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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 11, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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if you happen to work here in san jose, the minimum wage jumps $2 from $8 to $10 an hour. one restaurant here in san jose starting paying their workers that $10 an hour back in december. the owner who owns pizza my heart in san jose says he wants to see how the new pay increase works and if it impacts the bottom line and admits prices on the menu had to increase when wages increased. other businesses say they may have to make similar adjustments, charging customers more in the end. the san jose minimum wage increase was approved by voters back in november and at pizza my heart, the transition, so far, it has been government. >> we raised prices roughly 3 percent overall and that was kind of the test to make sure it covers it, and it has so it has been neutral to us overall.
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who has the highest minimum wage in the nation, san francisco topped the list with workers making $10.55 an hour and santa fe, new mexico, people are paid $10.51 for minimum wake and now san jose is the third highest in the nation paying workers $10 an hour according to the united states department of labor. we understand of course with this wage hike, leaders will have a new push for the customers and workers that make the extra money to try and keep that money here in san jose by spending it here in the city. live in san jose for sue thompson, for abc7 news. >> in san francisco police are investigating a horrifying accident at a bart station. abc7 news was the first to bring you the story last night. police say a man died after getting crushed on top of the elevator at the montgomery bart
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station. a man in the elevator called after the elevator was stuck, emergency crews responded and found the victim. they found bedding on top of the elevator car and think he was sloping inside the elevator shaft. our news reporter is at the scene and will have the latest for us at 5:30. >> police in daly city are trying to determine if speeding caused an accident that killed three members of the same family. another passenger in the car was seriously injured in the two car decision on saturday night west of 280. family members and friends of the victims gathered at the crash site yesterday where broken glass, twisted metal remained. drivers routinely exceed the posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour in the area. the dead are a young man, his younger brother, and their mother. family members declined to give the victim's names because some relatives still do not know of the accident. >> the highway patrol says mechanical defect is likely the cause of a vehicle fire that
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shut down a stretch of interstate 80. a truck caught fire on i-80 in berkeley last night. crews closed off all lanes while they put out the blaze. the fire was contained in the truck's engine block and no one was injured. all lanes of track were re-opened in ten minutes. >> oakland police are searching for the person would shot and killed a san francisco mannerlily yesterday morning near 9th and clay in oakland, just blocks arm from police headquarters. the same was in his car when he got into a dispute with people inside another vehicle. they ended up shooting him. his car crashed and officers pronounced him dead at the seen. this is oakland's 17th homicide of the year. last year at this time oakland had 24 homicides. >> three local cities are considering laws to reduce plastic bags. council members in redwood city vote on a ban in retail stores
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that takes effect next month if approved. san carlos will adopt an ordinance tonight requiring the use of re-usable bags throughout the city. palo alto could expand the existing bag ban to include restaurants and require a charge for paper bags. both the san carlos and palo alto measures take effect in july. >> catholic cardinals meet at the vatican today preparing for the conclave. that is when one of the 115 men will emerge as the next leaders of the world's catholics. we are joined live from rome with the latest. marcy? >> gearing up for the conclave, the cardinals right now are wrapping up their final general congregation meeting. a last meeting, a last chance, to hear speeches and discussion issues before the conclave
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begins tomorrow. now we see a sense of resignation and trust and faith. >> trust and faith as the 115 electors use their final hours of contemplation. when they enter the chapel the deliberations end and they are left to choose the next leader of the roman catholic church in secrecy. >> everyone but the cardinals will see the doors close with no camera, an opportunity for the church to pray and to ask the holy spirt to guide the men in their selection. >> this is based on many factors: beliefs, background, age, and alliances. there is no clear frontrunner, the same names keep coming up as top contenders. a cardinal from latin america. cardinal from iran -- milan
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going in with 40 votes of the 77 needed. >> there is still the lingering possibility of an american pope. >> let us pray to the holy spirt to choose a new pope who will confirm us in our faith. >> faith in a historic process and in an election now just a day from going. >> later today, the conclave staff, the only one who can potentially have contact with the cardinals during the conclave, they will gather at the vatican to take an oath of secrecy. >> before you get away, quickly, walk us through the process for tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning there is a public mass held and then the cardinals file into the cistene chapel to cast their ballots.
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there will only be one round of voting on the first day. >> thank you, marcy, from mitt . >> now back to mike nicco for the accweather forecast. >> thank you, kira klapper. coming up on ten minutes after. novato has less than an eighth of a mile because of the fog. santa rosa is 1.5 mile visibility. temperatures are close to where they were yesterday but san jose it is four degrees warmer. napa is three degrees warmer. >> through the morning, we will be mostly in the low-to-mid 40's and a few areas in the north bay in the upper 30's. near 60 around the bay and mid-50's at the coast by 4:00, we are hang out in the 50's, and mid-60's around the bay and low 70's inland, and during evening hours, still going to be sunny at 7:00 with low-to-mid 60's away from the coast.
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how much longer can this last? how about wednesday? we will reach around 80 inland and mid-60's at the coast and a small dip on thursday in temperature but, still, above average. how about the commute? >> so far, so good, we have as you mentioned a little bit of fog on the golden gate bridge on to the northern portion of the span with the visibility limited. otherwise, traffic is flowing nicely and very light conditions. you can see a few headlights headed in the southbound direction. in the san mateo bridge we had an early stall on the high-rise and the tow truck completed their work and got it out of there so you will not find delays toward foster city area. the commute from the central valley, you can see the red line, the road sensors are slow from 205, up and over the altamont pass, and eastbound, greenville to north flynn, road work in three lanes until 11:00 this morning. >> thank you, sue, lawyers for
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oscar pistorius head back to court this morning. the change they want in his bail and why some say the blade runner could be close to suicide. >> one of the highest ranking women in silicon valley speaks out on the controversy created by her new book what facebook. >> tore wants
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> new developments this morning in the murder case against oscar pistorius, accused ofcying his super model girlfriend on valentine's day. lawyers for oscar pistorius are now appealing bail restrictions and saying he is not a flight risk and should have the opposite of traveling outside south africa. a friend close to objection office claims he is on the verge of suicide and the friend appears in a documentary airing today on the bbc describes oscar pistorius as a broken man who has been selling his belongings to fund his soaring legal fees. >> in venezuela this morning the field is coming together for next month's presidential election to replace the late chavez. one candidacy was announced yesterday and the venezuela opposition leader ran against chavez last year and lost. the 40-year-old mounted the biggest challenge during chavez' 14 years in power and faces a battle against acting president
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the hand picked successor. chavez lost his battle with cancer last week. >> bill clinton is in haiti promoting investment in their agriculture. the last trip was in january. the country is trying to rebuild after the devastating earthquake three years ago that killed an estimated 316,000 people. bill clinton's trip started yesterday touring a farm school, he will tour a coffee processing plant, and a brewery during this two-day stay. >> california's farmers are bracing for a labor shortage this spring. the sacramento bee reports many older farm workers are running to mexico where the economy is improving and their children are not interested in the job. many state farmers blame immigration laws for the shortage and they want the legal status granted to more than million undocumented workers. >> facebook c.e.o. has a new book today and is generating a feminist firestorm. in the book she says that too
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many working women are holding themselves back in the business world. she says women are preventing their own success because they are conditioned to choose between being appreciated or assertive. she talks about causing controversy before her book hit the stores. today at 3:00 p.m., she talks to katie couric about women in business at 3:00 p.m. right here on abc7 news. >> no controversy about the weather on this monday morning, right? >> maybe only pollen, if you have allergies. >> i do. aam sniffling up a storm. i am not sick. just alleys. >> the hand sanitizer, pass that around. >> i will bring it back. now, a look outside and show you what is going on. good morning, everyone, if you didn't over the weekend, put the
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umbrellas away, this is a far sight for seven to nine days with radar spinning around and picking up dry air. there is beautiful picture of the bay bridge this morning, and it looks like they are holding on to the 2:30 timeframe because i didn't see lights across the bay bridge and they are not on now. i understand it costs money. san francisco is 46 right now along with oakland and 45 in san jose, and walnut creek at 41 and palo alto at 40 and mill valley is cooler at 39 degrees. here is what will happen through this forecast cycle. we will have a bright sky today with a few high clouds coming in, with the increasing warmth and clear tonight with fog in the north bay valley and a mild start to tomorrow morning and above average highs all the way through friday. the weekend, maybe, is cooler but still looking dry because of this area of high pressure with a nice spinning air mass back here and that will ride up and over this area of high and head into possibly nevada, washington, oregon, utah, idaho,
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that way. sunny and spring like for the next several days. what does it mean for south bay neighborhood? 74 in morgan hill and los gatos, and santa cruz and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's. up the peninsula we will have 63 in millbrae and upper 60's to low 70's elsewhere and low 60's along the coast today a little bit of a sea breeze for you and temperatures hang around in the mid-to-upper 60's around south san francisco and downtown and as we head through the north bay valleys we have low-to-mid 70's and sausalito at 68, and the east bay valley, upper 60's to 70 in oakland, and east bay valley, the shore line there, cooler than the east bay valley where everyone is in the low-to-mid 70's but san ramon is 69. tonight's temperature is low-to-mid 50's inland and mid-to-upper 40's at the bay shore and the coast. here is the seven-day outlook at two degrees warmer today and two to four degrees more warm on wednesday as we top out in the mid-70's to near 80 around the bay and inland, take the sunscreen if you are headed to
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the coast, mid-60's with temperatures dropping thursday and friday and still above average and more clouds but that will bring this to the sierra and dropping temperatures for us. have a great day. sue? >> we had an early stall, a vehicle that blocked the front axle on the road work and it has been cleared from the high-rise section. it was in the right lane and there could be a tow truck slowing to get off the bridge and otherwise just a few brake lights at the turn before the high-rise and it should be clear very shortly. the east shore freeway the university overcrossing, traffic is bunching up a bit but everything seems to move fine into the macarthur maze and still road work out there in the fremont area northbound 680 define south mission and north mission in lanes for another 40 minutes or so until 6:00 this morning, and, we will check in with mass transit, everyone is getting off to a great start this monday morning. >> this is one of the big questions we all have to ask ourselves, why do we work this
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shift? >> who has the best happy hour deals? the answer is in the bloomberg business report. >> also making nice in the budget battle, the effort president obama is making to reach out to republicans. >> without like to head to out are space? a proposed new space for the and a proposed new space for the and the bay area entrepreneur behind it seems our angels have been busy building a new, stronger so it holds up better, kind of angel soft®. it's now built with two softshield™ layers. when wet, new angel soft® is one, two, three times stronger than the leading value brand. well done, angels! stronger, holds up better... all wrapped up in a value you love. new angel soft®. now stronger than ever.
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>> this week, president obama has scheduled three visits to capitol hill to meet with republican lawmakers on the budget. some g.o.p. members are glad to
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see the president reaching out to them and believe he is sincere in trying to bridge their differences but former vice presidential candidate paul ryan says that the president's sincerity remains to be seen. another republican says the president and g.o.p. lawmakers are unlikely to become friends after years of being vilified by the white house. >> the change to day light savings could be costing the economy millions. >> here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> feeling tired this morning? spring forward could make it stay lighter later but the impact could dim the economy. moving the clock an hour ahead results in $430 million in economic losses because the increases in the workplace injuries and heart attack. this is backed by a manufacturer of comfort cushion products. >> and wrigley has a new gum with caffeine, the same as a-ounce soda and will display
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ingredients and will not be targeted to children. investors get headlines on the job market. the labor department releases their report on the job openings and the improving picture is driving the dow to a new record high on friday. >> where can you fine the best happy hour bargains? when it comes to delicious menus and drinks, including red lobster, and mortons and ruth chris, they have the most appealing offerings. that is the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> you can have your happy hour outside today, right, mike? >> absolutely. lunch outside. happy hour. hang around through the evening. it will be that nice. here is a look at our beautiful picture from mount tamalpais and sausalito and san francisco and san mateo bridge, it is clear out there. if this was pointed to the north you would see fog headed up 101 from novato to santa rosa and today is the same in fremont and
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oakland at two degrees warmer in santa rosa and san francisco and san jose four and concord about eight. here is radar across the entire state, notice how quiet it is with high pressure dominating our weather, temperatures in the mid-70's and mid-60's in eureka and tahoe and 61 in monterey and check out los angeles, 77, and palm springs, 85, and sunshine this afternoon in san diego. sue? >> it is looking good from novato right now as mike mentioned, this is fog and limited visibility but beyond that area of lucas valley road you can see clear sky, no problem with any visibility issues and traffic is getting busy but still moving nicely toward central marin. now, a look at road work, we have this in the lanes, eastbound, the non-commute, reverse commute from greenville to north flynn, slow traffic from the central valley from 205 and headed up the pass.
5:24 am
there is the drive time, westbound is 20 minutes on 580, and highway four bunching up out of antioch and slow into the macarthur maze. >> the man behind paypal wants to build a space port which is in place at cape canavaral already. they say a texas location is perfect because it is closer to the equator ask believes the space port could be up and running in three years and could set the stage for human travel to space. >> rare sighting this weekend, a large pod of kill are whales from a video you can see there were 15 males including a small baby. the captain, captain dave said
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they rarely see such large whales figuring a group of dolphins drew the pod. >> queen i is getting ready to make a break with extra galveston, a move that is planting her right in the middle of a hot political debate. >> first, developing news you saw first on abc7 news. police and firefighters make a deadly discovery inside a bart station elevator shaft.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 5:29 on this monday morning. i am kira klapper. >> i am eric thomas, the first monday of daylight savings time so don't be surprised if you
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tired. >> a grain of truth there. coming up on 5:30 and live doppler 7 hd is dry. no need to worry about wet weather today. we have mild temperatures. we will start inland, novato is the coolest with the thickest fog. watch out for that at 38. 40 in lafayette and san ramon and cupertino. san mateo is 43. 47 in alameda. we will have today a lot of sunshine, a few high clouds from time to time, and temperatures in the mid-60's to low 70's. low-to-mid 70's inland and low-to-mid 70's along the coast. enjoy your monday. >> back to the bay bridge, a live look, now, a couple of cars backed up paying their cash toll but, otherwise, traffic is flowing with no metering lights and a nice drive on the upper deck into san francisco. the head lits are snaking their way from downtown san jose north on 280 at the 17 overcrossing and you can see a headlight or
5:29 am
two, with light conditions headed toward the sunnyvale area and cupertino, and from the central valley right now, also from antioch, first of all we have very slow traffic here bunched up from hillcrest to lone tree. kira klapper? eric? >> break news from the south bay. san jose police are on the scene of a murder that happened less than an hour ago. someone called 9-1-1 to report a man was shot and killed. this is the city's 9th homicide of the year. we have an abc7 news crew headed that way. >> in san francisco a man was found dead in a bart elevator shaft. this morning, bart police are investigating how he got in and how long he had been there. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the bart station with more. amy? >> bart riders are reacting with surprise and shock this morning. firefighters say it appears the man was homeless and was
5:30 am
sleeping on top of the elevator. police got the call to come here to the bart station at 9:30 last night. a man was taking will elevator from the muni platform to the concourse and he told police he heard a crunching sound and a yelp. officials found the man's body inside the elevator shaft. they found personal belongings including bedding on top of the el cerrito. busy bart riders are caught flat footed when they are hear. >> it is incredible. i did not know about that. >> right here? >> scary. >> when did this happen? >> last night. my god he was sleeping on top of it. how did that happen? that is scary to think that can happen. >> that will be part of the investigation. how did he get up there? the elevator is out of order this morning and it is the only elevator at this station so if you are a bart rider
5:31 am
handicapped, and you need an elevator, skip montgomery station this morning until further notice as the station agent did not know when it was going to be back in service. there is an elevator to the street level, but there is not an internal elevator that is working at the montgomery station. trains are not impacted. this is just focused on the elevator. there will be an investigation. they will try to figure out how long he was this there and how he was getting in there. reporting live in san francisco for amy hollyfield. >> at 5:33. new this morning a main highway in contra costa county is re-opened after a deadly crash closed the road for two hours. c.h.p. says a pedestrian was hit and killed before 12:30 this morning on eastbound highway four in discovery bay near newport drive. the victim, whose age and gender is not public died at the seen. the driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. >> the man hired to help the
5:32 am
oakland police department comply with court-ordered reforms, will report for duty this morning. thomas frazier is the new comeliance director and he will taking on the task of reforming how police investigate themselves and document their work. the 68-year-old is a determine baltimore police commissioner who served on the san jose police force. he will have sweeping powers including the authority to spend city funds and oversee top commanders. he will even have power to oust the chief and demote the deputies if he thinks it is necessary. >> berkeley's world renowned chez panisse will be back on its feet after a devastating fire. this morning, the restaurant will take new reservations after canceling resolution vacations through march 23 because of an electric fire on friday morning. we were live on the scene with break developments all morning. the fire damaged the front porch, spray way, and downstairs dining room, with repairs underway. on friday the owner said she
5:33 am
hopes to re-open the undamaged upstairs dining area as soon as this weekend. >> happening now, san jose's new minimum wage is in effect this morning. voters in november approved a raise from the state-mandated $8 to $10 an hour for the third highest in the nation. it is about time, some say, and others worry the increase is passed along to consumers. >> they need the minimum wage. $18 is nothing in this economy. they need the extra wage. >> i am on a tight budget already. to go in there and have the milk and gas raised because we have to pay for employees' wages i will not get ahead. >> leaders are playing down the effect on rices and business leaders are trying to use the higher minimum wage to encourage people to respond their dollars in san jose rather than in neighboring towns. >> catholics worldwide are focusing on rome where in 24
5:34 am
hours the process of selecting a new pope will begin. final adjustments are made to the sis seen chapel before the 115 cardinals enter the conclave to choose the next pope. yesterday, they celebrated mass at local parishes where people packed churches and took photos. security is tight to handle the huge crowds that are expected to gear await the big announcement. at 6:15 we will take you live to rome for the latest from italy this only. >> new this morning, britain's queen i is set to make history by signing a new charter endorsing equal rights for women and gay people. the queen usually steers clear making political decisions but in a break with tradition, she is expecting to take a stand against discrimination today. it is said to be the first time she has openly supported gay right in the 61 years of being keep. >> shy of 5:37, we will check with our meteorologist, mike
5:35 am
nicco, as you head out the door for the first day back to work. >> good morning to both of you. tracking fog moving through 101 corridor. novato has improved from less than quarter-mile visibility to four miles. look who dropped down: santa rosa is down to quarter-mile visibility. the fog is moving through the 101 corridor. everyone else is okay. now, the rain season, it is getting dry so it is getting worse. this is the smallest deficit and 5.5 in santa rosa and we could go up to nine days without rain. we are low-to-mid 40's in most neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 50's around the coast and the bay and by noon mid-60's so quick warming inland nearly 24 degrees warmer by noon. hanging out from the low to upper 60's from the coast to bay and low 70's by 5:00.
5:36 am
yesterday, was the beginning of the warming trend and we are warmer today and tomorrow and warmest on wednesday, we get near 80 inland and we will see a small pull back in the temperatures on thursday. sue? >> good morning, we will look, now, at the east shore freeway if the drive takes you through the berkeley area and to emeryville it is getting busy, folks are getting up and at it and we do not have reports of stalls or accidents through that section of the roadway and at the bridge. we had an early stall on the high-rise which is gone and brake lights along the flat section and it is busy at 15 minute drive from hayward toward foster city and the san mateo area. the solid red line from the central valley with very slow traffic on the westbound 580 and over the altamont pass and eastbound still with the road work until 11:00 this morning toward north flynn. you are looking at 30-minute drive from 205 into the dublin/pleasanton area. >> the morning commute is
5:37 am
getting cheaper for and drivers, the relieve at the pump and how california compares to the rest of the nation. >> remembering the devastating earthquake and tsunami in japan, the impact still being felt in the country two years to the day after
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>> santa roses, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, people close to an oakland woman who has been missing since thursday are frustrated over efforts to find her. appeal and friends -- family and friends hell a prayer vigil in her neighborhood. the 31-year-old was last seen on surveillance video on thursday morning at corner of telegraph and 34th. the missing woman's mother says the response has been slow in the critical days after disappearing. >> it is important when people disappear like this, the police need to get on it right away and not think they left on their own accord especially with the circumstances being what they are. >> we tried to contact the oakland police department this weekend if a comment on the case. the department has not responded. >> gas prices are finally starting to drop. the latest survey fines that the average price of a gallon of gas
5:41 am
has dropped six cents nationwide in the last two weeks, the first decrease in gas prices since late december with the national average at $3.59. in california the average is $4.17. in the bay area it is $4.22 a gallon. that is down three cents from last week. >> a fiery spectacle in san francisco was part of the day of events showcasing the new exploritorium re-opening next month on pier 15. a 23' metal octopus spewing fire was the attraction. it wowed the crowd in a parking lot across from the exploritorium's new home. >> what was it like to hit all those buttons and have the power come out? >> i felt like i had a lot of
5:42 am
control and power. it was neat. >> we wanted to represent our move to our new location and we want add lot of people to join us. >> a few occasions that the fire department gets to play with fire. abc7 news is the official tv partner of the explore -- exploritorium. we are excited about the opening at embarcardero on april 17. we will bring you exclusive access right here on abc7 news. >> i was there with the octopus 12 hours before it was set on fire and the weather was so spectacular. any chance it will be the same snowed. >> absolutely. it will be as warm if not warmer today, tomorrow, wednesday, and tapering of the temperatures. now, live doppler 7 hd shows no need for the wet weather gear. another great day to get the car
5:43 am
washed if you didn't get it washed over the weekend. now, we will talk about what is going on, 280 and 17, 280 at us and 17 going left to right or right to left across the screen and down in san jose. santa rosa and napa at 38 and livermore, fairfield and gilroy at 37 and union city one of the warm spots at 43 degrees. today, a lot of sunshine and few high clouds and kind of like yesterday, almost feeling like yesterday but a couple of degrees warmer. the warmth is at height on wednesday. and then a dry week on the way. while you were sleeping, you can see how big the high pressure is, almost 1,000 miles wide putting the jet stream well into the north you can see the radar runs around portland and seattle where they will stay while we have spring like temperatures for the work week. cupertino is the cool spot at 70 and we have los gatos and gilroy
5:44 am
at 74 and san jose is 72. san mateo is at 68 and low 70's for the rest of the peninsula and low 60's along the coast and 64 in daly city and mid-to-upper 60's for downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and low-to-mid 70's if you are headed through the north bay valley. we will have temperatures mostly in the upper 60's loan the east bay shore and oakland could reach 70 with mostly low-to-mid 70's around the east bay valley and san a blown could be behind at 69. tonight the temperatures are mild and you do not hear the heater running because we have low-to-mid 40's at the bay shore and the coast. the seven-day outlook shows a couple of degrees warmer together and two to four degrees warmer on wednesday and in the 80's, possibly inland on wednesday, with temperatures in the low-to-mid 70's thursday and friday and we still above average and the coast is 60. when you see the 50's at the coast and low-to-mid 60's
5:45 am
saturday and sunday, that is where we should be for this time of the year. have a great day. we are going live to walnut creek now, southbound, 680, beyond the town at north main, a couple of brake lights and it is moving pretty well and you get to the 24 junction at the top of screen, you can see the brake lights otherwise it is nice through the san a point valley through the junction. we have a first report of a stall, and this is south san francisco, north 280, it could be slowing until the accident is out of there with a tow truck on site and the mass transit, up and out this monday morning, everyone is running on time, so far, so good. kira klapper and eric? >> military drills are underway between the united states and south korea with north korea threatening nuclear war. the north claims the annual military exercises are in preparation for an invasion with 10,000 south korean troops taking part and 3,000 americans
5:46 am
also taking part in the drills. last week the u.n. voted to impose more sanctions against the north following a recent nuclear test by pyongyang. >> developing news from afghanistan. right now, two united states troops and three afghan police officers are dead after another afghan officer opened fire inside a police station this morning. it comes as defense secretary hagel is disputing accusations that the united states is working with the taliban to show that violence in afghanistan would worsen when the military coalition pulls out. hagel met privately with afghanistan president karzai to discuss key issues. hagel says karzai understands where the two countries stand. he says that the united states understands that karzai faces political pressure as the war wipes down. this is hagel's first forecast mornings to afghanistan at defense secretary. >> the caltrain and bart cars seem more crowded during the commute, it is not your imagination but could be a sign
5:47 am
of the times. >> from hollywood to capitol hill, a hollywood actress expected to jump into politics. >> the google smart...shoe. the silicon valley giant is dabbling in high-tech foot
5:48 am
5:49 am
>> japan is remembering the 19,000 victim whose died two years ago today in a massive earthquake and tsunami. a moment of silence was marked
5:50 am
at 10:46 our time. the magnitude 9 earthquake triggered a crisis at the fukushima nuclear power plant. people are demanding compensation in a lawsuit being file today. >> ashley judd is running out of time to declare herself a candidate for senate. the democrats have encouraged her to run against senate leader mcconnell seeing her as having the best chance at beating the veteran senate. she needs to get in and define herself in the next ten days if she wants to run at all. >> google is seeing if we will walk it like we talk it, giving a lot of buzz from the latest creation, google unveiled a talking shoe at the festival in texas that contains a small computer, pressure sensor, speaker, and blue tooth, and says the shoes can tell you what
5:51 am
you doing or not doing and relay that information to you or the trainer or an opponent on the basketball court for a little trash talking. google says the shoe is only a concept meant to show off the technology it is developing so don't expect to see one at footlocker any time soon. >> i don't want anyone to know what i am doing or not doing. the oakland zoo gives us our first look at the latest adore additions to their group, special cat pups only a month and a half old. they live in social groups called mobs and the zoo says some kill their young but this is taking good care of the liter and the population at the zoo, now, is eight. >> the peninsula is the latest stop on the giants' trophy tour with trophies from san francisco's 2010 and 2012 world championships are on display from 2:00 to 4:00 in south san francisco and from 6:00 to 8:00 this evening in san bruno. you can take a picture with the
5:52 am
trophies and make a voluntary donation to the junior giants baseball program. for a link to tuesday's location and tour spots later in the week go to abc7 news. >> it will be a if week to follow the trophy the mike nicco has warm temperatures. >> good morning, just saw the sun reflecting off the bright, beautiful, beautiful trophies. here we are in sausalito, san francisco, san mateo bridge, all the way over to hayward you can see a long way this morning, and the air is clear but in the north bay we have fog, temperatures from san jose at five degrees warmer-than-average and redwood city in san francisco is six and oakland is seven and livermore and napa, nine degrees warmer than average. right now our state today shows mid-70's through the central valley and all the way down to 77 if los angeles and a warm spot is palm springs at 85 degrees, and if you are headed to tahoe, spring skiing, partly
5:53 am
cloudy and 55 degrees. have a great day, safe travels. here is sue with the local commute. >> we have police activity in the san jose area we are asking you stay away from the area of capital avenue. some police activity investigation is ongoing through in the san jose area and they are asking that you police avoid the area and a stall is still in south san francisco, north 280, blocking a lane of traffic and tow truck is en route moving toward daly city area. >> it is 5:55, tomorrow a controversial ban on large sugar drinks goes into effect in new york city and it is illegal to sell the sugar drinks in karen larger than 16 ounces. it is like the mom telling you what to do but the mayor says that people need to be saved from the obesity epidemic, and many stunts have brought smaller glasses.
5:54 am
some fast food places are telling customers to sweeten their own coffee themselves in an effort to get around that ban. >> a study out this morning is revealing the dramatic toll that stress can take on your heart. researchers found that high rates of cardiac problem in people with serious stress such as veterans with ptsd and earthquake victims. prolonged stress can affect blood pressure, blood sure and cholesterol and produces hormones that impact the heart. the study involved 200,000 veterans from california and nevada and was released at a cardiology conference in san francisco. >> if you have given up on your new year's resolution to get into shape, here is the chance to recommit yourself. this week is international fitness week, a global initiative to inspire people to find out what activity works best to them so they can load a healthy lifestyle. 400 gyms across telephone countries are opening doors to offer everyone a chance to try in an effort to make the world a fit are place.
5:55 am
>> straight ahead, breaking news from the south bay police are on the scene of a murder in san jose, and we will take you live to the scene. developing news you saw first on abc7 news, what is were what right now at a san francisco bart station after a body is found inside an elevator shaft. >> and the facebook executive speaking out about women would want did have it all, ahead, what is being said about women in business.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> abc7 news starts right no but live breaking news. >> the breaking news is from san jose where police were investigating an overnight homicide. >> abc7 news reporter joins us live, sue? >> we can tell you the latest here. san jose homicide unit is on the
5:58 am
way to the scene right now. we do know that one victim, a man in his 30's was shot in the chest at around 4:30 this morning, and we again are at the intersection if san jose, the area cordoned off and man police officers are around. they are just going the investigation. here is what we know: just before 4:30 this morning a neighbor was taking off and going to work from the neighborhood and he noticed a person down in the street and he called his wife and she called police. they responded to the scene. when they got here they determined the 30-year-old man, the only information they giving us, was, in fact, dead from a gunshot to the chest. no other evidence at this point accord to the police. they ruled this is a homicide. that is why the homicide unit is on its way. police right now are canvassing the neighborhood trying to talk to neighbors and talk to anyone
5:59 am
that might have been out or about at that time to see if maybe they saw something or heard something. police have one piece of information. they say that came at 2:00 this morning. >> right now we are doing a canvas of the neighborhood and talking to the neighbors. we have determined at 2:00 this morning a couple of neighbors heard a disturbance in the area and we believe it is related to the homicide. when the homicide units gets here they can sort it out. the victim, a man in his 30's, was shot in the chest at 4:30 this morning. the only information the police have right now is that neighbors heard a loud disturbance at 2:00 this morning and officers right now are convassing and going door-to-door and talking to neighbors and people to see if they saw or heard something to help them put this case together and figure out exactly what happened here at 4:30.


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