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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 26, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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we'll tell you about that, coming up. >> leaving a lot of neighbors angry and frustrated. also this morning, sarah palin's silence. the former vice presidential candidate has split from fox news. what will her next move be? >> we're still trying to find out what drove that split. and check this out. the miami heat star, lebron james, rushing the court to tackle a fan. what did he do to deserve that big bear hug? which seems to be an overwhelming hug. >> i don't think that was planned. plus, the fearless ginger zee. our very own ginger gets extreme at the x-games. we'll test her nerves with some of the top athletes on the slopes. never heard the word nerves. she can do anything. >> she is fearless. we'll get that, coming up in a few minutes. let's start with the political power couple. unimaginable just a few years ago. barack obama and hillary clinton in their first side-by-side interview. these two locked horns publicly, repeatedly and vehemently back in 2008. so, what does this new tableau
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mean for 2016? abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. if you were on a desert island for the past four years, and turned on the tv, you wouldn't believe it. bitter rivals now fawning over each other as their working relationship comes to an end. >> it's been a great collaboration. >> reporter: it is a first. the first time the president has agreed to a dual interview with anyone other than his wife. he tells cbs' "60 minutes" why. >> i wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you. i think hilly will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we've had. >> reporter: wow. what four years -- >> i was fighting these fights. >> reporter: and rivals becoming partners. >> i'm just reacting to the fact. >> reporter: can do for a relationship. >> these are the kinds of political gains. >> reporter: remember this from 2008? >> wait a minute.
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just a minute. >> reporter: obama and clinton at each other's throats. she was experienced. the anointed candidate. >> i was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor, rezko, in his slum landlord business in inner city chicago. >> no, no, no. >> reporter: he, the upstart community organizer that hit back. >> what you just repeated here today is -- wait, hillary. you just spoke for two minutes. >> reporter: all that seems a distant memory. >> i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she's played during the course of my administration. >> a few years ago, it would been seen as improbable because we had that very long, hard primary campaign. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> reporter: for the rivals, it came down to service. >> president obama asked me to be secretary of state. and i said yes. why did he ask me? and why did i say yes? because we both love our country. >> david, there's been a lot of speculation about whether hillary might run for president in 2016. possibly against the current vice president, joe biden.
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does this interview mean obama is picking sides here? >> reporter: you can't even say thank you in this town, dan, without a lot of political intrigue coming along with it. was it an endorsement of hillary for 2016? or is he trying to say thank you through her for bill clinton for all he did at the end of the campaign, just a few months ago, getting out there and pushing for him? we don't know the answers to that. but we continue to ask those questions over the next three-plus years or two-plus years and we're in the middle of another campaign, dan. >> that's the way it goes. david kerley, thank you. we turn, now, to wall street's big role in the new year. the dow closed at its highest level since october 2007, before the economic collapse. the dow is now less than 300 points away from hitting an all-time high. meantime, the s&p 500, a broader measure of stocks, ended the day above 1500 for the first time since december 2007. what does this mean for you and your investments? let's bring in michael santoli, senior columnist for yahoo! finance. great to see you, michael. what's behind this rally?
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and does it have legs? >> four years we've been rising here. more than doubled in the stock market since 2009. what's going on is the economy has improved steadily enough for long enough, that it kind of feels that way to most people. and i think also these megathreats have receded a little bit. at one time or another, the last few years, we were expecting europe to fall apart, china to fall into recession or the united states to fault on its debt. those things have faded into the background. i do think there's a chance that, now, we're back to a normalcy situation in the market. you can roll along. but i think it's come a little bit far in a short period of time. up more than 10% in ten weeks. it usually doesn't keep that pace up. >> skyrocketing. and what's interesting is for the first time in a long time, we're seeing the individual investor starting to invest their money. mutual funds have had the best week they've had since 2000. what does this mean for the personal wealth in this country? >> if you've been in the market, the market's done you a favor by doubling again since march 2009. interest rates are so low, i have to at least try to
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participate. what you should keep in mind, this is not early in the run. when you've been rising, and the markets have doubled in four years, it does mean that a lot of the low-hanging fruit has been picked. i think individual investors should probably participate if they've been totally out of the market, if they have a long-time horizon. but i do think it's going to all depend on whether the global economic growth story that people expect to happen does actually come through. we don't really know that. we won't know it for months. >> and also, what's happening in washington, if they'll have resolve there and resolution. >> exactly. >> one company that hasn't been participating in this rally recently. apple stock, down 40% in the last four months. what's going on there? it's not the biggest company in the world. exxon overtook it again. >> apple has had an amazing year. went up 75% in its stock. and then, it lost pretty much all those gains. disillusionment with apple's ability to keep the growth up. when you get to that size, so difficult to grow fast enough to satisfy investors. and apple has failed so far. they're overearning because
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everybody has competitive products to things like the iphone. and nobody's really sure if they can stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition for long. >> a lot of experts say don't bet against apple just yet. michael, thanks so much for joining us. now, to the headlines about the young man who has moved into a $2.5 million mansion near miami without paying a dime. we first told you about this story friday morning. but we're now learning this is becoming a national trend. and some of the people doing it are connected to a group that the fbi classifies as domestic terrorists. boca raton, one of the poshest zip codes in florida, is abuzz for what is happening in this $2.5 million, 75,000 square-foot waterside mansion. the bank foreclosed a couple of years ago. now, a 23-year-old named andre barbosa has simply moved in. >> nobody's happy. we all spent a lot of money to live on this street. >> reporter: barbosa is using a an obscure legal in the state, called adverse possession.
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if you live in a home for a certain amount of time, it's yours. adverse possession is happening across america. susan took over homes across america. >> i filed for adverse possession. i'm not just a transient squatter here. >> reporter: this $3.3 million house near raleigh, complete with an elevator, got caught up in this whole mess when shawn pendergrath claimed he owned the house. >> it's not a scam. everything we're doing is lawful. >> reporter: there's always been squatters. but the housing crisis has put the phenomenon on steroids. people connected to adverse possession are sometimes tied to an anti-government movement, known as sovereign citizens, who believe u.s. laws don't apply to them. >> a police officer walks up to someone who is claiming the house belongs to him. he is handed a big sheathe of documents, which are incomprehensible.
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and i think very often, the officers, ultimately, feel they're forced to go back to headquarters and try to figure out what's going on before they can actually toss someone in the slammer. >> reporter: i met a young sovereign named robert peterson, who moved into this foreclosed home in idaho. >> they're the enemy. they're the enemy of anybody who wants to live free. >> reporter: one expert on sovereigns found evidence that andre barbosa, in that mansion in boca raton, is connected to a sovereign group called divine province. based on the language that barbosa used to justify moving into the mansion, and the fact that his name is on the group's website. before you get ideas about trying to use adverse possession, consider that the sheriff forced robert peterson out of this house. and susan, arrested for racketeering. and shawn pendergrath, also arrested for obtaining property by false pretense. >> all of the legal arguments he may make or the documents he may file will end up leading to the same conclusion. and that is that he gets kicked out because he has no legal
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right to be there. >> as for andre barbosa, he may be running out of time in that mansion in boca. bank of america has now filed a claim in court claiming it is the rightful owner of the home. >> how crazy that they're arguing that the law's on their side. >> they are. and they're kind of one-third right. >> fascinating story. all right. ron, we hear you laughing. that means it's time for some news. >> one-third is an interesting concept. good morning, everyone. we begin with a major ruling that could soon make it much harder to get prescription painkillers. an fda advisory panel is recommending much tougher restrictions on vicodin and similar drugs. a response to the nation's prescription drug abuse epidemic. the fda is expected to follow the recommendation that would require a written prescription to get the painkillers and automatic refills, among other things. lance armstrong now has a deadline if he hopes to get his lifetime sporting ban lifted. the u.s. anti-doping agency is giving him until february 6th to come clean under oath about what
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he did and who helped him use performance-enhancing drugs. sources close to armstrong say he prefers testifying for a truth and reconciliation commission being established by other governing bodies. and penn state university says it is close to settling civil claims with abuse victims of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the university has been in talks with 28 people, 18 more than were involved in the criminal case against sandusky. sandusky is currently serving up to 60 years in state prison. and a manhunt is under way in michigan for an escaped convict considered armed and dangerous. rocky marquez broke out of the wayne county jail by impersonating another inmate who was about to be released. and that wasn't the first time he's done it. he was awaiting extradition to arizona where he escaped in may. and he did it by pretending to be another prisoner. and a candid photo of a young diana spencer before she became princess diana has sold
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at auction. the photo, which was marked not to be published, went for just over $18,000, well above early estimates. it shows her lying on a bed while on a ski trip with friends. and finally, we showed you this earlier. the basketball shot that everybody's going to be talking about today. now, take a look at this. 50-year-old michael drysch hits the hook from half-court. for $75,000. he gets a bigger surprise. superstar lebron james comes along and tackles him to celebrate. half court, that's about 47 feet. >> i've been practicing with it. >> check that out. he says he only made the shot twice -- once while practicing for a couple of days. after the game, lebron tweeted, how about my man michael with the sky hook from half court for 75 large. for lebron, 75,000 bucks is like beer money. that's a lot of money in my
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neighborhood. >> ron seems more excited than michael. >> i live in chicago. a guy made a 75-foot shot for 1 million bucks. how about that? that's real money. >> ron, thank you. staying in the world of sports, a possible game-change for schools across the country. we've all been inspired by amazing plays from young athletes overcoming personal odds. the government is now weighing in, pushing for students to have equal access to athletics. it's a move that could help disabled students, the same way title ix revolutionized women's sports. abc's reena ninan has more from washington. >> reporter: title ix advanced equal opportunities for women in public school sports 40 years ago. more women started playing school sports. this latest decision is a similar move. it was the first time owen moved off the bench and on to the court. and then, he did this.
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not once. but twice. scoring two three point shots during a basketball game for his michigan middle school. owen has down syndrome and a message. >> never give up. >> reporter: on friday, the u.s. department of education announced that public school districts must give kids like owen, and other students with disabilities, an equal chance to play in school sports. >> once a child has more opportunity, you're going to have more kids participating. once they see their friends with disabilities participating, they're going to want to participate. >> reporter: but critics claim creating more sports for the disabled, will require more money. jeopardizing funding for other scholastic and athletic programs. on his blog, education secretary arne duncan wrote, they don't have to do anything that would provide a student with a disability an unfair competitive advantage. but they do need to make reasonable modifications. as for owen, his chance on the court landed him espn fame. >> and he just starts chucking
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threes. >> reporter: he also received an award from the harlem globetrotters. most importantly, his success on the court has given him more confidence off the court. >> this is about building the character of owen and the character of the kids here. and i think these kids are going to take this experience with them for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: it's still not clear if these new guidelines will extend to college and university sports programs. if a school can't accommodate students with disabilities, they have to offer a parallel program or be excluded from federal funding. >> we love owen. it is a terrific story. moving on to what seemed like a match made in political heaven. sarah palin and fox news. this morning, the romance is over, after three years as an on-air political contributor for the cable channel. palin is out. and it's not entirely clear why. abc's gio benitez is on the story. >> reporter: fox news' self-proclaimed momma grizzly
7:15 am
bear is now leaving the den. this morning, we know the former vice presidential candidate is parting ways with the cable news giant, just three years after joining the team as a contributor. >> i'm grinning today. and i'm so appreciative of the opportunity to get to work with you and the other team members here at fox news. >> reporter: she quickly took on her critics. >> they don't like the common sense conservative solutions that i think i represent. >> reporter: palin even showed off her home studio on tlc. >> this is my office where i do my fox news hits from here. >> reporter: but overnight, the sudden news. palin is out at fox. a source close to palin told abc news, it was her decision. a fox news executive said this, we have thoroughly enjoyed our association with governor palin. we wish her the best in her future endeavors. >> it seemed to be tension at times between sarah palin and fox news. for her to go out on her own, go rogue, we might say.
7:16 am
>> reporter: fox news president roger ailes was reportedly angry, when instead of fox, a syndicated radio show host broke the news that palin was not running for president in 2012. and in august of last year, she criticized fox on facebook for cancelling her appearances during the republican national convention. >> the sense i guess is she has other media opportunities in the future. and we'll see her more on camera, rather than behind the camera. >> reporter: and palin reportedly made $1 million a year at fox. why she's out is just pure speculation. we don't know exactly why. but we're told her contract had expired just a few weeks ago. >> we'll see more of her. thank you, gio. >> thanks, gio. time for a check of the weather and out to ginger zee, who joins us from the x-games in aspen, colorado. hey, ginger. >> hey, bianna and dan. good morning, everybody. it's above freezing here. about 33. you're in the mid-teens. wanted to rub that in real quick.
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and you know it's been cold in parts of the midsouth and northeast. we had big issues yesterday. we start in bowling green, kentucky, where there were hundreds of crashes through tennessee. this video shows you just how bad it was. today, cold enough to keep that ice around. a lot of folks got a quarter-inch or so accumulating on cars, roads and power lines. and temperatures in the 20s for the most part. now, chicago finally did it. they got one inch of snow. actually 1.1 inches of snow. they hadn't done that for 335 days, which smashed the old record. and after the snow, we have a new storm to talk about, chicago. icing begins tomorrow. you could get up to a quarter-inch of ice. and that's going to move along that warm front, for parts of the great lakes and into the northeast, eventually. buffalo and other parts going to get it. finally want to leave you with a look at the pacific northwest and the west because there is a storm coming in there. los angeles, up to a half-inch of rain.
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>> i know so many of us are just done with the cold. and i'll have some good news, with a little bit of a warm-up, coming up in the next half hour. so, stick around for that. >> thanks for reminding us of how cold it is in new york this morning, ginger. thank you. >> you're welcome. we were all a bit surprised by the latest headline out of the music industry. soul superstar tina turner is turning in her u.s. passport and ditching her american citizenship. >> the woman who built her career here in the usa, is now becoming a citizen of switzerland. what's going on here? tanya rivero is on the story. good morning.
7:19 am
>> reporter: good morning, guys. this is surprising, given tina turner's classic all-american success story. from a small southern town, she rose to fame, overcoming abuse to become an international star. even if her story is uniquely american, it seems her passport won't be for much longer. ♪ what's love got to do got to do with ♪ >> reporter: it appears love has a great deal to do with tina turner's shocking decision to trade in her u.s. passport for a swiss one. the global superstar has lived outside zurich for the past eight years with long-time partner, german record exec, irwin bach. she told a german paper, i'm very happy in switzerland and i feel at home here. i cannot imagine a better place to live. ♪ you're simply the best >> reporter: but some believe her motives may not be so simple. >> any celebrity that makes such a bold change in her life does it for multidimensional reasons.
7:20 am
maybe the increasing tax rates on very high income earners in the united states. ♪ a dancer for money >> reporter: but if the 73-year-old singer is making the move to cut her tax bill, she'll probably never admit it. the u.s. government warns americans, renunciation of u.s. citizenship may have no affect whatsoever on his or her u.s. tax obligations. she wouldn't be the first celebrity to change nationalities. actor gerard depardieu got his russian passport and a warm welcome from putin earlier this year, after loudly renouncing his native france and its tax hikes on its wealthiest citizens. even elizabeth taylor made a bid to keep her european income away from the irs in 1965. >> i am the earth mother. and you are all flops. >> reporter: apparently couldn't go through with the renunciation oath. as for turner, whether she's making the move for love or money --
7:21 am
♪ you don't have to worry >> reporter: it seems she'll have more of both in switzerland. and we reached out to turner's reps. but so far, no comment. turner speaks fluent german, has passed a local civic test and just needs a federal stamp of approval before becoming a swiss citizen. >> moving to a neutral country. >> that's right. >> thanks, tanya. coming up here on the broadcast, sour apple. the new ashton kutcher movie about steve jobs that has the company's co-founder complaining. also ahead, our very own ginger tackles the x-games. we'll show you how our daredevil does on the halfpipe. and tom brady and gisele go medieval. new pictures of their $20 million home with an unusual security measure. keep it here for more "gma."
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this is freedom to create. and to do and to build.
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and as artists, as individuals. >> you see ashton kutcher as steve jobs in the highly-anticipated movie about the man who brought us the iphone, the ipad and just about i-everything. this morning, apple's co-founder is speaking out, saying the movie is far from reality. and includes a number of embarrassing mistakes. he's weighing in on everything from character portrayals to wardrobe choices. >> you know, they say, all publicity is good publicity. i'm kind of thinking this is maybe bad publicity for that movie. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. good morning, america. i'm dan harris alongside bianna golodryga. also coming up, it is the latest challenge for our fearless meteorologist, ginger zee. we sent her to the x-games to train with one of the top snowboarders. looking a little tentative there. but i have a sense she gets better quickly. we'll show you how she did, coming up. >> she's running out of impossible missions. also this morning, the first pictures of beyonce since the lip-sync flap on inauguration day. we'll tell you what she's up to now. first, the co-founder of
7:30 am
apple going public with his beef over the new steve jobs movie. the studio released these clips, featuring ashton kutcher. overnight, we spoke with the man who was there for the birth of this company. and he is not happy. abc's john muller is here. good morning, sir. >> reporter: good morning, guys. as they say, in showbiz, there's no such thing as bad publicity. but in this case, it may have come from the man who knew steve jobs best. apple co-founder, steve wozniak. after a viewing preview clip of this movie, he tells abc news, they got it all wrong. >> what you're working on, while you're working on it. >> okay. >> it's freedom. >> reporter: it may be entertaining. but is this newly-released clip from the picture "jobs" true to life? "good morning america" asked the guy who would know, apple co-founder, steve wozniak. he's played in the film by actor josh gad. his response? >> i don't know. the clip i saw was just so far from anything that really happened or said in those days. >> nobody wants to buy a
7:31 am
computer. >> reporter: in the clip, jobs and wozniak are arguing over the merits of building a personal computer for home use. overnight, wozniak told us the first thing that struck him as inaccurate were the personalities. ashton kutcher portrays jobs as a tech visionary. a role wozniak said jobs didn't truly embrace until later in life. >> as far as the personalities that were in that scene, this was ridiculous. like steve jobs is some sort of overseeing -- i'm like the father of society. i have the ideas that are, you know -- no. he didn't act like that at all. >> what do you call the system? >> the operating system? >> it shows -- >> reporter: another thing woz says the filmmakers got wrong, the wardrobe. >> the portrayal in the clip is a little absurd. i never wore a tie or looked like a professional. in that scene, i look like a real professional. >> reporter: the 62-year-old wozniak formed the computer company with jobs in 1976. the film attempts to portray the defining years of steve jobs' life.
7:32 am
wozniak was an important part of that. but what would steve jobs think of his portrayal? >> i think he would have been a little offended and embarrassed by it, just like myself. i think steve would say, you know, that was a little bit too phony. >> reporter: in response to wozniak's critique, the film's publicist told "entertainment weekly" that it's not a documentary or word-for-word depiction. it's a feature film. wozniak said he watched one scene. and the entire film might be great. >> mr. muller, we should say. a little behind-the-scenes drama here. as john is trying to deliver the news, ron claiborne on the other side of the desk is mocking him openly. and trying to throw him off his mark. >> i'm not mocking. i'm hopping around here, trying to throw him off his mark a little bit. john's a pro. >> he is. >> thank you, ron. good morning, everyone. in the news, president obama will launch a campaign for immigration overhaul next week. a top priority in his second term. the president will be in las vegas, nevada, to begin his push. meanwhile, a group of senators is said to be close to a bipartisan deal on immigration.
7:33 am
and thousands of people descended on washington, d.c. on friday for the annual march for life, a protest against abortion. they marched from the national mall to the u.s. supreme court. this weekend is the 40th anniversary of the roe versus wade decision. and the maker of gatorade is removing a controversial ingredient because of customer complaints. the ingredient which is used to distribute flavoring evenly, was patented as a flame retardant. and finally, victoria azarenka beat li na, in three sets to win her second-straight australian open. the victory means azarenka will keep her number one ranking among women in the world. now, out to ginger zee in colorado. >> ron, it wasn't just ice yesterday. it was snow, too. let's look at the pittsburgh video we got. they had almost four inches of snow with that system. it moved through parts of the northeast. and the ice made for some accidents and some slowdowns. now, today, a lot of it is going to be drying out.
7:34 am
but more on the way, as i mentioned earlier. and plenty of cold to harbor all of that moisture. 21 pittsburgh. 12 buffalo. boston, only 13. but i promised you a warm-up. that's what's you're going to get. look at the numbers as they climb. the mild air filtering in. chicago, you get to 50 on tuesday, after not making it to freezing for almost a week. things are looking up for a lot of these places. >> this weather report, brought to you by walgreen's. and you guys see it behind me, the halfpipe. i didn't get on it. but there's a whole story i have to tell you in a couple minutes. >> can't wait to hear that. >> that's coming up after the commercial break. we're going to go back to ginger at the x-games.
7:35 am
if there's a chance of her getting hurt, you know ginger will try it. how she did on the halfpipe, coming up. let me ask you guys this. as an audience, is it weird to see a person with actual talent host this show? >> and jimmy kimmel may have had his show hijacked by matt damon. but the late-night host gets the last laugh. we'll tell you about it, coming up. a hand. well, walgreens is innovating to help. by making prescription refills this easy. and we're bringing our pharmacists out front to answer your questions. at walgreens, we'll do more than help you get well. we'll help you stay well and live well. because that's what it really means to be at the corner of happy and healthy. because that's what it really means new almay smart shade mousse is like smooth velvety magic. it instantly transforms to my perfect shade
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♪ ginger zee knows two things very well, extreme weather and extreme sports. so, naturally, we had to send her out to the winter x-games in aspen, colorado. >> ginger and i recently went mountain climbing. you'll hear about that story in coming weeks. we want to see how well she does coming down a mountain. ginger, you were talking about snowboarding when we were skiing. and now, look at you. >> i know. and i've skied my whole life. i thought, snowboarding, got to try it. got to get on that side of the whole sport. so, i figured, why not come to the best place in the world to learn, the x-games, and get
7:40 am
lessons from a pro? whether he's tearing it up at the x-games -- >> frontside double. >> reporter: or "dancing with the stars." there is one word that has described louie vito, competitor. >> louie can do that move in his sleep. >> reporter: we see the results. but what goes on behind the scenes to keep this 24-year-old olympian at the top of his game? >> four in a row for louie vito. this is history here, folks. >> reporter: and could he teach me to do that? before we get to what could be a disaster, we learn a whole lot more about the ohio native, who is a crowd pleaser, as much for his humble manner away from the spotlight. >> you're doing a good job. >> reporter: as his dazzling skills on the board. >> i mean, these walls that you see behind me, it's hard to see on tv. but those are 22 feet tall. >> reporter: is there ever a point that you have fear? >> that's part of the sport. part of the adrenaline rush. when you overcome that fear and land the trick you're trying to do. that's what keeps a lot of us
7:41 am
going every year. >> reporter: so, what is it that makes him able to compete at such a high level? well, louie gave me the exclusive look at the red bull action hub, featuring a lounge, with a chef and equipment to keep the athletes humming. they even have a little atmospheric help, with a blast of pure oxygen. i didn't come to aspen to have this snowboarding king teach me how to workout. we had to hit the slopes. i've never had a pro athlete tie my shoes before. under the bright lights. with the competition raging behind us. >> try to go like this. and then, just slide it out a little bit. >> reporter: this lifetime skier was about to take on the board. >> there you go. come this way a little bit. >> reporter: and our lesson was -- a moderate success. >> that was good, though. >> reporter: and i quickly gained mad respect for what louie does. but at least for my first winter x-games, this may be more my speed. then again, louie seems happy. >> doing really well. >> reporter: thank you. >> boom.
7:42 am
that's the stuff. >> you can see louie compete on espn at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. those are the finals. a whole lot more going on. of course, you'll have to watch the x-games. about the story i told you why i didn't get to get on the superpipe because it looks tame for things i do. someone we know, with the initials, as dan likes to say, rachel smith, tried it. look at this. check out this video from earlier this week. she came out to the x-games. >> oh, no. >> rachel, that's you? >> she's doing well. >> and -- >> look at this. >> you were grooving there for a while. >> and they said, no more -- no more reporters on the superpipe. >> why? >> you were doing well. >> for quite a while. >> my first and only run. >> yeah. you'll see the guy at the end who tackled her. they actually give safety awards out to the crew at the end of
7:43 am
the day. by the way, rachel, he got it for saving you. >> pretty sure. >> probably from a hospital bed. >> very ladylike. thank you, ginger and rachel. we appreciate it. you can watch the x-games at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific on abc. and coming up, why tom brady and gisele bundchen are living like royalty. rachel smith here with your "pop news," after this quick break. why go ordinary? try the special zip peel freshness that only comes from mini babybel. nice! yes! hey, girls. want the perfect snack accessory? it's totally natural, 100% delicious cheese! tasty. see? good things really do come in small packages. like rubies! girls like rubies... mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow. have you laughed today? mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow. sleep in my contacts. relax... air optix® night & day aqua contact lenses are approved for up to 30 days and nights of continuous wear, so it's okay to sleep in them. visit for a free 1-month trial.
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7:47 am
all right. it's time for "pop news" and entertainment reporter and ace snowboarder, rachel smith, back with us. what do you got? >> i'm sticking to my day job, for sure, which is "pop news." we have stuff going on. beyonce is breaking her silence, sort of. after this week's controversy of her rendition of the national anthem at the inauguration.
7:48 am
that performance has even more anticipating her super bowl halftime performance. so, the superstar singer took to instagram to give viewers a sneak peek of her rehearsals. it looks like she's working hard. after all, it is the most-watched musical event of the year. last year, over 114 million in the u.s. alone tuned in for madonna's halftime show. >> that's a lot more than for the inauguration. a lot more. >> no pressure there. >> let's just leave beyonce alone? >> i know. bless her heart. i can't wait for it. three-time super bowl champ, tom brady, won't be joining beyonce at the superdome for the big game next sunday. instead, he may be watching it from his new castle. gee. tough life. brady and wife gisele bundchen have a new $20 million mansion in l.a. and it has a moat. the 22,000 square-foot home also has a massive pool, a custom play area for their kids. did i mention the moat? that's kind of genius. i love that.
7:49 am
with neighbors like heidi klum and arnold schwarzenegger, probably not going to use that moat a lot. >> abc security had a slight problem when ron tried to build a moat outside of his office. >> they had a problem with it, for some reason. >> it was the dragon they had problems with. >> come over for a play date. >> exactly, right? well, aladdin knows about living large. the oscar-winning blockbuster "aladdin" is about to experience a whole new world on broadway. the musical by our parent company, disney, is coming to the great white way, with new songs from the movie's oscar-winning composer and, of course, old favorites. and you can't have "aladdin" without a little magic. "aladdin" will have a nine-week run in toronto before coming to broadway next year. and jimmy kimmel says he's been on a rollercoaster the last couple of days.
7:50 am
he nabs the star on the hollywood walk of fame, outside of his late-night studio. on thursday night, matt damon, if you missed it, hijacked his show with a flood of a-listers, like nicole kidman, and reese witherspoon. if you missed that episode, it was the highest rated for jimmy in his new 11:35 time slot. there's an encore presentation on tuesday, at 10:00, 9:00 central on abc. >> thank you, rachel. for educating us on the "pop news" and on the halfpipe. we appreciate it. we'll be right back. we appreciate it. we'll be bac i said, yes, i did. i don't think anybody ever thinks they're going to get shingles. but it happened to me. for more of the inside story, visit
7:51 am
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as we say good-bye on this saturday morning, let's wave to ginger zee. >> yes. >> and more bravely on the slopes. we leave you with a primmer on how to snowboard by rachel smith. this is a how-to video right here. >> right?
7:55 am
>> now, from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am katie marzullo. we have developing news. a nine-year-old girl who died of the flu on thursday had no other health problems according to health officials. authorities say the girl first she was perfectly fine the day before at school. she did not receive a flu shot this season. starting tomorrow you will have to feed the meter in san francisco on sundays. the new policy started at the beginning of the year you have to pay for metered parking between noon and 6:00 on sunday. readers have been handing out 11,000 warnings but, now, if the meter expires you get a ticket.
7:56 am
$72 downtown. $62 elsewhere. the city stands to make an extra $1.7 million a year with the implementation. and now our meteorologist for a look at forecast. >> we see the clouds behind you. here is a look from the east bay camera where we are seeing a little bit of sunshine, a lost sunshine in the north bay but dense fog persists in the east bay valleys from livermore to hayward and fremont. 50 in fremont right now. 52 in mountain view and plenty of sunshine on the way, but, still, a chance of a shower. cooler air moving on in, compliments of the weak front with the possibility of a shower, but notely the cooler air below normal highs for the weekend. in fact, right now we are experiencing a warmer morning and we will not see much of this in the days ahead. in fact, really cool temperatures, and 56 in san mateo and 57 in san jose with sunshine and right through the
7:57 am
weekend and a chance of a shower. notice how dry it will be right on into next week. we are getting milder. >> abc7 news at 8:00
7:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> very good morning. thanks for joining us at 8:00 a.m. on saturday. i am katie marzullo. well start off with a first look at the weather. here is our meteorologist.
7:59 am
>> good morning to you. here is the sunshine in the north bay. the view looks nice from the mountain with clouds from san jose, and the east bay and san francisco has visibility reduced to a quarter-mile visibility with a dense fog advisory in the delta. 40's and 50's to start out much the skies will clear. we are looking at risk of a shower throughout the day today. however, the computer models are not coming into play with that but we do not always believe the computer models. mid-and-upper 50's today and tomorrow we below normal and we will see the cooler evenings. we will talk about the prospects for rain and the temperatures, and how they will fluctuated, in the week ahead. katie? >> thank you. we have breaking news from the east bay. there was a police chase in oakland that ended in a deadly crash. the c.h.p. was pursuing a vehicle in the oakland hills. the vehicle


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