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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> the excitement has been building for days. we're now just 13 hours from the start of the big nfc championship game. i'm ama daetz. we're live from san francisco with more on the fan excitement. reporter: san francisco hopes its team strikes got at tomorrow's championship game. tonight the city showing its 49er pride, from the ferry building to the embarcadero center. fans are saying, go niners. >> oh, yeah, it's mt. . >> jonah drove from sacramento to buy more 49ers gear at the
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nfl college shop at pier 39. he is so excited about sunday's game he can barely stand it. >> i'm pumped. i can't -- i'm pumped. reporter: the store was mobbed with fans wanting anything red and gold. >> go niners! >> jan knows she'll be yelling at the tv come gametime. >> go! >> i'll be yelling, move it! he can move it. and go back, go back, and then he starts running, and run it all the way in love to see that. reporter: pete's tavern is gearing up for the big game. this sports bar opens at 9:00 a.m. and employees expect fans will be lined up waiting to get in. >> jam-packed full of people, and hopefully in good cheer. sometimes we got fans that are not happy. >> the king of thai in north beach will open earl,
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reservations are booked solid. >> be ready for tomorrow. >> woo-hoo. >> back at peer 39 we found former raiders line baecker jeff barnes, signing autographs and showing off his two super bowl rings. >> we know the 49ers are a great team and i'm happy they're winning. if they raiders can't win, we want the 49ers to win for the bay area. >> that saying something when former raiders are excited beside a possible 49ers victory. here's coit tower in red and gold. a lot of fans hope it stays lit that way for a very long time to come. we're live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: coit tower looks spectacular in red. mike shumann is in atlanta for tomorrow's big game. he caught up if with some fans.
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>> i mean, he's a game-breaker. >> are you nervous he'll have the one game, the letdown? >> no. not really. >> collin kaepernick is going to run all over them. not a question. he made the green bay packers look like they war college football team. >> cap is 6-2 this season, including last week's win over the packers, even falcon fans like his game. >> i actually like kaepernick. >> you do? >> how does that work? >> i can admire a person for his talent. i mean, i still expect to give them the beatdown. >> are you worried about collin kaepernick? >> i am. he is coming on strong. so if we can get him flustered early. >> he rallied strong and led his team to victory. >> atlanta's x factor is former niner coach mike nolan, now in charge of the falcons defense.
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>> i'm worried because mike nolan is the defensive coordinator. so i have apprehensions for that. other than that, we're too talented. >> mike: who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> doing a lot of kaepernick. >> that's its, all day, all day, left and right, all day. >> mike: 49ers personnel were handing out these towels, whose got it better than us? nobody. >> ama: shu will follow the niners fan excitement in atlanta with a live report northern on the morning news at 5:00 a.m. >> the lawyer for niners wide receiver michael crabtree says his client is cooperating with authorities. crabtreeing being investigated for suspicion of sexual assault.
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a woman said he assaulted her last sunday. crabtree has not been arrested or detained. the 49ers say the issue will that be a distraction in tomorrow's championship game. >> one person is dead, another injured, after a shooting near an east bay bart station. people scattered in panic when shots were fire at a bus stop in front of the bay fair station at 12:20 this afternoon. a 40-year-old man was killed. a teenage girl was shot but is expected to be okay. investigators shut down the bay fair bart station for six hours to gathered and interview witnesses. a teenage boy is under arrest. police are looking for two others. >> bart has extensive video camera system, as does the transit. >> ama: so far investigators don't have a motive in the shooting. >> san francisco police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year. a 26-year-old was driving when
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he was shot and killed. the victim crashing his black mercedes into a parked car around 5:30 p.m. he died at the hospital. witnesses say the shooter got into a white or silver vehicle and took off. new at 11:00, the lake county sheriff's office has just released surveillance of a man believed to have killed 0 convenience store employee. the murder happened last night. the man you're seeing there on the surveillance video was later seen running through a nearby field. a 1240u7b reward -- $10,000 reward is being offered. >> in the east bay crews are mopping up after a water main break in san leandro. northbound lanes were shut down for an hour. chp says the source of the break was two blocks away in a pipe that carries water from the shack bow -- chabot regs sir voice. >> surfers are gearing up for
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the big maverick surf competition. the surf advisory is in effect and that could mean major waves. sergio has the details. reporter: it has been nearly three years since surfers hilt the waves for the mavericks competition, and the conditions tomorrow, supposed to be pretty good. nice, warm conditions, strong swells. this evening i talked to some people who got a preview of tomorrow's event. >> photographer kevin harrington caught some grate shots of surfers testing the water in preparation for the mavericks competition. but getting the shot was an adventure. >> we thought we would about be trashed by these huge waves. they were over your head and then the boat just tips over. >> they were aboard john lynch's boot. he'll be part of the surf patrol. >> being so close to the waves and the breaks. it's an incredible sport.
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you have to have some real guts to do this. >> the organizer of mavericks, jeff clark, was their guide. tonight he was briefing 24 world class surfers who will be braving what are expected to be 30-foot with as. mavericks has a reputation for serving up some of the biggest swells in surfing. those on the water say the competition should be fierce. >> they come in sets of ten waves. it's quite incredible to see this lineup. >> high surf is great news for mavericks bought warning for everyone else. just before sunset at ocean beach, some pretty big waves were crashing ashore. for amateur surfers up and down the coast, the conditions got challenging. the coast guard in san francisco fire rescue teams were called in to help six surfers vogueing off ocean beach. they all made it ashore safely. one of them suffered minor injuries. tonight in half moon bay, lots of fans and probably some
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competitors are surgeoning in -- turning in early. comp ticks starts at 8:00 a.m. >> when the competitors hilt the water, noticeably absent will be two championship surfers who had bo to bow out because of injuries. also absent is kelly slater. he is apparently barred from competing because the mavericks event is not a pro-tour sanctioned event. reporting live in moss beach, abc7 news. >> ama: stay with abc7 news for up-to-date on the maverick competition to go to check it out. let's head to leigh glaser for the weather. >> leigh: right now we're seeing mainly clear sky. live doppler 7hd showing you not a lot of clouds out there. if there are, they're very high in nature and i think temperatures will bottom out by
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tomorrow morning. here's a look at current readings. in the 30s in the north bay. 36 in fairfield. 51 in san francisco. oakland, 44. 37 in livermore. 45 in san jose. >> we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast. >> ama: still to come at 11:00, fleury -- flurry of activities as the president gets sworn in for a second term. plus, people run for their lives during a shooting at a gun show, and it wasn't the only one today. >> later, bloody end to the hostage standoff in algeria. what
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>> ama: it is inaugural weekend at the nation's capitol. tonight michelle obama and her children rocked out at the kids' inaugural concert. the president will take the official oath of office tomorrow and festivities continue through monday. here's a preview. reporter: hundreds of thousands have packed the national mall on monday, eager to witness in person the second inauguration of president obama. but they're not quite partying like it's 2009. four years ago, record 1.8 million people gathered to see the swearing in of the first african-american president this year officials estimate 600,000 to 800,000 will be on hand.
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more than the crowds for george w. bush's inauguration but a far cry from 2009. there will still be star power, beyoncé and james taylor will take part in the ceremony. the mood on the mall will be different, and the president's speech likely to reflect that. like the nation is not teetering on the brink like it was in 2009, it's still struggling with high unemployment, and voters republic -- voters' lack of confidence in washington. >> we will have a good year if we make sound investments and as long as washington politics don't get in the way. >> before the hard work of the second term begins the obamas will squeeze in a little bit of fun in 2009 the president and first lady had a while wind night on the town, 10 inaugural balls. this year, there are two, one
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expecting to draw more than 35,000, who would groove to the up so0s of katy perry, usher. >> i like a good party. >> but it could be an early night. the president's got a job to do the next day. >> it's been a busy and productive four years, and i expect the same for the next four years. >> abc news, washington. ama daetz our coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. we'll also have live streaming coverage at starting at 6:30. >> the first family spent the day giving back on the national day of service that began back in 2009. coming up at 11:30, how the bay area made a difference today. >> it was also guns across america day today in pacifica, 200 people showed up to support individual rights and to voice their fear president obama will take away their guns. the crowd recited the pledge of eye leans which showed their love of country but not the
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government. there were chevrolet gun shows across the country, and accidental shootings happened in three of them. in raleigh, shotgun went off and three people were hit by pellets in indiana and ohio, accidental shootings at two gun shows injured two people. no one was seriously injured. >> in san leandro today young women were invited to write letters to victims of tragedy. they rote letters to families of victims of hurricane sandy and the sandy hook shooting. >> didn't like it they hurt so many people, and i just want to stop the violence, what's happening in the school, and to keep the school safe. >> ama: the letters will be published in a book. >> leigh has the full look at the forecast.
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>> leigh: what a day it was. oakland high today, 70. we had 72 in santa cruz. close to those values tomorrow. live doppler 7hd mainly clear, a few high clouds near san jose, towards santa cruz, gilroy. but clear sky in the north bay. and that's where you'll find the coldest temperatures. 38 in napa. novato, 39. a little warmer towards san francisco. 51. 44, oakland. 37, livermore, and we just had a string of 40s from redwood city down toward san jose, san jose 45 degrees. here's a look at our forecast, taking you through at least the next couple of days. cold overnight. we'll introduce a little patchy valley fog, especially in the delta area, high surf tomorrow, and then more mild days as we move into the first part of next
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week. here is a look at the high surf advisory. remember, it's up until sunday evening at 4:00 p.m. northwest swells up to 20 feet. strong rip currents and large breaking with with waves likely. these are the current wave heights. two hours ago they were four feet. right now they're already generating pretty good swells out there. half moon bay, monterey, up to eight feet, and looks like with mavericks tomorrow tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., looks like the swells well be coming in just in time. here's a look at the lows tonight. still colored in the north bay. that's where you'll see the valley fog. tomorrow morning, and also -- not valley fog but the frost by tomorrow morning. the valley fog will be out towards the delta area. the rest of news the 40s. 44, san francisco. upper 30s towards san jose by tomorrow morning. talk about tomorrow. enjoy it. high pressure still in command.
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kind of parked itself off the coast there, bringing us a slight offshore winds, heating us up. that's why half moon bay in the thumber 60s today, and santa cruz, 72. we'll continue with dry and mild conditions through tuesday, and that's because this high is going to block this jet stream from moving down. heading into tuesday, all of this will weaken, push to the east, and this ribbon of clouds right here, the kole front, will move in on wednesday to bring us a chance of showers. it will be dry tomorrow, sunshine, 60s across the bay area. mid-to-upper 60s towards san jose, and santa cruz, 70 there tomorrow remember here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. terrific day sunday, holiday monday. by tuesday, we cool things down, wednesday, a chance of rain returning, and then we may have
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more rain next friday. >> ama: lots of sunshine for mavericks topped. i think a lot of people might be indoors watching the 49ers game. >> i will be. the players, they're all sleeping, at least i hope, and we're still talking on the eve of the nfc championship game. who will be the x factor in atlanta? all signs
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the atlanta falcons defense' head is spinning how do you stop collin kaepernick and trying to stop the passing game in particular, the tight end position. the falcons d proved susceptible last weekend when miller torched atlanta. vernon davis is a far better athlete and should be an even tougher cover for atlanta linebackers. >> justifies just have to take advantage of opportunities. we're winning, and that's
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outstanding. i hope we can continue to win. i believe we well. but i'm just excited to be here. exciting to be part of this team. and just contribute in any way. >> the afc championship game will follow the niners and falcons. a rematch of last year, new england hosting baltimore. the ravens, a missed field goal away from the super bowl in 2012. tom brady has been there five times, won three times. when it comes to moving the ball on the ravens, it's simple. >> pick wherever they're not covering. that's where we focus our play-calling. and certainly our execution. but if they're deep, cover deep. going short, cover short, play the run, we throw it. that's part of the chess game. >> go where they are not. still to come, brutal honesty from giants general manager
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brian sabean. and how
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>> steph curry returned to the starting lineup after a two-game absence with an ankle injury, and unfortunately david lee has an injury and sat out. the calm before the storm. the rookie career night. 1 points, eight boards.
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anthony davis, richard jefferson, get out. the von -- veteran responds. late third quarter, vazquez puts new orleans on top. fourth quarter, tied. clay thompson, 29 points, five 3s, 33 seconds left. curry to jack. the floater. 25 for jack. curry had 20. warriors up 3. vazquez, the tie, no. warriors get the win, 11 -112. >> david shaw courtside for stanford and cal. stanford's best player. 17 high off the glass. cardinal by eight at the half. cal's leader scorer, allen creab, a dozen. both teams shoot less than 36% in the game. cardinal reveil, 69-59, both teams 2-3 in pac-12 play. usf and loyola.
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dickerson, 18 point -- actually this is saint mary's and portland, and that's matthew dellavedova. the aussie with the big game. brad waldo inside for the flush. saint mary's cruises 67-50 the national portland. >> now we're talking usf. loyola mary pant. ai ma's lions. they're trying to take over. that's mark toll liveson, usf up nine. usf gets off the schneid. 62-53 the final. sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. the general manager brim sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest, don't think brian wilson will return. sabean, we willie place in yuck
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for the baseball writers dinner. wilson wants a long-term deal. the giants only willing to offer an incentive-laden one year deal in the second half hour, peek out sharks practice today. they open the season tomorrow in calgary. this sports roth brought to you by river like casino. >> ama: 49er fan fever is sweeping the bay area. check out this little guy, all decked out in his niners gear, and even the folks at antioch community federal credit union are in the team spirit. and dr. smith says he has been a fan of the team since the played at kezar stadium. you can e-mail your photos to we'll post them and show some of them on the air. >> the college football star embroiled in the online football hoax comes to his own defense today. what he said, just ahead. a waiter puts his job on the line for his very young
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good evening. in tonight's headlines, a man is dead, a teenage girl is wounded and a teenage boy is under arrest. the indent happened at the bus stop and forced the closure of the bart station for six hours. a man was shot to death in san francisco. he was shot near post and filmore streets. >> the utility crews shut off the water flowing from a broken water main in san leandro. the break forced the closure of the northbound lanes of foothill boulevard for an hour. >> that hair -- harrowing
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hostage crisis in algeria has ended. the algerians assaulted the terrorists. here's the details. reporter: the algerian army's third and final assault this more than recaptured the bp run facility but left many of the hostages dead, apparently executed by the terrorist. over the four-day siege in the a hear a desert. the final hostage death toll was put at 23. >> for people in algeria, for their family and friends, has been and continues to be a distressing and horrific time. >> at least two americans remain unaccounted for, and one american has been confirmed as kill. 58-year-old fred of cady, a subbush of houston. the attackers focused on americans and british. >> we believe there are five british nationals and one uk resident who are either deceased
11:36 pm
or unaccounted for. >> the good news was that most of the approximately 100 western workers were freed or escaped. algerian tv aired what it said was home video taken by one hostage as he escaped across the desert. among those who also got out was mark cobb of corp produce accomplice city, texas, described as the bp senior manager at the facility. the algerian military says it killed at least 32 of the terrorists, their body displayed on tv. they said they were heavily armed with automatic weapons and explosive suicide belts and were planning to blow up the facility. at special forces surrounded the plant, forecloses say they had no choice but to good in with guns blazing, even after the u.s. and other governments asked the algerians to hold off out of concern for the safety of the hostages. >> the algerians' position has always been we don't negotiate,
11:37 pm
we don't mess around. >> the focus will now shift to the presumed master mind of this attack. he has made himself one the most wanted terrorists in the world. >> a political event in bulgaria erunted in violence after a man pulled a gun on the speaker. he gunman pointed the gun right at his head. the two struggled before more people came to the aid of the speaker. the gun was actually a gas gun used to fire tear gas card trimmings. >> notre dame line packer manti te'o administereds he tailored his stories about his knopp existent girlfriend in waitz so people would not think he was crazy. te'o also insisted he was not part of the hoax believed to be perpetrated by an acquaintance. te'o found out last month his girlfriend didn't exist and didn't tell anyone until this week. >> the first family spent the
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day sprucing up a school in washington, dc. the president, the first laid and their daughters helped out as part othe national day of service. it wasn't just in the nation roz yap capitol, here's one event right here in the bay area. >> the sounds of giving back are echoing through this construction site in daly city. the 36 unit condo complex built by habitat for humanity greater san francisco got a windfall thanks to the national day of service. 70 volunteers were needed. more than 100 turn out to help. belmont resident and his wife were inspired by the call to action. >> what are you doing today? >> we're painting doors, and there are eight doors for each apartment, and at the rate we're doing, probably get one door a day done. i think giving is a challenge in
11:39 pm
these times, but we do have time, we can give time, if we don't have the money. >> in their joyful spirits the volunteers painted, hammered, and shoveled the day away in the event that kicked off three days of inaugural celebration. president obama added today's service project to the schedule for his first inauguration in 2009 and hopes it will become tradition for future presidents. it's already becoming a practice for 16-year-old bobby burgess. >> i feel like i'm doing my part to help the community and know that people will be living here is really great. i'm really helping somebody out now. >> it's estimated more than 250,000 people took part and did their part volunteering in service projects across the u.s. today in daly city, abc7 news. >> in pacifica, another form of service was on display. the beach coalition had the annual cleanup day.
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invasive plants were pulled and natural habitat plants were put in. a waiter in texas is being commended tonight for sticking up for a special needs child. this week michael garcia was working his shift when a family sitting across from a mom and her son with down's syndrome moved to another part of the restaurant. >> and so i heard him say, special needs children need to be special somewhere else mitchell personal feelings took over and i told the man, can't serve you. >> the family left the restaurant without incident. the restaurant and garcia have received nothing but compliments from the mother, other customers and the online community. still to come, some big changes for the popular "two buck chuck" wine. the new dating app that turns romance into a bit of a puzzle. and the effect poor sleep could have on your love life. >> leigh: hi there. i'm leigh glaser. clear sky now. what about our temperatures
11:41 pm
tomorrow? and how about
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>> ama: the "two buck chuck" wine is no locker two bucks. the grocery chain, trader joe's, racessed the price to 2.49. the price varies from
11:44 pm
state-to-state but stayed at two bucks in california for years. trader joe's says it had no choice but to raise the price because of increased cost. >> the internet has made a truly blind date almost a thing of the past. now one of the big names in online dating is trying to bring it back. john bloom took the app for a spin. >> i take a picture of myself. >> christina is about to do something crazy in the name of research. she is a writer for a tech site, and she is writing about an app, crazy blind day. after scrambling your picture like a jigsaw puzzle, the app asks you where and when you want to meet someone and gives you options. >> third, meet me at starbucks today. >> the suggests matches are anything from random. they're using complex maps to bring people together. so to get people to download the
11:45 pm
new ad, okay cupid blacked out all the photos for a day. >> the immediate response was outrage. >> but it worked. >> we know hundreds of dates happened in the first two days. >> 6:00 p.m. >> it took her a few tries but kristina landed the date. >> i know nothing about this person. i got his first name and age and that's it. >> after looking around she found him, gave him a quick hug and headed him inside to tell him he was part of an experience. he took it like a champ. >> this lived up to the expectation there would be something crazy. >> it turns out robert and kristina have a lot in common. she writes about startups, he has a startup, and a friend of his recognized her picture. >> he admits it was probably luck they got along well but says crazy blind date is about meeting more people. you can talk to anyone for 20 minutes.
11:46 pm
>> even a bad date is a good story. >> one of them is not totally terrible. a study out of uc berkeley says if you're not getting enough sleep you may be taking your partner for granted. researchers found sleep habits can affect gratitude and leave couples too tired to say thanks. the bat mobile from the television series sold at auction for $4.2 million. the 19-foot long black bubble topped card war used in the batman tv show with adam west. it could lay down smoke screens and oil slicks no word on the name of the big spender. a look at our warm weather. let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: live doppler 7hd showing us a few clouds here and there, mainly the high clouds,
11:47 pm
otherwise clear conditions, cold in the north bay, temperatures in the 30s. speaking of cold, in the last week our cold spell? it has shift towards the east. st. louis tomorrow, 35, chicago, 19. minneapolis, 45. check out fargo, minus 5 there tomorrow. here back west, though, along the -- and southern california, there's los angeles, nice and warm. 80 degrees. fresno, 55. check out tahoe. sunshine, 46. and sacramento, expected high tomorrow, 62 degrees. another warm one for us tomorrow, mainly near the coast, as well as the bay. so we'll look for mid-to-upper 60s there. mid-to-low 60s in the east bay locations. watch out for the rough surf again, and then we'll start to cool things off monday and
11:48 pm
tuesday. next chance of showers will be on wednesday. be much cooler then as well. >> ama: collin rush is in doing sports because shu is in atlanta with the 49ers. >> he i busy working and i'll be on my couch watching the game. what motivates greg roman heading into the game. >> and biggest game of the year for the niners, and the first for the sharks tomorrow. the
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪
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>> colin: the 49ers held their final practice today in georgia tech. now it's come to this. who wants it more. who can execute better, who can win the turnover battle? the 49ers and falcons are ready, the winner on to super bowl 47. the niners are the four-point road favorite. the players thoughts do not leave feeling like you did a last year's loss. >> our focus is getting our guys the championship. frank gore, vernon davis, jim harbaugh. that's where our focus is. hoisting the trophy. there's a lot of work and everything is dial in. >> the afc title game, rematch of last year's, new england hosting baltimore again. that game follows san francisco-atlanta. a niners win ask the ravens' win
11:52 pm
and we're looking at a har-bowl. brothers john and jim. >> i'll see the score and be pulling hard for the 49ers but can't get emotionally wrapped up in that stuff. we'll be focused on our game. i'm proud of jim. the toughest competitor i've if seen. i've had to deal with him since he was born. >> colin: steph curry back with a rolled ankle. the warriors are at the big easy tonight. the calm before the storm. louisiana superdome, site of super bowl xlvii. festive obvious for the rest of us. richard jefferson, in the first row. the back two-handed flush. late third quarter, vazquez gives the hornets the lead.
11:53 pm
then clay thompson, five 3s. 33 seconds left. steph curry inbounds. 2025 for jack. vasquez for the tie. huh. warriors with the 116-112 road win. >> david shaw the football coach courtside for stanford and cal. cardinal by eight at the half. cal's leader scorer held to two first-half points. both teams shooting less than 36%. the game was sloppy. cardinal reveil -- prevail by ten. matthew dellavedova delve hit a 40-foot shot to win at the buzzer. a big-man move. 11 for the aussie, and he dropped six dimes. finds waldo, brad wall develop gaels nominating the rose city,
11:54 pm
60-38 the final. >> battle of mid-marriage powers, zags up 1, three seconds up. the inbounds pass stolen by jones? oh. basketball jones more like it. butler's field house, panned pandemonium. >> sounds like brian wilson's days as a giant are numbered. general manager brian sabean with this comment. i'm going to be brutally honest as i always am. i don't think brian wilson will return. sackan at a reception for the historical society. bad news to pass long. one of the greatest hurts, stan the man musial passed away. the hall of famers won seven national league batting titles, a three-time mvp and helped the st. louis cardinals capture
11:55 pm
three world series. had 3,000 of hundred 30 hits. 1,815 on the road and 1,000 hundred 15 at home. earl weaver, also passed away today while aboard a cruise ship. weaver was 82 years old. sharks are back on the ice in calgary. puck drops at 3:00. today, their final practice on sharks ice before hopping the team plane. san jose hoping to add new blood. they're in talks with scott gomez. he has 686 career points. could provide depth for the sharks offense. kings and blackhawks. kings hosting their championship banner but the party didn't last long. hawks, chicago, three goal friday the first.
11:56 pm
toews from the line. chicago gets the win. this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> ama: that is it for this edition of coops --
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ]
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