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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 17, 2013 1:05am-1:40am PST

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>> just gorgeous. "secret brazil" airs sunday, january 20th on nat geo wild. "good morning america" will have the latest on the strange story of the notre dame football player and his fake online girlfriend. we're always online at good night, america. alright let's break it down.
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and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. the pain was real. the grief was real. the affection was real. that's the nature of this sad, cruel game. >> a national college football star and the tragic story of his girlfriend's death. but to fight it is clear she is not dead. 234* fact, she doesn't even exist. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. tonight there are questions about what quarterback teo knew about the hoax and when. leslie brinkley is here now with the latest for us. >> the one thing that is certain is the girlfriend never existed. the question is now was he behind the hoax or a vehicle
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tim of the hoax. here are both sides of this bewildering story. notre dame's star line backer endured the death of his grandmother and then his girlfriend within six hours of each other last september. he says he met his girlfriend after the 2009 stanford football game. the on-line relationship included her involvement in a serious car accident and then her death. >> the love of my life. the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> he then lead the irish to a series of stunning victories propelled by his success and his inspirational story. he was a finalist for the heisman trophy as he president co-ed to grieve publicly for his girlfriend. >> my brother called me and was crying and crying and crying. that's when i knew, but i was still in denial. >> but now the website dead president ares the girlfriend never existed. it showed that there was no accident report or death
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certificate and no record of her enrollment in stanford. her on-line photos belong to a 22-year-old california woman who claims to have never met the football star. the article alleges that teo was in on it, and with the help of a friend perpetrated the death with publicity in mind. >> he teo was the victim of this scam. >> reporter: the football director said someone using the fictitious name ingratiated herself with manti and then conspired to lead him to believe she tragically diede. with lieu keep wraw. >> all that comes through is a casual cruelty. they are enjoying the joke. >> it raises the question of catfishing, a fake on-line persona designed to de seif a love struck victim as on a show called "catfish." it cast the line backer in a questionable light for the upcoming nfl draft. >> right now this young
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athlete is in a precarious position for his future because they look at him as a fool or fraud. if he turns out to be stupid and gullible there will be a lot of forgiveness for him. >> the athletic director broke down as he described tea. >> the single most trusting human being i ever met, and he will never be able to trust again the same way in his life. that's an incredible tragedy. >> teo is a devout mormon. he says if anything good comes out of this, it is that others will be more guarded and more cautious when they interact with people on-line than he was. it is quite a story. dan and carolyn? >> it is hard to believe. >> it is. sports director larry beil is here. they used the word fraud or fool. that's what people are wondering. how could you fall for something like this? >> i have no idea. this is one of the most bizarre stories we have ever covered. it does have everybody wondering, was teo the victim of a hoax, or was he the guy who created it?
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i grew up in hawaii and talked to a bunch of friends. some know manti and here is what they told me. manti is a deeply religious young man and committed to his faith. he is not the type of guy who would orchestrate a scheme like this or be involved in it in anyway. i am told teo's father started to get suspicious about this girlfriend business because every time the family tried to set up a meeting with her, the girl would make excuses, and then she wouldn't show up. if teo is guilty of anything, maybe it is that he was extremely naive. i know some of the crit -- critics think it was a hoax concocted to generate publicity for manti and a heisman, but keep in mind the whole girlfriend fake death occurred in september. that's long before anybody imagined notre dame going undefeated or playing for the and nobody envisioned teo as a heisman contender at that point. it wasn't on the radar. so there doesn't seem to be much motive. teo is in florida you and working out in preparation for
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the nfl draft. it is completely unclear how all of this will affect his draft spot. but it gets nuttier because there is another football player in hawaii who says henowd that she does exist. >> oh for pete's sake, really? but nobody knows who she -- where she is. moving on, president obama is asking for the nation's help. he has proposed sweeping reforms to the nation's gun control laws and he wants congress to act. they say they want americans to apply pressure to lawmakers. >> ask what is more important, doing whatever it takes to get an a-grade from the gun lobby that funds their campaigns or giving parents some peace of mind when they drop their child off for first grade. >> here are a few of the president's proposed measures that need awful pro. required background checks for
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all gun sales even gun shows, a ban of military-assault-style weapons and magazines. there are things such as improving the standards for background checks and adding public school security and funding mental health care. >> while the debate starts to rage in washington tonight, just the fear that some weapons will be banned is spurring gun sales across the bay area and the country. there is even talk of a gun and ammo shortage. alan wang visited a gun store where weapons are literally flying off the shelves. >> the gun shop has seen a 300% jump in sales since the sandy hook tragedy. since the call for tighter gun control they expected the man to continue. >> this is california legal ar-15. >> it sells for $1,000 to $2,000, and it is probably the most sought after weapon in
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the country. but this one is owned by an employee, and it is not for sale. >> every gun store in the bay area say they have been sold out of the ar15 for more than a month. but the calls still keep coming in. more than a dozen calls a day at this store alone. >> if we had one it would be gone in one minute. >> he recently bought a 357 revolverr because he fears the government will take away his right to own a gun. >> you can make concessions with the second amendment and it keeps going downhill from there. i think people are scared and reacting to the m and and reacting to all of these shootings. personally i think they are overreacting. >> ammunition is more difficult to come by. >> i used to be able to get 50 shots for 15 bucks, and now it is almost to 40 a box. >> it has been too much of a good thing. now many manufacturers are out of stock and deliveries are six months to a year out. >> pretty soon we won't have
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much to sell at all. what will we have for overhead and employees and staff? >> in south san francisco, alan wang, abc7 news. the chill is easing ever so slightly. spencer christian is here with a look, and what we can expect for tomorrow? >> ever so slightly is the expression. let's take a look and there are no clouds around. it will be another chilly night. cold in some spots. lows dropping to 30 in santa rosa and vallejo. 31 in livermore and napa. that's not as cold as it was the last few nights. it is getting less cold. we have another spare the air day. air quality will be poor. inland east bay and parts of the north bay, but it will be just moderate in otherlocations. the complete accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. >> see you then. police are looking for a 17-year-old girl missing since last friday. her name is morgan stanton. she was last seen leaving foothill high school.
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morgan is 5 feet tall and 95 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. police believe she may have been headed to livermore. we don't have anymore information as to whether they suspect she could be a run away. new at 11:00, there are reports that several americans have been taken captive in algeria. a heavily-armed military group kidnapped them in a bp oil field. earlier reports said three americans were being held hostage, but the militants have seven americans and 41 people overall. french media reports the hostages are being held in one wing of the facility tied up with the power turned off. the militants have rigged explosives to the site. algerian soldiers tried to storm the facility, but they were turned back by the militants. new at 11:00, air india grounded its fleet of boeing 787's. this follows an emergency safety order that grounded the dreamliner over concerns over the lithium batteries.
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there was a jet grounded at l.a.x. it applies to united because it is the only airline with 787's in its fleet. an emergency landing in western japan convinced japan's two largest airlines to ground their dreamliners, and as a result tokyo-pound -- tokyo-bound passengers hillary schedule their flights. boeing stock dropped 2% in after hour trading. chasing mavericks. the contest is set, but when will the waves arrive? >> and from the high wire to the unemployment line. cirque de soleil is making some changes. >> and the world's first moisturizing moisturizing genes. what they do and how much they cost. >> also on jimmy kimmle live. >> tonight music from philips and rey romano is
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here, right? ray? >> i am here and you are there. >> we are both here. >> i am here and you are there. easy. >> he got that. "jimmy kimmle
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for the first time in two years the internationally renouned surf contest the mavericks in vaw stational will -- invitational will take place this sunday. there are monster waves and it will bring 200 surfers from around the world here to compete. ama dates is at half moon beach with a preview. >> carolyn, there is a storm a brewing, and it is exactly what the world's best surfers have been waiting for. joy when the watch -- >> when the waves hit the reef out there it will explode. >> he is the man behind the mavericks invitational, it is big wave surf contest this sunday. his team has been watching the waves and says a far away storm is bringing ideal conditions. jay this swell first came on the -- >> this swell first came on to the radar five days ago, and it was computer projections. after three days it finally made its first impression in
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the ocean. >> as the pro surfers from as far away as bra sill and hawaii zap bell to get here in time -- scramble to get here in time. restaurants are calling on employees to help with the weekend tri-fecta. >> they are expecting perfect waves and perfect weather. it is a three-day holiday weekend so we will already be busy. the 49ers are playing, so we plan to have the 49er game on and the contest on and we open at 8:00 a.m. >> for locals, mavericks is a source of pride. >> it is awesome to see the international surf community to come to our town. we love hosting that. >> spectators will not be allowed to watch the surfing from the beach. instead the maveric al will be held at the oceano hotel and spa. there will be a jumbo tron and scoring and play by play. the award ceremony will be there as well so you can meet the surfers who dared to ride northern california's world class waves. >> mavericks produces big waveses more than any other big wave ven
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world. the world. for consistency and just raw power, it has emerged as the best big wave surf spot in the world. >> the waists -- the waves will arrive on saturday with the bigger 30-40-foot waves coming on sunday. in half moon bay, ama dates, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new at 11:00, the abstract circus troop cirque de soleil is trying to balance its budget. they blame increase production costs and travel expenses. they have 19 productions on the road worldwide. cirque de soleil is also working on a new michael jackson-themed show in las vegas that will open in may. most of the layoffs will be employees who work at the montreal headquarters. you may have seen the -- >> pardon me, dan. you may have seen gloves or socks designed to make your skin softer. now wrangler is introducing moisturizing jeans. they are calling it spa denim. wrangler claims that legs will feel softer for up to 15 days
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after wearing them for the first time. they will run about 140 a pair and will be available on-line at the end of the month. >> sorry about that. that was the most bizarre concept. we'll see. >> exactly. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> spencer christian is here. >> i would like thermal jeans tonight. it is chilly, but not as cold as last night. we have some clouds and precipitation, but temperatures are dropping once again. we have readings of 33 in fairfield, 38 in napa and 36 in novato and 34 in santa rosa. you can see north bay is getting cold. certain parts of the east bay as well. mid30s in concord and livermore. it will be a very chilly overnight period. so these are the forecast features, clear and chilly again. a spare the air day again tomorrow. we had one today and the air quality continues to decline. we will see milder weather through sunday. that's good news. need to mention that we have a beach hazard statement from the n we weather service
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from friday afternoon to saturday morning for our west facing beaches including north bay coast, peninsula coast and monterey bay. they will see 8-10 foot waves and occasional sets to 20 feet. sneaker waves are possible. so bear that in mind if you will be along the coastline. how cold will it be tomorrow morning? early just before sunrise, look for lows down around 30 degrees at santa rosa and vallejo and concord and 31 in livermore and 28 the expected low at fairfield. we will see numerous locations around the the bay shoreline with lows in the mid30s. cold once again, but getting gradually milder. and once again worth meptioning the air quality is declining. spare the air day for the second day. we expect poor air quality in the inland east bay, the north bay, the coast and central bay. moderate air quality over the remainder of the bay area. now, our pacific satellite image shows the high pressure building in and deflecting the jet stream. no disturbances headed our
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way, just a string of sunny days and a warming trend. tomorrows highs in the south bay, low to mid60s. 63 in campbell and los gatos. 60s in redwood city and menlo park, 61 palo alto, 62 in loss altos. upper 50s to low 60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 58 tomorrow. also 58 in the sunset district. up in the north bay we will see highs in the low 60s at sonoma and calistoga and 64 at ukiah. near the east look for highs of 60 at berkeley and 62 at oakland and 61 at fremont. it is a little it is a , but milder than today. highs in the upper 50s. 58 at dublin and walnut creek. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. by friday we will see inland highs in the low 60s and also low 60s on the coast and mid60s around the bay. that pattern will hold through we cooler weatherl get
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monday, tuesday and wednesday. we have a string of lovely days coming our way. as the daytime weather gets warmer, the nighttime will become less cold. >> thank you, spencer. >> we'll take it. time now for sports. >> larry beil is here now and warriors in town. >> sellout crowd. did not get to see what they wanted though. unless you are a lebron james fan. champs come to citadel. lebron james o [ fingers tapping ]
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the defending champions from miami came to town. the warriors without curry who eke tweaked his ankle at practice. it is not serious. it was a record-setting night for lebron james. the warriors missed him badly. he started the game off nicely and corner of three. and jarod jack started with 15 points. 12-10 warrior lead. they would not lead again. dwyane wade benched in the fourth quarter and playing with passion and knocked down at 15 points. lebron in the passing lane and
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going coast to coast. with authority. second quarter and miami up 10. lebron toying with green, pull up jumper to give him 17 points a couple possessions later. james at 28 is the youngest player in nba history to score 20,000 career points. blowout city. chris bosh, 60-38 miami. and then in transition the alley and lebron and the oops. 10 assists and 7 bounds and bosh for three as the heat pay back golden state for the win in miami last month. 92-75. it wasn't really that close. who says jim harbaugh does president like the media? countdown to the nfc title game he compared the niners to california sports writer of the year. >> we feel good about what we have accomplished, but it does president change what we need to to accomplish.
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it is like tim winning the california sports writer of the year award. it is a nice award. you put it up on your wall. it says something nice about tim, but it doesn't affect what he has to do next, right? >> it is about time somebody said something nice about tim. chip kelly the new head coach of the eagles. surprising turn around because kelly initially turned down the eagles and went back to oregon and then changed his mind again. his read option and uptempo offense was used. the bears hired mark trestman to be their new head coach. he is leaves the allouettes where he won two title. they love him in canada. we used to be next door neighbors and as good a coach he is, he is an person. person. and the saint maries-byu game. finals byu up in the seconds and have no fear, matthew is here for three. good night, drive home
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weather. tomorrow morning it will be a chilly start to the day. tomorrow will be another spare the air day. poor air quality. sunrise at 7:23 and temperatures on the cold side ranging from 28 to 42 in san francisco. by 8:00 tomorrow morning the temperature range will be 35-48. still chilly, but above freezing at least. dan and carolyn? >> thanks, spencer. dunkin donuts is coming back to california. >> the owner wants to build 1,000 shops in the state starting with southern california in 2015. >> the donut chain started pulling out in the late 1990s, but the ceo recently had a changing of heart. >> the announcement sent consumers into spasms of elation on twitter. dunkin donut coming back. >> "jimmy kimmle live" starts in a few minutes. >> rey romano and singer philip philips. >> here is a sneak peek. >> there is always a group of
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people for whatever reason are too paranoid to get a flu shot even though half of the people had between one and 80 tatto 80 people people say i do not trust the doctors to tell me the flu shot is safe and effective and can save my life and the life of others, but i trust the guy with the nose ring to inject me repeatedly with ink. >> good point. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate it see youhkjañ;ú
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>> oh, the zoom out! >> i'll show you some things. >> i'll show you a couple things, willis. >> don't make enemies with willis. behind that camera. up next, the unusual shortage in california. they need more children. >> they need more children. >> more children? >> they need more kids. and later, an amazing look at how some of the heroes in our communities do their jobs. an inside look at the dangers that face firefighters every day, coming up on "world news now." ♪ i


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