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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 23, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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dakotas to virginia with at least four deaths blamed on the cold. for the first time in years, new york city doesn't make it out of the teens. more from tahman bradley. >> reporter: across the nation, it's bitterly cold. and in some places, dangerously cold. >> i don't even want to go out of the house. >> it really cold. >> reporter: on tuesday, the temperature in major cities across the midwest dropped to near or below zero. wind chill 50 below in maine to 10 below in north carolina. around the great lakes, minus 40. colder than the north pole. >> it's like needles sticking in your face. >> reporter: this isn't even the worst of the weather. meteorologists say the great lakes, new england, and mid-atlantic are looking for more cold conditions and more snow for the rest of the week. the frigid temperatures are tough to bear. this woman in western michigan woke up to no running water. >> it must have froze fast because it was working last night probably around 8:00. >> reporter: the arctic blast brought in blinding snow.
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whiteout conditions became haza hazardous in ohio. more than 150 vehicles got tangled up in three major pileups. >> you can't see in front of you. you can't see the cars. >> reporter: lake-effect snow is a nightmare in parts of new york. people working outside in these conditions like construction workers for example, face the danger of hypothermia. frostbite. and even cold air asthma. >> you can experience frostbite within five to ten minutes of being outside. >> reporter: doctors say the best thing to do is to wear layers and avoid exposing skin. tahman bradley, abc news. >> and as tahman mentioned, the big chill isn't going away anytime soon. >> and for more, we turn to meteorologist jim dickey. >> another frigid day on tap here from the nation's midsection on to the northeast. this morning, minus nine in burlington.
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four in buffalo. lake effect snow continues here, too. it will be minus 3 in minneapolis. a cold minus 7 in bismarck. many spots feeling well below zero. really from new york on northward to the upper midwest. rob and sunny, back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot for that, jim. but it is not cold everywhere. in southern california, they're breaking heat records. l.a. yesterday with a record high of 82 degrees. san diego topped out at 80. a record that had stood for 103 years. nice to be out west. and, of course, sam champion is tracking the chill as well. he'll have the latest forecast coming up on "good morning america." a major surprise overnight for residents around dallas. a rare earthquake shook the region. the magnitude 3.0 quake struck in the city of irving, just a few miles from dallas ft. worth
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international airport. no significant damage is being reported. two similar-sized quakes rattled the same region last september. one last public appearance by hillary clinton as secretary of state. it's not likely to be a pleasant one. clinton will be on the hot seat. over the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. with a preview, here's abc news' martha raddatz. >> reporter: she faces what could be a brutal day. the long-postponed hearing on benghazi and the pent-up frustration of some prominent senators. >> we want to know what she was doing. did she give any orders? >> reporter: the outrage on capitol hill already cost susan rice a shot at being clinton's replacement for saying five days after the attack, it began with spontaneous protests. clinton will likely be asked about those statements. there will be more specifics the committee will want to know. why wasn't there more security? in such a dangerous place? were you aware there were requests for more security? if not, why not?
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if so, why were those requests denied? the state department says hillary clinton is eager to testify. this is not the way she wanted to end her tenure. this is one of her last public appearances as secretary. john kerry's confirmation hearing is scheduled for thursday. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> thank you, martha. and more political news today. joe biden being very cagey about his political future. the vice president said yesterday he had not decided whether he'll run for the top job come 2016. but he may have already tipped his hand a little bit. for his official swearing in on sunday, he invited members of two early primary states, new hampshire and south carolina. the republican national committee begins a big meeting today in charlotte. to plan the party's future. rnc chair prebis is sure to get
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an earful by people who want change following last year's election. despite the criticism, he's expected to be re-elected. prime minister benjamin netanyahu did not cruise to an easy victory in yesterday's elections, as had been predicted. a newcomer put up a surprisingly strong challenge. it now appears that netanyahu will have to make a bigger effort at peace with the palestinians. the street value of a huge drug bust could be up to $12 million. they showed off the seven understand the of marijuana yesterday. it was seized last week. officials say it is the largest pot seizure ever at an arizona border crossing. a mexican truck driver who brought the drugs to the border is now in custody. one more story from the border. a new poll finds that more than 60% of americans now favor allowing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country.
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that's up from ten points in just three years. the climb is due to more republicans, about 53%, now supporting the idea. three years ago, it was just 22%. arguably, some fallout from the election and the big showing by hispanic voters. this is an issue whose time has seemingly come. the inauguration festivities spilled into tuesday with the final ball featuring none other than lady gaga. >> she performed at a bash for white house campaign staffers in washington last night. she delighted the crowd with "edge of glory" and "born this way." completely covered up in a bizarre bridal-like gown. we expect nothing less from gaga. even tony bennett joined her for a duet of "the lady is a tramp." two different generations. two legends, different times. >> the parties continued. coming up, good news for your 401(k) as wall street hits a new record high. plus, new developments overnight in the texas school
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shooting that sent people scrambling yesterday, memories of newtown still pretty fresh in their minds. and could you will have in 250 square feet? a sneak peek at the possible future in america's biggest cities.
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welcome back, everybody. they are flying high on wall street these days. both the dow jones and the s&p 500 index are opening at five-year highs this morning, their best since the financial crisis. they were helped by strong earnings reports and signs of a
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deal on raising the u.s. debt limit. the house is set to vote today on that deal that would allow the government to continue borrowing money since may. but this is an important distinction here. rather than raising the actual debt limit, republicans leaders are proposing that the debt limit just not be enforced until mid-may. the white house says it will not stand in the way of that short-term solution. but there doesn't seem to be an easy solution for middle class workers. millions of their jobs have disappeared since the great recession. millions more are likely to go. many have been displaced by technology, everything from assembly lines to clerks double-checking numbers. most of the jobs that are being added are low paying. also, we're getting a look at what might be the city apartment of the future. they're called microunits. they're intended for singles, even couples, with pull-down beds and other multiuse spaces. construction will start soon in new york city on a pilot project that will include communal areas so residents can stretch out,
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kind of, i guess. it's not just super bowl commercials costing more this year. chicken wings will be more expensive and harder to get. corn and animal feed prices soared last year sending wholesale chicken prices to their highest level ever. restaurants should have enough. last-minute shoppers at supermarkets may be thrown for a loss. all right, next on this wednesday morning. that close encounter. a dolphin in need knew just where to go for help. and how the nfl is using lasers to make the action just a bit easier to follow. ♪ with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy.
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your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists. another look now at the dangerous cold snap gripping more than a dozen states from the upper midwest to the northeast. at least four people have died. many cities are in minus and
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single-digit territory for the third consecutive days, some wind chills are plunging to 50 below zero. >> wow. now for a look at the morning road conditions. snow makes for a slippery commute from the great lakes into western pen. upstate new york. wet roads around little rock and memphis. snowy passes in the cascades. if you're flying, airport ke lays expected in seattle, san francisco, and detroit. this morning, one man is charged with aggravated assault after a wild shooting incident at a community college in houston. >> ambulances raced to the scene at lone star college. students ran for safety right after the lunchtime violence. it apparently started with two men getting into an argument that escalated into gunfire. >> i have never witnessed anything like this before. i've only heard about it. i heard the shots.
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i saw a guy in the bushes trying to get away. >> i glanced at them. there's a lot of kids out there. anybody out there could have been shot. >> the man, who has been charged, and two others have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds. chazzs resume this morning. turning out up the heat in the gun debate. wayne lapierre, the group's executive vice president says there are only two reasons for a federal list of gun owners. to tax guns or to simply take them. he says the president must respect the rights guaranteed in the constitution. >> we're not people to be trivialized, marginalized, or demonized as unreasonable. we're not children, two need to be parented. mitter clingers to guns and religion. >> he rejected the president's call for a ban on automatic weapons and high-capacity gun
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clips. one year after joe paterno's death, his fans honored him near penn state's campus. they braved frigid temperatures in a candlelight vigil. his family did not attend the vigil. and a shout out this morning to the who dat nation. the new orleans saints have their coach back. he was forced the sit out this last season because of his role in the bounty program. his suspension was supposed to last until after the super bowl. roger goodell ended it yesterday two weeks earlier. the saints fan, we all like to see sean back next year. the yellow computer-generated first down line could soon be seen in a stadium near you. a company is talking to the league about its high-tech laser
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system that would be visible to fans right there if the stands. now for sports highlights, including a stunner down under. details from espn. welcome to your "sportscenter" update. the autotrail yan open women's quarter finals, number three, serena williams, taking on the youngster, number 29, sloane stee stephens. williams returned long. smashes the racket. later in the set, game four for stephens. william, a forehand into the net. double match point for stephens. williams, the backhand, this time, back into the net. stephens can't believe it. she upsets williams. ed a vaps vances to the semifinals. nba time, chris paul, out tuesday with a bruised kneecap the the clippers host the thunder. fourth quarter, blake griffin. the easy two points there.
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31 points, 11 bard boards in the game. thunder by 14. under 5:00 to play, durant crossing up matt barnes. the thunderous jam right there. 32 points, 7 boards, 7 helpers for him. that's your "sportscenter" update. i'm jorge andres. have a great day. heart-stopping video out of moscow. >> the 20-year-old was rising on an ice zi road with her parents when the suv lost control and hit a truck. she was thrown if the back window on impact landing in the path of a truck that just missed her. her father scooped her up just in time and she sur vised with only custs and bruises. >> that girl has a few guardian
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so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your doctor about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ all right, time to check "the pull" this morning. excuse me. a little cough. if you thought the obamas turned in early after monday night's inaugural bals, think again. >> the first family had quite the afterparty. that is the president embracing alicia keys' husband. >> and the first lady dancing to
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beyonce's single ladies. >> and here's the benet family with john mayer and katy perry. she tweeted, from here on out how all parties will be judged. >> 3:00 a.m. that is crazy. after that day of seriousness, everybody needed some cut-loose time. they're now husbands and dads, but they haven't lost their boyish charm. three of the most successful boy bands ever are hitting the road today. >> new kids on the block, boyz to men, and 98 degrees are joining together for a so-called package tour. who doesn't love boyz to men, man. wow. takes me back a few years. if you have ever wondered what it's like to be tiger's supper, take a look at these feet. the pictures came from a camera inside a snowman at a wild life
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rescue. >> the siberian female took such a liking to it she put the camera in her powerful jaws. keerps were able to do a den call check just by looking at the pictures. >> better to see that through a camera. and sticking with animals now. new evidence that dolphins are pretty smart. check out the bottle-nosed dolphins that seemed to seek help from a diver. this one had a fishing line on its fin. >> it let the divers cut the line and swam away. it took place off the water off hawaii. >> good to see that. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else, a comedic look at the inauguration. when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up le ann] to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc seven news. >> good morning, on this wednesday, at 4:28.
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i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have breaking news in san francisco. crews are on the scene of a fire if san francisco on oak street. a victorian went up in flames before 3:00 this morning. investigators say it started outside the home before it spread. we hear it could have been started by a christmas tree at the street. that is not confirmed. the blaze is under control. it is impacting traffic in the area. >> we will check with sue hall on the traffic aspect. >> fortunately it is early enough we talked with the san francisco police department, and the fire is at oak street and traffic is getting through the area. the good news, it is beyond octavia so there is no problem getting to the freeway. best to avoid the area. >> we have an accident westbound skyway coming off the bay bridge but it is cleared over to 5th
4:28 am
and harrison so traffic is not affected off the bay bridge. road work southbound in oakland, fruitvale to 66 for another half an hour. mike? >> thank you very much. we will look at live doppler 7 hd and show you where the rain is. it is right now north and south of the area. in the south there is a a little bit showing up. places like los altos and cupertino and los gatos and santa clara up to 237, possibly sunnyvale getting light sprinkles. best chance of rain reaching the ground to the east of sea ranch. this is headed to the north. the bulk of the showers will stay offshore and head north to mendocino county. in the afternoon is when we will get the system to start moving to the east. we will start with sprinkles
4:29 am
this morning. it will become steady, light rain, as we head into the afternoon hours. it will be mainly cloudy and cooler with mid-to-upper 50's at the coast. you can trade the ice scraper for an umbrella. >> thank you, mike. developing news from oakland where a controversial law enforcement expert is officially a consultant to the oakland police department. the city council voted to hire bill bratton in a raucous meeting that ran into the wee hours. now to amy live at city hall. >> he is controversial but william bratton is coming to oakland. there were so many people at the meeting they had to use four rooms for overflow crowd. all the people filling up city hall. the meeting lasted until 2:30 this morning. the issue was whether to hire former police


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