on you again. >> jimmy: we were talking about your dad, doctor turned lounge singer. >> lounge singer turned doctor. >> jimmy: how is he doing? >> he's doing good. my dad is starting to date, which is kind of -- >> jimmy: women? >> yes, which is very disturbing to me, i'm married and super jealous of my dad. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> he's scoring. >> jimmy: he's telling you about this. >> he hasn't told me because i don't want to know, but there was a time when he was out here visiting, and he was holding my son, and i called him dad, and he had a melt -- he was like, do not call me dad. it is steven or dr. pally.
12:56 am
>> jimmy: oh, really. >> now he like changes up when to be called steven or dr. pally based on who is around him. >> jimmy: you should start calling him grandpa is what you should do. >> i started bringing applesauce around. when he does that, i'm like "time for to you eat." people think he's like senile. >> jimmy: how actively is he dating? >> i don't know because i don't want to get into it. it really bothers me. >> jimmy: have you seen him with people? >> i haven't, but i've seen him take extra looks, which is a new phenomenon like a woman will walk by and see him kind of talk to me and then like follow her. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> and i am like, i hope that you have seen something wrong with her spine and that you plan to give a diagnosis, otherwise please don't do that in front of me. it's unacceptable. >> jimmy: is he looking for a serious relationship? >> i think he's probably looking for a serious relationship. god help him. i mean, i gave him some guidelines when he started dating. i was like, no one with kids -- >> jimmy: why?
12:57 am
>> because i don't want to deal with any more kids than i have to. i have a kid, and it's not great. >> jimmy: okay. [ laughter ] "happy endings," everything is going great on that show. it really seems to be catching on with people. >> i hope so. it's so fun. it's a great gig. everyone is so funny in the cast, and we get to improvise, and that's a dream job. >> jimmy: is your dad using that, your fame, to parlay -- to meet girls? >> kind of. it's kind of weird when you're your dad's wing man. and my dad is like in much better shape than i am. he's very handsome, so i have now become the fat stoner friend to my dad, which is like not great -- not a great look. >> jimmy: you're headed in the wrong direction. >> for both of us. >> jimmy: and your children. >> oh, they're screwed. >> jimmy: very good to see you. congratulations on the show. it's "happy endings." it's very funny. adam pally, tuesday nights 9:00
12:58 am
abc. when we come back, music from game and tyga.
12:59 am
1:00 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series sponsored by bud light. >> jimmy: his new album comes out december 11th. it's called "jesus piece." here with the song "celebration" featuring tyga, game. [ applause ]
1:01 am
♪ westside, westside westside, westside westside, westside westside, westside ♪ ♪ westside, westside we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ love to stay fly blowing on that l breakin' down them trees i'm out the door with ♪ ♪ on the keys scooping up chris and i'm hitting the freeway yeah, got a whole ♪ ♪ zip of that got a couple hoes home with no clothes on cause they roll on us ♪ ♪ let's twerk now we hotboxin' that ghost ace all in that do' ray bans in my face ♪ ♪ never know when my eyes low smoke good, good eat good, steakhouse she said backwoods ♪ ♪ kill swishers you eat take out yeah, but i love them redbones ♪
1:02 am
♪ she country thick and that hair long that killer she dead wrong ♪ ♪ she went to howard her head strong her mamma tall so her legs long ♪ ♪ she went to college and got her masters now she bringing that bread home, roll up ♪ ♪ put the -- westside, westside westside, westside ♪ ♪ westside put the -- in the westside, westside ♪ ♪ westside, westside westside we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ it's a celebration bring your body and cash up and i'm the one zipping the most ♪ ♪ tonight on the westside and if you want to roll have the best
1:03 am
night ♪ ♪ of your life no lie no lie me and you together girl i'm celebrating you tonight ♪ ♪ i ball and look at troubles i have it for sure for sure ♪ ♪ then i hit it said she wait till i'm home tell me she ain't got nothing on ♪ ♪ ha yeah hot and better than that ♪ ♪ that's a fact that's a fact ♪ i'm flack my celebration we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly
1:04 am
we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ >> throw your hands up. ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ we havin' a celebration love to stay fly ♪ ♪ jesus piece ♪ 1500 westside west side we having a celebration love to stay fly ♪ >> jimmy: game's new album is called "jesus piece" coming out december 11th. i want to thank jessica lange, adam pally, tyga. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, christina applegate, the latest cast-offs from "dancing with the stars" and music from youngblood hawke. goodnight! ,,


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