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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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faris. we begin with the wacky weather hitting much of the country. it's a topsy-turvy forecast. record lows in the southwest, balmy in the northeast. and in between, they're cleaning up from a batch of fierce storms. >> temperatures plummet in the state of california. farmers are pulling out all the stops to save their fruit. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: a dynamic weather pattern is causing bizarre conditions across the country. the los angeles area hit with a wintry blast over the weekend, sending temperatures into the 20s in some areas. >> it's freezing. it's freezing. >> it's cold. >> my toes are freezing. they gotta be blue right now. >> reporter: the freezing temperatures sent farmers scrambling to save citrus and delicate crops like strawberries. they pulled out all the stops.
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including haerts and wind machines. >> growers have been out monitoring their frost-protection equipment. you have $1.5 million sitting on a tree, there's reason to be nervous. >> reporter: there's some good news. prices at the supermarket are not expected to jump. as record lows hit the west, severe thunderstorms tore across louisiana to the great lakes. this church was destroyed by a 120-mile-an-hour tornado. >> this is january. you don't typically think about tornadoes and winds and stuff like that. >> reporter: roads turned icy click near chicago. while thick fog shrouded maine to the carolinas. fog blanketed washington, d.c., where they're rehearsing for next week's inauguration. the east coast is experiencing unseasonably warm weather. on sunday, people in philadelphia left their coats at home. in atlanta, fans wore shorts to the nfl playoff game. tahman bradley, abc news. >> shorts in january. well, drivers could have a tough time here in the northeast this morning. with dense fog bringing visibility down to less than a
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quarter mile. we'll check the forecast coming up in a few minutes. and one month to the day after the sandy hook elementary school massacre, that connecticut community is debating what to do with the school itself. the building has been closed since 26 people were killed there last month. hundreds of residents gathered at a public hearing about the school's future yesterday. they were equally divided between those who want the building torn down and those who say it should be renovated and reopened. vice president joe biden is a day away from delivering his gun control recommendations to the president. those recommend digs as are expected to be pretty significa significant. they will include universal background checks. a limit on how many bullets a weapon can hold and a ban on assault weapons. several lawmakers and the nra say it has no chance of becoming law. critical meetings this week on capitol hill for former senator chuck hagel.
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he's come under fire for his remarks about iran and israel in the past. he'll sit down with leading democrat chuck schumer of new york, among others, starting today. hagel got a resounding endorsement yesterday from former secretary of state colin powell. we learned overnight that u.s. forces played a role in a failed rescue attempt in somalia last week. u.s. air ships did enter restricted air space briefly but did not use weapon. the hostage was apparently killed in the raid. beijing is shrouded in a toxic fog this morning. as air pollution continues to soar off the charts. schools have canceled outdoor activities. hospitals are getting flooded with patients with breathing problems. children and the elderly are being warned to stay indoors. the smog being blamed on rapid
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economic growth and a surge in car ownership. and here at home, a scary situation for hundreds of patients treated at a veterans administration hospital in upstate new york. people may have been exposed to hiv or two types of hepatitis. it is linked to an accidental reuse of insulin pens. and now to worries about the flu epidemic. the virus is widespread in 47 states with new york and massachusetts declaring a public health emergency. california is 1 of 3 states where the outbreak is not considered widespread. emergency rooms are reporting a spike in cases involving respiratory problems. dls say everyone should get a flu shot. that's not always easy. the vaccine is in short supply in some areas. particularly for younger children. a jetblue plane returned to new york airport after a bird
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strike sunday. the plane had just taken off for the bahama whence the accident happened. it was the second time in just two days that a jetblue plane was forced to turn around. saturday, a flight returned because of a bird strike. well, it was party time in hollywood last night. as the golden globes were handed out. and this morning, people are talking about girl power. the hbo series, "girls" and the star, lena dunham picked up awards. tina fey and amy poehler are scoring plenty of good reviews for their co-hosting duties. jodie foster drew laughs and tears for her emotional acceptance speech talking about coming out. we'll have a complete golden globes wrap-up a little later. >> fascinating speech by jodie foster last night on a couple of levels. she talked about a lot of things in her life. always a fun party at the globes. time for a look at weather across the country. as we start another workweek. a frigid morning from l.a. to
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vegas and phoenix. we don't say that a lot. snow showers in the central and northern rockies. light rain from seattle to portland. heavy rain from louisiana to the carolinas. up to 20 degrees warmer than normal here in the northeast. >> yes. 57 here in new york. 60 in baltimore. mostly 20s across the midwest. a biting minus 2 in fargo. ouch. teens in the rockies. and coming up next after the break, back to the future, as a detroit muscle car returns with a roar. we'll show you the new corvette. then, crucial information for computer users. there's now a fix for a serious security flaw. and a blockbuster deal in the works for britney spears. what she's planning to do now for more than $100 million. ♪ they watching us ♪ they watching us ♪ everybody in the club all eyes on us ♪ eyes on us ♪
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welcome back, everyone. the corvette stingray is coming back. chevrolet is showing off its seventh generation corvette at this week's detroit auto show. general motors calls it a milestone on the road back from bankruptcy and bailout. the original corvette was introduced 60 years ago this week. this is the first to use the stingray name in 40 years. it goes on sale this summer. >> always been a beautiful car. love the corvette. the bad news nor the 787 dreamliner just keeps coming. there was another fuel leak on the jet that had a problem in
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boston last week. japan airlines has pulled that plane from service. other problems on other dreamliners include a fire and a cracked windshield. the faa plans a wide-ranging safety review of the boeing 787. the competition is taking a bite out of apple. the company reportedly is cutting its orders for parts for the iphone 5 because of week demand for the smartphone. apple's shares are slowing and samsung's shares are growing. there's a security fix for java. that prompted a warning from homeland security. the patch is available on the oracle website or your computer's java control panel. some experts say it's not enough. more than 850 million personal computers use java. both windows and macintosh. and "zero dark thirty" raided movie theaters this weekend. this was the first weekend in wide release for the controversial drama about the osama bin laden raid. it hunted down the top spot with $24 million.
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"a haunted house" came in second with $19 million. and "gangster squad" took in $17 million. when we come back, off the bike and into the hot seat. lance armstrong sits down with oprah to fess up. and the golden globe moment that had everybody talking this morning, from bill clinton's special appearance to jodie foster's speech, straight from the heart. before copd...
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now for a look at morning road conditions. a wet ride from seattle to portland. slick at times in parts of the northern and central rockies. rain drenches highways from louisiana to birmingham and into nashville and the carolinas. airport delays possible in new orleans, atlanta, d.c., philly, boston and new york. turning back to the news. hollywood was all about red and gold last night. >> superstars walked on the red carpet on their way into the golden globes. oscar's looser, more liquored up cousin was a chance to honor the best of movies and tv. the 70th golden globes had their share of surprises. snubs, and solid favorites. when it came to best music or comedy film -- >> and the golden globe goes to -- "les miserables." >> reporter: "les miserables"
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cleaned up. >> it's the mt. everest of film making. they're crazy enough to do it. crazy enough to give us a go at it. i think tom hooper and the gang have redefined the movie musical. to just be part of that is unbelievable. >> reporter: and for television drama -- >> and the golden globe goes to -- damian lewis. >> reporter: and "homeland" stars damien lewis and claire danes walked off with aw5rds for their acting. there were plenty of split decisions. former president bill clinton made an appearance to introduce the film. >> wow. what an exciting special guest. that was hillary clinton's husband. oh, my gosh. that was exciting. >> reporter: "lincoln" lost out to "argo," as best drama, which also netted ben affleck a directing award. >> we got nominated for seven oscars including best picture, i was thrilled. if you can't be happy with that,
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your prospects for long-term happiness are probably pretty dim. >> reporter: and adele was on hand to pick up an award for best them from the movie "skyfall." >> oh, my god. i would like the thank the hollywood foreign press. i never thought i would say that. >> reporter: but the buzziest moment of the night belonged to jodie foster. she delivered a free-wheeling speech about coming out. >> i already did my coming out back in the stone age. those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends, family, coworkers, and then gradually proudly to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met. now, i'm told, every celebrity is expected to honor the details of their private life. with a press conference, a fragrance, and a primetime reality show. >> reporter: tina fey and amy poehler are earning high marks
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for their hosting. >> good night. we're going home with jodie foster. >> so good. >> a wish oscars would loosen up. it might be a better show. we'll have more moments from backstage at the globes coming up live from l.a. on "good morning america." and now, we have an amazing rescue from new york's finest. the police were apparently chasing a suspect when he ran right into the path of an oncoming cab, which then ran him over. the cops then literally lifted the taxi up and swung it away from the victim pinned underneath. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. lance armstrong is apparently ready to speak about the doping scandal that got him stripped of his seven tour de france titles. he sits down today for an interview with oprah winfrey. he said he would answer questions directly, honestly and candidly. a source says he'll apologize
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and make a limited confession to using performance-enhancing drugs. the nhl season is set to start on saturday. meanwhile, the nfl's final four is set. as we hear from espn. cassidy hubbarth here with your "sportscenter" update. it was another thriller in the nfl divisional round. the falcons hosting the seahawks. 34 seconds to go. marshawn lynch, up the middle and in. seattle up, 28-27. matt ryan hits tony gonzalez over the middle for 19 yards at the seattle 31. atlanta calls their final time-out. matt bryant trying a 49-yard field goal. and it's good. and matty ice and gonzalez get their first career playoff wins as the falcons beat the seahawks to advance to play the 49ers in the nfc championship game. tom brady and the patriots hosting the texans. first quarter, pats down, 3-0,
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from their own 22. brady, goes deep down the sideline for rob gronkowski. he makes the catch out of bounds. and gronk comes up grimacing. he comes down on the injured forearm. he would not return. gronkowski, done for the post season after rebreaking his arm. early third, pats up, 17-13. ridley up the middle for the eight-yard score. pats on top, 24-13. early fourth, 31-13, pats. brady to shane vereen. 1 of 2 tds for vereen on the day. patriots win, 41-28. they face the ravens in the afc championship game. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm cassidy hubbarth. have a great morning. word that britney spears is about to close deal worth a cool $100 million. and looking like a million bucks on the red carpet. the best fashions at the golden globes. red carpet. the best fashions at the golden globes.
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♪ tonight and as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ that's just a taste of justin timberlake's latest creation. as we check "the pulse" this monday morning. >> that's right. j.t.'s returned to his old love, music. his new single, featuring jay-z, was released overnight on itunes. it's called "suit & tie." it's the first new song for him since 2006. >> the singer turned actor turned singer again posted a message to his website. saying the inspiration just came out of the blue. the album drops later this year. a megadeal is brewing for britney spears. we learned that the pop star is now in talks to headline her own show in las vegas. >> it's set to be a blockbuster deal, even topping the more than $100 million a year that celine
4:23 am
dion brings in. >> a huge deal for britney. wow. all right. win or lose, the red carpet is always the talk of the town. last night's golden globes did not disappoint. >> jennifer lawrence, anne hathaway, and sofia vergara looked like old hollywood. lawrence was just stunning in a bright red dior. hathaway's simple but classic white chanel was a fan favorite. and vergara wowed the crowd with this knockout black sequined gown. >> i'm always wowed by sofia. on the edgier side, we have jennifer lopez, halle berry and lucy liu. a fitted ivory lace number for lopez. berry was a head-turner supporting a print versace. >> i loved all of them. >> so do i. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us.
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>> live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news,. >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. a chili start to -- a chilly stt to the week. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to monday morning. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry the air mass is. no rain in the forecast again for the next several days. it is freezing cold in redwood city, concord, and santa rosa. we have 30 in los gatos. it is not as cold as yesterday because we have wind. they are gusting to 20 at san jose. they are around six in concord. three in napa. that is all it takes to keep us warmer than yesterday. by the afternoon hours, sunshine and temperatures in the 40's along the coast and the rest of us in the low 50's. >> happy monday, everyone. it is very quiet on the roads at
4:28 am
4:28 in the morning. we have 87 in san jose with just a few headlights moving past the h.p. pavilion. golden gate bridge is wide open with three lanes four lanes when the commute is underway. northbound alameda ramp to southbound 880 is closed until 7:00 this morning. in san jose, south 880 at coleman, we have road work. ought bay area starts under severe cold snap that has been here for years gripping the region. amy, can you show us what folks are waking up to? >> good morning, we are in downtown livermore. we found a temperature at 32 degrees. still freezing. warming up compared to the past few days. in this weather, bursting pipes is a reality.
4:29 am
look at this woman in walnut creek experienced it. the pipes on the roof ruptured in the cold flooding the roof and her yard. her son has been trying to repair it. companies that repair heaters have been very busy. they are getting six to 12 calls a day. >> we are receiving from 6 to 12 call as day. six we can generally help out in a couple of days. 12...that is impossible. >> frosty cars and other hassle hassles. it is warming up. we feel a breeze out here. that helps the temperature climb up. that is why we are sitting at 32 and not colder. the breeze makes it feel colder. i am not loving the breeze. it was better when it was still. that could explain why it is kauai net downtn


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