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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 30, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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family dealing with a tremendous loss after a fire tore through a san jose apartment complex. good evening. i'm ama dates. the fire took the lives of a four-year-old girl and both of her grand pawrnts. investigators continue to search for the fire at bridgeport court that burned dozens of people out of their homes. abc7 news reporter thomas roman is live at the scene. thomas, an emotional night there. >> a very sad 24 hours, ama.
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the fire started this time last night. family and friends gathered to console maldonado for the loss of her daughter and her parents. she told us she has no warning a fire has started and she didn't hear any alarms. the families were joined by their family with the rosary. all three died in a fire that destroyed the second floor apartment on bridgeport court in west san jose. cecilia maldonado lost her parents and child in a single night. >> the fire alarm didn't go off. >> she says she tried to save them. >> i know my brother's room was on fire. i ran out and tried to get the fire distinguisher and broke the glass. i couldn't put it out. >> she says kyra decided to sleep in her parents' back bedroom. >> they took care of me and my
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baby. >> the two-alarm fire started 11:00 p.m. on saturday and was quickly put out by the more than 50 firefighters who responded. two other people were taken to a local hospital as was a san jose police officer who suffered smoke inhalation after rescuing a resident. this man who declined to give his name lived below the apartment. he came by to get what he could salvage. he says he and his girlfriend woke up to screams. >> we freaked out. we saw the fire and the flames and got up instantly. >> now he and 56 others who live at the complex are homeless until the building is safe to live in. >> i am here to grab my stuff and go home. don't really have somewhere to go. >> rod rigo vargas was sleeping at his parents and he got them out safely. >> i saw the fire so i told them to come out really fast. >> the san jose arson investigators are looking into what caused this fire. the san jose police officer
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who rescued the resident treated for smoke inhalation was released, but another individual is in the hospital. we don't know the condition or extent of injuries. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. four people escaped unharmed after a fire broke out in their garage and spread into the main part of their house this evening in petaluma. the fire started after 5:30 on tampico court. it gutted a garage and damaged a bedroom above it. the firefighters put the fire out in 45 minutes. they scoured the garage looking for what sparked the fire. oakland police are looking for a young gunman who killed a teenage girl. a small group of family and friends was walking on lyon way three blocks east of the coliseum when a teenage boy approached a fire with a handgun amount of 15-year-old girl died at the scene and another boy suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. >> a lot of witnesss and the officers are out here not only talking to witnesses, but we
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are also looking at video and video camera. we are going to be out here all night. we are going to exhaust all leads so we can move forward with this investigation. not only identify the individual who is responsible for this, but locate that individual. >> witnesses say the shooter was about 13 to 16 years old and possibly wearing a red shirt. police in livermore are investigating the suspicious death of a man whose body was lying near the spring town golf course. a jogger found the man yesterday morning lying near blue bell dry and scenic avenue. family and friends gathered for a candlelight vigil to celebrate the life of kenneth robing ogden. an official cause of death hasn't been released. he is trying to determine if ogden died where he was found or if his body was dumped there. a funeral service in the east bay was interrupted by a car that came crashing into the building. it appears the teen driver was racing. abc7 news reporter lilian kim
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shows us the damage. >> it was quiet in their funeral chapel. a memorial service was just getting underway. he is one of the funeral directors. >> we are about to start a celebration of life for one of our clients. and all of a sudden we heard a loud rumbling sound. >> that rumbling noise was the sound of a 1974 chevy nova crashing into the building and wiping out the front lobby. the 16-year-old driver and his passenger was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and so was a man attending the service. he suffered a broken leg. concord police say all was the result of what appears to have been two 16-year-olds racing. >> the preliminary reports from witnesses suggest there were two cars involved possibly in a speed contest down clayton road with one losing control and ending up in the building behind me. >> those in the funeral home say it could have been worse. most of the people have made their way past the lobby and into the chapel except a few employees who came very close to getting hurt.
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>> we were in the lobby literally five feet when the car came in. had to come through 10 seconds earlier and i would not be standing here today. >> there was another service scheduled later in the day. they directed mourners to the salvation army. michael serves as a funeral director jie. we were lucky today. the salvation army was gracious and they were here when this happened. they were down the street and saw this and came by and offered their chapel for tonight. >> this building will take days if thought weeks to repair. until then services will likely beheld at the funeral chapel in martinez. in concord, lilian kim, abc7 news. it is time for the first check of the weather. meteorologist leigh glaser with what is happening outside right now. leigh? >> it is getting cold out there. hi, everyone. let's check in with live doppler 7hd at this hour. you can see as we sweep live, we are not picking up any returns at all. that's because of clear skies out there. the winds out of the north are
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starting to die down. and that is definitely going to mean for a very cold night. in fact, here is a look at current reddings -- readings at this hour. it is in the 30s in the north bay and 36 santa rosa and 48 in san francisco and 44 in mountain view. come back in 10 minutes and i will update the numbers and look ahead to our new year's eve forecast. >> leigh, thank you. the nation is now just 24 hours away from going over the fiscal cliff. the one-two punch of tax increases and budget cuts set to go into affect on january 1st. negotiations will continue through the night, and a top man at the nation's capital has been called in to help. our abc news reporter has the latest from washington. >> the clock is ticking. negotiations are on going. at this point democrats and republicans remain at odds. >> regardless of partisan differences, our top priority has to be to make sure that taxes on middle class families do thought go up that would hurt our economy badly. we can get that done.
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>> president obama called for immediate action, but there was that vote in the senate tonight. >> we are going to come in at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, and we will have further announcements perhaps at 11:00 in the morning. i certainly hope so. >> mitch mcconnell frustrated with the lack of progress called vice president biden in for help. biden is now said to be playing a direct role. >> there is no single issue that remains an impossible sticking point. the sticking point appears to be a willingness or interest or want to close the deal. >> drastic spending cuts will go into affect and taxes go up for everyone. the tax impact for the average american family is more than $3400. senate leaders continue to work on the stop gap bill. the sticking points remain. >> there is still significant distance between the two sides. negotiations continue.
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>> negotiations will continue through the night. now with just hours to go until the deadline. abc news, washington. as the government teeters on the edge of the fiscal cliff, you might want to change your tax strategy. coming up at 11:35, advice from 7 on your side's michael finney. the leaders in the house and the senate did agree on something today. they extended the 2008 farm bill for one more year. that bill expired in october. milk prices could have doubled to $7 a gallon next month if lawmakers failed to extend it. the agreement prevents the government from returning to a 1948 formula to set milk prices. some economists call this the dairy cliff. today was the last sunday for free meter parking in san francisco. next sunday you will have to pay from noon to 6:00 p.m. atish ifer man's wharf from noon until 7:00 p.m. the city set up prepaid options for many meters. the municipal transportation agency says the move will bring in $2 million a year,
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but the mta says it is not about the money. it is an effort to keep traffic moving. secretary of stit -- of state hillary clinton is in hospital. also -- >> ♪ amazing grace >> a band gets a special request and helps lift the spirits of former president george h.w. bush as he recovers in the hospital. also ahead, no laughing matter for comedian cat williams. his latest run in with the law. and then at 11:35, a bounty on the
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bailed out of jail after his latest run in with the law. police arrested williams on charges of child endangerment and being in possession of a stolen gun. williams' arrest came after child welfare officials checked his home on friday. he was arrested earlier this month on a felony warrant. the warrant relighted -- related to a police chase. he was accused of hitting a man with a bottle in november. secretary of state hillary clinton is in hospital after her doctors discovered a blood clot steming from a concussion. they discovered it during a routine follow-up. secretary clinton will stay in the hospital in new york city for two days so doctors can monitor the medication she is taking. the 65-year-old fainted and hit her head earlier this month after feeling dehydrated and week as she recovered from a stomach virus. former president george
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h.w. bush is out of intensive care in a houston hospital where he is recovering from complications of bronchitis. it is one day after barbara bush made a call to the oak ridge boys, one of his favorite bands. clayton sandel has the story. >> ♪ amazing grace >> it was a spirit lifting serrona de e ordered by barbara bush. >> she called and said we should cheer the president up. and if the oak ridge boys could get together and sing him a song or two. >> for decades the bush family and the oak ridge boys had been mutual fans. when the call came in from mrs. bush, the boys were actually on vacation, but dropped everything, gathering at the office in 45 minutes. >> it was actually great to hear the president's voice in a cheerful mood. >> mr. bush, now 88 years old, is in this houston hospital fighting complications of bronchitis, an expected three-day stay stretching more
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than a month. but when the band called his room on friday, thub 41 had a -- thub 41 had a request. jay he was ready to hear elvira. >> ♪ i was singing elvira. ♪. >> and then the boys picked one of their favorites. >> you will remember this one. >> ♪ amazing grace ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ ♪ i once was lost ♪ but now i'm found ♪ was blind, but now i see >> there you go. >> that's great.
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>> whatever helps it out. it has been a chilly weekend. fortunately though we have received some sunshine. we have had great weather the past two days after the rain from christmas. but how will the new year's eve holiday turn out? leigh glaser has been checking on your weather, and she joins us with the latest. leigh? >> let's turn to live doppler 7hd, and you can see all clear skies across the bay area. as we are sweeping live right now, you can see no moisture being picked up. that is a nice break, a nice change for the bay area. let's get to some current readings. it is cold. i just updated the numbers. right now 35 degrees in santa rosa. napa 43. we have 45 in fairfield right now. san francisco is holding strong at 47. but check out half moon bay. the 10 degree drop. 37 there. we have 42 right now in san jose.
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folks, here is a look at our forecast. we have the cold temperatures overnight and the inland frost. the overnight temperatures will drop in many inland locations. we will go with clouds and a cool day for your new year's eve. and then mostly sunny on new year's day. we have one system that will sneak in here tomorrow afternoon . lows tonight with frost likely. santa rosa 29. 30 for napa and 32 for antioch. livermore is going to be cold in your neighborhood. frost definitely. 29 degrees. as we get close to oakland, the temperatures will moderate a bit with san francisco down to 43 and 35 overnight tonight with clear skies in san jose. new year's eve, here is what you can expect. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon we will notice the clouds thickening up. the temperatures are about 55 degrees. by 6:00 still going to be chilly, but we will notice some of the clouds thinking out. 10:00 and of course the big hour , 12 midnight. happy 2013.
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the temperatures will be in the mid to low 40s. some upper 30s inland. it is going to be cold with those skies starting to clear out. this is what i am looking at. the cold front here. the clouds out ahead of it. this is what is going to push in here for tomorrow afternoon. and here is a look at the timing. here is 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can see we start off with clear skies and then look at this front sliding out. this is 6:00 tomorrow night. the clouds will be with us. some forecast models want to bring a few sprinkles in here. we won't rule that out. the likelihood is going to be slim. here we go by early 10:00, 11:00, midnight, new year's day morning we are looking at mainly clear skies and new year's day looks terrific with lots of clearing and lots of sunshine. we just have the little window where we will see the clouds sneak in here and maybe a drop or two and then it is out of here. still going to keep it cool in the mid to low 50s across the bay area.
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remember the clouds will start to move in between 1:00 and 6:00 tomorrow and then quickly move out. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we will go with cold new year's eve, and the temperatures in the 50s. the clouds move this and then they move out just in time. hopefully for the fire, woulds tomorrow night. it will usher in 2013 which will take place on tuesday and lots of sunshine. a cold start for us all wednesday morning. slight chance of a few sprinkles and then we will warm things up friday and saturday. >> thank you, leigh. mike shumann is off and rick quan is in. we are talking playoffs. >> it is here now. the niners finish the regular season with a victory. the nfl playoff picture is all set. we'll show who you is playing who the first round. as for the 49ers, they can sit back and watch the first week thanks to a career performance by michael crabtree.
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the nfl playoff picture is set. the 49ers are the number two seed in the nfc and we will get a first round bye. to win the division they had
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to take care of the cardinals at the stick. the niners looked pumped up, but they trailed 6-0 after the first quarter. the offense got going in the second and kaepernick and crabtree team up for a two-play, 80-yard drive. first he hits crabtree for a 30-yard gain, and then the next play kaepernick gets away from the pressure and finds crabtree for a touchdown. while that connection was clicking, akers continues to have problems. he made two of four field goal attempts. this meant they only lead it 7-6 at the half. with smith still sidelined, francois is trying to fill the void. frenchy did just that. later in the third and they team up again. crabtree with eight catches for a career high 172 yards and two touchdowns. he is the first 9er to have a thousand yards receiving since terrell owens in 2003. early in the fourth and frank gore sets a franchise record
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with his 51st rushing touchdown. 27-13 was the final. for the second straight year, san francisco captures the nfc west. >> i am extremely happy. that was our mission. that was our one thing we wanted to get done today. we dpot that done. we got that done. the western division champions, that's means a lot to us and to our players. >> green bay in minnesota wept down to the final seconds. adrian peterson ran for 199 yards. came up short, just nine yards short of dickerson's single season record. that set up the go ahead field goal as the vikings win it 37-34. that drew this reaction from the san francisco locker room because it gave the niners, not the packers, the number two seed. thedcowboys and redskins played for the nfc east title. rg3 takes matters into his own
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hands or feet. he scores to put washington on top. and another redskins rookie with a great game with 200 yards and three touchdowns. along the way he set a single season franchise rushing record. dallas cut the lead, but romo is picked off by jackson. romo threw three interceptions. the turnover would prove to be costly. morris gets in to put the game away, 28-18 the final. it is washington's first nfc east title since 1999. so the nfc playoff picture looks like this. the falcons and the niners get a first round bye. the -- minnesota is at green bay on saturday and seattle plays at washington on sunday. still to come, i will fill you in on the afc playoff situation. and while the raiders won't be a part of it, pryor m
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with carson palmer out with a bruised lung and cracked ribs the raiders gave
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terrell pryor his first start as quarterback. crazy weather in san diego. the players were practicing in a hail storm. the weather was fine at kickoff, but special teams were not so special. spurlock breaks into the clear and takes the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. it was 10-0 chargers after one quarter. after a slow start pryor lead the raiders on an 80-yard drive. he throws a back shoulder fade to darius hayward-bey. oakland rallied and pryor dives into the end zone and it cuts the lead 24-14. with the rain coming down and pryor buys time before minding minding -- finding moore. pryor shows promise, but san diego takes the win. oakland ends up 4-12. despite the victory norv turner says he expects to be fired tomorrow. here is the afc playoff. denver and new england are the
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top two seeds and earn first round bye's. houston that lost to indianapolis falls to third. the texans will host cinncinati. the colts are at baltimore on sunday. and this abc7 sports report was brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show you will hear from stephon taylor as he prepares to take on wisconsin in the rose bowl. by the way, our own mike shumann will be in pasadena to report on that game new year's day. >> absolutely. thank you, rick. up next, the video that contains a new terror threat against u.s. ambassadors and soldiers in yemen. and a tour bus crash in oregon so devastating the injured are being treated in three states. and the deep freeze gripping a huge stretch of the country. a look at the coldest winter weather this season. and there is certainly a chill in the air here in the bay area. meteorologist leigh glaser says some rain is heading our way. find out if your new year's eve will be a wet one.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. in tonight's headline a 15-year-old girl has been shot near the coliseum bart station. oakland police believe she was killed by another teen. a 14-year-old boy is expected to survive after he was also shot. a boy between the ages of 13 and 16 opened fire on a group of people while they walked along lyon way. a little girl and her grandparents died when a fire swept through their apartment in san jose. the fire broke out on bridgeport court just after 11:00. three other people needed treatment for smoke inhalation. it included a san jose police officer who tried to rescue people from the fire. three people ended up in the hospital after a car smashed into a funeral home in concord. police suspect the teenage driver may have been racing before it plowed into the funeral home. the injured included two people from the car and one who was attending a funeral in the chapel.
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tonight a terror threat that the u.s. government considers the most dangerous. al-qaeda in yemen is offering tens of thousands of dollars to anyone who kills the u.s. ambassador or an american soldier in their country. >> it is a country racked with lawlessness and now a potential new threat. the associated press first reported the video which claims to be from the yemen branch announcing a new bounty. three kilograms of gold. roughly $160,000, the head of the american ambassador and $23,000 for any american soldier. abc hasn't verified the authenticity of the video. it was posted on-line separately claiming to be a part of a much longer video, one we have authenticated. if true the threat comes at a critical time, just four months after al-qaeda linked militants stormed the embassy compound. killing ambassador chris stevens and three other
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personnel. after the attack security levels were raised at many american embassies around the world. >> they will not do anything particularly differently. they had to know that the ambassador was already a person who had to be protected very, very carefully. >> yemen is in the heart of the middle east and considered a breeding ground for mill hants. >> and there is no question anti-american sentiment in yemen is running high. 234* september an angry mob stormed the embassy and engaged by easy local's prophet mohamed. >> this ambassador was one of the many americans in danger all the time whether there is a bounty on his head all the time. jay abc news, washington. students and family members in the connecticut school shooting were honored at giants stadium in new jersey during today's nfl game. they welcomed scores of people from the sandy hook elementary school and greeted the children, teachers and parents. a moment of silence was
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observed for the 27 victims killed in the tragedy. the tribute was complete with a new york giants route of the philadelphia eagles. the death toll has reached nine in a tour bus crash on an icy highway in oregon. it happened this morning in frigid conditions on interstate 84 near pendleton in northwest oregon. police say the driver of the charter bus lost control on the slick pavement. the bus skidded through a guardrail and tumbled several hundred feet down an embankment. about 40 passengers were traveling from las vegas to vancouver, british columbia. in addition to the nine passengers who died, more than 20 people including the driver were injured. they are being treated at hospitals in oregon, washington and idaho. people in several parts of the u.s. face dangerous driving conditions and hazards thanks to a winter tri-fecta of snow, wind and freezing temperatures. crews kept busy plowing roads while the homeowners cleared several inches of snow from sidewalks and driveways in new england. some joggers braved the snow
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in the boston area and others stocked up on food and supplies. >> are you ready mentally for a bunch of snow? >> i don't even know what is coming. we will just deal with it. >> take it one step at a time? >> take it one step at a time. >> do you like snow? >> it is okay. it is new england. what are you going to do? >> that's the sound of powerful winds ripping through arlington county, virginia. it shattered a high-rise near our nation's capital. could we see rain on new year's eve? leigh glaser is tracking a weather system on live doppler 7hd. >> and we are seeing mainly clear skies right now. a few clouds moving in tomorrow. we'll check out that forecast for our new year's eve night coming up. plus a look at other forecasts if you are traveling around the state. >> also, advice on how to adjust your financial plan in the event our nation goes over that fiscal cliff. 7 on your side's michael finney has some tips. >> and it is a wee bit early, but they are ringing in the
11:39 pm
new year in san francisco. a tradition that some say helps get a healthy
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taxpayers are facing a lot of uncertainty as we head into the new year with the government on the edge of the fiscal cliff. and for many of us, the usual year-end financial strategies may not apply this year.
11:42 pm
7 on your side's michael finney has some tips to help sort out of confusion. out the confusion. >> when it comes to year-end finances it may not add up. >> it is difficult to do any tax planning and advising because nobody really knows exactly what is going to happen. >> much of the uncertainty centers around whether the united states is about to fall off that fiscal cliff. if that happens, that would mean the end of the temporary payroll tax cuts. even if that doesn't happen, most believe taxes will go up next year. >> one of the things that is being floated right now is people are advising people to get out of dividend paying funds, high dividend yield funds and move more into tax exempt bonds and things like that that won't be taxed. >> the current budget negotiations between president obama and house speaker john boehner also could mean the reduction of the popular deduction for charitable contributions.
11:43 pm
>>- q. i if it came to the poi -- >> if it came to the point where i wasn't receiving my credit for helping out a charity or even helping them out in their situation, then why would i even help them out? >> statements like that that has the chief executive officer of the united way of the bay area and other nonprofits fighting to obtain charitable deductions. >> it would be a mistake to think thereth was only a benefit for high income people. 24r* are many, many donors who itemize their taxes, and they take advantage of the charitable tax deduction and these include middle income people. >> also on the table is the possible elimination of the mortgage deduction. >> if that were to happen eventually, i think that is something that had to be phased out over a really long period of time. >> i think it encourages people to buy house versus rent it. if they willower the mortgage rate day -- deductions people
11:44 pm
will think twice. >> it is a good time to refinance if you still have 15 to 20 years left on your mortgage. >> an interest rate drop could make a sig can't difference in the total amount you pay over the length of the mortgage. >> i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. several new state and local laws go on the books beginning january 1st. one is a bag ban. plastic bags will no longer be available at grocery stores that sell package cked food in alameda. they will sell bags for 10 cents , but bags for produce is free. >> it is good for the environment. i think it would help me remember to bring my own bag. >> for years we heard that plastic was dangerous. i never liked it. it was bad for the environment. you are killing trees. who do you believe? >> 51 other cities and counties in california including san jose, san
11:45 pm
francisco and san mateo already impose a plastic bag ban. the san francisco asian art museum rang in the new year during a traditional japanese bell ripping ceremony. buddhists in san francisco welcomed the new year by clanging a 2100 pound bronze bell 108 times. visitors were also allowed to join in. this is the museum's 27th annual bell ringing ceremony. the bell's tone was used to curb mortal desires. it is a buddhist way to help with new year's resolutions. and as 2012 comes to a close you can look at the top gnaws stories, videos and slide shows at abr7 leigh glaser is here checking on our forecast. >> it will be chilly. it is chilly right now. looking down on richardson bay, san francisco in the background and folks it is clear and live doppler 7hd right now is not picking up
11:46 pm
any returns at all. we do have high pressure over the bay area bringing us the sinking air and some very cold temperatures. now, if you are trying to make your plans for tomorrow, new year's eve, during the day between 1:00 and probably 6:00, we do have a weak weather system. that will bring clouds across the bay area. it could possibly squeeze out a sprinkle or two. that's about it. but you will notice 1:00 to 6:00 the temperatures will generally be in the midto low 50s. by 8 -- by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, it will get colder by the bewitching hour of midnight. as we enter into 2013, the temperatures will be in the mid to low 40s near san francisco and oakland and in the 30s in the north and east bay locations. it is definitely going to be a cold night tomorrow night. here is a look at your highs for monday. 61 degrees. fresno 49. we will look for a clear sky for lake tahoe.
11:47 pm
31 degrees. my accu-weather seven-day forecast on monday, new year's eve during the day, remember we will see a little bit of cloudiness move in as the weak cold front makes its way from 1:00 to 6:00 tomorrow. and then after that clear conditions for new year's eve festivities including the fireworks around the bay area. tuesday new year's day is sunny and mild. cold start wednesday morning. thursday a slight chance of some showers. and then we will look for sunny and warmer conditions on friday and saturday. 4:30 to 7:00 tomorrow morning mike nico will be here with an update. >> we liked the sunshine, but it is really chilly. >> we will warm up. >> thank you, leigh. >> mike shumann is off and rick quan is in. >> coming up in sports, how the 49ers won the west. and without much prior experience terrell pryor g
11:48 pm
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11:50 pm
the nfl playoff picture is all set. the 49ers are the number two seed and get a first round bye. to win the division they had to take care of the lowly cardinals at the stick. the 49ers looked pumped up, but trailed after the first quarter. the offense got going in the second. kaepernick and crabtree team up for a two-play aid-yard -- two-play 80 yard drive. and then kaepernick gets away
11:51 pm
from the pressure and he is open for a 49-yard touchdown. while that connection was clicking akers continues to have his problem. this meant the niners lead it 7-6 at the half. with smith out indefinitely, francois is trying to fill the void. he did that on this play. later in the third kaepernick and crabtree team up again. a career high 172 yards and two touchdowns. he is the first 9er to have a thousand yards receiving since terrell owens in 2003. earlier in the fourth and frank gore sets a franchise record with his 51st rushing touchdown. 27-13 was the final. so for the second straight year, san francisco captures the nfc west. >> colin kaepernick did a great job. they got us going.
11:52 pm
after what was a slow start, the guys stepped up and made plays. >> green bay and minnesota went down to the final seconds. adrian peterson ran for 199 yards, but he came up just nine yards short of eric dickerson's single season record. it set up the go ahead field goal as the vikings win it 37-34. that drew this reaction from the san francisco locker room. that meant the 9ers and not the packer s who get the number 2 seed. the cowboys and the redskins play for the nfc east title. rg3 takes matters into his own hands or should i say feet. another redskins rookie set a huge game rumbling for 200 yards and three touchdowns. along the way he set a single season franchise rushing record. dallas cut the lead, but tony romo is picked off by jackson. romo threw three interceptions. that turnover proved to be costly as morris puts the game
11:53 pm
away. 20-18 was the final. it is washington's first nfc east title since 1999. the playoff picture looks like this. the falcons and the niners get a first round bye as the top two seeds. minnesota is at green bay on saturday. and then seattle plays at washington on sunday. oakland closed out the disappointing season with another loss, but terrell pryor gave them excitement as he made the first start. crazy weather in san diego. before the game the players were practicing in a hail storm. by kickoff the sun came out, but the raiders' special teams appeared to be in a fog. spurlock breaks into the clear and he takes it 99 yards for a touchdown. it was 10-0 chargers after one quarter. after a slow start pryor lead them on an 80-yard drive and he connected with darius hayward-bey. oakland rallied and prior
11:54 pm
keeps it and dives into the end zone. that cut the lead 24-14. and then with under two minutes to go prior will buy some time before spotting moore open in the end zone. prior shows promise, but the chargers hold on to the win 24-21 and oakland winds up the season 4-12. despite the victory, norv turner says he will likely be fired tomorrow. with houston losing denver had a chance to win the afc's top seed. peyton manning could be the league's mvp who threw a pair of touchdowns to decker who made that acrobatic of cay. if you think that was good check this one out by thomas. wow. 38-thrie --38-3 was the final and the bron -- broncos finish with a record of 13-3. here is the afc playoff picture. denver and new england get the top two seeds and first round byes. houston lost to the colts and they will host cinncinati on saturday. indy will be at baltimore on
11:55 pm
sunday. the 99th rose bowl is coming up on new year's day. after last season's disappointing finish in the fiesta bowl they are hoping for a happier ending. it is doubtful the eighth ranked cardinal will be in pasadena if not for stephon taylor. he was the school's all time leading rusher and with one more touchdown will take over that record as well. what taylor wants most is to beat the badgers. >> for myself and for my teammates, to come here and play in the rose bowl, it was a goal we set earlier in the season. you don't want to just get here. >> mike shumann is heading to pasadena to cover the rose bowl. shu's reports will air on new year's day here on abc7. and in basketball the clippers beat utah for their 17th straight win. they will play the warriors in oakland on wednesday. that should be a great one. and this abc7 sports report
11:56 pm
was brought to you tonight by river rock casino. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> that's it for this edition of the abc7 news. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. if you received a new tablet, computer or smart phone as a gift this holiday season you can be connected with abc7 news all the time through our apps. download our app for your iphone, android or tablet and the kindle fire. have
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