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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 27, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PST

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he's apparently pretty clever at two separate facilities. how he did it coming up. >> authorities think fellow inmates may have been helping him in this story. a story to tell you about, a father and daughter reunited. the bizarre case of a soldier whose daughter was put up for adoption without him even knowing it. we'll tell you what he had to do to get her back and obviously the family that adopted her, what they're going through, as well. >> they are distraught, the other angle on this, fascinating story coming up. take a look at this. a veteran reporter on what she thought was a safe assignment in the barn yard. what happens next is hilarious. apparently a goat can turn on you. we'll talk to her coming up in "fixation" in just a little bit but we are going to start here this morning with that ice storm on the move across america and behind it, we hope, we've wrung a promise out of ginger this is true a big thaw is on the way. >> hey, a big thaw for a short time.
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don't hope any longer. your hopes have been fulfilled. that winter storm affecting this morning a lot of the midwest parts of the great lakes too. we've got freezing rain advisories in all the purple. winter storm warning in hot pink and light snow for parts of wisconsin and michigan on the way. here's what's going to happen. a warm front will lift close and what happens all that warm air over that extreme cold drops freezing rain and that is going to be an icy quarter inch or more along the warm front and then it's going to move into parts of the northeast and it's going to die out slightly. here's what we expect, some light snow in parts of the northeast by monday, albany in there and lake effect enhanced but the purple area, that's going to be the really dangerous stuff, i'm talking on roads and sidewalks, not enough ice to do a whole lot to power lines and here you go, dan, i promised almost 60 in chicago on tuesday, 61 after not being at freezing for almost a week. >> i'm breaking out the sunscreen, excellent. >> 60 degrees, something to look forward to. thanks, ginger.
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to ron claiborne with a check of the other stories developing. >> hello, bianna, dan. new evidence that north korea is moving closer to another nuclear test. north korean kim jong-un is wowing to take high-profile action in response to new u.n. sanctions over the last month -- over last month's rocket launch. the north has warned it is prepared to launch more capable of reaching the u.s. and is planning to conduct its third nuclear test. the united states has agreed to offer logistical support to france in its fight against al qaeda in the nation of mali. they will provide refueling tankers to the french that they requested and fly in troops from other african countries. on saturday french troops scored a strategic victory taking control of a crucial airport and bridge in mali. casey anthony is back in the headlines acquitted of killing her daughter filing for bankruptcy protection in florida because of her long and very expensive legal fight.
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>> as to the charge -- >> reporter: just 18 months ago a pinellas county jury found casey anthony not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee in a case many called a social media trial of the century. shortly after being acquitted casey went into hiding. >> we have her in a location that's very safe. >> reporter: but this morning casey anthony has re-emerged and returned to face the legal system once more. casey has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protections. in federal court in tampa. >> been a long time since i've been able to call something mine and now that i have something even, you know, silly saying i have a computer. >> reporter: among her debts, $500,000 in legal fees for her defense attorney jose baez. in addition to over $200,000 in back tax, fees and penalties. according to the courts the aim of seeking chapter 7 bankruptcy protection is to be discharged
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of ex-ing debts essentially to get a fresh financial start, a fresh start. which is something casey anthony is certainly no stranger to. and cbs affiliate kpho reports that anthony spoke with one of their anchors and called the filing "the next step towards closure." popular snacks including devil dogs, ring dings and yodels will soon or could soon be back on store shelves. the maker of little debbie snack cakes is reportedly the leading bidder to buy those from hostess for up to $30 million. hostess still hasn't announced a lead bid for its most iconic treat, the twinkie, so the twinkie's fate is still up in the air. i'm sure that will be settled. finally, an unexpected visitor greeted a delay or created a delay at a college basketball saturday. it was a bat, a bat 234r50iing around the bradley center, there you see it in milwaukee. it sent players and coaches scrambling hiding, ducking, stopping the game between marquette and -- amazing, huh,
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and providence. >> yeah. >> how about that. some players tried to knock the thing down out of the air with towels while others used towels to protect their heads. they didn't get the bat but they did finish the game so where it came from, where it went, i have no idea. maybe from austin, texas. >> i doubt it. >> a long way. back to you guys. >> now to a big ratcheting up in america's emotional gun control debate. families from newtown joins thousands of others in washington demanding change. will this work? abc's david kerley was out with the marchers and joins us from washington. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president has called on americans to put pressure on lawmakers to make change. braving the cold several thousand tried to send a message to those chilly temperatures. >> this time we will not step back. [ cheers ] >> reporter: they came from all over the country, but 100 of them came from newtown.
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brian's wife, a teacher, survived a shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> it's great to feel their support but be part of a bigger movement. >> reporter: with the president calling for a ban on assault rifles, high-capacity magazines and universal background checks supporters know it will be a tough battle. >> all: yes, we can. >> reporter: those on the mall of the support of many police organizations but the milwaukee county sheriff in a radio message that may have to do more with budget cuts tells residents don't call 911 and wait, learn how to use a firearm. >> you could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed or you can fight back. but are you prepared? >> reporter: nearly six years ago i met colin goddard shot four times still carrying three bullets but one of the survivors of the mass shooting which killed 32. now he's an advocate for gun control getting a shoutout from the vice president as the
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administration laid out its plans. >> he was in the classroom. he calls himself one of the lucky seven. >> reporter: and out on the mall goddard continued his fight. >> i'm not here today because of what happened to me. i'm here today because i kept seeing happen to me happen to so many other people. >> reporter: and feels like he's starting to win. >> we're close, you know, this is the light at the end of the tunnel. this is emerging. >> reporter: president obama will be hitting the road in the coming weeks taking his now very strong message on guns to the people as congress, bianna, readies for a very heated debate. >> that's right, the senate scheduled to begin its hearing on gun control this wednesday. clearly an issue that's divided the nation. david, thank you so much. we'll switch gears and turn to the prisoner authorities can't keep behind bars escaping not once but twice and in two different states. the first he used a clever plan to simply walked out of jail. it worked so well he decided to use it to escape a second time and guess what he succeeded. this morning he is still on the run and abc's mark greenblatt is
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here with his story. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, dan, bianna. this is a story that would seem far-fetched if it was in a movie but in real life the same man appears to have escaped from two jails the same way. each time convincing other inmates to stay behind in jail when they were the ones supposed to walk free. this morning, a nation much wide hunt is on for the man in gray. u.s. marshals say he is a dangerous career criminal who keeps escaping from jail. 34-year-old rocky marquez walked out of this one last may after authorities say he switched identity bracelets with this man, 36-year-old mychael galavez another inmate scheduled for release. it left phoenix authorities stunned. >> we are investigating our process, the officers involved. >> reporter: it took eight months for the fugitives to catch up with marquez. he fled 2,000 miles away to detroit where they found him with a loaded ak-47 like this at his side. but it took him just six days to
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escape yet again. this time from the wayne county jail there and it's suspected he broke out the very same way. the jails are having a hard time keeping rocky incarcerated. >> he's smarter than your average criminal. he's somehow getting inmates to cooperate with him to use their identities, to walk out of jail. >> reporter: marquez pulled off his latest vanishing act just last sunday and the ruse went n undetected in detroit for days with no one catching on to his escape until friday. wayne county sheriff's office tells abc we have policies and procedures in place that should have prevented something like this from happening but now he's running again fleeing both local and federal charges including conspiracy to launder money and intent to distribute cocaine and marijuana. >> mr. marquez does have a bit of a head start but we have the best of the best working on the case and i'm confident that rocky will once again be put behind bars. >> reporter: authorities consider marquez armed and
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dangerous. bianna, dan, they think he's likely out committing other crimes while on the run. >> hopefully they'll catch him this time. mark, thanks. >> now to president obama who is a man with a super ambitious agenda for his second term and not a lot of time to get it done. abc's martha raddatz in washington guest hosting "this week." martha, good morning. >> good morning, dan. >> hey, good morning, martha. great to see you. one of the priorities the president has on his agenda, immigration reform taking it up on tuesday. can he get this done? >> we'll have to see. we've also got it bipartisan group of senators coming up with a plan as well and they will probably present that plan this week. we' we'll be talking to senator john mccain, senator bob menendez. they're working together on this plan. whether president obama detracts from the plan by going out on the road going to nevada tuesday we'll ask him about that as well. >> interesting theory by just being associated with the plan it could drive some people away from the plan in congress.
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complicated dynamic. let's talk about this extraordinary interview, the joint under view, the first time it's happened with president obama and hillary clinton sitting down talking to "60 minutes." it airs tonight. i wonder is there talk in washington this isn't in some ways president obama picking favorites in the race to replace him in 2016 because joe biden is also talking about maybe running. >> reporter: that's right and, you know, joe biden isn't sitting right next to the president in that interview. i don't think president obama has ever done an interview sitting next to anybody but his wife. so you bet there's a lot of talk about that and we'll talk to our powerhouse roundtable about that. >> you heard hillary clinton say that this is a surprise, who would have thought four years ago they would be sitting together and being so close. very interesting. also this week hearings, confirmation hearings for the president's defense choice, defense secretary choice, chuck hagel begin. at times this seemed to vary. what are the odds this is actually going to go through? >> reporter: i think the chances are very good it'll go through. he's had a series of meetings
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includes with senator mccain trying to work out differences, trying to basically say what they want to hear, i think, and explain his positions further, they had some controversy over israel, over iran. we'll ask senator mccain about that this morning and whether he would now vote for chuck hagel. >> martha, thank you. martha has a big show, senators senator john mccain and robert menendez, as she said plus as she said the powerhouse roundtable all coming up later this morning with martha raddatz on "this week." >> a busy show for martha. we'll turn now to what's being called the drop dead gorgeous case, the woman who went from mechanic to beauty queen copping a plea to a brutal crime plotted with her ex-boyfriend to kill a man and abc's clayton sandell has the details. >> reporter: peggy sue thomas is a former beauty queen contestant caught up in an ugly murder. >> i'm not the woman that's been portrayed in the papers over the last few years. >> reporter: the one-time navy airplane mechanic turned miss washington pleaded guilty
4:13 am
thursday to helping former boyfriend james huden kill russell douglas. >> i would want to tell his family that i am so sorry for their loss. >> reporter: prosecutors believe thomas helped lure douglas to a remote area in 2003 so hudon could shoot him. the alleged motive murky. prosecutors think it may have been a revenge murder. hu. done thinking he was abuing his wife and kids. >> we obtained what we believe is peggy thomas' fingerprint from the -- that connects her to the murder weapon. >> reporter: he was convicted last summer of first degree murder. he is now serving 80 years. thomas was also charged with murder and even though prosecutors admitted their case was largely circumstantial, thomas says she had no choice but to take a plea deal. >> my children are the most important thing to me and the thought of being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life in prison and never being able to touch them or see my grandchildren in person was too
4:14 am
big of a risk. >> reporter: thomas who once married a millionaire who ran horses in the kentucky derby will likely serve four years behind bars, a once plush life now headed to prison. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> the extraordinary story. 'check the national forecast now and it's time to go back to ginger zee. hey, again, ginger. >> huge rain in parts of the southwest. this picture is from arizona state university. that's right, phoenix had a daily record rainfall of over an inch and some problems with flooding and flagstaff, tucson, other places and san diego. they had in two days over or almost an inch of rain and that's what happens when you get in southern california. let's talk about what will continue then in parts of the southwest. drier for california but let me put this into motion for you. some mountain snows in parts of the rockies but as the rain moves through you'll still see it in parts of new mexico and arizona. not quite over but it will be a whole lot lighter.
4:15 am
the other issue this morning, fog, visibility waking up in dallas was near zero. oklahoma city, close to zero too. shreveport right in there too. a lot of northern arkansas even parts of the other gulf included in those warnings this morning so if you have travel think of that early on. the ice has already started falling. you can see it here in purple. that's our biggest headline for parts of the midwest and great lakes, chicago included. up to a quarter inch of ice today. that's the big picture. let's get a check now a little closer to home.
4:16 am
quirk quirk, new mexico, also got quite a bit of rain and this one shows it perfectly. the beautiful shot of the rain clouds and next we go to chicago, one of the firefighters there took this when they blast a building with water and it's that cold, look at what it looks like. you can send me your twitter photos at ginger zunderscore, z. cold justice if i star in a shows, a creative judge employing unusual tactics. >> putting vicks to work by having them shovel snow for seniors. it doesn't stop there. he's actually right there working with them side by side. abc's gio benitez is here with this creative form of punishment. >> good morning. this is not like any criminal sentence you've seen before. but as the list of seniors with snowy lawns grows, so does the judge's need for an army of shoveling convicts.
4:17 am
you might say a shovel was judge william dawson's gavel. in east cleveland, ohio, he spends this day shoveling snow for the elderly. >> we are a group in cleveland and i used to get up in the morning before going to school shovel the snow for my mother so she could go to work. >> reporter: but judge dawson is taking that childhood pastime to a whole new level. in his courtroom vicks might be told to grab a shovel and not sit in a cell. >> some of the guys that come out are sentenced to do it and i tell them in court. it's hard work because we're actually shoveling snow. >> reporter: it's not the first time ohio ups have gotten creative with sentences. it november a woman who drove on a sidewalk to get around a school bus was sentenced to two days of publicly holding a sign that labeled her an idiot. and in february, a judge ordered a man to apologize to his wife on facebook to avoid a 60-day jail sentence. after violating a court order. >> community first, right?
4:18 am
>> reporter: those weren't judge dawson's cases but he's always looking for new creative punishments. >> so there was a young man who ran from the police, he said, you know, i ran from the police and they couldn't keep up with me. i said is that right. part of your sentence will be meet me and my bailiff saturday and we're going to run around our community since you like running so much. >> reporter: the judge tells his stories with a smile because he says his only motivation is to help the community he grew up in. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. we just came up with this idea because we know we have older residency and want to help them out. >> that's right. you're beautiful and it's our pleasure. >> thank you. >> reporter: how nice. by the way judge dawson does this on his own free time mostly on the weekends. dan, bianna. >> he's so young. i expected like a grandfatherly figure. >> a lot of people didn't even believe he was actually a judge. so -- now they know. >> very cool story and cold justice, keep that in mind if i make it to hollywood someday.
4:19 am
i can't believe i'm about to say what i'm about to say. big news in the hunt for big foot >> that's right. some say there is new evidence and if seeing isn't believing maybe your ears will convince you or not. abc's john muller is here with the story. good morning, john. >> on the edge of his seat all morning. >> wondering how you got this assignment. >> strange, mysterious sounds have been coming out of a swampy area in the oregon's mountains. famous for big foot sightings. is this a big foot hearing? we'll let you decide. he the elusive hairy legend of. big foot back in the headlines. but grainy video or sightings, this sometime something brand new. audio. bigfoot speaks. listen. listen again. the high-pitch shrieks and base roars come from a swampy area in the blue mountains of oregon, a bigfoot hot spot for decades.
4:20 am
the recording given to "the or gonian" newspaper. not impressed. people living in the area are. they've been hearing strange cries in the night since november. denise mintorn thinks whoever is in the swamp is calling out to another creature. some suggests it could be a young bigfoot lost calling out for his fellow bigfoot. >> these are not just animals. these are a type of people. >> reporter: don't tell these guys bigfoot is a bunch of craziness. they are professional bigfoot researchers and they've spent plenty of time in oregon's blue mountains. first it's more than one, remember, it's not bigfoot. it's bigfoots. there is a misconception that we're looking around for this one thick. >> reporter: one alternate theo theory, they could be the screams of local foxes, of course, it could be possible maybe it's bigfoot chasing the local foxes. so whatever you think of the bigfoot the noises themselves are a legitimate mystery. 1500 residents live near that watchy area of the blue
4:21 am
mountains. some say they've been scared to go out at night. one told the oregonian his dogs were scared to go out at night. >> the first story in dan's new show "cold justice." >> i'm going to track down bigfoot. all right, thank you, john. appreciate it. i'm not sure you did however. coming up on "good morning america," legal battle. an army staff sergeant fights for custody of his 2-year-old daughter. put up for adoption without his knowledge. so how did he win her back? we'll tell you. downward dog, the hot new trend in the yoga studio. they call it doga, a very limber german shepherd live in our studio this morning. keep it here for that. start your engines, don't put the pedal to the metal yet. see why this street race is going nowhere fast coming up in our segment next. you don't want to miss it. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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i'm just happy right now. i'm with my daughter. >> after a grueling legal battle a reunion this morning between a father and his daughter. this little girl's mother put her up for adoption without
4:29 am
telling the father. but what about the family would cared for the girl for nearly two years? we got some major developments in an emotional case. good morning, everybody, i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, january 27th. also this morning, completely different subject matter. from yoga to doga, find out why more people are making room on the yoga mat to teach their dogs the art of zen. >> a german shepherd named baccus. i was stretching backstage with him and might have pulled a hammy. caught on tape, meet the veteran reporter who had a bit of a run-in with a goat. apparently goats can get nasty. we'll show you and hear from the victim directly. she's hilarious coming up in "fixation" but we'll start this half hour with that reunion we mentioned between a soldier and his daughter. not the usual story. not separated by war but instead by the girl's mom who put her up for adoption without telling the father. abc's tanya rivero is here with
4:30 am
the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the battle for custody of his daughter with the family who thought they had adopted her dragged on for a bitter 22 months, most of the little girl's life but it made the homecoming for soldier terry hnen all the more sweeter. reunited at last. this adorable toddler and father can start a new life together. >> i'm just happy right now. i'm with my daughter. it's about time. >> reporter: a happy ending to the nightmare that began two years ago when terry achan secretly gave their daughter up for adoption while he was out of state on active duty. and the utah family who adopted the little girl at birth fought achan bitterly to keep her. the freys who have five others claimed he abandoned his family and 340u7b9sed a tough legal battle for which they raised over $22,000 on their blog it's as sad for them as others. >> reporter: the biological mother terra bland now divorced from achan defends the freys.
4:31 am
>> they cared about me and the well-being of leah when he wasn't there, when he wasn't around, when he didn't care. >> reporter: bland told "the salt lake tribune" she learned about the adoption center of choice from watching mtv's "teen mom." they arranged for her to give birth in utah where adoption laws are more relaxed. >> utah's laws appeal to people who want to get it done quick rather than those who want it done right. >> reporter: the judge says he's deeply troubled by the actions of the adoption agency which is reportedly being investigated by the state. this was an illegal adoption. it's an adoption agency that didn't do it part to fully investigate. >> reporter: happily achan has other concerns now. >> potty training. potty training is coming up right now so potty training and me combing hair. >> but it's not quite over just yet. a final hearing of the freys'
4:32 am
appeal is scombed for late march. it aer pass the family is reaching out to achan to reconcile and arrange visitation and for now he seems open to it. he says the family took good care of his girl little girl and recognizes they love her, as well. dan and bianna. >> that's really nice. i hope they can. >> that would be the best solution. >> maybe they can help with the potty training. >> brushing the hair. >> the hard stuff coming up. >> tanya, thank you. let's check back in with ron with the other stories developing this morning. >> hello there, bianna and dan. breaking news from brazil where at least 180 people were killed overnight is a horrific fire at a packed nightclub in the southern part of that south american country. police say the fire started when a band started a fireworks diggs play causing insulation to catch fire. and violence is erupting in egypt as opponents of mohammed morsi are taking to the streets. they fired tear gas today. dozens killed in recent days.
4:33 am
starting today be prepared to pay a little extra to use your credit car. stores in most states are now allowing to add a charge of a surcharge, that is of 4% to customers using visa and mastercards but they must warn you first of whether they impose the charge. and top seeded novak djokovic has joust won his third straight australian open by beating andy murray. he is the first player to win three australian opens in a row since back in the 1960s and meanwhile, victoria azarenka won her second australian open on saturday and while you might think her name would give the engraver trouble, it turns out it was her country, azarenka is from belarus. the trophy says her name and initials b-e-l for belgium. blr, as everybody knows is short for belarus. >> who doesn't know that? >> ginger, you're up. >> yeah, everybody knows that. blr, all the time. this is worth noting again. we mentioned at the beginning of
4:34 am
the broadcast, it's already starting to report freezing rain in parts of iowa, des moines included, as it moves east southern wisconsin, chicago included there, parts of the state line right along michigan, indiana, ohio and by monday morning, pittsburgh even in that quarter inch or more. now i told you about the warm-up, new york up to 60 by wednesday so lots of warm and moist air up in front, another arctic blast will come in by late week, with it the chance for severe weather. that's tuesday into wednesday from dallas to shreveport, little rock, memphis and birmingham, be on alert as we head toward the midweek. for now a fly across the nation to give you an idea what's happening. atlanta, 54. they're ahead of all that rain. 63 for denver, 33 spokane much that's the big picture. let's get a check a little closer to home.
4:35 am
>> this weather report has been brought to you by sears and, dan, just so you know, 60s by wednesday but cold blast comes back. >> i didn't hear the end of that, actually we have to catch a commercial break now. i didn't hear any of that. coming up our resident daredevil ginger zee is going to be taking us on her latest adventure into the fascinating underground world of doggie yoga. also ahead, amazing doesn't begin to describe it. we'll show you what happens when heisman trophy winner johnny football goes up against trick shot specialist dude perfect. that's in "fixation" coming up. ♪ due to weather all flights are canceled. what do you mean every flight's... ...canceled. eddie... shannon... so, what do you do? i'm a blogger. totes weird, that is cray, cuz i'm a blogger, too. there's a saying i love, "those who wish to sing, always..." "always find a song." she was just like, perfect, ya know? go get her. this christmas, fall in love all over. you won't run into the top 10 appliance brands just anywhere...
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♪ the dog days are over ♪ dog days >> everybody knows yoga could be good for you which is why it has exploded in recent years. >> that's right. now there is baby yoga, hot yoga, even face yoga and the new trend giving a whole new meaning to downward dog, ginger is here with that story. >> we want to reach that peaceful state. so in demand now yoga is literally going to the dogs. >> all right. >> two. one. breathe. >> reach those arms into the air. >> reporter: it's called doga and the goal is to take all of
4:40 am
the strength, stamina and serenity of yoga to the dogs. >> good boy. >> downward facing and otherwise. >> we have very busy lives, busy schedules, we might not have a lot of room to let our dogs run. so having a class where the dogs are being stimulated, they're being exercised, they're being stretched and you're expending energy, as well. >> reporter: new jersey dog trainer robin lash has been using the human version of the exercise for years to help alleviate her back and neck pain. when she wanted to help her ailing pup she turned to yogi karen stetser. >> i know i enjoyed it when we were practicing with our own dogs together we noticed the benefits in our own dogs. >> reporter: it went so well in october the pair started up a class at the more risque nine campus. the classes caught on and now students are regularly coming to pose alongside their pooches. from those who already know their way around a namiste.
4:41 am
>> i stopped going to my yoga glasses because i wasn't finding exactly what i wanted but doing it with tyra is more relaxing. >> reporter: to those who always yoga wasn't for them. >> i thought it was a bunch of sissies doing poses -- i thought it was easy and it's not easy. i just think i'm getting something for my health and something getting for her health. >> reporter: stetser and lash welcome one and all and say they're happy the dog days are far from over. >> it's been wonderful. looking back on it, i'm really happy that we tried it. i'm happy it it went so well. we hope to bring it to more people. >> karen stetser is here with us with baccus, your pup, german shepherd. a beautiful dog we're all saying and you'll show us the moves. >> looks look we're starting with baccus standing on top of the ball. using had is abdominal muscles. increasing his flexibility, moving from foot to foot so each
4:42 am
leg is getting stronger as he's balancing on the ball. >> baccus is having a strong core. >> yeah. >> all of us could. >> works my corps out trying to hold the ball. >> what we're looking for is injury prevention and helping dogs as they get older so they can live longer healthier lives. >> all the same as the benefits we get. >> exactly the same, absolutely. >> so i think we're going to have -- baccus -- >> paws down. >> he doesn't want to get off the ball. >> off the ball. >> come on. >> there you go, bud. >> good boy. >> his back. >> that's a good boy. >> also going to have karen do peekaboo so this is a little bit of what happens in our studio when we're actually having doga class. >> oh, between the legs. >> sit. >> and we're going to do some
4:43 am
gentle arm bends. >> rest. >> inhale up. >> thank you very much for having us. >> thank you ale we be right back after a quick break. when we come back we'll talk about this reporter who thought she was on a safe assignment. it wasn't doggie yoga but with barn yard animals and we'll show you what happened to her. it's funny and so is she. honey! we're pregnant! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growing inside your stomach? yeah! now what? i don't know? what? introducing huggies mommy answers. the best advice in one place. from the brand new moms trust.
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obsession." >> welcome to our pageant of the absurd called "fixation." i believe, ron, you're up. >> you believe incorrectly but i'll go first. >> oh. i'm fixated on this. >> i can go. >> no, i'm going to go. i'm going to go here. dan threw me off. a video, those guys do the dude
4:48 am
perfect videos. amazing. >> we've seen them before. >> texas a&m's heisman trophy winning johnny manziel in kyle stadium, texas a&m. into a basket over and over. check it out. in fact, almost hard to believe but this is real. he really threw these footballs right into a basket. >> incredible. >> great quarterback. i was just kidding, dan. >> that's all right. >> bianna, are you next? >> yes. >> a new form of japanese rat racing. these guys are running instead of racing their cars. then they're pushing their cars. which reminded us of another race that one of us on the couch may not want to see this video. >> oh, boy. >> he didn't get very far. >> yeah. >> nascar. >> dan. >> yeah. if i was an actor i would not do my own stunts. >> all of us have sprobl tried "gangnam style" even if it's at
4:49 am
home and not showing anyone. these two folks -- ♪ >> oh. >> look better than anybody doing it. >> the one on the left can really do it. >> psy, look for a new backup dancer. >> keeps going. >> take a look at the video we've been talking about. a veteran reporter from sarasota, florida, linda carson and, boom. >> that wasn't very nice. >> she was head butted by a -- ginger is correct, it was not very nice. she was head butted by a -- >> repeatedly. >> no, this is on a loop. this did not happen repeatedly. we did catch up with linda via skype. here's what she had to say about the experience. did you walk away with any lacerations? >> i was not looking for teeth at that moment. he hit me from the rearment i went up into the air and came down, plop. standing on something that's very much like a mattress so it was very soft but my big thought was then am i sitting on poop?
4:50 am
>> do you believe this is a cautionary tail for the farm yard? >> absolutely. never trust a goat. never turn your back on a goat and never try to call a goat. i said really nice things about him. i said he was very friendly and down i went. he knew i didn't really mean that. >> are you -- this, by the way is what we call news you can use, never turn your back on a goat. >> never trust a goat. >> she really didn't see that coming. >> she didn't see it coming. we'll be right back with more "gma" after a quick break. ♪ to make you -- turned out to be a mutual attraction.... the westgate cousins went old-school to decide who pays the check... a local book club raved about the cliffhangers in the new crime novel... and some b-f-fs from college joked about looking up old flames on facebook -- all over delicious entrees like our new parmesan crusted steak from our $20 dinner for two. chili's -- more life happens here.
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and we want to thank you for watching abc news. we're always online at on yahoo! much more later on with "this week with george stephanopoulos," martha raddatz filling in. have a great day.
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