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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 22, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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we will reach the low 60's at the coast and midland and mid-60's at the bay. >> eastbound san mateo bridge on the high-rise middle lane, a tire blocking the lane so drivers could be swerving to miss that. c.h.p. is headed to clear that out. there is no traffic slowing eastbound. southbound 280 at 680 and 101 junction a stalled bus. a tree in a lane at northbound 880, most likely a christmas tree. >> in a few hours, oakland police are expected to brief reporters of the latest information in the search for suspects involved in the shooting of an under covered officer last night that happened near international boulevard at seminary. amy is live in oakland. last time we talked the s.w.a.t. officers were on the scene.
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>> still here. look behind me. they, worked throughout the night on seminary at 17th. this section of the street is still blocked off. they are looking for two other men. they are looking for evidence. they are still at it this morning. this shooting happened last night at 6:30. police say the officer was, working undercover. they have not released his name. he was on seminary near 17th. he was investigating another shooting when the chief says he was shot. >> during the course of the follow-up he was confronted by three armed and very dangerous individuals. during the confrontation the officer was shot in the arm. the officer suffered a non-life threatening injury. he is expected to have a full recovery. >> police say they arrested one person and are looking for two others who were possibly involved and they could be armed and dangerous. this neighborhood is just east
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of the colisieum. it has been on lockdown through the night. they have let in one family who spent the night in the car. they let them return to their home. things are easing up a bit. this section of seminary is still proposed off. they are still looking for evidence and anyone involved. >> thank you very much. another shooting in brentwood sent four teens to the hospital. we were on the scene at 6:00 last night. the victims all between the ages of 13 and 16, were shot outside a house. the wounds are serious but not life threatening. police say this was a drive-by shooting that is under investigation. >> new this morning, frayed nerves after two homes were raided by robbers at gunpoint yesterday in piedmont. three armed men kicked in the home at 6:30 in the morning and they threatened residents with weapons and ransacked the
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property. 30 minutes later while police investigated this invasion a second was carried out near york drive. in that case they robbed the residents and fired a shot. no one was hurt. the same suspects are believed involved in both attacks. >> marin county is launching upgraded emergency notification system today. if you want receive notification you have to register for the cell phone for marin county residents and those would work or go to school there. listed and unlisted land line members are already in the new system but cell phone and voice over internet protocol numbers require registration. we have information on how to register on our website at >> opening statements are scheduled in the federal cocaine fraud crime for a crime laboratory technician. a mistrial was declared after the jury was unable to reach a verdict against the 62-year-old.
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the jury agreed that she took cocaine from the laboratory as she admitted to miss but they disagreed on whether the prosecution proved she did it by deception. in the wake of the 2010 scandal the san francisco district attorney was forced to dismiss 500 drug-related cases. >> repair work will begin on the bay bridge tower bunker -- bumper damaged in a collision. part of the bumper around the base was crushed when "overseas raymar" sideswiped it on january 7. crews were replace the fender on the butcher. the repair will take 4 1/2 months and cost up to $3 million. abc7 news reporter will have more in a live report. >> long inauguration day, and night, for the president and first ahead but they ended on a sweet notice. ♪ i'm lovin' you
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>> they slow danced as jennifer hudson safer maded them and they joined 40,000 including military members at two galas including performers katy perry and the cast of "glee." today, lady gaga will perform at a private function held for the campaign staff. he took time to thank troops serving overseas during the inaugural ball and held a video chat. >> we know the incredible sacrifices and challenges you meet every single day. but i can tell you, you have a room full of patriots here. >> he told the troops that their nation stands behind them and they have his full support. >> the national prayer service takes place in a few hours at 7:30 our time at the national cathedral. tonight at 6:00, another inaugural ball is underway for the president where lady gaga is
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supposed to take the stage. >> and that song jennifer hudson is singing, that is the one he sang last year at the podium. >> he did a good job, she did a good job. >> mike is doing a good job on the weather. >> good morning, everyone. here is a look at our winds which are light but we have a south wind at eight novato. everyone else is calm. not much of a wind chill. check out the wall of water, how it comes right at you and stops. that is how strong the high pressure is. it is holding this energy at bay. but it is not going to hold it much longer. that is why we will be dry with showers in the forecast. we are waking up with high clouds, with frost inland and low 40's for everyone else. we will have mid to up 50's and back in the mid-to-upper 40's at 7:00 with increasing clouds
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overnight. i don't see any frost in the forecast tomorrow, with showers in north bay possible, and 50's and 60's but dry on thursday and friday. sue? >> good morning, everyone, c.h.p. giving update on the location of the stalled because. it is northbound 101, the connection ramp, to northbound 280 in san jose. it is blocking the right lane. there are 30 people on board. they are trying to get the stall out of there with a tow truck and another bus to get folks where they need to go. northbound 880 at first, reports of a tree blocking lanes and c.h.p. is likely not giving us further details. we think it is a christmas tree. north 101, the left lane is blocked until 6:00 because of road work. san jose, 87 northbound a live shot with few cars headed northbound beyond h.p. pavilion. traffic is moving nicely. bay bridge, still light, with no
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problems to san francisco. >> it is 5:09. next, new stats about the state high school graduation rate what every parent should know who is getting a diploma. >> rave reviews for the movie of a bay area officer-involved shooting, with a bidding war breaking out over the movie. first america's money report. >> can wall street make it four in a row? the major u.s. markets have closed higher for three straight weeks because of solid earnings report and the major companies we will hear from include verizon, google, and apple. do not look for gun deals on groupon, not offering promotions for anything related to firearms after the connecticut school shooting. they say they are reviewing the category. the first to do stingrays sold
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on tuesday morning. thank you for joining us, a live look to the embarcardero which is e -- embarcardero.
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sue has more on the traffic in a couple of minutes. >> a pro choice rally is underway to mark the anniversary of roe vs. wade, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion 40 years ago today in the united states. hundreds are expected to attend the rally and walk starting at 11:30 in los altos and another at san francisco city hall. seven in ten americas believe roe vs. wade should stand. >> study this morning shows an alarming picture of high school graduation rates in california with a drop out rate of five percent in 2010, 405,000 students graduated, but 93,000 dropped out. our dropout rate was above the national rate of 4 percent post
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likely to leave senior year, more likely to be male. but they will have fewer opportunities as more jobs today require high level skills. >> there is new information how far the los angeles catholic archdiocese went to cover up deeds of the priests. a retired cardinal was disturbed about abuse allegations but delays taking action against the pedophile priests. in one case a priest was accused of molesting boys in the late 80's and not defrocked until 2004. >> a movie of the 2009 new year's day killing of oscar grant is earning rave reviews this week at the sundance film festival about the final hours leading to the moment he was slot and killed by a bart police officer. critics have been giving the
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movie rave reviews and a bidding war broke out for the film including indie studios. so far, no word on when it will hit theaters. >> a woman in utah is out of the hospital after being crushed by a bowled are while sleeping. a massive rock. wanda somehow managed to find her phone and call 9-1-1. her husband says that the boulder broke loose and barreled into the bedroom. >> it was in the bedroom, on my wife's side of the bed and crushed the bed and hurt my wife. >> the neighbor down the street said he could hear her screaming. >> wanda suffered a broken jaw. he expressed reservations about the boulders but his wife thought otherwise. >> san francisco's jazz scene is thriving so much that the city
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now has the only jazz music hall on the west coast which opened yesterday to great fanfare. do not confuse this with a jazz club, a music hall with 700-seat auditorium. the $64 million center is near the symphony and opera. >> new orleans is the birthplace of jazz and new york is the mecca of jazz but san francisco, this building, where we are standing, has become in a lot of ways a ground zero for the new respect for our national art form. >> there is all glass exterior to invite people to look inside as jazz musicians practice inside. >> we want to hear the music. >> next time. >> we will try to run that story again. you will hear the music. >> it is not "singin' in the rain." >> but jazz is good for the super bowl. >> we could hear rain tomorrow.
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we will work our way to the forecast for the wet weather that is finally returning to our neighborhood. 5:17. from the east bay hills camera, in the foreground across the bay bridge to san francisco and live doppler 7 hd waiting on the system that is still over the ocean. by this time tomorrow we will watch some radar runs over the ocean moving in. in 24 hours, make sure you come back and we will give you that information for where the vein. 33 in fairfield, and 34 in napa and concord. the fog has lifted. mid-to-upper 30's for the bayshore to the coast. mid-40's to upper 40's around oakland and san francisco. inland, 32 at gilroy, the cool spots and santa cruz in the
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mid-to-upper 40's along with important tray. high clouds today which is the last above average day. we have light showers tomorrow and unsettled weekend weather. tomorrow is more of a sure thing than the weekend but we will be closer to ironing out the forecast on the weekend but right now there is a chance of showers. today, compared for 24 hours ago we will be warmer in san francisco, and oakland, also, and san jose, at 66, and concord and fremont the same as yesterday and santa rosa a degree cooler and you will not notice it. temperatures will be in the mainly low-to-mid 60's this afternoon, and we have 66 at half moon bay, and palo alto and fremont and san jose. and oakland for the warmer spots inland, and 62 in antioch. 69 at monterey. tonight, frost-free forecast. temperatures mostly in the low-to-upper 40's. we have huge wall of water
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sitting out there, with high clouds breaking off and that is what we will have for the forecast later this afternoon as the system is closer and closer. we will have light showers for tomorrow and they will be scattered through the day at .1" and possibly quarter to .5" of rain on the north coast and then temperatures falling to the 50's for a high this weekend. >> in san jose the stalls bus blocking a right lane of traffic. north 101 ramp to northbound 280, there are 30 people on the bus waiting for another bus to get the folks to where they need to go and a tow truck to get the bus out. i go not see a lot of slowing in the san jose area but it is there. road work southbound 101 from oyster point the left lane is blocked until 6:00 this morning and we have road work northbound 101 to grand, two left lanes until 7:00 this morning and with police activity in the oakland
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area, abc7 is on the scene at seminary at east 17th, stay away from the area while they conduct an investigation. they are asking folks to do that and keep clear of that and southbound 101 looking good leaving marin county off waldo grade four lanes for southbound commute into san francisco on the golden gate bridge it is clear. >> thank you. coming up with no mountains to climb, midwest dare devils are taking a sense of adventure to new heights. >> today our show is about the struggle to move forward after unthinkable tragedy. imagine losing your children in a horrific way. for my two guests it is all too real, matthew's three beautiful girls died a year ago in a christmas day fire. and now this mother's son was killed in a hate crime that
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gained national attention. they are helping others
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>> good morning, everyone, on the morning news on tuesday morning. this is the macarthur maze and kind of light. well check with sue and find out if some people are extending the holiday a day or so. >> not us. >> not us. mike will have the forecast. >> busy for another round of tests for the troubled boeing 787 dreamliner today. jane king has the bloomberg report. >> federal investigators testing
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boeing 787 dreamliner components in arizona today. they will look at the battery charger and other electronics. the planes were grounded after several problems. groupon is pulling the trigger on gun-related deals and offers citing consumer problems. if you have hard plastic bowls, you could eat a toxic chemical when you use them eating something hot from them. investors waiting if report on existing home sales later this morning. home prices gained 6 percent last year but says do not expect that to continue. >> now the stock market closed mixed yesterday but mixed day on friday. the average price for have been game is well over $3,000 this
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morning according to the ticket sellers which is cheaper than last year the giants and the patriots. >> we can see the abc7 reporter in washington, dc, bundled up for the first time in a while, we are warmer than they are. >> he is jealous. mike in washington, dc. >> the wind chill is six in washington, dc, cooler than during the inauguration in the martin luther king jr. festivities. our radar shows it is quiet but not tomorrow. today, one of the last days before the wet weather rolls in. 58 in eureka, a cooler spot but tahoe is 50 and 58 in yosemite, and mid-to-upper 60's big sur and fresno. in los angeles or palm springs,
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near 80 degrees today. have a safe trip. sue? >> back to san jose c.h.p. again updating the location of this stalled bus and they are saying it is northbound 101 ramp to northbound 680 so it is either 680 or the 280 ramp and when it is firmly located we will pass that information to you. a tow truck has been delayed so that is not going to be cleared as quickly as we hoped. bart and muni and caltrain, all on time. no delays this tuesday morning. kristen? >> global warming was an issue that president obama touched on in the inaugural address and a topic in talk show host jimmy kimmel last night. we have technical problems but we will bring that to you later. it airs weeknights at 11:23 at the new time following abc7 news
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at 11 and the guests include an actress from "modern family." >> climbers is showing they will do anything to keep from being boreed. the climbers braved frozen temperatures to tackle the frozen silo in iowa. some did it for choose credit at the university of northern iowa. the youngest climbers were there for the fun of it. they didn't have mountains so this you go. >> just ahead, a month long repair effort on part of the bay bridge sideswiped by an oil tanker is underway dead and how much this will cost. >> a man detained after shining lasers at our news helicopter and what he can face after the incident was caught by news
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. mike nicco is here with the wet forecast. >> dry look on live doppler 7 hd. tomorrow we will track showers. ahead of that we have had high clouds rolling in. that kept our temperatures up. a few frosty spots. santa rosa is one of those. my car had frost this morning with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's and low-to-mid 30's around antioch and oakland and 48 in san francisco. thicker high clouds today with low-to-mid 60's at the coast and above average around the bay with mid-to-upper 60's and high clouds and sunshine inland and low-to-mid 60's.
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sue? >> we have light conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza. so far so good. obviously in metering lights upper deck. everyone is at limit moving toward treasure island. back to san jose, c.h.p. saying this is where the stalled bus is north 101 ranch to north 680, the big interchange there so they were conflicted where the bus was it is blocking the right lane, 30 passengers on the bus and they are waiting for a tow truck. otherwise, road work is still in lanes, southbound 101 oyster point to grand avenue until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> developing news from oakland where police are out looking for two people accused of shooting an oakland police officer. the shooting happened at 6:30 last night on seminary avenue near international boulevard. police say the officer was working undercover at the time investigating another shooting that happened on sunday. authorities say they have detained one man but they are searching for two others believed to be armed and
5:31 am
dangerous in the neighborhood east of the colisieum. the officer was shot in the arm with the injuries considered "serious" but not life threatening. >> covering the officer involved shooting, someone shined a laser on our helicopter. first time they were behind a window but the laser was flashing, and the second time he watched the chopper and pulled out the laser and shines it again. the pilot and photographer were distracted but were thought blinded by the beam. police took the man into today. shining lasers at pilots is punishable by federal law. >> city leaders are expecting a big town out in oakland when the city council considers a contract to bring on a controversial high from file police consultant to fight crime. if hired, a firm los angeles and new york and boston police chief will be paid $250,000 to consult the police department on ways to reduce the crime wave but not everyone is on board. tempers flared last week at the
5:32 am
meeting when the protests voiced their concerns of possible racial profiling. he favors a technique called "stop and frisk "where police can stop anyone they feel is suspicious. the oakland city council will take under the issue tonight at 6:30. >> in san francisco, the use of tasers by officers will be the focus of a community meeting tonight. right now the san francisco police department is the only police agency in the bay area that does not use stun guns. the chief wants to launch a pilot program to equip officers with tasers to deal with mentally ill after a police shooting last summer when an officer shot and killed a man who attacked a co-worker with a box cutter. the community forum is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. at hamilton recreation center on geary boulevard. >> repairs begin on the bay bridge bumper damaged in an oil tanker crash this month. our reporter is live in san francisco with details for us.
5:33 am
good morning, katie. >> good morning, eric. it will take a while and it will be expensive. we are talking about the eastern most tower of the when span of the bridge closest to treasure island and it is not the tower itself but the fender is designed to protect the tower. that is what it did. when crews begin repair work it will not be a chief job. the fender they estimate the metropolitan transportation committee estimates it will confident between $2 million and $3 million because the area is hard to access so they have to bring in special equipment in order to do the repairs. some of the building materials they will use we understand are steel and also recycled plastic. repair work is supposed to take 4 1/2 months. as for the money the mtc has the money to recover the repairs in reserve but they land to go after the owner of the tanker to recoup their losses. the tanker left the area on
5:34 am
friday, a week after the accident which was on monday the 7th. but it will take a lot longer before we know exactly why the accident happened. the investigation could take up to 18 months. during that time they are trying to determine if it was pilot error or some kind of mechanical error. the good news is the tower was not damaged, so no repairs need to be made to that and the tanker did not leak oil into the bay. repair work on the fender beginning today. live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> the california state university board of trustees will discuss the proposed education budget when they begin three days of meetings this morning. in long beach the trustees will talk about the budget request for $371 million and they will focus on the plan to allocate $10 million for online solutions to help students pass high demand courses. the board has tabled proposed
5:35 am
fees that affect seniors who have heavy course loads and students who have to repeat courses. >> lake county sheriff deputies are looking for a man who kill a clerk in a store robbery. the 33-year-old was shot in the holdup at the gas mart and the sheriff deputies say surveillance video shows a hooded person walking in the paing lot at 10:45 prime minister on friday night and walking out 20 seconds later. two other employees were in the store. they were not hurt. stunned residents are offering $10,000 reward to find the killer. >> now the hostage crisis in north africa. we have an exclusive interview with the wife of one american who narrowly escaped death hiding from the terrorists for to days. it was four days of terror in the first videos recorded by one of the hostages and broadcast by
5:36 am
am general state tv. based on official accounts 38 of the american were executed by the terrorists or killed in the rescue attempt. three are believed americans. one who was able to get out, and his wife talked to abc. her husband hid in his office at gas plant facility before making a run for it. >> he was hiding in there for about 2 1/2 days with 2' or 3 feet of the terrorists and some of his friends did not make it. a couple of times he said he truly thought he was going to die. >> you can hear more of that interview on "good morning america" after our newscast. >> this morning the first family attends a national prayer service at the national cathedral with a final day of inaugural-related events before the president dives into the second term.
5:37 am
♪ you can feel our love >> the star-studded balls he stole the spotlight. ♪ obama on fire >> the couple was safer maded by jennifer hudson. it was a specific tack hard day of pomp and circumstance. ♪ the whole of the world >> a parade and a public swearing in at the capitol. now, it is back to work for president obama who in the address signaled he will push a bold, progressive agenda. >> we have understood when times change, so must we. >> the president spoke directly to the goals of the diverse and socially liberal coalition that
5:38 am
re-elected him. if the first time he mentioned gay rights. >> if we are truly created equal, surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well. >> he spoke of climate change, equal pay for women, and immigration reform. >> our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the hopeful immigrants who still see america as a land of opportunity. >> the president paused during many of the special moments. he took it all in knowing this would be the last inauguration. >> some republicans thought president obama's inaugural address was too partisan with divided government here in washington, dc, he will need some g.o.p. support to pass the big agenda items. >> the national prayer service takes place in a few hours at 7:30 our time and begins at the national cathedral. tonight at 6:00, another inaugural ball is underway for
5:39 am
the president and lady gaga takes the stage at that. >> hand warmers. scarves. >> and a reporter posted there were hand warmers everywhere. >> nothing that we need here. mike nicco? >> we had a run on the hand warmers in the central valley over the weekend for baseball tournament at 26 degrees when the kids were playing. it feels like six where our reporter is in washington, dc. the fog we were watching in santa rosa has lifted with nine miles visibility and a temperature of 32 with quarter-mile visibility earlier. we have had reports of black ice. 32 inland and low 40's for the rest of us and upper 50's to mid-60's from noon to 4:00. the next three days, showers tomorrow and thursday and friday
5:40 am
are cooler but dry. sue? >> a look at the drive from antioch westbound highway four bunching up, less than 20 miles per hour and under15 minutes when you are beyond the slow track to the pittsburg and concord area so that is a problem and it is typical and from the central valley from 205 to tracy you are slow and over the altamont pass speeds pick up in the dublin/pleasanton area. stalled bus northbound 101 in san jose at the connection to 680. it is still blocking the right lane. they are still waiting for the extended tow truck. >> it used to be that you would rent a movie and now it is falling on hard time, with now trouble facing blockbuster video. >> and the owners want to sell the sacramento kings but that is
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:44. the fight to keep the kings in sacramento is becoming political. a letter from the state senate
5:44 am
raises questions of microsoft involvement in the purchase. microsoft c.e.o. is part of the group trying to bring the team to seattle. the family has agreed to sell the majority ownership to the kings. but microsoft is interested in moving the team out of california while enjoying a prosperous working relationship with the state. he has written state budget officials to look into current technology contracts with microsoft. >> if you are in new york over the weekend and saw a familiar face, yes, that was google co-founder riding the subway over the weekend while wearing hot new technology in a new google glasses presumably testing them out on the subway which searching internet for a map or forecast and it appears before your eyes. the man who took this picture chatted with the c.e.o. calling him the most powerful man in the world and a very nice guy who probably could have bought the
5:45 am
subway train. >> we have a different perspective of the maverick surf competition. this is dave trying to catch a wide and peter mel rides up on him and the 43-year-old mel won the competition in the 8 the attempt and split the $50,000 winnings with the other top finishers. the video is from go pro. >> i want to put that camera on my kids' skis. >> better than what the parents take, the pictures. >> now, everyone, we are coming up on 5:47. looking to the port of oak, -- oakland, it is clear as far as rain. we have more moisture and not as cold as the last couple of
5:46 am
mornings. tomorrow, the moisture will include showers we are tracking for the wednesday. mostly in the afternoon. 32 in santa rosa is the cool spot and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 40's with antioch and oakland and san francisco in the low-to-upper 40's, and 39 in watsonville and freezing at gilroy and mid-to-upper 40's for santa cruz and salinas and monterey. today we will have more high clouds than yesterday, but now they are here to stay. a mild day with the dimmer sunshine, and light showers is what we have for tomorrow and unsettled weekend weather where showers are possible again. today, compared to average look how warm we are, eight degrees warmer in livermore with 64 and oakland is 66 and san francisco is 66 and six degrees warmer in redwood city and san jose at 65, napa is five degrees warmer than we should be at 66. everyone in the low to the
5:47 am
mid-60's. in the monterey bay we will make a run at nearly 70. maybe one degree short the low-to-upper 40's tonight but fairfield is at 39. a frost-free forecast. now we are just getting stonewalled by high pressure. look at that area of clouds from the arctic sickle to the -- arctic circle, and there will be showers across the entire bay. the clouds will keep us from freezing tonight. by noon tomorrow, scattered showers develop and we will all have wide showers but by thursday morning it dries again. rainfall amounts in the south bay and east bay valley at .1" and highs in the 50's this weekend. kristen? >> a new accident in san leandro 238 northbound to northbound 880
5:48 am
an unusually popular spot, north 238, expect delays here while they clear that out of lanes and elsewhere, it is getting busy on 80 the east shore freeway moving beyond university avenue overcrossing into emeryville and macarthur maze. to the bay bridge, you will find no metering lights but very slow traffic backing up to the first overcrossing and a bit sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. kristen? >> blockbuster will close 300 u.s. stores soon according to a report in the "los angeles times" after facing stiff competition from netflix and up against red box and other kiosks, leaving 3,000 employees out of work after the stores are closed. then they will have 500 locations remaining in the united states. >> less than two weeks away from
5:49 am
the first super bowl appearance for the 49ers in eight years. a man who left his mark on the quaterback kaepernick. >> for your health, something that could pose a threat behind the wheel. we will explain. >> coming up at 6:00, canned foods are cheap to buy but are they saving you money? we have a new consumer reports
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>> welcome back. a building fire at air force base north of sacramento is under investigation. flames burst from a building yesterday afternoon. the structure was damaged. the flames are out now. heavy smoke continues to pour from the building. firefighters stayed on the scene to watch for flareups. the base is 40 miles north of the capital. >> the contra costa fire protection district holds a third in a series of fire department closures on communities. three fire stations were shut down last week in walnut creek, lafayette and martinez and two more were reduced to part-time staffing. $6 million budget hole was blamed. voters reject add property tax measure to keep the fire stations open.
5:53 am
no firefighters are laid off. tonight the meeting is held in walnut creek at the walnut heights elementary school. >> time to check the forecast. what did you have, mike? >> i have stop -- live doppler 7 hd that is out there. it has been ten dayses since we had measurable rain and it was not much. we have not had a good soaking this month not that tomorrow's will be but it will be something. the last three hours, notice how quiet. now, as we head into the afternoon hours, reno hits 50. and yosemite, 50, palm springs is 75 to 80! >> a live shot of the oakland bay bridge, we have an incident here that is now being cleared. i don't know if you can see the flashing lights, we had a stall and that bridge truck is there and clearing out of the lanes. you can see sluggish traffic
5:54 am
headed westbound to the tunnel. so, slowing there at the bay bridge. north 101 ramp to northbound 680 in san jose, sometime with a stalled bus and a flare pattern blocking the right lane. they are waiting if -- for a tow truck there and we have debris in 880. kristen? >> a study shows obese drivers are more likely to die in a crash. researchers found upon impact an obese driver's lower body is from peopled further before the seatbelt stops them. the extra weight prevents the belt from fitting snugly. >> authorities suggest the vehicle design may need to change to provide better protection in the emergency medicine journal. >> the 49ers are headed to the super bowl and karen -- kaepernick's tattoos are in
5:55 am
on-the-spot light. we interviewed the gentleman would has been working on the tattoos for kaepernick. this is video of him getting the markings and some have called the tattoo shot wanting the ill imagine of kaepernick tattooed on their body. >> i am amazed. i didn't expect it to be this big. you know? >> the catch is that he is actually a patriots' fan but he is happy it is the 49ers and cap are knick -- kaepernick going to the super bowl. we will follow the 49ers headed to new orleans and we will have live reports from the big easy next week. >> we are following developing news from the east bay. the neighborhood surrounded by police right now after an officer was shot. >> in more discounts for guns, the company refusing to pass on savings to customers in the wake of the school tragedy in connecticut. >> find out how the design are
5:56 am
behind a dress reacted when he found out that the first lady picked his creation for the inaugural ball.
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is 5:359 -- 5:59 on this tuesday. >> when you step outside, will there be frost on your car? that is the big question. >> depends where you are. >> less likely than yesterday and tomorrow. it will be frost free. it is dry. we have more moisture. we have high clouds. that is keeping the temperatures up. around bay we are frost-free.
5:59 am
36 to 42. hanging around 60 at noon and low-to-mid 60's under partly sunny sky for the afternoon. if you are headed out this evening dress for temperatures in the low 50's. i land we have forecast but it is limited at 32 to 40. low-to-mid 60's with high clouds thicker at 4:00. you may need a coat headed out for the evening hours but not as thick as it has been with temperatures warmer at 46 to 50. on the coast we have high clouds and low-to-mid 40's and mickey sunshine and calmer waves and near 60 at 4:00, and 49 to 53 for the evening activities. have a good one. >> back to the bay bridge with an early accident stalled and possibly two separate incidents cleared. you can see emergency light there. we have sluggish traffic because of the incident back, now, on the incline section. metering lights ar


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