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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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eastbound to jackson is getting by on one lane. chp has issued a sig alert for the area. westbound entrance from jackson is clear. no problems here to avoid the entire area, continue on north 880 to winton. here is 92 at 880. right here a jackson and santa clara. continue to the north and you will be able to avoid the area. we have one stall northbound 160 at sheridan, that is truck blocking the right lane. and southbound on 680 on vargas there is an additional stall. a wet mess in hayward. water main break on busy jackson street right near 92 off the freeway and 880 has resulted in a big traffic problem. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. what is going on?
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>> we just got briefed by authorities. this one has been stumped. it will be another 45 minutes until they can get the water. they say it's a big pipe, 12-inch pipe that broke about 3:00 38 this morning. they have been working for the last two and a half hours and haven't been able to figure out to get the water to stop. firefighters were first on the scene and they tried to the close the valve. water department showed up. called in for more help. they had fixed part of it. they shut off one source but water is still gushing here. they are still trying to deal with it but they are hoping for having it fixed in 45 minutes and traffic should clear up soon after that. that is just an estimate at this point. let me tell you about the situation. cars are getting through here. at jackson and santa clara but
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things are slowed down and lanes are limited. cars are coming off the 92 eastbound. they are down to one lane. that is the slower exit that you are used to but you can get through here. you may want to avoid it and do a different exit. westbound is there is no problem. 9 water is limited over here on this side of the road. that is what impacts northbound on santa clara. those people you can't get through at all. they have shut back down. so going through hayward you will need to found a different route. they don't know why it has happened. that will be answered later on down the road. at this point they are trying to get it shut off and they it's not impacting water service to the residents. damage is limited to what you are looking at, just some flooding. they don't have any weakening of
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the road and not worried about a sinkhole at this time. the objective is to get the water stop flowing so they can open this back up. they are hoping to do it in 45 minutes. stay with us. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." the house of representatives passed a bill late last night to bring the country back from the fiscal cliff. 85 republicans joined democrats to pass the legislation. the bill raises taxes on individuals earning more than $400,000 a year and extends unemployment benefits. however, the measure also delays addressing spending cuts for another two months. >> no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt. what we are really doing is raising taxes to give the president more money to spend. >> katie: despite the bill, most american workers will see paychecks shrink in 2013 because we'll be paying 2% more in
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payroll taxes. >> new york area lawmakers are furious that the house abandoned a vote on aid for victims of super storm sandy. senate had proved a $60 billion measure on friday to help recovery from the storm that devastated parts of new york, new jersey and nearby states. a house committee has drafted a smaller $27 billion measure but the house vanished last night without taking up either proposal. if the house doesn't take action before congress term ends tomorrow any vote will have to wait until the end of january. we're learning new information about a naked man with a sword and assault weapon who held san jose police in a standoff for several hours. they identified the man has koe co-bennett. they spotted him in a vehicle after someone report. when he yelled police were going to have to kill him. they fired a flash bang device
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to get him to drop the sword but it didn't work. >> he tried to take off running but at some point he fell down and they were able to subdue him. they were able to get the knife and take him into custody. >> he was treated for injuries. police say they averted a possible mass killing because the assault rifle bennett had in his car was fully loaded. >> the contra costa board is considering raising water rates. they are expected to vote. an increase of 3.35% may be approved. typical bill would go up $2.27. 3.35% figure is based on the most recent consumer price index. they review rates to maintain service and operations. >> traffic and weather together are next on morning news. let's take a live look outside from the roof camera. you can see the embarcadero and
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bay bridge. its chilly one this morning. mike nicco will have the full accu-weather forecast. we'll also check with n with sue hall. >> if you like many people have a new year's resolution to lose weight, don't make a move. michael finney has the best ways to slim down.11
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every year one of the most popular solutions to lose weight but how can we do it this year? can you keep it up? >> michael finney and consumer reports tackled the best diets and which ones are best. >> more than two-thirds of american adults are overweight even obese. the top resolution is dreaded "d" word, diet. they surveyed 9,000 subscribers rating more than a dozen from the most popular diets. >> terry stays fit with the help of an app, my fitness pal. >> all you have to do is find the food i've eaten, select the number of servings and it goes right into it. >> it was among the top rated in consumer reports surveyed of
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subscribers who were asked about real life experiences with 13 popular ways to lose weight. >> people that used the app made them aware of how many calories and how much they were exercising. >> live fitness pal has feature that has a bar code scanner. you can track how many calories from exercising. >> besides the do it yourself diets, we rated commercial diets that you generally have to pay to join and buy their pre-packaged food. >> thutri system was the lowest rated, more than a third surveyed didn't like the food. >> among plans, weight watchers scored higher than jenny craig. you don't have to buy their food and you can eat whatever you want. >> you can attend a weight
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watchers meetings however, terry is happy with my fitness pal which is free. >> i lose ten pounds easy. >> another do it yourself diet that did well is called the paleo diet, it's what cavemen eat. fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods and dairy products. >> you got it right. gym memberships peak in january and by march, they plum it. one study shows 80% of new members become no shows after just eight weeks. >> up. >> the air quality makes you not want to exercise. >> not outside. try to stay inside and don't burn any wood unless you want to pay a hefty fine. >> that is where the poorest air quality is and today and tomorrow but all of us, inland
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and east bay, south bay, coast and central bay, all of us under the spare the air today. also our other big story, freeze warnings continues, temperatures in the mid 20s. bayshore line, santa clara valley, frost advisory until 9:00. so keep everything in protected until 9:00. by noon, we'll have sunshine and clouds from time to time and upper 40s. low to mid 50s for most of the afternoon and another chilly evening upper 30s to mid 40s. breaking news of the water main break. i a wanted to show you the on waze app, on the east side. west jackson and santa clara, eastbound the ramp from 92 to jackson, one lane getting by, and to 92 is getting fully open there. if you want to avoid the area, go farther north, take the
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whinten exit and amy hollyfield is saying about another 40 minutes until this is repaired. chp has issued a sig alert. northbound 680, sheridan, stall blocking at right lane. at vargas, we have debris and it should be cleared shortly. >> straight ahead. we know it's been a wet winter so far, official numbers coming out later today. some of the prim figures on the snow pack. >> good news for 49er fans that have lost faith
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welcome back. current conditions, livermore, fairfield, santa rosa, walnut creek, pleasanton are all at 27 degrees right now for the coolest spot in the bay area. frosty and cold in redwood city, 31. mountain view, 35. san jose, 34. oakland, 40. 34, half moon bay. sunshine a few high clouds and mid 50s. next three days will be in the mid to upper 50s. here is katie with more news. >> katie: this morning, state water officials will take the first sierra survey for the winter. electronic measurements indicate it's 146% of normal. that is important since the sierra snow pack accounts for a third of state's water supply.
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early storms have replenished stated reservoirs. at butti county it's 111% of normal. it's already 70% filled. >> now we have electronic measurements and now we do the hand measurements. >> they do it a little more technical because they are actually there instead of electronically. >> lots of snow last week. pretty dry. >> 6:18 this morning and looking live from roof cam, back across the embarcadero, it's not as breezy as it was yesterday. we're also looking at fairly as far as temperatures. a little breeze in your area, temperatures will drop a couple degrees. winds about 3-5 miles an hour.
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live doppler is pretty quiet this morning. picking up that dry air and those clear conditions. here is a look at temperatures once again. monterey bay, 30 at gilroy for the cool spot. mid to upper 30s for everybody else. what is going to happen for the forecast cycle, frost this morning. sunshine this afternoon. about the same as temperatures yesterday. slightly warmer thursday and friday. then a cans of showers, i think they will stay over the ocean this weekend. it would be nice to have a dry weekend. temperatures as we head outside this afternoon, pretty much in the mid 50s. a few low 50s at the coast. upper 50s around the monterey bay. mid to upper 50s inland. for tonight, no advisories, no warnings but still going to be frosty cold inland with temperatures in the 20s and 30s there. around the bay we may get to frosty level at palo alto at 32.
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san francisco will be about 43 degrees. high pressure blocking the high pressure, it's steering the jetstream almost from south to north, right out thousand miles away from the coast. these storm systems will be close to us and then start heading to the north. we could get a few blow by and after reaching 60 on friday. once it heads to the north, monday and tuesday at another run about 60 degrees. dry all seven days of the forecast. >> back to hayward. breaking news, live shot you can see the water is still bubbling up. this is right at the intersection of jackson and santa clara street. just at the extension to east of 92-880 intersection. eastbound ramp down to one lane due to the flooding. chp has sig alert.
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if you want to avoid all this, look at the waze app here is 92 and west jackson and santa clara just continue to winten to avoid this entire scene. amy hollyfield is on the scene there. she is telling us about 40 minute, 35 minutes until they have it capped up. that puts us around 7:00 this morning. elsewhere, northbound 680 at stall at vargas because of debris -- northbound at sheridan. new accident on the shoulder, eastbound 580 at san ramon. westbound is slowing through livermore and into the dublin pleasanton area. quick look at camera at bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights. very light traffic at this hour. coming up next, an unlikely
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match up between the top two teams, warriors and other team from l.a. >> and different episode on katie. she takes us inside her home with the donald, that is right
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coming up on 6:25 on a
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frosty wednesday morning, second day of 2013, second spare-the-air day. don't forget about that in ways to heat the house and possibly tomorrow. by the afternoon hours, sunshine will do a little heating for you. mid 50s in most neighborhoods. doppler radar, if you are traveling around california, nevada even oregon it is quiet right now. temperature is 38 at tahoe. 42 at yosemite. mid 50s around the coast and low to mid-60s down to southern california. new this morning, the new year will bring new light go to a town in marin county. marin wood is getting energy efficient street lights. 242 of the 291 lights will be replaced. it's part of a plan to save electricity and taxpayer money. the services district manager says it could save the district more than $2900 a year. the 49ers may have new kicker in the playoffs. they signed a new player yesterday.
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it follows david akers missing two more field goals on sunday. fortunately we won, but he had 69% this season. akers may have open competition for the kicking job. >> two teams meet tonight. they are the warriors and the los angeles clippers. the teams are more known for losing than winning. in the past 21 years, they have made the playoffs just six times combined. but this year it is different. clippers who had 17 game winning streak snapped last night have the best record in the league and four games better than the warriors. tonight's game dare we say could be a battle. >> kristen: long time coming for warrior fans. >> trading begins on wall street for the first time in 2013. we'll see how investors are reacting to the deal reached in washington to avoid the fiscal
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cliff. >> also stanford's big win in the lows bowl will s good news for py's mayor.
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good morning, it's now 6:29. opening bell will start the first trading session of 2013. live picture of the new york stock exchange. the world will be watching to see how investors respond to the passing of the budget deal in washington, d.c. >> to invoice falling off the fiscal cliff. so far the markets seem to be calm in pre-market trading. how it affects taxes and we'll
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have a live report. [ bell ringing ] now that trading has started. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> katie: i'm katie marzullo. we'll send you over to weather center and mike nicco with the cold forecast this morning. >> good morning to you. live doppler 7-hd. >> no radar returns, no clouds, hardly any wind out there. one of the reasons why it's so cold in morning. keep everything protected in the north bay until 9:00. same thick for the santa clara valley until 9:00 temperatures could be in the low 30s. spare the air, not only today but likely again tomorrow. so no burning of wood. let's talk about this afternoon. few high clouds, a lot of sunshine. coast and inland, low to mid 50s >> we've got a live shot back to hayward, breaking news, water
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main break. still about another 20 minutes from being fixed. it's still bubbling up at the intersection of jackson and santa clara. this is the exit ramp from 92 where it transitions into jackson. one lane getting by. westbound ramp to 92 is getting by just fine. no problems here. once again, before 7:00 is the estimated time before getting it capped and fixed. sig alert until n effect until then. here is traffic app, 92, winton to avoid this. 92 at 880 east of that is where the problem is happening. once again, winton would be the best. southbound 880 past fruitvale, first reports of a multi-car accident, blocking the right lane in the southbound direction. over towards the bub lynn area, san ramon, accident on the shoulder.
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you can see slow traffic in the westbound direction. breaking news, we continue to follow a wet mess in hayward as you heard sue mention. a water main break on 92 and that has resulted in a big problem. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. any new estimates there? >> i do. i just talked to the man who is trying to fix this. his dreams of opening this up by 7:00 has been dashed. you are going to be seeing water flowing out of the street like this for probably another hour. he isn't sure, but he says to get to the valve that he needs to get to, it's underneath newly paved street. it's a across the street from here. it's been newly paved over so he has some work to do. this is large water main, 12-inch pipe. they don't know why.
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they do know they have to get it shut off and having trouble getting it done. water is still flowing out of here. it looks like a fountain in the middle of the street here at jackson and santa clara. it's not causing as much flooding because as you see there is a drain right here that it is coming straight down in to. it hasn't crested over the curb. we are able to stay dry here as we cover it. the cars are still able to get through this intersection. they just have limited lanes they can use. if you are eastbound on 92 and you want to exit here at jackson you are down to one lane. cars are still getting through here, but something for you to be aware of. you want to choose a different exit if you can. northbound santa clara has been shut down. main problem is right here for traffic, it's not a terrible delay but something to be aware
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of. we'll be bringing you updates as we get them. no word yet this morning when president obama will sign it, but there is a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. the house passed the bill last night. as he tells us it leaves a lot to be desired. >> they finally got it done. congress ended the long drama over the fiscal cliff with house republicans rereluctant and thely passing the senate bill. >> i will sign the bill that raises taxes on wealthiest americans. >> for a time it appeared the bill was head forward defeat. >> i do not support the bill. >> house republicans did not want to raise taxes without significant cuts in government spending. >> there is no spending cuts. we're adding $4 billion a day to the debt.
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we feel like the senate bill failed. >> but republicans did not want to drag out the fight any longer and risk essentially taking the blame for massive tax hikes. >> what is the alternative? the alternative is $4 trillion of tax hikes to hit the american people. >> people earning less $400,000 shields them from tax increases and extends unemployment benefits. what it does not do is raise the debt ceiling. in two months the government will reach its limit on borrowing and not to mention the bill only delays large cuts to the pentagon and other government programs. >> so in march, we may see another round of fighting. president obama says he hopes congress can get a deal done with a little less drama. >> today is your last chance to visit the san francisco institution and best part, it is free. exploratorium has out grown its
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home. after today the exhibits will be packed up and moved to pier 15 on the embarcadero just right across from the abc7 studios. the exploratorium that opened in 1969 was one of first hands on science museums in the country. cardinals have won the rose bowl for the first time in 40 years. they beat the badgers and running back taylor scored two touchdowns. stanford ends the season at 12-2 and victory helps the mayor win a friendly wager with the mayor of madison, wisconsin. he will have to wear a stanford cap at an upcoming city council meeting for a day and planted a tree in honor of the cardinals. wow! >> today, san jose valley
6:36 am
christian high school band returns home after performing in the rose parade yesterday morning. they are the ones wearing blue. they made history marching with beijing's marching band wearing red. they performed as the east west fusion all-star band. they also performed at disneyland. traffic and weather are next on the morning news. let's take a live look outside. meteorologist mike nicco will have your full accu-weather forecast. sue hall is keeping an eye on traffic in our traffic center. >> a warning, for people going near the ocean after a walk on the beach ends in tragedy.
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welcome back. 6:40. temperatures, frosty and cold inland, a lot of 20s, 36 in antioch and san rafael. freezing cold temperatures. 31 at redwood city. 40 this oakland and 43 at half moon bay. a little bit of a breeze. couple degrees cooler than the actual temperature. for the next couple of days we will have partly cloudy conditions, mid to upper 50s thursday, up to 60 on friday before slightly cooler mid to upper 50s on saturday. >> back to breaking news in hayward. this water main break at jackson and santa clara, still ongoing, you can see they have coned off the water main break and still flooding. it look like a fountain in the middle of the street. amy hollyfield is on the scene. she says a bit of delay to get to the main to turn it off. another least another hour,
6:40 am
eastbound ramp down to one lane. westbound is getting through. cars are getting through this intersection but you might want to avoid it by taking the winten exit further traveling north on 92. past fruitvale, a multi-car accident and new accident on 37 around mare island. a man has been found dead after being swept into the ocean by a huge wave in marin county. the man and woman were walking their dog along point reyes yesterday afternoon. a massive wave hit them knocking the woman into the water. man pulled her out. the dog was swept in. when he tried to rescue the dog he was swept away. we followed the search by local authorities and coastguard crews. after nearly four hours they pulled the man's body from the water. healthy change for students
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ordering school lunches. >> also what led to the death of a paparazzi photographer who was trying to get pictures of justin beiber. >> and bulls are running on wall street. here is a live look. dow is up a whopping 231 points after the fiscal cliff was avoided. we'll go live
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welcome back. high temperatures, still a little bit comber than average with mainly mid-50s and low aod 50s at the coast. few high clouds.
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no matter where you are traveling. doppler radar is quiet. mid to upper 50s through the central valley out to the coast. it will be coolest up in the mountains, 38 in tahoe. 42 in yosemite. palm springs, san diego and ratt
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they never fail to amaze and all next on "good morning america." >> hannah gray, beautiful, i can't wait to hear her story. >> amen to that. iphone color may not be a black and white decision much longer. >> all eyes or wall street as investors react to the fiscal cliff deal.
6:47 am
let's go to jane king. >> reporter: big time is the right word. higher start. after monday's gaveest the biggest year end rally. let's look at the numbers. investors responding to the fiscal cliff deal but voids the more draconian automatic cuts a. gains, better than 200 points and bloomberg is up 3%. you know how iphones come in black and white. the next iphone may come out in a rainbow of colors. they say apple is going to offer the next iphone as many as eight different colors. it happened with the introduction will be called the iphone five app which will be launched between may and june. they will offer the ipad in more colors, as well.
6:48 am
i'm jane king. thank you. this morning, los angeles is saying no charges will likely be filed against a driver who hit and killed a photographer taking pictures of justin beiber's ferrari. he was pulled over for a traffic stop. paparazzi arrived and tried to get pictures but the photographer was hit by a car. move over, healthier school lunches are coming to san francisco next week. according to sources, a company called revolution foods will serve foods starting on monday. lumps are prepared by chefs using local ingredients. it's never frozen or fried and does not contain corn syrup. >>.
6:49 am
>> as we plunge into the cold morning temperatures. >> possibly tomorrow also. find interesting ways to stay warm besides burning wood. dutton avenue, nice, frost ted over. cooling off after a holiday season. 6:50 and live doppler 7-hd, quiet and picking up dry air. let's take a look at temperatures. how should you dress? how much cooler it is today than yesterday. 7 degrees cooler in livermore to about 2 in fremont. fremont is 39 one of the warm spots. you can see the cool spot, santa rosa, 27. fairfield and walnut creek and
6:50 am
dublin and pleasanton all about 27 degrees. as we head toward the monterey bay, a lot of 30s with gilroy the cool spot at 30 inland. frost through the morning hours. keep everything protected until 9:00. sunny this afternoon. slightly warmer for thursday and friday. system gets close enough to push some showers over the ocean but is as close as they are going to get. here we go, mid 50s just about everywhere. 55 in san jose, fremont and palo alto along with santa rosa. half moon bay, 55 and most of your neighborhoods along the coast will be in the low 50s. monterey bay, upper 50s. mid to upper 50s inland. floss at this inland from 20s and 30s. not as much frost around the bay. palo alto the only spot at about 32 degrees. blocking area of high pressure. jetstream is making a left-hand turn and heading straight up to the arctic circle. that is why there will be high clouds and sunshine but with the
6:51 am
locking pattern it will remain dry and warm up to near 60 on friday. next system draws near and puts more cloud cover and drops our temperatures a little bit for the weekend. once it passes we'll get more sunshine and run at 60 degrees for monday and tuesday. >> continuing coverage of this water main break at hayward and jackson street at santa clara. it's still spewing water so you can see they coned it off but another half an hour before they stop the water flow. eastbound ramp from 92 to jackson street is down to one lane. westbound getting by with no problems. this is a sig alert issued by the chp at the intersection of jackson street in hayward. the other problem is san mateo bridge, if you headed in the eastbound direction, no problems towards hayward and westbound is getting a little bit sluggish as you make your way over foster city. southbound at 880 fruitvale,
6:52 am
multi-car accident. very slow traffic past 23rd. speeds of about 20 miles an hour. very sluggish as you make your way out of oakland. you might want to consider 580 as alternate southbound. this is great traffic app, it's free. thanks a lot. still ahead. five things to know before you go. >> the morning
6:53 am
we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america." number one, breaking news a water main break in hayward is still causing headaches for drivers at jackson street and santa clara. it's been going on since 3:30. the water is still bubbling out. crews will have to dig under newly laid asphalt to turn off
6:54 am
the main. >> number two, it seems like it's freezing cold, mike nicco confirms it is. below freezing temperatures are showing up as frost covering parked cars and trucks in marin and sonoma counties. terry mcsweeney is in santa rosa where at fourth street and farmers lane shows 24 degrees. >> the country on the edge of the fiscal cliff. last night, house of representatives passed it and taxes will still go up for wealthy individuals and bush-era tax cuts will remain for everyone else. >> number four, the coosh water district board holds a hearing in concord to discuss a proposed rate increase. a hike up to 3.5% could be approved. it could add up to $2.27 a month for typical bill. >> number five, last day you can enjoy the science museum exploratorium at current
6:55 am
location. good news you can go for free today. exploratorium has out grown its home and moving to pier 15. >> let's get a final check of the accu-weather forecast. >> can we look at the tornado again? it is cold. dangerously cold. you can see the 20s, frost and along the peninsula shore down to the south bay. by the afternoon hours, remember spare the air today but also tomorrow. by 9:00 we'll start to get above those freezing temperatures. mostly sunny conditions inland and made to upper 50s around the bay. >> to recap this water main still slowing traffic at jackson street and santa clara. web 92 ramp is getting by fine. you can expect minor delays here. you way want to take winten
6:56 am
avenue exit. the other spot, waze app is an area around fruitvale. three cars involved. traffic backing completely toward 13.. you may want to consider 580. >> thank you for watching. morning news continues in 25 minutes. >> so be sure to stay tuned and we're at
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, a dramatic last-minute deal that saved the country from going over the fiscal cliff. taxes, still going up for three-quarters of americans. what the deal means for you, as a critical, new countdown begins right now. hillary's fight. the secretary of state remains hospitalized with that blood clot between her brain and her ear, she's now on blood thinners. doctors monitoring her every move. bill and chelsea by her side. the latest on her alarming condition. wall of fire. espn's hannah storm dealing with crisis after a fire at home with her family's gas grill. >> that's a terrible feeling. >> the explosion that left her with second-degree burns.


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