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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 19, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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it is a very, very busy news morning. including two stories from the world of sports. lance armstrong finally showing some emotion. and the first interview with manti te'o. jeremy schaap, with our partner network, espn, speaking with te'o overnight, about his fake girlfriend. te'o admits to telling lies. but was he in on the hoax? >> a very candid, 2 1/2-hour interview. also this morning, new developments in the racy scandal involving a zumba dance teacher and the prostitution ring she allegedly ran that rocked a small town in maine. we'll hear from the accused woman's business partner just days before it goes to court. >> it did rock that small town in maine. check out this video. it's a firefighter climbing a ladder to rescue a child in a burning building. look what happens right there. a chunk of snow knocks him off the ladder. we're going to show you what happened next. it was extraordinary. we're going to start with the breaking news on the
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harrowing hostage situation in the african desert. this morning, we have more information about an american killed by the islamic militants. and we know several other americans are in danger right now. abc's investigative correspondent, brian ross, has been covering this from the jump. he's with us, now, with more. brian, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the death toll continues to climb with at least 1 american and 11 other hostages reported to have been killed. the algerian military has twice stormed the natural gas facility. but authorities say the situation this morning, is still not resolved. and a number of western workers, including americans, apparently remain hostages. the state department has now confirmed that 58-year-old fred buttaccio of suburban houston, was killed at some point during the attack and subsequent rescue effort. but another american, mark cobb of corpus christi, texas, is now confirmed as safe. cobb was the senior manager at the bp facility algeria. and sent a message saying, i'm
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alive. the al qaeda-linked group claims the attack on the facility in the african desert, had been planned for some two months. in both assault, the algerian army, using tanks and helicopters, found the terrorists were heavily armed and prepared to fight to the death. one official described the aftermath as carnage. hostages who escaped or were freed, said the terrorists only wanted westerners or americans, and were brutal in the treatment of some. >> it happened so fast. >> we were lucky that we are still alive and everything is good. >> reporter: another worker said he escaped as the terrorists tried to drive them to another location. and the algerian army opened fire on the convoy. american officials had urged the algerians to go slow, out of concern for the safety of the hostages. >> they didn't let the terrorists dig in. they didn't negotiate. they moved quickly. >> reporter: the attack has led the u.s. and its allies to marshal resources, to track down the alleged mastermind, this man, mokhtar belmokhtar, who operates from a safe haven in
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the northern part of mali, 1,000 miles away. french military aircraft were already active here, even before the algerian attack. according to abc news correspondent, bazi kanani in the capital. >> there's much relief here in southern mali, now that more international help is coming in to fight the jihadists trying to take over the country. one of the first targets for the french warplanes that arrived a week ago, was the headquarters of the leader of the terror group involved in the algerian hostage crisis. the u.s. has said it won't send troops into mali. but it is sharing intelligence with france. and by monday, the u.s. air force will be helping to fly in french troops and equipment. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they will now work with the french and others to make sure belmokhtar pays a price. >> those who would wantonly attack our country and our people, will have no place to hide. >> reporter: details about exactly what is happening this morning at the facility remains very sketchy. not only to reporters who are
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being kept about 20 miles away. but also to government officials in washington, london and paris, who urge algerians to make the safety of the hostages their first priority. >> wonder if there's tensions between the american government and the algerian military this morning. brian, thank you very much for your reporting. we appreciate it. >> there remains an information vacuum. brian, thanks. we turn, now, to night two of lance armstrong's public confession to years of cheating, doping and lying to the whole world about it. armstrong began to break down when he talked about his family. abc's neal karlinsky has been all over this story from the very beginning and joins us with more. and, neal, in many ways, this seemed to be the more compelling of the two interviews. >> reporter: it certainly was. good morning, bianna. over the course of two nights there was plenty of evidence that armstrong's ability to lie is almost certainly still on display. but there was one moment when the person behind the attitude and the image broke through.
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>> incredible. unbelievable. >> reporter: when you peel away all the lies, the cheating, the cover-ups and bullying, lance armstrong is also a father. and that side to this complicated and deeply-flawed man revealed the betrayal to his family. >> when this all really started, i saw my son defending me and saying, that's not true. what you're saying about my dad is not true. i told luke, i said -- i said, don't defend me anymore. >> reporter: it was a painful glimpse into a man who apologized repeatedly for his big lie. and yet, somehow feels that his lifetime sporting ban is unfair. never mind the fact that he ignored fair play at every turn. >> i deserve to be punished.
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i'm not sure that i deserve a death penalty. if you're asking me, do i want to compete again? and answer is, hell, yeah. i'm a competitor. it's what i've done my whole life. i love to train. i love to race. i love to tow the line. >> reporter: armstrong told oprah he's now in therapy and that he sees how, in his words, sick his actions sometimes were. >> this is heavy. and this is messy. and this is not something that i can sit with you and leave and go, okay. we're all good. >> reporter: and it isn't just some old version of himself. that arrogant twitter photo, boasting of his tour wins, even after he had been stripped, was just two months ago. >> that was more defiance. >> more defiance. >> you know what's scary, i actually thought it was a good idea. >> reporter: he acknowledged that his ex-wife, kristen, knew of his cheating. and encouraged not only to stop but to come clean. he never did, until he lost
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everything, and was backed into a corner. >> will you rise again? >> i don't know. i do not know the outcome here. >> reporter: so, what now? well, we know he is sporadically in therapy, he says. he's in hawaii where he continues to train and play golf. there are reports this morning that a movie deal about his epic fall is now in the works. quite a story, dan and bianna. >> apparently j.j. abrams looking into making that movie. thank you, neal karlinsky, who has been covering this story for years. with us, now, one of lance armstrong's former teammates and friends, tyler hamilton, who himself has admitted doping. he wrote a book about it, called "the secret race." tyler, good morning. thank you for coming in. we really appreciate it. you saw lance get emotional in that interview. do you buy it? >> it's a first step. it's a first step. he's coming clean. he's telling the story that he has taken performance-enhancing drugs. >> do you think it was genuine emotion that we saw?
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>> i think so. it's new for him. it's a new process. i went through the same process on a much smaller scale. you know, it's going to get easier for him. i think he's going to open up even much more. you know, i think we saw a lot of the truths. maybe not the whole truth. >> telling his son to stop defending him now. 13-year-old son. was that real emotion? you've known him for so many years. as a parent, was he telling the truth? >> the one thing, and i think a lot of his exteammates said yesterday, for me and guys like frankie andreu, we've never seen lance -- i've never seen him shed a tear in my life, until last night. shown very little emotion. before i heard one word on thursday night from him, i could tell he was a broken man. >> really, really interesting, that perspective you provide there. he specifically brought you up last night and said you were one of the many people he needs to
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apologize to. he has attacked you for writing the book. and he said you were greedy and just doing it for the money. are you ready for that apology? will you accept it? >> i don't need an apology from lance. i'm in a good place in my life. i've moved forward. i'm no longer angry at lance. you know, i moved on from that. i'd rather he spend the time with his children or with betsy andreau, or emma o'reilly. these are the people he destroyed. they're still suffering today. i feel lucky and fortunate i moved on from this. it's a tragic story. i'm sorry that i was involved in all this. yeah. it's not nice to see all this. >> and he's admitted to a lot of things these past two days. but one thing he's adamant about, he came back in 2009, a clean man. do you buy that? many people don't. >> i can't really be the judge of that. the jury's still out on that one. but again, the important thing is he's started this process.
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he's opened up. he said all seven tours, he took performance-enhancing drugs. the question is, where does he go from this? he needs to go and name names. he needs to come fully clean and tell travis and usada, where the bodies are buried. >> we have a couple seconds left. let me quick you ask you, he said he should be allowed to compete again. do you agree? >> i agree only if he comes 110% clean. open all up. tell all of the names, from day one when he started doping, who provided it, when, where, and how, all the way to the end. >> tyler, thank you very much. >> thank you. that must be some sense of closure for you. >> a little bit. it's hard to see lance going through this. i don't like to see anybody suffer like that. >> a man who was there with lance armstrong. up close and personal for many years. tyler, thank you very your time. >> great to see tyler move on
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with his life, as well. >> indeed. and ron claiborne here with the other stories this morning. >> a compelling story there. good morning to you, bianna and dan. good morning, everybody. we are halfway through the flu season. it appears the worst may be over in most states. federal health officials say this year is more severe than average. and the elderly have been particularly hard-hit with a spike in hospitalizations in recent weeks. the flu is still widespread in all states, except tennessee and hawaii. but new cases are easing over most of the country, except for the far west. and lawmakers in washington appear to be on track to avoid another standoff on the nation's debt ceiling. at least for now. top republicans backed down from their hard line stance and say they will vote next week to raise the government's borrowing limit for another three months, without demanding immediate spending cuts. they are hoping the move will force senate democrats to get involved in the deficit reduction debate by passing a budget by april. and former new orleans mayor, ray nagin, who promised to crack down on corruption, has
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been indicted on corruption charges. nagin is facing 21 counts, including wire fraud, bribery and money laundering. abc's mark greenblatt has this story. >> reporter: indicted for corruption. the one-time former rock star mayor of new orleans, stands caused of becoming exactly what he campaigned against. >> this state and this city, is saying to the old-line politicos we're tired of the games. we're tired of the corruption. and we want to go in a new direction. >> reporter: it's a striking fall from grace for ray nagin, as the justice department now charges him with awarding lucrative city contracts in exchange for kickbacks and trips to vacation hot spots like hawaii, jamaica and las vegas. he's accused of pocketing more than $200,000 in bribes. and the indictment even charges nagin with trying to pocket cash for himself, as the city struggled to recover from hurricane katrina. ? one case, nagin awarded a $1 million contract to repair sidewalks. and the very next day, the
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winning business allegedly paid a nagin family member a $10,000 kickback. just one of the many allegations now lodged against the man famous for criticizing the federal response to the storm. >> get off your. and let's do something. and fix the biggest crisis in the history of this country. >> reporter: now, it's the federal government that may have the last say with the former two-term mayor of new orleans. mark greenblatt, abc news, new york. it could be several weeks more before we get the autopsy results for the chicago lottery winner who was fatally poisoned with cyanide. the body of urooj khan was exhumed on friday, to help solve the mystery around his death. he died in july right before collecting his winnings. police have not named a suspect. and those controversial full-body scanners at airports, may soon be removed. the tsa say the scanners, which show a revealing image of a passenger's body, will be gone by this coming june. the company that makes them could not come up with a way to protect people's privacy, as
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required by a new law. a second type of full-body scanner that does not produce the vivid images will still be in airports. and finally, an amazing rescue from a burning building. take a look at this video here. as this firefighter in russia, gets hit with a chunk of snow. a huge chunk of snow, almost knocking him off the ladder as he climbs to try to save a family. somehow, he grabbed the ladder to break his fall. it didn't happen twice. that's a replay, by the way. another firefighter pulls him up. together, they were able to rescue the baby and his mother. >> good job. well done. >> that's all i know. >> the pop quiz. >> thank you. >> language lessons and the news. ron claiborne gives us the whole picture every morning. thank you, ron. appreciate it. it is the biggest event in washington. it happens once every four years. the countdown to inauguration is on. >> when president obama takes the oath of office on monday, the inaugural celebration will
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be nothing compared to what it was back in 2009 when he was sworn in. abc's david kerley is in washington with more. good morning, david. >> reporter: bianna and dan, this is my third one. it gets cold every time the president gets ready to take the oath. while the weather is going to be the same, this is going to be a much different celebration than the one four years ago. ♪ the barricades are up. the viewing stands, built. the finishing touches going on floats. members of the military have already practiced parading. >> i, barack hussein obama -- >> reporter: and the president says he's ready to take the oath for a second time. >> the theme of this inauguration is our people, our future. ♪ at last >> reporter: beyonce and james taylor will perform. but this will be a very different affair. four years ago, 1.8 million people filled the mall. less than half that number, just 800,000, are expected this year.
7:16 am
4 years ago, nearly every 1 of the 29,000 hotel rooms here were booked. 7,000 rooms are available this morning. only two inaugural balls, versus ten four years ago. all after an expensive campaign, a tough economy and four years. >> just the moment that that was for the country, the first african-american president. and it was new for everyone. but you know what? there still is a level of excitement despite the numbers. >> as we move down pennsylvania avenue. >> reporter: already fortress d.c. is taking shape, a lockdown, as the president talks to historians about hitting the right tones in what will be his last inaugural address. despite the fact this is going to be a much smaller affair, it's going to be a lot of excitement, as anita mcbride said. the number of people who will be here, nearly double who came to the second inaugural for president bush and president clinton. dan and bianna? >> still, that remarkable drop-off from the last time. david kerley, thank you very
7:17 am
much. stay warm. and our special coverage of the inauguration starts tomorrow on "gma." and abc news live coverage of the ceremony on monday, starts at 7:00 eastern, with george stephanopoulos and josh elliott co-anchoring. a special edition of "good morning america," live from washington. >> busy monday morning. we're going to switch gears now. we're three days away from the start of a smalltown case that's transfixed the nation. with his trial about to begin, an alleged business partner is speaking out about a zumba dance instructor in maine accused of running a prostitution ring. abc's john schriffen joins us from kennebunk. good morning, john. >> reporter: bianna, good morning. a judge has now cleared the way for the trial of the alleged booker, mark strong, to start on tuesday. but before he steps inside the courtroom, facing charges of solicitation and invasion of privacy, he wants to set the record straight. for the first time we're hearing from the man accused of helping to run the zumba prostitution ring in this small town in maine.
7:18 am
mark strong admits he initially bankrolled the studio so alexis wright could teach workout classes. >> we had a friendship. we talked often. i may see her once a month. >> reporter: the scandal unraveled this past fall, when kennebunk police raided the dance studio and the nearby office, confiscating detailed records, hours of videotape, and what's now known as the list. more than 100 names of clients who allegedly paid wright for sex. police are making those names public. >> i thought she was a little -- i don't know. not risque. but flirtatious at times. >> reporter: married for more than 30 years, and a father of 2, strong also admits, he had a sexual relationship with wright. >> never became romantic. >> reporter: it was just physical? >> it was strictly physical. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: wright has been charged with more than 100 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, and tax evasion.
7:19 am
the indictment also alleges that wright secretly recorded over 100 hours of video with her clients, something strong denies knowing about. he denies any wrongdoing. but he says, he will spend the rest of his life apologizing to his wife. >> i'm sorry for any dishonesty, for the intimate relationship that i had with alexis wright. >> reporter: as for alexis wright, the alleged zumba prostitute, her lawyer says she's innocent. wright will have her chance to tell her side of the story when her trial starts in may. dan? bianna? >> not the attention that small town wants. thank you, john. time, now, for a check of the weather and over to ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> hey, guys. it's been four years since minneapolis last had a high temperature below zero. they're going to do it on monday. a whole lot of arctic air is blasting into the great lakes. fargo on monday at 13 below. that's an actual air temperature. minneapolis will go 3 below. chicago today, 44. 12 by tuesday.
7:20 am
things are really starting to cool down. and it's not going to just stay in the great lakes. the northeast is going to get a lot colder, too, with 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. even 40 expected in chicago. the windchills, or the feels like, could approach 40 below zero. we'll be watching that. that could be dangerous cold as we go into the next workweek. until then, though, enjoy the next above-average days. charleston, 58. d.c. 52. new york, 46. a lot of fog and smog sticking around in the pacific northwest. that's going nowhere the next couple of days. and last weekend, we were talking about the chill and frost in los angeles. look at their high. close to 80 by tomorrow.
7:21 am
>> so, before that snow fell in the south and places like northern alabama and mississippi, kentucky had a beautiful sunset ahead of that. and they caught this here. this is perfect in lewissport. thank you for sending that sky on fire. and winter in vermont. i thought it just kind of looks pretty. i wanted to share those. find me on twitter and send me your photos this week. i'm on facebook, too. so are they. >> can we say, digging the new hair color, ginger. >> thank you. >> darker said of ginger. >> surprising everyone this morning. >> actually, we should have led with that. >> that's breaking news. >> thank you, ginger. >> you look great both ways. thanks. coming up here on the broadcast, the exclusive first interview with manti te'o about
7:22 am
his dead girlfriend who was never real. >> so, i kind of tailored my stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her. also this morning, not talking. find out why police say actor robert wagner is not cooperating with the investigation into the death of his wife, actress natalie wood, who died more than three decades ago. and big news out of hollywood this morning. taking a break. why one of the hottest actors in hollywood suddenly is walking away from the cameras. and why ginger and bianna are slightly tearing up, as we relate this news. keep it here. [ dog ] you know, i just don't think i should have to wait for it! who do you think i am, quicken loans? ♪ at quicken loans, we won't make you wait for it. our efficient, online system allows us to get you through your home loan process fast. which means you'll never have to beg for a quick closing.
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were you in any way a part of this?
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>> no. never. >> you see manti te'o, in his first interview, reacting to the scandal that everyone's been talking about the past week. the notre dame football star tearing up. we're hearing for the first time the bizarre scandal involving the death of the alleged girlfriend, a fictional girlfriend, as it turned out to be. is he behind the scandal? or is he a victim of it? good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> i'm dan harris. on this saturday, january 19th. a big get for our partner, espn. we'll tell you about that in a few moments. and a big, new twist in one of hollywood's most enduring mysteries, the death of natalie wood. there's a new investigation into the 30-year-old case. why is wood's husband at the time, the actor robert wagner, you just saw there, why is he refusing to speak to police? >> the chapter just won't close, so many years later. and why is michael j. fox apologizing to taylor swift, of all people? find out what the actor and
7:30 am
protective father said about the mere idea of the country music superstar dating his son. but we're going to start with manti te'o, the notre dame star player, leading them to the championship this year, all the while, telling the story of how he lost his grandmother and his girlfriend within six hours. >> except the girlfriend, who was said to have died of leukemia, was never real. ever since this story broke, people have been asking, was te'o the victim or the perpetrator of this hoax? for the first time, te'o is telling his side of this story, as he prepares for the nfl draft in florida. our coverage starts this morning with abc's matt gutman, who is in miami. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, dan and bianna. manti te'o says it was a cruelly intricate hoax. that he was led to believe that he was in love with a woman, who suffered the death of her father, this terrible car wreck and then was diagnosed with leukemia. all of this spanning four years, hundreds of hours of phone conversations. it even involved accomplices.
7:31 am
for the first time this morning, manti te'o setting the record straight. >> for the record, once again, were you in any way a part of this? >> no. never. >> reporter: the star notre dame linebacker, in hiding since the news of the so-called catfish hoax broke, confessing to our sister network, espn's jeremy schaap. >> i even knew that it was crazy that i was with somebody that i didn't meet. and let alone, people find out that this girl who died, who i was so invested in, i didn't meet her, as well. so, i kind of, you know, tailored my stories to have people think that, yeah, he met her before she passed away. so that people wouldn't think that i was some crazy dude. >> reporter: she was lennay kekua, whom he called the love of his life, after announcing to the world, she died of cancer the same september day his grandmother passed away. according to te'o, she was the
7:32 am
cruel alchemy of one man's imagination. several links in the information superhighway, would lead to this man. ronaiah tuiasosopo. te'o says he didn't suspect anything was wrong until he received that phone call on december 6th. the woman claiming to be kekua, nearly three months after her alleged death. >> said it's lennay. and so, we carried on that conversation. and i just got mad. and i just went on a rampage. how could you do this to me? i ended that conversation by saying simply this. you know what? lennay, my lennay died on september 12th. >> reporter: now, abc news did not reach tuiasosopo for comment. and we still don't know what motivated him to do this. manti te'o says he didn't fully believe this was a lie until
7:33 am
three days ago, when tuiasosopo called him to apologize. dan? bianna? >> all right. matt gutman, our thanks to you. and espn's jeremy schaap was the only reporter to sit down with manti te'o and speak with him exclusively. you spent 2 1/2 hours with manti. this was an audio interview. can you tell us what his demeanor was like? >> i have to say, i was very impressed. throughout our interview, he was very composed, collected. he never hesitated. he answered every question i asked. we were in there, i think you said, 150 minutes. by 1 count back at our office, he was asked more than 300 questions in that time. he never demurred. >> you sat with him for 2 1/2 hours. did you walk away with the impression that he was part of this hoax? or he was purely the victim of the hoax? >> he convinced me that he was not party to this hoax. people will have to make their own judgments, once they read a lot of material from the
7:34 am
interview that we're posting online and presenting on shows today on espn. but you know, there were certainly occasions on which he admitted to misleading reporters over the course of the last few months. he said that he had lied to his father about meeting lennay kekua in person. and those were some of the discrepancies, some of the conflicts that people pointed to over the last few days. and i think he went a long way toward explaining some of those discrepancies. but probably not to the satisfaction of everyone. >> and, jeremy, he may have explained some of the discrepancies. but you have to admit, this is such a bizarre story. what happens to him next? will he be drafted by the nfl? or will teams shy away from him now?
7:35 am
>> well, there's no doubt that manti te'o is going to be drafted. and i think there's little doubt he'll be drafted in the first half of the first round. whether he will be a top three or four pick, as he was projected by some to be -- i mean, if his story is out there, and people believe his story, it will not affect his draft position. he will be a millionaire very soon. and even if some of those nfl executives don't believe it fully, he'll still be a millionaire very soon. >> jeremy schaap, with the first exclusive interview with manti te'o, at the center of such a big controversy this morning. jeremy, a big thank you to you. >> helps explain a lot of things. people are wondering who knew what and when? >> i think the next shoe to drop is when this young man, ronaiah, who is allegedly the perpetrator of the hoax. if he comes out and speaks, that will explain a lot. time for a check of the weather and over to ginger. hey, ginger.
7:36 am
>> i want to start in florida because there's a high-pressure system just off the east coast here, in the atlantic. and it's going to shove back some moisture, right into the southern part of florida. so, a little showery this morning in miami. we have a live shot to give you an idea of what the skies look like. it's that. a little fog. low-lying cloud cover. and a whole lot of rain drops. it's not rain. but plenty of snow coming over the warm lakes talking about earlier. you'll see a lake-effect snow machine in high gear. more than a foot of snow in the u.p. of michigan. my hometown there, just inside of grand rapids. but muskegon, you'll get 6 to 12 inches. of course, buffalo, oswego had a little of the lake-effect, too. but not quite so much in the way of snow totals.
7:37 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by sensodyne pronamle. in the northeast here, we have a day or two of somewhat mild. then, the bottom drops out. >> dropping off the cliff. excellent. thanks for the good news, ginger. we appreciate that. coming up on the broadcast, 30 years later. why are police saying robert wagner is now refusing to talk to them about the death of his then-wife, the actress natalie wood? also ahead, he's one of hollywood's hottest actors. find out why you won't be seeing leonardo dicaprio on the big screen for quite some time.
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it really is one of the most famous mysteries in hollywood history. the death of natalie wood, more than 30 years ago. her husband, robert wagner, one of the last people to see her alive. >> and now, with her case reopened, police say wagner is refusing to speak with them about it. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: it's the hollywood tale of one mysterious night. actress natalie wood died in 1981 on a boating trip, with husband, robert wagner, and fellow actor, christopher walken.
7:42 am
>> what we think is, she went outside and slipped on the swim step and hit her head. >> reporter: the case was closed, accidental drowning. but reopened just a year ago, when the captain came forward. he claims that wagner and wood were in a heated argument before she died. >> they went to the state room. and they carried on arguing in the state room. >> reporter: the latest plot turn, the just-released coroner report says that wood had scratches and fresh bruises on her arms and legs. the manner of death changed from accidental, to undetermined. >> he's the last person to see her alive. >> reporter: investigators want to question wagner again. but he's refusing to talk. >> back then, gave him a brief interview. and he never told them exactly what happened on the boat. i mean, later on, in his book, he wrote a different version of what he told them back then. >> reporter: wagner, famous for tv's "heart to heart" and his turn as an austin powers villain, is not a suspect.
7:43 am
his attorney says, mr. wagner has fully cooperated over the last 30 years. and has been interviewed on multiple occasions by the l.a. sheriff's department. and has answered every, single question asked him during these interviews. >> he's like a missing puzzle piece. >> reporter: a puzzle piece in a key role for a mystery that may have another sequel. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> those are tough words from the sheriff. >> so many years later, we still don't know what happened. coming up here on the broadcast, we have breaking bieber news. as you may recall, he survived changing his iconic hairdo. why is the new picture he tweeted out of his legs becoming a fashion sensation? that's up next in "pop news" after a quick break. no thanks. [ female announcer ] stop searching and start repairing. eucerin professional repair moisturizes while actually repairing very dry skin.
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ron is ready to do some poppin' and lockin'. it's "pop news" time. and our entertainment news reporter, rachel smith, out in l.a. this morning. hey, rachel, good morning. >> that's right. good morning, guys. have no fear. taylor swift's trouble with michael j. fox appears to be over. in an interview, the actor jokes, swift should back off his son because he always writes about her love interests. he wanted to clear the air with her. on friday, the pop star tweeted, hey, everybody. michael j. fox got in touch with me today. and we are good. thank you for having my back. this whole thing started at the golden globes, when tsa said stay away from michael j. fox's son. we may hear about it on her next album. stephen colbert has made a comedic bid or two for the presidency. but his sister is going to run for congress. as of next tuesday, elizabeth colbert bush will be in the running to fill the seat
7:49 am
of tim scott of south carolina. so, he may still get his chance to hit the campaign trail after all. leonardo dicaprio vowed to never let go of rose in "titanic." but the oscar-nominated star is letting go of acting for now. on friday, he told a german publication, i'm a bit drained. i'm going to take a long, long break. the star says he will take time off to improve the world a bit and focus on environmental campaigning. and finally, justin bieber is having a little fun at the expense of, well, justin bieber. the superstar singer often gets flak for the slack in his pants. so, he posted this picture of himself in skinny jeans on instagram, along with a message. to those of you who tell me not to sag my pants, double-think that. point taken, bieber. very good point. and that is "pop news." >> i'm not buying the pants. >> you don't like the skinny pants? >> i want to go back to leo. someone else is interested in
7:50 am
changing the world, ginger zee. >> yeah. >> he needs a partner in crime. >> sure. i might need to take some time off of weather, perhaps. >> he has been really busy, though. movie after movie. >> if you can make that happen, ron and i will wear skinny jeans on the broadcast tomorrow. >> deal. >> all right. >> i don't know about that, guys. i don't know about that. >> rachel, you have to fly out to see that. >> help me, rachel. >> all right. >> we'll see you next weekend. and we'll be right back. music: "make someone happy"
7:51 am
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well, that's it for today. but you don't want to miss -- >> that's it? >> that's it, ron. an hour just flies by. >> it's gone. >> tomorrow, we have more inauguration coverage, including what michelle obama's going to wear. the fashion world was about the bangs a couple of days ago. now, it's about the dress. what will she and the girls be wearing?
7:55 am
that and much more, tomorrow. good morning, i'm katie marzullo. the head of the university of california system is stepping down. after two years of president. he announced his resignation yesterday. he plans to stay on until the end of august to find a replacement. he plans to return to teaching law at u.c.. he said the prior 18 months brought taxing health issues but the issues have been overcome it's time to make a change in my professional lifestyle. he did not elaborate on his
7:56 am
health problems. >> meanwhile, the number of freshman flikts to attend 2013 marks a record high. nearly 175,000 students have applied to attend the university of california next fall. that is a 10.7% increase over last fall. largest increase is at santa cruz with 16.9% of applicants. u.c. berkeley saw the smallest at 9.7%. let's turn it over to lisa argen >> we have over 30-degree temperature spread in the vavms. mount tam, numbers are below freezing and numbers at 60 at the coast. 34 in redwood city right now. we are warmer along the shoreline. 44 in monterey. 31 in gilroy. with the spare-the-air day, you will notice it looks hazy out there. right now the waves are at five feet. 10:00 through 4:00 tomorrow, the swell could be beyond 20 feet. so very dangerous and it's tempt
7:57 am
weigh the beautiful day and numbers well above the average. 65 in san mateo and 66 in san jose and down by the monterey bay, not out of the question. thank
7:58 am
>> katie: good saturday morning.
7:59 am
it is 8:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. we'll start off with the weather. >> good morning. here is a look at the east bay camera, you can see a little haze and winds are lighted. temperatures here have dropped below freezing, but with that offshore flow, the numbers are cranking up and the surf is cranking up along the shoreline. 62 degrees half moon bay and high surf advisory to go into effect in the next couple of hours. this is all relative in the valleys. numbers in the 20s and mid 40s san francisco. >> we've got the 60s at our coast. afternoon highs from the low 60s east bay valleys to mid-60s around the bay. if you head further south. salinas, we could see numbers up 70. tonight is going to be clear. when does the dry spell break? i'll tell you in the outlook coming up. >> katie: san francisco police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving


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